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• 9/14/2017

Clips of the Upcoming episode

'Who's the Other Anuk-Ite Half?' Official Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV Do you think they'll find the other half of the Anuk-ite in time ?
who do you think it is?

Teen Wolf 6x18 "Genotype" SneakPeek 2 The Anuk-ite is really causing trouble,How do you think it'll end for Mason and Theo

Teen Wolf 6x18 "Genotype" SneakPeek 2-0 Genotype Promo 2  remeber September 17th is a back to back episode
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• 9/11/2017

6x17 Werewolves of Londan Discussion

Only three episodes left  WHY!!! :(
I have to say this is probably one of my favourite episodes of the season Jackson and Ethan are back I feel like there's more to Gerard's plan then has been let on, really wonder what's going to happen with the Hunters because it seems like when Stilinski was interviewing Monroe it seemed  he was definitely  planting the seeds of her turning on Gerard but then she just turn the tables and kick the sheriff out which I can't believe is happening I mean how stupid is that you listen to some random woman before you listen to the sheriff, your boss. Monroe is committed to her belief that Gerard win the war Be the sheriff delivered a great exit line when he said "I never said Gerard wouldn’t beat me. I said he wouldn’t beat Scott.”
It wasn't just Melissa that got shot but also Mason, Lydia and Rafe, Scott's dad, didn't hear what happened to Argent he's probably trying to figure out what Gerard's next move is. This episode proved why we all love Melissa when she said "Don't run, you fight" brave woman. Everyone else seems fine, Well Lydia seemed perfectly healthy walking around in the woods
Which brings up the topic of Banshee's and Hellhounds apparently even in death their connection is truly strong which is interesting I suppose and it's Teen Wolfs way of explaining/Wrapping up why Parrish and Lydia had a strong connection  in season 5
Liam and Thep team up again, Theo seems to appear to be an anchor for Liam trying to help him in his own way. I'm not gonna lie that Gabe guy kinda deserves it as it was revealed later in the episode that he was the one who shot up the McCall house, Definitely find all these dead bodies locked in a room strange, I can't believe no one's picked up it, no Missing Persons, no wondering where the bad smell is coming from,  they find out that the Anuk-ite is using Gabe to find its other half using supernaturals and that one of the faces is Aaron which I'm glad they finally focused on them searching for the Anuk-ite or at least gathering information on it because last episode seemed like they're completely forgot about it
I have to say Scott and Malia storyline this episode was probably one of my favorites those moments were adorable, especially when she was there for him when his mum was in surgery can't help but feel really bad for Scott loved seeing Deucalion again. Malia and Deucalion little play fight with Scott trying to help ,thought that was funny. Any scene with Peter is great ,he's just so funny especially when he's opposite Malia . Peter is right they can't win the war unless they're willing to kill which I think is interesting because it's always been a struggle for Scott. Later Malia tries convince Peter to join the fight even going as far as letting him into her head and shows him what the Anuk-ite is capable of but  only scares himoff off even more but let us in on what's going on in Malia's mind and reveals that she wants to surround Scott with killers to protect him Maybe so he doesn't have to do it himself, A new pack called the Primal, which I think would have been really interesting to see them well see them alive but apparently the Anuk-ite has gotten to them
While building their army turns out the Deucalion is a changed man and does not wish to fight which from the trailer my guess is he hasn't completely changed. Peter joins the fight as hunters supposably blow up his two amazing cars but it revealed in the end that he joining the fight in order to protect Malia when he saw in her head that she loves Scott and she might even risk her life which I doubt Peter will let happen as he says "Don't fall in love with a dead man" she replies "Too late"
Jackson and Ethan better not die, Wondering who's going to get them out or what their plan is my guess is probably Derek or Chris those are my two guesses
What was your favourite moment from this episode knowing that there are only three episodes left what are you looking forward to seeing????
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• 9/4/2017


