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Derek: "You know, just because this guy connected to the school's WiFi, doesn't mean he's still here."
Stilinski: "True. But I've seen enough in this school to keep my gun in my hand when walking in after dark."
Derek Hale and Noah Stilinski about Beacon Hills High School in The Benefactor

Beacon Hills High School is one of the main settings in Teen Wolf, and is the school that the majority of the teenage characters attend. The high school is also seated on the second most powerful convergence of telluric currents in Beacon Hills, California, making the space especially powerful for those who know how to manipulate the currents.

Beacon Hills Cyclones[]

The Beacon Hills Cyclones is the official name for all of the athletic teams at Beacon Hills High School, including the lacrosse team, the cross-country team, the basketball team, and the swim team. The lacrosse and cross-country teams are coached by Bobby Finstock, who claims to have never forfeited a game in his coaching career, though he took a long absence from teaching and coaching to attend rehab for alcoholism. Finstock has also previously required that all of the members of his lacrosse team also join the cross-country team to ensure that they don't get out of shape during the off-season, though it is unknown whether or not he has continued to do so.

Beacon Hills Cyclones Roster[]

1x08 Lacrosse team.png

ROTC Program[]

Beacon Hills High School was also known to have a pre-military program known as ROTC, which stands for Reserve Officers Training Corps. Students in this program are trained to meet the academic and physical requirements necessary to enlist in one of the five United States Armed Forces factions after graduation—the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or the Navy. Vernon Boyd and Kyle were both members of the Air Force ROTC, the aerial and space warfare branch of the U.S. military.

Known Courses[]

There are a great deal of classes taught at Beacon Hills High School. The following list is compiled from classes confirmed to exist in the scenes and dialogue throughout the Teen Wolf series. It is likely that these classes are taught in a variety of levels, but since the majority of the characters were in grades ten through twelve, these are the classes that were shown the most.

Notable Students[]

Current Students[]

The following students are currently attending Beacon Hills High School:

The following students are presumed to still be alive and attending Beacon Hills High School but have not made appearances at school and/or the series at large in some time, causing their status as students at the school to remain unknown:

Former Students[]

The following students have either graduated from Beacon Hills High School or were prevented from doing so as a result of moving away or suffering an untimely death prior to graduation:



Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In Wolf Moon, the school was introduced in the series. Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, and Jackson Whittemore, among many others, are shown to be students at the school. Allison Argent, whose family had just moved to Beacon Hills, was shown to start her first day at the school and began her sophomore year with the aforementioned students.

The Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team held their annual try-outs, where Scott, Jackson, and Stiles, among others, made the team, with the former two making first line. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, Scott's newly revealed athletic prowess was due to the fact that he had been bitten and turned into a Werewolf by a mysterious Alpha the night before.

In Second Chance at First Line, the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team prepared for their first scrimmage of the season. During practice, Scott McCall lost control over his Werewolf transformation when he was mocked by Jackson Whittemore, causing him to tackle the team captain with such force that he injured his shoulder. Despite threats of bodily harm from fellow Werewolf Derek Hale, who feared Scott would lose control again and expose their kind to the human population, Scott ultimately played in the game and only began to shift at the very end, allowing him to rush off the field before anyone could notice.

In Pack Mentality, Scott McCall was drawn to the high school by the Alpha's howl, where he arrived to find Peter attacking bus driver Garrison Myers in one of the school buses and intervened to save him from being killed; though he was hurt in the process, his wounds completely healed before he awoke the next morning]]. Scott initially believed that he had dreamed the entire thing, and his subconscious replaced Garrison with Allison Argent, but ultimately realized what had truly happened the next day when Garrison was found mauled by the police.

In The Tell, the high school held its annual parent-teacher conference, with all students with below a C average required to attend with their parents. However, after learning that it was also Allison Argent's seventeenth birthday, Scott and Allison decided to live a little and skip school to celebrate, spending the day hiking around the Beacon Hills Preserve.

That night at the conference, Bobby Finstock, Ms. Ramsey, and Adrian Harris discussed the students' progress with the parents in attendance, with Melissa McCall becoming concerned since her son Scott McCall was supposed to attend with her and had completely forgotten due to his date with Allison.

Mr. Harris spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Whittemore about their son Jackson Whittemore, describing him as a "highly motivated" and even "unusually driven" student. They went on to discuss the fact that Jackson status as an adopted child seemed to be the main reason behind the pressure he placed on himself to be great at everything, as though his overachieving, need to please, and desire to make someone proud was to the biological parents he never met. Mr. Harris went on to admit that something seemed to be especially motivating to Jackson lately, not knowing that it was because of his intent to figure out what was going on with Scott.

Ms. Ramsey met with Natalie Martin and Mr. Martin, who, when the teacher benignly began by saying there was "plenty to say about Lydia," their daughter, both parents immediately assumed that this was a bad thing. Mr. Martin asked if it was her grades, her concentration issues, or erratic behaviors, which Natalie then immediately blamed on him due to his idea to have Lydia choose which parent she wanted to live with after their divorce. Ms. Ramsey, concerned by this behavior, assured them that there was no problem at all—Lydia was in all AP classes with grades so high it pushed her above a 5.0 average, and she had excellent leadership qualities, leading Ms. Ramsey to want to have Lydia's IQ tested due to how talented she was.

