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"I knew."
"What do you mean?"
"Right after I told you my name, I think I knew. I've seen things in this town before, things no one really could explain. And then there's the way that you say things, like how you'd 'catch a scent.' And I know that you can hear things, things that no one else can hear. I knew."
"And you still liked me?"
"I loved you."

The relationship between Beta Werewolf Derek Hale and Human Paige Krasikeva

Derek and Paige met as teenagers in high school, where Derek was a star basketball player and Paige was a young and talented cellist. At first, Paige believed Derek to be just another arrogant jock, but after getting to know each other, they fell in love. Their favorite meeting place was the Abandoned Distillery on the outskirts of town, where they would canoodle and spend time together alone. However, Derek was so in love with Paige that, when his uncle Peter Hale remarked that their relationship would end badly upon her realization that Derek was a Werewolf, he was able to convince him that the only way to ensure they stayed together was to turn Paige into a Werewolf as well.

Unfortunately for both Derek and Paige, though they were able to convince Ennis, an Alpha Werewolf in town for the summit led by Derek's mother Talia Hale, to give Paige the Bite, she ultimately rejected the transformation. Derek brought the dying Paige to the root cellar under the Nemeton to hide, and, at Paige's request, he snapped her neck to end her suffering. However, unbeknownst to Derek at the time, this act would change his glowing gold Beta eyes to turn blue and gave the Nemeton a spark of power due to the fact that Paige's death was technically a virgin sacrifice.

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

Season 3

In Visionary, Derek and Paige's relationship was shown in flashbacks to the early 2000s. They first interacted in the hallway of Beacon Hills High School, where Paige, who was annoyed by the sounds of several boys dribbling a basketball in the hallways outside of the music room interrupting her cello practice, came out to demand that the boys stop making so much noise. When she reminded them that basketball practice is supposed to happen in the gym, Derek remarked that he believed that basketball practice could happen anywhere a basketball was present, annoying Paige. He then offered to lead the others away from the music room, but only if she successfully snatched the basketball from him. Paige rolled her eyes and attempted to steal the ball as requested, but Derek, who was showing off with fancy dribbling moves, was too quick for her to catch it, leading her to sigh in frustration and storm away without another word.

However, Derek, feeling guilty for humiliating her in front of his friends, went into the music room to apologize to Paige for his behavior, but Paige was not receptive of his attempts to get to know her and refused to tell him her name when he asked. When Derek insisted that he would leave as soon as she told him her name, Paige, in an attempt to get back at him for what he did earlier, stated that she would only tell him if he was able to play one of the numerous instruments in the music room. After confirming with Paige that all he needed to play was one single instrument, he went to look through the shelf full of instruments, passing over a clarinet, violin, and trumpet before grabbing an instrument and hiding it behind his back.

He then walked until he was standing in front of Paige and paused dramatically before pulling out a triangle, smiling smugly as he dinged the percussion instrument with a metal rod. Once again defeated by Derek and feeling frustrated (as well as secretly amused and impressed by the fact that he managed to find this loophole), she sighed and informed him that her name was Paige before once again asking him to leave so she could return to her cello practice. Derek, satisfied by her answer, tried to introduce himself in return, but Paige just cut him off and revealed that she already knew who he was before he left, though her smile, once he left, indicated that she perhaps did not dislike him as much as she let on.

Derek and Paige's relationship quickly developed after this event, going from a friendship to a romantic relationship; while their playful teasing sometimes caused them to get into actual arguments, according to Derek's uncle, the then-young-adult Peter Hale, they always made up by passionately hooking up with each other. One night, they had gone to their favorite spot in which to have private alone time, the Abandoned Distillery outside of Beacon Hills, not knowing that Peter had followed them there and was spying on them from outside the door.

Inside the distillery, the two made out for a long moment until they broke apart, and after seeing the troubled look on Paige's face, Derek asked her what was wrong. Paige began by asking Derek why he liked her, and when Derek, confused, asked her what that was supposed to mean, Paige repeated the question. Derek then turned the tables by asking her why she thought he liked her, which caused Paige to admit that she honestly believed he started liking her purely because she didn't initially like him. Derek quickly surmised that Paige was worried that, since he now knew that she liked him, he would stop liking her, but Paige insisted that she wasn't worried before nervously adding that she was just wondering when this would occur. Derek smiled and asked her what would happen if he never stopped liking her, leading the two to begin passionately kissing again until suddenly, Derek sensed something and pulled away from her with a frown.

Concerned, Paige asked him if he heard something before wondering aloud what was wrong, and Derek focused on his senses for a moment before explaining that something had happened there since he had "caught the scent of blood." Paige was confused by this answer, but when Derek's Werewolf hearing picked up the sound of footsteps approaching them, Derek wisely insisted that they had to leave, even after Paige replied that she neither smelled nor heard anything strange. Unbeknownst to either of them, the scent of blood was left over from when the Argent family of Hunters had brought one of the Betas in the pack led by the Alpha Ennis to torture and kill him the night before, and the footsteps he heard were caused by the Hale Pack, Ennis' pack, Kali's pack, and Deucalion's pack, who had come to the distillery for a summit to discuss the Hunter threat.

A few days afterward, Derek, whose sensitive Werewolf hearing picked up the sounds of Paige practicing Ave Maria on her cello, left in the middle of his math class so that he could stand in the doorway of the music room and listen to her play. He asked her if he was distracting her, but she insisted that she had a laser-like focus until Derek dragged his lips slowly behind her ear and caused her to stop playing in favor of kissing her boyfriend. She playfully informed him that she hated him, and when Derek insisted that she actually loved him, she gave him a look that implied that she did, indeed, love him.

