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Our family has a surprisingly progressive tradition. Knowing war and violence are typically started by men, we place the final decisions, the hard ones, with the women. Our sons are trained to be soldiers, our daughters... to be leaders
Chris to Allison about their family in Ice Pick

The Argent Family is one of the main families in the Teen Wolf series. They are a well-known, respected, and very wealthy bloodline of Werewolf Hunters, and, as far as it is known, all the Argents are immersed in this lifestyle; there has yet to be a member of the Argent family introduced who was not a Hunter, or at the very least in the business of protecting innocents and killing monsters. The family is literally legendary in the supernatural world—because Argent is French for "silver," the myth has always been that silver kills Werewolves, but in reality, it's the Argent family who does that due to their legacy as Hunters.


Their family name goes as far back as the late 1700s; in fact, the first ever true Argent Hunter was a young woman by the name Marie-Jeanne Valet. Their history began with Henri Argent, who had collected the materials and skills to protect himself against Werewolves (such as mistletoe and mountain ash, suggesting he may have been a Druid) but was not actually a Hunter. However, he did teach Marie-Jeanne what he knew about these materials and skills, which, when combined with Marie-Jeanne's expert hunting abilities, allowed her to slay the famous Beast of Gévaudan.

As the years went by, the Argent bloodline continued to grow, raised with the hunting skills of Marie-Jeanne and the herbal skills of Henri. In the late 20th century, the brothers Alexander Argent and Gerard Argent were born, the latter of whom later married and had two children, Chris Argent and Kate Argent. Though the Argent family is proud to have matriarchal leadership, it was Gerard who acted as the patriarch as he raised his son and daughter in the Argent Hunter tradition. His family also trained the children to work in their family business—a security consulting firm and a federally-licensed firearms dealership known as Argent Arms International—which acted as a front or cover for their hunting activities. Kate would eventually become more of a rogue Hunter who followed her own rules, similar to her father, who often eschewed the Hunter Code; conversely, Chris would grow up to be a Hunter that followed the rules and was strictly by the book, following the Code to the letter and believing in its principles wholeheartedly.

Chris later married Victoria Argent and they had a daughter, Allison; however, unlike the children in earlier generations, who were taught to hunt at a young age, Chris and Victoria waited until their daughter was seventeen years old before they introduced her to the supernatural world.

The Argents are known for their often brutal training sessions; the first lesson a Hunter ever has involves being captured and brought to a secluded location, where they are tied to a chair. In the background, a recording plays, "Ever wonder what happens if a Hunter gets bitten? Ever wonder what happens if you get bitten? What do you think your father would do? What do you think he’d have to do? When all it would take to change everything is one bite." The neophyte Hunter is then given an implement of some kind (in Allison's case, this was a broken arrow with a steel arrowhead) and are left to free themselves from their restraints. They are then timed to see how long it takes them to break free; Allison took two and a half hours, Argent's Hunter cohort Bennett took three hours, and Chris allegedly was able to break free in seconds by thrusting himself backward with such force that he smashed the chair under him.

The Argents, along with others Hunter clans such as the Calavera Family, are said to follow a code of honor known as the "Hunter's Code." Since the Argents are a French family, the translation of the Code, "We hunt those who hunt us," into their mother tongue is "Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent." However, in early fall of 2011, Allison, the newly ascended matriarch to the Argent Hunter family, changed their Code to reflect the alliance that she and Chris had made with the McCall Pack-- "Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes," or "We protect those who cannot protect themselves." This new Code meant that Allison and Chris would be protecting innocent supernatural creatures as well as innocent humans against supernatural threats.

Also, like other Hunter families, the Argents, for the most part, follow the section of the Code that states that any Hunter who is bitten and turned by an Alpha Werewolf must take their own life before the next full moon to ensure that they do not transform. While most members, such as Victoria and Alexander, did successfully kill themselves on the night of their first full moon as intended, two other members, Gerard and Kate, did not follow this rule; in Gerard's case, he purposely sought out the bite to cure his cancer, whereas Kate was unintentionally transformed into a Werejaguar after Peter Hale tried to kill her by clawing her throat out, and decided that she would prefer to live as a supernatural rather than kill herself as the Code and its enforcers, the Calavera Family, demanded.

Known Members

Gerard Argent

Human; Hunter (Deceased)

5x20 Gerard Argent.png

Gerard is the oldest known living Argent, who, for some time, acted as the family's patriarch and led them in their pursuit of werewolves to kill. His preferred method of dealing with werewolves is to cut them in half with his broadsword, a quirk of his that has led to him being referred to as a "psychopath" by both humans and supernatural creatures alike. Outside of hunting, Gerard is a fan of cooking, particularly when it comes to deserts and pastries, and has a leather-bound recipe book that is very dear to his heart.