What did everyone think of this episode??
I thought I was alright, definitely was the one that sort of gets you geared up for the final fight. love the Scott and Malia moments guess now it's official their a couple or they just kissed I don't know also loved Theo and Liam's screen time together they are so much fun to watch
really wish that guidance counsellorwould die, I know that's probably not a good thing to say but she's starting to bug me get the impression that she's sort of turning into a psychopath I mean she had this look of pleasure on her face when that Gabe was killing that poor kid
we have the kids Aaron is obviously Anuk-ite or at least on part of it wishing we got more of that this episode and I figure out what it's plans are what's it doing.
The Hunters are really really getting on my nerves I mean what kind of sick person keeps trophies of people they've killed I mean I can't believe that also can't believe spoiler alert Scott's house gets shot at. Melissa,if she dies I'm going to go nuts and this just proves how much of a total ass Gerard really is willing to hurt innocent people die for hid own gain doubt it will happen but I hope when the younger generation like Gabe and Nolan will turn against them when they realise he's willing to let humans die. thank god this episode finally opened the door for Derek and Jackson and Ethan to  come back, Jackson and Ethan we'll see next episode really can't wait to see Derek hoping Peter makes an appearance soon.
So what was your favourite moments in this episode and what are you looking forward to the next one? Can't believe there are only 4 episodes left of this season.
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• 8/24/2017

Werewolves in London Clip

I've waited so long for Jackson's return. Hype that it's finally happening. Shocked to learn that he was a werewolf-kanima hybrid. I always assumed he was just a werewolf.

Jackson and Ethan Teen Wolf MTV
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• 8/22/2017

Pressure Test

This episode it was definitely one of those bottle episode where everything happens in one place in one night which I sort of love those episodes to be honest I'm really not liking this Monroe character glad to see Theo make an appearance I was wondering when he was going to. The two werewovles from Satomis's confirmed in this episode spoiler alert apparently satomis's is dead after so-called truce meeting apparently those two are the last two werewolves left from her pack. I'm hoping Scott learns from her mistakes that these people don't want a truce they want them all dead.
Loved the Scott and Malia moments especially that on hand hold, I thought that was really sweet and definitely clear they have feelings for each other. My favourite moment was when they were all getting ready to take on the Hunters I thought it would have been really bad ass if they actually had a full on Battle but it didn't happen
I definitely think Nolan is a bit of a psychopath to be honest. Also Deaton Corey and Mason finally found out what the ultimate big bad this season is and what its called Anuk-ite or double face as we already know it causes fear and paranoia and feeds off it  but each time does he get stronger. Love the entire scene of the Pack agreeing to leave town and then revealing to Mason they were lying that they're ready to fight, definitely showing that they don't give up that easily.
Those two poor werewovles, they didn't stand a chance, I mean is there anyone that isn't with the hunters I wonder when were going to see Jackson, Ethan, Derek, Peter and Stiles ther are only 5 episodes left. Definitely have to say I loved the music in this episode.
What was your favourite moment from this episode, Did you like the fact that we got double Teen Wolf Was this one better than 6x14 Face to Faceless
Teen Wolf not be airing on the 27th of August
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• 8/21/2017

Face to Faceless

What are your thoughts on this episode?? I'm not liking the Nolan guy, it was good to see more of this Gabe character because he appears quite a bit in the trailer but glad that got told off by Coach.
Gerard still very much annoying, This new hunter, I get she's scared but Scott was right there is always another side to a story, It not like they just sat back  eating popcorn watch it all happen they try tired to help risking their own lives in the process and what about all they have gone thought, losing loved ones to protect people who now want them dead, Jeff said you would come to understand her but i'm still on team Scott.
Loved the little Malia and scott moment it was cute how there just so confused about there feelings also I thought it was good when Scott said he was going to the meeting alone but Malia and Lydia were there to back him up 
Also poor Liam, Like I said it just sad how everyone is just turning there back on them when if it wasn't for the the pack most of them would be daed , I thought it was so great how couch stood up for Liam unlike that other teacher what a B**** . its probably ridiculous to say but I sort of got the impression that Coach I already knows about the Supernatural or at least about Liam.
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• 8/14/2017

After Images WTF

this episode definitely got a little crazy
first of all SPOILER  oh my god Brett is dead, I dont know if his sister is okay though
I definitely think they all should have listened to Malia a bit more when they were trying to look for Brett even Garrard said that Liam made a big mistake when he roared.
Also that kid Nolan is seriously creepy, like that whole library scene was completely crazy, who just stabs someone with a pen
Also nice to see some more Scott and Malia moments they were kind of cute.
What was your favourite moment and your thoughts on the season so far??
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• 8/7/2017

