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Let's send a message. Let's make something perfectly clear to anyone with a copy of that list-- it doesn't matter if they're professional assassins, hunters, or an amateur with a gun. Anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill us for money is gonna be put on another list... Our list. They get to be a name on our Deadpool.
Derek to the crowd of Deadpool targets in Monstrous

Derek S. Hale is a former main character and current guest character on Teen Wolf. He is the son of the renowned Alpha Talia Hale and an unnamed father, and is also the younger brother of Laura Hale, the older brother of Cora Hale, the nephew of Peter Hale and the cousin of Malia Tate.

As a born Beta Werewolf in the centuries-old Hale Pack, Derek grew up knowing about the supernatural and embracing his lycanthropy. However, after the majority of his family was killed in a house fire set by Kate Argent and her co-conspirators, Derek and his sister Laura fled to New York for several years before they returned home.

Shortly afterward, Laura was killed in order for her killer to steal her Alpha powers, forcing Derek to track and battle against the new Alpha, only to learn that it was actually his uncle Peter Hale. Upon learning that Peter's murder of Laura was premeditated and not an accident like he claimed, Derek teamed up with Peter's first Beta, Scott McCall and his friends, along with Allison and Chris Argent, to kill him. It was Derek that gave him the killing blow in retribution for killing Laura, which caused Derek to gain Peter's Alpha status.

Sometime later, when Derek realized the Alpha Pack intended to recruit him, Derek began turning several teenagers in hopes of building his own pack to help fight against them. Recipients of Derek's Bite included Jackson Whittemore, Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes, and Vernon Boyd III, though only the latter three actually joined him. In Season 3, Derek's pack expanded to included Peter and the newly-returned Cora, his younger sister, but his pack was short-lived, as the people he turned were either killed or left the group.

In Alpha Pact, Derek forfeited his Alpha status in order to heal Cora from mistletoe poisoning, returning him to Beta status. Though he left town shortly afterward, he later returned to Beacon Hills a much more relaxed and content man, and he even eventually joined the McCall Pack. It was presumed that Derek is currently traveling with his lover, Braeden, a mercenary and former U.S. Marshall. However, he did come back in Season 6B after hearing that Scott needed his help, and bumped into Stiles (who was an intern at the Federal Bureau of Investigations in Quantico, Virginia) on the way back; Derek had been framed for several mass murders that were actually carried out by Hunters against supernatural creatures. Two years later, Derek was seen being an active member of the McCall Pack who was aiding his friends in finding orphaned supernatural creatures like him and welcoming them into their ranks.

Derek is a member of the Hale Family and the McCall Pack as well as a former member of the Hale Pack.

Early Life

Derek was born the middle child of renowned Alpha Talia Hale and her unnamed husband on the outskirts of Beacon Hills, California in the mid-late 1980s. ("The Tell") As a member of a centuries-old and highly esteemed werewolf bloodline, Derek was raised along with his sisters Laura and Cora and his uncle Peter to see lycanthropy as a gift.

However, when he first came into his powers in adolescence, he had great difficulty learning to control his transformation during full moons, even despite the fact that he was able to maintain control at any other time. Talia attempted to train Derek to stay in his human form by using a large bronze coin stamped with a Triskelion, which she claimed was a powerful talisman for control when used with the mantra, "Alpha, Beta, Omega." Unfortunately, since Derek knew there was nothing actually magical about it, it did little to help him, which led Peter to teach him to use anger, rage, and hatred as an anchor to his humanity, a method which ultimately worked, though it wasn't exactly the healthiest coping mechanism. ("Muted")

One night when Derek was a teenager, he was running away from Argent Hunters when he ran into a Beta who belonged to Ennis' original pack. Before they could fully identify each other, the hunters caught up with them and shot the Beta through the neck with an arrow. Derek was too stunned to react and only avoided the same fate after Peter's timely intervention. The boys rushed over to a nearby root cellar to "hide and heal," as was the werewolf protocol for when they were caught by Hunters and wanted to avoid drawing them to the rest of the pack. Unbeknownst to Derek, however, the root cellar was actually built around the roots of the Nemeton, a powerful tree used as a sacred meeting place for Druids.

A short time later, after Derek and Peter had returned home, Derek met a quiet, shy girl at school named Paige Krasikeva, who he immediately took a liking to after she proved immune to his cocky, jock-like demeanor. They soon fell in love with each other and spent as much time as they could together, even if it meant that Derek was just watching her practice the cello in the music room. For unknown reasons, Peter remarked to Derek that their relationship would be doomed if she ever found out that he was a werewolf, and claimed the only way that he could prevent that from happening would be if she was given the bite and turned into one of them. Peter thought they should take advantage of the fact that several Alphas were in town meeting with Talia, including Deucalion, Kali, and Ennis, since he knew that Talia wouldn't give Paige the bite without her consent.

With this in mind, Peter later arranged for Ennis to bite Paige, as he had lost one of his Betas to the Argents already and believed that doing a favor for Derek would put him in Talia's good graces. However, after luring Paige to the high school, Derek was only able to listen to Paige's terrified screams for a few moments before he decided to intervene and stop Ennis from biting her. Unfortunately, Derek was only fifteen and a Beta at that time, so not only did he stand no chance against him, but he arrived too late to change anything-- Paige had already been bitten and was fearfully crawling away. In a not-uncommon twist, Paige's body rejected the bite, and black blood began to pour from her nose and mouth, forcing Derek to bring her to the Nemeton's root cellar while he figured out what was going on.

Derek took as much of Paige's pain as he could, but when it became clear that she was dying, she admitted that she always knew Derek was different because of his werewolf mannerisms, and that she had seen a lot of phenomena that couldn't be explained. After she confessed her love for Derek, Paige then begged him to kill her to end her suffering, and though Derek refused at first, he eventually decided to end her pain by using his werewolf strength to snap her spine. However, since he took the life of an innocent human, Derek's previously-gold werewolf eyes turned blue to indicate that Paige's death darkened his soul. What Derek didn't realize was that he had killed Paige in the Nemeton's root cellar, spilling her blood onto the roots and inadvertently sacrificing a virgin to it, which caused the supernatural tree to have a spark of power for the first time in decades. It was this power that allowed Julia Baccari, later known as Jennifer Blake, to survive her wounds at Kali's hands until she was found by the police, an ironic turn of events since Derek would later engage in a romantic relationship with her. ("Visionary")

Derek continued to struggle with controlling his transformations on the full moon, though he refused to let it stop him from playing on the Beacon Hills High School basketball team. Shortly after Paige's death, Derek met Kate Argent, who, unbeknownst to him, was an Argent werewolf hunter who initiated a love affair with him in order to gain information that could be used to take out his family. At some point near the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005, while Derek and Laura were at school, Kate and her co-conspirators set fire to the Hale House while the majority of his family was trapped inside. ("Code Breaker") His mother Talia and between six and nine additional people died in the fire, and there were only two survivors: Peter, who had second and third-degree burns over the majority of his body that caused him to go into a coma for six years while he healed ("Magic Bullet"); and Cora, who, at just eleven years old, went on the run and fled Beacon Hills under the mistaken impression that none of her family had lived through the fire. ("Fireflies"), ("Unleashed")

Derek, too ashamed to tell his family that he accidentally made it easier for Kate to attack them by dating her, left Beacon Hills with Laura and moved to New York, where they lived together until 2011 when strange animal attacks drew them back to their hometown. Laura came to Beacon Hills first, after she was sent a photo of a dead deer in the preserve that had a spiral burned into its fur. After not hearing from Laura for a while, Derek traveled to his hometown to check on her, only to find that she had been killed and her body cut in half post-mortum.

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Wolf Moon, Derek caught Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski in the woods by the Hale House ruins, which caused him to confront them and demand to know why they were trespassing on private property. Though Scott and Stiles were there to both retrieve the inhaler Scott had dropped the night before (as well as to locate the other half of the dead body Scott had stumbled upon before he was bitten), neither offered a solid answer, leading Derek to toss Scott his lost inhaler before walking away. Once Derek was out of earshot, Stiles pointed out to Scott that the man was Derek Hale, who was a couple of years ahead of them in school and whose entire family had died in a fire several years earlier.

