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Gerard... What he fears most... He can't beat you... and he knows it...
Deucalion's final words to Scott McCall in The Wolves of War

Deucalion was a supporting character in the third, fifth, and sixth seasons of Teen Wolf who was originally a secondary antagonist and who ended up somewhat of an anti-hero. He was first introduced in Season 3 as a blind Werewolf and the primary Alpha of the Alpha Pack. It was soon revealed that Deucalion had returned to Beacon Hills with the intention of not only recruiting Derek Hale to the Alpha Pack, but also the potential True Alpha Scott McCall, as Deucalion wanted to achieve perfection by adding such a rare Alpha to his ranks.

While pursuing these two recruits, Deucalion and the Alpha Pack also had to contend with the Darach, who was revealed to be Jennifer Blake, a dark Druid who had nearly been killed by Kali on Deucalion's orders and who was hellbent on getting her revenge on him and his pack for the wounds inflicted upon her. However, she was no match for the self-proclaimed Demon Wolf, especially after Derek tricked her into healing Deucalion's damaged eyes so that he could see the scarred, mutilated face she bore as a result of Kali's attack. After Deucalion incapacitated Jennifer, who had already taken out the majority of his pack prior to their battle, Derek and Scott let Deucalion go, though they did leave him with a warning-- Talia Hale had once said that he was a man of vision, and though they hoped that he could be that man again, they would be coming after him if they learned he had returned to his bloodthirsty ways.

Though Deucalion stayed away from Beacon Hills for the rest of the season, his presence was still felt in small ways, such as when he hired the mercenary Braeden to rescue Derek Hale from the Calavera Family's compound after he and his uncle Peter Hale had been captured. This implied that he was still keeping an eye on the town and the packs even from a distance.

Deucalion returned in Season 5B after supposedly being found and captured by Theo Raeken and his Chimera Pack. Though he led the group to believe that he had become blind again and was intent on getting his revenge on Scott McCall for everything that had been done to him, it was later revealed that he was actually allied with Scott all along and had allowed himself to be captured to help turn the Chimera Pack against Theo in the same way that Theo turned the McCall Pack against Scott.

Deucalion continued to redeem himself further by no longer entering combat of any kind, even going so far as to study the martial art of bagua, or the path of least resistance, in order to avoid using violence by causing others to unintentionally inflict it upon themselves instead. When Scott and Malia called on him to join them in the battle against Gerard and Monroe's Hunter Army and the Anuk-ite under whose influence they had been for some time, he chose to remain out of the physical fight and instead offered his guidance and knowledge by teaching them how to fight without the use of their eyes, drawing on his experience as a blind man for half a decade. Deucalion was ultimately killed by Monroe's Hunters, and his final words to were to Scott in an effort to remind him that Gerard knew that he couldn't beat Scott and his pack, giving him the reassurance he needed to defeat both threats with the help of his packmates.

Deucalion is an Alpha Werewolf and is the former leader of the Alpha Pack. He has a tenuous alliance with the McCall Pack.

Early life Edit

Before being blinded and forming the Alpha Pack, Deucalion was known as a man of vision who believed that continued war with the Hunters would only lead to more losses on both sides. He was close friends with Talia Hale, the renowned and respected Alpha of the Hale Pack and her Druid Emissary Alan Deaton. They respected each other and occasionally had meetings to discuss issues that affected the Werewolf community at large. He became an Alpha at some point in his life; according to Gerard Argent, he was the Alpha who bit and turned Alexander Argent in 1977, suggesting that he has been an Alpha for almost forty years if Gerard was telling the truth. ("Motel California")

During a summit with the Hale Pack, Kali's original pack, Ennis' original pack, and Deucalion and his own original pack in Beacon Hills, they listened as Ennis described what the Argent Hunters did to one of his Betas before killing him. Despite Ennis' insistence that they fight back, and Laura Hale's argument that the Hunters don't discern between packs, which meant that they were all in danger, Deucalion argued that they needed to meet with the Argents and form a truce, as he had a vision of a better future in which the two sides coexisted in peace. Though both Talia and Deaton disagreed with his plan to meet with Gerard Argent, they ended up advising him on how to best go about it, though they warned him that Gerard was known for his brutality.

