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KIRA: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
LIAM: Where would I even start? "Sorry for trying to kill you?"
STILES: I feel like I lost something.
STILINSKI: Then maybe you should start by forgiving someone else.
STILES: Someone like Scott.
SCOTT: If Theo's got his own pack now, then we need ours.
NOSHIKO: Skinwalkers are powerful shapeshifters. They'll find us.
NOSHIKO: Kira... Take out your sword.


[The cold open begins where the previous episode ended, with Kira drawing her katana from its scabbard at the sight of three Skinwalkers, each with their own spear drawn and wearing clothing made of rough leather. The first Skinwalker, who is also the leader, is wearing what appears to be a wolf pelt on her head and, like the others, is wearing face paint; in her case, she has white paint all over her face, and black around her eyes that spirals into thick stripes that reach down her cheekbones. The second Skinwalker has red face paint smudged around the middle of her face and in thick lines across her bare back along with thick black paint around her eyes, and her hair in two braids close to her head. The third has white face paint so thick that it is cracked like stone, and has black paint around her eyes in tight circles like a racoon, her long dark hair wild around her shoulders]

[Each of the three Skinwalker women begin twirling their spears as an intimidation tactic as Kira looks around at all of them, trying to figure out a battle plan. Noshiko watches with concern as the fight begins, though Kira starts off well despite being outnumbered. However, after a few moments, the third Skinwalker uses her spear to flick sand in Kira's eyes, preventing her from being able to see. When Kira uses one hand to wipe the sand from her eyes and the other to raise her sword, the third Skinwalker strikes the katana out of her hand, making it easier to back Kira into a corner. Moments later, the second skinwalker throws her spear at her like a javelin, which impales Kira in the shoulder and pins her to the large boulder behind her]

[Once the battle is over, the Skinwalkers circle around Kira while she whimpers and braces the spear in her hands to minimize the damage to her shoulder. The second Skinwalker grabs the spear impaling Kira's shoulder and holds it so that Kira is tightly pinned to the stone, and the leader uses the blunt end of her own spear to push Kira's other shoulder back as well. This allows the Skinwalkers to appraise Kira and her current condition before addressing Kira and Noshiko in deep, almost demonic-sounding voices]

SKINWALKER 1: She's frightened.
SKINWALKER 3: But she's not frightened of us.
SKINWALKER 2: Of herself.

[Noshiko continues to look worried as she keeps her guard up around the Skinwalkers, and she keeps her voice strong as she speaks with them]

NOSHIKO: Can you help her?

[The leader looks at Kira curiously, as though she finds the young Kitsune very intriguing]

SKINWALKER 1: We can try.
SKINWALKER 3: If not, she stays.
KIRA: [anxiously] What... What does that mean?
SKINWALKER 1: If we can't help you, you'll stay and become one of us-- a Skinwalker
SKINWALKER 3: You'll walk with us under the sun, through the dust...
SKINWALKER 2: Forever.

[Kira looks terrified by this answer as the leader lets go of Kira, who is still gripping the second Skinwalker's spear to keep it from moving in her shoulder. Kira doubles over as the second Skinwalker pulls the spear out, leaving a painful-looking wound on Kira's right shoulder that starts to bleed profusely. Kira falls to her knees and looks horrified as the wind picks up the dust around her, obscuring her from view]



[Stiles is in the garage of the McCall House late at night, where he is in the middle of repairing his Jeep. He leans over the open hood of the Jeep and reaches into the machinery, pulling out a tangle of wires whose purpose he doesn't seem to understand. After a moment, he shrugs and reaches back in to pull out a large, rusty cylinder of some kind, which he also sets aside with the wires. He then grabs a wrench and adjusts it for a moment before reaching in to tighten a bolt]

[Meanwhile, inside, Scott is walking down the stairs from his bedroom with a packed duffle bag in his hands, where he finds Liam waiting for him downstairs in the living room. It's obvious that Scott is conflicted about Liam's arrival, as he's both sad to be estranged from his Beta as well as scared of what he could do after Liam nearly killed him. Liam appears to be just as anxious to be there, and when he sees Scott, he pauses awkwardly for a moment before suddenly blurting out the first thought that comes to mind]

LIAM: They're alive.

[Scott looks at Liam in confusion but doesn't speak, causing Liam to nervously ramble to explain himself]

LIAM: I mean, the Chimeras. Some of them-- not all of them.

[Scott's face remains unreadable when he finally replies, unable to fully look Liam in the eyes after what happened between them]

SCOTT: I know.

[Liam looks surprised by this uncharacteristically curt answer]

LIAM: Oh... You do?
SCOTT: Yeah.

[After a brief awkward silence, Scott goes back to what he was doing and nervously adds to what he's already said]

SCOTT: I... I'm sorry, I can't talk right now, Liam.

[Scott turns to walk out the back door, but Liam, not wanting to leave things as they are, tries again to get Scott to warm up to him]

LIAM: It was Theo. He's the one who brought them back, and now they're with him. Like they're his pack.

[Scott nods, looking mildly impatient]

SCOTT: I know.

[Liam's face becomes pained by the awkwardness of their conversation]

LIAM: Hayden's one of them.

[Scott seems genuinely surprised by this remark, and his instinct to make sure that everyone is safe and okay causes him to briefly forget about how uncomfortable he feels around Liam]

SCOTT: She's okay?
LIAM: [nods] She's alive. I'm not sure she's totally okay, but she's definitely alive.
SCOTT: [relieved] That's good.

[Scott, once again remembering how Liam almost killed him, emotionally withdraws from the conversation again and gets ready to leave. When Liam realizes that Scott seems to be departing on some kind of trip, he gets a curious look on his face]

LIAM: Where are you guys going?
SCOTT: [sighs] To get Kira. Her dad told us that her mom took her out to New Mexico, to this place called Shiprock. They're trying to figure out a way to help her. But, it's dangerous... So, we're gonna go find her and bring her back.

[Liam, eager to help and earn back Scott's trust, immediately jumps at this opportunity and walks toward him]

LIAM: I'll come with you!