He raised Chris and Kate as hunters as the generations before them did, but after Kate's death, he returned to Beacon Hills for her funeral and revealed his intention to avenge her death by killing any werewolf they came across, regardless of whether or not they had taken innocent life as the Code dictated. While in Beacon Hills, Gerard became intrigued by the appearance of a Kanima, a reptilian shapeshifter that Jackson Whittemore had become after being bitten by Derek Hale, and secretly sought out its master. Upon learning the Kanima's master was Matt Daehler, who had used his control over the Kanima to kill at least a dozen people, Gerard killed him and took control of Jackson for his own ends.

He went on to terrorize Derek, the Hale Pack, Scott McCall, and the people Scott cared about, until he finally revealed that he was dying of cancer and wanted the bite to cure it. He then blackmailed Scott into forcing Derek to give him the bite by threatening the lives of his own granddaughter, Allison, as well as Scott's other loved ones, with his ultimate plan being to kill Derek and become an Alpha himself. However, he did not know that Scott had long ago figured out this plan and had laced his cancer medication with mountain ash, which caused him to reject the bite and begin to bleed black blood from his nose, mouth, and ears.

Though the bite still managed to cure his cancer, the black blood continued to pour from his various facial orifices, forcing him to be checked into a nursing home for months until his son Chris brought him a yellow wolfsbane plant in order to convince Gerard to rejoin the fray and help him and Scott defeat the Beast of Gevaudan, who had been resurrected by the Dread Doctors. Gerard ate the plant and was seemingly returned to his normal human state, but, knowing his father would only seek to immortalize the Argent name (and specifically his own name) by killing the Beast, Chris made a plan behind his back with Scott to ensure he wouldn't interfere with saving the Beast's host, Mason Hewitt. Gerard was last seen bandaging up his arm after Chris shot him to prevent him from shooting Scott.

Chris Argent

Human; Hunter

5x19 Chris Argent.png

Chris was the son of Gerard Argent, the older brother of Kate Argent, and later married a fellow hunter, Victoria Argent, with whom he had a daughter, Allison. Chris was raised into into this life, and has said many times that he was taught the ways of the hunter by his father Gerard at a young age.

He is known as a veteran werewolf hunter who has hunted numerous supernatural creatures for years, and, despite his mistakes and faults, has always been known best for being a stickler for the rules who followed the Hunter's Code to the letter. He was first introduced as an antagonist when he hunted Derek Hale, and, later, Scott McCall upon learning he was a werewolf. However, it became clear that he had inherited his ignorance regarding supernatural creatures from his father and sister, and soon began to realize that there were werewolves and other creatures in the world who wanted to use their powers for good to protect the innocent rather than by hunting and killing humans indiscriminately.

As a result of this revelation, which mostly came from his experience working with his daughter's boyfriend Scott McCall and their friends, and even began helping them after the death of his wife Victoria. Though he and Allison "retired" shortly afterward, the arrival of the Alpha Pack and a Darach named Jennifer Blake to Beacon Hills resulted in numerous deaths, leading them both to rejoin the fight, aiding both the Hale Pack and the fledgling McCall Pack (of which Allison was a member) in fighting against them. Once they were defeated, Chris was incredibly proud of his daughter Allison for changing his point of view toward supernatural creatures, and became even more so after she changed their Code to "We protect those who cannot protect themselves," cementing Chris' role as ally to the McCall Pack.

Chris continued to help the Beacon Hills supernatural community through the return of the Nogitsune and the Oni who had been summoned to find and defeat him, but after Allison was tragically killed by an Oni while she was protecting her pack, Chris and Allison's boyfriend Isaac Lahey left Beacon Hills in favor of staying with Chris' family in France. However, once it was revealed that his sister Kate, who was presumed dead after having her throat ripped out by then-Alpha Peter Hale, was actually alive and had been transformed into a werejaguar, Chris left Isaac with his family and returned to his hometown once again in order to help the McCall Pack fight against her and to protect the supernaturals on the Deadpool hit-list that was circulating the town.

After Kate's escape from La Iglesia, Chris temporarily left Beacon Hills once again to help Araya and Severo Calavera hunt her down as part of a deal he made with them; in return for his help hunting Kate, the Calaveras would not hunt or kill the members of the McCall Pack, nor would they punish Scott for accidentally turning Liam Dunbar into a werewolf against their orders. As usual, Chris' absence was short-lived, and he returned over six months later in order to help the pack fight the Dread Doctors, the Chimeras they created, and the Beast of Gevaudan that they resurrected.

