"I am focusing!"
"You're not! I can see the wheels spinning behind your eyes. Your hearing is attuned to a level of the universe no one else can hear, but only if you're listening."
Lydia Martin and Peter Hale about a Banshee's power of Clairaudience in Letharia Vulpina

Clairaudience is the psychic-based supernatural power to hear sounds outside of the normal range of human perception, and is a variation of Extra-Sensory Perception. This is a power that only Banshees presently possess, and they use it to allow themselves to discern details of a person's death—past, present, or future—through their ability to hear things on a level beyond any other known being, supernatural or otherwise. These sounds are related to events that concern the death or potential death of an individual, such as when Kira Yukimura was kidnapped by William Barrow and taken to a power plant; Lydia could constantly hear a buzzing sound which at first she mistook for flies but realized it was actually electricity, leading Stiles and Lydia to realize where Barrow had taken Kira and that he had plans to electrocute her. ("Galvanize")

This power should not be confused with Super Senses; while the aforementioned ability can allow users to hear sounds with greater acuity and from farther distances, it is a physical power granted to shapeshifters, whereas Clairaudience is a psychic-energy-based power that allows them to convert supernatural energy into sounds that take the form of mild auditory premonitions rather than a physical enhancement.

On its own, this power is passive and spontaneous, giving Banshees little control over when they use it, though once they begin to hear these noises, they can focus on the sound to better understand what it means. However, it can also be triggered through the use of sound divination, in which the Banshee uses ordinary objects to create vibrational frequencies that allow them to amplify their perception of these sounds. Known users of this power are Lydia Martin and Meredith Walker.

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