[This sudden movement on Liam's part causes Scott to reflexively step backward from him, likely a post-traumatic response, before he stops Liam by putting up his hand. Scott shifts uncomfortably and seems to have difficulty looking Liam in the eyes]

SCOTT: Uhh, you can't...

[Scott turns around and is about to go through the back door when Liam, who seems incredibly hurt by the cold shoulder he's getting, tries to prove himself worthy of a second chance]

LIAM: Let me help.

[Scott stops dead in his tracks and hesitates for a moment, clearly fighting himself between wanting to make up with Liam and being scared to do so, but he doesn't turn around. Liam's voice becomes even more desperate-sounding as he pleads with Scott]

LIAM: Let me do something. Just tell me what I can do.

[Scott sighs deeply and hesitates for a moment before he finally replies, calling out to him over his shoulder as he walks out the door]

SCOTT: Don't do anything.

[Scott walks into the garage without another word, leaving Liam alone in his kitchen. He then walks over to Stiles, who is still working on getting the Jeep running well enough to make it to New Mexico, and who grunts in frustration at the trouble he's having in lieu of a greeting. Scott gives Stiles a sympathetic look before grabbing the light hanging from the open hood of the car and holds it out so Stiles can see what he's doing better. Stiles, knowing that Liam was just there, looks at Scott curiously]

STILES: So, what did he want?
SCOTT: [shrugs] To help.

[Stiles picks up a socket wrench so he can continue to work on the Jeep while he and Scott talk]

STILES: You gonna let him?

[Scott thinks about this for a moment before he answers]

SCOTT: Eventually, I guess...

[Stiles stops what he's doing and looks Scott in the eyes]

STILES: Okay, but shouldn't he be a little higher on your priority list right now? I mean, since he's the only other actual werewolf? Your only actual Beta?

[Scott sighs anxiously]

SCOTT: You didn't see the way he came at me. You didn't see the look in his eyes...
STILES: [shrugs] Well, I've been with you on a full moon, so I've seen that look.

[They both sigh and think about their current situation before Stiles finally speaks up again]

STILES: You want to get the band back together, Scott? You don't leave out the drummer.

[Scott sighs, frustrated but knowing Stiles is right, just as Stiles hops into the driver's seat and turns the key in his ignition, causing the Jeeps engine to roar as it successfully turns on. Scott looks impressed by the fact that Stiles got it to work, and Stiles pumps his fist in satisfaction]

STILES: Success! Yes!

[Scott and Stiles hop into the Jeep, with Stiles in the driver seat and Scott in the passenger seat, but when Scott turns to put his bag in the back, he sees that he has at least six large bottles of oil in the backseat and gives Stiles a look]

STILES: It's a minor leak.

[Stiles holds up his hand and pinches his index finger and thumb together in emphasis]

STILES: Very minor.

[It's late at night as Scott and Stiles set off for New Mexico so they can rescue their favorite Thunder Kitsune]


[Its night-time now, and Theo and Tracy are in the bus bay, where they've both jumped down onto the pavement from the top of one of the buses. Theo focuses his senses on everything around him and frowns as Tracy catches up with him]

TRACY: Did you see it?

[Theo shakes his head in the negatory]

THEO: It was too fast.
TRACY: But it's here?
THEO: Yeah. So keep your distance.

[Tracy is still trying to catch her breath as she and Theo walk toward the school]

THEO: Look, we're not trying to catch it. Not yet.

[They hear a menacing growling noise in the distance, and once Theo determines the location, the two start running into the school in an attempt to find the Beast. Inside the school, Theo and Tracy walk through the entrance hall and turn the corner down one of the adjacent hallways, where Theo stops and sees something on the lockers. His eyes flash gold for a moment, allowing him to see that the Dread Doctors have left the Beast a message that only shapeshifters with supernaturally-enhanced vision can see-- "DAMNATIO MEMORIAE." Tracy's eyes don't shift, but she's still able to figure out what Theo is seeing]

TRACY: It's the same message, isn't it? What are they trying to tell it?

[Theo's eyes return to their normal brown, but his expression looks grim as he answers her question]

THEO: Trying to get it to remember who it was.

[Tracy frowns in confusion]

TRACY: But isn't it just a teenager like us? Isn't it just a kid underneath?
THEO: [sighs] Yeah, they don't care about that. The Doctors, they needed a body because they couldn't resurrect the Beast out of thin air. That kid underneath, whoever it is, is just a side-effect. All the Doctors care about is the Beast.

[Theo paces around as he looks for any additional clues, but Tracy just looks impatient]

TRACY: So, what happens if it does remember?
THEO: I'm not sure... The thing probably doesn't even know it turns back to human during the day.

[Tracy considers this for a moment before speaking]

TRACY: I read that the Beast of Gévaudan killed 113 people. Is that true?

[Theo smirks smugly in response to this question]

THEO: No. The Doctors told me it was closer to 500.

[Just then, a door at the end of the hallway opens and closes, and they hear a combination of the Dread Doctors' skittering noise as well as a low growl. Tracy immediately flicks out her claws and gets into fight-mode as she and Theo slowly walk down the hallway toward the source of the noise, eventually finding the Dread Doctors standing there waiting for them. Tracy wastes no time trying to slash The Pathologist across the face, but he is completely unfazed by the attack. Tracy looks alarmed by this for a moment before The Pathologist backhands her across the face so hard she flies into the nearby row of lockers and bounces onto the ground. While Tracy recovers from the attack, Theo looks at the Dread Doctors in both fear and annoyance as they turn to address him]


[Theo is clearly frightened by them, but he stands his ground]

THEO: Where is it?

[Though the Doctors' masks prevent them from demonstrating any emotion, they still make it obvious that they are not amused by Theo's behavior]

THE SURGEON: You already have your pack.
THEO: [angrily] It wasn't enough. Look at my eyes.

[Theo flashes his golden Chimera eyes again]

THEO: Do they look red to you?

[When the Dread Doctors don't say anything, Theo becomes even more aggravated]

THEO: I'm not an Alpha. I'm not even a real werewolf!

