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"I've lived in the world of the supernatural a long time... But I'm still a doctor. Still a man of science. Something like this happens, it rattles the foundation of everything you believe. Something like this shakes you to the core."
"Something like what?"
"The rules... The rules have changed."

Alan Deaton, more commonly known as Deaton or Dr. Deaton, is a supporting character in Teen Wolf. He was first introduced in Season 1 as a veterinarian at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic and Scott McCall's boss, but by the beginning of Season 2, it was revealed that he knew much more about the supernatural world than he originally let on. He began to act as Scott's mentor and helped patch up him and his friends when they were hurt in supernatural battles, along with giving them helpful information about werewolves, Kanimas, and other supernatural creatures when needed.

In Season 3, it was revealed that he is actually a Druid and was the former Emissary to the Hale Pack when it was still led by Talia Hale. It was also confirmed that Marin Morrell, who was then the Emissary to the Alpha Pack, is his younger sister. Since then, Deaton has been dedicated to helping the Beacon Hills supernatural world, and especially Scott, whenever and however he can, often at his own risk. This was proven when he traveled all the way to Japan to seek out a rare strain of lichen known as "letharia vulpina" to help save Stiles Stilinski from his possession by the Nogitsune, and when he risked his safety to free Isaac Lahey, Ethan and Aiden from the Nogitsune flies that had infected them.

Throughout Season 4, he helped the McCall Pack and Satomi Ito's werewolf pack, among others, escape the events of the Deadpool when assassins, hunters, and amateur killers eager for a large payout began flooding the town. He also sought the help of Gabriel Valack to learn more about Kate Argent, who was transformed into a werejaguar known as La Loba, in hopes of saving Derek Hale's life due to his love of Talia.

In Season 5, Deaton was horrified when he realized that the Dread Doctors, who had recently arrived in Beacon Hills, were breaking the rules of the supernatural to create pseudo-supernatural hybrid creatures known as Chimeras, which eventually led him to decide to go to Russia to learn more about the Doctors. In Ouroboros, it was revealed that Deaton has been taken hostage by the Desert Wolf as part of her plan to kill her daughter, and had been seen at the border between Canada and the United States. However, he was ultimately rescued by Malia and Braeden and returned home safely, where Deaton went on to help the McCall Pack figure out how to save Mason Hewitt from the possession of Sebastien Valet/the Beast of Gevaudan.

Deaton is the Emissary to the McCall Pack, and is the former Emissary to the Hale Pack.

Early Life

Deaton's life prior to his introduction in the series is virtually unknown. What has been revealed is that he has a younger sister, Marin Morrell. ("Frayed"), ("Currents") The two were presumably trained together to be Druids, and while his sister became the Emissary to Deucalion's original pack, and later the Alpha Pack, Deaton became the Emissary to the Hale Pack, likely after he finished school to be a veterinarian. ("Visionary")

At some point during Deaton's time as Emissary, he fell in love with his Alpha, Talia Hale, and made a promise to her that he would take care of her children, Laura, Derek, and Cora Hale, if anything were to happen to her. ("Fury"), ("A Promise to the Dead").

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Pack Mentality, Scott McCall, Deaton's only employee at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic shows up slightly late. The teen apologizes for being late because he doesn't want his boss to think he's a slacker and Deaton assures Scott that he thinks no such thing. Sheriff Stilinski shows up, so that Deaton can take out his dog's stitches but before he can work on the dog, Stilinski shows him a few crime scene photos of a animal attacking, hoping that Deaton can give his expert opinion, he tells the Sheriff that it could be a wolf since they're known to wander in from far away, especially if they're motivated by a primal drive. However, the victim had claw marks on his face which is unlikely behavior for a wolf because they typically for the throat and spinal cord. The Sheriff wonders if it's a mountain lion but Deaton can't say for sure.