Kate Argent

Hunter; Werejaguar

4x06 Kate Argent.png

Kate is the daughter of Gerard Argent, younger sister of Chris, sister-in-law to Victoria, and the aunt of Allison Argent. Kate was brought up in the "family business" just as her brother, but while Chris has always chosen to obey the Code, Kate elected to follow in her fathers footsteps and completely ignore it. She has demonstrated on numerous occasions that she has no respect for the Code that the entire hunter community has agreed upon, and had no issue with attempting to kill werewolves who had not been proven to have killed an innocent, such as the teenager Scott McCall.

One of Kate's worst crimes was being the mastermind behind the Hale House Fire, which killed Talia Hale and the majority of the Hale Family, including innocent humans and werewolves alike, leaving only Derek, Laura, Cora, and Peter Hale as survivors, the latter of whom was in a coma for six years while he recovered from 3rd degree burns over the majority of his body. When Peter recovered enough to kill his niece Laura and steal her Alpha powers, he began killing everyone involved in the fire, leading Kate to return to Beacon Hills under the guise of wanting to help catch and kill the Alpha; however, in reality, she knew that the Alpha would be coming after her, and wanted to kill him before it was revealed to the rest of her family that she started the fire.

Unfortunately for Kate, Peter eventually caught up with her and viciously ripped her throat out with his claws, seemingly killing her while her niece Allison watched in horror. However, unbeknownst to most, Peter's claws went so deep that it actually began to turn her into a shapeshifter. The Calavera family was suspicious of the manner of her death, and upon seeing that she was slowly healing from her wounds and growing claws as the next full moon approached, they brought her to their compound in Mexico and gave her a switchblade to kill herself the night of the full moon. Instead of killing herself, Kate allowed herself to transform into the werejaguar she had become and used her new-found powers to fight her way out of the house, where she was then drawn to the Temple of Tezcatlipoca and found two Berserkers waiting for her that she was able to control with her new powers.

Now known as La Loba, or the She-wolf, due to her ability to both control and create Berserkers, Kate balanced her time between eluding the Calaveras and their allies who were hunting her, seeking out the so-called Benefactor who was financing the Deadpool hit-list (the list on which she had a bounty of $12 million), and plotting her revenge on Scott McCall, whom she believed was responsible for decimating the Argent family. To do this, she ended up going so far as allying herself with Peter Hale, the man who killed her, who then taught her to control her transformations and learn how to create Berserkers, ultimately turning Scott into one with the hope that she could trick the rest of the McCall Pack to kill him. However, Scott's first and only true Beta, Liam Dunbar, was able to help him shift back, allowing him to go after Peter while Chris went after Kate. Kate argued that Scott and his friends killed Allison, but Chris argued that Allison died saving her friends before implying that Kate would never do such a thing and that no one would do it for her, either. Kate then went back on the run, and has been pursued by the Calaveras and Chris ever since.

Kate's reckless actions and irresponsibility as a hunter proved to be her undoing and her crimes had a ripple effect on other people. The Hale House Fire being the perfect example, as Kate's lack of regard for the code and arrogance resulted in the deaths of several innocent people - the Hales who were killed in the arson she planned and the two innocent people (who were at the wrong place at time) killed by Peter during his revenge-driven killing spree. Chris, finally realizing where he went wrong, also realized that Kate was just indiscriminate murderer with absolutely no sense of honor. Kate not only lost her humanity, but she also lost the respect of her only brother.

Victoria Argent

Human in transition to a Werewolf; Hunter (deceased)

Victoria sharpening pencil.png

Victoria is the late wife of Chris Argent and the mother of Allison Argent. Though she was not an Argent by blood, she was still one of the most faithful of their hunters who was dedicated to their mission of hunting werewolves and other supernatural creatures; however, it is unknown if she belonged to another hunter family prior to marrying Chris, or if she only became a hunter after she became an Argent.

Though Victoria initially appeared to be just as loyal to the Hunter Code as her husband, she later became more extreme about werewolves, particularly Scott McCall, whose relationship with her daughter Allison bothered her so much that she ultimately plotted to kill him despite the fact that the Code states that they do not kill teenage werewolves, especially if they have never killed before. She purposely sliced her own arm with a knife to have an excuse to talk to Scott's mother, Melissa McCall, who worked at the hospital's emergency room, in order to get information about Scott and Allison's relationship.