[Just then, heavy footsteps that seem to shake the ground beneath their feet are heard as the Beast lumbers toward them. It is clutching the severed head of a man in its hand by the hair, and it drops the head onto the floor, where it rolls toward Theo's feet. Tracy gasps at the sight of both the head and the Beast standing in front of them. After a moment, the Beast roars so loudly at them that Tracy and Theo both fall to their knees, covering their ears with their hands and squeezing their eyes closed as a result of how loud it is to their sensitive ears. By the time the sound ceases and they open their eyes, the Doctors and the Beast have vanished, leaving both Chimeras horrified by what they have just witnessed]


[Inside a teepee, the second Skinwalker is tending to Kira's wounds. She puts a long, damp cloth made of what looks like some kind of animal skin over the gaping wound in her shoulder where their spear went through it before speaking to her in her deep, echoing voice]

SKINWALKER 2: This will speed the healing.
KIRA: [sarcastically] You could've just not thrown a spear into me.

[The Skinwalker gives her a stern look]

SKINWALKER 2: You had a sword. You could have used it.

[Kira sighs, looking embarrassed by her weakness]

KIRA: I thought I did...
SKINWALKER 2: You were afraid to use the sword. I showed you I wasn't afraid to use the spear.

[Once Kira is settled on the floor with her shoulder wrapped up, she leans against the back wall of the teepee just as Noshiko, looking sullen, walks inside. Noshiko nods politely at the Skinwalker, who simply stares blankly at her before grabbing her spear and leaving them to talk in private. When Noshiko turns to talk to Kira, it is clear by the look on Noshiko's face that she is not happy. She sees a symbol painted on the floor of the teepee that looks like feathers arranged in a starburst pattern. Next to it is a bowl of a clear liquid and some shells full of other herbal medicinal ingredients. Kira looks at her mother and snaps her out of her distraction]

KIRA: What happens now?
NOSHIKO: [grimly] They're going to test you. Tonight.

[Noshiko hesitates before she continues]

NOSHIKO: It's not going to be easy.

[Kira doesn't seem comforted by her mother's words and sighs as she leans her head back against the wall]

KIRA: Have they mentioned anything about fixing me?

[Noshiko, knowing Kira isn't going to like her answer, is evasive in her reply]

NOSHIKO: They have their methods. It takes time.

[Sure enough, Kira becomes concerned about what her mother is suggesting, and her tone of voice becomes urgent]

KIRA: How much time? Days?

[Noshiko turns and kneels on the floor in front of Kira]

NOSHIKO: [sighs] Months... Or years...
KIRA: [appalled] Are you kidding?

[Noshiko scowls at Kira's change in attitude, and her tone of voice becomes stern]

NOSHIKO: Don't think I take this lightly, Kira.

[Kira look completely overwhelmed by this conversation]

KIRA: Mom, years?

[Noshiko sighs in exasperation]

NOSHIKO: You're a Kitsune. You have centuries.

[Kira's tone becomes pleading as she applies pressure to her shoulder wound]

KIRA: What about my friends? What about Scott?

[Noshiko seems frustrated by how little Kira understands about her current situation, and when she finally replies, her voice is pained]

NOSHIKO: If this part of you becomes too powerful, it will consume you. Do you understand what that means? You won't even exist anymore!

[Kira is near tears, and Noshiko seems to be getting to that point as well]

KIRA: So this is it? This is all I've got? I pass their test, and then I can spend a couple months-- or, if I'm really lucky, years-- learning from a couple of crazy, half-naked women carrying spears and wearing animal pelts?

[This comment seems to amuse Noshiko the tiniest bit, enough to where the corner of her mouth quirks up]

NOSHIKO: You carry a sword and you wear a leather jacket. We're not so different from them.

[Kira thinks about this for a moment and becomes worried again]

KIRA: What if they can't help me? Do I really become one of them?

[Noshiko carefully chooses her words before she responds to this question]

NOSHIKO: If you become a Skinwalker and stay with them, it could keep you alive. It could be the only thing that saves you.

[This possibility clearly doesn't make Kira very optimistic]

KIRA: [glumly] All the stories about Skinwalkrs say they're evil.

[Once again, Noshiko smiles a tiny smile at this remark]

NOSHIKO: They say the same thing about Kitsune.


[Scott is in the middle of reading a book that discusses damnatio memoriae while Stiles drives the Jeep. Stiles lets out a deep breath and wipes a bead of sweat off of his brow, and Scott tugs on the collar of his shirt to try to cool off, making it clear that the heat is starting to get to them both]

SCOTT: Man, I think the Jeep's overheating again.

[Stiles sighs in annoyance, but judging by his casual shrug, he doesn't seem surprised]

STILES: Probably.

[He looks at the temperature gauge, which is quickly moving from C to H]

SCOTT: Should we pull over and put more antifreeze in it?

[Stiles considers this for a brief moment before shaking his head and sighing]

STILES: No, we can just turn the heat on.

[Stiles reaches forward and turns on the heater, causing a loud hiss of air to come through the vents. Scott flinches at the hot air blowing onto him, but tries his best to shrug it off, simply rolling down his window before he goes back to his reading. After a moment, Stiles looks over at him with interest, clearly bored by the drive through the desert]

STILES: You find anything yet?
SCOTT: It's mostly the same stuff you already knew.

[Scott finds an excerpt and starts reading it aloud to Stiles while they continue driving]

SCOTT: [reads] "Damnatio memoriae was a Roman practice, a government decree to destroy the images of the damned. [...] And they would scratch off their names from inscriptions, chisel their face off of statues [...] The Romans believed it was a punishment worse than death."

[Stiles nods in understanding as he puts the pieces together]

STILES: Being forgotten.
SCOTT: Listen to this--

[Scott begins to read aloud from the book again]

SCOTT: [reads] "Damnatio memoriae was later used on a serial killer in 1598 known as the Demon Tailor. He lured children into his shop in Paris, where he would kill them and boil the flesh off their bones to eat. The courts believed the crimes so horrible, they ordered all documents destroyed. To this day, no one knows his real name."

[Stiles looks horrified when he realizes what this means]

STILES: So, the Dread Doctors resurrected a killer who was so bad that he had to literally be erased from history?

[Scott nods and sighs in agreement]

SCOTT: A killer that became a werewolf.
STILES: Which probably made him a better killer. That's great.