Bobby Finstock met with Noah Stilinski to discuss his son Stiles Stilinski. Coach Finstock described Stiles as a "great kid" with "zero ability to focus" and who was "super smart and never takes advantage of his talents." He went on to tell Stilinski an embarrassing story in which Stiles detailed the entire history of male circumcision on the last question on his midterm exam, and when Stilinski asked if it at least had historical significance, Coach replied that he teaches economics, causing Stilinski to groan.

Mr. Harris met with Melissa McCall despite Scott's absence, where he admitted that Scott's mind seemed to be somewhere else in recent days before adding that Scott had been skipping class a lot as well. When he suggested it could have something to do with his "home situation," specifically a lack of an authority figure, Melissa became offended and informed him that the family consisted of just her and Scott. Mr. Harris clarified that he believed Scott needed a male authority figure and implied that he believed Scott's father should be involved, Melissa curtly informed him that both she and Scott were better without Rafael around.

Finally, Ms. Ramsey met with Chris and Victoria Argent about Allison Argent, whom she described as "an incredibly sweet girl" who is "quick to adjust despite all the moving around," causing Argent to awkwardly insist that the constant moving was a "necessary evil" of his profession. Ms. Ramsey then carefully warned them that they should be prepared for some rebellious behavior, given all of the change in Allison's life, to which Victoria insisted that they have a close, open, and honest relationship with her. Ms. Ramsey seemed happy to hear this and added that she hoped Allison was feeling better, revealing to Chris and Victoria that Allison had skipped school that day.

Out in the parking lot, a roaring noise was heard, and Argent, a Hunter of supernatural creatures, immediately assumed it was a Werewolf, only to shoot the animal and find that it was simply a mountain lion.

In Night School, Jackson Whittemore, Allison Argent, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin were lured to the high school by the Alpha, who attempted to trap them inside and force Scott to transform, as he wanted Scott to kill his "pack" before he joined the pack that the Alpha was building. The Alpha killed the janitor, but Allison's role as Scott's anchor prevented him from harming any of his friends, though the lying and secret-keeping his Werewolf status demanded ultimately led Allison to break up with Scott.

In Formality, the Winter Formal dance was held in the high school's gymnasium. During the dance, Lydia went out onto the lacrosse field to look for Jackson and was subsequently attacked by the Alpha, Peter Hale, who knew there was a possibility that he would be killed and wanted to use Lydia, who was immune to the Bite due to her Banshee heritage, as his back-up plan. Meanwhile, Scott and Allison, who had just rekindled their romantic relationship, went to make out in the bus bay, where Scott was attacked by Argent Hunters, including Chris Argent, forcing Scott to reveal that he was a Werewolf before running for safety into the woods.

In Ice Pick, Chris and Victoria Argent kidnapped the principal of Beacon Hills High School and brought him into the backseat of their car, where they proceeded to torture him with a taser wand until he finally agreed to hand the position of principal over to Chris' father, Gerard Argent, in an effort for the Argent family to take over the school so they could better monitor the increase in supernatural teenagers in attendance.

In Abomination, Derek and Erica cornered Stiles at the high school's indoor swimming pool to question him about the new shapeshifter in town. During this interrogation, the creature appeared in the pool room, knocking Erica out and using its paralytic venom to incapacitate Derek. Derek then fell into the swimming pool, forcing Stiles to jump in after him to prevent him from drowning due to being paralyzed from the neck down. Derek and Stiles proceeded to float in the swimming pool until Scott, who was held up by the Argents, was able to come and rescue them. The shapeshifter's behavior during this event ultimately led Derek to realize that it was a Kanima, a mutated form of a Werewolf.

In Venomous, new principal Gerard Argent ordered dozens of surveillance cameras to be put in all of the classrooms in hallways so that his family could better monitor the supernatural students within its walls.

In Restraint, an epic fight broke out between Scott and Jackson, which demolished the boy's locker room before spilling out into the hallway. Stiles and Erica jumped in to restraint Scott and Jackson, respectively, while Allison, who had been talking to Jackson prior to the fight, watched in horror. The five of them, along with a bystander, Matt Daehler, were sentenced to after-school detention by Mr. Harris, where they were instructed to re-shelve all of the books. However, Jackson's Kanima Master forced Jackson to attack everyone, and during the fight, Matt was knocked out, and Erica was exposed to the venom once again, which triggered an epileptic seizure. This forced Scott and Stiles to leave Allison and Matt in the wrecked library so they could take the still-seizing Erica to Derek for treatment.

In Tattoo, hundreds of crows committed mass suicide by flying through the wall of windows in Jennifer Blake's English class, which included Stiles, Lydia, and Allison. Several students were injured due to the shattered glass, and though it was not known at the time, it was eventually revealed that the mass suicide of crows was caused by Jennifer, who was a Darach and needed to use the sacrifice to increase her power as part of her revenge plot against the Alpha Pack.

In Fireflies, after Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale were released from a hecatolite-lined bank vault that had prevented them from feeling or shifting during the full moon for the last three months, they began running feral around Beacon Hills. Not wanting to kill them, Scott, Isaac, and Derek sought out the help of Chris Argent to capture Boyd and Cora without harming them. The four of them came up with a plan to trap Boyd and Cora in the high school's boiler room, not realizing that Allison was running the same plan on her own without their assistance. Once the feral wolves were led into the high school, Derek and Scott lured Boyd and Cora into the boiler room, not realizing that Jennifer Blake was inside gathering school supplies.

