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[It is the middle of the night, in the pouring rain, as a man in a black leather jacket rushes toward a police cruiser and gets inside before he gets too wet. It's Argent, who, after getting settled in the passenger seat, quickly becomes alarmed when the man he's meeting, a Brazilian policia named Gilberto, immediately points a gun at him]

ARGENT: Is that really necessary?

[Gilberto looks at Argent as though he thinks he's crazy]

GILBERTO: An Argent asks me to meet him in the middle of the night? I bring a gun. Now, how about you put yours on the dashboard where I can see it?

[Argent looks at his contact with exasperation before reaching for his right inner jacket pocket with his left hand, only to be given a gruff warning]

GIBERTO: Slowly. Please.

[Argent, maintaining eye contact with his jumpy acquaintance, slowly pulls out the handgun in his waistband and holds it up with an expression that silently says, "Are you satisfied now?" before he sets it on the dashboard as instructed]


[Gilberto eyes Argent warily]

GILBERTO: Let's not forget the sidearm in your waistband.

[Argent sighs and once again slowly reaches for the smaller handgun at his left hip and sets it gently onto the dashboard as well, but Gilberto's expression is still skeptical]

GILBERTO: The blade in your sleeve?

[Argent rolls his eyes and attempts to lie his way out of the situation]

ARGENT: You think I have a knife up my sleeve?

[Gilbert smirks slightly as he continues to stare at him. Argent, knowing he's caught, reluctantly retrieves the switchblade from the inside of his left sleeve and flicks it open]

ARGENT: Do you want to leave me completely defenseless?

[Gilberto rolls his eyes before he retorts]

GILBERTO: You're lucky I'm not handcuffing you to the door.

[Argent sighs and sets the blade onto the dash with the rest of his weapons and looks at him with a questioning look before speaking up in a sarcastic tone]


[Gilberto nods, and Argent reaches into his left inner jacket pocket and reveals an envelope that is full of cash in large bills, which seems to appall him]

GILBERTO: Are you trying to insult me with a bribe?
ARGENT: [scoffs] It's payment for anyone willing to give information.
GILBERTO: You're going to have to give more than this if you want anyone to talk.

[Gilberto shakes this envelope to emphasize his point]

GILBERTO: And it's not about greed.

[Argent doesn't seem surprised by this response]

GILBERTO: Superstition.

[This turn in the conversation piques Argent's interest]

ARGENT: What kind?
GILBERTO: You don't want to know.

[Argent smirks wryly at him]

ARGENT: Capitao, I came here specifically to find out things I don't want to know. Tell me what everyone's so afraid of down here. You might be surprised at how open-minded I can be.

[Gilberto sighs and braces himself for the story as he sets down the cash on the center console]

GILBERTO: It began with a mass murder.

[Gilberto continues to tell his story in voiceover as the scene cuts back and forth between his and Argent's conversation and flashbacks to a Brazilian warehouse district at least several weeks ago]


[Outside of an abandoned warehouse, an old, run-down car is in flames in the parking area outside. A man in black boots, a dark pair of fitted jeans, and a maroon tshirt slowly walks toward the warehouse]

GILBERTO: [voiceover] We found twelve bodies. No identities. No suspects. No clues.

[The man walks up the stairs to the front landing, where a large number of male bodies are found laying on the cement, as though they were pinned down and executed. As the man gets closer, he notices that the bodies have been burned to a variety of degrees, most of which involved charred black skin and clothing that had been burned to almost nothing. Small fires and smoldering piles of rubble surround them]

GILBERTO: [voiceover] We started an investigation, bringing in every available man to find the killers, but we weren't the only one's looking]

[The man continues to walk past the pile of bodies; as he passes, the camera pans in on one of the deceased's hands, which still have their claws extending, indicating that the bodies are of murdered Werewolves]

GILBERTO: [voiceover] Someone else wanted to know who had done this. Someone who wanted to find the killers more than we did.

[The man's hand reaches out and touches a splatter of blood on the corrugated metal wall of the inside of the warehouse. Clearly upset, the man's hand squeezes itself into a fist]

GILBERTO: [voiceover] Someone angry... Very angry.

[The low rumble of a growl is heard just as the scene cuts to a nearby room, where three men are in the middle of a business deal among just as many cars covered in tarps. Several other men with guns stand watch at the various doors in the rundown building. A man with long black hair and a graying beard, who seems to be the leader, is in the middle of loading his revolver as the other two men lift a series of short, wide wooden crate from the floor and set them on the table in front of them]

[The leader looks over at one of the guards, armed with both an assault rifle and several handguns loaded in his thigh holsters, who is leaning against a nearby support column, before returning to what he was doing. The guard suddenly goes on high alert when he hears a slamming noise behind him, but just as he turns to investigate, the mysterious man grabs him from behind and throws him across the adjacent room. The sound of the man's grunts of pain startle the leader, who once again looks up from servicing his gun and slowly saunters toward the door]

GILBERTO: [voiceover] He came in broad daylight, attacking in silence.

[When the leader doesn't see anything amiss, he lowers his guard, only to find that one of his men is being dragged in the opposite direction of him as another flies across the room and lands on a pile of wooden pallets and burlap sacks of sugar]


[The leader instinctively lunges for where he has an assault rifle sitting on a table and begins attempting to aim it at the mysterious man, who is rushing behind a large assortment of wooden pallets stacked in the middle of the room. Unable to keep up with his speed, the leader begins shooting in hopes of making a direct hit]

GILBERTO: [voiceover] They said he moved with impossible speed, his teeth as sharp as razors.

[The leader sees the mysterious man leaping over a pile of the pallets and tries to follow him on foot]

GILBERTO: [voiceover] He stood more than eight feet tall.


[Argent narrows his eyes, clearly skeptical of the truthfulness of the story]

ARGENT: Eight feet?
GILBERTO: [shrugs] Small towns-- big superstitions.

[Argent closes his eyes and sighs before getting back to the story]

ARGENT: What happened next?


[The leader is frantically trying to reload his weapon when suddenly, the mysterious man appears before him and forcefully shoves him backwards]

GILBERTO: [voiceover] It came at the men with incredible strength.


[Gilberto looks down at his lap with a solemn expression]

GILBERTO: What happened then... was deshumano [Brazilian Portuguese for "inhuman"]

[Gilberto finally meets Argent's line of sight]

GILBERTO: They said his eyes glowed.

[This detail seems to rouse Argent from his bored and exasperated state]


[Gilberto looks awestruck at this response]

GILBERTO: You've seen them.
ARGENT: [nods] Up close.
GILBERTO: So you believe it, too. You believe in Werewolves.

[Argent sighs and looks away for a moment before he answers]

ARGENT: I believe in Derek Hale.


[The scene cuts back to the flashback, where Derek, the mysterious men pursuing the killers of the Werewolves at the factory, appears from behind a large steel barrel as he slowly makes his way toward the leader of the criminals, who is now on his back on the ground and frantically cowering away from him as the glowing blue light fades from Derek's eyes]

LEADER: [pleadingly] Please don't kill me! Please, no! Let me go!

[Derek sighs and scowls at him, clearly impatient with the man]

DEREK: Say it.
LEADER: [whispers] Lobisomem. Wolf-man!
DEREK: So you know what I can do.

[Just then, the two lackeys appear behind Derek, one in front aiming an assault rifle at the back of his head, and the other close behind with a handgun. Before they can even process it, Derek stands, pivots on his heel, and shoves the first lackey so hard in the chest that he flies backward and takes the second one down with him as well]


[Derek rolls his eyes and kneels back down in front of the leader, not wasting any time to get answers from him]

DEREK: Why are you hunting Werewolves?