In The Tell, Deaton calls Scott to check on him because he's an hour late for work. Then The Sheriff enters the clinic and shows Deaton some frames shot taken from a security camera in a parking lot near the video store where another animal attack occurred. Stilinski lays out several photos, the first one depicts something breaking through the window, the next one show something on all fours, and a final picture appears to show a man walking away. Deaton tries to deflect The Sheriff by telling him that he needs an expert opinion because he wouldn't know for sure. He then goes to treat a sick dog.

In Heart Monitor, as Deaton is working in the clinic, Derek Hale enters and asks him about a deer attack about 3 months ago that had a spiral on its side. Deaton explains to Derek that he was called in to give an opinion on the attack and reported that he'd never seen anything like it before. Derek approaches him and wonders if he heard the sound of his heart beat rising which means he's lying. Derek grabs and then pulls him over the exam table, and then ties him up to a chair. When he wakes up, he tells Derek where to find the keys to the drug locker but that's not why Derek is there.

Derek lifts the chair that Deaton is tied to off the ground and demands to know who he is and who he's trying to protect. Scott shows up at the clinic and yells at Derek to stop, Derek drops Deaton and punches him again, he tells Scott that when he's unconscious he can't prevent himself from healing. Derek tells Scott that the spiral is their symbol for a vendetta, "it means he won't stop killing until he's satisfied." Derek attempts to hit Deaton once again but Scott shifts and grabs his arm to stop him. Scott then begins to clean Deaton's wounds, Scott then tells Derek to meet him at Beacon Hills High Schoolin an hour. Derek pulls up to the school with Deaton tied up in the back seat but when they look back, he's gone.

In Night School, After The Alpha has finished attacking the school, Deaton is sitting in the back of an ambulance being checked on by the paramedics. When asked how he got out, he replies "not easily." And then he offers to give Scott a raise.

In Co-Captain, Deaton finds a severely wounded Scott in the woods, so he picks up his employee and takes him back to the clinic where he treats him. Deaton begins to remove the Wolfsbane laced bullets. Scott wonders what is going on, he explains to Scott that 90% of the time he's mostly treating cats and dogs.

In Formality, after moving all the bullets and patching Scott up, he gets off the exam table but Deaton suggests that he sits back down. Then Peter Hale enters the clinic, Scott attempts to warn Deaton that it's Peter and to not go out there but he goes out there anyway. He tells Peter they're closed and that they need to leave. Peter explains that he's there to pick up but Deaton replies that he doesn't remember Peter ever dropping anything off then Peter tells him this one would've wandered in on its own. Peter then tries to walk into the exam room but the door between him and Deaton is made of Mountain Ash, its preventing Peter from going past. This angers The Alpha and he throws a chair at the wall in anger, but Deaton doesn't even flinch. He then informs Peter one last time that they're closed.

In Ice Pick, at the clinic, Scott drops a glass container and breaks it, Deaton wonders if he has a lot on his mind. Scott says that everything is slipping through his fingers, Deaton tells him that what he's saying is far too world-weary of a thing for a teenage boy to say, he then goes on to explain all about perspective. Scott then asks if they are going to talk about the thing they need to talk about, this a reference to Deaton knowing about Scott and werewolves, but Deaton just offers him a raise as a distraction, which they agree upon. Some time later he shows up at the office because the alarm was going off. Chris Argent has broken in and has put a mauled body on the exam table and wants to know what killed the man.

Then Scott shows up after Chris leaves and wonders why his wounds aren't healing as quickly, Deaton explains that the scratch won't heal as fast because they're from an Alpha.

In Abomination, Deaton helps clean Scott's wound that he suffered from hi fight with Derek, he informs Scott that he knows how to help werewolves but he doesn't know what the creature that's killing people is. Scott notices the a man's body lying on the exam table with claw marks in it, he tells that he doesn't know what did this but the Argents might. Deaton explains that they would have a book or some kind of documentation of all the things they've ever hunted. After Scott leaves, Chris and Gerard Argent, he explains to them that he has no clue on what killed this man. He then examines the back of the man's neck where he sees a cut, Deaton explains that this cut was precise and the creature used some type of paralytic toxin potent enough to disable all motor functions.