Deucalion ultimately brought several of his Betas to an abandoned distillery to meet with Gerard and several of his fellow Hunters, where he found, much to his horror, that it was an ambush. After Gerard weakened everyone (Werewolf and human alike) by spraying wolfsbane fog, he used a baseball bat embedded with Werewolf claws harvested from his previous hunts to kill both his own people and the Betas, claiming that since the Hunters with him wanted peace as well, they needed to die. He then made it clear that he intended to frame Deucalion and his pack, since his homemade spiked mace created wounds that looked like claw gashes from a Werewolf. When Deucalion desperately crawled out of the distillery, Gerard easily caught up with him and laughed at the Alpha's insistence that he had a "vision of peace," snarking that his vision was "a little short-sighted" before jamming two flash-bang arrows into Deucalion's eye sockets.

He somehow made it back into town and went to meet with Talia and Deaton at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where Deaton grimly informed him that while his eyes would physically heal, he likely would never see again. Deucalion was devastated by this news and roared at the others to leave, but though Talia and Deaton did as they were asked, Deucalion's Beta, Marco, stayed behind, as he believed Deucalion's blindness made him unfit to lead the pack and intended to kill him to become Alpha himself. Unfortunately for Marco, Deucalion quickly realized that he could still somewhat see with his Werewolf vision, and he became so overcome with rage that he viciously killed Marco. After his death, Deucalion experienced a surge of power that revealed that after an Alpha kills their own Beta, they absorb their power and. as a result, their own powers become enhanced to an even higher degree. This ultimately led Deucalion to kill the rest of his Betas to add their power to his own, becoming an Augmented Alpha in the process.

Some time afterward, Deucalion got the idea to create his own pack of Augmented Alphas like himself, with him being the Alpha of Alphas, and he invited his associates Kali and Ennis to join him. However, he required them to kill all of their own Betas and their Emissaries prior to joining, leaving only his own Emissary, Marin Morrell, alive to guide them. ("Visionary") Ennis was the first to join Deucalion, with Kali joining afterward (though, unbeknownst to any of them, Jennifer Blake, Kali's Emissary, survived her attack and spent the next few years planning her revenge against them). ("The Overlooked")

An unknown amount of time after the Alpha Pack's creation, Deucalion came upon two twin Omega Werewolves named Ethan and Aiden Steiner who were being used and abused by a psychotic and vicious Alpha and his pack. They possessed the unique power to merge into one extra-large Werewolf, and Deucalion, eager for them to join his pack, taught them how to control their powers and seek their revenge on the pack who had terrorized them. In exchange for Deucalion's help, Ethan and Aiden agreed to join his pack after killing their own, starting with the Betas and the pack's Emissary before taking out their Alpha, who by that point was begging for his life. Upon becoming Alphas and joining the pack, Ethan and Aiden became even more powerful, though they were still the lowest-ranked of the pack due to being the youngest and newest members, which led them to essentially carry out all of Deucalion's orders. ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much")

Throughout Teen WolfEdit

In Tattoo, Deucalion, Kali, and Ennis arrived at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital in search for Derek Hale's Beta, Isaac Lahey, and Braeden, the mercenary who was hired to save him. In the hospital elevator, he came into contact with Scott McCall, who he asked to press the button for the second floor for him due to his lack of eyesight. When Scott did so, Deucalion thanked him, and once they arrived on their floor, he asked Scott if he could help him get out of the elevator, which he did, albeit reluctantly. Later that day, at Beacon Hills High School Deucalion, along with the rest of Alpha Pack, tracked Braeden to the boys locker room, where she fended off Ennis, Ethan, and Aiden with nothing but her body and a broken mop handle before she was subdued by Kali.