[The leader is so terrified of Derek that he immediately gives up what information he has]

LEADER: Because of you! He wants you. He doesn't care about the others-- he only wants you.

[Derek continues scowling but doesn't seem surprised by this news]


[When the man doesn't answer, Derek partially wolfs-out, flashing his fangs and glowing blue eyes as he lunges forward and pins the leader down to the cement floor with a clawed hand, roaring menacingly in his face. Derek's voice takes on a deeper tone when he speaks again]

DEREK: Who wants me?

[The leader continues to cower and shake under Derek's hold]


GILBERTO: They all said the same thing: Gerard.

[Argent sighs and looks away at this revelation, though he, like Derek, does not seem surprised by what Gilberto has to say. He quickly begins loading his weapons back into his waistband and jacket pockets]

ARGENT: I need to find Derek Hale.

[Gilberto looks at Argent as though he's lost his mind]

GILBERTO: You can't just find him. They said he turned into a wolf and disappeared into the fog!

[Argent rolls his eyes in exasperation]

ARGENT: He drove a car.
GILBERTO: [scoffs] The lobisomem drives no car.

[Argent stares Gilberto in the eyes]

ARGENT: Trust me-- he drove.


[After all of the men have been incapacitated, Derek is about ready to leave the warehouse when suddenly, he catches the sight of one of the covered-up cars in a nearby mirror. The corner of his mouth quirks up in a half-smile as he walks over to the car and rips off the tarp, revealing a black Camaro, just like the one he used to drive, underneath it. Derek's face lights up as he gets an idea]

[The scene then cuts to outside of the factory, where Derek is seen driving the Camaro at high speeds from inside the factory, smashing through the front doors and doing a donut in the gravel parking area before he drives off]


[In the present day, Gilberto has brought Argent to the scene of the Werewolf pack murders. The abandoned mill is covered in police crime scene tape, which Argent and Gilberto are forced to step over in order to make it to where the murders occurred]

GILBERTO: There were twelve bodies. Interpol put out a red alert for Derek Hale. Who would believe me if I tried to tell them the truth?

[Argent, who seems to be on high alert as he keeps his right hand hovering over the handgun in his waistband, notices something on the nearby corrugated metal wall (the same wall Derek noticed in the flashbacks) and walks toward it. When he is able to see the whole thing for himself, he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, clearly despondent about what it means. Gilberto frowns in concern as he joins Argent in front of the wall]

GILBERTO: Do you know it?
ARGENT: It's where all of this started...

[The camera turns so we can see the wall from Argent and Gilberto's perspective-- the words "BEACON HILLS" are written in large letters on the steel wall in the blood of the slain Werewolves]

ARGENT: ...And where it's all going to end.



[Monroe has gathered all of the Hunter army and their new recruits to the armory, where they are watching as she tortures Ethan, who is bound to the metal gate and is being electrocuted where Theo, Jiang, and Tierney were tortured several episodes earlier. Ethan, whose fangs are out, looks exhausted and in agony as he catches his breath when the shock subsides, his face covered in blood from his time in captivity]


[Monroe dramatically steps out of the shadows where she was originally standing as she begins her spiel]

MONROE: Take a good look. We keep that current of electricity coursing through him because otherwise, he'd break through his bindings. Because otherwise, he'd break free and kill us.

[Monroe walks to the front of the crowd, which notably includes the McCall Pack's classmate, Sydney, Gabe, and Nolan, among several dozens others. She stops when she's less than a foot away from Ethan and looks him in the eyes with a sneer. Ethan, not impressed, growls back at her]

ETHAN: I'd start with you.

[As if in response, Monroe starts to electrocute Ethan again, causing him to roar in pain]


[Monroe turns her back to Ethan so she can face the crowd, her distraction giving him a few moments of relief from the electricity]

MONROE: The people who came before us used arrows and crossbows to fight them.

[Monroe holds up a simple arrow to emphasize her point]

MONROE: This is all they had to protect themselves-- a sliver of wood.

[Monroe turns back toward Ethan and grabs him by the wrist]

MONROE: While he has claws that can cut into bone, and fangs to tear us apart! He's stronger, faster, and his ability to heal can only be described as extraordinary.

[Monroe lets go of Ethan before scanning the crowd, finally stopping when she sees Sydney. She points at her with the arrow in his hand]


[Sydney looks around before realizing that Monroe is talking to her, a realization that causes her to become somewhat shy and uncomfortable]

MONROE: What's your name?
SYDNEY: Sydney...

[Monroe walks closer to Sydney to talk to her. In the background, Nolan looks anxious and twitchy]

MONROE: You've seen them up close.

[Monroe continues when Sydney remains silent]

MONROE: Don't be shy.

[Sydney takes a deep breath before she tells her story]

SYDNEY: There was a lacrosse game... We got trapped in the library.
MONROE: And what did you do?

[Sydney looks embarrassed]

SYDNEY: Nothing. All we could do was hide.

[Monroe nods, expecting this answer due to having been in the same position with the Beast, and smiles at her fakely as she puts a reassuring hand on her shoulder]

MONROE: It's okay, Sydney. I did the same thing... Until I got tired of hiding.

[Monroe lets go of Sydney and starts speaking louder again, addressing the rest of the crowd]

MONROE: Tired of being afraid. And I decided it's their turn to be afraid!

[To emphasize her point, Monroe walks over to Ethan and stabs him in the abdomen with the arrow]


[Everyone in the crowd seems to mutter in agreement with Monroe, aside from Sydney, who looks conflicted about this, and Nolan, who flinches and looks away, something that doesn't escape Gabe's notice]

MONROE: It's their turn!

[Monroe continues her speech in voiceover as the scene cuts to various other locations in Beacon Hills]


[At the MARTIN HOUSE, Lydia is in her four-poster bed, where she is tossing and turning under the covers, clearly in the middle of a premontory dream as she clutches at her pillow]

MONROE: [voiceover] Their turn to hide.


[Scott and Malia are laying in Scott's bed at the MCCALL HOUSE, Malia still mostly-naked after the two had sex in the previous episode, and they appear to be sound asleep until Scott suddenly senses something that awakens him with a start. Frowning, Scott gently removes Malia's hand from his chest and gets up, walking toward the window and looking outside in hopes of finding out what is causing this feeling]

MONROE: [voiceover] Their turn to feel alone!

[Scott walks down the hall and the staircase before making his way into the living room on the first floor. Suddenly, he focuses on something and his eyes flash bright crimson as he uses his enhanced sight to help him]


[Stilinski has just been pulled over in his car by Deputy Ferrell, who walks up to his car. Stilinski, clearly uneasy about having been pulled over, looks at Ferrell warily]

STILINSKI: Deputy Ferrell... Is there a problem?

[Ferrell sighs and shrugs]

FERRELL: No, sir.
STILINSKI: [frowns] Why'd you pull me over?
FERRELL: To give you some advice-- stay out of the way. We're not coming for you.

[Stilinski pauses for a brief moment and considers this before he responds]

STILINSKI: If you're coming for my friends, you're coming for me.

[Ferrell seems surprised by this answer and raises an eyebrow at Stilinski as the Sheriff starts his car and prepares to drive away]


[Scott has now walked into the kitchen, where the stress of the sensation of fear and tension causes him to sigh exhaustedly and look at the floor. After a moment, Scott hears a noise behind him and turns to find Malia, wearing only her underwear and one of Scott's flannel shirts, who puts her arm around him]


[At the armory, Monroe continues her speech to the other Hunters]

MONROE: Their turn to be hunted.