[Stiles revs his engine and hits the gas, clearly in a hurry to get Kira back and return to Beacon Hills. As he accelerates, the temperature gauge, which has showed a decrease in temperature thanks to the heat being turned on, starts to overheat again]


[Liam and Mason are walking down the hallway just as an announcement is heard over the PA system]

MAN: [over speakers] Attention all students: Mr. O'Quinn's classes are canceled for today. If anyone knows his whereabouts, please let the office know immediately.
MASON: [scoffs] That doesn't sound too ominous.

[Suddenly, Liam sees Hayden down the hall by her locker, where Theo is standing close to her and whispering something into her ear. Liam stops in his tracks and scowls when he sees Hayden laughs at whatever it is that Theo said. Mason stops next to Liam and joins him in watching Theo, who clearly knows they're watching him and who is taking great pleasure in making Liam angry. When Mason sees Liam clenching his jaw in an attempt to quell his fury, he gets anxious about what Liam might do]

MASON: You said Scott told you not to do anything.

[Liam continues grinding his teeth and glaring at Theo and Hayden, not taking his eyes off of them as he responds to Mason]

LIAM: [growls] I know.
MASON: [worried] Liam, you said you weren't gonna get involved.
LIAM: [growls] I know.

[Liam and Mason watch as Theo and Hayden walk away, and it's obvious that Mason thinks Liam is going to start something with Theo]

MASON: Liam, don't get involved.


[Scott and Stiles are still on their way to Shiprock to bring Kira back. They have traded seats, with Scott driving and Stiles riding in the passenger seat, and after a period of silence, Scott makes conversation]

SCOTT: You still not talking to Malia?

[Stiles sighs and hesitates for a moment before he answers]

STILES: Uh, she's not talking to me.

[Scott gives him a skeptical look]

STILES: Or, anyone, I guess...

[Scott sighs as well before he comes clean about what he knows]

SCOTT: I think I know why. I think she found her mother.

[Stiles' eyes widen in shock]

STILES: Her mother? As in the Desert Wolf?
SCOTT: [nods] Yeah.

[Stiles looks horrified and concerned by this news]

STILES: I knew she was still looking. She erased her name off my board, but I just... I knew she hadn't stopped.
SCOTT: When I was at her house, I'm also... pretty sure Braeden was there, too.

[This revelation seems to shock Stiles as well]

STILES: Braeden? What, did you catch her scent?
SCOTT: Actually, it was her motorcycle. I smelled her exhaust.
STILES: [sighs] What the hell do you think they're gonna do?

[Scott shakes his head, though it's clear he knows more than he's letting on]

SCOTT: Something that Malia doesn't want to tell us about, so... probably something bad.

[Stiles notices the look on Scott's face and immediately realizes what is going on]

STILES: Oh, my God! You already know, don't you? It's like... It's the chemosignals, right?

[Scott hesitates for a moment before he finally nods in agreement]

SCOTT: Aggression.

[Stiles looks extremely concerned by this news, though he seems to know the answer to his question before he even asks it]

STILES: How much?
SCOTT: [anxiously] I think she's gonna kill her. She's gonna kill her mother.

[Just then, the engine starts to sputter, and Scott looks panicked]

SCOTT: What's happening?

[Stiles frowns and focuses on what is going on for a moment before he determines the problem]

STILES: Um... Yeah, we're out of gas. It's out of gas.

[Scott gives Stiles a puzzled look as he gestures toward the dashboard]

SCOTT: It says we have half a tank...
STILES: [shrugs] Yeah, not necessarily.

[Scott makes a face in exasperation]

SCOTT: You didn't fix the gas gauge, did you?

[Stiles blushes in embarrassment]

STILES: Not necessarily...

[Scott sighs and pulls over onto the side of the road before giving Stiles a look]


[Liam, Mason, Hayden, and Corey are in Biology class, where Mrs. Finch is giving a lecture]

MRS. FINCH: Codominance, a relationship among alleles where both alleles contribute to the phenotype of the heterozygote. Quite a mouthful, I know, but it's exactly what we'll be learning in today's lab. Students in the first and third row, look behind you-- these are your partners.

[Hayden, seated in the front row, turns to find Liam sitting behind him in the third row, and both look uncomfortable and awkward in response to the prospect of being partnered up. Meanwhile, Corey, also in the front row, turns to see an unnamed student seated behind him in the third row, who is suddenly pulled to the side by Mason so that Mason can take his seat. Mason smiles and waves at Corey, clearly eager to work with him, and Mrs. Finch seems to ignore this disregard for her instructions]

[Meanwhile, in Ms. Flemming's math class, Theo is sitting in his desk among his fellow students while she takes attendance]

MS. FLEMMING: Has anyone seen Stiles, or Scott McCall? I can't be the only one who thinks it's slightly coincidental they're both sick on the same day?

[Ms. Flemming looks at her gradebook briefly before she continues]

MS. FLEMMING: And Lydia Martin wasn't in class today, either...

[Theo smirks smugly as he speak up]

THEO: She won't be in for a while.

[Several students and Ms. Flemming turn to look at Theo curiously, forcing him to elaborate on his comment]

THEO: Medical issues.

[Out in the hallway, Malia is passing by the classroom when she apparently hears what Theo has to stay. She stops outside the doorway and shoots him a glare, which Theo simply returns with a smirk before she walks away]


[In Lydia's mind, Lydia is walking through a perfect replica of the closed unit of Eichen House. She's barefoot and in her Eichen House lounge clothes as she walk through the halls until she makes it to Valack's cell. Her head cocks to the side as she examines the large hole broken into the glass of his cell, barely noticing the fact that she's walking over broken shards of glass as well as she approaches it. After a moment, Lydia is startled by the sound of Meredith's voice]

MEREDITH: Do you know how he did it?

[Lydia is shocked to find that Meredith, wearing the street clothes she was wearing in Perishable, is in Valack's cell, whose door has now been completely repaired. She has a paper cup and an audio recorder in her hands as she looks at Lydia curiously]

LYDIA: He put the recorder in the cup to amplify my voice...
MEREDITH: It didn't just amplify your voice-- it gave it direction. Focus.

[Meredith holds up the audio recorder in her left hand and turns it on as she walks toward the pane of glass separating them]

MEREDITH: Valack used your scream as a tool by focusing it.