He says that the guy was killed by claws that were dug into him and slashed upward, eviscerating the lungs and slicing through the bone of the rib cage with ease. he goes on tells Chris that he's never encountered anything like it but he knows it's fast, remarkably strong and has the ability to render its victims helpless within seconds. They should be very afraid because in the natural world predators with paralytic toxins use them to catch and eat their prey but in this case, the hunter was killed but not eaten, meaning whatever killed him only wanted to kill him. He believes that killing may be its only purpose.

In Raving, Derek and Isaac enter the clinic, Derek asks Deaton if he's going to help and Deaton replies that it depends on whether they're going to kill Jackson or save him. Scott and Derek argue but he reluctantly agrees to save Jackson. Deaton then lays out a tray of containers, as he looks through the bottles, Isaac asks him if he's some kind of witch to which Deaton replies "no, I'm a veterinarian". Unfortunately, he doesn't have anything that would be an effective defense against a paralytic toxins, Derek explains that he nearly took the things head off and [[[Chris Argent|Argent]] emptied a clip into it and it just kepps getting back up. Deaton asks if it has shown any weaknesses, Derek says that it can't swim, Deaton asks if this true for Jackson as well but Scott says no.

He then realizes that they're trying to catch two people, a puppet and a puppeteer. He holds a medallion up and then puts it on the table, they begin to discuss why the Kanima killed Sean but the puppeteer had to killed Jessica, Isaac suggests that it could be part of the rules. The kanima kills murderers, if it killed Jessica then the baby would die too. Deaton then suggests that the kanima's fear of water doesn't stem from Jackson but from the master. He elaborates by saying "What if something that affects the kanima also affects its master?"

From this he comes up with the idea to trap the kanima and its master with Mountain Ash. Deaton gives Scott Ketamine, a type of anesthesia that'll slow down Jackson long enough to catch him then he tells Stiles that he'll be tasked with creating the barrier of ash. He further explains that the clinic is made of Mountain Ash and not only does it prevent supernatural creatures from crossing it but it also keeps them from starting trouble.

In Fury, Deaton finds Derek in the Hale House unconscious, he calls Derek's name but doesn't get an answer, so he blows a dog whistle and it wakes Derek up. Derek stands up but he stumbles, so Deaton catches him. He tells Derek that he's still an alpha, but, as usual, not a particularly competent one. He then explains that what Peter did doesn't come without a price, he'll be physically weak and therefore while rely on his cunning and intelligence to survive. He warns Derek that no matter what he should no trust Peter. Derek demands to know Peter's whereabouts but Deaton has no clue he then wonders why Deaton is helping him, Deaton replies that helping the Hale Family use to be his job and now he's helping derek because of a promise he made to Derek's mother, Talia Hale.

In Battlefield, Someone walks through the front door of the clinic and the animals begin to go crazy, they go to check to see who it is and its Isaac. He invites Isaac in, as he treats a dog, Isaac asks why it smells like that, Deaton smirks and says that Scott asked him the same thing not too long ago. He could tell which animals were getting better and which weren't. Deaton then invites Isaac to come closer, he says that Isaac knows what his abilities can do for himself but would he like to know what his abilities could do for others. He grabs Isaac's hand and places it on the dog, they watch as Isaac begins to take away some of its pain. Deaton explains that it was only a little bit, but sometimes even a little can make a big difference.

In Master Plan, Deaton enters the abandoned warehouse where the battle had recently take place. He examines the black ooze droplets that Gerard left behind. Then Marin Morrell shows up and asks him if he's planning on getting his hands dirty again. He replies that he does what he has to.