Meanwhile, Isaac was about to lock the back doors of the school to ensure that the werewolves would have a harder time escaping when he ran into Allison, who was shooting flash-bang arrows to push Boyd and Cora into the school. When Derek realized that he and Scott had locked Boyd and Cora inside the boiler room with Jennifer, he went inside himself and distracted them by letting them attack him until sunrise, when the two feral wolves passed out from exhaustion. This allowed Derek to go coax Jennifer out of her hiding spot and recover from his wounds.

In Unleashed, Alpha twins Ethan and Aiden began taunting Isaac Lahey at cross-country practice on the orders of their leader, Deucalion, who wanted Derek to turn against his Betas. Furious at the Alphas for their role in Erica's death, Isaac took the twins' bait and met them outside in the hallway, where Ethan and Aiden began fighting each other while Isaac watched in confusion. It soon became clear why they had done this, however, when Aiden threw the bloodied Ethan at Isaac's feet just as Mr. Harris approached them, leading Isaac to be blamed for beating Ethan up and punished with lunchtime detention.

While in detention, he was paired with Allison (who had been given detention by Ms. Morrell for sleeping in class) and instructed to restock the supply closet. Noticing Isaac's anxiety, Allison asked him if he was okay, but Isaac simply replied that he wasn't a fan of small spaces, alluding to his abuse at the hands of his father, who used to lock him in a freezer to punish him and caused him to develop claustrophobia. Since Allison knew this about Isaac, she didn't ask any more questions about it, instead bringing up their last meeting and apologizing for stabbing him during their last fight. It was then that the twins, who also knew of Isaac's claustrophobia, locked the two inside the supply closet and pushed the soda machine in front of the door so they couldn't escape. Isaac began to have a panic attack as he pounded against the door, which ultimately led him to wolf-out and start to attack Allison until they were freed by Scott, who used his growing potential-Alpha powers to stop him.

To get revenge on the Alpha twins, Allison, Isaac and Scott made a plan where Scott would take apart Ethan's motorcycle while Allison and Isaac hot-wired Aiden's. Aiden became furious when he heard Isaac driving his motorcycle through the hallways, and when Aiden demanded it back, Isaac gave it up without a fight, leading Aiden to be blamed for driving his motorcycle in the hallways and getting detention for it. This enraged Ethan and Aiden so much that they merged together after school into their extra-large Alpha form to attack Isaac and Scott, and would have successfully beaten them up if Deucalion hadn't showed up and silently stopped them.

Meanwhile, Stiles, Lydia, and Alan Deaton discovered that the band director was captured by the Darach as the second of the Warrior trio of sacrifices. When they realized that Mr. Harris, a former soldier in the U.S. Army, was going to be her next target, they went to his room to find he had been captured as well. On his desk was a message that he had left for someone who knew about the supernatural to find, leading Deaton to realize that the killer was a Dark Druid who was known as a Darach.

In Currents, Deucalion came to the high school to see Scott, where he tested the young Werewolf by challenging him to try to take his cane in exchange for the location of where the Darach had taken Alan Deaton to be sacrificed as her third Healer. Scott was ultimately unsuccessful, and was even stabbed in the shoulder by the blade at the end of Deucalion's cane, but Deucalion did give him one small hint-- "Let the currents guide you."

In Visionary, flashbacks to when Derek was a teenager showed that he met his first love, Paige Krasikeva, in the hallway at the high school. The two spent a great deal of time in the school's band room, since Paige was a very talented cellist and used the room to practice her music. It was also at the high school where Paige was given the Bite by Ennis at Peter Hale's urging, since he insisted that Derek and Paige would never last unless Paige was a werewolf as well, though she did not survive the Bite and was eventually mercy-killed by Derek himself.

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, not only was Tara Graeme's body found on top of the school's sign after being the first Philosopher sacrifice in the trio, but the history teacher, Mr. Westover, was also captured from his classroom the very next day.

Jennifer Blake organized a memorial music recital in honor of all of the victims of the Darach's sacrifices, which included the school's band (including Danny Mahealani on trumpet) collaborating with the school's choir to play a song. However, it was quickly revealed that Jennifer was, in fact, the Darach, and she lured Lydia into her classroom to kill her, as she had seen Lydia unconsciously sketching the Nemeton in class and believed that she knew too much about her plans to get revenge on the Alpha Pack. However, as she prepared to kill Lydia via the three-fold death (blunt-force trauma to the head, strangulation, and a slit throat), Lydia instinctively screamed at the top of her lungs in a wail that was so loud that it brought Scott, Isaac, and the twins to their knees, and Derek could hear it all the way across town at the hospital.

This led Jennifer to realize with horror that Lydia is actually a Banshee, also known as "the Wailing Woman." However, though Jennifer saw Lydia as a kindred spirit, she was still set on killing her, as she needed one last Philosopher for this trio of sacrifices. Before Jennifer could strangle Lydia and slit her throat, Sheriff Stilinski arrived and held her at gunpoint, causing Jennifer to throw her knife with pinpoint accuracy and hit him in the shoulder. When Scott arrived in Werewolf form to rescue the Sheriff, and Stiles attempted to get in through the locked door, Jennifer used her powers to kill the piano recitalist downstairs to be used as the last Philosopher sacrifice before capturing Sheriff Stilinski and taking him away.

In Anchors, the high school became the site where Allison, Scott, and Stiles realized that they were suffering terrifying side-effects of their recent deaths and resurrections. Additionally, Mr. Yukimura was introduced as the new history teacher, who was replacing the recently-deceased Mr. Westover. He embarrassed his daughter, Kira Yukimura, in front of the class, which was when Scott first noticed her and became attracted to her.