That Friday night, Derek was seen lurking outside of the Martin House, where Lydia Martin was throwing a party following the lacrosse scrimmage. Since it was a full moon and he had sensed Scott had recently been bitten by a werewolf, Derek wanted to keep an eye on him to make sure nothing bad happened. Upon seeing a dog barking at him, Derek simply glared at the dog, which caused it to instantly become quiet. After Derek saw Scott frantically leaving the party when the full moon began to affect him, Derek approached Scott's date, Allison Argent, and introduced himself as one of Scott's friends before offering her a ride home, giving him the opportunity to both snag her jacket to lure Scott into the woods and also to see what Allison knew about the supernatural.

After learning that Derek had taken Allison home, Scott, now fully transformed and under the incorrect assumption that Derek was the one who turned him, followed Allison's scent into the Beacon Hills Preserve. Scott became furious when he realized that the scent he followed was just from Allison's jacket, which Derek had hung in a tree, but when he demanded to know what Derek did with Allison, Derek assured him that she was safe from Scott. The two began to wrestle, with Derek eventually gaining the upper-hand and pinning him to a tree to quiet him. Just then, he realized that they had been found and yelled at Scott to run; unfortunately for Scott, he was too overwhelmed by the moon and confused about what was going on to move quickly enough, which caused him to be shot in the arm with an arrow and pinned to a tree. When a trio of Hunters led by Chris Argent approached Scott, Derek returned to take them out long enough to free Scott and flee with him.

Once they had put enough distance between themselves and the Hunters, they stopped to rest, during which time Scott demanded to know what was going on and blamed Derek for ruining his life. Derek didn't correct Scott's mistaken assumption that he was the one who turned him, and instead asked him if having heightened strength, speed, and senses was really so bad. When Scott retorted that he didn't want it, Derek assured him that he would, stating that the Bite is a gift before insisting that they were now brothers due to their shared lycanthropy.

In Second Chance at First Line, Derek was once again tailing Scott when he watched the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse practice and saw Scott begin to inadvertently shift on the field. Concerned that Scott could expose all of the werewolves in Beacon Hills, he broke into the McCall House and confronted him about transforming during practice. He then warned Scott about the risks of civilians, or, even worse, Hunters, seeing him transform, before threatening to kill Scott himself if he played in the lacrosse game, as he refused to suffer the repercussions of Scott exposing their kind.

After Scott learned that Derek had sneaked Allison's jacket back into her locker, he went to see Derek at the Hale House and insisted that he leave Allison alone, claiming that she didn't know anything. Derek reminded him that, as an Argent, she was involved in the Hunter life whether she was aware of it or not, and pointed out that everything he was doing was simply to ensure that no one found out what he and Scott are. During this conversation, Scott caught the scent of blood, and after determining that the scent he caught was the same scent as the body he found in the woods, Scott and Stiles returned to the Hale House after Derek had left and dug up the other half of the dead girl's body before calling the police.

The next morning, Derek was arrested outside the Hale House while Scott and Stiles watched. After Derek was handcuffed and put in the back of a cruiser, Stiles sneaked in to ask Derek questions about the body and his involvement in the dead girl's death. Instead of answering, Derek pointed out that he should worry less about Derek and more about Scott, as Scott was more likely to not play in the lacrosse game if it was Stiles asking rather than Derek himself. However, that night, the coroner did an autopsy on the body and found that not only was the girl Derek's older sister Laura Hale, but that Laura had been killed by an animal and not a human, which forced the Sheriff's Department to release him from jail. Upon his release, Derek went to the lacrosse field to see if Scott had played or not and watched Jackson Whittemore pick up Scott's lacrosse glove, which had several cuts in the fingertips due to Scott's claws.

In Pack Mentality, Derek was lurking in the Hale House ruins when a Sheriff's deputy pulled up in front of the house in his cruiser, as he had orders to ensure that the house, which was now county property, was vacant. He watched as the deputy, who was clearly unsettled by the sight of the house, debated whether or not to go inside. When Derek spotted the deputy's K-9 partner staring at him, he made his eyes glow bright blue, which only made the dog more agitated and vicious. Now completely scared, the deputy determined that the job he did examining the house was good enough and left the property.

Once the deputy was out of sight, Scott came out of the woods and called for Derek to come out. He acknowledged his role in getting Derek arrested, as well as the fact that by doing so, he basically announced to the Hunters that Derek was in town, before bringing up the fact that he now knew what happened to Derek's sister Laura. He went on to ask Derek for his help, explaining the strange dream he had about attacking Allison in the school bus that he thought may have really happened, only to Garrison Myers. After learning that Scott didn't remember everything, Derek reluctantly agreed to help him but warned him that his help wasn't going to come for free. When Scott asked him what it was that he wanted, Derek said that he would find out later before assuring him that he would be giving Scott what he wanted right then. He went on to instruct Scott to go back to the bus and allow his heightened senses of smell, hearing, sight, and touch to remember for him.

That night, while filling up his car at a gas station, Derek was approached by Chris Argent and several other Hunters. Feigning kindness, Chris gave Derek several tips on how to maintain his Camaro, even wiping down the windshield for him, but all the while made it clear that he was threatening Derek to ensure that he didn't do anything to cause any trouble. Derek became offended and angry when Chris brought up the fact that family is what is most important to him and remarked that Derek didn't have much family left anymore. When Derek snidely retorted that Chris didn't check his oil, Chris instructed his associate to do so for him and watched with amusement as the Hunter broke Derek's driver-side window.

Afterward, Derek went to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where he prepared to question Garrison Myers, the man who was attacked on the bus the previous night. However, before he could ask anything, Garrison murmured "Hale", making it clear that he recognized Derek. When Derek demanded to know how he knew him, Garrison began apologizing several more times before his heart, which had begun to race, gave out, causing him to die right in front of Derek. Once Scott had gotten word that Garrison had succumbed to his wounds, he once again confronted Derek at the Hale House, as he mistakenly believed Derek to be the werewolf who Scott had remembered mauling Garrison the previous night.

When Scott also accused Derek of killing his sister Laura, Derek angrily informed him that he didn't kill anyone before explaining that his sister went missing, and when he returned to Beacon Hills, he found her cut in half and used as bait to lure him back to town. Scott didn't believe him and threatened to tell everyone that he was a murderer before he tackled Derek and shoved him through a wall. Derek proclaimed Scott's attack to be "cute" before transforming into his werewolf form on-screen for the first time. The two werewolves got into a battle, with Derek, being the more experienced fighter, dominating Scott throughout most of the fight.

Once they calm down, Derek finally revealed that he wasn't the werewolf who gave Scott the Bite and that there was another werewolf in town who did. He went on to explain that he and Scott are known as "Betas," and the werewolf who bit Scott was an Alpha, the most powerful and dangerous of their species. Derek then informed him that the Alpha was determined to get Scott into his pack and that he needed Scott's help to figure out who it is, as Scott is connected to the Alpha through his Bite.

In Magic Bullet, Derek was tracking the Alpha late at night when he noticed fresh blood on the ground, which led him to realize that the Alpha was nearby. However, when Derek immediately began to pursue them on foot, he was shot in the arm by Kate Argent, who had filled her assault rifle shells with wolfsbane. Unfortunately for Derek, he wasn't close enough to hear Kate mention to her brother, Chris Argent, that whoever she shot would have 48 hours before the wolfsbane killed them, though Scott, who had been awakened by the Alpha's howl, did hear this.

The next day, Derek went to Beacon Hills High School to look for Scott, where he looked pale, sweaty, and generally ill as he stumbled through the halls. The sound of the late bell caught his enhanced werewolf hearing off-guard, and he flinched in pain before realizing that the gunshot wound on his arm was bleeding under his leather jacket. After no luck finding Scott on his own, Derek approached Jackson Whittemore to ask if he knew where the younger Beta was. Jackson, seeing how sickly Derek looked, realized he had an opportunity to learn what was going on with Scott and insisted that he would only help Derek if he told him what kind of steroids he's been selling Scott, as that was the theory he had come up with to explain Scott's recent physical and behavioral changes. Derek realized that Jackson thought that he was a drug dealer, which Jackson confirmed before making a rude comment about how Derek needed to stop "sampling the merchandise" because he looked so strung-out.

