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• 8/25/2018

Questions and speculations.

1. What do you think would have happened if Malia and Erica met? In your opinion, would they have been friends, frenemies, enemies or rivals? Imo they would've been friends, but not close friends. I can't see them as 'best friends' like Lydia and Allison and i don't think they would've been enemies.

2. Why did Crystal Reed and Arden Cho leave the show? I never liked Allison, but I've read that Crystal wanted to leave but i've no idea why. I missed Kira while watching season 6 and I wanted her character's return so much.

3. Who in your opinion is the most useless character? In my view- Hayden. She did nothing to help the show be better.
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• 8/10/2018

Your thoughts on Allisons dead scene

Allison was one of my favorite characters and I was really sad when I first found out that she would die
What do you guys think about her death scene?
  • I liked her death scene
  • She deserves better
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• 5/24/2018

Personal Opinion

Hi everyone i am so sorry i have not been around I've been helping out with other wiki that I'm apart of. I am the worst founder ever  but I could really use some help with somthing
I am having  problem with one of the other wikis i contribute to 
everytime i Make an edit  one of the content moderator's/Discussions Moderator  keeps undoing my edits then they edit a put exactly what I wrote to the letter. What should i do??
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• 11/6/2017

If a Spinoff is made what should it be about?

So we have heard lots of talk about a spinoff or continuation of the show happening one day. But if Mtv did make a spinoff or even a miniseries what would you like for it to be about? Would you want to see Scott's journey to continue or maybe for it to focus on Liam and hsi friends or would you want to see someone new?
I for one would like to see a spinoff about Kitsune. After six seasons of Teen Wolf I would like to see the show focus more on one of the other supernatural races and I think the Kitsune would be perfect. I don't know if Arden would be on bored with it. But maybe it could be about Kira after she finishes her traning with the Skinwalkers. Or maybe we see her mom Noshiko struggaling with the loss of her tails while acting as mentor to a whole new group of Kitsune.
I loved how Jeff and the writers added to the Werewolf lore. Like the eye colors and their ability to take pain. Also adding how only a few could fully turn into a wolf and how sometimes an alpha bite can cause a mutation. There was still so much to learn about Kitsune on the show. How much of real world myth is applied to the show? How was Noshiko and Kira able to manifest their tails as weapons while the Nogitsune seemed confused by how it is done. And what about the other typers of Kitsune? How does a Kitsune develop an element? Is it a matter of genetics or is it random?
And what about their shape-shifitng abilities? The Nogitsune could turn into a fly. Can Noshiko turn into a fox and will Kira gain that ability as well?
I doubt they would make a spinoff about the Kitsune. But still there is a lot of potential there and it would be a great oppertunity to bring in a cast of Asian actors.
What would you guys like to see if they did a spinoff or a miniseries?
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• 10/12/2017

Teen Wolf Favourites

Even though Teen Wolf is over doesn't mean we'll ever forget some of our favourite moments on the show. What are your favourites
What has been your favourite season?
Your favourite episode?
Your favourite villain?
What has been your favourite scene, The one you'll never forget?
Favourite character?
And of course when it comes to Teen Wolf, what has been your favourite Supernatural creature?
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• 9/25/2017

The Final Episode

What did yout all hink of the last episode of teen wolf was. it what you expected?
what would you have liked to have seen?
What was your favourite moment ?
I know i still have some questions
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• 9/24/2017

NEW 'Gerard Sends A Warning To The Pack' Sneak peek

'Gerard Sends A Warning To The Pack' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV-0
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• 9/23/2017

Malia's Anchor???

This question has always bugged me. Is Stiles still Malia's anchor?
I have tried to find an answer to this but never get a clear one. Some have said that Scott is now Malia's anchor, after loosing Stiles to the wild hunt, Scott was the one who kept Malia involved to help against the Ghost Riders. With Scotts influence and being around her, Malia began getting back her humanity gradualy while remembering Stiles. Malia still shows she has difficulties with her humanity, but Scott is always there to keep her in check.
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• 9/22/2017

Lydia & Jackson scene in Wolves of War

ALL NEW! Teen Wolf - 6x20 "The Wolves of War" Official HD Promo 5 "Lydia & Jackson Reunite" (TWC)
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• 9/22/2017

Teen Wolf 6x20 " The Wolves of War" Promo #4 (HD)

Teen Wolf 6x20 " The Wolves of War" Promo 4 (HD)
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• 9/22/2017

Who is second in command in Scott's pack and highly respected after Scott?

