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The title of this page is conjectural due to a lack of an official name being given in the series. Should an official title be revealed, this could be subject to change.

The Desert Oni was a large demonic being of the Oni species. It was much larger than the typical Oni, and it differed in its uniform as well, with the Desert Oni wearing chin and neck armor as well as chainmail. This particular Oni was a manifestation created by the Skinwalkers as a part of their test given to Kira Yukimura, which was intended to determine how much control she had over her inner Kitsune spirit, a spirit that had been getting stronger and stronger over the past few weeks. Despite being a manifestation, the Desert Oni seemed to have a corporeal form, as Kira and her inner Fox spirit were able to cut off its mask with her sword and carry it back to Noshiko and the Skinwalkers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Desert Oni presumably had the powers of a typical Oni but considering that it was merely a manifestation, this remains unconfirmed. It also seemed to have some sort of sympathetic mystical abilities, as every wound Kira inflicted on the Desert Oni was immediately and mystically inflicted upon herself as well; for example, when Kira sliced the Oni's leg with her sword, a large slice wound appeared on her own leg in the same place.

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