[Meredith puts the audio recorder into the cup, just like Valack did in A Novel Approach, and holds the cup flat against the glass]

MEREDITH: If you're going to use it as a weapon, you need to learn to do the same thing.

[Meredith raises the cup so that it is right over her mouth, though she keeps it held flat against the glass. Suddenly, the recording of Lydia's Banshee scream is heard, shattering the glass into pieces that fall to the ground at Lydia's feet. Lydia seems shocked by this sight]


[Back in Mrs. Finch's class, she continues to lecture the students on the day's biology topic. They are all now sitting in their assigned pairs as they prepare for their laboratory activity, and Mrs. Finch has just finished drawing a very impressive diagram for codominance on the chalkboard, which involves a red fish and a blue fish mating to create a purple fish]

MRS. FINCH: Remember that in codominance, neither allele is recessive-- the phenotypes of both alleles are expressed.

[Mrs. Finch looks around at the students before choosing Corey to answer her question]

MRS. FINCH: Corey, in human blood, what is a good example of codominance?
MRS. FINCH: Very good! So, today you're going to solve a little mystery.

[Mrs. Finch starts passing out a stapled set of lab worksheets to the class]

MRS. FINCH: Two couples had babies on the same day in the same hospital. Were the babies switched? Open your packets and read the instructions.

[In one of the back rows, Hayden looks at Liam expectantly, but he purposely ignores her stare in favor of skimming through the packet in front of him. After a moment, Hayden sighs in exasperation and gives him a look]

HAYDEN: Gonna talk to me?
LIAM: I'm reading the instructions...

[Hayden gives him an even stronger look]

HAYDEN: You know what I mean.

[Liam finally looks up at her and smiles fakely]

LIAM: You mean, how you're hanging out with a total psycho that tried to get me to kill Scott and then did it himself? Yeah, okay, let's-let's talk about that.

[Hayden rolls her eyes and sighs in frustration, trying to keep her voice down so as to not attract attention]

HAYDEN: That total psycho brought me back to life. Remember that?

[Liam frowns and looks down at his paper, both sad at the reminder of her death and uncomfortable with how much Hayden seems to be defending Theo. After a moment of awkward silence, Hayden continues to speak]

HAYDEN: I'm not dying again.
LIAM: You don't have to--
HAYDEN: [cuts him off] --Why? Because Scott's gonna save us? He doesn't even know what's coming.

[This piques Liam's interest while simultaneously making him worried, both because she knows something he doesn't and because it's obviously something bad]

LIAM: What do you mean? What's coming?

[Before Hayden can respond, Mrs. Finch walks over to them and gives them a stern look]

MRS. FINCH: Seems to be a lot of discussion over here. I can't imagine you've already solved the mystery, have you?

[Liam and Hayden share an uncomfortable look before they turn back to their teacher, looking embarrassed]

LIAM: [sighs] No...
MRS. FINCH: [displeased] Get to it.

[Later, in the locker room, Corey approaches Mason in his work-out gear, looking pleased to see him]

COREY: You want to go out again?

[Mason immediately answers him without even thinking]

MASON: Yeah.

[When Mason realizes what he's just agreed to, he instantly starts to backpedal]

MASON: No. No way.

[Corey frowns in confusion]

COREY: Why not?

[Mason scoffs in disbelief]

MASON: You actually have to ask "Why not?"

[Corey continues to look confused, though he doesn't seem to be hurt by Mason's comments]

COREY: You like me. Go out with me.
MASON: [anxiously] But, you're still with Theo. You... You're with the bad guys.
COREY: [frowns] There are no bad guys...

[Mason looks almost appalled by how blasé Corey is being about their current situation]

MASON: There are definitely bad guys. Some of the bad guys are called Dread Doctors. You don't get a name like "Dread Doctors" and not get classified as the bad guys.

[Corey sighs in frustration, and his expression becomes serious]

COREY: That's what none of you get. There aren't gonna be any good guys or bad guys-- it's either gonna be dead or alive. I want to be alive. Don't you?
MASON: Not if I'm left standing with the bad guys.

[Corey sighs again and considers this response for a brief moment before he replies]

COREY: How about with me? Stay alive with me.

[He leans forward and kisses Mason, and despite Mason's earlier protests, he enthusiastically kisses Corey back. When they pull away, Mason sighs in exasperation, clearly smitten with Corey]

MASON: Fine. But I'm not going out with you again.

[Corey gives him a look, and Mason starts to backpedal again]

MASON: ...Probably not...

[Corey can't help but smile warmly at Mason]

COREY: We're gonna be okay. I know you probably don't believe it, but Theo is looking for the same thing.

[Mason's happy expression starts to become serious once again]

MASON: You mean the last Chimera?
COREY: That's not what he's calling it...
MASON: [confused] What's he calling it?
COREY: ...The Beast.

[Mason looks extremely worried by this news]


[Noshiko has just returned to the teepee where the Skinwalkers left Kira to recover from her injuries. She removes the wrap on the shoulder where Kira was impaled by one of their spears and is shocked to find that her injury has completely vanished]

NOSHIKO: You've already healed.

[Noshiko looks almost alarmed that Kira's wound has healed so fast, but does her best to hide it from Kira, who is visibly overwhelmed by the task ahead of her]

NOSHIKO: Kira, you're going to be fine.

[Kira takes a deep breath before she speaks]

KIRA: Would you really leave me here? With them?

[It is clear by the look on Noshiko's face that she is still very conflicted about what is currently happening]

NOSHIKO: If it's the only thing that saves your life, then... yes.
KIRA: [anxiously] What if I can't pass their test? What if I fail?

[Noshiko sighs as she stands to her feet and looks at Kira with a steely determination]

NOSHIKO: Don't fail.

