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Melissa: "Well, if you find anything..."
Chris: "I'll call."
Melissa: "Great! Or, I'll call if I remember anything... Or not."
Chris: [awkwardly] "...I should have called."
Melissa: "...But you didn't, and that's okay. ...Should I have called?"
Chris: "Did you want to call?"
Melissa: "Yeah, I wanted to call."
Chris: "So did I."
Melissa: "Good."
Chris: "Yeah."
Melissa: "Yeah. Okay, good. That's good information to have."
Chris: "...I should go."
Melissa: "You don't have to go."
Melissa McCall and Chris Argent's awkward conversation in After Images

The relationship between Hunter Chris Argent and Human Melissa McCall.

Argent and Melissa's relationship has gone through a great deal of change in the years that they have known each other. They first met in Season 1's The Tell, when Argent voiced his concerns about his daughter Allison's relationship with Melissa's son Scott McCall, particularly that he though Scott was a bad influence upon learning that the two had skipped school and the parent-teacher conference. However, even despite the fact that Argent had learned that Scott was a newly-bitten Werewolf, his feelings towards him eventually became more positive once he realized how compassionate he was and how willing he was to protect the town, which was then reflected in Argent's feelings about Melissa. Melissa, too, initially distrusted Argent and his wife Victoria for their implication that Scott was causing Allison's uncharacteristic behavior.

After Melissa was introduced to the supernatural world and Argent returned to it following a brief absence from the Hunter life in the aftermath of his wife's death, their relationship changed for the better. The two became allies of the McCall Pack, helping their children and their friends protect their town of Beacon Hills from both human and supernatural threats. In Season 3, after Melissa and their friend and ally Noah Stilinski were captured by the Darach, Jennifer Blake, in order to be sacrificed as the final trio of Guardian sacrifices in her ritual, Argent purposely allowed himself to be captured by her so that he could try to rescue them from within the Nemeton's root cellar.

Over the seasons that followed, Argent and Melissa developed a working relationship with each other that grew into a true friendship. This bond then grew into something more in Season 6, when Melissa decided to take a more active role in fighting supernatural threats and sought Argent's help in learning to do so. After Argent was hit with a Ghost Rider's whip and poisoned with the venom, Melissa tracked down the nine sacred herbs from the ancient Anglo-Saxons, mixed them with honey, and created an antidote to save his life. The two were then erased from reality by the Ghost Rider-empowered Löwenmensch Garrett Douglas and sent to the Phantom Train Station, where they were trapped for weeks until the pack were able to bring them back; before this occurred, however, Argent faced off against a Ghost Rider in a duel and won, which led Melissa to kiss him passionately and proclaim the duel to have been "so hot."

However, after their return to the real world, their relationship became somewhat awkward as they tried to figure out where they stood in the midst of the supernatural drama in their lives. Fortunately, they worked out their issues and seemed to have began a true romantic relationship in earnest following their defeat of the Anuk-ite and the Hunter army created by Argent's father Gerard Argent and Gerard's protégée, Tamora Monroe. The two were last seen kissing in the McCall House, implying that Argent had joined the McCall Family and continued his father-figure relationship with Melissa's son Scott.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In The Tell, Argent (as well as his wife Victoria) and Melissa met for the first time at the Beacon Hills High School parent-teacher conference, specifically after it was over and they were getting ready to head home. The two were already in a terrible mood to begin with, as Argent had just learned that his daughter Allison had skipped school that day, and Melissa was told about a number of problems her son Scott was having (though she was not aware that it was due to his struggles after being bitten and turned into a Werewolf several weeks earlier), including chronically skipping school, being distracted when he was in class, and a recent drop in the quality of his grades.

While Melissa was walking toward the parking lot, she overheard Argent on the phone, where he was leaving Allison a voicemail warning her that she needed to return home to discuss her punishment or else she would risk the consequences escalating. Argent and Victoria were then not pleased when Melissa approached them and apologized for prying before asking them if they were Allison's parents, as she suspected that Allison was with her son Scott, who had also skipped that day (and who hadn't attended the conference as he was supposed to due to having a GPA of less than a C-).

Argent irritably asked for clarification that she was Scott's mother, and Melissa, immediately turned off by his tone of voice, retorted, "Funny how you say that like it's an accusation..." Argent argued that it wasn't something to be proud of before accusing Scott of "basically kidnapping" their daughter today, leading Melissa to ask him how he didn't know that Allison hadn't been the one to decide to skip school that day. Before Argent could reply, he saw that Allison (with Scott in tow) had just pulled into the parking lot, and he and Victoria immediately rushed over to grab Allison and head home without making any more of a scene, with Melissa trailing after them once she realized Scott was indeed with her.

Just as Argent demanded that Allison leave with them right then, Melissa questioned Scott on where he had been all day and got him to sheepishly admit that he had skipped school. Allison, not wanting her boyfriend to get in trouble, insisted that it wasn't Scott's fault and tried to explain that they were celebrating her birthday, but Argent quickly cut her off and coldly reiterated that she needed to get into her car now. However, the argument between the Argents and the McCalls was soon interrupted when a loud growling noise was heard, causing Argent to assume it was the Alpha Werewolf he had been hunting. He pulled out his gun and joined Sheriff Stilinski in investigating the noise, and Melissa, along with everyone else in attendance, was there to witness Argent shooting what turned out to be a mundane mountain lion, much to their shock.

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In Fury,

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In The Girl Who Knew Too Much,

In The Overlooked,

In Alpha Pact,

In Lunar Ellipse,

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In Time of Death,

In Monstrous,

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In The Last Chimera,

In The Beast of Beacon Hills,

In Apotheosis,

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In Relics,

In Radio Silence,

In Ghosted,

In Blitzkrieg,

In Riders on the Storm, Argent fought against one of the Ghost Riders and won, causing Melissa to kiss him passionately.

In After Images,

In Face-to-Faceless,

In Werewolves of London,

In Genotype,

In Broken Glass,

In The Wolves of War,



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