Losing his patience and overwhelmed by the effects of the wolfsbane in his system, Derek accidentally lost control and grabbed Jackson by the back of the neck with his clawed hands, inadvertently piercing his claws into Jackson's spinal cord. Realizing he was making a scene, Derek looked around before quickly leaving the now-injured Jackson in search of Scott once again. He eventually overheard Allison and Lydia talking in the adjacent hallway about how Allison and Scott would be hanging out at the Argent House after school and realized he needed to find Scott and get his help as soon as possible.

Once school let out, Derek stumbled into the parking lot, nearly getting hit by Stiles in his Jeep. Scott, who was about to ride his bike to Allison's house, rushed over to see what was going on when Derek collapsed on the tarmac in front of the queue of cars attempting to leave the school. Derek briefly explained that he was shot with a special kind of bullet and couldn't heal, and when Scott saw Derek's eyes starting to flicker between their usual green and their Beta blue, he snapped at him to stop, forcing Derek to insist that this is what he was talking about. He then gave Scott instructions to find another one of the bullets that the Argents used to shoot him and figure out what kind of wolfsbane it was so he could cure himself of it, a request which Scott reluctantly agreed to perform after Derek insisted that Scott needed him to stay alive to help him.

Derek was then left with Stiles, who assumed he wanted to go home and began to drive him to the Hale House until Derek reminded him that he couldn't go home while he was unable to defend himself. Derek and Stiles began to argue about where to take him, and when a frustrated Stiles threatened to kick him out of the Jeep, Derek growled, "Start the car or I'm going to rip your throat out... with my teeth." Stiles called Scott to get an update on the bullet situation, and after Scott argued that the Argent House was basically the "Walmart of guns," Derek insisted that he had to find the bullet because he would die without it, which would ultimately lead Scott to die as well. After some time, Scott finally finds the bullets Kate used in a box labeled "Nordic Blue Monkshood," and when he informed Derek of this discovery, he identified it as a rare form of wolfsbane and ordered Scott to steal one of the bullets so he could use it to cure himself.

Meanwhile, Stiles had brought Derek to Alan Deaton's animal clinic to wait it out. When Derek removed his shirt, revealing the gunshot wound under his elbow that was beginning to fester and turn black, Stiles balked at the fact that he appeared to be dying, forcing Derek to explain his "last resort" plan-- having Stiles cut off his arm before the wolfsbane reaches his heart. Stiles was understandably hesitant to do his part in this plan, but when Derek began throwing up black blood, Derek insisted that he had to cut his arm off right then. Fortunately for both men, Scott arrived with the bullet before this amputation needed to occur, though he ran into trouble of his own with regards to getting out of the Argent House with the bullet.

Though Derek fainted and accidentally dropped the bullet in a nearby drain, Scott was able to extricate it while Stiles smacked Derek awake. Derek, barely conscious, took the bullet from Scott and used his teeth to open the bullet casing before dumping the wolfsbane on the metal table. He then pulled a lighter out of his pocket and burned all of the wolfsbane into ash, which he then rubbed into his wound, causing him so much pain in the process that he writhed on the ground for a moment while the ash cured his wolfsbane poisoning. After confirming that Derek would not be dying, Scott insisted that since they helped him, he now needed to leave them alone, but Derek reminded him that he couldn't do that because the Alpha was going to be a problem for all of them. When Scott threatened to tell the Argents everything, Derek was appalled that Scott would be more willing to trust Hunters than his own kind, but Scott retorted that they had been much nicer to him than Derek had been.

This remark led Derek to inform Scott that he planned to show him just how "nice" the Argents are. He brought Scott to the Beacon Crossing Home, a long-term nursing facility, where Derek introduced Scott to his comatose uncle, Peter Hale. He went on to explain that six years ago, when he and Laura were at school, the Argent Hunters set their house on fire. Out of the eleven people inside, some of whom were humans, Peter was (allegedly) the only one to make it out alive. However, when Derek spun Peter, who was sitting in a chair facing toward the back window, around to face Scott, it was revealed that the majority of his body was covered in serious burns due to the fire. Derek went on to argue that this is what the Argents do and that Allison would one day be just like them, even despite Scott's uninformed suggestion that they must have had a reason.

In The Tell, Derek and Scott are on top of the video store, The Alpha has killed the worker at the store. Scott wonders if all werewolves are killers, Derek replies no, we're killers, not predators and he then says they're going to find out why The Alpha is killing, as they are leaving the roof, a glowing Spiral appears on it but they don't notice. At the Hale House, he informs Scott that he has less than a week until the full moon and if he doesn't kill with The Alpha, it will kill him, its a right of passage. He tells Scott that he is needed to find The Alpha because only he can do it, he shares a special link with The Alpha that he just doesn't understand yet, if he can teach Scott then they can stop them together. According to Derek, werewolves are stronger in numbers, a pack makes the individual more powerful, he breaks Scott's arm and explains that the pain makes him human.

He sneaks into the boys locker room at Beacon Hills High School to talk to Jackson, he wants to know what Jackson saw last night but Jackson didn't see anything. Before he leaves, he checks the scratches he accidentally left on Jackson's neck and says that he should get it checked out. He is exercising at the Hale House when Kate Argent and two other hunters come barging in, she provokes him by insulting his sister, Derek becomes angry and knocks out both of the hunters that accompanied Kate. He goes to attack her but she pulls out some type of modified taser stick and he shocks him, she says it gives off nine-hundred thousand volts. Kate then admits to cutting Laura in half but she says they didn't kill her, they found bites on her body, she says The Alpha killed his sister.

She wants him tot ell her where The Alpha is but Kate soon realizes that he doesn't know either and begins firing at him but Derek is just barely able to escape.

In Heart Monitor, Derek is chasing Scott through the parking garage of a local store, it's their first training session, he eventually stops Scott after his phone goes off. He explains that he's a werewolf through birth and that Scott was bitten, teaching someone who was bitten is more difficult. He's not even sure if he can teach Scott but he tells him if they are going to do this, then Scott will have to get rid of Allison. He breaks Scott's phone and sees that he's getting angry, he goes on to explain that's how you control the shift, through anger, by tapping into a primal, animal rage, he tells Scott to stay away from Allison. Derek has broken into the McCall House and is waiting for Scott in his room, he wants to know if Scott and The Alpha talked or if Scott got anything off of him, like an impression.

Scott says that he felt anger coming of The Alpha, especially when he drew the Spiral, Derek knows what this means but he doesn't share with Scott, he doesn't want to know. He pays Beacon Crossing Homes another visit to talk to uncle Peter, he tells Peter that someone killed Laura and whoever he is, he's an alpha without a pack meaning he's not as powerful, Derek wants to know if Peter could know who it is. As he is leaving, he notices a piece of paper on his car, it is currently unknown what was on that paper. Derek arrives at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic and questions Alan Deaton on the animal he found with the spiral on its side but Deaton claims to not know anything, he can tell Deaton is lying, so Derek tortures him to get the truth. Scott comes in as he's questioning the vet and then Derek knocks him out. Derek tells Scott the truth about the spiral, its a symbol for a vendetta, it means someone wants revenge, he also thinks Deaton is The Alpha.

Derek attempts to scratch Deaton but Scott fully shifts and stops him, Derek is shocked by how quick Scott is learning control. Scott tells Derek to give him an hour and they'll meet in the school parking lot, he pulls up with the vet tied up in the back of his car. Scott howls through the intercom in an effort to attract "The Alpha", Derek believes it was way too loud, he turns around and sees that Deaton has escaped. Then The Alpha comes up from behind and impales Derek with his claws and tosses him aside, he is believed to be dead.

In Night School, thinking that he was dead, Scott blames the death of the janitor along with everyone else on Derek Hale. Scott says that it's been Derek the entire time and he tells everyone that will kill them if they don't get out of the school but in actuality, it's really The Alpha killing everyone.