[She hands Kira her sword and scabbard, which Kira slips over her shoulder before walking out of the teepee. Kira stops just outside the entrance and turns back to give one last look to her mother before she turns and walks out into the desert. Once she's made it several meters in, she walks toward the large rocks and finds each of the skinwalkers standing with their spears at various heights, all of them staring at Kira with a serious look, though the second Skinwalker seems to have more affection for Kira than the other two]


[Scott and Stiles are sweating profusely after having run all the way to the nearest gas station, which is mysteriously closed. Scott manages to break the chains that lock the gas pump while Stiles attempts to get into the station itself, an effort that is ultimately shown to be futile. After failing to get past the locked door, Stiles returns to the pump to talk to Scott]

STILES: Locked.
SCOTT: You got a twenty?

[Stiles digs through his pocket and finds one, wedging it in between the doors of the station to pay for their gas before returning to Scott, who has just started to fill the portable tank they brought with them. They stand in awkward silence for a moment before Stiles finally sighs and makes a confession]

STILES: There was a pin. There was one little metal pin attached to the scaffolding. He was trying to pull me down.

[Scott nods in understanding]

SCOTT: He was trying to kill you.
STILES: Yes... and then I pulled the pin... and all these metal braces came down. And one of them just... just went right through him.

[Scott looks pained by the realization of just how badly Theo manipulated all of them]

SCOTT: Why didn't you think you could tell me?
STILES: [sighs] It was just the way you were looking at me that night... you know? You were standing there with a wrench in your hand, and you were looking at me like I just bashed your head in with it. You know, like I'd broken your sacred rule, and that's it-- there's no going back.

[Scott looks at Stiles with a serious yet kind expression for a long moment before he finally replies]

SCOTT: I know the difference.

[Stiles, confused, makes a face, not understanding what Scott means]


[Scott gives Stiles an empathetic look]

SCOTT: I know what self-defense is.

[Stiles is clearly relieved by this reaction, but his relief is also mixed with guilt about how long he lied about Donovan's death]


[In Lydia's mind, Lydia and Meredith are experiencing a vision of the high school. Meredith watches from behind as Lydia walks over to the bookshelf where the seniors inscribed their initials during Senior Scribe and frantically knocks the yearbooks onto the floor, only to find to her horror that the shelf itself is completely blank]

LYDIA: Our names are gone. Our initials...

[Meredith stands next to Lydia and gives her a grim look]

MEREDITH: Not just you and your friends-- everyone.

[Lydia is visibly horrified by the thought of what could happen to the townspeople]

LYDIA: What am I supposed to do? How do I save them?

[Meredith vanishes, but her whisper is still heard by Lydia as it echoes through the room]

MEREDITH: Don't be afraid...

[Lydia walks to the balcony and looks over it to the ground floor, where she finds Meredith laying on one of the work tables, looking up at Lydia as Theo, partially wolfed-out with his glowing gold eyes, fangs, and claws, stands over her. He looks up at Lydia and growls menacingly as he reaches he clawed hand toward Meredith, causing Lydia to gasp in fear]

LYDIA: No, don't--!

[Despite Lydia's protests, Theo rips out Meredith's throat in the vision in her mind, and though Lydia's mouth is closed, her Banshee wail is still heard so loudly that it rumbles everything around her]


[Suddenly, a light bulb explodes in Lydia's room, which can be seen in the reflection of Lydia's eye as her psychic shriek is heard throughout the halls of Eichen House. Nurse Cross and Schrader the orderly each rush through the opposing doors to the closed unit, the electronic locks buzzing as they swipe their key cards. When Nurse Cross sees Schrader, she rushes over to him with an unamused expression]

NURSE CROSS: What the hell was that? Did you hear that?
SCHRADER: [nods] It came from Lydia's room.

[They both rush to Lydia's room, but when they get inside, they find that nothing is amiss, and Lydia continues to lay motionless on her bed as she stares up at the ceiling. Despite the fact that there is no evidence that anything happened, both Nurse Cross and Schrader look freaked out]

NURSE CROSS: What did you hear? What was it exactly?
SCHRADER: [frowns] I heard a kind of explosion...
NURSE CROSS: Before that.

[When Schrader looks nervous, Nurse Cross gives him a stern look in return]

NURSE CROSS: You know what I mean.

[Schrader hesitates before he finally answers her question]

SCHRADER: ...A scream. I thought I heard her scream.


[Night has fallen, and Scott and Stiles have just gotten back on the road after refilling the tank with gas. Scott is dozing in the passenger seat, and Stiles is groaning from the heat of the Jeep when he suddenly looks concerned by something ahead of him. ]

STILES: Hey, Scott? Scott, take a look at this...

[When Scott awakens, Stiles points out toward a large, tall plateau in the distance, where thunder is rumbling overhead. They're both shocked when they see lightning striking the top of the cliff, and Stiles turns to give Scott an incredulous look]

STILES: What the hell do you think's happening to her out there?

[Scott looks horrified and simply shakes his head, not knowing what could be happening as a thunderstorm forms solely above the plateau. Stiles, just as concerned as his best friend, shifts gears on the Jeep and hits the gas to speed up even faster]


[Kira is looking around on the cliff at Shiprock as the wind blows dust around her, clouding her vision. Suddenly, she hears a familiar rattling noise around her and immediately becomes alert as she tries to find the source of the noise. After spinning around to see if anything is nearby, she unsheathes her katana and holds it in a defensive position as she prepares for her test to begin. She jerks her head to the left when she hears the sound of metal sliding against the sandstone of the plateau, and she spins around to keep aware of her surroundings. Suddenly, she senses something behind her and lets out a battle cry before spinning 180 degrees and blocking the strike of a ninjato, becoming shocked when she sees that she is fighting a desert-version of an Oni before vanishing into the shadows]

[Confused, Kira frantically looks around to try to find it again, flipping her katana around in her hand before blocking another strike by the Oni before it evaporates once again. This sequence repeats itself several more times before the Oni finally takes a fully-corporeal form and flashes its yellowish-gold firefly eyes at her]


[Stiles and Scott, concerned about what they've just witnessed at Shiprock, have stopped the Jeep several kilometers away from the plateau, where they are leaning against the vehicle while they watch the thunder and lightning overhead. Once again, the two are eerily silent, until finally, Scott, whose voice sounds pained and guilty, speaks up]

SCOTT: I don't know why I believed him. I don't know why we didn't just keep talking that night. Five more minutes, and we would've figured out that there were two different stories. We would've filled a lot of blanks.

