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Scott: "Where's your money?"
Derek: "You're standing on it."
Scott: "There's another vault?!"
Derek: [laughs] "No, I own the building."
Scott McCall and Derek Hale about Derek's loft in A Promise to the Dead


Derek's loft is a loft in a large, industrial apartment complex in downtown Beacon Hills, which was also Derek Hale's last place of residence; he moved there after squatting in the Hale House ruins and the abandoned Railway Depot at some point between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3 and stayed there until he left his hometown at the end of Season 4 and began traveling around the world. It has also been the site of numerous important events, including strategy sessions with the various packs and supernatural battles. In A Promise to the Dead, Derek revealed to Scott McCall that he owned the entire apartment building, which he had bought with his portion of the impressively large Hale family inheritance, making him a landlord to other tenants in the complex and providing him with an income.

This building is incredibly tall, with several dozen stories, and it is mainly constructed with steel, brick, and concrete. Derek's loft itself has a very spacious main room with concrete floors and a large back wall of windows overlooking the city; this room doubles as both a living room and a bedroom for Derek and his guests. There are also several smaller side rooms, including a utility room, and possibly another room that may have acted as Cora Hale's bedroom after her return. The main room also contains a spiral staircase that leads to a second floor where both Derek and Peter Hale seemed to spend a lot of time, though this part of the loft has yet to be shown. Finally, there is a balcony overlooking the city that is accessible through a side door at the back of the main room, and a rooftop with access through a ladder.

Notable Events[]

  • Peter Hale visited the loft in order to perform the Werewolf Memory Manipulation ritual on Isaac Lahey at Derek Hale's request, as Isaac had managed to survive being captured by the Alpha Pack while searching for his lost packmates Vernon Boyd and Erica Reyes but had seemingly had his memories of the mission stolen by them. ("Chaos Rising")
    • Unfortunately, while the ritual was more or less successful, Peter was only able to see flashes of a fake memory planted by Deucalion that implied Boyd and Erica would be killed during the upcoming full moon, which happened to be the following evening. In reality, the memory was meant to trick Derek (and possibly Scott McCall, who was later revealed to also be one of Deucalion's desired recruits to the Alpha Pack) into coming to rescue them in hopes that they would be forced to kill their packmates and starting the process of becoming Augmented Alphas, which was necessary to join Deucalion's pack.
  • Derek and his sister Cora Hale, whom he believed had perished in the Hale House Fire years earlier and who was really revealed to have been held captive by the Alpha Pack, reunited in the loft. Just as Cora was demanding that Derek help her go after the Alphas in retribution for holding her and Boyd hostage and their murder of Erica, Ennis and Kali, two members of the Alpha Pack, arrived and began to battle Cora and Derek, respectively. ("Unleashed")
    • After Derek and Cora were effectively incapacitated (with Derek being stabbed in the chest with a metal pipe by Kali), the leader of the Alphas, Deucalion, appeared and attempted to recruit Derek into their ranks. Deucalion stated that his job was to discover new talents and argued that Derek's current pack of inexperienced teenagers was not only beneath him, but a liability, implying that their other pack members, Ethan and Aiden Steiner, were proving their point by starting trouble with Betas Scott McCall and Isaac Lahey and their human Hunter friend and ally Allison Argent at the high school.
  • The members of the current iteration of the Hale Pack (Derek, Peter, Cora, and Boyd), along with Scott, gathered to plan their preemptive strike against the Alpha Pack, believing that if they could simply take Deucalion out of the equation, the rest of the pack would crumble. ("Frayed")
    • Derek, Cora, and Boyd were all in favor of the plan to ambush Deucalion, while Peter and Scott were against it; Scott, because he believed that violence and murder should not be the answer to every problem, and Peter, because he was under the impression that the risk of attacking them and failing was much greater than the reward they would get for doing so successfully. The pack (with the exception of Peter, who was not willing to risk harm to himself) ultimately went behind Scott's back and interrupted his attempted peace summit with Deucalion in order to stage an ambush that the Alpha Pack was already assuming would occur, resulting in a battle that nearly cost Derek his life and ultimately led to the death of one of the Alphas, Ennis.
