Braeden: "He tried to kill Scott!"
Theo: "Technically, I did kill Scott..."
Braeden: "I should kill you."

Braeden is a supporting character in Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5 of Teen Wolf. Braeden was formerly a U.S. Marshal tasked with catching important fugitives but after one of her cases (tracking down the assassin known as the Desert Wolf) led her to obsession, she eventually lost her job, though she somehow retained her badge and credentials. Sometime afterward, Braeden decided to put her skills to use by becoming a mercenary, a career change that allowed her to earn much more money as she completed illegal tasks such as locating, capturing, and/or killing others for anyone who could meet her asking price. She typically puts on a facade by claiming that she'd take any job if the payout was good, often by retorting, "Girl's gotta eat" when others comment on her line of work and the risks she's willing to take. However, Braeden's actions usually tell a different story, as she has been shown to go out of her way to help innocent people who need it (especially the members of the McCall Pack) and without accepting payment for her services.

Due to her alliance with the pack, Braeden has become close friends with Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Malia Tate, and is in a romantic relationship with Derek Hale.

Early life Edit

Very little is known about Braeden's life prior to her introduction in the series, but what has been revealed is that Braeden was at one point a U.S. Marshal, a type of federal agent who tasked with tracking down and capturing dangerous fugitives so they can be tried and sentenced for their crimes.

During her time as a U.S. Marshal, she was tasked with tracking down an extremely dangerous assassin whose true name was unknown to the agency—all that she was given to go on was the codename "the Desert Wolf." Braeden became so obsessed with this case that she eventually lost her job, though she somehow managed to hang onto her badge so she could continue to act as a U.S. Marshal for her cover story. ("Smoke and Mirrors") She seemingly learned about the supernatural some time afterward, including the fact that the Desert Wolf was a Werecoyote, and became a mercenary, a hired gun who would locate, capture, or kill anyone or anything for the right price. She continued to keep an eye on any details about the Desert Wolf while carrying out jobs for other paying customers. During this time, she became very adept at fighting both human and supernatural threats and was known for her effective techniques. ("Tattoo"), ("More Bad Than Good"), ("The Dark Moon")

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

In Tattoo, Braeden made her first appearance on the show in the Season 3A premiere when she was seen saving Isaac Lahey's life by rescuing him from the Alpha Pack's captivity, though her first name wouldn't be learned until Alpha Pact. However, when Braeden and Isaac escaped via motorcycle, they were pursued by the twin Alpha Werewolves Ethan and Aiden on foot, eventually being caught by them when the two were forced to drive through a wall full of windows and into an abandoned warehouse. The twins attempted to take advantage of this accident to capture them both and bring them back to their Alpha Pack.

Fortunately, Braeden was able to save them once again by shooting the recently merged twins with her modified stun gun before she and Isaac passed out from their injuries. Upon being taken to the hospital by paramedics, Braeden, who was in a daze from pain and exhaustion, attempted to tell Melissa McCall that she needed to find the Alpha. Melissa assumed she meant then-Alpha Derek Hale and passed her onto another nurse before Braeden could finish her statement-- "Not Hale. McCall. Scott McCall." This was the first hint of Scott's impending ascension to True Alpha status, and it would be revealed in Alpha Pact that she learned this information from Marin Morrell, who was the one who hired her to save Isaac in the first place.

When Braeden woke up again in her hospital room, she overheard Sheriff Stilinski telling Melissa that Braeden needed to be questioned about both her modified, military-grade stun gun and the $10,000 worth of damage to the building she and Isaac wrecked into, leading Braeden to decide to make her escape before that could happen. She then headed straight for Beacon Hills High School to try to give Scott her warning about the Alpha Pack and the fact that they had captured Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd, but instead of finding him, she ran into his friends Allison Argent and Lydia Martin instead, where she learned that Scott had left school after being called by his mother.

Before she could talk to them more about Scott, she spotted the Alpha Twins staring at her from the end of the hallway, so, at a loss for options, Braeden squeezed the girls' wrists so hard that it left bruises in the shape of the logo of First National Bank, hoping that they could use this hint to pass along the information to Scott about where Boyd and Erica were being held captive. At the end of the episode, Braeden was seen fighting Kali, Ennis, Ethan and Aiden in the high school locker room before Kali hit her in the face with a spinning kick and incapacitated her.

