"You set this up."
"Of course I did."
"Is this part of the lesson?"
"Everything's a lesson, every moment with me. And, if there's one thing you learn today, it's this-- the best way to build an army is through fear.
Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent about the orchestrated assassination of Brett Talbot and Lorilee Rohr

After Images is the thirteenth episode of Season 6 and the ninety-third episode of Teen Wolf.[1]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Scott and the others pursue a missing Werewolf. Melissa and Argent investigate a strange body.

Plot[edit | edit source]

On the run and wounded by arrow and wolfsbane, Brett attempts to flee from hunters Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent. Scott along with Liam, Malia and Brett's sister Lorilee, try and track him before the hunters do.

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Cultural References[edit | edit source]

  • Lorilee Rohr reveals that Satomi Ito taught her and Brett Talbot (and presumably the rest of Satomi's Pack) the art of rock balancing. Rock balancing is a hobby or discipline in which a person balances rocks on top of each other in a variety of positions without the use of supports or adhesives—the practice relies solely on keeping the balance naturally without assistance. There are several variations of this practice, and it can be performed for many reasons, including as a performance, as a type of devotion, meditation, or even a type of problem solving. It can be kind of a controversial practice due to a significant number of people believing nature should be enjoyed in its undisturbed state.
  • Gerard Argent refers to Scott McCall's Achilles' heel as an inability to think strategically. An "Achilles' heel" is a metaphor that references the Greek mythological hero Achilles, who was invulnerable except for the place on his heel where his mother held him as she dipped him in the River Styx for protection. It is a saying used to describe a person's true weakness or vulnerability.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first episode to be directed by Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall.
  • The title of the episode refers to the fact that Mason Hewitt is experiencing persistent "after-images" of the flayed, faceless body that Liam, Mason and Corey found in the Beacon Hills High School.
  • Mason references palinopsia in this episode when talking about the after-images he kept seeing. Palinopsia (From Greek; palin meaning "again" and opsia meaning "seeing") is a rather large group of psychological symptoms which can be caused by many factors; the word palinopsia itself is defined as a persistent recurrence of a visual image after the cause of the stimulus is removed.
    • There are two kinds of palinopsia—illusory palinospia, and hallucinatory palinopsia—and it is implied that the mysterious flayed creature possesses the power to inflict this symptom on others who see it.
      • Illusory palinopsia consists of short-lived or unformed after-images which are predictable or continuous in nature, which are caused by the brain's abnormal perception of a stimulus. It can be caused by migraines, hallucinogenic drugs, head trauma, or other prescription medications such as Trazodone, Remeron, Topomax, Risperdal, or oral contraceptives.
      • Hallucinatory palinopsia consist of formed after-images which are much more long-lasting and which are generally unpredictable, which seems more in-tune with the kind of after-images of the body Mason was experiencing. These usually result from brain issues such as strokes, hemorrhages, aneurysms, abscesses, and seizures.
  • It is revealed that the mysterious Big Bad has the power to induce crippling fear in those around it, to the point where even the usually calm and collected Melissa McCall and Chris Argent were barely able to stand in its presence. It can also seemingly induce hallucinations.
  • Lydia writes the number "68" in a variety of languages and codes (such as writing Er, the element Erebium, whose atomic number is 68, and LXVIII, the Roman numeral for 68) while utilizing automatic writing. These languages include Afrikaans (sestig), Albanian (gjashtëdhjetë e tetë), Basque (hirurogeita zortzi), Mandarin Chinese (六十八), Esperanto (sesdek ok), Javanese (sewidak wolu), Danish (otteogtred), Kyrgyz (алтымыш сетиз), Malay (enam puluh lapan), Czech (šedesát osm), German (achtundsechzig), Catalan (seixanta-vuit), Greek (εξηντα οκτω), Punjabi (ਸੱਠ ਅੱਠ), Japanese (六十八), Khmer (ហុកសិបប្រាំបី), Lao (ຫົກສິບແປດ), Marathi (अडुसष्ठ), Mongolian (Жаран найм), SInhala (හැට අට), Tamil (அறுபத்தெட்டு), Xhosa (Ezingamashumi mathandathu ezisibhozo), Zulu (ayisithupha nesishiyagalombili), Georgian (სამოცი რვა)
  • According to Lorilee, Satomi Ito taught her and Brett how to practice the art of stone balancing.
  • It is confirmed that Lori was also a student at Devenford Prep, thanks to Brett's acceptance on a lacrosse scholarship, which allowed them both to be chosen to enroll there.
  • Both Corey and Liam are exposed as supernatural creatures to citizens of Beacon Hills. Corey was exposed after Nolan stabbed him in the hand with a pen and revealed his accelerated healing factor to the other students in the library. Liam was exposed after he jumped out of the sewer in full-Werewolf form and roared in grief at the sight of Lorilee and Brett laying dead on the ground after the two were hit by an SUV, as several cars full of people and dozens more passerby were around to see him do this.
    • Nolan also seemed to figure out that Lydia is also supernatural when she began asking him questions about Brett being missing.
  • It is implied that Scott purposely resisted Malia's attempts to take his pain after he was injured in Gerard and Tamora's trap, indicating a very high degree of control over his body. It wasn't until he briefly lost consciousness that Malia was able to successfully use her power of pain absorption.

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  • "Born Free" by Little & Ashley
    • Liam and Mason play video games in Liam's bedroom. Mason asks if he can spend the night and admits that he can't stop seeing after images of the flayed corpse they found earlier.
  • "Black Blood" by Waterstrider
    • Scott resists Malia's attempts to take his pain, but after he briefly loses consciousness, Malia is able to do so, taking the edge off of his injury and allowing him to heal normally

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