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"I love you, and I'm proud of you. I'm proud of us."
Allison's last words to her father in Insatiable

Allison Argent is a main character and the former female lead of the Teen Wolf series. She is the daughter of Chris Argent and Victoria Argent, the niece of Kate Argent, the granddaughter of Gerard Argent, and a descendant of Marie-Jeanne Valet and Henri Argent. Despite being descended from a long line of prolific French Werewolf Hunters, Allison was unaware of her legacy as a member of the Argent Family until shortly after her seventeenth birthday, when her aunt Kate introduced her to the world of the supernatural. Though she was originally resistant to her heritage, Allison finally began to seriously train in combat and the use of a multitude of weapons during her sophomore and junior year at Beacon Hills High School, where she found that she had a natural affinity for the craft.

After the death of her mother Victoria, Allison, as the sole remaining woman in the family, became the head of the Argent Hunter clan due to their family's tradition of matriarchal leadership. However, unlike the female Argent leaders who came before her, Allison belonged to a Werewolf pack, and encouraged her father to join her in changing their Code by abandoning the concept of hunting all supernaturals and instead protecting all innocents, whether human or supernatural, from anyone of any species who mean to do them harm.

She lived by their new Code, "We protect those who cannot protect themselves," until the end of the third season, when she was fatally stabbed by an Oni's sword during a battle in Insatiable, though she saved the lives of her friends with her sacrifice. Even after her death, her presence continues to live on in her pack, as they continue to fight by her Code.

Fifteen years following her death, in 2026, Scott, Lydia and Malia Tate, after learning time was limited to complete a ritual to help Allison cross over, gathered some of the land where Allison died as well as the Oni ninjato that took her life and placed them above the Nemeton. The ancient tree, instead of helping her cross over, actually restored Allison's physical body and successfully brought her back to life, despite the fact that she had been cremated and not buried nearby.

Unfortunately, she initially did not recognize neither her father nor her packmates, especially Scott. This state allowed her to be easily influenced by the recently-freed Nogitsune, who decided to use Allison as the perfect weapon to annihilate Scott, the other McCall Pack members and their allies. However, Scott slowly managed to remind her of her previous life and it was only Lydia's Banshee scream that allowed all of her memories of her loved ones to return to her mind. She then witnessed the Nogitsune be overpowered and incinerated to death along with Derek, who sacrificed himself to ensure the creature was slayed once and for all. She attended the memorial service organized to honor Derek's memory and rekindled her relationship with Scott, who was always her first love and they moved to Los Angeles, along with Derek's son, Eli Hale, who Scott adopted.

Allison is in a romantic relationship with Scott McCall, had a romantic relationship with Isaac Lahey and is a member of the McCall Pack. She is best friends with Lydia Martin, who is her sister-in-arms and who is often described as being the Stiles to Allison's Scott. She is also a member and matriarch of the Argent Family, and was a junior at Beacon Hills High School at the time of her death.

Early life[]

Not much is known about her early history, aside from the fact that she moved around constantly due to her family being in the Werewolf hunting business, though this was always blamed on her father's cover as a security consultant and licensed firearms dealer who sold weaponry to local police departments. ("Wolf Moon"), ("Magic Bullet"), ("Lunar Ellipse") Her mother worked several different jobs during this time, including as a buyer for a boutique in San Francisco and a math teacher at a boy's boarding school.

During her youth, Allison was very involved in extracurricular activities, including training as a gymnast for eight years and taking archery lessons, the latter of which she was so talented that she became nationally ranked and could have ascended to the elite level of competition had she not become temporarily bored of the activity. She also pursued other hobbies, such as painting, photography, and poetry, but her perfectionist tendencies made it difficult for her to enjoy these activities due to how hard she was on herself to be the best at everything she did. ("Pack Mentality"), ("Magic Bullet")

She spent her life very close to her aunt Kate, who she described more like her sister, though the fact that both Kate and her parents were constantly moving around to different areas where Hunters were needed made it hard for them to see each other regularly. For reasons unknown, she was not close to her grandfather Gerard at all while she was growing up, to the point where she hadn't seen him since she was three years old when he returned to Beacon Hills in 2011, making it nearly a fifteen-year absence.

Allison also once confessed to Scott McCall that she had been held back a grade in school because her family was constantly moving around through her childhood and adolescence. As a result, she was ashamed of the fact that she was older than her classmates and tried to hide her birthday from them so they wouldn't find out her true age, though this was not always successful and usually led to assumptions that the reason she was held back was either because she wasn't neurotypical, because she got pregnant, or because she was on drugs. ("The Tell")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In Wolf Moon, Allison arrived at Beacon Hills High School for her first day of class, where she was sitting on the bench outside of the entrance, waiting for the vice-principal to come get her. Just then, her phone rang, and she saw that it was her mother Victoria Argent and answered it. Unbeknownst to Allison, Scott McCall, a fellow student who had recently been bitten by an Alpha Werewolf and was in the process of becoming one as well, was able to hear her conversation with his newly gained superhuman senses. She jokingly scolded her mother for calling her so many times before school had even started before berating herself for forgetting a pen on her first day.

Just as the vice-principal started walking toward her, she ended the call and introduced herself before the two walked into the school so that he could take her to her first class, English, where Scott and his best friend Stiles Stilinski were in class. She sat in the only available seat, the one in front of Scott, who, having heard her conversation on the phone and knowing she needed one, handed her a spare pen, which made her smile as she thanked him.

After class, Allison and Scott went to their respective lockers, which were right across the hall from one another, and when Allison noticed Scott staring at her, she smiled and waved. Before they could interact further, Allison was approached by Lydia Martin, the school's most popular girl, who immediately complimented her on her jacket. When Allison explained that her mom used to be a buyer for a boutique, which was how she got the jacket, Lydia excitedly declared Allison to be her new best friend.

They were soon joined by Jackson Whittemore, the most popular guy at school and Lydia's boyfriend, and the topic of conversation then turned to the party Lydia was throwing at her house that upcoming Friday after the school's first scrimmage of the season; when Allison assumed he meant football, Jackson laughed and stated that football was a joke in Beacon Hills and that their best sport was lacrosse, which Lydia stated was due to him being the team captain. Though Allison declined their invitation to the party, stating that she was having "family night," Lydia managed to convince Allison to accompany her to lacrosse practice so the two could cheer Jackson on during try-outs.