Raw Talent Episode

What did everyone think of this episode???
Be honest I'm not big fan of the guidance Counselor in an interview Jeff said that we would eventually come to understand her story but for right now I just I don't like her.
I did find a Scott and Malia moment a little sweet, also loved Lydia's badass moment saving Parrish don't understand this whole new evil thing in obviously feeds off fear but I don't get attacking that kid and his skin missing l hope that gets explained more in next episode. definitely felt sorry for Theo in that opening scene, he's definitely not dead for people who are saying he is he's been seen in the tralier alot more.
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• 7/22/2017

Sneak peek and New trailer

'Supernatural Lacrosse' Teen Wolf EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek Fandom Fest 2017 MTV
Teen Wolf Season (6b) "You Know What's Coming".Trailer 3
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• 7/21/2017

New Teen Wolf Trailer

TEEN WOLF Final Season Official Comic Con Trailer (HD) Dylan O'Brien MTV Series Comment on the moment your looking forward too
me honestly I'm looking forward to all the returning characters like Kate, Ethan, Peter, Derek, Jackson, Deucalion Even Brett  
Because the season is about hunters vs the supernatural I'm kind of curious if the Calaveras will make an appearance 
Something that I've always wanted to know was if Derek knew that Malia was his cousin
I am looking forward to Scott and Malia too I think that will be an interesting paring 
also a little curious as where Kate stands in all this as her father is the one leading Hunters but now she's a werejagur

Teen Wolf Interview Comic-Con 2017 TVLine From the sound of this interview Hayden will not be returning or she may be in season 6B but leaves eventually
Scott and Malia are confirmed
There will be some sort of podcast that still tells the story of teen wolf after the series ends
Jeff confirms that it's only a possibility at this point for a reboot
You can watch the comic-con panel here Teen Wolf comic-con 2017
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• 7/18/2017

Final Teen Wolf comic-con

Teen Wolf cast make their final appearance at Comic Con for the show on Thursday the 20th of July
The stars that would be on the panel are Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Christian, Shelley Hennig, Tyler Posey and Khylin rhambo along with the creator Jeff Davis
 Remember season 6B will  air on the 30th of July at 8pm
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• 7/13/2017

Season 6 episode 11 info

Apparently title 4 episode 11 is Said the spider to the fly
Derek and Stiles will make an appearance in episode 11
And Stydia are still together 
Apparently there is build up to the Scott and Malia relationship
There will definitely be some Mason and Corey moments
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• 7/10/2017

S6B Official Trailer

'The Final Ten Episodes' Official Trailer Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV
I must admit, I wasn't that hype for these final episodes at first, but now I am. Kate, Derek, and Jackson were on my list of characters I wanted to return. If only Isaac could've returned as well.
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• 7/7/2017

Official Teaser & Premiere Date Announcement

Teen Wolf S6B will be airing on July 30th. They moved the show to Sunday.
Also, I noticed that the header needed an image and that the wordmark was barely visible due to wiki updates to the navigation, so I fixed those things. I haven't been here in a while, so I didn't know these were problems. For future reference, should similar problems involving format or design (or anything really) arise, feel free to leave me a message. I may not be here, but I'll get it.

'The Final Fight' Official Teaser Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV
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• 6/24/2017

Powers and abilities on character Pages

If people have seen the Malia Tate page I was thinking we could do the character pages like that where we put all their unique abilities on their own and put the link to either the chimera page or werewolf page or whatever species they are
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• 5/15/2017


Is there any hope for Isaac coming back in Season 6B?!?! He was my favorite character!
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• 5/7/2017

S6B 'We Find Them, We Kill Them' Exclusive Sneak Peek

'We Find Them, We Kill Them' Exclusive Sneak Peek Teen Wolf (Season 6B) MTV
I like that they're bringing Hunters back. Reminds me of the early seasons of the show.
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• 2/5/2017

Teen Wolf

First half of the final season has aired  they're only 10 episodes left of Teen Wolf
What has been your favourite moment in the first half of season 6 and what are you looking forward to in the last 10 episodes??
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• 1/18/2017

Episode 8

Okay who else cried after watching the recent episode of Teen Wolf 
Stiles's real name revealed (finally) ....... Mieczyslaw   
Peter sacrificing himself for Malia
Hayden and Mason taken
Poor Melissa and Argent :(
I cried in almost every scene
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• 1/1/2017


Just wanted to wish everyone on the Wiki a Happy New Year
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