After she learned that Scott and Allison were still together and being sexually active despite her and Chris' order that they break up for good, Victoria finally decided to kill Scott. She attempted this feat by running him over with her car and locking him in a warehouse with a vaporizer full of wolfsbane, which would make it look like Scott, who had severe asthma prior to being turned, had simply died from an asthma attack. Unfortunately for her, Derek Hale heard Scott's howl for help and came to rescue him, leading Derek and Victoria to get into a physical altercation where Derek accidentally bit Victoria in order to incapacitate her long enough to get Scott out of the warehouse. Being a hunter who had dedicated her life to the Code, Victoria willingly killed herself the night of her first full moon when Chris helped her plunge a knife into her heart just when her eyes glowed gold under the moonlight. Scott deliberately avoided telling Allison about her mother trying to murder him and make it look like an accident (which is why Derek bit her), as he didn't want her murderous actions to be the last memory she had of her. Allison, however, acknowledged this, and this revelation did not cause any further problems in her friendship with Scott.

Allison Argent

Human; Hunter (deceased)

3S Allison at school.png

Allison was the granddaughter of Gerard Argent, the daughter of Chris and Victoria Argent, and the niece of Kate Argent. After moving to Beacon Hills in January 2011, she quickly fell in love with a young classmate named Scott McCall, who, unbeknownst to her, had been turned into a werewolf the day before they first met. Though members of the Argent family are usually trained in the hunting lifestyle from birth, Chris and Victoria elected to wait until Allison was seventeen years old before finally informing her of their family legacy, though they only did so because Kate had revealed the secret before they were ready by taking her to the storm cellar where she was holding Derek Hale captive.

After learning about her family's secret, she dedicated herself to her hunter training (though she continued to engage in a romantic and sexual relationship with Scott despite her parents forbidding her to do so) because she hated feeling weak and powerless and didn't want to have to rely on anyone to protect her. However, after her mother Victoria killed herself following her werewolf bite, Allison became so devastated that she was easily emotionally manipulated by her grandfather Gerard, who convinced her to go after Derek Hale and his pack in retribution. This sent Allison into a dark period where she actively injured and almost killed Vernon Boyd and Erica Reyes when they were trying to run away from Beacon Hills, and ultimately aided Gerard in luring Derek to a warehouse to be ambushed.

Fortunately, she saw the error of her ways when it was revealed that Gerard intended to get the bite from Derek to cure his cancer and then kill him to become the Alpha, especially when Gerard made it clear that he was willing to kill Allison and Chris to achieve his goals. Afterward, Allison apologized to Scott for her behavior and admitted to making many mistakes before breaking up with Scott. She and her father then "retired" from hunting thereafter, until the arrival of the Alpha Pack and the Darach to Beacon Hills brought them back into the fold, with Allison becoming a valued member of the McCall Pack and Chris becoming a much-appreciated ally. The effectiveness of this team-up then inspired Allison to change the Argent Code from "We hunt those who hunt us" to "We protect those who cannot protect themselves" in order to reflect their new philosophy of working with benevolent supernatural creatures to protect innocents regardless of species.

Allison quickly became known as being the "muscle" of the pack, along with Scott and Isaac Lahey, with whom she began a romantic relationship, even despite only being human. She also dedicated herself to protecting her good friend Stiles Stilinski after he was possessed by the Nogitsune, refusing to even consider the possibility that they may have to kill him to defeat the Dark Kitsune within him. It was in this battle to protect Stiles and her best friend Lydia Martin from the Nogitsune and the Oni he had begun to control that Allison tragically lost her life after one of the Oni impaled her through the chest with its sword.

However, even after her death, Allison continued to help protect the pack. This was first proven by the revelation that the silver arrowheads she made prior to her death could be used to kill the Oni. She then saved Scott in his battle against the resurrected Beast of Gévaudan, Sebastien Valet, whose sister Marie-Jeanne was an ancestor of the Argent family and looked exactly like Allison. When Sebastien accidentally jammed his claws into the back of Scott's neck, he accessed a rush of memories that Scott experienced at the thought of his imminent death; Sebastien saw Allison, and, believing that she was Marie-Jeanne, was distracted enough to allow Scott to get free and ultimately allowing them the opportunity to kill the Beast.