Afterward, Deucalion approached her, remarking on the fact that Braeden is both beautiful and defiant, to which she retorted that she knew he was afraid of Scott, and specifically the man Scott would become as a True Alpha. This led Deucalion to concede that, while he was aware of the potential threat that Scott posed to his pack, he was taking the advice of "someone" who said that the best way to eliminate threats was to get someone else to do it for them. Braeden realized that Deucalion was implying that he would manipulate Derek into killing Scott for him, which caused Deucalion to rear his arm backward and slash her across the throat with his claws.

Meanwhile, at the Hale House ruins, Scott and Stiles Stilinski confronted Derek, who was forced to confess that the Alpha Pack had been in Beacon Hills for almost four months, and that they abducted Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd, who Derek, Isaac, and Peter Hale had been searching for all this time. Derek also informed Scott and Stiles that Deucalion was the leader of his pack.

In Chaos Rising, it was revealed that Deucalion and the other Alphas killed Erica Reyes and captured Boyd and Cora Hale when Alan Deaton helped Scott, Stiles, and Derek perform a memory retrieval ritual for Isaac to try to regain the memories the Alphas stole from him when they attacked him.

Just as Derek and Scott had arrived at the First National Bank after they had figured out Boyd and Erica were being held captive there, Stiles and Peter called them to inform them that the bank vault was lined with hecatolite (also known as moonstone), which scatters moonlight and had prevented the Werewolf captives from transforming for the last four months, therefore diminishing their resistance to the sway of the moon-- as a result, that night's full moon would turn them into vicious, feral beasts who are incapable of controlling themselves. Before the two could react further, Deucalion's Emissary, Marin Morrell, completed the Mountain Ash barrier around the vault at his request, trapping Derek, Scott, Boyd, and Cora in hopes that Derek, Scott, or both would kill the other two in order to pave their way into joining the Alpha Pack's ranks.

In Fireflies, Deucalion was mentioned in a conversation between Derek and Peter Hale when the latter informed Derek that Deucalion had captured Boyd and Cora and kept them from shifting for three months so that Derek would have no choice but to kill them, which would then cause Derek to take the first steps in joining the Alpha Pack (i.e. killing his Betas and stealing their power) just as Deucalion wanted. However, this revelation only made Derek more determined to keep Boyd and Cora alive to prevent Deucalion from getting what he wanted, and he was nearly mauled to death in the process of doing so.

In Unleashed, Deucalion, along with Kali and Ennis broke into Derek's loft to have a discussion with him. After Kali defeated Derek and Ennis easily took down Cora, Deucalion entered the loft, humorously remarking that the violence sounded "exhausting" before stating his desire to discuss a plan with Derek about their future together.

Derek assumed that Deucalion wanted to kill him, but Deucalion was insulted by this, scoffing that Derek would categorize him with "common sociopaths" like his uncle, Peter Hale. Deucalion went on to say that he has always been on the lookout for new talent, and he saw this potential in Derek, offering the younger Alpha a place in the Alpha Pack. Derek immediately refused the offer, as he knew that Deucalion wanted him to kill his own Betas, but Deucalion assured him that he only wanted Derek to kill one of them, believing that once he had done that, he would happily kill the others of his own volition.

Deucalion then proceeded to tell the story of how he killed his first Beta, Marco; according to him, after he lost his eyesight, his Beta decided he was no longer fit for his role as Alpha and challenged Deucalion. Deucalion ultimately won this battle, but he learned after killing him that when an Alpha kills his own Beta, they absorbed their power and thus became more powerful themselves. This realization led Deucalion to kill the rest of his Betas as well, which resulted in him becoming stronger, faster, and generally more powerful than he had ever been. Deucalion explained that this became the origin of the Alpha Pack, as Kali and Ennis also killed their Betas and Emissary as initiation into his new pack.