In More Bad Than Good, Stiles suffered a panic attack in front of his history class due to the aftereffects of his recent death and resurrection (as well as his possession by a Nogitsune, though this wasn't known at the time), forcing Scott to bring him into the locker room to calm him down. Later that day, a coyote (who, unbeknownst to all by the McCall Pack and Sheriff Stilinski, was actually a werecoyote named Malia Tate who had lived in the woods as a coyote for the last eight years) broke into the school and chased after Kira Yukimura, who wanted the doll that Stiles had stolen from the woods the night before and had stashed in his backpack, which Kira was carrying to return to him. Kira hid in the locker room until Scott came in and scared the coyote away by pushing over a row of lockers. Afterward, Henry Tate, Malia's father, who was under the impression that she was dead like her sister and mother, heard the news of the attack on a police scanner and came to the school, where he got into a confrontation with Sheriff Stilinski until he was asked to leave.

In Galvanize, William Barrow, a mass-murderer who had escaped from Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital (due in part to the fact that he was possessed by Nogitsune flies that allowed the Nogitsune to control him), headed straight to the high school with the intention of capturing Kira, though the appearance of the entire Beacon County Sheriff's Department kept him from succeeding in this task.

In The Fox and the Wolf, Void Stiles (i.e. Stiles while being possessed by the Nogitsune) confronted Ken Yukimura in his classroom at school, where he demanded to know where Ken's wife Noshiko's remaining kaiken Kitsune tails were. When Ken refused to tell him this information, Void Stiles infected Ken with a Nogitsune fly in hopes of gaining the information that way, though this proved to be unsuccessful. He contacted Noshiko for help, and Noshiko called Kira and Scott, who had just received a photo of Noshiko from 1943 and her broken katana from Malia after she had found them at Eichen House. This forced Noshiko to explain to Scott and Kira her history with the Nogitsune, as well as her relationship with the Oni.

After explaining everything that she knew, Noshiko had Kira repair the katana blade on Ken's desk with her Thunder Kitsune powers before informing her that Noshiko's power now belonged to Kira, and that Kira needed to use it to kill Stiles and the Nogitsune if the Oni weren't strong enough, though both Kira and Scott refused to believe that they had no choice but to kill Stiles. After Kira and Scott left the school to go meet up with Derek, Allison, Sheriff Stilinski, and Chris Argent, Noshiko pulled out her last kaiken and assured him that she would hide it well, though Ken insisted that he was less worried about that, and more worried about the implications of turning these children into killers. It was then that Noshiko revealed that the Nogitsune was released when Allison, Scott and Stiles performed the surrogate sacrifice ritual that re-powered the Nemeton.

In The Divine Move, the final battle between the McCall Pack and its allies and the Nogitsune occurred at the high school; Derek, Ethan, and Aiden (who were later joined by Isaac and Chris) fought the Nogitsune and the Oni out in the front of the school, while Scott, Kira, Lydia, and Stiles went into the school itself, where the Nogitsune had created a very realistic illusion of the Japanese garden in Ikeda's backyard.

Once Chris, Derek, and the twins successfully killed the Oni with Allison's silver arrowheads, the Nogitsune escaped into the school to confront the others, insisting that he was 1,000 years old and thus could not be killed. However, when Stiles and Lydia reminded him that they could change him, the Nogitsune remembered that the Shugendo scroll stated that changing the host could neutralize the Nogitsune, allowing Scott the time to give him the Bite before Kira impaled him with her katana. Though the Nogitsune wasn't killed, he was reduced to a much less powerful fly form, which could then be easily trapped by Isaac in the Triskelion box. However, Aiden unfortunately died at the hands of the last remaining Oni before the group was able to kill it, and Lydia, as a Banshee, sensed the death and ran outside as soon as she had determined that Stiles would survive the Nogitsune's defeat.

At the end of the episode, Malia Tate was seen enrolling at Beacon Hills High School in order to reintegrate herself into human society after spending nearly a decade as a coyote in the woods. When Malia passed Kira and Lydia in the hallway, Lydia and Malia smiled at each other, foreshadowing Malia joining the pack and becoming close friends with the girls in the upcoming seasons.

In 117, Derek Hale, who had been de-aged by Kate Argent, took her to the Hale Vault, which he revealed was below the high school and had its front entrance under the school's sign. When Kate asked him why his family would put their vault under the school, Derek replied that the vault had existed there long before the high school was built. Derek and Kate were then confronted by Peter Hale, who distracted Kate while Derek left to help Scott McCall, Malia Tate, and Kira Yukimura, who were in a fierce battle against Kate's Berserkers on the catwalk of the high school. When Derek jumped into the fight to help the McCall Pack out, the exertion caused Derek to return to his present-day adult form, though his Werewolf eyes had mysteriously become gold instead of their usual bright blue.

In Muted, lacrosse tryouts began at the high school's practice field, where Scott and Stiles demonstrated lackluster skills due to being too busy dealing with supernatural threats to practice lacrosse. When it was suggested that newly-transferred freshman Liam Dunbar may usurp Scott as captain, Scott and Stiles started to play harder in an effort to ensure Scott would keep his status, which ultimately led Liam to sprain his ankle and be taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, Kira and Malia sat in the stands and watched the practice, and when Kira demonstrated superior agility upon catching a stray lacrosse ball before it could hit Malia in the face, Coach Finstock instantly invited Kira to join the team as well.