[The scene cuts to a gated room, where the newly-merged Anuk-ite seems to be both listening and inflicting his fear-inducement powers on all who are gathered there]

MONROE: I was alone when I killed that Hellhound-- a creature they said couldn't be killed.

[Under the influence of the Anuk-ite's powers, the crowd starts to clap and cheer in response to Monroe's words, which does nothing but make Nolan even more uncomfortable]

MONROE: You know who else was alone?

[Monroe looks over at Nolan, who is barely containing his anxiety and panic over what he's done by involving himself in this army]

MONROE: Nolan.

[Monroe beckons toward her with her hand]

NOLAN: Come here.

[Gabe, whose blank expression prevents Nolan from being able to tell what is about to happen, pushes Nolan toward Monroe]

MONROE: You wanna know what Nolan did?

[When Nolan joins her in the front, Monroe rests her left hand on his shoulder while Ethan, still exhausted and panting in the background, listens in horror, the arrow still sticking out of the left side of his abdomen]

MONROE: On his own, late at night, he risked his life to try to take out Scott McCall-- the Alpha.

[Monroe squeezes Nolan's shoulders affectionately as the Hunters in the crowd all nod and mumble, impressed by this news]

MONROE: This sixteen-year-old boy put enough bullets in that house, I'm surprised it's still standing!

[Monroe looks out at the crowd with a smile. Most of the Hunters are cheering and fist-pumping in glee, but Sydney looks uncomfortable at this brutality, and Gabe looks jealous that Nolan is getting the praise when it was actually he who was behind the McCall House shooting. After a moment of applause, Monroe gestures downward with her hands to indicate she'd like to continue]

MONROE: You won't have to be alone.

[Monroe turns backward and flips up a nearby switch, turning on the overhead lights in the room so that all of the guns and other weapons on the shelves around them are visible to the others]

MONROE: Thanks to Gerard, you have an armory-- guns, weapons... And, most of all, you have each other.

[Ethan, still panting from exhaustion, starts to panic at where this speech is heading, but Monroe simply ignores him]

MONROE: I don't wanna pretend that this will be easy. I know it goes against our nature as protectors. But, you're going to have to be like Nolan and Sydney. Keep their bravery in mind as you step out tonight and do what you know you have to do.

[Monroe suddenly sneers and turns back to Ethan, rushing toward him and ripping the arrow out of his side with such force that a small geyser of blood flies out, causing him to once again roar in agony]


[Monroe holds the bloody arrow up above her head as nearly everyone in the room cheers, claps, and fist-pumps loudly. After a moment, Monroe beckons Sydney toward her]

MONROE: Sydney.

[Sydney, looking uneasy, slowly walks toward Monroe, who squeezes her hand tightly]

MONROE: Get him out of here.

[When Monroe lets go of Sydney's hand, she sees that the army's leader has placed the keys to Ethan's shackles into her palm. Sydney, eager not to do more harm to Ethan, gently unlocks his shackles as she does what she's told. Monroe then gets a strange look on her face before she turns to Nolan, who is shifting anxiously from one foot to the other and generally looking conflicted about where he stands, metaphorically and literally. Monroe holds the blood-coated arrow out to Nolan, who gingerly takes it from her]

MONROE: You, too.

[Nolan forces himself to join Sydney in hauling Ethan out of the room; though Monroe didn't explicitly say it, it is implied that Nolan is meant to help Sydney finish the Werewolf off. Monroe then turns back to the rest of the Hunters with a proud smile]

MONROE: Help yourselves.

[More whooping is heard from the rest of the Hunters as they disperse in order to check out the weaponry Monroe and Gerard are offering them. They begin pulling shotguns, assault rifles, and crossbows off of the shelves and being examining them more closely]

[Meanwhile, Nolan and Sydney, both of whom look as though they're sick to their stomach, help Ethan into the nearby hallway, half-carrying him about halfway down before he becomes too heavy and forces them to stop. Ethan is extremely weak from being tortured and can barely maintain consciousness long enough to get information about what has happened since he was taking captive as he leans against a nearby steel barrel for support]

ETHAN: Where is he? What have you done with him? Where is he?

[Just as Ethan gets settled on the floor, he tries his best to catch his breath]

ETHAN: [breathlessly] Where's Jackson? Where's Jackson...

[Ethan's eyelids start to flutter, and he ultimately passes out from exhaustion. Sydney and Nolan share an unhappy look before Nolan looks down at his hands, which are covered in Ethan's blood from holding the arrow Monroe handed to him. The metaphor about having blood on his hands doesn't escape him as he begins to ruminate on his actions since joining the army]


[Lydia is still fast asleep in her bed, where she is clearly in the midst of a bad dream; she is groaning softly as she tosses and turns and anxiously clutches at her blankets with her hands. After a moment, she begins softly murmuring under her breath in her sleep]

LYDIA: Where is he? ...Where is he?

[Lydia mutters for a few more seconds before suddenly awaking with a gasp and sitting up in her bed]

LYDIA: Oh... Ohhhhhh!

[She comes to her senses mid-jerk before she finally finishes her train of thought]

LYDIA: Where's Jackson?

[Lydia seems overwhelmed by what she's just experienced as a single tear rolls down her right cheek, indicating whatever happened to Jackson in her dream was devastating]


[The next morning, Nolan, who looks tired and anxious after the previous night's events, walks into the school library. The rest of the students, who are mingling throughout the aisles of books and the study tables as they gather to do schoolwork, look up at him and begin whispering amongst each other. Their heads all turn to look at him warily, only serving to make Nolan more uncomfortable than before. When one teenage boy walks out of one of the aisles and sees Nolan, he immediately becomes panicked and walks in the opposite direction from him. After a moment of Nolan standing awkwardly in front of a shelf of books, Liam's voice is heard calling out to him as he approaches the young Hunter]

LIAM: Doesn't feel good, does it?

[Liam gives him a hard look as if to silently communicate the parallel between how Nolan is feeling now and how Liam felt after he and Gabe turned the school against him for being a Werewolf. Liam gives Nolan a moment to appreciate the connection before he jerks his head in the direction of the other students]

LIAM: You know why they're all looking at you like that?

[Nolan looks around anxiously before turning back to Liam]

NOLAN: They're afraid of me?
LIAM: They're afraid of what you're gonna say, and who you're gonna say it to.

[Nolan looks down at his feet and gulps nervously]

LIAM: Nobody trusts you anymore.
NOLAN: Then why are you here? How come you texted me back?

[Liam, clearly still holding a grudge for everything Nolan does, sneers at him in an intimidating fashion]

LIAM: Because this time, maybe I'll kick your ass.

[Liam takes a step closer to Nolan in a silent warning, and Nolan immediately begins explaning himself to prevent any bodily harm]

NOLAN: I said I was going to help. I can show you something-- something I know you're gonna want to see.

[Liam pauses for a moment, clearly torn between his distrust of Nolan and his need to gain more information about the Hunter threat]

LIAM: Where?
NOLAN: [nervously] At-at the hospital.

[Liam looks at Nolan suspiciously]

LIAM: Why can't you just tell me what it is?
NOLAN: Because I have a plan.
LIAM: [skeptically] You? You have a plan?

[Nolan continues to stutter his replies, clearly desperate to prove to Liam that his intent to help is legitimate]

NOLAN: Yeah. Yeah, I--

[Nolan stops talking and takes a deep breath to calm himself down before he continues]

NOLAN: I'm gonna show you what you need to see at the hospital. Then, you're gonna kick my ass so that Ms. Monroe thinks you had to beat the information out of me.

[Liam considers this for a long moment before raising his eyebrow at Nolan and nodding, his tone of voice changing from aggressive to agreeable]

LIAM: Yeah, I'm good with that plan.