Once she was no longer a physical threat, she was confronted by the Alpha Pack's leader, Deucalion, during which time she confessed to knowing that Deucalion was afraid of Scott and what he would become. Deucalion brushed off this comment and replied that "someone" once told him that "the best way to eliminate a threat was to have someone else do it for you," leading Braeden to correctly assume that he would be manipulating Derek Hale into killing Scott. In answer, Deucalion then clawed open Braeden's throat, and she was presumed to be dead.

Later, at the Hale House ruins, Isaac awakened from the anesthesia he was given at the hospital to find Derek, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski at his bedside. However, when Isaac frantically demanded to know where "the girl" was, neither of the three knew what he was talking about.

In Alpha Pact, though Braeden was not physically present, she was mentioned by Kali and Marin Morrell when the latter admitted that she hired Braeden to rescue Isaac in Tattoo. Once again, Braeden was implied to have been killed by Deucalion.

In More Bad Than Good, Braeden was revealed to have survived her fight with Deucalion (though she still had four long, thick scars that crossed her throat from her left ear to her right collarbone from where Deucalion had clawed her throat out) when she arrived at the Calavera Compound in Mexico to rescue Derek and Peter Hale from Araya and Severo Calavera, members of a prominent Hunter family who were affiliated with the Argents. When the Hales were surprised to see her, she confessed that she had been hired by Deucalion to rescue Derek, and claimed to have no qualms about leaving Peter for dead, though she did end up saving him as well.

After they were freed from their restraints, Braeden helped the men find a Hale family keepsake that the Calaveras hid in a rowan wood box full of mountain ash—a canister made from wood harvested from the Nemeton that had a triskelion carved into the lid and contained the late Talia Hale's claws. After Derek and Peter returned to Beacon Hills, Braeden was not seen for the rest of Season 3B.

In The Dark Moon, after the captured members of the McCall Pack were released from the Calavera Compound by Araya, Braeden arrived and revealed that she had been hired by Araya to help Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, and Malia Tate to locate and rescue Derek Hale, who they believed was being held captive at the ruins of a church known as La Iglesia by Kate Argent. When Stiles' Jeep broke down, Braeden insisted that they needed to get to La Iglesia as quickly as possible, since it would be too dangerous traveling there in the dark. Scott then reluctantly went with Braeden on her motorcycle at Stiles' urging after he assured Scott that the rest of them would catch up.

Braeden and Scott then stopped at the top of a large cliff overlooking the ruins of La Iglesia, where Braeden explained that it was the only building that remained standing after an earthquake hit the region and that the locals believed it survived (though with serious damage to the structure) because the church was built over the remains of an Aztec temple frequented by the Nagual people. Scott, who knew a little about the Nagual, asked her if she meant shapeshifters, and Braeden replied that they were actually Werejaguars before smirking and informing him that she had never made it this far before.

When Scott and Braeden arrived at La Iglesia, the two carefully walked toward the ruined church, where Scott asked Braeden what she planned to do with Kate. Braeden replied that the Calaveras hired her to capture Kate and bring her back to them, which is what she planned to do, but Scott objected to the thought of what the Calaveras would do to her. Braeden reminded him that Kate was a mass murderer, but Scott retorted that Braeden herself was a mercenary, to which Braeden answered, "Girl's gotta eat." When Scott asked her if she would kill Kate if the Calaveras paid her to do so, Braeden claimed that she would kill Scott if the money was good, unnerving him.

They walked into the ruined church and made their way down to the temple underneath, where Braeden teased Scott about the fact that he didn't kiss Kira goodbye, assuming that she was his girlfriend. Scott, unsure of the status of their relationship, insisted that they weren't together, but Braeden simply replied that he should have kissed her before they continued their way through the temple. They were eventually attacked by a Berserker who was under the control of Kate, who gained this power over them due to her transformation into a Werejaguar.