After asking Kali how it felt to take the power of her own, Kali smirked that it was "liberating," which supported Deucalion's argument that Derek was outgrowing his role as "Alpha to a couple of maladjusted teenagers" and that they would soon become a liability, even suggesting that he knew one of his Betas was in trouble as they spoke. Deucalion then began touching Derek's face, eventually agreeing with Kali that Derek looked like his mother, Talia Hale, revealing that they were acquainted.

However, Derek was not convinced by Deucalion's pitch and stated that he was a fanatic, leading Deucalion to dramatically declare that he was much more than that. His voice became deeper and more powerful as he ranted the following: "I am the Alpha of Alphas. I am the apex of apex predators. I am Death, Destroyer of Worlds! I am the Demon Wolf!" This declaration was paired with cracks of thunder and lightning, and his voice became so loud that he shattered the lenses of his sunglasses. After this point, Deucalion and his compatriots left Derek's loft, with Derek aware that all of his Betas were in danger.

Afterward, Deucalion appeared at the high school, where he intervened in a fight between Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, and his packmates Ethan and Aiden Steiner. After roaring at them to stop, Deucalion punished them by swiping them both across the cheek with the blade concealed at the end of his cane before he forced the twins to leave with him. It was then that Isaac and Scott realized that the man was Deucalion, the leader of the Alpha Pack.

In Frayed, Deucalion entered the elevator in the building where the Argent Apartment was located just as Scott McCall was leaving from warning Allison Argent about the threat of the Alpha Pack. Scott wasted no time extending his claws, but Deucalion merely chuckled and stated that he would have to be blind, deaf, and paraplegic for Scott to be any threat to him.

After further consideration, Deucalion suggested that Scott may be able to rise to the occasion, as he could hear Scott's heartbeat and could tell that, while he was afraid, he was controlling it. Scott argued that he wasn't like Deucalion because he didn't kill people, Deucalion cryptically replied that he would eventually find that at some point, he might have to choose between killing someone or having someone he cared about die. Scott assumed that Deucalion came all the way to the Argents' apartment building just to threaten him, but Deucalion revealed that he actually lived in the building and that his neighbors were surprisingly friendly. Just then, the elevator reached the ground floor, and Scott watched in concern as Deucalion asked one of the people entering the elevator if they could press the button for the penthouse.

Once Scott learned that the Hale Pack intended to ambush Deucalion and take him out, assuming that by doing so, the Alpha Pack would fall apart without him, he once again contacted Deucalion to set up a meeting where they could possibly come to a truce. They agreed to meet at an abandoned mall in Beacon Hills, and despite Scott's best efforts, he was unable to talk his friend and foster brother Isaac Lahey from accompanying him there.

Unfortunately, it was revealed upon their arrival that Derek Hale had intended for Scott to do just this to give them the opportunity to get Deucalion alone. However, Deucalion was aware of what was about to occur and made sure to bring his pack with him, leading to an all-out brawl between the members of each pack: Derek, Cora Hale, Vernon Boyd, and a reluctant Scott and Isaac against Kali, Ennis, and Ethan and Aiden, while Deucalion sat out and sensed the fight around him. Despite the Hale Pack and their ally's best efforts, the Alpha Pack ultimately overpowered them, giving Deucalion the opportunity to make Derek a deal-- if he killed Boyd, then the others could leave with their lives.

When Kali protested against all of the trouble they were going through to get Derek, who she believed was simply an Alpha to a group of "loser teenagers," Deucalion retorted that some of them had more promise than others, implying that Scott was yet another member he had his eye on. Kali insisted that Derek rise to the occasion and changed the ultimatum, giving him the choice between killing his Beta Boyd or his sister Cora. Fortunately for them, Allison Argent appeared just before he had to act, using her flash-bang arrows to disorient and temporarily blind the Alphas so that the Hale Pack could get the upper hand once again. Deucalion, triggered by the memory of being blinded, urged all in attendance to protect their eyes as she shot arrow after arrow.

