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"Impressive. But you know I'm not the one slashing up innocent people, praying to ancient gods, or gathering herbs, or whatever the hell Druids are supposed to do. I am part of a pack that wants Derek dead, though. Kali is coming for him. So, there's a difficult choice you're about to face, because someone's going to die tonight, and whether that's Derek or Deaton, that's up to you."
"Just tell me where he is."
"I'll give you a very important clue-- Let the currents guide you."
Deucalion and Scott McCall about Alan Deaton's abduction

Currents is the seventh episode of Season 3 and the thirty-first episode of Teen Wolf.


Scott's trusted mentor and boss is threatened. Deucalion, Kali, and the twins go after Derek.


The Darach targets Deaton as the next sacrifice, leaving him hanging by his wrists to die after sacrificing two other doctors for the "healers" trio. The Alpha Pack attacks Derek while Scott saves Deaton with the help of Sheriff Stilinski. Deaton reveals Scott is a "True Alpha"—a Werewolf who rises to Alpha status purely by their own willpower and strength of character. This is extremely rare, happening only once a century at most, which is why Deucalion is after Scott as well as Derek. Kali forces Derek to kill Boyd and absorb his power, which also reveals Erica's death to him before causing Derek to break down.


Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Carole Gutierrez as Trauma Room Receptionist
  • Mieko Hillman as Deputy Tara Graeme
  • Alisha Seaton as Accident Victim
  • Jules Willcox as Dr. Hilyard


  • It is revealed that Scott is a True Alpha, or a Beta who has the ability to ascend to Alpha status without killing another Alpha to take their power. This explains why Scott's eyes briefly turned red in Frayed, as well as earlier in this episode, when he tried to break through Mountain Ash to rescue Alan Deaton.
    • It is also revealed that Deucalion intends to recruit Scott to the Alpha Pack just like he wants to do with Derek, as he believes Derek's membership will make Scott more likely to join as well.
  • Derek is forced to kill Boyd when Ethan and Aiden forced his claws into Boyd's chest while Kali kept Boyd from moving. Since he had just been electrocuted with a large amount of electricity, his healing was temporarily disabled, keeping him from recovering from his wounds. This is the first and only time Derek has been seen absorbing the power of one of his Betas.
  • Unlike the previous three-fold death sacrifices perpetrated by the Darach, the three Healers who were chosen as sacrifices were asphyxiated after having their wrists suspended over their head.
  • Marin Morrell appeared in this episode. She was last seen in Unleashed.
  • Erica Reyes appeared in flashbacks in this episode. Her body was last seen in Fireflies after Derek found it in the supply closet of First National Bank, and she was last seen alive in Master Plan. It was confirmed through the aforementioned flashbacks that Kali was the Alpha that had killed Erica after the latter attempted to fight Kali to escape from the bank vault.
  • It was confirmed in this episode that Marin Morrell is Deaton's sister. It was first implied that they were siblings in Frayed.
  • It is revealed that Chris Argent has been tracking all of the Darach sacrifices on a map in his office using UV ink after Allison finds it while snooping.
    • It is also revealed that the sacrifice locations correspond with geothermal energy lines known as telluric currents, which are especially concentrated in and around Beacon Hills.
  • Scott is shown using his power of pain absorption to alleviate the pain of a car accident victim in the ER who had to wait to be seen by a doctor. This power will be used frequently by Scott to help ease the pain and kick-start the healing of his packmates and the people he has saved.
  • Danny Mahealani becomes the first person to be targeted by the Darach who is not actually intended to be a sacrifice, but instead is attacked because they know too much about her plans (in Danny's case, his paper on telluric currents got him too close to the truth about what she has been doing).
  • The Alpha Pack once again paints their symbol onto Derek Hale's property, this time on the wall of windows in his loft. The last time they did this was in Season 2's Master Plan on the door of the Hale House.
  • Jennifer Blake is revealed to be acting as Adrian Harris' replacement as the high school chemistry teacher, and accidentally mentioned that he was missing before correcting herself and saying that he was on vacation, adding to the suspicion that she is, in fact, the Darach. Harris was last seen in Unleashed, when he was killed via strangulation.
  • Vernon Boyd references when Gerard Argent captured him and Erica and hooked them up to electrical cables so they would be too weak to break free. This occurred between Battlefield and Master Plan.
  • Once again, Scott and Stiles briefly entertain the idea of confessing to Sheriff Stilinski the secret of the supernatural world in order to help him in his investigations, but are unable to do so due to the pressure on the two to save Deaton before he died of asphyxiation. The last time they attempted this was in Frenemy.
  • Ms. Morrell implies that Lydia Martin has the ability to seek out the supernatural in yet another hint toward her supernatural identity.
  • Jackson Whittemore is referenced in this episode by Lydia. He was last seen in Master Plan and last mentioned in Tattoo.
  • Ennis was mentioned by Kali. He was last seen in Frayed.
    • It is also implied that the Alpha Pack still believes Derek to be responsible for his death, when really it was Deucalion who killed him.


  • The title refers to the telluric currents, a mystical geothermal energy that can apparently be manipulated by Druids or Darachs. The convergences of these currents will continue to be very significant throughout the series.

Body Count[]



  • "Help Me!" by The Sweet Serenades
    • Scott and Isaac are seen asleep around Melissa's bed after having watched over her while she slept to ensure she wasn't taken as a healer sacrifice
  • "Some Like It Hot" by Jessie and The Toy Boys
    • Aiden and Lydia make out in Coach's office
  • "Revelations (Intro)" by of Verona
    • Lydia, Cora, and Stiles use a Ouija board to try to divine Deaton's location to rescue him
  • "Disappear" by Mikky Ekko
    • Allison and Scott hide in Allison's closet when they hear Chris return to the Argent Apartment


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