Malia: "You promised you'd help us. We still need to find the rift."
Peter: "I didn't promise I'd help you commit suicide."
Scott: "If you can't help, we'll find it ourselves."
Peter: "Scott, I admit that you have a flair for beating the odds, but this, you don't walk away from-- you run."

Blitzkrieg [1] is the eighth episode of Season 6 and the eighty-eighth episode of Teen Wolf.

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Scott, Lydia and Malia decide to storm the rift and rescue Stiles; Liam, Hayden, and Mason make a deal with Theo to learn Garrett Douglas' plan.

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At the begining they show the Nazis.

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  • The episode title refers to war tactic used by Nazi Germany's military during World War II called blitzkrieg, which is German for "lightning war." It is characterized by short, powerful, strategic strikes against the opposing force that disconnect them from their resources.
  • It is revealed that Garrett Douglas is a Löwenmensch, a shapeshifter who is a natural hybrid of a wolf and a lion. It is also revealed that he was in the Anenherbe division of the Nazi Party during World War II, a division dedicated to finding a way to use the occult to win the war. This is why Garrett is obsessed with the Wild Hunt, though the Nazi Party was just a means to an end.
  • It is confirmed that those in the Wild Hunt are dead, indicating that their captives could eventually die prior to becoming Ghost Riders themselves.
  • The relic left behind by Corey Bryant is his cell phone, which is full of photos of himself and Mason.
  • According to Lydia Martin, the rifts to the Phantom Train Station are "remarkably similar" to an Einstein-Rosen bridge.
  • It was revealed that a Ghost Rider or someone with a Ghost Rider's power, like Garrett, can enslave a Hellhound to his will by saying "Steigen Höllenhund," which translates to "Rise, Hellhound."
    • It was also revealed that a Hellhound can open a rift so that a person can pass through without being burned.
  • It is confirmed that being able to remember everything a person knows about an erased loved one can open up a rift to the Phantom Train Station when the Sheriff remembered Stiles and briefly opened a rift in Stiles' bedroom.

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  • Nazi Germany
    • Military Base
    • Rühr Valley
    • Dread Doctors' Operating Theater

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  • "Looking Too Closely" by Fink
    • Sheriff Stilinski starts to remember Stiles as his belongings start to reappear in his bedroom, causing him to mark them in order with red string and push-pins
  • "Winter Wind" by Run River Run
    • Mason and Hayden are in Hayden's car, where Mason looks through photos of himself and Corey on Corey's phone and vows to get him back
  • "The Last One I Made" by Pim Stones
    • Sheriff realizes that Claudia isn't real and sacrifices her conjured self in exchange for his memories of Stiles
  • "If I Go, I'm Goin'" by Gregory Alan Isakov
    • Sheriff tells Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Liam about Stiles, and the pack vows to get Stiles and everyone else back by remembering everything about them

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