In The Benefactor, the assassin known as The Mute set up a trap at the high school in hopes of killing Derek, who was worth $15 million on the Deadpool. However, Derek evaded the claymore mine that The Mute had set up and defeated him in a fight, allowing Sheriff Stilinski to begin to arrest him. Unfortunately, before they could take him in, Peter Hale appeared and killed The Mute in retribution for The Mute nearly killing him the day before, much to Derek and Sheriff's anger.

In I.E.D., Liam started to wolf-out after a run-in with his rival, Brett Talbot, which led to Scott and Stiles having to drag Liam to the locker room and douse him in cold water to settle down. After the three talked, Liam revealed that though he didn't know who ordered the keg at Lydia's party in order to lure Demarco Montana there and kill him, but he knew who paid for it-- Garrett. That night, at the Beacon Hills Cyclone's lacrosse scrimmage against Devenford Prep, Garrett used a yellow wolfsbane-laced blade to cut Brett on the field so that, after being brought into the locker room for treatment by paramedics, his girlfriend and assassin partner Violet could kill him and obtain his $1 million bounty. However, Violet got greedy, so instead of killing Brett, she used him to lure Scott into the locker room so she could try to kill him instead, since his bounty, $25 million, was exponentially larger. Unfortunately for Violet, she underestimated Scott's strength level and was shocked to find that the thermo-wire garrote barely burned him before he grabbed her in a choke-hold and knocked her out.

In Weaponized, the juniors, including Scott, Stiles, Kira, Malia, and Sydney, arrived at the high school early Saturday morning to take the PSATs. Natalie Martin and The Chemist, who went by his first name, Simon, were the proctors for the test, but when Sydney fainted and developed a rash on her wrist, and Natalie discovered Coach Finstock passed out in his office with a large rash all over his back, she realized that there was a serious viral epidemic underway and immediately called the Center for Disease Control to investigate. As more and more students began to get sick, the CDC quarantined the school and separated the ill from those who had yet to display symptoms, utilizing the Beacon County Sheriff's Department and their FBI liaisons to ensure that no one entered or exited the school.

Soon, Scott and Malia began to lose control over their transformations, with Scott unable to shift, and with Malia unable to keep her claws from extending. Ken Yukimura also noticed that Kira was exhibiting neurological symptoms that prevented her from utilizing her hand-eye coordination properly, leading the group to determine that the canine shapeshifters were also being affected on a much stronger level, just as Stiles, too, started developing a rash on his wrists. Afraid of exposure, the four hid down in the Hale Vault, using a back entrance located in the high school basement. When Stiles went upstairs to try to figure out how the virus started, he eventually realized that the virus was exposed by the students through the ink pad that they used to put their thumbprints on their papers for identification purposes.

He was then cornered by The Chemist, who revealed himself to be one of the Deadpool assassins and held Stiles at gunpoint as he demanded to know where his friends were, since visual confirmation was required for him to get the $35 million that Scott, Kira, and Malia were collectively worth. Stiles was fully prepared to be killed to protect his friends, but before The Chemist could shoot him, Rafael McCall appeared and shot The Chemist in the head, splattering Stiles' face with blood before Rafael gave Stiles the message Melissa McCall gave him regarding the cure to the virus, reishi mushrooms, which were located in a jar in the vault. Fortunately, Stiles was able to pass this message on to Scott, who, with Kira's verbal assistance, located the mushrooms and cured them. The CDC then left once the humans were fully recovered, as the virus was only designed to be fatal to canine shapeshifters such as werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Kitsune.

In Perishable, a lacrosse bonfire was held outside the high school, which was attended by Scott, Malia, Liam, and Mason Hewitt, among numerous other students. During the bonfire, Liam and Malia began exhibiting symptoms of drunkenness despite the fact that a shapeshifter's enhanced healing prevented them from any kind of inebriation, a condition that Scott also began to experience later on. After Scott determined that they were actually being affected by the dubstep music being played by the DJ, which contained subsonic frequencies that disrupted a Werewolf or Werecoyote's abilities in a way similar to electricity, Scott vaguely explained to Mason that he needed to turn on the music and instructed Mason not to let Liam and Mason out of his sight.

Unfortunately, the DJ saw Scott approaching and turned up the subsonic frequency, allowing the security guards (who were revealed to be amateur assassins who were working with Deputy Haigh to collect the bounties in the Deadpool) to capture him. The other security guards then captured Liam and Malia, claiming that they were escorting them out due to them being overly intoxicated, and when Mason protested against this, the guards shoved him backward onto the ground before dragging the two into the high school with Scott. They then doused Scott, Malia, and Liam with gasoline and prepared to light them on fire in the exact same way Haigh attempted to kill Jordan Parrish the previous night. Fortunately for them, Mason, who remembered what Scott had said about shutting down the music, pulled the plug on the DJ's equipment, allowing Scott to snap out of his drunken haze enough to disarm the lead security guard and break his wrist so he couldn't light the lighter. Derek and Braeden then arrived to save them by physically defeating the security guards, taking great care to avoid using gunfire to ensure that it wouldn't ignite the gasoline with which that Scott, Malia, and Liam had been drenched.

In A Promise to the Dead, the Beacon Hills Cyclones had a scrimmage against Devenford Prep, but since Scott and Kira had been captured by Kate Argent, it was up to Stiles and Liam to win the game. However, they ultimately lost the game, due in part to Brett Talbot's exceptional lacrosse skills. Brett, who had noticed Liam was dealing with post-traumatic stress after an encounter with a Berserker several days earlier, came into the locker room to see if he was okay. Liam asked him why he cared about him, since they were enemies until recently, but Brett reminded him that Scott had saved them from the Deadpool assassins and that Liam was lucky to have him.

