Angela L. Harvey is a writer, producer, and director whose most notable work is in the Teen Wolf television series.

Teen Wolf Episodes Edit

Staff Writer Edit

Primary Writer Edit

Story Editor Edit

Filmography Edit

Year Title Crew Role
2007 Sleep Keep Wake Take Director, Producer
2008 Hush Art Director
2009 Unrequited Director
2011-2017 Teen Wolf Assistant to Producer (2011, 12 episodes)
Writer's Assistant (2012, 12 episodes)
Staff Writer (2013-2014, 32 episodes)
Story Editor (2015, 10 episodes)
Writer (2013-2017, 7 episodes)
Executive Story Editor (2016-2017, 5 episodes)
2011 Quarterlife Ben Co-Producer
2014 A Free Bird Associate Producer
2017 Salvation Producer (13 episodes), Writer (2 episodes)
2018 Jinn Executive Producer

Trivia Edit

  • Angela has had six different roles on the crew of Teen Wolf ranging from Assistant to the Producer to Executive Story Editor.
  • Angela has stated on several occasions that her favorite relationship on the series is between Stiles and Lydia.
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