Allison and Lydia sat in the bleachers after school and watched the lacrosse practice, where Scott's newly gained athletic skills (due to his Werewolf transformation enhancing his strength, speed, agility and reflexes) caught the eye of both girls. Allison asked Lydia if she knew who Scott was, and when Lydia, who was visibly impressed by his performance, stated that she had no idea, Allison remarked that he was in her English class. After an awkward start, Scott began catching shot after shot while playing as the goalie, and when he managed to catch even Jackson's most powerful shot, Allison and Lydia jumped to their feet and cheered, much to Jackson's displeasure.

That evening, Allison was driving through Beacon Hills and had briefly taken her eyes off of the road to change the song on her music player when she suddenly hit a dog running across the street. Panicked, she rushed to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where their veterinary technician, Scott, was just planning to lock up for the night. It was storming and pouring rain as she hysterically explained what had happened and walked him to the trunk of her car, where she had placed the injured dog; she was too upset to notice that Scott's eyes flashed gold as he unconsciously used his Werewolf powers to calm the dog down so he could be brought inside the clinic.

Allison watched anxiously as Scott assessed the canine, breathing a sigh of relief when he determined that he only had a broken leg and that he was capable of giving him some pain medicine and splint the affected leg. When Allison began shivering due to being soaking wet from being in the rain, Scott offered her a spare shirt he had in his bag. He was unable to resist taking a peek while Allison was changing in the next room, but when the dog gave him a suspicious look, he muttered that he hadn't seen anything but her bare back.

She returned to the exam room a short time later, wearing Scott's shirt, and when he noticed she had an eyelash on her cheek that she was unable to brush off herself, he did so himself, and it was obvious that the two were beginning to develop feelings for each other. He then walked her out to her car, where he felt emboldened enough to ask if Allison really had "family night" on Friday, or if she really was available to go to Lydia's party. Allison smiled bashfully as she admitted that she made up "family night" as an excuse and accepted his invitation to attend the party with him.

The next day, Allison once again sat in the bleachers and watched the lacrosse team's final day of try-outs after school, and when she caught his attention on the field, they both smiled and waved to each other. Allison was among the many fans and fellow players who cheered when Scott, who had performed an incredible gymnastic feat to make a shot, was announced by Coach Finstock that he had made first line, ignoring how furious Jackson was to be once again outshined by his new rival.

The evening of the party, Scott, driving his mother's car, picked Allison up at her house so they could head to Lydia's. Once there, Allison was oblivious as Scott noticed Derek Hale, a fellow Werewolf, lurking in the shadows, but the young man was quickly distracted from this observation as the two joined the party in the backyard. Allison and Scott eventually begin dancing on the patio, where the two were seen getting closer and closer by Lydia, who was watching them the whole time while Jackson kissed her neck.

However, Allison became alarmed when suddenly, the full moon hit its apex and Scott began to feel sick, not knowing he was close to transforming into a Werewolf for the first time. Not knowing what else to do, Scott excused himself and rushed back into the house, ignoring Stiles' concerned questions as he pushed his way through the throng of people. Allison, worried about him, followed him to the front door, but by the time she finally caught up with him, he had already gotten into his car and sped away, leaving Allison stranded at the party.

Confused, Allison watched Scott speed away when suddenly, she was approached by Derek, who introduced himself as a friend of Scott's before offering to take her home. During the car ride to the Argent House, Derek seemingly made small talk with Allison to determine how much she knew about the Argent Family's legacy as Werewolf Hunters, though he didn't get much information. He then surreptitiously stole her blazer, using it to make a trail with her scent so he could lure Scott to the woods in a sort-of intervention in hopes of forcing him to accept his new life as a lycanthrope. The secrets kept from Allison continued to pile up as her own father Chris Argent and several of his fellow Hunters chased Derek and Scott through the woods and even managed to shoot Scott through the arm with a crossbow.

The following Monday, Allison was waiting for her ride in the parking lot outside of school when Scott, in his lacrosse uniform, caught up with her to apologize for his behavior the previous Friday, though he doesn't give much of an explanation aside from the fact that he was stricken with an illness. When Scott asked for a second chance, Allison jokingly asked him if she was going to regret forgiving him, leading Scott to reply "Probably" in a self-deprecating tone of voice, though she ultimately agrees to a second chance. Just then, a burgundy SUV pulled up nearby, and Allison identified the driver as her dad before saying her goodbyes, not noticing Scott's horror as he realized that Argent was one of the Hunters who had attacked him during the full moon, though Argent does not seem to recognize him, either.

In Second Chance at First Line, Allison ran into Scott at school, where she excitedly informed him that she planned to attend his upcoming lacrosse game, much to Scott's panic (as he had already been forbidden to play in the game by Derek Hale out of fear the still newly turned Werewolf Scott would expose their species to the human world).

Later on in the day, Lydia began introducing Allison to many of the other lacrosse players right in front of Scott, as she was sending a message to Scott about her earlier threat to hook Allison up with one of the hot lacrosse players if he didn't play in that night's game (as, according to Lydia, her status as the captain of the winning lacrosse team rested on the recently revealed athletic prodigy Scott playing).

When Scott saw this and approached Allison, he noticed that she was wearing the jacket she had worn to Lydia's party the previous weekend, which Derek had stolen to lure Scott into the woods. He asked her where she found it, and Allison revealed that it was found in her locker and that she assumed that Lydia, who knows her combination, found it at the party and put it back for her. Scott became paranoid and began asking Allison about her encounter with Derek the night of the party, such as what they talked about, but Allison, beginning to feel uncomfortable, replied that they didn't really say much to each other before begging off to go to class. Scott was so overwhelmed with anger about Derek's meddling that he immediately went to the Hale House ruins to demand that Derek leave his girlfriend alone.

The next evening, Allison ran out of the Argent House when she heard the sound of a car hitting something in the driveway and was horrified when she saw that her father Argent had hit Scott with his SUV while he was pulling in. (Unbeknownst to either of the Argents, Scott had been triggered into a transformation by exposure to purple wolfsbane and had fallen off the roof, the pain allowing him to return to human form). She wasted no time beginning to scold Argent for trying to kill Scott, but Scott insisted that it was his fault and claimed he just wanted to say hi. After Allison and her father checked to make sure Scott was okay, Scott awkwardly took his leave by informing them that he had to get ready for the lacrosse game, only becoming more uncomfortable when both Allison and Argent reply that they will be in attendance.