  • Kali, furious at Derek for what she believed was his murder of her packmate Ennis, painted the Alpha Pack symbol on Derek's loft windows as a warning that they would be battling that evening. ("Currents")
    • Derek's Betas, Boyd and Isaac, came to the loft to help Derek prepare for the upcoming fight. Boyd suggested a trap that involved flooding Derek's loft with water and running an electrical current through it that would electrocute (and hopefully kill) any Werewolf who entered, particularly Kali due to the fact that her preference for using the claws on her feet would mean that she was barefoot and unprotected from the shock.
    • The trap was ultimately thwarted when the Alphas cut the power to the apartment, and the twins Ethan and Aiden held Derek's then-girlfriend Jennifer Blake in a choke-hold to force him to fight one-on-one with Kali herself.
    • Though the timely intervention of Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, and Cora Hale did finally result in the electricity turned back on, the exposed Werewolves (Kali, Derek, and Boyd) were simply weakened and not killed. However, Kali was still strong enough to grab Boyd while the non-electrocuted twins grabbed Derek's arms and forced his claws into Boyd's chest, and Boyd was too weak from the electrocution to heal the damage, which ultimately killed him and caused Derek to inadvertently absorb his powers.
  • After Cora was poisoned with Mistletoe by Jennifer Blake, Derek and Isaac brought her back to the loft so they could sit vigil at her bedside. When Derek was resistant to doing anything that involved leaving Cora's side, Isaac, furious at the mess he believed Derek had gotten the pack into, angrily left the loft in favor of joining the newly formed McCall Pack led by True Alpha ascendant Scott McCall. ("Alpha Pact")
    • Peter, seeing Derek's desperation to save his sister, taught him a ritual he could perform that would involve Derek taking Cora's pain to the point of donating his Alpha spark to her, which would heal her of the poisoning but could potentially kill Derek in the process. Deep in self-loathing for the mistakes he had made as an Alpha, Derek willingly gave up his Alpha powers and successfully healed Cora, but he was severely weakened in the process.
  • Lydia Martin, a recently revealed Banshee, came to the house to learn about the location of the Nemeton from Derek and Peter and joined the discussion between the two and Cora about what they should do. Peter insisted that Derek needed to leave town, which Derek considered "running for his life," while Cora stated that she would support him staying and fighting as long as he did it for a meaningful reason. ("Lunar Ellipse")
    • Shortly after Derek and Cora left town together, intending to hide due to their weakened states, Kali and Aiden arrived at the loft, intent to make good on their ultimatum to kill Derek if he had not killed his pack and stolen their powers by the next full moon. However, when they arrived, they only found Lydia Martin and Aiden's twin brother Ethan waiting for them. Just when Kali was about to kill Aiden for betraying her by defending his love interest Lydia, the Darach Jennifer Blake appeared by jumping into the loft through the skylight windows and engaged in a battle with the Alphas. ("Lunar Ellipse")
    • Jennifer snapped Ethan and Aiden's merged form's neck easily, killing that part of them, before telekinetically impaling Kali with thousands of shards of broken glass and killing her as well. Once both were dead, Jennifer cornered Lydia and forced her to scream, which lured Derek and Cora back to the loft so they could discuss their final play against Deucalion, who was backed up by Scott. Derek ultimately agreed to Jennifer's offer, which was to act as her guardian in the battle against the so-called "Alpha of Alphas," mostly to protect Scott McCall, but also because then she would not need to take the lives of her guardian trio, Noah Stilinski, Melissa McCall, and Chris Argent.
    • After the battle, Derek and Cora were seen leaving the loft, indicating that they were leaving Beacon Hills for a time.
  • Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin brought Scott McCall and Ethan and Aiden Steiner to the abandoned loft so that the former Alphas could teach the recently ascended Scott how to Alpha Roar. However, their methods were ultimately revealed to be the twins viciously assaulting Scott without successfully teaching Scott this skill. ("More Bad Than Good")
  • After Derek and Peter returned from South and Central America after accompanying Cora back to her old pack and being briefly kidnapped by the Calavera Family at their compound, they came back to the loft to perform a ritual so Derek could communicate with the spirit of his mother, Talia Hale. This involved Peter inserting her claws into his nail beds and then piercing the claws through the base of Derek's cervical spine. In Derek's mind, he was still in the loft, only the Nemeton had moved to the center of the room, with Talia appearing in her full-wolf form on the tree stump. ("Galvanize")
  • Aiden, trying to win back over Lydia Martin and endear Scott McCall enough to allow the twins to join the McCall Pack, assisted Danny Mahealani in throwing his Halloween black-light rave by offering Derek's loft as a location, not realizing that Derek was already back in town. ("Illuminated")
  • Derek came to his loft to find one of the Argent Family's ultrasonic emitters somewhere in the apartment, though this was not seen on camera. He then went to the Argent Apartment to confront Chris Argent, who he believed must have put it there. It was later revealed that Void Stiles (i.e. Stiles under the influence of the Nogitsune's possession of his body) had put it there, knowing that Derek would go to Argent's apartment and thus ensure that his plan to frame them both for Katashi's murder would work exactly as planned. The two were then arrested by FBI Special Agent Rafael McCall. ("Letharia Vulpina")
  • While Derek, Stilinski, Allison, and Argent were searching for Void Stiles, they found a chessboard in Stiles' bedroom with Derek's name on the king, implying that they were supposed to go to Derek's loft. Sure enough, they arrived at the loft and found Void Stiles waiting for them, with the latter pretending to be the real Stiles at first. ("The Fox and the Wolf")
    • When Stilinski realized that it was really the Nogitsune talking through Stiles, Derek partially-shifted and lunged for Void Stiles, only for the possessed human to demonstrate unexpected strength and break his arm before powerfully tossing him across the room. Allison attempted to shoot Void Stiles with her taser, only for him to easily and painlessly absorb the energy, which led Argent to hold Void Stiles at gunpoint for a long few minutes until the Oni arrived and tried to take him, which was Void Stiles' plan—he lured the group there to protect the real Stiles from the Oni, which was ultimately what they did. Shortly after, the Oni vanished, and so did Void Stiles, who went searching for Noshiko Yukimura's last kaiken, or Kitsune tail. ("De-Void")
  • After finding Ethan and Aiden in the Beacon Hills Preserve, having been shot and poisoned with wolfsbane-filled rifle rounds, Derek, with help from Argent, helped bring them back to the loft. Once there, Allison called her dad to inform him that the McCall Pack figured out where Void Stiles took Lydia and stated that she was about to leave with the others, hanging up before Argent could convince her to wait on him to help them out. ("Insatiable")
    • Derek helped the twins heal from their wolfsbane poisoning by burning the substance out of their bullet wounds, after which point the twins informed Derek that their plans were to convince their respective romantic partners to leave Beacon Hills with them in hopes of surviving the battle against the Nogitsune and the Oni. Derek replied that he did not think Danny would believe Ethan, and that Lydia would never run and hide when her friends were in danger, especially because of Scott. He gave them a speech about fighting for a leader's cause and insisted that if they wanted to earn a place in the McCall Pack and their redemption, they needed to stay and fight. ("The Divine Move")
  • A few days after the defeat of the Nogitsune and the Oni, the Calavera Family of Hunters, led by Severo Calavera, stormed into the loft and demanded to know where La Loba was, just as they did when they captured Derek and Peter earlier in the season. Derek, again thinking they were talking about his sister Cora, refused to answer their question, leading to the revelation that Severo actually had no idea who Cora was. Suddenly, gunshots rang out, scaring the Calaveras away and revealing Kate Argent, who had survived her injuries caused by Peter Hale in Season 1's Code Breaker and surprising him with her transformation into a Werejaguar before kidnapping him. ("The Divine Move")
  • Scott went to Derek's loft after becoming worried when Derek failed to respond to a number of Scott's texts; he found the loft in perfect shape, aside from a number of assault rifle shells with the Calavera Family's skull symbol etched into the side, leading him, Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski, Kira Yukimura, and Malia Tate to travel to Mexico, believing that the Calaveras had taken Derek captive in their compound. ("The Dark Moon")
