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Chris: You could have killed me, last night. Or worst, Melissa. But I can help you.

Malia: Aren't you the one who shot me?
Chris: I come from a family of hunters. It's our job to deal with situations that an ordinary person...
Malia: Job stress?
Chris: You know that bloodlust you felt? I've seen that look before. When I was your age, I saw someone control and slaughter an innocent. And I did nothing.
Malia: I'm not that werewolf.
Chris: It wasn't a werewolf. It was a hunter. She made excuses. And invented a convincing case... that letal force was necessary but it wasn't. If I had done something that night... maybe my sister wouldn't be the monster she is today.
Malia: Kate.
Chris: Animals lose control. You're not just an animal, Malia. You're also human. You stay like that when you get involved.

— Chris and Malia about Malia's self-control in Relics

The relationship between Hunter Chris Argent and Evolved Beta Werecoyote Malia Tate.

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit


  • In another supernatural TV series called 'The Secret Circle' their respective characters Diana (played by Shelley) and Isaac (played by JR Bourne) were enemies. Ironically, Diana was a witch and Isaac was a witch hunter, something similar to their Teen Wolf's counterparts Malia (a supernatural creature- werecoyote) and Chris (a human hunter). The difference is that in 'The Secret Circle' Isaac wanted to kill every witch (including Diana), even teenagers, simply for their existence, while in 'Teen Wolf' Chris wants to protect innocent humans and supernaturals, especially children.
  • After Stiles was erased from existence by Ghost Riders Malia begun to have problems in controlling her own supernatural powers. Seeing this Chris offered her help in finding a balance.
  • After seeing Malia's self-control problems Chris wanted to save Malia from becoming a killer like Kate.
  • Chris' friendship with Malia is another proof he had changed his perception toward supernatural creatures.
    • At first he saw shapeshifters as rabid dogs that needed to be put down but after the events with his father, kanima and Allison's truning dark he realised that it was possible for shapeshifters (e.g. werewolves and werecoyotes) to still have their humanity and that they are willing to use their powers for good reasons instead of killing humans.
  • Both showed their concern about Lydia's life and safety:
  • Both have very close friendships with Derek and Scott:
  • It's unknown if Chris is aware that Malia is a member of the Hale Family.


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