At the lacrosse match, Lydia joined Allison and Argent in the stands to cheer Jackson and Scott on during the game. When Argent asked which player was Scott, Lydia snidely retorted that he was #11, who hadn't scored all game, much to Allison's displeasure. Scott, having heard this remark with his superhuman senses, was reminded of Jackson's behavior at the previous lacrosse practice and took out his frustration on a player on the opposing team. When Scott starts to lose control, Stiles began to panic from the sidelines, but a crisis is averted when Scott's acute hearing picked up Allison's voice calling out, "You can do it, Scott!", allowing him to regain control enough to finish the game.

Allison tried to find Scott in the commotion after the game when the Beacon Hills Cyclones fans began flooding the field, but she was unable to find him. She eventually made her way back to the school, where she cautiously walked into the boys' locker room to look for him, eventually finding him in the showers. Fortunately, Scott was back to his human form, with Allison none the wiser about what had almost happened on the field. When Allison asked if he was okay, he stated he was just lightheaded and needed a minute alone to get through it, leading Allison to suggest that it was due to the adrenaline caused by his amazing performance at the end of the game.

Scott went on to smile and apologize for acting "really weird" that day, citing the fact that she makes him really nervous as the reason before adding that he just wanted to make sure he got his second chance with her. Allison assured him that he had it and just needed to take it, giving Scott the perfect opportunity to kiss her. The two make out for a long moment before they finally pull away, with Allison ruefully stating that she had to get back to her dad. As she walks out of the locker room, she crosses paths with Stiles and smiles at her new friend before taking her leave.

In Pack Mentality, Allison appeared in a dream that Scott had as a way of his memory processing the trauma of the battle he had with the Alpha to prevent him from killing the bus driver Garrison Myers. In the dream, she and Scott were wandering around the Beacon Hills High School bus bay late at night when they got the idea to sneak on one of the buses for some privacy. The two quickly began making out passionately in one of the seats, but after several long moments, Scott began to lose control over his lycanthropy and started to transform.

He tried to get Allison to get away from him before she could see, but she didn't understand why he was being so aggressive until she became horrified by the sight of his Werewolf face and tried to run away, causing Scott's apex predator instincts to start to chase and attack her. Allison was unable to get out of the bus due to the door jamming, and Scott managed to wake up from the dream right before he could kill her. He assumed that the dream was just that until he met up with Stiles at school and found that an actual violent crime had been committed on one of the buses, just as it had in the dream, causing him to worry that he actually did kill her.

Allison finally showed up at school a few minutes later, having apparently missed Scott's calls and texts, and she was amused by how happy he was to see her, not knowing the context. The two then made their way to class, where Allison instructed Scott to save her a seat at lunch before parting with him.

She met up with Scott and Stiles at lunch as promised, bringing Jackson, Lydia, and Danny Mahealani with her. The topic of conversation inevitably turned to the murder of the man on the bus that occurred the night before, and they all began speculating what kind of an attack it was and the identity of the victim, the latter of which Stiles discovered was Garrison Myers, a school bus driver, who was in critical condition at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Allison was surprised to hear that Scott knew the victim, as he drove the bus Scott took to and from school during the brief time he was living with his father Rafael McCall.

Bored, Lydia turned the topic to what plans Scott and Allison had made for the following night, immediately inviting herself and Jackson to double-date with them without asking if it was okay. It was clear that neither Scott nor Allison were very fond of this plan, but out of respect to Allison's friendship with Lydia, they reluctantly agreed to go bowling together. When Jackson made a comment about how he only liked to bowl with people who were actually competition, Allison, annoyed by his bullying, asked him how he knew they weren't actual competition, leading Scott to lie and say he was a great bowler when in reality, he was historically bad at it.

Later that day, Scott, who was worried about potentially harming Allison during their date, went to seek advice from the only other Werewolf he knew-- Derek Hale, who was squatting in the ruins of his family home following the fire. Derek correctly guessed that Scott's only concern was hurting Allison, rather than a true desire to learn to control himself, before reluctantly agreeing to give Scott what he needed in exchange for a future favor.

He went on to advise Scott to revisit the scene of the crime and let his superhuman senses help him remember what truly happened. When Scott did so, he found that Allison was projected onto Garrison in his memories out of his subconscious fear of harming her while out of control and that in reality, she had no part in the events of the previous night—instead, he was called out of bed by the Alpha's roar to hunt with him and solidify their pack allegiance, but instead of killing with the Alpha, Scott intervened and protected Garrison, getting injured himself in the process, though it had healed before he awoke.

The next night, Lydia came over to the Argent House to get ready for her and Allison's double date together. Lydia immediately went for Allison's closet and began flipping through the various clothes on hangers, rejecting everything she saw and even remarking that her respect for Allison's fashion taste was dwindling rapidly until finally finding a teal, white, and navy ensemble that she finally found acceptable.

Just as Allison was about to get changed, her father Chris Argent came into the room and immediately cringed when he realized he had forgotten to knock, especially once Lydia flopped onto the bed and flirtatiously greeted him with, "Hi, Mr. Argent..." When Allison asked him what he needed, Argent informed her that she would no longer be going out that night, as the Sheriff had instituted a town-wide curfew until they caught the "animal" that attacked Garrison Myers at the school.

Allison immediately began protesting at the stupidity of this rule, but Argent insisted that it was out of their hands. After he left, Lydia remarked that Allison was "Daddy's little girl" until Allison retorted, "Sometimes... but not tonight." She then pulled on a dark beanie hat and opened her bedroom window before climbing out of it and doing an impressive flip off of the roof before landing lightly on her feet. She went on to ask the awestruck Lydia if she was coming, and the redhead sarcastically replied that she would just take the stairs.

Once they were at Suburban Lanes Bowling Alley, Allison immediately began looking for the perfect ball, leading Scott to remark that she seemed to know what she was doing. She confirmed that she had experience and explained that she used to go bowling with her father before asking Scott when he bowled last. Scott sheepishly replied, "Uh, at a birthday party..." as Allison wandered away to get shoes, so she was out of earshot when he finished, "...when I was eight."

