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"An animal clinic?"
"Its not as ordinary as it looks. The building is half made out of mountain ash. I'm not actually sure how to get in..."

Beacon Hills Animal Clinic is a veterinary office building that is located in Beacon Hills, California and is run by Dr. Alan Deaton and his young veterinary assistant, Scott McCall. At first glance, the clinic appears to be an ordinary veterinary office where the town's citizens can bring their pets for medical treatment. However, in truth, Deaton also secretly uses his clinic as a refuge and meeting place for the benevolent members of the town's supernatural community, as the building's mountain ash foundation prevents any supernaturals with malicious intentions from entering without permission.

Because Deaton is a Druid and an Emissary (first to the Hale Pack and now to the McCall Pack), the animal clinic has become a place where the aforementioned supernaturals and their allies can meet to discuss strategy, to ask Deaton for advice regarding both human and supernatural threats, and to have their injuries and illnesses treated by the doctor when their supernatural healing abilities are not enough to take care of it on its own. As a result of this secret side to the clinic, it has been the site of numerous supernatural events and battles.

The clinic seems to be comprised of several rooms, including a reception area, an exam room, and at least two different boarding areas, one for cats and one for dogs, where animal patients are placed in cages to stay the night when they need surgical procedures or longer-term treatments. There is a sliding garage door in the back of the exam room which makes it easily accessed by Deaton and his allies from the parking lot.

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