[Scott meets Stiles eyes, and after a minute, he sighs]

SCOTT: We should've just kept talking.

[Stiles gives Scott a sympathetic look]

STILES: He knew we wouldn't.
SCOTT: [sighs] I didn't want it to happen like this.
STILES: [curiously] Like what?

[Scott hesitates for a moment before he replies]

SCOTT: I knew, sooner or later, one of us was going to get a little too much blood on our hands.

[Scott scoffs in grim amusement]

SCOTT: I half-thought it would be Malia...

[Stiles shrugs in understanding]

STILES: Well, she definitely seems like she's working on it...
SCOTT: [nods] I just always thought that if it were to happen, then it should be me. I'm the one who's constantly putting you guys in danger, risking your lives... for people you don't even know!

[Scott bites his lip, looking ashamed]

SCOTT: It should've been me.

[Stiles seems both relieved and comforted by Scott's confession, while also sympathizing with his position. After a moment, he pats Scott affectionately on the shoulder and gestures toward the Jeep]

STILES: Come on. We've only got a few hours 'til sunrise. Come on. Let's go.

[Stiles turns to get into the driver's seat, but when the lightning starts to strike even heavier, Scott is distracted by the light show and stares in shock at the plateau ahead of them]

SCOTT: Hey, Stiles... Do you see that?

[Stiles walks back to where Scott is standing and is equally shocked when a huge bolt of lightning strikes from the top of the plateau to the base]

SCOTT: It's Kira!


[Kira continues to fight the Desert Oni, which is at least double her size, on the tall plateau in Shiprock. Every time she blocks a strike with her sword, the Oni evaporates and rematerializes nearby, almost making it look like she's simply fighting by herself. When it appears again, their sword blades grind against each other so hard it creates sparks, and Kira finally gets the opportunity to draw first blood by slicing the Oni's arm. However, her katana doesn't even cut through the Oni's armor, and the slice instead appears on her own right bicep instead of the Oni's as though there is some sympathetic magic at play]

[Despite Kira's main sword arm being injured, she continues to ferociously fight against the Oni, slicing it across the right thigh, only for the injury to appear on her own leg. She cries out in pain and doubles over as she tries to staunch the bleeding from her thigh, and though she briefly falls onto the ground, she pulls herself back up, knowing she has a test she needs to pass. After parrying several strikes, her katana slices against the Oni's stomach, opening the same cut on her own abdomen to the point where she starts to cough up blood]

[Kira falls to her knees, cradling her wounded stomach with her free hand as the Oni prepares itself for the killing blow, forcing Kira to once again rise to her feet to try to finish the Oni off herself. She blocks an upper strike from the Oni and is forced to use both arms and all the strength she has to keep its ninjato blade from decapitating her. The force with which she's fighting causes her to roar in hopes of summoning all the power she possesses, and her eyes glow bright orange as her aura starts to reveal itself. The Oni's eye sockets and mouth start to emit a bright yellowish-green glow until suddenly, Kira's Kitsune aura seemingly comes to life and tackles the Oni, completely consuming it]

[Meanwhile, at the base of the plateau, Noshiko has just arrived in her car, which she leaves on as she departs and keeps her eyes glued to the stone pillar in front of her, watching for any sign that Kira has passed or failed her test]


[Malia is in the middle of ransacking the animal clinic for any hint of where Deaton could have been captured by the Desert Wolf when she pauses upon hearing a noise. She looks around for any sign of visitors, but after a moment, she returns to her search. Malia flips through stacks of papers on his desk, briefly looks inside a file cabinet, and reads the various print-outs he has pinned to corkboards on the walls until suddenly, she hears Theo's voice behind her]

THEO: Can't find him, can you? Probably don't even know where to start. You're not gonna find him.

[Malia turns to face him and gives him a look that clearly communicates that she's working very hard to resist the urge to rip his throat out, but this seems to only amuse Theo more]

THEO: Let's be honest... He's probably already dead. I wonder what's gonna happen when Scott realizes that it's your fault?

[Malia growls aggressively before lunging toward him, shoving him in the chest so hard that he flies backward against one of the cabinets in the exam room. She then grabs him in a choke-hold with one hand as she pins him to the wall, punching him hard in the face with her free hand before growling at him]

MALIA: I should kill you.

[Theo smirks smugly at the thought]

THEO: [smiles] Yeah, but you won't. You like me too much.

[This only serves to make Malia more furious, and she begins punching Theo in the head once again before slamming him into another cabinet, flipping him onto the exam table, and breaking his left arm]

THEO: Aah!

[Malia wastes no time before jumping up on the table, straddling his hips as she brutally beats him until he's bleeding from his mouth and nose. However, when Theo starts to laugh in amusement, she stops what she's doing, not understanding what his game is]

THEO: I let Stiles kick my ass, too. He never broke any bones.

[Theo reaches over with his right hand and snaps his broken left arm back into place with a groan before looking back at Malia with a serious expression. Malia, still angry, almost delivers the killing blow before Theo speaks up]

THEO: Look, I can help you find them-- Deaton and the Desert Wolf.
MALIA: [suspiciously] How?
THEO: The Dread Doctors. I know how they found everyone.


[The sun has just started to rise in New Mexico where Noshiko stands anxiously in the desert as she waits for news as to what happened. After a moment, a bloody and exhausted Kira returns with the severed head of the Desert Oni in her hand, which she holds up triumphantly]

KIRA: I won! I passed the test!

[Kira, looking exhausted, drops the severed head on the ground, and both she and Noshiko seem very relieved. However, their relief turns to confusion when the Skinwalkers arrive to pass their judgement]

SKINWALKER 1: Passed, yes. But not you.

[Kira just scoffs and looks at them like they're crazy]

KIRA: What are you talking about? I beat it! I won. Now, show me what I'm supposed to do.
SKINWALKER 3: You wield the sword.
SKINWALKER 1: But the Fox wields you.

[Kira is starting to get both frustrated and scared by their cryptic answers, and she glances back at Noshiko, who looks worried as well, before turning back to the Skinwalkers]

KIRA: What the hell does that mean?
SKINWALKER 2: It means you have no control.
SKINWALKER 1: No hope.
SKINWALKER 2: Without us.
SKINWALKER 3: It means you will stay and become one of us.

