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Its Levii
• 10/12/2017

Teen Wolf Favourites

Even though Teen Wolf is over doesn't mean we'll ever forget some of our favourite moments on the show. What are your favourites

What has been your favourite season?

Your favourite episode?

Your favourite villain?

What has been your favourite scene, The one you'll never forget?

Favourite character?

And of course when it comes to Teen Wolf, what has been your favourite Supernatural creature?

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Its Levii
• 10/14/2017

Favorite season - Season 2, Season 3 is a close second.

Favorite episode - I have a lot, but the one that's currently in my mind is Frayed

Favorite Villian- Nogitsune

Favorite Scene - Morey's "I love you" scene in the series finale <33

Favorite character - Stiles Stilinski. Hands down.

Favorite Supernatural creature - probably a Kitsune. Sucks we didn't get to explore it further in the series.

• 10/16/2017

Favourite Seasons - Season 3 / Season 6.

Favourite Episode - Echo House.

Favourite Villians- Nogitsune, the Desert Wolf , Tamora Monroe.

Favourite Scenes - Scalia's shower scene (tbh every scene of them in season 6), Sciles scene in the Motel with the flame and the Stalia scene when they make up in Season 4.

Favourite Characters - Scott McCall, Malia Tate , Ethan Steiner , Theo Raeken and the old Stiles Stilinski.

Characters I Like - Jordan ParrishDerek Hale , Aiden Steiner , Braeden , Melissa McCall , Lydia Martin.

Characters I Dislike - Allison Argent , Isaac Lahey , Mason Hewitt , Liam Dunbar (S6).

Favourite Supernatural Creatures - Hellhound , Werecoyote /Werewolf and Kanima.

Favourite Couples - Scalia , Sterek, Marrish , Jethan , ChrissaThiam (I kind of ship them).

Favourite Friendships - Sciles , Malydia , Lackson , Scerek Stalia , Stydia.

Favourite Family - McCall family and Hale family.

Crack Couples - 

Stiles Stilinski/Theo Raeken , Theo Raeken/Gabe , Jordan Parrish/Derek Hale , Malia Tate/Theo Raeken , Scott McCall/Theo Raeken , Ethan Steiner/Theo Raeken , Aiden Steiner/Malia Tate , Jordan Parrish/Malia Tate , Scott McCall/Jordan Parrish , Derek Hale/Ethan Steiner

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