At lunch that day, Peter came to visit Derek, who was sitting alone a few tables over from where Paige was studying in solitude when Peter suddenly appeared and sat down across from him. When he asked why Paige was sitting alone and wondered aloud if Paige had any friends, Derek stated that she did have a few, but that she liked to study during lunch and that she didn't like his friends, causing Peter to remark that she had reason to dislike them since they were, in his words, "a bunch of hormonal half-wits." Peter went on to say that Paige was perfect for Derek, a rare feat in what Peter said was an imperfect world, before bringing up the fact that he would be worried too if he were in Derek's situation.

Derek, not understanding where Peter was going with this, asked him what he meant, and Peter explained that he was referring to Paige eventually realizing that Derek is a Werewolf. When Derek argued that Paige didn't have to find out, Peter reminded him that people always eventually do learn the truth before bringing up the fact that there was one way that they could ensure Derek and Paige would always be together-- turning Paige into a Werewolf. The exact details of the events that followed remain unknown; though Peter told Stiles Stilinski and Cora Hale that Derek was the one who had the idea to arrange for Paige to receive the Bite, it was implied in the flashbacks that it was actually Peter's own idea, and that he manipulated Derek into believing that turning Paige into a Werewolf was the only way to stay with her forever, and would ensure that she would never get sick, would stay younger and more beautiful for longer, and would have the power to protect herself from harm.

Somehow, Ennis, who was in town for the Werewolf summit held by Derek's mother and Peter's sister, Talia Hale, was convinced to give Paige the Bite, as he needed a new Beta to fill the space of the Beta who had been killed by the Argents, and he was under the impression that, by turning Paige, he would be doing a favor for Talia; it is assumed that Peter arranged this plan, as they knew Talia would never give anyone the Bite without consent, especially an underage teenager. Derek then left a note for Paige to meet him at the high school one night, where she was cornered by Ennis and attacked while Derek waited anxiously in the boy's locker room. Eventually, Derek couldn't stand to hear his girlfriend suffering any longer and rushed out into the hallway to confront Ennis, but since Derek was only a fifteen-year-old inexperienced Beta against a powerful Alpha, he was quickly defeated. It was then revealed that Derek's intervention was for naught, as Paige had already been bitten and was desperately and weakly attempting to crawl away.

Derek, horrified by the fact that Paige's bite and claw wounds were bleeding black blood, brought her to the only safe, secluded place he could think of-- the root cellar under the Nemeton, where he and Peter had recently spent two days hiding and healing from a confrontation with the Argent Hunters. When Peter followed them there, Derek desperately asked him what was wrong with her, but Peter could only gape in shock at the realization that Paige was rejecting the transformation and was dying of her wounds before leaving them alone to say their goodbyes. Derek tried his best to take as much of her pain as he could, but in the end, the blackened blood vessels that indicate pain is being absorbed ended up reversing the flow back to Paige, ultimately doing little to alleviate her symptoms.

When Derek apologized to her for what was happening, Paige weakly replied, "I knew," much to Derek's confusion. Upon asking her what she meant, Paige admitted that as soon as she told him her name all those weeks ago, she thought she knew that there was more to him than he was letting on, adding that she had seen things in Beacon Hills that no one could explain numerous times, and that between these events and Derek's strange behavior, such as saying things like "catching a scent" or being able to hear noises no one else can hear led her to figure out what he really was. Derek, shocked by this revelation that she knew he was supernatural this whole time and it didn't matter to her (a fact that could have changed everything if he had known it earlier), incredulously replied, "And you still liked me?", to which Paige weakly responded, "I loved you."

Upon realizing that there was no recovering from what was happening to her, Paige asked Derek if she was going to die before she was overwhelmed by a wave of pain that made her cry out in agony. After it passed slightly, Paige insisted that she couldn't take it anymore and begged him to end her suffering, something that Derek did not want to do whatsoever. However, knowing just how much agony Paige was in and knowing that he had her blessing, Derek's eyes glowed bright gold as he tapped into his superhuman strength and broke her spine, killing her instantly and painlessly. Afterward, Derek screamed in despair due to losing the love of his life, and he clutched onto her body until Peter returned once again to retrieve Paige's body, leaving it in the woods so that the animals there would eat it and make it appear to be a victim of another one of Beacon Hills' animal attacks.

However, Paige's death still had consequences far beyond Derek's grief at the loss of his first love. First, the fact that Derek had taken an innocent life, even with permission, meant that his Werewolf eyes turned from their usual bright gold to a cold blue, identifying him as someone who had spilled human blood to Hunters like the Argent Family. To make matters worse, by killing Paige on the roots of the Nemeton, a sacred and powerful tree to the Druids in the area, Derek had accidentally performed a virgin sacrifice, giving the Nemeton a spark of power that it had not had since it was cut down an unknown amount of time prior to Paige's death. It was this power that allowed Julia Baccari to survive her mauling at Kali's hands and helped give her the power necessary to manipulate and seduce Derek as an adult in the autumn of 2011, making Derek's mercy-killing of Paige the catalyst for all of the events of Season 3A. As Paige was Derek's first love, her death continues to haunt him even in the present day.


  • Derek and Paige's relationship is shown to have many parallels to the relationship between Scott McCall and Allison Argent:
    • Derek and Paige were each other's first love, just like Allison and Scott.
    • Both Paige and Allison died in their respective loves' arms, and both were killed by supernatural creatures; Paige by Werewolves Ennis (indirectly) and Derek (directly), and Allison (by an Oni).
    • Both girls' deaths were the catalyst for major supernatural events in Beacon Hills:


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