[Lydia has just walked through the back door of the McCall House, shutting the door behind her before calling out for her friend]

LYDIA: Scott?

[Lydia seems unnerved by how quiet and empty the house is as she makes her way through the kitchen and into the living room]

LYDIA: Scott?

[Suddenly, Peter appears behind Lydia, who doesn't initially notice him as she wanders toward the staircase]

PETER: Hello, Lydia.

[Shocked by the sound of Peter's voice, Lydia spins on her heel and gasps before closing her eyes in annoyance as she catches her breath]

LYDIA: Uhh... What are you doing here?

[Peter's uncharacteristically nervous demeanor regarding his presence at Scott's house manages to come through his attempt to look casual]

PETER: Looking for Malia. What are you doin' here?

[Lydia looks at him pointedly before rolling her eyes]

LYDIA: ...Looking for Scott. Obviously.

[Lydia frowns in frustration]

LYDIA: Why are you looking for Malia?

[Peter takes a deep breath before speaking what is very clearly a lie]

PETER: ...Parental concern.

[Lydia narrows her eyes, making it obvious that she doesn't believe a word he's saying]


[Knowing he's caught, Peter tries a different tactic]

PETER: Why didn't you just call Scott?
LYDIA: [suspiciously] Why didn't you call Malia?

[Exasperated, Peter finally breaks down]

PETER: This... we're not... this is... We're not getting very far with this conversation.

[Lydia sighs deeply before she begins with the truth of the matter, though it seems to pain her to do so]

LYDIA: I can't reach him.

[Peter sighs in a mix of relief and concern]

PETER: Well, I can't reach her, or anyone-- there's reports that several cell phone towers in the area are down.
LYDIA: Okay. That's definitely cause for concern...
PETER: It's more than that.

[Lydia's eyes widen when she realizes what he means]

LYDIA: Monroe and Gerard.
PETER: They're cutting us off from the outside.
LYDIA: And from each other.
PETER: Which likely means that they've already started amassing troops on their side.

[Lydia looks at Peter with a tiny smirk, as though she was preparing herself for the thrill of battle]

LYDIA: Then we'd better find ours.


[Night has fallen, and Derek is walking through an area that almost looks like a shanty town due to its multitude of sheds and small buildings made from scraps of corrugated metal and wood. He passes a dumpster with a sticker that says "KEEP NORTH CAROLINA BEAUTIFUL" as he walks through an alley, continuously looking around to make sure he isn't being followed]

[After Derek rounds a corner down an alley, Argent is seen tailing him and takes the same path, walking slowly and deliberately in case there are other threats. However, when he makes it down the alley himself, he is unnerved by the fact that Derek is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, two hands reach out from between two buildings and grab Argent by the back of the coat, yanking him into the space with a yelp before slamming him into the wall]


[Both Argent and Derek are relieved, though annoyed, to see each other]

ARGENT: Derek.
DEREK: You could've called.
ARGENT: You don't have a phone!

[Derek, realizing he's right, nods]

DEREK: I should probably get one.

[Derek lets go of Argent and steps backward]


[Scott and Malia have just arrived at a shipyard full of large steel shipping containers and illuminated by large overhead lights. Unbeknownst to either of them, Deucalion is standing on one of the tallest stacks of containers with his cane in hand. Just as the two look at each other, not knowing what to expect or why they are there, Deucalion slams the tip of his cane onto the roof of the container on which he's standing, causing a ripple of sound waves in their direction]

[Scott and Malia, hearing the sound as it moves in their direction, turn to find Deucalion staring down at them]

DEUCALION: Do either of you know the term for what I'm doing?
SCOTT: Echolocation.

[As usual, Deucalion looks impressed]

DEUCALION: You did your homework.
SCOTT: I looked a few things up...

[Deucalion's tone becomes serious as he continues]

DEUCALION: I know you think you can learn in just one day what took me years to master.
MALIA: We were hoping for maybe a few highlights?
SCOTT: Or anything that can help us fight the Anuk-ite without looking at it.
DEUCALION: Fighting blind is one thing-- you haven't even learned to walk yet. An orientation in mobility training specialists has to practice blindfolded with a white cane for at least one hundred and twenty hours before becoming certified!

[Scott and Malia look at each other with alarm and dismay]

DEUCALION: I can't teach you to walk and fight in less than twenty-four.
SCOTT: Look, we know the odds are bad, but Gerard's got an army. There's a creature that can scare ordinary people into becoming killers.
DEUCALION: [sighs] A creature now capable of killing you with just a look. You saw them, didn't you?
MALIA: We saw people turned to stone.
DEUCALION: So why aren't all of you running for your lives?

[Scott looks at Deucalion as though he's offended by the insinuation]

SCOTT: Because we don't run!

[Deucalion smiles proudly]

DEUCALION: Now that sounds like an Alpha. Let's get started.


[Liam and Nolan have just arrived at the hospital. Just as they walk into the ground floor lobby, Nolan sees a familiar face and immediately yanks Liam back into the doorway, choosing instead to peer at the nurse's station from around the corner]

NOLAN: You see that guy?

[Nolan points at a dark skinned man in light blue scrubs who is smiling and assisting a patient in a wheelchair]

NOLAN: That's why we didn't come in the front door.
LIAM: Who is he?
NOLAN: He's with Monroe.

[In a brief FLASHBACK to the previous evening at ARGENT ARMS INTERNATIONAL, Nolan looks over at the same man, who is pumping his fist in agreement with Monroe's speech]

NOLAN: [voiceover] He was there last night, and he picked up a gun like everyone else.

[In the PRESENT DAY, Nolan points out another Hunter, this time a young, pale-skinned blonde nurse in green scrubs who is standing behind the nurse's station's desk, talking to a coworker]

NOLAN: You see that nurse right there? She was standing right behind me.

[In a brief FLASHBACK to the previous evening at ARGENT ARMS INTERNATIONAL, the blonde nurse was indeed standing behind Nolan and whooped and cheered in response to Monroe's orders to "do what needs to be done"]

[Back in the PRESENT DAY, Nolan looks at Liam, who is still watching the Hunters anxiously, with a serious expression]

NOLAN: There's more than you think, and they're not just Hunters-- it's everyone and anyone who's willing to pick up a gun. Last night, they were teaching them how to use them, how to load clips, what to do if the gun jams...

[Liam shakes his head, overwhelmed by the thought of so much hatred and fear against his kind]

LIAM: Nurses?
NOLAN: [nods] Everyone.

[Liam suddenly turns around to face Nolan, his lip curled in a sneer]

LIAM: This is what you wanted to show me? That people hate us? I could have figured this out on my own!
NOLAN: [anxiously] It's not just that.

[Nolan once again takes a deep breath before setting his left hand on Liam's shoulder]

NOLAN: Come with me, okay?

[Just then, the phone at the nurse's station rings, and the blonde Hunter picks it up to answer it. Nolan, seeing an opportunity, prepares to rush out the door]


[Nolan and Liam walk past the nurse's station, albeit at a slow enough speed that no one notices their anxiety, and head down a hallway to their right while the nurse's back is to them]


[Deucalion is now standing on the pavement in front of Scott and Malia, still resting on his cane as he prepares to teach them how to fight without their sense of sight]

DEUCALION: Unfortunately, there's one crucial difference to teaching you how to fight blind.
SCOTT: [nods] We're not really blind.

[Malia looks at Deucalion with confusion]

MALIA: Why does that matter?