Braeden insisted that Scott stay behind her as she began to shoot at the Berserker with her shotgun, but Scott ignored this advice in favor of jumping in front of her and Alpha roaring at it as loud as he could, which scared it away, much to Braeden's exasperation. The force of the roar also revealed an entrance to a room with the seal of Tezcatlipoca, the werejaguar god, carved into the stone wall, and when Scott sensed that Derek was hidden behind it, he instructed her to stand back so he could punch the wall down. Once he created an opening, they were both shocked to find that Kate had used some kind of magic or mystical forces to de-age Derek back into his sixteen-year-old self. The two then helped the now-teenage Derek outside, where the rest of the pack had just arrived and were just as shocked to find their friend and ally as his younger self.

In Muted, Peter Hale, who was furious and devastated after being robbed of his $117 million in bearer bonds from the Hale Vault, summoned Braeden to Derek's loft so that he, the newly-re-aged Derek, and Braeden could hammer out a deal to find Kate, as they believed her to be behind the heist since she was the one who manipulated the younger Derek into opening the vault in the first place. Derek then watched as Peter and Braeden took turns writing what they believed to be appropriate amounts of payment for Braeden to complete the job.

Peter balked at the minimum price Braeden had set, reminding her that they were trying to capture Kate rather than assassinate the president, but Braeden pointed out that since she had already been hired by the Calaveras to capture Kate, they would have to pay extra to compensate for the dangers in going against them. Eventually, Derek, who was desperate to learn why his Werewolf eyes had turned from blue to gold after returning to his true age, insisted that they would pay whatever she wanted as long as she caught Kate, which Braeden accepted, much to Peter's frustration.

Braeden then posed as a U.S. Marshal at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station in order to get more information about the recent killings of the Wendigo Sean Walcott and his family, as she wasn't sure if Kate was involved or not at the time. Afterward, Braeden returned to the loft to update Derek on what she had learned, including that the Walcotts had been killed with a military tomahawk, and gave him the file she had retrieved. Braeden then informed him that in order to get more information, she would need to go talk to some people who wouldn't talk to "people like him," or Werewolves.

Derek seemed hesitant to trust her to keep her word and reminded her that he didn't know anything about her, but Braeden retorted that not only knew him, she knew what he really wanted, before quoting a Gaelic saying-- "Briseann án dúchas trí shúile an chait," or "The true nature of someone is reflected in their eyes." She went on to say that, in Derek's case, this meant the color of his eyes, which seemed to mollify Derek enough to give her a week to get the information she needed before returning to update him on what she learned. Smirking, Braeden caught her shotgun when Derek tossed it to her and left the apartment to continue her mission.

In Orphaned, Malia and Derek were in the woods searching for Satomi Ito's werewolf pack, where they found nearly a dozen of the members of the pack laying dead in a clearing at Look-Out Point. Just as Derek and Malia were about to leave, they heard someone groaning, and Derek eventually realized that Braeden was seriously hurt from a gunshot to the abdomen and was laying among the dead.

In Weaponized, Derek brought the seriously-injured Breaden to the hospital, where she was treated by Melissa McCall. Derek stayed with Braeden in her hospital room until Melissa came in to wake her up after learning that the high school, where the juniors were taking the PSATs, had been quarantined, causing Scott, Stiles, Kira and Malia to be trapped inside. Melissa assured Braeden that she was safe and taken care of when she woke up startled, but wasted no time asking her what she knew about what happened to Satomi's Pack. Derek interjected that they had been poisoned, but Braeden cut him off and stated that they had actually been infected by a virus that was designed to kill Werewolves, and that it worked exactly as it was supposed to.

Soon after, Braeden was given more pain medicine that allowed her to get more rest, and she was both surprised and pleased when she found Derek still sitting at her bedside when she woke up. When she asked him what he was still doing there, Derek joked that he was protecting his investment, since he had a lot of money riding on her.

