Someone is trying to make supernatural creatures with non-supernatural means. And, whoever they are, they're somehow managing to blur the lines between science and the supernatural.

Condition Terminal is the fourth episode of Season 5 and the sixty-fourth episode of Teen Wolf.

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Stiles tracks a fugitive and Liam plays wingman for Mason at a nightclub.

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In a flashback, Jordan Parrish tells Lydia Martin about a dream where he carries a body to the Nemeton before his body bursts into flames to begin to char the body he placed there, along with all of the others around it, though he leaves that part out of his story. In the present, the Dread Doctors abduct Donovan Donati from his holding cell at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station, taking advantage of the chaos caused by Lydia Martin's injuries at the hands of Tracy Stewart and Tracy's subsequent murder by the Doctors to do so without detection. Noah Stilinski and Alan Deaton have an argument regarding what they will do about Tracy's body; Noah argues that her body is evidence and that they need to do an autopsy per the law to find her murderer, while Deaton insists that, unless Noah is willing to reveal the existence of the supernatural world to the human world, he himself is better equipped to examine the body and its severed tail, especially since Tracy's scales, fangs, and claws had not retracted after her death.

Lydia is taken to the hospital for surgery, where she begs her mother Natalie Martin to not tell anyone what she saw during her battle against Tracy, but Natalie, in denial about the supernatural, insists that she saw nothing but a psychotic girl. Melissa informs Theo Raeken that his tourniquet saved Lydia's life, and Malia reminds everyone about the masked men who killed Tracy.

The Dread Doctors transform Donovan into a Wendigo-Lamprey hybrid, and Theo is revealed to be working with the Doctors. Deaton informs Scott and Kira that Belasko was a Werewolf-Garuda hybrid, while Tracy was a Werewolf-Kanima hybrid. They were both created artificially, explaining why Tracy was immune to mountain ash, which leads Deaton, Scott, and Kira to realize that someone is creating hybrid supernatural creatures, which Scott dubs Chimeras.

Liam agrees to be Mason's wingman at a nightclub. While there, Liam argues with a girl named Hayden, while another Chimera, Lucas, tries to seduce Mason. Scott, Kira, Liam, and Brett manage to subdue Lucas, who is revealed to be a Werewolf-Scorpion hybrid. Kira loses control of her Kitsune nature and attempts to kill Lucas, shouting "I am the Messenger of Death!" in Japanese, but Scott stops her and snaps her out of it. The Doctors appear and kill Lucas themselves, stating that he was a failure. Malia discovers a book in Tracy's bedroom called The Dread Doctors which features pictures of the Doctors on its cover. Parrish takes Lucas' body to the Nemeton in a trance and sets them both ablaze. Elsewhere, Stiles is attacked by Donovan, who has been fully transformed into a Chimera.