In Tattoo, Sheriff Stilinski visits the clinic informing Deaton that they've received 15 calls in the last hour about weird animal attacks and animals freaking out. He takes the Sheriff into the back to show him the cat cages, where they see that every single animal is dead. Deaton tells Stilinski that he originally believed that some sick individual broke in and killed them but after further examination, he determined that they did it to themselves.

In Chaos Rising, Scott, Stiles, Derek go to Deaton for help, they need him to help Isaac remember the location of The Alpha Pack. He comes up with an idea to put Isaac in ice water, Deaton explains that lowering Isaac’s temperature will also lower his heart rate and will allow him slip into a trance state, like hypnosis. Deaton says Isaac will be half transformed and this will give them access to his subconscious mind but his heart rate must be extremely low, almost dead. After they manage to hold Isaac down in the water, Deaton tells the them that only he can speak or else Isaac will become confused. He asks Isaac to remember what happened, Isaac begins to get upset saying he doesn’t want to remember and then the lights start to flicker but Deaton soon gains control again. Isaac informs them that he found Erica and Boyd in a building. The young Beta begins to panic again, Deaton wants to back off, but Derek wants to continue because they need a location, Isaac then gives them what they need and he wakes up. They're at Beacon Hills National Bank.

In Unleashed, Deaton is working at the clinic with Scott, he gives a dog a shot. The next day, Stiles visits the clinic wondering if Deaton could have information about the murders that have been occurring. As Stiles explains everything he's learned on Druids and human sacrifices, h realizes that Deaton is already aware of everything he's being told. He admits that he's been denying what's going on because he spent the last ten years trying to avoid it. According to Deaton, the murders are somebody copying an old druid ritual.

Stiles receives a call from Lydia informing him thatthe band teacher has been taken, so Stiles and Deaton go to the school. They discover that the next group for the sacrifice are soldiers, Kyle was in ROTC and the band teacher was a former military officer. Lydia remembers that Mr. Harris was also former military, they go to Harris' classroom and find that He's gone, but all of his stuff is still in the class. They notice a stack of tests on his desk that have been graded graded as "R" and "H", they're are several other strangely graded papers on his desk as well. Deaton puts all of the tests together and they spell "Darach", the name given for a druid who chose the wrong path, a dark Druid.

In Frayed, he and Scott are at the animal clinic, Scott explains that he is worried that Derek is going to get his entire pack killed. Scott begins to wonder if he should try to stop them but Deaton tells him that he shouldn’t stop them, he should lead them. Some time Later, Morrell enters the clinic with Kali and Aiden, they're carrying Ennis, who is just barely alive. Deaton refuses to help and due to the Mountain Ash, they cannot force him to help, Kali threatens to kills Morrell but Deaton tells her she wont. Marin explains that if Ennis dies then The Alpha Pack will be out for blood and Scott will end up in the middle of it as he always does, so to prevent this, Deaton opens the gate.

He begins to work on Ennis when Deucalion enters and requests a prognosis, he tells Deucalion that Ennis will survive but then he crushes Ennis' and tells Deaton that he may have over estimated Ennis' chances of survival. he then warns Morrell about what she’s gotten herself into.

In Currents, as dozens of mouths surround the windows of the clinic, Deaton calls Scott and tells him that he is the third sacrifice and that he's about to be taken. The Darach takes him to the bank vault where he is suspended from the sealing. Scott runs towards him but is shoved back by the Mountain Ash barrier. Scott tries again to penetrate the barrier, pushing against it with all his power, his eyes shine gold but then start to glow red as he pushes harder at the barrier but he fails again and is thrown back. Sheriff Stilinski appears in the doorway of the vault and shoots the rope, allowing Deaton to fall to the ground. The Sheriff explains that he found Deaton through all the Celtic symbols at the vet clinic, he knew one of them reminded him of something, the bank’s logo. Deaton tells Scott about his eyes changing colors, that they glowed red. He explains that Scott is a "True Alpha", one who rises on strength of character and sheer force of will as opposed to those who steal the power from another alpha. Deaton says it's rare, that it happens only once in a hundred years but that he believed Scott had this potential in him since he was first bitten by The Alpha.