[Kira looks horrified by this news and backs away from the Skinwalkers, stopping when she runs into Noshiko, who places a comforting hand on the small of her daughter's back. It's obvious by the look on Noshiko's face that she's conflicted about what to do next, since she had previously accepted this possibility but now seems to not be as eager to allow Kira to stay. The leader of the Skinwalkers raises her spear before slamming the blunt end of it into the ground, causing a large fissure to appear in the sand-covered earth that stretches all the way toward the toe of Kira's boot]


[Liam is sitting on the steps in the library, scowling in frustration, when Hayden walks over and sits beside him, looking at him with a kind expression]

HAYDEN: What are you doing?

[Liam scoffs and rolls his eyes, but its clear that he's not unhappy she's with him]

LIAM: Trying not to get involved.
HAYDEN: Does that include me?

[Liam can't help but chuckle softly as he shrugs]

LIAM: Maybe.

[Hayden thinks about what she's about to say for a moment before she continues]

HAYDEN: I know how you look up to Scott, and how you all feel about him... But he just can't protect us the way Theo can.

[When Liam gives her a questioning look, she sighs]

HAYDEN: My sister...
LIAM: [interrupts her] --Your sister's a Sheriff's deputy, and she looks like she can handle herself.

[Hayden's expression goes from conflicted to grim]

HAYDEN: Not if I'm dead. She's not gonna be able to handle that at all.

[Hayden turns so that she's looking Liam straight in the eyes to make it clear how serious she is about this topic]

HAYDEN: I can't die again, Liam. Do you get it? It would ruin her.

[Liam looks sad at this reminder of her death]

LIAM: It would ruin me, too.

[Before Hayden can say anything, Liam leans over and kisses her, and the two begin to passionately make out on the stairs]


[Kira and Noshiko are still standing shocked in front of the Skinwalkers, where the third Skinwalker has slammed the blunt end of her spear to create another fissure in the earth that leads to where the two Kitsune are standing. when Noshiko suddenly draws her katana and gets into a defensive position. Kira looks at her with worry and confusion]

KIRA: ...Mom?

[Noshiko doesn't say anything, and Kira becomes even more freaked out when the second Skinwalker repeats the action and causes another large crack in the earth that nearly separates them]

KIRA: Mom???

[Noshiko takes a deep breath as she stands in front of Kira, though both watch in horror as all three Skinwalkers start to rhythmically pound the ends of their spears against the earth and cause more and more cracks in the ground. The leader of the Skinwalkers stares at them as though daring them to move, and Noshiko quickly draws her katana from its sheath]

NOSHIKO: Kira, get in the car.

[Kira, who was under the impression that Noshiko wanted her to stay with the Skinwalkers, looks at her like she's lost her mind]

KIRA: What?
NOSHIKO: [sternly] Get in the car.

[Kira attempts to do as she's told, but the third Skinwalker throws her spear at it, where it embeds itself into the rear tire and deflates it, preventing Kira and Noshiko from using it to escape. When Kira looks back at the Skinwalkers, she sees the third Skinwalker raise her hand and telekinetically summon another spear from under the ground, leading Kira to grab the spear from the tire in order to use it to defend herself. The Skinwalkers glare at Noshiko as she prepares herself for a fight]

SKINWALKER 3: [aggressively] She stays with us.

[Noshiko grips her katana tightly as gets into a defensive position, and the second Skinwalker growls under her breath]

NOSHIKO: I'm a Kitsune of 900 years. You want her? You'll have to go through me.

[Noshiko raises the blade of her katana, and the Skinwalkers get into position with their spears just as Kira leaps forward to stand at her mother's side with the third Skinwalker's spear in her hands as well. However, before the four can engage in battle, the Jeep speeds through the desert where the confrontation is happening. Suddenly, Scott throws himself out of the moving vehicle, doing a somersault into the sand before getting in a three-point stance and roaring at the Skinwalkers with his fangs and Alpha eyes out. Kira looks like she's never been more happy to see Scott as he jumps to her side to fight with the two Kitsune, and through the open door, Stiles beckons for the three of them to get in the Jeep]

STILES: Get in. Come on.

[Kira rushes toward the car, with Scott following after her to make sure she makes it safely, though Noshiko stays behind to keep an eye on the Skinwalkers. The second Skinwalker throws her spear at the Jeep in hopes of disabling it as well, but Noshiko uses her katana to slice the spear in half lengthwise before it can do any damage]

STILES: Come on, come on! Let's go!

[Noshiko rushes into the passenger seat of the Jeep, and as soon as she's inside, Stiles wastes no time before hitting the gas and speeding away, leaving the now-broken-down Yukimura family car behind. Once they've put some distance between themselves and the Skinwalkers, Stiles lets out a deep exhale of relief and looks back at everyone in the rearview mirror]

STILES: Everyone okay?

[Noshiko looks shocked by the fact that Stiles and Scott were able to save them, and she nods silently at Stiles before giving him a grateful look. However, when Noshiko looks in the backseat, she is both amused and exasperated by the sight of Scott and Kira passionately kissing. When they pull away, Kira stares at Scott in awe, relief, and adoration]

KIRA: You came back for me.

[Scott smiles and nods, and Kira can't believe that this has truly happened]

KIRA: I love you. I love you so much.

[Kira kisses Scott passionately, and though Stiles rolls his eyes good-naturedly as if to joke, "Get a room!", Noshiko smiles, happy to see Kira happy again after so much pain and worry]


[Its late at night, and Scott is dozing on the couch in his living room when Kira gently rouses him awake]

KIRA: Scott, wake up.

[Scott finally wakes up and looks at Kira with confusion, not noticing right away that Liam and Mason are standing at his bedside with grim expressions. When he does see his estranged Beta and his best friend standing in front of him, he immediately jerks himself into a seated position and becomes concerned]

SCOTT: What's wrong?
MASON: I found out something from Corey. We know what Theo's doing.

[Mason looks over at Liam, who speaks up next]

LIAM: He's looking for an Alpha. A blind Alpha.

[Scott's eyes widen in shock when he realizes who they're talking about]

SCOTT: Deucalion...


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