  • Derek and Peter met at the loft with Braeden, a mercenary who helped the McCall Pack find and rescue Derek at La Iglesia, in hopes of paying her to help them track down Kate Argent after they failed to get any leads after a week. Braeden and Peter bickered over the price for several minutes (with Braeden reminding them that the Calaveras were already paying her to bring them Kate, and that going against the Calaveras would cost them extra due to the increased risk of retaliation) before Derek finally agreed to pay her whatever she wanted as long as she found Kate, as he was concerned that the Age Regression ritual she performed on him was messing with his powers, as his Werewolf eyes had turned gold after his return to his adult form. ("Muted")
  • Peter Hale was in Derek's loft alone, where he was going over the birth certificate and adoption records of his newly discovered daughter Malia Tate. Suddenly, the assassin known as The Mute appeared and hit Peter in the chest with a wolfsbane-laced military-grade tomahawk (which was ultimately not fatal) before warning him that Derek would be next. Afterward, they found The Mute's communicator wristband, which he handed over to Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Sheriff Jordan Parrish so they could track The Mute down. ("The Benefactor (Episode)")
  • Braeden stayed at the loft while she was recovering from a gunshot wound, where she eventually got Derek to admit that he was losing his Werewolf powers as a result of Kate Argent's Age Regression ritual. She decided to teach him how to fight like a human against supernaturals by "bending the rules," including how to properly use a firearm (specifically, a Sig Sauer 9mm.) The two then began making out and ultimately had sex, which marked the start of their romantic relationship. ("Time of Death")
  • Lydia brought Jordan Parrish to the loft to see Derek, along with Scott, in order to figure out what kind of supernatural creature Parrish was, as he was put on the Deadpool hit-list and had survived being doused in gasoline and set on fire. Derek ultimately admitted he had no idea what Parrish could be and that this was out of his area of expertise, instead suggesting they talk to Argent, who had been out of contact for a while. The three then filled Parrish in on what they knew about the Deadpool so far and began brainstorming just how many people had access to the list at this point. ("Perishable")
    • Scott saw Derek's gun laying on his bed, leading Derek to admit once again that he had lost the majority of his powers (save for a small amount of superhuman strength), which then caused Scott to confess that Derek's name broke the last piece of the Deadpool hit-list, created by a Banshee, implying that Derek was going to die.
  • Derek and Braeden were awoken in the middle of the night to the loft's alarm going off, causing them to grab their guns and rush to the door, where they found a rain-soaked Lydia in a fugue state. After a brief moment, Lydia screamed, implying that Derek was going to die soon. ("A Promise to the Dead")
  • Scott came to the loft to see Derek, where he finally returned the $500,000 worth of cash he had taken from the assassin Garrett's locker after he had killed Carrie Hudson. When he apologized for taking so long, Derek assured him that he understood, seemingly aware of the McCall Family's financial difficulties and reminding him that everyone is capable of being tempted, even a True Alpha. He then informed Scott that he owned the entire building, which was how he made a living, adding that the stolen bearer bonds were all part of Peter's inheritance and admitting that they were all likely better off if none of the rest of it came back. ("A Promise to the Dead")
  • Derek allowed Scott to use his apartment for a romantic date with his girlfriend Kira Yukimura. The two were in the middle of making out when suddenly, Kate Argent and one of her Berserkers burst into the apartment and fought the two off before capturing them and taking them back to Mexico, specifically La Iglesia. ("A Promise to the Dead")
  • Derek, Braeden, and Peter prepared for their trip to La Iglesia to rescue Scott and Kira. Derek admitted to Braeden that he didn't think he would be coming back alive, and when she protested against this possibility, he assured her that he was okay with it if it meant Scott and Kira returned safe. Peter then came downstairs and made it clear he doubted Braeden's arsenal of guns and ammunition would be enough to take down a single Berserker. This was the last time Derek's loft was seen in the series, as Derek seemingly left to travel with Braeden shortly after his transition into an Evolved Beta and the pack's victory over Kate, Peter, and the Berserkers. ("Smoke and Mirrors")


  • While Derek was the owner of the loft, it had housed several guests for various periods of time throughout the series, including: Isaac Lahey, Peter Hale, Cora Hale, and Braeden.
  • Since Jennifer Blake burst into the apartment through a glass ceiling in Lunar Ellipse, it can be assumed that Derek's loft is the penthouse apartment. This also explains the easy access to the roof, as seen in Illuminated.


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