[Deucalion turns away from them and begins pacing back and forth]

DEUCALION: Unless you spend the next few days walking around with a blindfold, all the Anuk-ite has to do is get you to open your eyes.
MALIA: So we keep our eyes shut.
DEUCALION: You think it's that easy? What happens to your eyes when you're afraid?
SCOTT: They open wide.
DEUCALION: To gather more light and send more data to the brain so you can better handle whatever threat lies in front of you.

[Malia looks at Deucalion skeptically and scoffs]

MALIA: I can keep my eyes closed.
DEUCALION: Well, go ahead. Close them.

[Malia does as she's told with an expression that indicates she thinks she's going to prove Deucalion wrong. However, Deucalion bends over and picks up a large stone on the ground before lobbing it at the shipping container behind her. The stone makes a clanging noise when it hits the corrugated steel, startling Malia so much that she flinches and her eyes fly open. Deucalion looks at her in exasperation and sighs]

DEUCALION: You're dead.
MALIA: I get it! It's gonna be a lot harder than I thought.
SCOTT: But not impossible. What's next?

[Deucalion reaches into his pocket and pulls out two pieces of long black material as he walks toward them]

DEUCALION: In schools for the blind, it's called sleep-shade training. We'll use regular blindfolds.

[Deucalion hands them each a blindfold]

DEUCALION: And we'll start with echolocation.
SCOTT: [nods] Sound.
DEUCALION: Then I'll show you how to use thermoception.

[Malia, not wanting to be outdone, interjects before Scott can]

MALIA: Heat.

[Scott looks over at Malia and smiles as Deucalion continues]

DEUCALION: Equilibrioception.

[Malia opens her mouth to speak before she realizes she doesn't know what it means]

SCOTT: Balance.
DEUCALION: And proprioception.
SCOTT: Pressure.

[When Scott senses that Malia is starting to feel insecure about her lack of knowledge on the subject, Scott nods and brushes her hand with his own]'

SCOTT: You're good.

[Deucalion looks at the two for a moment before beckoning them to continue]

DEUCALION: Go ahead.

[Malia shoots Scott a look before the two cover their eyes with the blindfolds and tie them behind their heads]


[Derek is in the middle of unlocking a gate in a large chain-link fence as Argent watches in surprise]

ARGENT: There's another vault?
DEREK: More than one Hale, more than one vault.

[Derek finally unlocks the gate and opens it. Signs that read "DO NOT ENTER-- PRIVATE PROPERTY" can be read as Derek leads Argent through it. After a moment of silence, Argent changes the subject back to the issue at hand]

ARGENT: I get the need to keep your feet from the fire, but I also don't think you wanna see Beacon Hills burn to the ground.

[Derek gives him a look, though it's clear he knows what Argent is asking]

DEREK: You're asking me to come back.
ARGENT: [sighs] How about admitting with great difficulty that we need you?
DEREK: Well, that sounds more like an Argent.
ARGENT: And protecting Beacon Hills sounds more like a Hale.

[Derek finally turns around so he can face Argent]

DEREK: And if I go back, it's not for Beacon Hills. And there's something I've gotta take care of, first.

[Derek reaches into the pocket of his hoodie and pulls out a large vial of yellow liquid, which immediately makes Argent's eyes widen in alarm]

ARGENT: Where did you get that?
DEREK: Whoever murdered that pack in Brazil? They were looking for this. Now, I'm gonna make sure they never find it.
ARGENT: Get rid of it!
DEREK: You know it's not just a poison.

[Argent considers this for a moment]

ARGENT: Maybe they want it... because it's an antidote.

[Derek isn't surprised by this response]

DEREK: Is that why Gerard wants it?
ARGENT: [smirks] Well, it sounds like you already know the answer.
DEREK: So you want me to help you stop him, when you're the one who brought him back.

[Argent, visibly hurt by this barb, sighs]

ARGENT: Gerard knew more about the Beast than any of us. So, like it or not, he was the ally we needed at the time.

[Derek nods, though he rolls his eyes while doing it]

ARGENT: But you're the one we need right now.

[Suddenly, both men are startled by large floodlights that turn on behind them. It is several FBI agents, who are in the middle of surrounding the two men with their guns drawn, likely due to their pursuit of Derek]

AGENTS: Don't move! Put your hands in the air!

[Out of nowhere, an agent in the back shoots the three agents in front of them before then shooting Derek in the gut and Argent in the left arm. The shooter appears to be a woman with long, blonde hair, and when she takes off her baseball cap, she reveals herself to be Kate Argent]

[The vial in Derek's hand fell onto the ground when he was shot, and he struggles to crawl over to grab it when Kate beats him to it and steps on his hand with her foot so she can take it for herself]

KATE: Hey, handsome.

[Kate holds up the vial in order to further rub it in Derek's face]

KATE: Miss me?

[Derek groans and goes weak on the ground]


[The still-blindfolded Scott and Malia continue to stand in front of Deucalion as he lectures them on what they need to learn]

DEUCALION: Normal humans use echolocation by creating sounds, like clicking the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Since your hearing is a hundred times more powerful, you can pick up natural reflected sounds.

[Deucalion hits a nearby shipping container with his cane, causing a loud clang to echo toward Scott and Malia. The sound seems to hurt their ears and startle them, because they both flinch when they hear it. Afterward, Deucalion deliberately moves to another location]

SCOTT: I definitely heard that.
DEUCALION: But does it tell you where I am?

[Scott's head turns back and forth in an attempt to track Deucalion's voice. Malia seems to be struggling more with the effects of the blindfold and holds her hands out flat in front of her out of fear of an unseen attack]

DEUCALION: Don't listen for me. Listen for the echo, the sound reflections. Use it to find me.

[Deucalion once again slams the end of his cane against the shipping container behind him. This time, Scott and Malia are more prepared for the sound, and they listen carefully to the sound waves echoing back and forth against all the different shipping containers as Deucalion circles around them]

DEUCALION: You both have superior hearing.

[Scott and Malia simultaneously pivot on their heel and turn in an attempt to follow his voice, which drops to a whisper]

DEUCALION: You need to focus it, like a weapon!

[Deucalion spins and hits the shipping container with his cane again before turning the corner, leading Scott and Malia into the maze of the shipyard. Scott successfully rounds the corner himself, but Malia, whose hands are still held out in front of her, runs directly into the end of it. Embarrassed, Malia feels around until she finds the path]

MALIA: I'm not feeling so superior right now!

[Deucalion slowly makes his way through the maze as the others attempt to find him. He hits the nearby shipping container with his cane, and Scott and Malia spin in an effort to keep up with him]

DEUCALION: Find me...

[Deucalion's cat and mouse game continues on]

DEUCALION: Come at me!

[Deucalion then begins to drag the tip of his cane along the corrugated metal shipping containers. Scott manages to more or less keep up with him by feeling the walls, with Malia a short distance behind him. Deucalion leads them out into the parking lot]

DEUCALION: Come find me!

[Scott and Malia successfully make their way out, but by the time they make it to the catwalk between the shipping container maze and the parking lot, Deucalion appears out of the shadows and hits both of them in the shins with his cane using so much force they are both knocked flat on their backs. Confused, both of them pull off their blindfolds and look up at Deucalion, who sighs in exasperation]

MALIA: ...How dead are we now?

[Deucalion gives her a pointed look]



[Parrish, clad in his deputy uniform and carrying a knapsack, rushes down the wet tunnels under Beacon Hills. He opens a door at the end of the tunnel leading to the ARGENT BUNKER and enters to find Stilinski inside. When he realizes it's just Parrish, Stilinski lowers his weapon and walks over to join him]

STILINSKI: What do you got?

[Parrish opens the knapsack and pulls out a stack of police files]

PARRISH: Monroe has the entire station pulling accident reports. They're going back a decade.

