The relationship between Beta Werewolves Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale.

Boyd and Cora's relationship started at somepoint in late spring/early summer 2011. After escaping their captivity at the Argents' mansion, Boyd and Erica Reyes, two recently turned Betas of the newly-ascended Alpha Derek Hale's pack, attempted to flee from Beacon Hills to find a safer pack but were captured by the Alpha Pack led by the self-proclaimed Demon-Wolf Deucalion. His main reason to kidnap the young Werewolves was to use them to persuade Derek to join his ranks because he was the son of his old friend Talia Hale and the newest Hale Alpha, believing that recruiting him would be the best way to convince the recently discovered potential True Alpha Scott McCall to join him as well.

Cora returned to Beacon Hills from South America, where she passed the last six years after the Hale House Fire, to investigate the rumors that she heard about a new Hale Alpha, her older brother Derek, building a pack there but was found and captured by the Alphas as well before she could find Derek. The Alpha Pack then imprisoned the three young wolves in the vault of Beacon Hills First National Bank for nearly four months until Erica, fed up with being in the Alphas' clutches, attempted to break out by attacking Kali. Unfortunately, the toe-clawed Alpha proved to be much more powerful than Erica, who lost her life in battle and whispered Boyd's name as her last word before she died in front of Boyd and Cora.

Once Scott and Derek managed to uncover Isaac Lahey's repressed memories of the bank, they found Boyd and Cora and Derek became shocked and nearly speechless to see his younger sister alive as he believed she had died in the Fire alongside the rest of their family. Unfortunately, the vault was made of hecatolite, or moonstone, which prevents Werewolves from transforming during full moons and makes them even more feral and uncontrollable than normal. To make matters worse, Marin Morrell, Deucalion's Emissary, locked all four Werewolves in the vault with Mountain Ash, forcing Derek and Scott to fight the feral Boyd and Cora, as Deucalion hoped for Derek and Scott to "pave" their ways into the Alpha Pack by killing the two Betas. Derek and Scott were ultimately saved by Allison Argent, who sneaked into the bank and was forced to break the mountain ash barrier to save Scott and Derek but doing so also allowed Boyd and Cora to escape into the town, with the urge to rip apart anything they could find.

After some trouble tracking them but with the help of Allison and her father Chris Argent, Derek and Scott managed to prevent Boyd and Cora from killing someone by locking them in BHHS's boiler room until the full moon passed. Both Cora and Boyd rejoined the Hale Pack afterwards, intent in helping Derek and the rest of their pack destroy the Alpha Pack for all of their crimes against both the human and supernatural communities and for their role in the death of their dear friend Erica. However, Boyd ended up becoming the next loss in the war between the Beacon Hills packs and the Alpha Pack when Kali, Ethan and Aiden used Derek's claws to impale Boyd, whose healing ability was disabled after being shocked with large amounts of electricity and he ultimately died when he was trying to question Derek about the lunar eclipse's effects on Werewolves. Cora, along with Derek, were the ones who mostly mourned Boyd's death and his death blinded her with so much rage that led her to attempt to kill Aiden but she was unsuccessful.

Throughtout Teen Wolf Edit

In Tattoo, Boyd was seen inside the vault of Beacon Hills First National Bank and Cora holded his hand to comfort him.

In Chaos Rising, Scott McCall, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski and Dr. Alan Deaton gave Isaac Lahey a cold bath to help him retrieve his memories of the location where Erica Reyes, Boyd and Cora were being held by the Alpha Pack since the Alphas used the Werewolf memory-manipulation ritual to take his memories of the bank when he was captured by them. The procedure was successful and Isaac remembered finding Erica and Boyd in the vault of Beacon Hills First National Bank before getting out of the trance and informing the others about that. Stiles interjected, stating that Isaac unknowingly revealed that he was locked in a closet, where he found Erica's dead body, meaning that there was another Werewolf girl inside the vault with Boyd.

The next evening, which happened to be a full moon night, Derek and Scott headed to the bank to save Boyd and the other girl as well as to verify if Erica was truly dead or not. After succeding in infiltrating the vault, they faced Boyd and Cora, the latter of whom Derek recognized as his younger sister and whom he believed to be dead after the Hale House Fire killed the majority of their family. This rescue turned out to be a bad idea when Stiles and Peter called and informed Derek and Scott that the walls of the vault were made out of a mineral called Hecatolite, which scattered and absorbed the moonlight and it had kept Cora and Boyd from shifting for the last three full moons. Since Derek and Scott accidentally allowed the moonlight to enter the vault through the hole that they made, Cora and Boyd were feeling the moon's effects again for the first time in four months and were losing control over their Werewolf side.