Soon, the four began their game in earnest, with Lydia intentionally performing badly for attention and to make Jackson look better when he immediately got a strike. Next was Scott, who was so nervous that he got a gutter-ball the first try, forcing Allison to step in to stop Jackson for mocking him due to previously saying he was a great bowler. Allison insisted that he just needed a warm-up and advised Scott to aim for the middle for his next shot, which was just as poor as the first.

Allison assured him that they just started before pointing out that Scott was thinking too much, and Scott began to worry that he was ruining their date, though Allison made it clear that this was not the case. However, she did remark that she wouldn't mind shutting Jackson and Lydia up with some good performance and instructed him to think about something else to get him to relax; when he asked what, Allison seductively whispered, "Think about me... naked." When she returned to the seats, Lydia asked Allison what she told him, and Allison simply stated that she gave him something to think about.

The advice seemed to do the trick because once Scott figured out how to surreptitiously use his superhuman strength, speed, and agility/reflexes in his favor, he began getting strikes for every shot he took, much to Jackson's displeasure. Allison made it a point of constantly asking Jackson how many strikes it was in a row just to rub it in his face and suggested that Scott just had natural talent.

Lydia, drawn to men who excel at what they do, began checking Scott out and pretended not to know what to do in hopes of having him show her how to bowl well. Scott redirected her kindly by assuring her that she had it, and when Jackson offered to help, Lydia snapped, "How about I just try this on my own?" before taking her shot and getting a strike on the first try. Allison made a face and pointed out that Lydia had perfect form, but Lydia continued to play dumb; when she returned to the seats, Allison quietly suggested to Lydia that she stop pretending to suck for Jackson's benefit, and Lydia rolled her eyes before retorting that she did plenty of sucking for his benefit in an innuendo regarding their sex life.

While the girls talked, Jackson went into the arcade, and Scott followed him in there in hopes of trying to mend fences with him and get rid of the tension between the two of them. Jackson, however, made it clear that he knew Scott was lying about something that was somehow helping him cheat at lacrosse and in bowling, and that he intended to find out what it was because he knew that whatever his secret, he didn't want Allison to know about it, subtly threatening to tell her if he didn't cooperate.

After their game was over, Scott took Allison home and walked her up to her door, where he asked her if they could hang out again. Allison smiled and confirmed that they would be, but stated for the record that she wasn't big on group dates, so the next time, it should just be the two of them. This relieved Scott, who didn't want a repeat of the night they had with Jackson and Lydia, and the two began to kiss for a long moment before Allison finally sneaked inside.

In Magic Bullet, Allison awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of someone moving around downstairs. She made it to the balcony overlooking the foyer and frowned when she saw her father, Argent, getting ready to leave with a duffle bag in his hands. When she asked him what was going on, Argent vaguely replied that her aunt, Kate, called, and he was going to pick her up.

Sensing he wasn't being completely honest, Allison pointed out that it was two o'clock in the morning before asking if everything was okay, and Argent, unable to tell Allison that Kate had actually been caught up in an attack by the Alpha Werewolf they were hunting, instead lied and claimed she was fine, but was just having car trouble, specifically a flat tire. Argent then smiled fakely and assured her that all was fine and to go to bed, which Allison reluctantly did.

Later that morning, Allison awoke and went into the guest bedroom, where she found Kate just finishing bringing her luggage in and standing by the bed. Allison squealed loudly as she launched herself at her aunt, who immediately opened her arms for a hug, spinning the younger girl around before remarking that Allison had turned into a "frickin' runway model" in the year that had passed since they last saw each other.

When Allison groaned bashfully, Kate added, "Look at you" before groaning in return and joking that she hated Allison for her beauty, leading Allison to insist that she hadn't even showered or anything yet. Kate shot her a look in response that clearly stated "You're wrong" before she said herself that Allison was a knockout, and that she hoped she had the boys "knocking each other out" for her attention, which caused Allison to blush shyly once again as she admitted that she already kind of had one, which Kate made clear was not nearly enough.

After they had a good laugh, Allison reached out for one of the bags and asked if Kate needed help unpacking, leading Kate to reflexively reach out and grab her roughly by the wrist to stop her, bluntly stating, "No, not that one." Allison, shocked by this rapid change in tone, frowned self-consciously, and Kate, realizing she took it too far in an effort to hide her reasons for being in town, laughed it off by saying, "Oh, see? You turn out beautiful, and I end up with this kung-fu death-grip. Sorry sweetie, I didn't mean to be so rough."

Allison was clearly not convinced, but, not wanting to make a scene, assured Kate that it was fine and not to worry about it. Just as Kate moved the bag to the floor from the bed to avoid any future issues, Allison changed the subject to her car and asked if everything was okay. Kate, not knowing the story Argent had already told Allison earlier that morning, insisted all was fine as she walked into the attached bathroom, calling out from the other room that she just needed a jump-start, which only served to make Allison more suspicious, since now she wasn't just hiding things, she was also lying.

Later that day, Scott and Stiles were in school, where Stiles made a comment about Scott needing to study more when he received a D- on his test, leading Scott to reply that he was going to be studying with Allison after school. Stiles, immediately taking this the wrong way, started insisting that Scott would not be studying, adding that since he was single and Scott was not, he needed to live vicariously through him, thus Scott was not going to be "squandering this colossal opportunity," causing Scott to start thinking about hooking up with Allison being in his future.

In the hallway between classes, Allison was talking to her best friend Lydia, who brought up the fact that Scott was going over to Allison's house to study. Lydia, just like Stiles, immediately pointed out that "just studying" never actually ended with just studying, adding, "It's like getting into a hot tub! Somebody eventually cops a feel." Allison, visibly insecure about her inexperience with such things, asked Lydia what she meant, and when Allison was confused by Lydia's insistence that Scott "covers up," Lydia jokingly referred to her as "Snow White" before pointing out that she meant a condom.

Allison was incredulous that Lydia would suggest Allison sleep with Scott after one date, so Lydia compromised by suggesting Allison not be a "total prude" and just give him a "little taste." Intrigued, Allison asked what a "little taste" would be, and Lydia became shocked when she realized that Allison really liked him (and, unbeknownst to both Allison and Lydia, Derek Hale, who was eavesdropping on the conversation with his Werewolf hearing in an effort to find Scott, was also shocked to learn this as well).

Sighing as she thought about the question for a moment, Allison replied that Scott was just "different," pointing out that her initial plan was to just not date at all until she went to college, because her family moved around too much and it was too hard to stay with anyone long-term, but Scott was so different from the other guys she had met, before ending the story by stating that she just couldn't explain it.

