I saw it, I saw the name. It's uh... Beacons Hills First National Bank. It's uh.. it's a abandoned bank and they're keeping them locked inside, inside the vault.

Beacon Hills First National Bank was an abandoned bank that was robbed several years prior to its introduction. It made its first appearance during Season 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf. It was later chosen as the location for The Alpha Pack to hold Derek's betas hostage, the reason for this was because the bank's main vault was made out of a material known as Hecatolite, with properties that dispersed moonlight. The purpose of this material is to prevent werewolves from feeling the effects of the full moon and making them less tolerant to it the moonlight next time they are exposed, becoming for more feral and aggressive than normal. After learning that Erica was likely dead, they began to speculate that the alpha pack was pitting werewolves against each other during the full moons. This left them with an urgent feeling to save Boyd as quickly as possible, they forged a plan that would lead them into the vault to save Boyd.

Notable Events


  • Sheriff Stilinski was one of the arresting officers during the initial robbery of the bank.
  • The bank closed three months after opening.