In Smoke and Mirrors, after learning that Scott and Kira had been captured by Kate Argent and brought to Mexico, Lydia came to the high school to grab Kira's jacket so Malia could have something with a stronger scent with which to track her. However, before she could leave with it, she was attacked by a Berserker under the orders of Kate's ally, Peter Hale, who knew that Lydia had to be left behind, since her Banshee abilities would end up leading her to realize that their true plan was to kill Scott. Fortunately, Lydia was smart enough to snap a picture of the Berserker on her phone and make it her wallpaper before leaving it behind, so that when Mason Hewitt came looking for her (after a worried Liam called him to ask if he could make sure she was okay before they left for Mexico without her), he found the phone and realized what was going on. However, this ultimately led Mason to be captured with Lydia as well, and both were trapped in the high school basement.

Mason understandably had many questions about what was going on and what the Berserker was, but Lydia simply said that it wasn't human before insisting that they come up with a plan to leave. When Mason protested and claimed that there was no way they could fight a Berserker, Lydia revealed that her friends were in trouble and so was Liam, Mason's best friend, which was why they needed to get out and help them. Lydia and Mason then grabbed baseball bats and tried to incapacitate the Berserker with them, only to be knocked backward against the far wall. Fortunately, Sheriff Stilinski showed up in the nick of time after being called by Stiles and used a claymore mine to blow the Berserker up, destroying the basement of the high school in the process. Once everyone was determined to be okay, Lydia revealed that this was all just a distraction, and that someone was trying to keep her away from the others so that she couldn't warn them that Scott was about to die.

At the end of the episode, Scott, Stiles and Liam tried to make excuses for their absence to Coach Finstock, who didn't believe them whatsoever, but who simply replied that since Liam was the most promising lacrosse player that he had seen in years, he was putting Scott and Stiles in charge of looking out for him and having each other's backs, which Scott and Liam assured him would be easy for them to do.

In Creatures of the Night, Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura were attacked by Belasko, who they believed at the time to be a mutated Werewolf. Scott and Kira fought against Belasko, who had the upper-hand until Theo Raeken appeared and wolfed-out before jumping into the fight. Though Belasko attempted to steal Scott's powers with his Garuda talons, his status as a True Alpha meant that his powers couldn't be taken, and Scott was able to overpower him by breaking his arm and snapping off his talons. He then gave Belasko a choice between running away with his life or staying and getting even more injured, leading Belasko to choose the former. Afterward, the McCall Pack was reintroduced to Theo, who went to elementary school with Scott, Stiles, and Lydia. Afterward, Scott, Stiles, Kira, Lydia, and Malia went inside the high school and headed into the library for Senior Scribe, where each senior wrote their initials on the bookshelf where their yearbooks were stored. After everyone else put their initials on the shelf, Scott not only wrote his own, but wrote Allison Argent's as well, as they reminded each other that she was still there with them, even if they couldn't see her.

In Parasomnia, Tracy Stewart sought counseling from the new guidance counselor, Natalie Martin, during which time she admitted that she suffered from night terrors. After explaining a recent nightmare that involved masked men breaking into her room, Tracy began to feel ill and threw up black blood and feathers all over Natalie's desk. Tracy went on to experience another waking nightmare/hallucination involving the masked men in the hallway until Lydia appeared and snapped her out of it, bringing her back to her mother to ask for help as to how to deal with this.

Later that evening, Liam arrived to the high school to meet Mason, who was upset that Liam had once again bailed on their plans. Just as Liam was about to confess the truth about him being a Werewolf in the McCall Pack, a large black wolf appeared (who, unbeknownst to them, was Theo Raeken, who was actually a Chimera who could full-shift into a wolf rather than an actual Werewolf), scaring Liam and Mason and chasing the two into the school. Finally, Liam realized what he needed to do to protect them and wolfed-out before roaring at the wolf, which scared it away. Mason stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of Liam's roar and turned just as Liam shifted back, and when Liam anxiously informed Mason that there was something he needed to tell him, Mason excitedly realized that Liam was a Werewolf, showing no fear whatsoever.

In Dreamcatchers, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Malia, Liam, and Mason met outside the school in the bus bay in order to discuss what they should do about Tracy Stewart, who they believed to be an out-of control Werewolf who had killed her father, Mr. Stewart and a prison transport driver, but who was really a Werewolf-Kanima Chimera. Later that day, Tracy appeared in Liam's sophomore history class, taught by Ken Yukimura. She had sat down in the desk next to Hayden Romero, who looked concerned by her anxious appearance and quickly realized she didn't belong there due to her lack of school books and her dirty, shoe-less feet. When Scott pulled the fire alarm to give the pack a distraction to get Tracy out of the school, Hayden tried to get Tracy to leave with her, only for Tracy to grab her roughly by the wrist and cut her with her sharp claws.

She was still in the middle of a waking nightmare/hallucination when Scott and Liam came in to try to reason with her, and when Hayden fearfully admitted that Tracy was hurting her, Tracy reluctantly let go and informed them that "They're coming. They're coming for all of us" before throwing up modified mercury and passing out. Scott, Stiles, Malia, and Ken managed to sneak Tracy out so the former three could get her to the animal clinic while Liam stayed behind to check on Hayden. He asked her if she needed help getting to the nurse, but Hayden, who was then Liam's enemy, rudely informed Liam that she could make it. However, instead of going to the nurse, Hayden went to the girl's restroom, where she realized upon washing her bloody wrist that her wounds had completely healed, much to her shock and horror.