In Lunatic, on the night of a full moon, Derek comes out of nowhere and stops Scott from attacking Jackson and Allison, he picks Scott up and throws him down a hill. Scott attacks Derek but he's unaware of who it really is, after the small altercation, he slams Scott to the ground and roars at him. Scott wonders what is happening to him and Derek replies "exactly what he wants to happen", he being The Alpha. He brings Scott back to his room and they begin to talk, Scott asks him if there is a cure, Derek tells him there's a myth pertaining to the cure for someone that has been bitten, you kill the one that bit you. He agrees to help Scott find him and kill him.

In Wolf's Bane, Derek shows up at Beacon Hills High School just in time to save Adrian Harris from The Alpha but moments after saving the teacher, the police arrive looking for Derek. He's being chased down an alleyway by multiple police cars and the hunters, he is chased into a building by two dogs, Derek turns around and growls at them, displaying both fangs and glowing blue eyes, the dogs are sent back terrified. A flash bolt arrow is shot in his direction by Chris Argent, he is temporarily blinded, just when it seems as if he's in trouble, Scott and Stiles pull up in his black Camaro and they escape. After getting in the car, he expresses his rage towards to cops for getting in his way and then blames Scott for making him the most wanted man in Beacon Hills. Derek tells them that the last time he talked to his sister, she was close to figuring out to things, one of them was Mr. Harris and the second thing is a symbol, the same one on Allison's necklace.

Derek has broken into Stiles room, they begin to talk about the text that Allison was sent, he wonders if Stiles can figure out who sent it, he can't but Danny can. Danny sees Derek and wants to know who he is, Stiles introduces him as his cousin Miguel, they noticed blood on his shirt and Stiles tells him to change. After discovering that the message to Allison was sent by Melissa McCall, he calls Scott who now has the necklace, he asks if there's an inscription or opening on it but there's not. They go to the hospital to find Melissa, Stiles stumbles upon the room of Peter Hale but he's not there, Derek soon realizes that Peter is The Alpha. Derek enters the hospital and knocks out Peter's nurse, Peter tries to explain that he killed Laura on accident but Derek doesn't want to hear it, he flashes his eyes and fangs and then attacks his uncle.

But beta Derek is not matched for the much more powerful alpha, he is destroyed by Peter, he tells Derek that the entire time he was slowly healing and killing Laura sped up the process. All Peter wants is a chance to explain himself and Derek gives him that.

In Co-Captain, Derek is standing inside the showers of the boy's locker room at Beacon Hills High School, he stands there quietly as Peter and Scott talk. Scott is surprised to learn that Derek is on Peter's side even after he killed Laura, Derek says that it was a mistake, it happens, he watches as Peter uses memory transference to show Scott all of his memories. He returns to the boy's locker room but this time to talk to Jackson, he challenges Derek, saying he's not afraid but Derek can tell he's lying, he approaches Jackson and offers him the bite and they leave together. He takes Jackson to the Hale House and tells him to go inside, Jackson soon realizes that it was a trap, Derek brought him there to kill him, the wannabe beta pleads for his life saying that he'll shut up about everything. Derek explains why this is happening, he says, "look around you, wouldn't there be someone here trying to save you? There's no one here, there's a reason; no one cares that you drive an expensive car, no one cares that you have perfect hair and no one cares that you're captain of the lacrosse team."

As he prepares to kill Jackson, Scott interrupts, it appears as if they are about to fight each other but then the high pitch sound of an arrow being shot catches Derek's attention and he yells cover your eyes. A flash bolt is shot through the window, blinding Scott and then a hailstorm of bullet come firing through the walls, he sees that Scott has been hit with what appears to be bullets laced with Wolfsbane. He grabs Scott and throws him out the back telling him to run and Derek goes out the front in order to distract the hunters. He has been captured by Kate Argent and is being held in some type of underground dungeon.

In Formality, Derek is getting tortured by the hunters while chained to a bed frame,Kate demands to know where The Alpha is but he refuses to talk. He quickly becomes unamused with all of Kate's talking, he attempts to bite her but the chains prevent him from doing so. Kate wants to know if he told anyone the truth about the fire, when he was younger he was tricked by Kate and that's what led to the Hale House Fire, Kate then puts it together and figures out that Scott is the second beta.

In Code Breaker, while locked up in the dungeon under the Hale House, he hears Scott howl in an effort of finding him, so as expected, Derek howls back thus giving Scott his location. Back in the dungeon, as one of the hunters prepare to hit him with a bat, he grabs it and knocks the hunter out. He then asks for Scott help to get the other lock off but Scott will only agree if Derek tells him how to stop Peter, of course, this only angered Derek more because he's not willing to risk his life for hunters. Scott reveals that Peter lied about killing Laura Hale on accident. Scott says they lured Laura to Beacon Hills so that Peter could kill her and become The Alpha, Derek becomes so enraged after hearing this, that he breaks the second lock and he then agrees to help kill Peter.

Derek stops halfway to the house because he believes its too easy, seconds later he is shot with two arrows by Allison Argent, who is accompanied by Kate. He breaks the arrows and starts dragging Scott towards the house but he is shot again by Kate. After Peter kills Kate, he attempts to go after Allison but Derek and Scott intervene, this turns into a fight Derek and Scott vs Peter. They both attack the alpha at the same time but he overpowers both of them, he's clearly more powerful, they don't stand a chance. Peter is then set on fire by Jackson, Allison and Stiles.
Peter is severely wounded by the fire, almost dead, his entire body is burned, Derek stands over top of Peter while Scott pleads for him not to but he slashes Peter's throat thus killing Peter. As Derek's eyes now glow red, he says "I'm The Alpha now". Later that night, Jackson comes back to the Hale House and tells Derek to bite him because he helped save his life and Derek agrees.

In Omega at the graveyard, Derek lifts up a backhoe that's been knocked over onto Isaac Lahey, once removing the machine, he offers Isaac a hand. The next morning, he watches from the nearby woods as Isaac is interrogated by the police on the grave robbery. Later that morning, he shows up at Beacon Hills High School looking for Jackson, he finds him in the bathroom bleeding black ooze. Apparently, Jackson's body is rejecting the bite but Derek has no idea why this is happening. Derek finds Scott in the woods as he attempts to help a trapped omega werewolf, he grabs Scott and drags him behind a tree, they silently watch as the hunters question, torture and then finally kill the "lone wolf".

He forces Scott to watch and he explains that this is what they do, he tries to persuade Scott into joining his pack because they'll need each other, he goes on to say by them killing this werewolf, its the hunters declaring war. Isaac goes to Derek's new lair looking for him and he finds him standing in the shadows.

In Shape Shifted Isaac comes storming into Derek's lair yelling his name, Derek's on the train hidden in the darkness as his eyes glow red. He wonders what's wrong, Isaac tells him his dad is dead but he assures Derek that it wasn't him. As Isaac is being taken away in a sheriff's vehicle, Derek pulls up and tells Scott to get in but he refuses due to all of this happening because of Derek, he admits fault and explains that they have to get to the Lahey house before the cops do because whatever Jackson told them, they'll find something a lot worse in the house. He and Scott enter Isaac's house, Derek guarantees Scott that Isaac didn't kill his father, he knows this from using several of his sense, he goes on to tell Scott that he saw that stunt he pulled on the lacrosse field. He begins teaching Scott how to use his other sense, the motive for the killing is down in the basement, once down there, they find a large freezer with bloody scratch marks all over the inside.

It becomes clear that Isaac's father was locking him up in there, this is the reason Isaac said yes to the bite, Derek says everyone wants power and he will continue to turn people. He then reveals that he knows Scott is still secretly dating Allison, if he knows then it won't be long until everyone else knows, he reminds Scott about what happened to the omega. With Derek as his alpha, he promises to teach Scott how to control all of his powers even on a full moon, Scott agrees to help but he's not a member of Derek's pack.

He and Stiles arrive at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station and while Derek distracts the deputy at the front desk, Stiles sneaks into the back. Derek hears the alarm goes off and he enters the holding cells just in time to destroy the syringe containing the Wolfsbane. Issac steps towards Stiles as if he's going to attack, so Derek growls at him and gets him to submit do to his alpha status.