[As Parrish continues in voiceover, the scene cuts to the BEACON COUNTY SHERIFF'S STATION, where Deputy Dewitte, Deputy Ferrell, and Monroe are looking at something on one of the bullpen's computers]

PARRISH: [voiceover] Things like totaled cars, industrial accidents, fires...

[The three Hunters look at a series of files. The first is about a woman named Eliza Lopes, who was killed in a car accident in which the door was ripped off the hinges. The second was a case where someone's cause of death was ruled "deep cuts and combination of sharp and blunt force trauma to the body." Third was a report from a Ms. Potts who called 911 after seeing her neighbor's house was on fire and seemingly set by the homeowners]

[The scene cuts back to the ARGENT BUNKER, where Stilinski does not seem to be surprised by this news]

STILINSKI: Melissa said she saw the same thing happening at the hospital.

[The scene cuts to BEACON HILLS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, where the blonde Hunter nurse from earlier is walking through the hospital, gathering patient charts]

STILINSKI: [voiceover] She saw a nurse collecting charts, pulling the same kind of stuff. Strange reports, incidents where patients came in covered in blood and then somehow ended up miraculously healed and discharged in the same day.

[The blonde nurse hands the charts she's collected to the male Hunter, who was initially dressed as an orderly but who is now dressed as a deputy. He walks outside with them and heads toward Monroe's SUV, where he hands her the files through the open window. Monroe smirks as she reads the files]

STILINSKI: [voiceover] And that's not the only thing. McCall, Scott's dad, told me about something he saw at the high school.

[The scene cuts to BEACON HILLS HIGH SCHOOL, where every student lingering in the halls has one hand bandaged with blood seeping through the gauze]

STILINSKI: [voiceover] Kids walking around with bandages. They're being tested to see how fast they heal. They're making lists.

[The scene returns to the ARGENT BUNKER where Parrish and Stilinski are talking. Both men have concerned looks on their faces as they contemplate the implications]

PARRISH: This is everyone around us.

[The scene cuts to ARGENT ARMS INTERNATIONAL, where more Hunters are going through the armory, picking out weapons to use in their hunts]

PARRISH: [voiceover] Neighbors. Friends.

[In the armory, a young man looks anxious as he picks up a large assault rifle]

STILINSKI: [voiceover] They planned this out. It's not just random opportunities. It's an operation.

[Back in the ARGENT BUNKER, the two men continue their conversation]

PARRISH: This is really happening.
STILINSKI: We need to find out when. Exactly when.

[Just as Parrish nods in agreement, the dispatcher's voice is heard on Parrish's radio]

DISPATCHER: [voiceover] Unit ten, we've got a two-one-seven at Eichen House. We need all available units in the area.

[Parrish sighs before he responds to the call]

PARRISH: Ten-four. I'm not exactly in the area.
DISPATCHER: [voiceover] Copy, unit ten. All available units in the area.

[Parrish and Stilinski share a concerned look as Parrish realizes that he needs to leave]

PARRISH: Ten-four. On my way.

[When Parrish turns to head out to Eichen House, Stilinski calls out a warning to him]

STILINSKI: Parrish... I know I don't need to tell you to proceed with caution. Remember, they know what you are.

[Parrish nods in understanding, his jaw clenching with tension as he turns and walks out the door]


[Liam and Nolan are in the elevator, having just arrived on Level Four, and Liam is about to walk out into the hallway when Nolan pulls him backward. He then walks out the door himself, as he knows who the Hunters are and which ones to avoid. Leading them out onto the floor, Nolan looks over at the intensive care unit before checking to make sure the coast is clear and heading inside the double doors]

[In the ICU, there are three beds, each of which holds an unconscious male hooked up to IV drips and oxygen masks]

NOLAN: They brought them in yesterday.
LIAM: Who are they?
NOLAN: [anxiously] I-I don't know. But they brought them in last night.

[Liam, looking concerned, walks toward the nearest bed to examine it more closely. When he gets to the IV, his eyes widen in alarm when he notices the purple fluid in the IV bag]

NOLAN: Do you know what that is?

[Liam's jaw clenches in anger when he comes to the same conclusion]

LIAM: Wolfsbane.


[Lydia and Peter, still having no luck finding any of their friends and allies, have gathered in the exam room of the animal clinic to regroup. Lydia is thinking as she anxiously paces around the room, while Peter uses his superhuman senses to get an idea of what is going on]

PETER: They haven't been here.
LYDIA: Maybe we should go to the school.

[Peter sighs before changing the subject]

PETER: Lydia, you never said why you were waiting for Scott.

[Lydia sets her palms on the table and leans on it]

LYDIA: Are you sure you want to know?
PETER: [exasperatedly] Do I need to know?
LYDIA: [sighs] Last night, I woke up saying two words... That may just be from a dream... or might be something else.

[Peter waits for a long moment for Lydia to elaborate, and when she doesn't, he scoffs impatiently]

PETER: What two words?
LYDIA: "Where's Jackson?"

[Peter seems appalled by this revelation]

PETER: That is disturbing on multiple levels. What else?

[Lydia hesitates, which only serves to make Peter more impatient]

PETER: Lydia! Don't hold back on me. I've never held back on you.

[Lydia rolls her eyes before she finally speaks]

LYDIA: I saw you... turned to stone.

[Peter looks horrified as the scene cuts to the dream that Lydia had the previous evening. Like her first premonition in Said the Spider to the Fly, Lydia walks through a hallway covered in cobwebs as she narrates in voiceover]

LYDIA: [voiceover] I was in a storage container. It was steel. There was a blue wall...

[Lydia holds out her hand to touch the cobwebs, which causes her to have a series of visions. The first is of Peter in the entrance hall of BEACON HILLS HIGH SCHOOL, where he seems to have turned at the waist to see something behind him and has been instantly petrified into stone. Lydia, distraught, touches another section of the cobwebs and sees Ethan turned to stone in the boys locker room, along with Jackson, who is standing in front of the Anuk-ite]

[Lydia, still in the container, turns and touches another part of the cobwebs, which causes her to get a vision of Malia petrified into stone in Coach Finstock's office. Next, she sees Derek frozen into stone in another hallway in the high school. Finally, Lydia, overwhelmed with fear and grief, gasps when she sees Scott petrified into stone in the middle of the shipyard maze and begins to cry]

[Back in the BEACON HILLS ANIMAL CLINIC, Lydia is looking at Peter with concern]

LYDIA: I saw everyone, even Derek and Ethan. All of you turned to stone.

[Peter looks at Lydia incredulously]

PETER: Do you ever see anything remotely optimistic?

[Lydia, annoyed and frustrated by how glib Peter is being, replies in a short sarcastic tone of voice]

LYDIA: It's optimistic if you prevent it.

[Peter sighs, knowing she has a good point, before stopping to think about what he's just heard for a moment]

PETER: [murmurs] ...Storage contain-- Do you mean shipping container?

[Lydia pauses, her brow furrowed in thought, before she replies]

LYDIA: Yeah. I was surrounded by them.

[For the first time since they arrived at the clinic, Peter looks optimistic]

PETER: I think I know where that is.
LYDIA: Then you know how to find Scott.


[Kate, still standing over Derek, cocks her shotgun before standing to her feet with the yellow wolfsbane still in hand]

KATE: Well, you're just as popular as ever, aren't you? Must be those blue eyes.

[Kate kicks Derek in the face in emphasis, and Derek groans in pain as his head snaps back]

KATE: And those perfect cheekbones...

[Kate takes her shotgun and hits Derek across the face with it. Derek flinches and shakes his head to recover from the blows, holding his hands out in a non-threatening manner]

DEREK: I thought it was my smile.