Editors Note: Deaton only appears in the following episode through a series of flashbacks that take place several years ago in Beacon Hills.

In Visionary, Deaton, Deucalion and Talia Hale are in a meeting at the clinicanimal. Deucalion wants to make peace with Gerard Argent and the other hunters but Deatons explains that their willingness to extend an olive branch to the Argents is admirable it will be unwelcomed. Deucalion is surprised that they have so little faith in humanity, Deucalion believes that Gerard has to be worried about deaths on his own side, Deaton replies by telling them the story of "The Scorpion and the Frog". The scorpion asked the frog to carry him across the river, and the frog asked, "How do I know you won't sting me?" The scorpion replied, "Why would I do that? Then we'd both drown." So the frog agree, halfway across the river, the scorpion stung the frog. The frog asked him why he did it since now they would both die, and the scorpion replied, "It's my nature." Deaton's point being, that faith in humanity may not matter if they underestimate Gerard's nature but he agrees to arranged a meeting between Gerard and Deucalion.

After Deucalion is ambushed at the meeting, Deaton unwraps the bandages from Deucalion's eyes, he explains that while Deucalion's eyes will heal physically, his sight will be gone. He orders all of them to leave.

In Alpha Pact, they have all met up at the clinic, They figure the nemeton has to be on a telluric current, or possibly the point where two cross. Deaton tells them that there might be a way to find it but it's dangerous and they're going to need. He tells them that they will be surrogate sacrifices for their parents. If everything goes as planned, they'll be dead for a few moment, this will be them giving power back to the nemeton, a place that hasn't had power for a long time. This power will act as a magnet, it will attract supernatural creatures, the kind that the Argents could fill the Bestiary with.

Deaton goes onto explain that this sacrifice won't just effect the tree, it will feel effect them as well, "It'll be a kind of a darkness around your heart, and permanent, like a scar.". Deaton prepares the tubs with ice water and herbs, they've all brought something of their parent's. Deaton explains that they will each get in a tub and be held down until they're pretty much dead but the person holding them under needs to be a tether who can pull them back, someone with a strong connection to them.

In Lunar Ellipse, when Scott, Stiles and Allison finally wake up, Deatons tells them that they were gone for 16 hours After Scott reveals that he's made a deal with Deucalion, Deaton agrees with his plan. He explains they should use Deucalion to their advantage and use him as bait to get Jennifer Blake. The bell rings at the door of the clinic, Ethan enters, he's looking for Lydia. A little while later, Cora and Lydia bring Ethan and Aiden to the animal clinic, they've both been badly injured. Cora asks Deaton if he can save them, he replies only if they start healing on their own. Deaton gives Ethan and Aiden oxygen and a shot.

In The Dark Moon, Deaton was mentioned by Scott McCall while he explained to Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin what he found at Derek's loft. According to Scott, Deaton stated that the skulls carved on the rifle casings Scott found in the loft were the symbol of the Calavera Family of Hunters who are located in Mexico. The three then met at Deaton's clinic to plan their trip to rescue Derek, who they believed had been captured by the Calaveras.

In 117,

In Orphaned,

In Weaponized,

In Monstrous,

In A Promise to the Dead,

In Creatures of the Night, Deaton was mentioned by Scott in a conversation with Stiles, during which Scott brought up what Deaton had said to him in The Divine Move about "regression to the mean," and how life can't be all good or all bad. He then applied Deaton's words to their current situation, pointing out that since the past six months had neither been great nor terrible, the scales would eventually tip one way or the other, meaning that they would either become really good or really bad.