In Ice Pick, Derek sneaks into Erica Reyes room at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to convince her to join his pack but first, he takes her to a more quiet location. As he's reading of her chart, she asks who is he, Derek only tells her that they have a mutual friend, that friend being Scott McCall. He offers her the bite, it will get rid of the side effects, the symptoms and not only would all of that go away, everything else would better, she agrees and his eyes begin to glow red. Scott and Stiles run out the school doors only to see Erica getting in Derek's car and then pulling off. Scott shows up at the ice rink at tells Boyd not to except the bite and that if he's looking for friends, he can do a lot better than Derek. Unaware that he's in the room, Derek then sarcastically says that really hurts and then gets Isaac and Erica's opinion on their lives since meeting him, he tells Scott to go home but he doesn't listen. This leads to Eric and Isaac attacking Scott, however, he handles both of them with ease, after seeing his betas taken out, Derek steps in as he approaches Scott, he shifts, the young beta is no match for the far more experienced alpha, Derek decimates Scott. As Scott lays beaten on the ground, Derek and his pack walk off.

In Abomination, at the lair, Derek is training Erica and Isaac as Body watches on. They repeat the same blitz attack time after time and it doesn't work, Derek request that they try something that isn't so predictable because of this Erica jumps on him and kisses him but Derek pushes her off saying never do that again because he has someone else in mind for her. Isaac wants to know if they're done with training for the day because his bones need to heal, Derek softly approaches him and aggressively breaks Isaac arm saying "You think I'm teaching you how to fight, huh? Look at me, I'm teaching you how to survive". Derek's concerned because they have to worry about including the hunter, the unknown shape-shifter and the upcoming full moon, so he has to teach him as much as he can as fast as possible. Derek sends Erica to retrieve Stiles, after doing so, Derek begins to question him on the creature he saw at the mechanic, he describes it as slick looking with dark scales, slit reptilian eyes, sharp teeth, and a tail.

As Stiles is describing this creature, Derek looks up and sees it on the rails, as he pushes Stiles in order to get him out the way, the shape-shifter scratches him on the back of his neck, leaving Derek paralyzed. Stiles tries to carry him but accidentally drops Derek into the pool, Stiles dives in a save Derek but they're stuck in the pool since the shape-shifter is still around, they soon realize that this creature can't swim. Stiles wants to let him go in order to get to his phone but Derek tells him not to, however, he does it anyway, leaving Derek to fall underwater. When Scott hangs up on Stiles, he throws away the phone and gets Derek from under the water, Stiles becomes too tired to hold both of them up, so the two of them begin to sink but Scott gets there just in time to get them out. Scott and the creature begin to fight but it becomes confused by its own reflection and runs off.

Derek now knows what this creature is, it's called a "Kanima", it doesn't know who or what it is, its a shape-shifter but its not right, the kanima is an abomination. Derek claims when he finds it, he's going to kill it.

In Venomous, Derek sends Erica to retrieve Jackson, after doing so, she brings him back to the lair and Derek wants to know what happen to him on the last full moon, Jackson says nothing but Derek knows he's lying. He puts on gloves glove and then grabs a shard of glass, the same glass that Scott was thrown into, apparently, it has kanima venom, he uses this as a test to see if Jackson is the kanima since snakes can't be poisoned by its own venom. Jackson swallows the venom and becomes paralyzed, proving that he's not the kanima, Derek becomes upset learning that Jackson isn't the kanima. Derek watches from outside as Lydia eats the kanima venom and is unaffected, this confirms his suspicion. Scott goes to the lacrosse field to confront Derek but for him, there's nothing to talk about seeing as Lydia failed the test, he explains that this has to be done because Lydia is killing people.

However, Scott isn't convinced that its Lydia but Derek is, it has to be her.Derek even further explains that Scott doesn't know what he's dealing with, according to him, " it happens rarely and it happens for a reason. Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are", after saying this, he helps Scott up. He reminds him that she was bitten by an alpha and no one is immune to the bite, he's never seen it or heard of it. Derek admits that he bit Jackson hoping the bite would kill him and now he has no idea what's going on with him. Derek along with Erica, Isaac, and Boyd wait outside the McCall House, planning to make their move, he send two of his three betas in to kill Lydia, he hears a lot of noise from inside but when the door is opened, Isaac and Erica are thrown out. He finally realizes why Scott won't join his pack, he already has a pack which includes Jackson, Lydia, Stiles, and Allison. A few moments later, he notices the kanima on top of the roof and then Lydia comes out the house thus revealing that she is not the kanima.

In Frenemy, moments later after discovering that Lydia is not the kanima, Derek is chasing it down the street, the kanima seems to be slightly faster than him. He reaches an underpass but the creature is nowhere in sight, it jumps down from behind him and they begin to fight. It seems to be a fair fight for the most part, after being thrown to the ground by the kanima, Chris Argent shows up and empties an entire clip into the reptilian creature; however, it gets right back up, by the time Chris looks around, Derek is already gone. Kanima Jackson has crawled into a gay club known as "Jungle", presumably to kill Danny. Derek is walking through the club, fully shifted but no one is noticing due to the darkness and smoke, after spotting the kanima, Derek slashed his throat open.

In Restraint, Derek and his pack are in his lair, he tells Isaac and Erica that one of them needs to get on the good side of Scott or Stiles because they'll need help killing the kanima. Derek then goes to his chest and pulls out chains to use on them for the upcoming full moon. Isaac wants to forget about the kanima but Derek knows they can't because Gerard Argent knows something about it which means they have to get to it first. Hours later, Scott and Stiles bring a seizuring Erica, Derek breaks her arm in order to trigger the healing process and then digs his claws into her arm to get the venom out. He reveals that he knows who the kanima is but he just wanted Erica to confirm it. Scott agrees to help stop Jackson as a member of Derek's pack but they have to catch him, not kill him.

In Raving, Derek and Isaac arrive at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to meet with Scott and Deaton. Deaton wonders if they're going to kill or save Jackson but Scott tells him that they are going to save Jackson. Derek informs Deaton that they need something effective against the kanima because nothing they've done seems to work, its only weakness it that it can't swim. He and Boyd run into Chris Argent along with several other hunter outside the rave, the hunters begin shooting while Derek and Boyd hide behind a trashcan. As the hunters get closer, he and Boyd come from behind the trashcan and take out several of them.
They are now hiding while their body attempts to heal but the bullets are laced with Wolfsbane and Boyd has stopped healing, so Derek tells him to take the car and go. Scott roars and Derek hears it, he tells Stiles to break the Mountain Ash barrier, so that he can save him, after breaking the line, Derek finds Scott, only to be attacked by Victoria Argent, they get into a scuffle and Derek bites her. Victoria runs away and Derek grabs Scott and gets him to safety. He sits in the vet clinic holding his arm as Deaton helps Scott, Derek then says thank you.

In Party Guessed, back at Derek's Lair, he tells Scott that they need a new plan because everything else is failing and Scott agrees. Derek is clueless on how to stop Jackson, he doesn't even know if its possible, its Derek's responsibility because he's the one that turned Jackson, he then tells Scott to go home and heal because he has a feeling that the upcoming full moon is going to be bad. Derek opens up a trunk in his lair, on the inside of the trunk there's a symbol, better known as a "Triskelion". It has many meanings such as mother, father, child, past present, future but to Derek it means Alpha, Beta, Omega, the spiral reminds him that they can all fall to one or rise to another, betas can become alphas but alphas can also fall to betas or even omegas. Derek tells them that there's a price to pay for their powers, he hands, they're going to want to kill anything insight and because of that, he has to chain them up.

As he prepares for the full moon, Derek is chaining them up, he's putting a modified headband with nails embedded in it on Erica's head because she'll be able to withstand more pain. The shift for the young untrained betas have begun, Isaac wants to know why Derek doesn't feel the effects of the moon, he tells Isaac to find an anchor, something meaningful that keeps the human side under control. For Derek its anger but it's not like that for everyone. As time pass, they begin to fully shift, so Derek calls Scott for help but he doesn't answer, he goes inside the passenger train car as his betas have lost full control. All three of them break free at almost the exact same time, Boyd and Erica attacks him while Isaac jumps out the window.

