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Chris: "You ever heard of the Berserkers?"
Derek: "Germanic warriors. They wore the skins of bears to channel their ferocity."
Chris: "They didn't just wear them-- they became them. You know, a couple of years ago, a family came to us for help with their son. This group of teenagers, they were doing all sorts of rituals with animal skins. Somehow, they tapped into it."
Chris Argent and Derek Hale about the Berserker Creation Ritual in Echo House

The Berserker Creation Ritual is a method of attaining the supernatural powers of Berserkers, specifically superhuman strength, speed, and durability, by tapping into the mystical forces contained in the pelts and bones of bears. However, performing this ritual will also cause the person in question to begin to channel the bear's ferocity, a process that will eventually burn away the person's humanity due to Berserkers not being tempered by the moon like other shapeshifters such as Werewolves, Werecoyotes, and Werejaguars. With the loss of their humanity, the newly-turned Berserker will become mindlessly violent beings who lack the self-control of the other aforementioned creatures.

Rituals Edit

There appear to be at least two different versions of the ritual to turn people into Berserkers. The exact mechanics and methods involved in the two rituals remain unclear, but it is known that it involves tapping into the animal spirit within the pelts and bones of bears. Well-known Hunter Chris Argent and his family were once called in to deal with a human teenager who had somehow turned himself into a Berserker after he and a group of his friends began experimenting with bear skins; because the teen's spirit had been dominated by the animal spirit in the bear pelts and bones, he had become a mindless killer who Chris was forced to kill, though it took every bit of ammunition Chris and his companions had.

"When I got here, I found the Berserkers waiting for me. They helped me survive. I didn't know quite why until I decided to trust someone I never thought I'd trust. It was then that I found out that I could not only control the Berserkers, but I could create them. They call me La Loba, the Bone Woman."
Kate Argent to Kira Yukimura about her power to create Berserkers in Smoke and Mirrors

A second method of this ritual also exists, which comes as a form of Power Granting that only Werejaguars, a species which possesses a natural connection to Berserkers, seems to have. A Werejaguar with proper knowledge can force this transformation on both Humans and Werewolves, without the need for the victim to tap in the animal spirit. This was demonstrated by Kate Argent when she purposely turned Scott McCall, a True Alpha Werewolf, into a Berserker against his will with the intention of tricking his pack into killing him. This ritual seems to require that the Werejaguar and the person they intend to turn into a Berserker be inside the obsidian room in La Iglesia, also known as the Temple of Tezcatlipoca. The target must then be strapped to an altar in this room (which may or may not involve using Wolfsbane if the victim is a Werewolf) and held down while the Werejaguar in question concentrates and places a Berserker skull over the face of the victim. Afterward, the newly-turned Berserker will be completely in the Werejaguar's control.


  • The method by which a Berserker is made is quite similar to a real-life legend in folklore where a person can become a Werewolf by wearing a wolf's pelt.
  • Only one person has been seen using this ritual on the series-- Kate Argent, a Werejaguar who briefly turned Scott McCall into a Berserker as part of her plan to get revenge on him for his perceived decimation of the Argent Family.
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