In Parasomnia,

In Dreamcatchers,

In Condition Terminal,

In Ouroboros,

In Lies of Omission, Deaton was mentioned by Scott, who was very worried about the fact that he hadn't heard from Deaton in over a week, which forced Scott to have to shut down the animal clinic until his return. In Damnatio Memoriae, Malia and Braeden interrogated a Soviet Special Forces officer named Kassian, which led them to learn that Deaton had been taken captive by the Desert Wolf.

In Codominance, Malia raided Deaton's office at the animal clinic in hopes of finding a clue as to how to locate him. While there, she was confronted by Theo Raeken, who taunted her about the fact that she would never find Deaton and that he was likely already dead before making her feel worse by suggesting it was Malia's fault that Deaton was captured, since, according to Theo, Malia had dared the Desert Wolf to come after her.

In The Sword and the Spirit,

In Amplification,

In Apotheosis,



Throughout the series, Deaton's personality could best be described as mysterious, likely due, at least in part, to his nature as a Druid. He does his best to keep his cards close to the vest, and he never reveals more information than is absolutely necessary. Despite his desire to maintain an air of secrecy, he has developed a very close bond with Scott McCall and the members of his pack, and as a result, he does his best to help them as much as he can without revealing too much information. This bond has also extended to Derek Hale as well, due to the love he felt for his mother, Talia.

Deaton tries his best to come off as simply a veterinarian, and has yet to actually explicitly admit to being a Druid. However, when danger strikes, he has proven that he is more than capable of protecting himself, as he's demonstrated when fighting against human and supernatural foes alike with combat skills and an extendable steel baton-- he simply prefers to downplay his skills in order to lure his opponents into a false sense of security. He has also proven that, unlike his sister Marin, who is dedicated to maintaining the balance of nature to the point of allowing innocents to die to so, Deaton does his best to protect everyone in need.

Physical Appearance

Deaton is a tall, thin man with dark brunette, brown eyes and a shaved head. He is seen as a job at his pet clinic where he wears a white lab coat on top of business clothes, such as a white and white dress with buttons on neutral fabrics and leather loafers. In his spare time, he is seen in casual clothes such as jeans, boots and a black leather jacket.

Powers and Abilities


As a Druid, Deaton has a range of undefined powers that have yet to fully be revealed. As of yet, he has demonstrated an ability to almost magically break himself out of restraints and the locked trunk of Derek Hale's Camaro, has broken a chair thrown by Peter Hale with his chest, and somehow forced the transformed Kali to shift back into her human form. He also has a mastery over Mountain Ash, which he has built into his animal clinic, and of which he can make barriers by throwing the ash and willing it into the shape he desires. It is likely that he has additional powers, but he has yet to demonstrate them as of yet.


In addition to the powers afforded to him by being a Druid, Deaton also possesses many human abilities as well, including:

  • Close-Quarters Combat: Deaton has proven himself to be a skilled combatant, who is able to defend himself against human and supernatural threats both with and without weapons. His weapon of choice is an extendable steel baton that he conceals in his sleeve, but he has also demonstrated knowledge in the use of other weapons as well, as evidenced during his battle with several Oni demons, where he attempted to disarm them of their ninjatos in order to fight on an even playing field.
  • Mythological Knowledge: Due to his Druid training, Deaton has a great deal of knowledge about numerous mythological beings and stories. As an Emissary, he is most knowledgeable about Werewolves, but he has also shown an understanding of other supernatural creatures, such as Werecoyotes, Kitsune, Oni, and Garudas. However, this knowledge is not absolute, as he needed to gain information from the Argent Bestiary to learn more about the Kanima, and seemed to lack extensive information about Werejaguars.
  • Herbological Knowledge: Due to his Druid training, Deaton has an immense knowledge of the use of herbs and plants, both as medicine, in spells and rituals, and as a weapon. He has used Mountain Ash, which is incinerated rowan wood, to great effect, and has instructed Scott McCall on the uses of mistletoe, both as weapons (such as temporarily neutralizing Jennifer Blake's glamour), as a cure (such as reversing the effects of Lydia Martin's trephination), or in spells (such as the surrogate sacrifice ritual performed by Scott, Stiles Stilinski, and Allison Argent). He also knew the uses of lichen, specifically a strain known as "letharia vulpina" that had been grown from the blood of a Nogitsune, to help weaken the Void Kitsune possessing Stiles.
  • Veterinary Medicine: As a veterinarian, Deaton is an expert when it comes to the health and medical treatment of animals, and as a result, this extends to supernatural creatures, especially those who are animal shapeshifters such as Werewolves, Werecoyotes, Kitsune, etc.
  • Multilingualism: Deaton has been shown to be somewhat fluent in American Sign Language and Japanese in addition to his native English.