He manages to lock Erica back up but Boyd tires to escape, luckily for Derek, Isaac regains control and holds Boyd down. He believes that Isaac should be good now on the full moons but chains him up just in case, after doing so, he steps off the car only to be knocked unconscious by Lydia Martin blowing purple wolfsbane in his face. He is dragged to the Hale House by Lydia, she brings him to the room where Peter's body is buried, the wooden floorboards have been ripped out, she grabs Derek's arm and puts it into Peter's hand and then arranges a series of mirrors that directs the moonlight right onto Peter's body. A few moments later, Peter's claws dig into Derek's arm and his eyes open, Peter made Lydia use Derek's power to revive himself. Derek watches as Peter comes bursting out of the floor, he's nervous, most likely because of the vulnerable state he was in.

In Fury, Derek seems to be naked, floating in what appears to be some type of white emptiness, Deaton is calling is name but he can't be seen then a loud high-pitched noise wakes him up. The sound Derek heard was a dog whistle Deaton used to wake him, Derek can barely stand, he's going to be weak for several hours but he's still an alpha. He realizes that Peter's resurrection actually happened, he demands to know where Peter went but Deaton doesn't know. Derek follows up with another question, asking why Deaton is even there, he replies that helping Derek's Family use to be a important part of his life but he's helping Derek because of a promise he made to Talia Hale. He realizes that Deaton is the one that Laura Hale told him about, he's a adviser, he then gives Derek advice by telling him not to trust Peter no matter what and to find Scott because something bad is going to happen.

Derek arrives at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station only to be immediately paralyzed by kanima Jackson, he is shocked to learn that the kanima master is just a kid named Matt Daehler. Stiles is then paralyzed and falls on top of Derek then he threatens to kill Matt with his teeth. Matt demands the bestiay because he's becoming a kanima, Derek tells Stiles that the universe balances things out, Matt broke the rules of the kanima and now he's becoming the kanima. Derek begins stabbing himself in the leg with his claws in order to trigger the healing process and push the toxins out. Derek is finally able to move, he shifts and then attacks the kanima right in front of Melissa McCall, the kanima runs off and Derek goes chasing after it. Derek listens in on Scott's conversation with Gerard Argent, he learns that Scott has been reporting to the hunter.

In Battlefield, Derek is at the Hale House reading through book when Erica and Boyd announce that they're leaving him in search for a new pack. They tell Derek that they must have heard at least a dozen werewolves but Derek explains the Beau Geste effect, if wolves modulate their sound with a rapid shift in tone, two wolves can sound like twenty. After they leave, Derek pics up a shard of glass and throws it at Peter Hale but he catches it. Peter offers to help Derek just as Deaton said he would but Derek isn't buying it and he throws Peter into the steps and he continues to kick Peter's ass all over the house. Peter is throwing all of Derek's failures as an alpha in his face, Derek would Peter to tell him something he doesn't know then Peter offers a way to save Jackson.
Peter tells him about the myth of curing a werewolf by calling out its christian name, Peter tells Derek that Jackson became a kanima because he never knew his parents, they need to bring Jackson's identity back through his heart and Lydia is the key to Jackson's heart.

In Master Plan, Derek shows up at the boys locker room with Peter to tell Scott and Isaac that they need to talk. Scott is wondering how Peter is alive again but all Derek tells him is that Peter has a way to save Jackson but they tell Derek that Jackson is dead but Peter and Derek know that Gerard Argent did this for a reason. Back at the Hale House, Peter has a laptop hidden in the staircase. Scott and Isaac inform Derek as he informs Peter that Jackson is in some kind of transparent casing created by his claws and he's starting to move. According to Peter and Derek, the kanima was only in its beta stage and the alpha stage is not only bigger and badder but it also has wings, they see an animation of the alpha form and decide to meet Isaac and Scott with the body.

Peter wants to get Lydia but Derek doesn't believe they have time and he says he will kill Jackson if he gets the chance. He comes loping down the street towards the group then flips and as he rise, his eyes glow red. Derek opens the body bag to kill Jackson because he believes they are pass saving him but before he can kill Jackson, it shoves its claws into Derek's chest and throws him across the room. Derek gets back up, shifts and he along with Scott and Isaac attack Jackson all at once; however, the kanima over powers all of them and it paralyzes Derek once again. As Derek lies paralyzed, Gerard reveals his true goal is to become a Werewolf because while science doesn't have a cure for cancer, the supernatural does.

He's going to get the bite and then kill Derek to become an alpha but his plan backfires, Scott put Mountain Ash in his pills which after getting the bite cause Gerard to spew black ooze. Seeing there chance to end this, Derek and Peter stab their claws into Jackson and they lift him off the floor and then drop him. The next morning, Derek, Isaac and Peter arrive at the Hale House only to find a symbol on the front door, the symbol belongs to a group of werewolves known as The Alpha Pack. Apparently every member of the pack is an alpha and they're coming for Derek.

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Aw, come on! Just give us Derek. You don't want him anyway. Haven't you noticed what a downer he is? No sense of humor, poor conversationalist...

Derek's personality has gone through more development throughout the seasons than most of the other characters in the series. When he was first introduced, he was a sullen and aggressive werewolf who was beaten down by grief and survivor's guilt following the Hale House Fire and the murder of his sister, Laura. He was prone to threats and anger, and had very little patience for the newly-turned Scott McCall and his teenager-y ways. He used violence and fear to train Scott in being able to survive being hunted by the Argents and the Alpha, and was vehemently against Scott's relationship with Allison Argent due to him projecting his own unresolved issues about his relationship with Kate Argent onto them.

We'll figure this out in a day or two, he goes back to old-Derek, everyone's happy! ...Except Derek, who's never happy...
Stiles Stilinski to Scott McCall about the de-aged Derek in 117

These personality traits only became more amplified after he became the Alpha, as the power he gained in conjunction with the fear caused by the Alpha Pack's imminent arrival caused him to behave harshly to the Betas around him, using fear, violence, and pain to try to teach them how to survive the threats to werewolves in the area. Derek's power struggles continued to become even more immense after his packmates were either killed or alienated from him during the Darach and Alpha Pack battles, which made him lose all confidence in himself.

She told me something that changed my perspective on a lot of things. She said my family didn't just live in Beacon Hills-- they protected it. This town needs someone to protect it. Someone like you.
Derek to Scott McCall in Riddled

However, despite Derek's outward personality in the first two seasons, the one trait that has remained constant through the seasons is his selfless nature and his desire to protect the innocent people around him. Despite his frustration with Scott and Stiles Stilinski, Derek still went out of his way to protect and save them, often at great physical risk to himself. This only became more pronounced after he lost his Alpha abilities, because once the pressure was off of him to lead the town's supernatural community, he was able to relax and mellow out, allowing him to act as a more patient and compassionate mentor to Scott after he ascended to his status as True Alpha, and sharing with him and the rest of the pack members the wisdom he had gained from his years as a born werewolf.

This change in personality came in part due to a conversation he was able to have with his mother's spirit after he used a ritual with Talia's claws to speak with her, an event that he admitted changed his perspective and caused him to see life in a new way. This change in perspective also allowed him to improve his individual relationships with the members of the McCall Pack until he eventually joined them himself. His new life even made him so content that he was able to start his first-ever healthy, mutually-supportive romantic relationship with Braeden, a mercenary who helped defend the packs in Beacon Hills from the Deadpool assassins.

Derek puts a lot of pressure on himself to protect the people he cares about, and when he temporarily lost his werewolf powers, he was very worried that he wouldn't be able to be helpful to the pack due to essentially being a mundane human. However, unlike his uncle Peter, Derek does not look down on humans or believe them to be lesser to supernaturals, because he understands that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses regardless of their species. He confirmed this at the end of Season 4, when he assured Braeden that while he knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself and others as a human, he didn't have the skills necessary to do the same after he temporarily lost his powers. Much of Derek's sense of identity is tied to his lycanthropy, and it was eventually because he embraced both his human and his werewolf nature that he was able to become an evolved werewolf like his mother and older sister, giving him the ability to full-shift into a real wolf, an ability that is rare among Alphas and unheard of among true Beta werewolves.