Derek and Scott were unable to leave before Marin Morrell, under the orders of her Alpha Deucalion, completed a Mountain Ash circle around the vault to trap them with the feral Werewolves. Boyd and Cora gave into their animal instincts and bloodlust and began attacking Derek and Scott but Allison Argent showed up and broke the barrier, freeing Derek and Scott but also freeing Boyd and Cora, who fled into the woods to kill everything and everyone in their way. Even though Allison did what she did to save them, Derek was furious at the young Huntress for setting two bloodthirsty beasts free.

In Fireflies, Cora and Boyd, under the sway of the full moon due to not shifting for the last three months, roamed through Beacon Hills Preserve. At one point, they separated from each other and Boyd nearly killed two children catching fireflies but they were saved in the nick of time by Scott while Cora attempted to attack a young girl named Caitlin, who was camping in the woods with her girlfriend Emily, only to be scared away by Scott, Isaac and Derek.

The three consulted Chris Argent as he had much more experience in hunting Werewolves without harming or killing them. They successfully lured Boyd and Cora into the high school by planting ultrasonic emitters throughout the woods but the two feral wolves somehow realized they would be ambushed and attempted to escape by jumping over the school but Allison, who, unbeknownst to the others, was trying to help them catch Boyd and Cora her own way as a result of feeling guilt over releasing the Werewolves from the vault, shot them with blinding arrows to force them into the high school and she fled when Isaac caught her helping them.

Once inside, Boyd and Cora followed Derek and Scott into the boiler room and the latter two disoriented the feral young Werewolves with fire extinguishers to gain enough time to get out of the boiler room and lock their uncontrolled packmates there. Afterwards, Scott revealed to Derek that he could hear three heartbeats, meaning they accidentally locked someone, who turned out to be the English teacher Jennifer Blake, with Cora and Boyd. Derek went into the boiler room and battled against Boyd and Cora to protect Jennifer from them; resulting in him being nearly clawed to death but he managed to endure it until the sun rose and Cora and Boyd passed out from their exhausting evening, allowing Scott and Isaac to take them back to Derek's loft.

In Frayed, Cora and Boyd, along with Derek and Peter Hale, were formulating a plan to attack the Alpha Pack. Scott, having just confronted Deucalion at the elevator of the Argents' apartment, joined them in Derek's loft to divulge that the Alphas were living in the same apartment as the Argents, only to find out they had already figured this out when Boyd and Cora followed the twins Ethan and Aiden there. When he realized that they planned to kill the Alphas, Scott questioned them over why "the default plan" being always murder and reminded them they couldn't beat a pack full of Alphas. They guaranteed him that they knew that and indicated they would only go after Deucalion because they suppose that if he died, the rest of the pack would fall apart or as Boyd put it "Cut off the head of the snake, and the body dies." but Peter interjected, stating this snake was a Hydra and the rest of the pack were Alphas, and questioned "What happened when Hercules cut off one of the heads of the Hydra?". Scott correctly answered that two more heads grew back in the place of the head that was cut off, to which Peter implied "Somebody's been doing their summer reading."

Expecting Scott and Isaac to come to a truce with the "Alpha of Alphas" at the Abandoned Mall, Derek, Cora and Boyd followed them there and wolfed-out in order to end Deucalion once and for all. However, Deucalion turned the tables on them when he revealed he brought the other Alphas with him, ready for battle. A fight ensued between both packs but despite their best efforts, the Hale Pack was outmatched with Boyd and Cora being taken down by Kali and Ennis while Isaac and Scott were beaten by the merged twins. Once everyone was incapacitated, Deucalion demanded Derek to kill Boyd and take his powers as his first step into the Alpha Pack or Kali would kill Cora, who was pinned to the ground by Kali's clawed foot. When Derek hesitated to make a choice, Kali demanded to know why they would want a "kid" in the pack such as Derek, who, in her eyes, seemed to be the "Alpha of a pack of useless teenagers", only for Deucalion to point out that some had more potential than others, as he looked directly at Scott, whom he wished in the pack as well due to his status as a potential True Alpha.

Kali ordered Derek to choose between pack or family but fortunately for them, Allison appeared and began firing blinding arrows at the Alphas, distracting them long enough for Isaac, Boyd and Cora to get out of there with their lives while Derek and Scott dealt with Ennis, who dragged Derek down with him and the two fell three-stories, landing on the escalators and both were presumed to be dead.

In Currents, Kali and the twins, under the impression that Derek is the responsible for Ennis' death when it was actually Deucalion who killed him to manipulate them into putting more pressure on both Derek and Scott, painted their pack's symbol on the windows of the Hale Alpha's loft to warn him they would come after him that evening. When informed about this, both Boyd and Isaac skipped school to protect their Alpha and Boyd came up with a plan to weaken the Alphas severely, which involved flooding the loft with water and setting up electrical cables in hopes of electrocuting them upon their entrance into the apartment.