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  • This episode marks the first time that the new creatures are referred to as "Chimeras" after Scott uses the name due to its definition, "a creature with incongruous parts." He got the idea in AP Biology class, where they talked about genetic chimerism.
  • Donovan Donati and Lucas are confirmed to be the third and fourth Chimeras created by the Dread Doctors. The first and second were Belasko and Tracy Stewart in Creatures of the Night and Parasomnia, respectively.
    • Lucas is the third Chimera to be killed by the Dread Doctors after being referred to as a "failure," also after Belasko and Tracy.
  • Theo Raeken is revealed to indeed be working with the Dread Doctors when he's seen encouraging Donovan to get back at Sheriff Stilinski by "going after someone he loves"-- Stiles. The reasoning for this remains unknown, but this decision will play a role in the rest of the season.
    • It is most likely that Theo did this to encourage Stiles' darker nature by forcing him to kill Donovan in self-defense rather than out of a genuine desire for Donovan to kill Stiles, given Theo's attempts to get Stiles to join him over the course of the series.
  • Several new characters are introduced in this episode:
    • Lucas, a gay teenager who was turned into a Werewolf/Scorpion Chimera by the Dread Doctors, which caused him to extend and retract venom-secreting stingers from his skin.
    • Corey Bryant, another gay teenager who was in a relationship with Lucas and who was stung by him, forcing him to be rushed to the emergency room in agonizing pain until Scott was able to absorb his pain and help him.
    • Phil, the owner and main bartender at Sinema, who antagonizes his employee Hayden Romero.
  • Kira's new Kitsune aura is revealed for the second time when she suddenly tried to kill Lucas, continuing to suggest that something is wrong with her. The first time her aura was seen was in Dreamcatchers.
  • Kira shouts, "Watashi wa shi no shisha da!" when she attempts to kill Lucas, which means "I am the Messenger of Death!" This is the first time she has been shown to speak Japanese in the series.
  • Alan Deaton informs Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura that Belasko's talons were those of a Garuda, an eagle shapeshifter from Hindu mythology. This is the first mention of the Garuda in the series thus far.
    • Belasko's talons were first suggested to be that of a harpy eagle by Deaton in Parasomnia.
    • In addition, Deaton confirms that Tracy Stewart was able to cross the mountain ash barrier in the animal clinic because she and the other Chimeras are not technically supernatural-- they were simply given supernatural powers through pseudoscientific means. The fact that Chimeras are immune to mountain ash was first implied in Dreamcatchers.
    • He also confirms that the fact that the Chimeras were buried in the woods means it must be part of their incubation process, which was first implied in Dreamcatchers.
  • Deaton leaves Beacon Hills to investigate this threat further. He will not be seen again until Ouroboros, and he will not return to Beacon Hills until The Sword and the Spirit.
  • Lydia references Deputy Haigh dousing Jordan Parrish in gasoline before setting him on fire during the Deadpool, which helped them realize that he is indeed a supernatural creature with a fire immunity. This assassination attempt occurred in Season 4's Perishable.
    • It is also revealed that part of Parrish's yet-unknown supernatural identity involves taking the bodies of dead Chimeras and supernaturals to the Nemeton, though the rest of the characters will not figure this out until Ouroboros.
  • This episode marks the beginning of Sheriff Stilinski's discomfort and frustration with regards to covering up supernatural crimes by breaking the law, which will play a role in the rest of Season 5A.
  • The Bestiary makes an appearance in this episode. It was last seen in Smoke and Mirrors. Among the pages shown are the Berserker page, the Wendigo page, and The Beast of Gevaudan page, which foreshadow future events in Season 5.
  • This episode introduces a new nightclub called Sinema where Hayden Romero works as a waitress; it gets its name from the fact that it plays old horror movies on a projector against a blank wall. This is an mixed club that welcomes both straight and LGBTQ+ customers and seems to be replacing Jungle, the nightclub from Season 2, which also featured go-go dancers.
  • Scott tells Kira that he loves her for the first time since they officially began their romantic relationship in Season 4's Muted. However, it was an off-hand remark, and the sentiment will not be returned by Kira until Codominance.
  • Malia finds a book in Tracy Stewart's bedroom called The Dread Doctors by T.R. McCammon, which the Chimera read before her death. This book will be very important throughout Season 5A.
  • Despite Natalie Martin's terrifying introduction to the supernatural world of Beacon Hills in Dreamcatchers and the beginning of this episode, she appears to still be in denial about the supernatural and what happened to her.

Trivia Edit

  • The title refers to Lucas, specifically when the Dread Doctors told him that his condition was terminal, and that he was a "failure."
  • Deaton figures out that the hybrid creatures Beacon Hills has been dealing are technically not supernatural but still have supernatural abilities.
  • It is confirmed that Theo is working with the Dread Doctors in this episode, though why he is working with them has yet to be revealed.
  • Stiles is attacked by Donovan at the end of the episode, when he reveals he is part-Wendigo and part-Lamprey.
  • Lydia suggests that the Nemeton might even make supernatural creatures stronger in addition to being a beacon that draws the supernatural to Beacon Hills.
  • Lydia sees the Dread Doctors during her surgery when the anesthesia starts to kick in, suggesting she may have been manipulated by them as well.
  • Brett is revealed to be bisexual or pansexual in this episode, which was later confirmed in interview with Cody Saintgnue.
  • This episode features music by the DJ DallasK, who plays his music at Sinema. This is similar to Season 3's Illuminated, which featured music by The Bloody Beetroots at the party at Derek's loft, and Season 4's The Dark Moon, which featured music by Deorro that played at the club in the Calavera Compound.

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  • "'Til My Heart Stops" by Too Far Moon
    • Malia erases "Who is the Desert Wolf?" from Stiles' crime board. Kira and Scott make out in the McCall House living room until they're interrupted by Deaton's arrival.
  • "Lookin' At You" by SpeakerHedz
    • Liam and Mason arrive at Sinema, though Mason has to bribe Hayden with $50 to allow them entry.
  • "Orion" by DallasK
    • Liam and Mason walk through the club and see Brett dancing passionately, first with a young woman and then with a young man.
  • "Vice" by DallasK
    • Malia tries to awaken Stiles at the library and leaves to go to the Stewart House. Phil drinks Hayden's body shots despite her insistence that the money for them comes out of her paycheck.
  • "Area51" by Hardball & DallasK
    • Liam admits to Brett that he has a bad feeling about someone in the club. Mason catches Lucas' eye from across the room.
  • "Superfuture" by DallasK
    • Liam accidentally bumps into Hayden and spills her tray of body shots. She complains that they cost $10 a piece and will come out of her paycheck, and Liam gives her the $12 and change he has in his pocket before she angrily informs him that he owes her $200.
  • "America" by No Ego
    • Mason and Lucas kiss in a secluded corner of the club and discuss Night of the Living Dead.
  • "Alienz" by DallasK
    • Mason and Lucas' makeout session is interrupted by Brett, who has partially wolfed-out at the sight of the scorpion stingers protruding from Lucas' back and arms and tells him to run while they fight.
  • "God Loves War" by Black Sugar Transmission
    • Scott and Kira walk into the club to search for Lucas.

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