Physical Appearance

Derek is a tall, muscular, and handsome man with black hair, blue-green eyes, and olive skin. He tends to wear simple, casual clothes such as boot-cut jeans, henley or v-neck shirts in neutral colors, a black leather jacket, and boots, and he typically has either facial stubble or a scruffy beard. He's also notable for having a black triskelion tattooed between his shoulder blades to remind him that all werewolves, whether Alphas, Betas, or Omegas, have the potential to rise to one rank or fall to another. In his full wolf form, Derek's fur is completely black, and his eyes are bright blue.

Powers and Abilities

Derek possesses the common powers of a Beta-level werewolf, though, as an Evolved Werewolf like his mother and sister, he also has powers that are unique to him. He temporarily lost these powers in early Season 4, but ended up regaining them again at the end of the season; it was revealed that this occurred because Derek was "evolving" into a Beta who could fully shift into a real wolf.

Current Powers

  • Super Strength: As a werewolf, Derek possesses superhuman strength which allows him to perform such feats as breaking through thick chains, punching through stone walls (such as the very thick marble walls that surround the vault at First National Bank), and throwing grown men across rooms with ease. Because he is a born werewolf, Derek has had many years to hone this ability, allowing him to easily defeat younger or newly-bitten werewolves in fights. After successfully transitioning into an Evolved Beta werewolf, Derek was able to use this strength to completely destroy a Berserker by ripping the bear skull that covered its face apart with his bare hands.
  • Super Speed: As a werewolf, Derek can run and react at speeds greater than even the finest human athlete. He can utilize this speed using his legs or by running on all fours in werewolf form; because he is a born werewolf, Derek is especially skilled at loping on all fours due to his many years of experience.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes : As a werewolf, Derek can jump from a height of several stories and land lightly on his feet, jump across large ravines, and perform a multitude of challenging acrobatic and gymnastic feats. This heightened agility also extends to Derek's reflexes, allowing him to catch arrows in mid-air and quickly dodge punches or bullets. Like Scott McCall, Derek has incorporated gymnastics into his fighting technique so that he can use handsprings, spinning kicks, and front and back-flips to harness more power to be used in his strikes, as well as to prevent himself from being unnecessarily injured while being thrown around.
  • Super Durability: As a werewolf, Derek is much more durable and resistant to blunt force trauma than a normal human, as evidenced by when he was pushed over a ledge by Ennis and fell at least three stories before landing on the escalator below without sustaining fatal injuries. He is also somewhat more resistant to cuts by sharp instruments as well, such as when he had his abdomen clawed out repeatedly by Boyd and Cora when they were in the middle of a full-moon-induced violent frenzy.
  • Super Senses: As a werewolf, Derek can use his glowing eyes to see in total darkness, across long distances, and to perceive supernatural phenomena that cannot be seen with human eyes, such as Kitsune auras and the Nemeton when it is shielding itself. He possesses an extremely acute sense of smell that allows him to track animals, human, and supernatural creatures across long distances solely by scent, so long as the scent isn't washed away by rain or overpowered by stronger scents like chemicals. This ability also allows him to discern the emotional state of others by interpreting the chemosignals in their scents. Also, Derek has a very heightened sense of hearing, granting him the ability to hear whispered conversations from hundreds of feet away, sense approaching enemies, and, with some degree of accuracy, determine truth from lie by listening to a person's heart beat while they talk. Because Derek is a born werewolf and was raised in a family of werewolves, Derek's senses have been honed to near-expert levels, making him one of the strongest supernatural trackers in the series due to his ability to quickly interpret sensory information by using a combination of his heightened senses. As a result of his expertise, he has also mentored several supernaturals to help them hone their own super-senses, such as Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Malia Tate, and Liam Dunbar.
  • Accelerated Healing: As a werewolf, Derek possesses the ability to heal from most mild to moderate wounds within moments, and more severe wounds within hours. This ability also extends to his immune system, granting him immunity to all human diseases and conditions, as well as making him unable to become drunk on alcohol or high on drugs as a result of his body healing his damaged cells too quickly. Derek has been shown to rapidly heal from injuries as minor as cuts or broken bones and as major as having a steel pipe shoved through his chest for a long period of time, or having his lungs clawed up by the Alpha.
    • Longevity: As a werewolf with an accelerated healing ability that heals and replaces dead, dying, or aging cells at a constant rate, Derek has a highly extended lifespan and will maintain his youthful appearance for much longer than a normal human. The oldest known shapeshifter, Satomi Ito, is over 110 years old and maintains the appearance of a woman in her late 50s or early 60s, indicating that Derek and other werecreatures could possibly live several decades into their 100s if they are not killed first.
  • Shapeshifting: As a werewolf, Derek has the ability to partially shift into wolf by transforming his body, giving him a ridged brow, thick sideburns, retractable claws and fangs, and glowing eyes. His eyes were originally Beta gold before turning blue after he mercy-killed Paige. He then had red eyes for six months or so while he was an Alpha, before giving up his status to save his sister and returning to blue eyes once again.
    • Advanced Shapeshifting: Derek also possesses the rare ability to fully-shift into a real black wolf with glowing blue eyes, an ability that he didn't gain until Season 4. He is the only Beta werewolf to be shown to full-shift into an actual wolf, though it is assumed that he at least partially inherited this power from his mother Talia Hale, who was an Evolved Alpha werewolf along with her eldest daughter and Derek's older sister Laura.
  • Pain Absorption: As a werewolf, Derek possesses the ability to absorb the pain of animals, humans, and supernatural creatures by touching the person's skin with their hands. This ability manifests as dark veins that creep up Derek's hands and arms until they reach his chest and neck, depending on how much pain he absorbs. Derek once took this ability so far that he actually transferred his Alpha "spark" to his sister Cora, which was used by her body to heal her from her mistletoe poisoning. Derek has used this ability more than any other werewolf in the series aside from Scott.
  • Animal Instincts: As a werewolf, Derek is an apex predator, and can thus assert dominance over lesser animals such as dogs, cats, and deer to command them to do what he wants, such as to stop barking or to go away. Derek has used this ability to make a dog stop growling at him on at least two separate occasions.

Former Powers

The following are powers Derek possessed as an Alpha that he no longer has after giving up his Alpha "spark" and returning to the rank of Beta in Alpha Pact.

  • Power Granting: As an Alpha werewolf, Derek used to have the ability to turn humans into shapeshifters (typically Beta werewolves) via "the Bite." He used this ability to turn Jackson Whittemore, Isaac Lahey, Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd, and Victoria Argent into werewolves, though the latter was through an accidental bite while the two were fighting each other. However, this ability does not always result in the human turning into a Beta werewolf, as Jackson was initially turned into a Kanima due to his unresolved identity issues prior to being successfully transitioned into a werewolf. With this power, Derek could have also turned people through a scratch if his claws went deep enough, though he never used the power this way while he had it.
  • Alpha Roar: As an Alpha werewolf, Derek used to have the ability to use his roar as an offensive weapon to scare away supernatural creatures of a lower rank or to force a werecreature in or out of a transformation. Derek used this roar to stop Isaac from attacking Stiles Stilinski on his first full moon.
  • Healing Disruption: As an Alpha werewolf, Derek used to have the ability to cause wounds in Beta or Omega-level werecreatures that partially disrupted their regenerative abilities and thus caused them to take longer to heal than normal. Derek used this ability during a physical fight with Scott McCall, causing claw gashes on his abdomen that took several hours to fully heal.