In Time of Death, Braeden awakened in Derek's bed at the loft, where she found him sleeping on the nearby couch. She curiously walked over to him and lifted up the hem of his tank top, where she was surprised to find that his bullet grazed him from a run-in with a Deadpool assassin the previous day had yet to heal. Derek awakened a moment later and clapped his hands over hers before asking her what she was doing, and Braeden echoed, "I'm protecting my investment" before asking him why he wasn't healing. Derek evasively replied that some wounds took longer to heal, but Braeden reminded him that that wasn't the case for werewolves and demanded to see his eyes. Derek sighed and rolled over before opening his eyes, which were their normal human green, indicating that his Werewolf powers were dwindling. This worried Braeden so much that she demanded to know what was going on with him.

She was later seen bandaging up Derek's bullet graze and smugly informing him that he needed to keep it clean so it wouldn't get infected. When Derek confessed that he was losing his powers, Braeden seemed worried, though she looked skeptical when he claimed that he was still strong enough to win a fight. She challenged him to an arm-wrestling match to test this claim and promptly cheated by poking him in his bullet graze to overpower him. When Derek called her out for cheating, she pointed out that as a human dealing with the supernatural, she had to learn to bend the rules, and that she was going to teach him to do the same.

Braeden went on to teach Derek the basics of firearms use, though Derek claimed he didn't like guns because he had been shot with them so many times in his life. Despite this protest, Braeden continued to explain how to load the gun, keep track of the bullets shot, and when it was the right time to use a gun based on the distance between him and the person he was fighting. She then handed him a 9mm Sig Sauer and instructed him to try to pull the gun on her, but when he lifted the gun to aim it at her, she disarmed him in seconds. He had similar results on the second try but insisted he wanted to try again, causing Braeden to flirtatiously retort that she could do this all day. Instead of pulling the gun on her, Derek lunged forward and kissed her passionately, catching Braeden off-guard and allowing him to press the barrel of the gun against her rib cage. When Braeden called him out for cheating, Derek retorted that he was learning to bend, and the two stared at each other seductively for a long moment before they began to make out again. Derek then lifted her up onto the table as they began to have sex, beginning their romantic relationship.

In Perishable, Braeden once again posed as a U.S. Marshal in order to interrogate Deputy Haigh, who had unsuccessfully attempted to kill Jordan Parrish in order to gain his Deadpool bounty of $5 million. He evaded her attempt to get more information about who he was working with and instead asked her where she got her scars. She answered honestly, informing him that she got them from a werewolf before smugly asking him how he broke his nose. Before Haigh could ask her what she meant by that, she punched him in the face, scaring him enough to give her the information about his co-conspirators and who they were planning to kill on the Deadpool hit-list next.

This information allowed Braeden and Derek to get to Beacon Hills High School just in time to find Haigh's accomplices, who were security guards at the lacrosse team bonfire, dousing Scott, Liam, and Malia in gasoline and preparing to set them on fire in order to earn the $47 million total that they were worth on the Deadpool. Knowing they couldn't use guns without risking catching the teens on fire, Braeden and Derek used hand-to-hand combat in order to defeat the security guards except for the leader, who Braeden was forced to kill to prevent him from shooting Scott, Liam, and Malia.

In Smoke and Mirrors, after learning that Scott and Kira had been captured by Kate and brought to La Iglesia, Braeden and Derek gathered up all the firearms and ammunition they could in preparation to go to Mexico to rescue them. When Derek admitted that he still wasn't comfortable using human weapons, Braeden assured him that it was understandable that he missed his powers. Derek insisted that it wasn't about power as much as it was about being able to help, and being without his powers made him feel helpless. Braeden smirked at him and reminded him that she was human before asking him if she looked helpless to him, but Derek made it clear that he wasn't disparaging humans, just himself with human powers. Braeden then realized that Derek didn't think he was going to survive the fight and told him that she was not okay with him dying, but Derek said he was willing to sacrifice himself if it meant saving Scott and Kira before he and Braeden started to make out.

After Peter insisted that they were going to need help to go against Kate and two Berserkers, Braeden obtained a prison transport van using her cover as a U.S. Marshal so that they could use it to lock up Liam, who had yet to learn to control himself on the full moon. Braeden was put in charge of driving the transport van while Derek and Stiles worked together to keep Liam contained and under control. However, when the moon rose, Liam began to lose his grip over his transformation and broke out of his restraints, making it difficult for Braeden to keep the van from running off the road.