[Kate chuckles in amusement before holding up the vial of wolfsbane]

KATE: Where's the rest?
DEREK: [panting] Why? It's not enough to save Gerard?

[Derek shakes his head again, this time in disbelief]

DEREK: You really think that's gonna make a difference with him? You're what he hunts, Kate.

[Kate, angered by this jab, continues holding up the wolfsbane with her left hand while aiming her shotgun at Derek's forehead with her right]

KATE: I know that you can heal from one or two shots, but a direct hit to the head? I don't think so.

[Derek, too angry at Kate to show any fear, glares at her furiously until suddenly, Argent, who has been quiet all this time, sits up and begins shooting at Kate. At least two of the shots hit her in the abdomen and leg, respectively, and she roars in pain and fury and takes cover behind the FBI agents' SUV]

KATE: Ugh, you always gotta ruin a good time, Chris!

[Argent takes the empty clip out of his handgun before replacing it with a full one from his pocket]

ARGENT: You think someone with that much hate is gonna have any love leftover for you?

[Kate laughs darkly in response to this comment]

KATE: You're the one looking for a father to love him, Chris. All I want is some good old-fashioned revenge! This wolfsbane is going in a bullet-- a bullet for Scott McCall.

[Kate, still healing from her gunshot wounds, limps away, and Derek, still recovering from his own wounds, slowly gets up to follow her. Argent, concerned, calls out to him]

ARGENT: Derek!
DEREK: Get back to Beacon Hills. Warn Scott.

[Derek picks up the pace and runs after Kate, leaving Chris to tend to his own injuries]


[Scott and Malia have put their blindfolds back on and are standing in front of Deucalion under the catwalk outside of the shipyard. Deucalion turns them so that they are standing back-to-back]

DEUCALION: In humans, thermoception is done mainly through the skin. You have temperature receptors that pick up the change in heat and cold. The eyes of Werewolves are particularly effective in picking up heat.

[Deucalion closes his eyes for a short moment before then opening them to reveal bright red glowing irises. His vision takes on a reddish-orange hue as he looks at Scott and Malia, still standing back-to-back and blindfolded]

SCOTT: What do we do without our eyes?
DEUCALION: Focus on your skin-- the minute temperature changes.

[Malia curiously holds her hands out in front of her as though searching for a change in how her skin feels]

DEUCALION: Now, turn and face each other.

[The two do as they're told. Scott's vision takes on a purple and yellow tint as he senses the heat around him to make up a kind of thermal image of what is in front of him]

DEUCALION: Malia? Try to hit Scott.

[Malia turns as though she's trying to look at him in disbelief through her blindfold]

MALIA: Seriously?

[It's clear that Deucalion's patience is wearing thin]

DEUCALION: Yes, seriously. You came here to learn to fight-- kick his ass!

[Malia turns back to face Scott, who looks very unsure about this plan]

SCOTT: Ummm...

[Before Scott can protest further, Malia rears back her fist and throws a punch at Scott, who she can also see through her newly-developing thermoception sense, and who she hits in the gut. When Scott doubles over in pain, Malia, proud of herself, giggles happily and turns back to Deucalion before returning to facing off against her boyfriend. After a moment, Scott recovers enough to speak]

SCOTT: What am I supposed to do now?

[Deucalion rolls his eyes in exasperation]

DEUCALION: Defend yourself.

[Scott stands up straight just in time for Malia to throw another punch, which he barely blocks with the back of his arm. However, when Scott throws a punch of his own, Malia is able to duck to avoid it before suckerpunching him in the face. Scott staggers backward and leans against the nearby support column, groaning in pain as Deucalion sighs and looks down at the ground. Malia looks guilty and tries to comfort him]

MALIA: Sorry...
DEUCALION: [impatiently] Don't be sorry! Hit him again!

[Malia backs up a couple steps and holds up her fists in a fighting stance as Scott recovers from the blow and does the same. This time, Scott anticipates Malia's attack and ducks, causing her to punch the support column hard enough to crack the stone]


[Malia's cry of pain shocks Scott so much that he reflexively pulls off his blindfold to check on her, and Malia does the same before the two turn to Deucalion, who groans in secondhand embarrassment]

DEUCALION: Yeah, I didn't think it was possible, but I'm actually starting to wish I was blind again.

[Scott and Malia look at Deucalion with sheepish expressions, clearly overwhelmed by the task at hand]


[Liam and Nolan are still in the intensive care unit with the three male patients who appear to be hooked up to wolfsbane IV drips. Liam paces around as he talks to Mason on the phone]

LIAM: Can't we just pull them out?
MASON: [on the phone] No, don't remove the IVs. We don't know what's going to happen. Just wait 'til we get there. We're on our way.
LIAM: [anxiously] Alright. Hurry.

[Liam hangs up the phone and turns to face Nolan, who looks just as nervous as he does]

NOLAN: Okay. I'm going.

[Nolan heads toward the door, but Liam side-steps to block his way]

LIAM: Whoa, wait, what about your plan?

[Nolan, suddenly regretting telling Liam his idea of having him beat him up to make Monroe think that he needed to beat the information out of him, looks down at the floor anxiously]

NOLAN: No one saw you come in with me...

[Liam raises his eyebrows at Nolan's response]

LIAM: ...So...?
NOLAN: So... I don't have to get my ass kicked.
LIAM: [sighs] Well, that was the only part of the plan that I liked...

[Liam and Nolan stand in awkward silence for a long moment as Nolan panicked about Liam possibly trying to hurt him. However, Liam finally sighs again and gestures toward the door]


[Nolan seems surprised by this response and stares blankly at Liam before the corner of his mouth quirks up in a smile. He then quickly rushes out of the ICU, leaving Liam to stand watch over the patients while he waits for Mason and Corey to arrive]

[The scene cuts to the ground floor, where Nolan is once again trying to appear casual while also attempting to keep a low profile so that no one notices him. Unfortunately for him, he passes Gabe in the lobby just before he makes it to the exit, who roughly grabs Nolan by the wrist and stops him]

GABE: Hey, Nolan.

[When Gabe sees how anxious Nolan is, he lets go of his wrist and looks at him with feigned concern]

GABE: What are you doing here?

[Nolan smiles weakly as he tries to come up with a good explanation, but ultimately falls short]

NOLAN: Umm... Nothing. Pfft, why are you here?

[Gabe looks at Nolan with a calm expression that the latter clearly finds unnerving]

GABE: I was looking for you. Where are you going?
NOLAN: [stammering] Um, I was... Home. I have to go home.

[Gabe stands to his feet and looks Nolan in the eye before putting his palm on Nolan's chest to prevent him from walking away]

GABE: You don't have to go anywhere. Not yet.

[Gabe's tone and body language become tense and intimidating as he puts his arm around Nolan's shoulders and leads him away]

GABE: Come on. I want to talk to you.

ROUTE 115 Edit

[Mason is driving himself and Corey to the hospital on the road along the Beacon Hills Preserve. As they drive through a large patch of fog, Mason frowns in concern and looks at his reflection in the side mirror]

MASON: There's nobody on the roads.
COREY: It's like everybody is getting ready for a storm or something.

[Mason's eyes widen in shock when he comes to a realization]

MASON: You know what I think it is? It's Kristalnacht.
COREY: [confused] Is that... German...?
MASON: They call it "The Night of Broken Glass." The Nazis instigated this wave of anti-Jewish violence all over Germany and Austria. Over two hundred synagogues were destroyed, people dragged out of their homes, attacked and murdered... They arrested thirty thousand Jews, all in one night.

[Corey looks horrified when he realizes the implications of this comparison]

COREY: So that's what's going to happen here... to us.
MASON: They're coming for us. All of us.