Now that the show is coming to an end, watching teen wolf marathon, this question popped into my head recently because I have not seen this up on debate or talked/written about.
I know that Scott is the Alpha, head of the pack, but watching the marathon, I think Lydia is second in command and actualy I noticed in some episodes like the show runners were pointing out that Scott does not make the final big decisions without Lydia's full backing and her opinions matter to Scott than any other member. 
I think they are bonded in so many ways as the heads of the pack apart from just being packmates. I might be wrong with this but here are some reasons that link them both.
Bitten by the same Alpha "Peter" / both had the strongest connection to Allison and her death brought them closer than any member even Stiles / They both have the most enduring friendship / They both are alike and have the same character taking in the burdens so the others do not experiance it / They both believe it is thier responsibility to protect / I also think when both Lydia and Scott swore to each other to protect the innocent in Season 3A, that was when the pack officialy became a pack. it was not because of Stiles and Allison but mostly cause of Lydia. / I also remembered, Scott only healed after they got Lydia out of Eichen house. / And the dead pool.
What are your thoughts?
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• 9/21/2017

UPDATED Teen Wolf Series Final Sneak Peek #3 + New Teaser

ALL NEW! Teen Wolf - 6x20 "The Wolves of War" Official HD Sneak Peek 3 "The Pack Reunites" (TWC)
Teen Wolf 6x20 The Wolves of War Teaser HD
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• 9/21/2017

SPOILER - The Wolves of War sneak peek

Deucalion’s Final Words Teen Wolf MTV-0 Sneak peek of the last episode of the series 
Deucalion's last words
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• 9/18/2017

First look at Stiles in the series final

'Stiles Returns To Help The Pack' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV Stiles and Derek officially return to the pack
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• 9/18/2017


To all the contributors out there I'd like to thank you for editing adding photos and videos and etc especially considering this Wiki has not been active for very long
As you can tell a lot of stuff still needs to be done which is why I'm hoping if we all work together we could accomplish this sooner  rather than later
if you agree please leave a comment
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• 9/18/2017

Teen Wolf 6x18/6x19 favourite moments

I cried when Halwyn died 
I thiught Theo trying to help Mason was sweet
The Anuk-Ite turning people to stone Medusa Style was interesting
Miss Finch is an alpha werewolf i did not see that coming at all,
OMG Derek is back . and So is Kate 
Lydia and Peter love it .I thought we were missing something the last season.
I would say Scott and Malia are officially an item. Also loved How they had to learn to fight blindfolded they were so funny when they had to fight each other, I cannot stop laughing especially at Deucalion's reaction to them
Is Noaln Dead?? I would say Deucalion is I cant believe it he deserved aa way more epic death than that
what was your favourite moment??
What questions are you hoping will be answered by the end of the series
One Episode left :(
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• 9/17/2017

NEW Teen wolf sneak peek MUST SEE

'Scott and Liam Are Blindsided' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV The other half of the Anuk-ite is the science teachers/MrsFinch  daughter???
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• 7/7/2018

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• 9/16/2017

Teen Wolf 6x18/6x19

HD version of 6x18 Genotype and 6x19 Broken Glass promo 2
Remember double episodes this week 

Teen Wolf 6x18 "Genotype" & 6x19 "Broken Glass" Promo 2 (HD) 6x18 - Scott and the others must make a discovery before it's too late.
6x19 - Scott Malia prepare for battle while Argent searches for an old ally
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• 9/15/2017

Malia kills Lydia??? Clip

What do think think is going on in this clip?? ALL NEW! Teen Wolf (Season 6B) 6x18 "Genotype" Official HD Sneak Peek 3 "Malia Kills Lydia" (TWC)
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