Lydia was completely unmoved by this emotional confession and retorted, "I can. It's your brain flooding with phenylethylamine." Allison, completely lost, asked Lydia what that meant, and Lydia just sighed in defeat before reassuring Allison that she would tell her exactly what to do. She then asked when he was coming over, and Allison stated he would be there right after school before their voices were drowned out by the late bell.

After school, Derek, who had been shot and poisoned by Kate the previous night, collapsed in the parking lot right in front of Stiles' Jeep, forcing the reluctant Scott and Stiles to get Derek in the Jeep before anyone noticed that the supposed serial killer was associating with them. Before they left, Derek, knowing Scott was going to Allison's after school, instructed him to figure out what kind of bullet Kate used to shoot him, a task which Scott resented due to his insistence that Allison was innocent in all this Hunter business.

Unfortunately, Allison saw them all talking, forcing Scott to rush over to try to explain himself in a way that didn't make it seem that he was involved in the illegal activities Derek of which had recently been accused, especially in case Allison did know about the supernatural. When he caught up with her, Allison asked him what Derek was doing there, and Scott vaguely replied that he just needed a ride. When Allison pointed out that he said he wasn't friends with Derek, Scott reluctantly replied, "No, not really..." before trailing off anxiously.

Changing the subject before he could incriminate himself further, Scott asked her if they were still studying together that afternoon, adding that he would meet her at her house, since he planned to ride his bike there and back home. Allison agreed that they were still studying together, leading Scott to smile before kissing her on the cheek and telling her he'd meet her there, rushing off on his bike before she could even return his goodbye.


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In Heart Monitor,

In Night School,

In Lunatic,

In Wolf's Bane,

In Co-Captain, her aunt Kate reveals the supernatural world to her, as well as her family's secret legacy as Werewolf Hunters. She is shaken by the revelation, but she decides to be strong.

In Formality,

In Code Breaker, she confronts Scott over his lies. But later Allison learns how ruthless Kate truly is. She witnesses Peter Hale, the Alpha Werewolf, kill Kate as revenge for the Hale House Fire. She helps everyone to defeat Peter. Realizing that Scott's dishonesty was to protect her, Allison kisses Scott and tells him she loves him.

In Omega, Scott and Allison are shown to be in love, but carry on their romance in secret after her father threatens Scott to have him stay away from Allison. He makes her promise to never see Scott again. Her grandfather, Gerard, decides that it is time that she is trained to become an official hunter, which in her case means being groomed to eventually succeed her mother as the family's leader. She helps Scott and Stiles deal with Derek's pack, and later, the Kanima and its mysterious Master. Allison is devastated in Party Guessed, when she learns from her father at the hospital that her Mom is dead. Gerard uses Victoria's suicide to corrupt her so she attacks and kills Derek's pack. Her relationships with her friends become strained and Chris becomes horrified by the person she's becoming. She comes close to murdering Erica and Boyd, but her father shoots her bow out of her hand saving their lives.

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In Shape Shifted,

In Ice Pick,

In Abomination,

In Venomous,

In Frenemy,

In Restraint,

In Raving,

In Party Guessed,

In Fury,

In Battlefield,

In Master Plan, when Gerard holds her captive with the Kanima so he can force Scott to have a paralyzed Derek bite him to cure his cancer, she soon realizes what her grandfather is and her regrets her actions. After the threats of season 2 pass, Allison, saddened by the death of her mother and feeling guilty over her actions breaks up with Scott. Scott accepts this. Allison reconciles with her father, after all, they've lost and they both promise to retire.

At the start of the first episode of the season, Tattoo, Allison had no contact with Scott whatsoever, having spent the summer at her family's ancestral home in France. After she and Chris agreed to lay their family legacy aside, they returned to Beacon Hills to start a real, normal life. Although she and Scott are no longer together, she still cares deeply for him. She is cold towards Derek because of his part in her mother's death.

In Chaos Rising,

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In Fireflies, She saves Derek and Scott from an out of control Boyd and Cora, but at the cost of setting them loose. Angered, Derek confronts her, eventually forcing Scott to reveal to her that her mother tried to murder Scott, which led to her suicide. Allison accepts this. In violation of her agreement with her father, she begins to help Scott and Derek's pack fight against the Alpha Pack. Allison and Isaac also mend fences as she attacked him during her moral spiral, so much so that they partner up to deal with the current situation and they develop feelings for each other.

In Unleashed,

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In Frayed,

In Motel California,

In Currents,

In Visionary,

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much,

In The Overlooked,

In Alpha Pact, Isaac is chosen as her tether when she has to undertake a dangerous ritual to save her missing father from being sacrificed by Jennifer Blake, the Darach. She uses an actual silver bullet of her father's, as part of his allegiance to the Argents' hunter code, to use as her key to taking her father's place as he is a 'Guardian' to her. Deaton warns her along with Scott and Stiles that sacrificing themselves, temporarily, with have lasting mental effects on them, having darkness around her heart, like a "scar."

In Lunar Ellipse, Allison, with help from Isaac, finds the parents in the root cellar just before Jennifer sacrifices them. In response to the Nemeton's activation, Allison convinces her father to bring both of them out of retirement, accepts her role as leader of the family, and states a new Code: "Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes," which is French for "we protect those who cannot protect themselves."

In Anchors, as a result of her druid sacrificial ritual, Allison suffers from hallucinations seeing visions of her dead aunt Kate and suffers from trembling which has been interfering with her motor and archery skills; during one of her visions she fires an arrow at a threatening visage of Kate, but had actually fired the arrow at Lydia in reality, but Isaac catches the arrow in time-saving Lydia's life.

In More Bad Than Good, After remembering her and her father's new code, Allison regains her confidence and sharp-shooting skills, saving the werecoyote, Malia Tate's life by firing a tranquilizer dart at Mr. Tate. She still cares for Scott and appears slightly hurt, but shows acceptance when he starts a relationship with Kira Yukimura.

In Galvanize,

In Illuminated, Allison also starts acting on her feelings for Isaac, flirting with him, dancing with him at Danny's black light party, and kissing him as an act of encouragement when they accompany her father to uncover information on the Oni. Isaac is electrified and induced into a coma by a trap set off by the Nogitsune saving her life.