Fortunately, Stiles and Derek were able to help Liam regain control just as they arrived at La Iglesia, where they all departed from the vehicle. However, Braeden was horrified when one of Kate's Berserkers immediately attacked Derek and stabbed him multiple times in the stomach. She pulled out her shotgun and shot at the Berserker until it fled before rushing over to Derek to see if he was okay. Derek urged the others, including Peter and Malia, to go ahead without him and save Scott, while Braeden stayed outside with him. She promised Derek that he would be okay, but Derek reminded her that it was a mortal wound, and since he didn't have his werewolf powers, he stated that he was feeling pretty mortal.

When Braeden heard Kate and the Berserkers approaching, she asked Derek if he could still pull a trigger, and when he said he could, she gave him her spare gun to defend himself while she staked Kate out. She ultimately ran out of shotgun shells when she was shooting at them, which allowed one of the Berserkers to grab her in a choke-hold. Kate asked her how much the Calaveras paid her to come after her, causing Braeden to sarcastically gasp through the choke-hold that she was paid way more than Kate was worth, which made Kate laugh. Braeden was ultimately saved by the timely arrival of Araya and Severo Calavera, along with dozens of fellow Calavera Hunters, Chris Argent, and Jordan Parrish, who immediately began shooting at Kate and the Berserkers. They were forced to let go of Braeden and flee, allowing her to reload her shotgun and rejoin the fight.

When she went to go check on Derek, she was devastated to find him seemingly dead and wept over his body for several moments until she ultimately rejoined the fight with renewed fury at Kate and her Berserkers for seemingly killing Derek. However, just as Braeden saw Kate about to kill Araya, they were all distracted by the sound of an animal howling nearby. They turned to find a true black wolf hop over a fence and lunge toward Kate, and when Braeden looked back over at where Derek had died, she was shocked to find that his body was gone. When the wolf's eyes turned bright blue, Braeden realized with relief that it was actually Derek, who had somehow fully-shifted in order to maul Kate. When he stopped, he shifted back into his (naked) human form, and Braeden watched as Kate stammered that she thought he was dead. Derek replied that he was evolving, which is something she would never do, and Braeden looked at him proudly.

After the battle was won and the McCall Pack allies and the Calaveras were packing up their things, Derek assumed that Braeden wasn't actually a real U.S. Marshal, but Braeden surprised him by admitting that she actually was once, but had lost her job when a case of tracking down a fugitive became an obsession. When Derek asked her who the fugitive was, Braeden admitted that she never knew her true identity, only her codename—the Desert Wolf. Afterward, Derek and Braeden presumably left Beacon Hills together in order to seek her out.

In Dreamcatchers, Braeden was mentioned by Stiles during a conversation with Scott, when Stiles admitted that Braeden had sent him photographs of the Desert Wolf's most recent victims, supporting the assumption that she was tracking down Malia's biological mother. Stiles would later show Malia the same photos Braeden sent and explained to her the little Braeden had mentioned about the men who were killed.

In Status Asthmaticus, Braeden returned to Beacon Hills just in time to save Malia from a part-Berserker Chimera named Noah Patrick, who had lost control of his transformation and who Braeden shot with a taser-dart. Once Noah had fled from them in fear, Braeden asked Malia who her attacker was before bringing her outside to inform her of why she was really there—because the Desert Wolf knew Malia was alive and was heading to Beacon Hills to come for her.

In Damnatio Memoriae, Braeden was seen at the Tate Ranch, where she and Malia were forcibly interrogating Kassian, a member of the Soviet Special Forces, in order to gain information of the Desert Wolf. When it became clear that physical torture would not cause him to talk, Braeden bribed him with $10,000, after which point Kassian began to speak freely about what he knew. He informed Braeden and Malia that the Desert Wolf was last seen at the border between the United States and Canada, and explained that she would be avoiding traveling by plane and being seen on surveillance cameras unless absolutely necessary before revealing that she also had a hostage-- Alan Deaton, the Emissary of the McCall Pack who she had captured in Russia in Ouroboros.