In Required Reading, the high school was where Scott and Lydia experienced their flashback-hallucinations of repressed memories after reading The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack. Lydia had her repressed memory triggered first when she was attempting to help Sydney style her hair in a way to hide her stress-induced alopecia, as the sight of the small bald spot behind Sydney's ear reminded Lydia of a memory from her childhood; she had disobeyed her mother's orders to stay in the car and followed her into Eichen House, eventually finding Natalie with Lydia's grandmother Lorraine Martin, who had drilled a hole into her own head behind her ear, likely in order to enhance her powers through trephination.

Scott experienced his repressed memory second when he was in the middle of dropping AP Biology. When Mrs. Finch insisted that she didn't think he should drop the class and reminded him that he was taking AP Bio in order to get into veterinary school, Scott had a flashback to his dog, Roxie, being killed in a fight with a bigger, more vicious dog as a child. Since the stress of his dog being brutally killed in front of him triggered an asthma attack when he was a child, the memory of it caused him to suffer an asthma attack in the present as well, despite the fact that his transformation into a Werewolf had cured his asthma. Scott continued to be in a trance during his asthma attack until Liam, who had found an inhaler for him, brought it to him and used his Werewolf eyes and voice to snap Scott out of it enough to use the inhaler.

In Strange Frequencies, Ken Yukimura summoned Kira to his classroom under the guise of helping him set up some new artifacts; however, in reality, she was really there to be tested by Noshiko, who had noticed Kira's increased difficulty controlling her Kitsune spirit and wanted to see how strong she was. The two engaged in a sparring match with their katanas, and though Noshiko dominated Kira during the first two fights, she eventually coaxed out Kira's inner Fox, who took control by causing Kira's flaming aura to burst out of her. She then lunged at Noshiko by leaping several feet into the air before using her katana to slice Noshiko's blade clean in half. She was just about to kill Noshiko when Ken came in and shoved her obsidian shuriken Kitsune tail into the desktop, which distracted her enough to stop what she was doing. When Kira yelled at Noshiko that she could have killed her, Noshiko anxiously informed her that it was the Fox inside of her who did that.

Meanwhile, upon learning that Hayden was a Chimera as well, Scott, Lydia, Malia, Liam, and Jordan Parrish brought her to the high school, which they planned to make into a fortress to prevent the Dread Doctors from capturing her like she had the others, since the high school was situated over the third strongest convergence of telluric currents, after the Nemeton and Eichen House. They brought her into the locker room and set up frequency jammers that Parrish had modified in hopes that they would weaken the Doctors, though they were easily able to overcome them. The Doctors then proceeded to use their powers to cause all but Hayden and Liam to have horrific hallucinations of their worst fears.

Scott hallucinated that Kira had been completely overtaken by her Kitsune spirit and tried to kill him by stabbing him with her katana and strangling him with a dog leash. Lydia hallucinated that Tracy was alive and had ripped her tongue out to prevent her from using her Banshee powers. Malia hallucinated that coyote traps had broken through the floors in the hallways that snapped over her wrists and ankles before impaling her through the neck. Parrish hallucinated that he had lost control over his Hellhound powers and had burned Lydia with them while the two were making out in his car. Because the four were all trapped in their hallucinations, the Dread Doctors were easily able to capture Hayden and Liam before Mason managed to snap Scott out of it.

In Lies of Omission, both Hayden and Corey began to show signs of being failed Chimeras that led to both fleeing the school in order to avoid being captured and killed by the Dread Doctors. Corey had projectile-vomited so much black blood and modified mercury that he was taken to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital for treatment despite his panicked protests that he didn't want the Doctors to kill him.

In Status Asthmaticus, Theo Raeken enacted his final plans to steal Scott's Alpha powers and become a true Werewolf by trapping Scott in the high school's library with Mountain Ash, which, as a Chimera, he could handle like any other human. Theo also knocked Lydia out after realizing that she had just experienced a Banshee premonition that predicted Scott's death and hid her at the Dread Doctors' operating theater so she couldn't interfere. He then manipulated Liam, using his anger toward Scott for not being willing to risk his girlfriend Hayden's life in combination with the effects of the impending supermoon to convince Liam that the best course of action was for Liam to kill Scott; since Liam, as Scott's only bitten Beta, was the only person who could steal Scott's Alpha powers, Theo convinced him that he could kill Scott and use his Alpha powers to give Hayden the Bite himself. However, Theo's true intention was to have Liam take Scott's powers, since he couldn't do it himself, so that he could kill Liam and become an Alpha himself before bringing Stiles, Malia, and Kira into his new pack.

While Scott was trapped in the library, he went onto the roof of the school to try to escape by jumping off of it, only to find that Theo had surrounded the outside perimeter of the school with Mountain Ash as well. When Scott angrily crushed his inhaler out of frustration, the purple cloud of mist that came out led him to realize that his asthma relapse was actually due to Theo lacing his inhaler with wolfsbane, weakening him to make it even easier for him to be killed. Liam then showed up and began an epic fight with Scott, who defended himself only enough to prevent Liam from killing him without hurting him much in response, since he knew his death would lead to Theo killing Liam and he didn't want that for his Beta.