In Silverfinger,

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In Riddled,

In Letharia Vulpina,

In Echo House,

In The Fox and the Wolf, Allison suffers a minor breakdown from all the pressure on her shoulders, confessing to Sheriff Stilinski she seems to always feel scared due to the dangers and she's conflicted over her feelings with Scott and Isaac, the latter she thinks could be dying.

In De-Void, to her relief, Isaac recovers and spends the night with her. With Kira's help, she keeps Isaac, and Ethan and Aiden at bay when it's realized they are under the Nogitsune's control.

In Insatiable, after Lydia is kidnapped by the Nogitsune, Allison sets out to search for her with Isaac. She learns Isaac was still himself when he slept with her before the Nogitsune's fly took control. In the meantime, her father finally teaches her how to make her own silver bullet. She opts to make a silver arrowhead instead since the bow and arrow are her weapons. She tells her father she loves him and is proud of what they've done. At Eichen House, the Nogitsune gains control of the Oni and turns them against Kira, Isaac, and Allison.

During the fight, Isaac is severely mauled by the Oni and one of the demons is about to kill him. Allison draws her final arrow, her silver arrowhead, and fires it into the Oni, destroying the demon entity and saving Issac's life; unfortunately, another Oni runs her through with its sword. She collapses into Scott's arms. Scott tells her that Lydia is safe. Dying, she comforts a horrified Scott, telling him it's okay, that she is in his arms, he was her first love and she will love him forever and he has to tell her dad... Allison then passes away, leaving Scott devastated as he holds her lifeless body. Lydia is then seen screaming in tears knowing that Allison is dead.

In The Divine Move, Isaac figures out that what Allison wanted Scott to tell her father was that she had figured out the way to kill the Oni. She had remembered the way Chris had been able to slow down an Oni by shattering its mask when he shot it with a silver bullet. Allison believed that silver was the key to defeating an Oni but that Chris's bullet had continued to fly which was what had saved the Oni but that an arrow would remain in the body, poisoning the demon and killing it. Chris and Isaac discover that Allison had left four arrowheads behind and they use them to defeat the Oni and avenge Allison.

In The Dark Moon, she is mentioned during the drive back to Beacon Hills to California by Malia, wondering who she is. Scott is clearly hesitant to discuss who she is.

In The Benefactor, her name turns out to be the first key to decipher the first list of the Deadpool.

In Smoke and Mirrors,

In Creatures of the Night, Scott puts Allison's initials "AA" next to his during the Senior Scribe. As Allison's packmates briefly think about her, Stiles tells Scott that Allison would have been with them. However, Lydia believes that Allison is with them in spirit.

In Maid of Gévaudan, Lydia mentions her while arguing with Chris and Gerard.

In Apotheosis, Scott's memories of her are what save him from the Beast's grasp, as she looked exactly like his sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet. Stiles told Lydia about this discovery, who smiled.

In Raw Talent, Allison is mentioned by her father. When asked about stamped Argent bullets found by Scott, Malia and Lydia, Chris tells them he hasn't stamped a bullet since Allison's death.

In The Wolves of War, Allison was mentioned by the Anuk-ite, who was trying to get Scott to open his eyes and look at it. He taunted Scott, saying he failed everyone, especially Allison. Fortunately, Scott was able to keep his eyes closed and defeat the Anuk-Ite.


Allison is a very loyal, independent, and strong-willed woman. After she first moved to Beacon Hills and was trapped in the high school by Peter Hale, she expressed her embarrassment and frustration at how weak and powerless she felt to her aunt Kate before vowing to dedicate herself to becoming more powerful. ("Co-Captain") From then on, Allison was determined to learn everything that her father could teach her about being a Hunter so that she could always feel confident in her ability to take care of herself. ("Lunar Ellipse") Allison was the epitome of a perfectionist, as she was prone to starting new hobbies often, only to abandon them shortly afterward when she could not immediately master them to her high standards, such as poetry, photography, and painting. ("Magic Bullet")

While she was a proud person, a trait she inherited from her parents, aunt, grandfather, and female ancestor, she was not above admitting when she had done wrong, apologizing for the misdeeds she had committed while being manipulated by Gerard and taking accountability for those she had hurt while also having the strength of character to refuse to take responsibility for the actions of others, such as the things Gerard did, just because they were related. ("Chaos Rising") She was also not immune to self-doubt, even after she became a prodigious Hunter and leader in her own right, as evidenced when she claimed to not be fearless as Noah Stilinski believed and instead confessed to being terrified all the time, second-guessing her breakup with Scott McCall, her current relationship with Isaac Lahey, her and her father Argent's recent trust toward Derek Hale, and her mission to save her friend Stiles Stilinski from the Nogitsune. ("The Fox and the Wolf")

Although Allison was human, she was not content to allow her supernatural packmates leave her behind when there were battles to be fought, and in time, she became one of their best fighters despite her lack of mystical powers. In addition to her combat and weaponry skills, Allison was shown to be both intelligent and clever and demonstrated a superb ability to easily organize and execute plans that allowed her to rise to the role of Argent matriarch after her mother's death. This ability was evidenced by her ability to set a trap for Boyd and Cora (when they were running loose after they hadn't transformed on a full moon for four months) without any assistance ("Unleashed"), as well as how she was able to lead the search for Stiles/the Nogitsune after he escaped from Eichen House. ("The Fox and the Wolf")

Most of all, Allison was a protector at heart and would do whatever she had to do to save her loved ones and the Beacon Hills citizens at large. She changed the Argent Hunter Code from "We hunt those to hunt us" to "We protect those who cannot help themselves" to indicate that they would be protecting innocent supernaturals just as they protected innocent humans. ("Lunar Ellipse") In her final battle, she came to Camp Oak Creek to fight the Oni (despite Lydia's many messages to stay away after she had a Banshee premonition that Allison would die) because her only concern was that Lydia was safe. It was during this battle that one of the Oni stabbed her after she stepped in to protect Isaac, who was about to receive a killing blow from them. After the Oni had mortally wounded her, Allison further demonstrated her dedication to protecting her loved ones when her first question to Scott was to ask if they rescued Lydia, proving once and for all that she would gladly give her life for any of her friends or family. ("Insatiable")

After being brought back to life nearly twenty years later, Allison was initially very confused and wary of everything and everyone around her, with a big part of her memories of her loved ones being gone, though she remembered her family's mission of ridding the world of the supernatural. The Nogitsune took advantage of these circumstances to manipulate Allison into helping him in his mission to destroy Scott and her other packmates, even wearing her mother Victoria's face to manipulate her even easier. However, Scott's repeated efforts to reconnect with her and remind her of her life before her death slowly allowed her real self to return. Once Lydia Banshee-screamed her name, all of her memories were restored and she fought against the Oni and the Nogitsune to defend her loved ones. Once all threats had been eliminated, she happily resumed her relationship with Scott, who guaranteed to his first love that they could still have a future, giving Allison some inner peace and joy.