In The Sword and the Spirit, Braeden, Malia and Theo met at the Deaton's clinic in order to go over their plan to stop the Desert Wolf and get Alan Deaton back. Braeden immediately voiced her reservations about this plan; she was uneasy about the fact that she didn't know the layout of Fort Jewett, where Deaton was being held, hostage, but most of all, she refused to work with Theo due to his role in killing Scott, and so she aimed her shotgun as a threat to kill him herself for this crime. Braeden was still not happy about this arrangement but ultimately agreed to help. She also informed them of what she knew about the Desert Wolf, which was that at some point many years earlier, she had lost part of her powers, which made her less strong and fast than a normal werecoyote. According to Braeden, this is what led the Desert Wolf to take up firearms, and she is now a perfect shot.

Braeden accompanied Theo and Malia to Fort Jewett, where she used night-vision binoculars to find that there were no guards at the outside entrances. Worried about the dangers that could be awaiting them inside, Braeden admitted she was uncomfortable with this plan, but Malia insisted that they came too far to turn back. Braeden reminded Malia that they don't know anything about her mother's plans, and could either be there because she missed Malia all this time or because she wants to put a bullet in her head. Malia was undeterred, forcing Braeden to reluctantly follow her and Theo inside. Braeden's worries were soon proven to be correct when Theo, who was working with the Desert Wolf all along (in exchange for Belasko's talons, which she had stolen from Deaton when she captured him), knocked Braeden out and used her shotgun to weaken Malia by shooting her in the stomach. She remained unconscious through most of the battle between Malia and her mother, during which time the Desert Wolf (whose first name, Corinne, was revealed by Deaton) confirmed Braeden's earlier statements about her loss of power by explaining to Malia had taken part of her powers in childbirth.

Braeden awakened near the end of the battle, when the Beast of Gevaudan arrived, worrying Corinne enough to flee and allow Malia to rescue Deaton despite her injuries. Braeden's wounds were then treated at the animal clinic, where she, Malia, and Deaton were found by Scott and Liam.

In A Credible Threat, Braeden stayed the night at the McCall House with Malia in order to protect Malia from the Desert Wolf in case she came for Malia before the full moon, which Deaton said was the only time she could take back the power Malia inadvertently took from her. She was supported in this task as a bodyguard by Melissa McCall, who "locked" them into the house with Mountain Ash to ensure that the Desert Wolf couldn't come in. She's assisting in protecting Malia from the Desert Wolf who could be coming for her at any time.

In Maid of Gévaudan, Braeden received a phone call from a frantic Malia, which informed her that the Beast of Gevaudan had arrived at the high school and that she needed to bring all of her shotguns to give them back up. Braeden, along with Liam and Malia saved Scott from being killed by the Beast by intervening in the fight and shooting at the Beast until he fled. Afterward, once Liam and Malia got Scott back to his feet, Braeden exasperatedly asked him if he really thought he was going to be able to take the Beast on by himself, but Scott sheepishly responded that he knew he couldn't; however, he succeeded in getting the Beast's scent so they could finally figure out the identity of the Beast's Chimera vessel-- Mason Hewitt.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills Braeden, along with Malia, showed up at the McCall House to warn Stiles that the Desert Wolf would be coming after him due to his close ties with Malia. When Stiles suggested that he should have a gun in order to protect himself, Braeden immediately insisted that she was not going to give him a gun, but when Stiles and Malia argued in favor of Stiles being able to protect himself, Braeden sighed, pulled out one of her backup guns, removed the clip, and tossed it to Stiles. When Stiles comically fumbled with the unloaded weapon before finally dropping it on the ground on accident, Braeden gave Stiles an "I told you so" look before Stiles agreed that he probably shouldn't have a gun.

Later that evening, Braeden created a new Mountain Ash barrier to prevent the Desert Wolf from being able to enter in order to keep Malia safe from her once again. Malia found Braeden munching on a dish of pistachios and gave her a look, but when Braeden offered her some, Malia rolled her eyes and declined, watching as Braeden neatly lined the shells up on the table. Malia sensed something wrong upstairs sometime later and shouted out to Braeden to warn her, which was when Braeden saw Tracy Stewart, the Werewolf-Kanima Chimera who broke the barrier so that the Desert Wolf could enter the home.

