Allison: "If you don't trust me enough to let me have a lock on my door, the least you can do is knock."
Victoria: "Did I interrupt something?"
Allison: "Just my studying, my life, my happiness, will to live..."

The Argent House is a family home located in the suburbs of Beacon Hills that was the former residence of Chris Argent, Victoria Argent, and Allison Argent, an ancient family of Werewolf Hunters.

The Argents lived in this home for Season 1 and Season 2 of MTV's Teen Wolf. During those seasons, they had family members stay with them, such as Kate Argent, who came to town to help stop the Alpha, who had been killing people in town, and Gerard Argent, who was there for the funeral of Kate and to seek revenge for her death.

The home is a stately brick house in the suburbs that has at least three bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, an office, an armory, and an attached garage that has been modified to double as a storage space for the family's large cache of firearms and other weaponry.

Notable Events Edit

  • Scott breaks into Allison's room to steal the pendent that was given to her by Kate. After finding it, he was nearly caught by Chris, who only wanted to have a brief discussion with Scott. ("Wolf's Bane")
  • Allison and her boyfriend, Scott McCall are caught making out in the garage by Chris and Kate. He is later invited to dinner at their home. Kate accuses Scott of going through her belongings. ("Magic Bullet")
  • Kate apologizes to Allison for accusing Scott of stealing from her. She then gives Allison a early birthday present, a steel pendent with a wolf on it, explaining to Allison that she could learn about her family's history by researching the pendent. ("The Tell")
  • Chris and Victoria read a newspaper, blaming Kate as the culprit in the Hale House Fire. ("Code Breaker")
  • Chris, Gerard and the other hunter comes up with a plan to kill Isaac Lahey. Allison watches as a guy in a sheriff's uniform leaves her house with a box, she learns from Stiles that it's Wolfsbane. ("Omega")
  • Gerard invites Scott over for dinner, which result in awkward small talk. Allison and Scott then excuse themselves, so they can snoop through Gerard'd items in search for the Bestiary. ("Abomination")
  • After getting bitten by Derek Hale, with the help of Chris, Victoria commits suicide by driving a knife through her heart in order to prevent herself from becoming a werewolf. ("Party Guessed")
  • Gerard and Allison capture Boyd and Erica. They are tied to the ceiling with electrified cords and tortured. Stiles is soon thrown in their with them and attacked by Gerard.("Master Plan")

Trivia Edit

  • Victoria wanted to die in Allison's room so that she could feel closer to her due to the fact that she didn't have the chance to say a proper goodbye.
  • An explanation was never given as to why Argent and Allison moved from this home, but it can be assumed that it was because it was too hard to live there after Victoria's death in the house.

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