Physical Appearance[]

Allison is a tall and thin young woman with pale white and lightly freckled skin, curly dark brown hair, and brown eyes, giving off a similar resemblance to Snow White, although in Season 3, Allison cut her waist-length hair to her shoulders; in the first half of the season, the color was lightened it to a bronze-gold shade before being darkened back to its usual chocolate brown tone in the second half. She was fond of pairing feminine doll-like dresses with more masculine and utilitarian-style jackets and boots to add practicality to her outfit in case she was caught unaware in a fight; this highlighted the fact that Allison was both a very feminine, loving, and passionate woman who was also a strong warrior capable of taking on a military-general-type role in her family and pack when necessary.

She was also known for keeping weapons on her at all times, including ring daggers stashed in her boots or purse, a mini-crossbow in her bookbag, and extra arrowheads kept in the glove box of her car just in case. She typically wore her makeup in a clean and simple style, and she rarely wore jewelry, though she would sometimes be seen wearing a ring wrought in an infinity symbol on her left hand, and she was in possession of the Argent pendant until the end of Season 1.

Powers and Abilities[]

Supernatural Huntress: As a human, Allison possesses no supernatural powers, but her role as a skilled Hunter meant that she does possess many valuable abilities that offer her many advantages in the supernatural world. She was trained from ages sixteen to eighteen in all of the skills necessary to become a Hunter, including close-quarters combat, firearms and melee weaponry of all kinds, and the strengths and, more importantly, weaknesses of a variety of supernatural creatures, such as Mountain Ash and Wolfsbane. Before her final battle prior to her death in the Battle of Oak Creek, her father Argent helped her finish her "graduation" from Hunter training, which involved Allison forging a silver arrowhead as a testament to her personal Hunter Code, "We protect those who cannot protect themselves." ("Insatiable")

  • Expert Markswoman: Allison is an expert archer, learning archery from a very young age and qualifying for national competitions into her teenage years. ("Magic Bullet") She is able to accurately use longbows, crossbows, and guns with pinpoint accuracy, save for the few weeks after she was resurrected, when the darkness around her heart caused her hand tremors that affected her aim. ("Anchors"), ("More Bad Than Good")
  • Expert Martial Artist: As an Argent Hunter, Allison was trained vigorously in close-quarters combat and martial arts, allowing her to fight even without her weapons if necessary. She was able to hold her own against both Marin Morrell, the well-trained Emissary to the Alpha Pack, and an Oni, with whom she fought at one point using solely her bow as a makeshift staff. ("Chaos Rising"), ("Insatiable") She also disarmed Katashi, an old and experienced Yakuza member, using only a chain. ("Silverfinger") Upon her resurrection nearly two decades later, she was easily able to escape Malia Tate's grasp and knock her down to the ground before defeating two armed security guards of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital with little difficulty. Though she was capable of taking on several Oni along with Scott, she was eventually disarmed of her bow, which she was using as makeshift staff. She also tried to fight and kill Derek Hale, an Evolved Beta Werewolf, shortly after her resurrection, only for him to throw her away from him with ease, though she ultimately brought the fight to an end by shooting him through the throat before she was forced to run to recalibrate her plans. ("Teen Wolf: The Movie (2022)")
  • Expert Weapons Knowledge/Training: Allison was trained in the use of guns, bows, swords, daggers, and chained weapons (though she preferred to use her long-bow or ring daggers). and was able to identify a variety of weapons in her arsenal when Special Agent McCall doubted her father's cover story as a legal firearms dealer and security consultant. ("Lunar Ellipse") She is also able to assemble and disassemble more complicated weapons, and was shown to have made five of her own silver arrowheads by hand, which were designed with the Argent fleur-de-lis, and were ultimately used to kill the Oni even after her death. ("Insatiable"), ("The Divine Move") Allison also demonstrated competence with a katana during a battle between herself and Kira Yukimura and the out-of-control Isaac, Ethan, and Aiden after her crossbow jammed, leading Kira to toss her her own sword to fend off the Werewolves while Kira fixed the crossbow. ("Letharia Vulpina")
  • Tactician: Allison is capable of organizing and executing plans for various missions, both as the Argent matriarch and as a member of McCall Pack, including the invasion of the Sheriff's department after Matt had held several people hostage, ("Fury"), the trap set for Cora and Boyd during the full moon ("Fireflies"), [the plot to steal the Shugendo Scroll from an armored FBI vehicle ("Echo House"), and the search party for Stiles/the Nogitsune after they escaped from Eichen House ("The Fox and the Wolf"). Even after being dead for fifteen years and dealing with memory loss after her resurrection, she was able to accurately predict Eli Hale's next move after he got away from her during her fight with his father Derek at the high School and tracked him down to Hale Auto. ("Teen Wolf: The Movie (2022)")
  • Expert Manipulator: In desperate situations, Allison has shown to be quite good at manipulating others to give her the information she wanted. This was demonstrated when she and Scott were talking to Gerard about the Alpha Pack, when she purposely made him feel useless so that he would give them the information about Deucalion ("Visionary"). She also used this when she and Lydia went to Derek's loft, when she purposely played "hard to get" to convince Peter Hale to teach Lydia how to control her Banshee powers. ("Letharia Vulpina")
  • Expert Hunter: As a Hunter, Allison is knowledgeable in the migration patterns and habits of animals, particularly wolves, coyotes, and foxes, along with their corresponding supernatural creatures. She was able to use knowledge of how animals track their prey using scent by leaving a trail of blood to lure Werewolves into a trap ("Fireflies"), and was able to help narrow the location of Malia Tate while she was in coyote form using the knowledge she had gained that coyotes travel on fixed trails and often tip-toe to avoid being tracked. ("More Bad Than Good")
  • First Aid Knowledge: When Scott was badly injured by Ennis and too overwhelmed with guilt to allow himself to heal, Allison used a sanitized needle and thread to sew up Scott's wounds, which allowed him to finally recover. ("Frayed") She also bandaged her father up with tape sutures and other bandages after he was attacked while trying to track down Katashi. ("Silverfinger")
  • Basic Mechanical Knowledge: Allison demonstrated an understanding of how motor vehicles work, as she was able to hot-wire Aiden's motorcycle so that Isaac could steal it and ride it through the hallways of the high school.
  • Expert Gymnast/Free Runner: According to Allison, she was a gymnast for eight years, and she demonstrated her acrobatic feats by doing a flip off of her roof and landing lightly on her feet on the ground. ("Pack Mentality") Though she did not use these gymnastic skills often, they likely came in handy during her hunter training. Upon her resurrection, she was able to evade blows from Sheriff's deputies at the hospital by running up the wall to build up momentum so she could dodge and kick her opponent. ("Teen Wolf: The Movie (2022)")