Fortunately for them, Braeden anticipated this and sprinkled her pistachio shells on the floor so that when the Desert Wolf entered the room, she would hear her and have the advantage. When the Desert Wolf crushed the shells as expected, Braeden leaped into the room and struggled to disarm her, eventually wrenching the gun from her grip and using it to briefly knock the Desert Wolf unconscious. She was then out long enough for Braeden to get out of the house, hide on the porch, and fix the Mountain Ash barrier so that Malia and Corinne were locked in together.

In Apotheosis, Braeden continued to wait outside the front door on the porch with the Desert Wolf's own assault rifle, waiting for her chance to take the assassin down herself if Malia got into trouble. When Corinne made her way around a corner to go upstairs where Malia was hiding, Braeden saw an opportunity and took a shot, which Corinne was able to dodge. She then informed Braeden that though she missed this time, she would be given another chance, though she urged her to make sure it was a headshot. Later on, Braeden tried once again to kill Corinne, but was shot in the process and forced to take cover on the porch to prevent further injury. She managed to hang on long enough for Malia to drain her mother's powers using Belasko's talons, and once she knew Corinne was powerless, she hit her in the head with the butt of her gun and knocked her out. She then shared a smile with Malia when they heard Stiles ask for help in removing the shard of glass from his shoulder, relieved that their battle was over.


Braeden is an incredibly strong-willed individual, who is a fierce fighter and who allows nothing to hold her back. She is a firm believer in bending the rules to gain the advantage in fights against those with powers; she's a fighter and she allows nothing to hold her back, not even the fact that she's a human in a supernatural world. She's extremely confident, intelligent, crafty, well-trained in combat and weaponry, and she possesses a no-nonsense personality that makes her refuse to take any kind of negativity from others.

Despite her claims that she would kill anyone, including Scott McCall, if the money was good, her actions indicate the opposite—she feels compelled to defend the innocent and has proven her loyalty to the McCall Pack on numerous instances, even threatening to kill Theo Raeken after learning that he had killed Scott, though fortunately, he was resurrected shortly afterward. As a result, she is considered a true ally to the pack and those who aid them.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Braeden is an attractive young woman with medium-toned brown skin and dark brown hair and eyes. She's taller than most women at 5'8" and has a lean, athletic build that demonstrates her nature as a fighter. After her battle against Deucalion and his Alpha Pack, Braeden now has four long, deep scars from her left ear to her right collarbone from where Deucalion clawed her throat, but this does nothing to take away from her beauty. Her style of dress is edgy and typical of those acting as mercenaries, tending to wear black leather pants and jackets with shirts in neutral colors. However, she has shown that she can also adapt to business formal dress when necessary as part of her cover as a U.S. Marshal, allowing her to blend in with law enforcement officers to gain the information she needs.


Braeden, as a human, has no supernatural powers, but this does not mean that she is helpless. Due to her history as a federal agent and her new career as a mercenary, Braeden is highly trained in combat and in weaponry, especially with regards to firearms, such as her weapon of choice, the shotgun. She is also just as effective with makeshift weapons, as evidenced in her fight against the Alpha Pack, when she managed to hold off Ethan, Aiden, Ennis, and Kali while armed with nothing more than a broken-off mop handle used as an improvised wooden staff until Kali finally defeated her with a clawed spinning kick to the face. Her willingness to bend the rules and take advantage of any opportunity to gain the upper-hand in battle against supernatural creatures has allowed her to help defeat such villains as the Desert Wolf, as well as human enemies such as the Deadpool assassins, which allowed her to save numerous members of the McCall Pack.

Not only is she an excellent fighter, but she's very accomplished at extracting information, whether its through bribery or physical torture. She is skilled at being stealthy, and has shown that she has the ability to escape from many different environments, such as when she fled Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital while being guarded by several armed Sheriff's deputies. In addition to these skills, she has a good working knowledge of the law as a former federal agent and has some experience with offensive driving, which she demonstrated when she was trying to get herself and Isaac Lahey to safety during her first appearance on the series. In other words, Braeden is seen as such an effective mercenary that she was even hired by the Calaveras, a family of Hunters who are more than capable of doing their own work when necessary, which further supports Braeden's value as a fighter and a mercenary.


