Astral Projection is a psychic-based supernatural ability to have an out-of-body experience, effectively removing one's own spirit to travel elsewhere. The Darach, Jennifer Blake, used this power to oversee events at the Glen Capri Motel after she used wolfsbane to manipulate the Werewolves into killing themselves during a school trip to a cross-country meet. ("Motel California") Common beliefs and depictions of Astral Projection involve the user's spirit being invisible, making them akin to a ghost. However, the Darach, while in astral form, was seen by Lydia Martin, who, as a Banshee with psychic-based powers of her own, may possess the ability to see these spirits while others cannot.

It has been hinted that Noshiko Yukimura, an ancient Celestial Kitsune possesses this ability as well. When her daughter, the Thunder Kitsune Kira Yukimura, was dying in the obsidian room of La Iglesia, Noshiko appeared to her and coached her by remarking on the similarities between Kitsune and Werewolves and encouraging her to trigger her accelerated healing ability through pain. Though it was initially believed that Kira simply hallucinated Noshiko's presence in response to stress and fear, the comments Noshiko made while talking to Kira after she returned from Mexico seemed to imply that she was indeed present, as she appeared to have first-hand knowledge about the events that caused her to use a shard of obsidian to save her life, which caused it to become Kira's first Kitsune tail. ("Smoke and Mirrors")

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