  • Mortality: As a human, Allison was prone to the same vulnerabilities as any other mundane person had, such as terminal illness, snapped necks, fatal stab wounds, and gunshots, etc. In fact, this was ultimately how Allison met her end, because she was stabbed in the chest by an Oni's sword and was unable to get medical attention in time to be saved. ("Insatiable")
  • Side Effects of Resurrection: Because Allison, like Scott and Stiles, performed the surrogate sacrifice ritual to save their parents by drowning themselves to find the location of the Nemeton before being resurrected, she developed a darkness around her heart that lingered for the rest of her life. This darkness manifested as insecurity and lack of confidence, causing Allison to hallucinate about her presumed-dead aunt, Kate, and develop hand tremors that interfered with her ability to aim a gun or an arrow at a target.
  • Kanima Venom: As a human, Allison was vulnerable to the effects of Kanima venom when it came into contact with her skin. On at least one occasion, Allison was scratched by Jackson Whittemore while he was the Kanima, which caused her to be completely paralyzed for several hours before it worked itself out of her system.


  • Allison and Eli (guardian/ward, packmates, former enemies)
  • Allison and Boyd (former enemies, allies)
  • Allison and Erica (enemies/rivals)
  • Allison and Matt (former friends, enemies, unrequited crush)
  • Allison and Cora (allies)
  • Allison, Scott and Stiles (good friends, former packmates)
  • Allison, Chris and Victoria (Argent family trio)
  • Allison and Kira (friends, allies, former packmates)
  • Allison, Chris and Isaac (trio friendship, familial relationship)
  • Allison, Isaac and Scott (good friends, former packmates, former love triangle)


  • Recurve Bow
  • Chinese Ring Daggers
  • Crossbow
  • Mini-Crossbow
  • Longbow
  • Quiver of military-grade, armor-piercing titanium arrowheads
  • Silver arrowheads with Argent fleur-de-lis seal.
  • Mazda 3 (1st car), Toyota Camry (2nd car)


  • Allison: Allison is a variant of the feminine English and French name Alison. The origin of this name is from the Norman French diminutive Aalis (Alice), which came from the Germanic name Adalheidis; this name was composed of the elements adal, meaning "noble," and heid, meaning "kind," a fitting name for Allison Argent, who was a kind and compassionate woman who was also a legacy of a noble French family. The name Allison was common in England and France in the Middle Ages and was later revived in popularity in the 20th century.
    • Variants of the name in other languages include: Kalisha, Talisha (African American English); Adalheidis, Adelais, Adela (Ancient Germanic); Alícia (Catalan); Adelheid (Dutch, German); Aliisa, Alisa, Alli (Finnish); Adélaide, Alice, Alison, Alix (French); Adelaida, Alíz (Hungarian); Ailís (Irish); Alise (Latvian); Aalis (Medieval French); Adelajda, Alicja (Polish); Alisa (Russian); Aileas (Scottish).
  • Argent: Argent is a surname with two known origins. The first is from the Old French argent, meaning "silver," usually used as a nickname for someone with silvery hair, as an occupational name for someone who was a silversmith, or a topographical name for someone who lived near a silver mine; in the case of Allison Argent and her family, it is likely related to the occupational name due to the use of silver in weapons centuries ago. The second origin is from the several French towns and villages called Argen or Argent, particularly in Aude and Bassey-Alpes where silver is mined, indicating that Argent could also be a locational surname. The town names are derived from the Late Latin personal name Argenteus or Argentius, meaning "silvery." The name Argent as a surname dates back to the 12th century, and variations of the name include Argente, Arghent, Argentt, Argont, and Argontt.


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  • She lived in Beacon Hills for the longest time of any of the other places her family had moved throughout her life. Before that, the longest she ever lived in one place was her time in San Francisco, right before she came to Beacon Hills.
  • There is speculation that Allison may have had some sort of psychic ability before her death because she had several hallucinations or dreams that involved her aunt Kate being alive and having large, sharp fangs. Then, in the episode after Allison died, it was revealed that Kate really was still alive, and that having her throat ripped out by Peter while he was still an Alpha caused her to turn into a Werejaguar. However, this has never been proven in canon, and with Allison having been killed off, there will never be answers to this mystery.
  • Though Allison has only had romantic relationships with two male characters (Scott and Isaac), it was also implied that there were also romantic feelings on both sides between Allison and Jackson as well, not to mention Matt Daehler's one-sided and stalker-y crush on her in Season 2.
  • Because the Argent Family has a matriarchal hierarchy in which the women are raised to be leaders and the men are raised to be soldiers, Allison took over the role of matriarch of the Argent Hunters after the death of her mother Victoria.
  • Allison was Scott's first love and also his first anchor after he turned into a Werewolf.
  • Despite Allison's death, her presence continues to linger on the show. For example, her name was the keyword to decode the first third of the Deadpool hit-list ("The Benefactor"), and during the Senior Scribe event at the high school, Scott wrote her initials, "A.A.", next to his own so that she would still be remembered, as he and the others in the pack knew that she would have been there with them had she still been alive ("Creatures of the Night"). Scott's memories of Allison even saved his life in Apotheosis when Sebastien Valet inadvertently pierced his claws in the back of Scott's neck, causing him to see a rush of memories of Allison that confused him so much (because Allison looked exactly like his sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet) that he let go of Scott, allowing him to get the upper hand and eventually kill the Beast once and for all. ("Apotheosis")


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