Liam managed to get the upper-hand and was just about to kill Scott when Mason arrived and broke him out of it, both horrified by Liam's behavior and also devastated by the news that Hayden had just died while Liam was distracted by fighting Scott. Mason helped Scott up to his feet while Liam ran to go say goodbye to Hayden, but Theo, who had stayed nearby to ensure the job was completely, angrily yelled at Mason for not waiting five extra minutes before knocking him out and focusing his attention on Scott. When Scott said that his pack would never join Theo and insisted that it was because Theo, as an guiltless killer, was barely even human, Theo angrily killed Scott, ruining his chances of taking Scott's Alpha powers. Mason woke up to find Scott dead and attempted to revive him, to no avail, and when Melissa McCall arrived to find her only son dead, she frantically began performing CPR despite Mason's insistence that Scott hadn't had a heartbeat for over fifteen minutes. Despite this, Melissa's frantic attempts to resuscitate her son in conjunction with the supermoon allowed Scott to return to life, albeit weakened from the effects of his fractured pack.

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In Codominance, Theo and the recently-resurrected Tracy had a run-in with the Dread Doctors, during which time Theo complained that he was neither an Alpha or a real Werewolf despite their deal. However, the Dread Doctors then summoned the similarly-resurrected Beast of Gevaudan, who was carrying the severed head of one of the school's teachers, Mr. O'Quinn before roaring so loudly that Theo and Tracy were forced to their knees, giving the Doctors and the Beast time to leave without being disturbed.

In The Sword and the Spirit, Sheriff Stilinski ordered Beacon Hills High School to be guarded around the clock by his deputies, all of whom were armed with sophisticated shotguns to defend themselves from the various threats in Beacon Hills. Meanwhile, Ken Yukimura summoned Kira into his classroom, where he dissembled her magical katana-belt, arguing that the sword was the gateway to the Fox, and that Kira's inner Fox was too dangerous to be in control.

In A Credible Threat, Jordan Parrish, while under the control of his inner Hellhound Cerberus, was drawn to the high school to fight the Beast. He was followed there by Chris Argent, Scott, Stiles, and Liam, who were horrified to find that the Beast had brutally slaughtered a bus full of students. When one student, who was somehow still alive, begged for help, Scott stepped forward, only for Cerberus/Parrish to inform him that it was a trap and that the student was past saving. Just then, the Beast ripped the student in half and threw his top half out of the bus before Cerberus/Parrish burst into flames and chased the Beast across campus and into the woods.

The next night, the McCall Pack, including Mason, Corey, Brett Talbot, and Lorilee Rohr, formulated a plan to both prevent the Beast from showing up at the charity lacrosse game between the Beacon Hills Cyclones and Devenford Prep, as well as to learn the identity of the Beast. When they failed to get the game canceled, Scott, Liam, Kira, and Brett were charged with keeping an eye on everything on the field while Malia disabled the cables on the television news vans whose frequency would draw the Beast there, Mason and Corey searched the Devenford Prep bus for shoes with Parrish's blood on the soles that would indicate that they were the Beast, and Lorilee searched the stands for the same thing.

During the game, Malia had a run-in with her mother, the Desert Wolf, which briefly distracted her from her task, and Kira's inner Kitsune spirit took control and got into a fight with Lorilee inside the school, forcing Scott to use her Alpha roar to snap her out of it. Even though Malia managed to disable all the cables, the frequency still managed to be set off, drawing the Beast to the lacrosse field. Liam, desperate to try to take the Beast out, lunged for it against Stiles' protests.

In Maid of Gévaudan, Scott engaged in an epic battle with the Beast throughout the entire school while trying to also protect innocent citizens from being harmed from it at the same time. Meanwhile, Liam, whose chest and abdomen had been seriously clawed open in his own fight against the Beast, was brought into an empty classroom by Stiles and Hayden to try to heal him. Though Stiles nearly passed out from the blood and viscera, Hayden got the idea to use her Werewolf-Chimera pain absorption powers by kissing Liam, which took his pain and gave his body the strength needed to heal.

Scott later ended up in the library, where many terrified students, including Sydney, were hiding from the Beast. He instructed them to go onto the second level before preparing himself for another fight, not even trying to hide his transformation as he wolfed-out and began fighting the Beast again upon its return. He was in the middle of being tossed around by the Beast when Braeden, Malia, and the recently-healed Liam arrived to help. Braeden emptied her shotgun ammunition into the Beast, which scared it off and caused it to flee through the wall of windows. Afterward, they helped Scott to his feet, and when Braeden admonished him for thinking he had a chance against the Beast, Scott acknowledged that she was right before revealing that he had gotten the Beast's scent.

Against Liam's protests that Scott was too hurt and needed to slow down, Scott followed the scent out into the parking lot, where he stopped at a black car and wrenched the trunk open to find a pair of Converse high-tops with Parrish's blood on the soles. Realizing they had found the Beast, both Scott and Liam looked stunned, and only became more horrified when Mason appeared and asked them what they were doing in his car. However, before either of them could explain what was going on, Corey, who had used his supernatural camouflage ability to make himself invisible next to them, appeared just long enough to grab Mason before vanishing with him, leaving a stunned Liam and Scott reeling over the realization that Mason was the Beast.

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  • In real life, Beacon Hills High School is actually Palisades High School near Los Angeles, California.
    • The lacrosse field scenes were filmed at the Sepulveda Basin Cricket Fields in Los Angeles, California.
  • The Beacon Hills Hale Vault is located under the school, though, according to Derek Hale, the vault has existed there much longer than the school has.


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