  • Supernatural Knowledge: Having been raised in the supernatural world his entire life, Derek has an enormous amount of knowledge regarding supernatural species and mythological creatures. He was able to identify Kira Yukimura as a Kitsune by sight alone, and immediately knew what a Wendigo was when Sheriff asked him about it. He is especially versed in werewolf culture and abilities, as he was able to intuit that the members of Satomi's Pack possessed the ability to inhibit their scent when he and Malia Tate were unable to find them in the nature preserve, and knew of the ritual to use his mother Talia's claws to communicate with her beyond the grave. He has used this knowledge to help train many new shapeshifters in how to use their abilities, such as Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Vernon Boyd, Erica Reyes, Jackson Whittemore, Malia Tate, and Liam Dunbar.
  • Advanced Combat Skills: Derek is shown to be a highly capable fighter, using his werewolf instincts and supernatural powers in conjunction with gymnastics. His skill as a fighter allowed him to hold his own against Kali for a period of time, as well as hold his own against the Oni.
  • Firearms Training: During his brief time without powers, Derek was trained by Braeden in how to use a .22 Sig Sauer, along with the fundamentals of firearm safety and usage. He learned these skills quickly, and was able to utilize them in a battle against a huge squad of hunters-turned-assassins who decided to partake in the Deadpool hit-list.


  • Wolfsbane: As a werewolf, Derek can be weakened by exposure to wolfsbane, and possibly even killed, depending on what strain it is, the method of exposure, and whether or not he can get medical treatment in time. In Season 1, Derek nearly died after Kate Argent shot him with a rifle bullet filled with a rare strain of Nordic wolfsbane, and it was only after he treated it with the ashes of the same wolfsbane that he survived.
  • Letharia Vulpina: As a canine werecreature, Derek, like other werewolves, werecoyotes, and Kitsune, can be weakened by exposure to letharia vulpina, also known as "wolf lichen" because of how toxic it can be toward the canine species.
  • Electricity: As a werewolf, Derek can be weakened or even killed by exposure to electricity, depending on how strong the voltage is. Lower voltages will disable his healing ability and prevent him from transforming, while higher voltages can severely slow or stop his heart completely. For this reason, it is often used against him by werewolf hunters to take away his physical advantages.
  • Full Moon: Though being a werecreature is considered a gift in the supernatural world due to the increased speed, stamina, and healing that it provides, it also comes with a price, which is that the werewolf, werecoyote, or werejaguar is beholden to the phases of the moon. During a full moon, werecreatures without training will become overcome with a rabid anger that will cause them to attack any living creature they come upon, which is why they all must learn control to avoid exposure and harm to innocent civilians. The full moon will make a werewolf stronger, but it will also make them more rabid and chaotic, which makes them easily hunted by supernatural hunters. However, due to Derek being a werewolf for almost half of his life, he is rarely ever susceptible to this weakness anymore, although extenuating circumstances can cause even the most well-trained werewolf to lose control on a full moon.
  • Lunar Eclipse: During the phase of a lunar eclipse where the moon is completely covered in the earth's umbral shadow, a werewolf or other werecreature will lose all of their powers, including their super strength, accelerated healing, and shapeshifting abilities, making them vulnerable to anyone seeking to take advantaged of this weakness and harm or kill them.
  • Modified Canine Distemper Virus: One of the assassins in the Deadpool, The Chemist, created a modified version of the canine distemper virus that could sicken both humans and any canine shapeshifter, such as werewolves, werecoyotes, and Kitsune. Scott, Kira, Malia, and Stiles were all exposed to the virus at the PSATs, and the former three nearly died from its effects. However, consuming wild purple reishi mushrooms are known to cure a the virus and prevent those who ingest it from being infected in the first place.


  • Derek: Derek is a masculine English name that comes from the Old English given name Dederick, the origins of which come from a Low German form of the given name Theodoric, a name imported to England from the Low Countries during the 15th century. In German, Derek means "famous ruler," which is an interesting piece of trivia considering that the character Derek Hale was briefly the Alpha (ruler) of the Hale Pack, a centuries-old werewolf bloodline that is famous in the werewolf community. Variants of the name Derek in other languages include: Teutorigos (Ancient Celtic); Theoderich, Theodoricus, Theudoricus, Theutrich, Thiudreiks (Ancient Germanic); Diederick, Tijmen, Dick, Diede, Dirk, Ties (Dutch); Tiede (Dutch, Frisian, German); Thierry (French); Theodoric (Historic German); Diederich, Dietrich, Tielo (Modern German); Tudor, Tudur (Welsh).
  • Hale: The surname Hale is derived from a geographical locality, "at the hale," i.e. "hall" (either as a proprietor or servant at a residence there). It is also derived from the Old English healh, meaning "nook" or "hollow." In Northern England, the name often has a specialized meaning, either denoting a piece of flat alluvial land by the side of a river, or as a patch of dry land in a fen. It is also sometimes a habitational name from any of the several locations in England that shares the same name. Additionally, it could also have origins as a Middle English personal name derived from either of two Old English bynames, Haele ("hero") or Haegel, which is akin to the Germanic Hagano meaning "hawthorn." The name Hale was first recorded as De Halys in 1130, and it is said that the earliest Hales were related to Saint Edward, which was how the family's coat of arms had their arrows pointing downward.


  • Derek was initially listed on the Deadpool for $15 million, the third-highest valued target after Scott McCall and Lydia Martin, respectively. However, after it was believed that Derek lost his powers, he was taken off the hit-list, and the $15 million he was worth was added to Liam Dunbar's bounty.
  • In his youth, Derek was on the Beacon Hills High School basketball team.
  • Derek has had romantic relationships with four women throughout the course of the series: Paige Krasikeva, Kate Argent, Jennifer Blake, and Braeden.
  • Derek is one of two characters who has been shown to have all three colors of werewolf eyes throughout their life. In Derek's case, he had gold eyes when he was a teenager and again briefly in 2012, blue eyes from when he mercy-killed Paige in the early 2000s until he became an Alpha in 2011 and again after losing his Alpha spark, and red eyes while he was the Alpha of the Hale Pack.
    • The other character to have all three eye colors is Peter Hale.
  • The triskelion that is tattooed on his back is considered the symbol for the Hale Family and Hale Pack.
  • Derek's anchor is known to be anger, though it's possible that he has found a new anchor after his personality became more patient and compassionate in the second half of Season 3.
  • In 117, it was revealed that Derek's middle name begins with the letter S after his criminal record was pulled up by Deputy Haigh, Deputy Parrish, and Sheriff Stilinski, though the full name remains unknown. It is also revealed that he is 6'0", 171 pounds, and that the Hale House address is at 1924 Boulder Street in Beacon Hills.
  • Derek Hale is one of the three members of the Hale family to have blue eyes, the others are his uncle Peter, and cousin Malia.


  • Derek and Scott (Former Enemies/Rivals, Good Friends, Mentor/Mentee Relationship)
  • Derek and Stiles (Former Enemies/Friends)
  • Derek and Allison (Former Enemies)
  • Derek and Lydia (Allies)
  • Peter and Derek (Family-Uncle/Nephew, Former Friends/Confidant, Former Enemies, Vitriolic Allies)
  • Derek and Deaton (Allies)
  • Derek and Jackson (Former Acquaintances, Former Enemies, Former Mentor/Mentee)
  • Derek and Chris Argent (Former Enemies, Allies)
  • Derek and Kate Argent (Former Lovers, Enemies)
  • Derek and Victoria Argent (Enemies)
  • Derek and Gerard Argent (Enemies)
  • Derek and Isaac (Former Guardian, Former Packmates)
  • Derek and Erica (Former Packmates)
  • Derek and Boyd (Former Packmates)
  • Derek and Paige (Formerly Boyfriend/Girlfriend)
  • Derek and Cora (Siblings-Brother/Sister, Former Packmates)
  • Talia and Derek (Mother/Son)
  • Laura and Derek (Siblings-Sister/Brother)
  • Derek and Jennifer (Former Lovers, Enemies)
  • Derek and Kira (Allies)
  • Derek and Malia (Cousins, Allies/Friends)
  • Derek and Braeden (Allies, Friends, Lovers)
  • Derek and Araya (Enemies, Tentative Truce)
  • Derek and Satomi (Allies)
  • Derek and Theo (Allies)
  • Derek and Liam (Allies)
  • Deucalion and Derek (Allies, Former enemies)