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I saw it, I saw the name. It's uh... Beacon Hills First National Bank. It's uh.. it's a abandoned bank and they're keeping them locked inside, inside the vault.

Beacon Hills First National Bank was an abandoned bank that was robbed several years prior to its introduction. It made its first appearance during Season 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf. It was chosen by Deucalion and hisAlpha Pack as the location to hold Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd, Derek Hale's Betas, as well as his younger sister Cora Hale, who was presumed dead, hostage in order to convince Derek to join their pack. The trio was held in the vault of this bank for nearly four months, during which time Erica grew tired of being a prisoner and tried to escape by killing Kali but her efforts were in vain and this conflict ultimately led to the death of Erica, whose body was right after placed inside a supply closet.

The main reason for the Alphas choosing this bank was because the main vault's walls were built out of a mineral called Hecatolite, also known as moonstone, which kept Werewolves from feeling or shifting during full moons, diminishing their tolerance to its influence and turning them more aggressive and bloodthirsty than they typically would be. Isaac Lahey discovered the bank and realized it was there where his packmates were being held captive but he was busted by the Alphas before having his memories of the bank stolen to prevent him from warning his Alpha Derek and his other friends and keep him from foiling their plans for Derek and the potential True Alpha Scott McCall. He was rescued by his friends and got his memories back through an ice bath, allowing him to reveal to the gang that the bank was where their friends and packmates were being held hostage and recalled finding Erica's dead body inside a supply closet.

Stiles Stilinski originally believed that the Alpha Pack was pitting their prisoners against each other during the full moons to see which one survived. Derek and Scott broke into the vault, battled and inadvertently freed Boyd and Cora, who became more feral and bloodthirsty after they spent nearly four months locked in the Hecatolite-lined vault. Derek found Erica's body in the storage closet and took it out of the bank. The bank was later chosen by the Darach Jennifer Blake to sacrifice Alan Deaton as her third healer but he was saved by Scott and Sheriff Stilinski and chosen as the location for Chris Argent to be taken by Jennifer.

Notable Events[]

  • Kali kills Erica Reyes.
  • Cora Hale and Vernon Boyd build a relationship.
  • Isaac Lahey breaks into the bank but is attacked by Kali.
  • Allison Argent breaks into the bank and finds Erica's lifeless body.
  • Derek Hale and Scott McCall bust through the wall of the vault.
  • Cora and Boyd attack Derek and Scott until Allison broke the Mountain Ash barrier and allowed the feral young wolves escape into the woods.
  • Marin Morrell is revealed to be working with the Alpha Pack.
  • A material is introduced that affects moonlight, this material being known by many as Hecatolite or moonstone, whose properties of scattering and absorbing moonlight make Werewolves and other moon-bound shapeshifters less tolerant to the full moon and make them more savage and bloodthirsty until they feel the full moon's effects again.
  • Scott confesses to Allison that her mother Victoria Argent attempted to kill him back in Raving while Derek discovers Erica's body and carries it out of the bank in his arms.
  • Alan Deaton is nearly asphyxiated by the Darach to become her third healer sacrifice but he is saved by Scott and Noah Stilinski, who shot the rope that was suspending his wrists.
  • Isaac, Allison and Chris Argent travel to the bank in an attempt to catch Jennifer Blake, who was revealed to be the Darach, but this turns out to be a plan from Chris, who incapacitates both Isaac and Allison and allows himself be taken by Jennifer to rescue his fellow guardians, Noah Stilinski and Melissa McCall.


  • Sheriff Stilinski was one of the arresting officers during the initial robbery of the bank.
  • The bank closed three months after opening.


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