Unfortunately, the Alphas somehow discovered what they were planning and cut the power prior to their arrival. Kali and the twins arrived, with Kali threatening to kill Derek for "killing" her packmate Ennis and challenging him to a one-on-one fight as she revealed that they kidnapped his new girlfriend Jennifer, whom the twins were holding in a choke-hold, and threatened to order the twins to tear Jennifer apart if Derek allowed his Betas to help him, leading Derek to order Boyd and Isaac to stay out of this fight.

Meanwhile, Cora, Lydia, Stiles and Scott all gathered in Beacon Hills Animal Clinic in order to discover where Deaton could possibly be held captive by the Darach, who kidnapped him as her third healer sacrifice, by using Danny Mahealani's map of telluric currents and upon several discussion, they realized Deaton was being held in the same bank vault where Cora, Boyd and Erica were held. Cora received a text from Boyd, saying that the Alphas disabled the power and sabotaged their plan as well as that Kali and Derek were fighting, forcing Scott to instruct Stiles, Lydia and Cora to drive to the loft in Stiles' Jeep to save Derek, Isaac, Boyd and Jennifer while he traveled to the bank to save Deaton.

After arriving and finding the electrical controls, Stiles, Lydia and Cora pulled all the levers and turned the power back on, shocking Kali, Derek and Boyd and weakening the three considerably. This infuriated Kali so much that she ordered Ethan and Aiden to hold Derek's clawed hands while she lifted the weakened Boyd and shoved his body against them, causing Derek to involuntarily steal Boyd's powers as he died, unable to heal from his wounds due to the massive electrical shock that he received. Kali warned Derek that she would allow him to live for tonight and gave him until the next full moon to choose either of two things—kill and steal the powers of his remaining Betas to join the Alpha Pack or they would all meet their deaths at the hands of Kali—before she left the loft with the twins.

Derek panicked, not knowing what to do to save Boyd before it was too late and blamed himself for all of this, but Boyd assured him it was not his fault and the last months that he lived as a Werewolf made his life worth it. While dying, Boyd confessed that he wondered what would happen to a Werewolf during a lunar eclipse, he wondered what it would be like for one of them just as Derek gained access to one of his Beta's memories that showed Boyd and Erica during their time as the Alpha Pack's hostages in the First National Bank's vault. Erica was questioning Boyd over what would happen to them in the lunar eclipse and when she hypothesized it would make them stronger, she saw Kali about to leave the vault and declared that she hoped the lunar eclipse would make them stronger as she rose to her feet and, with her eyes glowing bright gold, lunged at the Alpha with all of her strength; but, in the next memory, Erica was seen lying on the floor of the vault, trying to reach Boyd and called out his name just before she died from the injuries that Kali inflicted upon her.

Back in the present, Boyd's dying body collapsed on the flooded floor and he died, before Stiles, Lydia and Cora finally arrived to see what happened. Upon seeing Boyd's lifeless body laying in the water, Cora rushed into the room and began sobbing over the body of the person with whom she developed a close bond while Stiles placed his hand on the shoulder of a grieving and devastated Derek to comfort him.

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, just as Lydia and Aiden were making out in Coach Finstock's office and were arguing over Aiden helping Kali kill Boyd, a Werewolf drew a spiral (the symbol for revenge in the Werewolf culture) with his claws on the door's window.

Aiden came into the boys' locker room, believing Derek to be there to get his revenge on him for his role in the deaths of Boyd and Erica, and demanded he come out and fight him but the Werewolf was actually Derek's sister Cora, who attacked him from behind and proceeded to claw his chest several times.

Aiden quickly began fighting back and grabbed Cora by the throat before shoving her against the floor, where she hit her head in the wall under the sink. Ignoring Lydia's pleas to stop, Aiden grabbed a weight and striked Cora in the temple with it, sending her flying toward Lydia but he was stopped in time by Scott, Stiles and Ethan, who felt his brother's pain and realized he was in trouble. Although Aiden argued it was Cora who came at him, Ethan reminded him that Kali gave Derek until the next full moon to join the Alpha Pack but until there, they were forbidden from attacking him or anyone he cared about. The twins left and Scott, Stiles and Lydia helped Cora.

After washing the blood off her wound, she assured the three members of the future McCall Pack that she would heal. When questioned about the "suicidally-crazy" way that she attacked Aiden, Cora angrily retorted that she did it because she couldn't forgive him and the other Alphas for murdering Boyd and that none of them were doing anything. Despite Scott reminding her they were trying to save their fellow citizens from the Darach, Cora reminded them they were still failing and judged them on their inability to save people before they were killed and deduced their job to be solely finding the bodies of the victims.

Trivia Edit

  • Cora and Boyd were both Beta Werewolves.
  • Boyd received the Bite from Derek while Cora was born as a Werewolf.
  • After Boyd died, Cora attempted to avenge him (as well as Erica) by killing Aiden, but he proved to be more powerful than her and defeated her.
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