Client Objective Status Target
S2 Morrell at her desk Save Isaac from the Alpha Pack Completed 3x06 Isaac in motel roomIsaac Lahey
Braeden was hired by Ms. Morrell to get Issac to safety before the Alphas could kill him. She showed up on her motorcycle, revived him, and then drove off with Isaac on the back. They were attacked by Ethan and Aiden but Braeden still managed to defeat them.("Tattoo")
Client Objective Status Target
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 14 The Sword and the Spirit Deucalion captured by chimera pack Save Derek from the the Calaveras Completed 4x05 Derek yellow eyesDerek Hale
After discovering that Derek had been taken by a Mexican family of hunters known as the Calaveras, Braeden broke into their house, where she found Derek and his uncle Peter chained up to a fence and being tortured with electricity. She then incapacitated the Calaveras, freed both Derek and Peter from their restraints (despite Peter not being part of her mission), and helped the two find the Triskelion urn before they fled.("More Bad Than Good")
Client Objective Status Target
Dark Moon Araya smirk Find and capture Kate Uncompleted Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 12 Smoke & Mirrors Kate fightsKate Argent
Braeden was hired by the Calaveras to assist Scott McCall and his pack, as they wanted to find the missing Derek Hale, and Braeden had orders from the Calaveras to find Kate Argent, who had recently become a Werejaguar and who was believed to have captured Derek. Braeden and Scott then traveled to a temple in Mexico called La Iglesia, where they were nearly attacked by a Berserker. Though they found and rescued Derek, Braeden was unsuccessful at finding Kate. ("The Dark Moon")
Client Objective Status Target
Derek hale smiling Find and capture Kate Uncompleted 4x11 Kate ArgentKate Argent
Derek invited Braeden to the loft, offering her a large sum of money in order to convince her to abandon her original deal to find Kate for the Calaveras and instead find Kate for him in exchange for a larger sum of money. Braeden then realized that Derek wanted to find Kate to figure out why his werewolf eyes changed from blue to gold. However, Braeden was ultimately unsuccessful in finding Kate once again, as she and Derek became preoccupied by newly-revealed the Deadpool when the two began working to protect those on the list from assassins attempting to get paid with the Hale Vault money. ("Muted")
Client Objective Status Target
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 14 The Sword and the Spirit Malia eyes and fangs Find the Desert Wolf Completed 5x17 The Desert WolfThe Desert Wolf
Braeden was hired by Malia to gather information on her mother, Corinne, better known as the Desert Wolf. During the mission, Braeden learned that Corinne was good at her job as an assassin. Braeden also discovered that some time ago, Corinne lost some of her power. Braeden was ultimately successful in helping Malia track down the Desert Wolf, and Malia was able to take the rest of her mother's power by using Belasko's power-stealing talons. ("Dreamcatchers")


  • Shotguns
  • Handguns
  • SIG Sauer P226 9mm
  • Modified military-grade stun-gun
  • Black motorcycle

Etymology Edit

  • Braeden: Braeden is a variant of the originally masculine given name Braden, which is popular in the United States and Canada. Its origin is from the British Isles from two ancient sources. The first source is derived from the Celtic surname Ó Bradáin, meaning "descendant of Bradán," with Bradán itself being derived from an Irish Gaelic word meaning "salmon." This is because the transformation of humans into animal forms was very common in Celtic mythology and literature, which is why large classes of early Irish names are derived from animal names; it was thought that the bearer of such names would gain the powers of qualities of that animal, and the salmon was a particularly important creature associated with wisdom and reverence. The second source is that Braden has a strong Saxon origin and is most commonly found in the English county of Sussex. The name has many alternate spellings and has evolved into a unisex name rather than simply a masculine one.


  • According to Meagan Tandy and Tyler Hoechlin, the actors for Braeden and Derek, the two characters are still happily in a relationship.
  • With Meagan Tandy currently involved in two television shows, UnREAL on the Lifetime Network and Survivor's Remorse on Showtime Network, Tandy had been unable to return to Teen Wolf for Season 6[1]




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