[The double doors to the hospital's morgue have just burst open as Gabe forcefully shoves Nolan inside. Nolan wastes no time trying to talk himself out of his current situation]

NOLAN: Liam's friends-- you know they're coming, right?

[Gabe shuts the door and locks them before turning to face him]

GABE: Yeah. You led them right here. That's what we wanted. Monroe said you'd bring Liam and the others would follow.

[Nolan's jaw drops when he realizes that everything from the shooting at the McCall House until this moment was a trap. He gulps nervously before he speaks]

NOLAN: They knew?

[Gabe smiles coldly and nods]

GABE: You did exactly what they said you would do.

[Nolan looks as though he's about to have a panic attack]

NOLAN: What are you going to do?
GABE: Exactly what I'm supposed to do.

[Before Nolan can even process this answer, Gabe suckerpunches Nolan with a right cross, making contact with his jaw so forcefully that Nolan falls to the ground on his hands and knees. Nolan spits blood out onto the floor just before Gabe continues to furiously hit him over and over in an assault very similar to what Gabe and Nolan inflicted on Liam in Face-to-Faceless]

[After a long few moments, Gabe punches Nolan so hard in the temple that he is knocked out and crumples to the floor. As Gabe stands and catches his breath, he smiles proudly over Nolan's unconscious body]


[Scott, with his blindfold back on, is slowly walking under the catwalk as Deucalion circles around him]

DEUCALION: Stop looking for me. Listen. Sense the rise and fall of temperature. Feel the pressure beneath your feet.

[Scott digs the balls of his feet into the cement floor as Deucalion moves around to face him]

DEUCALION: Know with absolute certainty my location. My speed. Even my method of attack.

[Before Scott can process this, Deucalion kicks him in the stomach, knocking him backward onto his bottom while Malia, who has been watching from the sidelines, sighs empathetically at the sight of Scott groaning in pain]

[As Scott recovers, Deucalion walks over and kneels in front of him]

DEUCALION: And... you're dead.

[Scott sighs as he lifts the blindfold from his eyes]

DEUCALION: ...Again.

[As Malia helps pull Scott to his feet, Scott goes to put his blindfold back on, eager to prove himself]

SCOTT: Alright, come on. Let's go again.
MALIA: [sighs] Scott... I think we should try something else.
SCOTT: [frustratedly] No, there is nothing else. I can't beat Gerard when he's got an entire army behind him.
MALIA: They're still afraid of us.

[Scott looks exhausted as he tries to make his point]

SCOTT: That's the problem! They don't know us. They don't want us here. They don't even want to look at us. But I still don't think that that fear is real.

[Deucalion seems taken aback by this argument]

DEUCALION: What if it's not just the Anuk-ite? What if this is what people are really like? I mean, could it be that all this creature really does is give people permission to act one whatever awful truth lies within them?
SCOTT: I can't believe that. I don't want to.

[Malia, looking determined, steps up so that she is standing right at Scott's right side]

MALIA: Neither do I.

[Deucalion seems to have gotten an idea and is looking at Scott with a stern expression]

DEUCALION: Lose the blindfold, Scott.

[Scott looks at Deucalion with confusion, and when Deucalion nods at him, Scott reluctantly reaches up and removes the blindfold that had been resting on his forehead. Deucalion then takes a step back away from Scott]

DEUCALION: Close your eyes. We're going to try this again, but this time, I'm not going to hold back.

[Scott tosses his blindfold onto the floor]

DEUCALION: I'm gonna come at you for real. You asked me here because you think I know how to fight? I don't.

[When Deucalion turns around to face him, his eyes are blazing red, and his voice has taken on a demonic undertone]

DEUCALION: I know how to kill people.

[Deucalion glares at Scott, who closes his eyes just as he's told and cracks his neck in preparation for a battle. After a moment, Deucalion roars at him with his fangs out before lunging toward Scott]


[Mason and Corey have just arrived at the hospital, where they walk purposefully into the ER reception area. Unfortunately for them, they are immediately spotted by the blonde nurse from Monroe's Army, who recognizes them as McCall Pack members. They're then seen by a male orderly who is in a room with a patient. Knowing that something else is going on, Mason and Corey do their best to hide their fear as they whisper under their breath]

COREY: You see that?
MASON: I see it.
COREY: What is this?
MASON: I think us coming here was planned...

[Mason and Corey turn down a hallway, unable to see that everyone behind them has stopped what they are doing and are staring at them, indicating that most of the staff and patients have been turned against the supernatural]

[Outside the ER entrance, a blue SUV filled with several Hunters clad in black utility gear, quickly rush into the hospital, all armed with several varieties of firearms. At a loss for options, Mason and Corey flee into a nearby empty patient room and hide near the door to the bathroom]

MASON: I think I just realized something...
COREY: Me, too-- we're bait.

[Out in the lobby, a paramedic has just walked in the room to find the three Hunters chaining up the doors so that no one can get out]

PARAMEDIC: Hey, you can't do that! You can't block those doors!

[When the Hunters turn and aim their automatic weapons at the paramedic, he immediately puts his hands up in a non-threatening manner]

PARAMEDIC: Whoa! Uh, go ahead.

[The Hunters roll their eyes and shoot him glares as they make their way further into the hospital. As they pass the nurse's station, one of the Hunters put a cell phone jammer onto the desk to block communications in and out of the building]

[Upstairs, Liam, who is pacing around in the intensive care unit, looks out the small glass window in the door to make sure no one is around. He's startled when suddenly, the electricity to the building is shut off, forcing the hospital to rely on its emergency generators to keep the bare minimum number of lights on. When Liam turns back around, his eyes glow bright gold as he prepares himself for a fight]


[Deucalion and Scott, the latter of whom has his eyes shut, are facing off under the catwalk in the shipyard. Deucalion has the upper-hand and has gotten quite a few lashes in on Scott with his cane, causing Scott to groan in pain, particularly after the third blow, which hit him behind the knees and knocked him onto the ground]


[Malia, hating the sight of Scott being defeated by Deucalion, whispers to her boyfriend under her breath]

MALIA: Hit him!

[Scott's palms flatten against the concrete ground beneath him, and the vibrations he feels of Deucalion moving toward him allow him to identify where he is standing and dodge the next cane strike, barely missing getting hit in the face with it. In one fluid motion, Scott reaches out, grabs the cane in his hands, uses to pull himself to his feet as well as pulling Deucalion to him so he can flip him onto his back on the ground]

[Rain starts to fall as Scott stands over Deucalion, who chuckles, clearly impressed by his student's quick work]

DEUCALION: You might just survive this.

[Scott opens his eyes and reaches down to help Deucalion to his feet when suddenly, Lydia and Peter frantically run toward them]

LYDIA: Scott! Scott!

[Scott frowns in concern as Peter and Lydia join them under the catwalk]

LYDIA: None of us are going to survive this!

[Scott and Malia, both alarmed by this statement, look at each other with concern]

SCOTT: What? Why? What are you guys doing here?
PETER: They're coming! Monroe and more-- and they have heavy firepower.

[No one in the group has time to process this news before a hail of gunfire is shot toward them. At least a half dozen of them hit Deucalion in the chest and abdomen from behind, and the shock of seeing him so seriously injured nearly causes the others to be shot as well before they're able to take cover behind whatever support columns, dumpsters, and steel drums are nearby]

[Deucalion's body falls face-first to the ground, and the others look over to find a wall of Hunters in front of them, many of which move to reveal that Monroe is standing behind them. The army opens fire yet again, led by Monroe, who holds up a black handgun and aims it at Scott]


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