As a human, he has all the typical weaknesses of his species, particularly mortality, though, as a Druid, he has the potential to gain powers that can counter human weaknesses. Unfortunately, these powers are typically gained by becoming a Darach, or a Dark Druid who has been corrupted and gone off the path that typical Druids take by committing human sacrifices.



  • Alan: Alan is a masculine English given name, though the meaning is unknown for certain due to the fact that there are numerous differing etymological theories attributed to the name. However, what is known is that it was introduced in Brittany as early as the 16th century; in Breton, alan is a colloquial term for "fox," and may have originally meant "deer," which is an interesting fact, considering that Deaton is a veterinarian and seems to have a connection to the god Cernunnos, who is called the "Horned God" due the antlers on his head. Additionally, the Irish form of the name is said to be a diminutive of a word meaning "rock" or "noble." Alternatively, the name may derive from the tribal name of the Alans, an Iranian people who migrated into Europe in the 4th and 5th centuries. Alan was the name of several dukes of Brittany, and Breton settlers introduced it to England after the Norman conquest. Variants of the name in other languages include: Alen (Croatian, Slovene); Alain (French); Ailín (Irish); Allan, Allen (Scottish); Alun (Welsh).
  • Deaton: Deaton is an English surname recorded in many forms with varying spellings, such as Dayton, Deighton, Dieton, and Dyton. It is a locational family name that originates from any of three villages named Deighton near the city of York and the towns of Huddersfield and Northallerton, all of which are in Yorkshire county, England. It was first recorded with the spelling Dictone in the Doomsday Book of 1086, and it derives from the Old English pre-7th century word dic, meaning "ditch" or "dyke," and the suffix -tun, meaning "farm" or "settlement." Together, the name means "a settlement surrounded by a dyke/moat." Locational surnames such as this were usually acquired by the local lord of the manor, or by those whose former inhabitants had moved to another area, usually due to a need for work, making them best identified by their birthplace.


  • Throughout his time in the series, Deaton has become a father figure to Scott McCall as well as the Emissary to the McCall Pack.
  • Deaton has traveled to the most countries throughout the seasons, as he went to Japan in Season 3B and went to Russia in Season 5A.
  • Deaton is known to speak English, Japanese, and American Sign Language, and possibly knows even more languages.
  • Deaton appears to have an alliance with Dr. Conrad Fenris, which has allowed him to gain favors regarding access to the supernatural ward of Eichen House on several occasions.
  • Almost nothing is known about Deaton and Marin Morrell's family life. In Abomination, Marin claimed to be French-Canadian, but it is unknown if she was telling the truth or not. If she was being truthful, then this could mean that Deaton, too, is French-Canadian.
    • It is also unknown why Deaton and his sister Marin have different last names, though there are several possible theories as to why this could be, including the possibility that Marin is or was married at some point in her life, Maybe Deaton and Marin are actually half-siblings with different fathers, or one or both siblings changed their names or took on an alias for some reason.
  • Like his sister Marin, Deaton possesses a pendant of Cernunnos, the Horned God in Celtic polytheistic mythology.