Alexander Argent

Human in transition to become a Werewolf; Hunter (deceased)

3x06 Alexander Argent Suicide.png

Alexander was the younger brother of Gerard Argent and the uncle of Chris and Kate Argent. Like most members of the Argent family, he was a werewolf hunter. According to Gerard, Alexander was supposedly bitten by Deucalion, who later became known as the Demon Wolf, in 1977. As a hunter dedicated to the Hunter Code, Alexander went to the infamous Glen Capri Motel, known for having the most suicides by their patrons, paid for a room, and used his shotgun to kill himself just as his eyes had begun to glow gold under the light of the full moon while he recited the Argent's Code at that time-- "Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent," or "We hunt those who hunt us," suggesting that he saw himself as hunting himself before he could hunt his family and other innocent humans as a werewolf.

Marie-Jeanne Valet

Human; Hunter (deceased)


Marie-Jeanne, who married Henri Argent and later became known as Marie-Jeanne Argent, was the progenitor of the Argent family of werewolf hunters, mixing her own prodigious hunting skills with her husband's knowledge of protections against werewolves, such as mistletoe, mountain ash, and wolfsbane. She is a direct ancestor of Gerard, Alexander, Chris, Kate, and Allison Argent, the latter of whom looked exactly like her. To most she was known as "The Maid of Gévaudan," the woman who slayed the famous and feared Beast of Gévaudan even after learning it was her brother, Sebastien Valet. She forged a steel pike whose metal was mixed with wolfsbane and mountain ash and was subsequently forged with her blood (and, by extension, Sebastien's blood) under the night of a full moon. She then used the pike in her final battle against her brother, where she stabbed the Beast through the chest and killed him. Afterward, she punished her brother further with damnatio memoriae, or condemnation of memory, erasing every trace of his existence from recorded history to ensure that he would not have the feared reputation he desired, which included burning everything he signed and repossessing everything he owned. It was also this punishment that led Marie-Jeanne to take her husband Henri's last name of Argent.

Henri Argent

Human; Presumed Druid (deceased)

Henri and marie-jeanne 10.jpg

Henri Argent is the oldest known member of the Argent family, and a direct ancestor of Gerard, Alexander, Chris, Kate, and Allison Argent. One night in the woods in 1764, Henri saved Marie-Jeanne Valet from being killed by the Beast of Gevaudan like the rest of the hunting party she was leading. Marie-Jeanne, who before then was a skeptic regarding the supernatural, realized that the Beast was not a wolf, and Henri called her a fool before informing her that it was a werewolf.

Since she was injured, Henri took Marie-Jeanne back to his cabin, which was surrounded by rowan trees, whose wood and the ash made from it can be used as a barrier against the supernatural. When Marie-Jeanne saw various herbs and plants laying on his table, he admitted that he had spent most of his life collecting materials and knowledge to protect himself from werewolves, though he was not actively hunting them. As a result, it was Marie-Jeanne who told Henri that she was more interested in killing the Beast than protecting herself against it. They then became partners, with Marie-Jeanne sharing her hunting skills and knowledge and Henri sharing his herbal and protective knowledge, ultimately creating a pike whose steel was mixed with wolfsbane and mountain ash before it was forged with Marie-Jeanne's blood under the light of the full moon. After Marie-Jeanne used the pike to slay the Beast, Marie-Jeanne and Henri's relationship developed from a partnership to a romance, with the two eventually marrying. Marie-Jeanne then took Henri's name, and their children became the firstborn generation of Argent hunters, trained in the skills and knowledge their parents had shared to defeat the Beast.

Unnamed Relatives

There is a collection of unidentified relatives Chris and Allison stayed with in the span of time between Season 2 and 3. They were mentioned in Season 3.


  • The Argents are a well-known name within the hunting community, even despite the family only having two known living members (one of which is no longer even completely human). As a result, most supernatural creatures know their name and their Code.
    • The family lost most of their power in the supernatural world after the deaths of Victoria Argent and the believed death of Kate Argent, though the latter was intent to return the family to their former glory even despite the fact that she broke the Code by not killing herself after being transformed into a werejaguar.
  • Chris, Allison, and Alexander are the only Argents known to have not broken the Code, though Allison, during her dark phase, did bend the rules slightly.
  • Argent is the French word for "silver," and it is the fact that they have hunted werewolves for centuries that started the myth that werewolves are vulnerable to silver. As Jennifer Blake said, "Interesting how truth becomes altered by legend... when it's not actually the metal silver that kills werewolves, but the family."
  • The Argents are notable for having an antique family pendant, which is a silver wolf applique on top of a flat, rough circle on a silver chain. which has been passed down through the family for centuries. Known owners of the pendant are Alexander, Kate, and Allison Argent. However, the whereabouts of this pendant is unknown, as it was last left on Kate's body in order to allow the Beacon County Sheriff's Station to finally close the case on the Hale House Fire that Kate caused six years earlier.