The fight broke out again in earnest, with Scott, Isaac, and Derek still fighting the Alphas while Cora got the severely-injured Boyd out of the way. The battle was more balanced the second time around, and just as Scott was about to help Derek defeat Ennis by clawing out his Achilles tendon, Ennis fell over the edge of the construction area and pulled Derek down with him, presumably killing them both and causing the rest of the Werewolves to scatter.

In Motel California, Deucalion was summoned to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where Kali and Aiden (led by their Emissary Marin Morrell, the sister of the owner) had brought the gravely injured Ennis for treatment by Alan Deaton. Deaton was initially refusing to help them, but once Morrell reminded Deaton that his protégée Scott McCall would become a target of the Alpha Pack if Ennis died, leading the veterinarian and Druid to reluctantly agree to help.

Once Ennis had been stabilized, Deucalion came to check in on him, seemingly pleased by the report that Ennis would survive his injuries. Deaton was then appalled to see Deucalion kill Ennis with his bare hands by squeezing his skull until it shattered, making it clear that Deucalion intended to use Ennis' death to make the Alphas put more pressure on Derek and Scott.

Meanwhile, Scott and his comrades were at the Glen Capri Motel as part of a cross-country meet for the high school, along with Alpha Pack member Ethan Steiner. The Werewolves in attendance were exposed to purple wolfsbane and began experiencing terrifying hallucinations; Scott, specifically, hallucinated that Deucalion had come to the motel with his mother Melissa McCall as a hostage, where he slit her throat with his claws in the parking lot while Scott watched. This caused Scott so much despair that he nearly committed suicide by dousing himself in gasoline and lighting himself on fire with a flare.

On their way back to Beacon Hills, Ethan, grateful to Scott for his "pack's" assistance in saving his life while hallucinating, warned Scott that since Derek had allegedly killed Ennis, Kali would be coming for him, and he would have to either kill his pack (including Scott and his friends) and join them, or Kali would kill them all.

In Currents, after Danny Mahealani was rushed to the hospital with mistletoe poisoning, Scott immediately blamed Deucalion and the rest of the Alpha Pack. However, Ethan assured him that they had nothing to do with it, and Scott pointed out that all he knew was that Ethan made a bee-line for Danny as soon as the Alphas showed up, and his twin Aiden did the same with Lydia, which made it seem as though they were targeting the two. Ethan argued that Deucalion and the rest of the Alphas knew that one of them was going to be important to Scott, and they eventually figured out that it was Lydia.

Meanwhile, the alarms went off at Derek's loft, causing Derek and Cora to realize that the Alpha Pack's symbol had been spray-painted on the wall of windows in the back of the apartment. When Cora questioned what the symbol meant, Derek explained that the Alpha Pack was warning him that they were coming to fight him this next evening.

When Alan Deaton was captured by the Darach as one of her healer sacrifices, the McCall Pack's members all split off to follow various leads in hopes of finding him before he was killed. Scott was about to head to the Argent Apartment at Allison's request to learn what she had discovered when he suddenly heard a rhythmic tapping noise that lured him into the band room, where he found Deucalion waiting for him.

Deucalion was impressed with Scott's ability to control his emotions, noting that he could tell that his heart was pounding, but not out of fear-- out of anger. When Scott continued to glare at him, Deucalion guessed that Scott thought he had something to do with Deaton's disappearance and made him an offer-- if Scott could snatch Deucalion's cane out of his hands, then he would tell Scott where Deaton was being held captive. Scott wasted no time agreeing to the challenge and put in his best effort, managing to evade Deucalion's strikes but unable to make an offensive move. Finally, the fight ended when Deucalion stabbed Scott in the shoulder with the blade hidden at the end of his cane, but the Alpha conceded that Scott's efforts were still impressive.

Deucalion then returned to the topic at hand by saying "But, you know I'm not the one slashing up innocent people, praying to ancient gods, gathering herbs, or whatever the hell Druids are supposed to do." He went on to remind Scott that he was a part of a pack that was eager to see Derek dead and revealed that Kali would be going after him, referencing the symbol tagged on Derek's windows. Deucalion wrapped up their conversation by informing Scott that he was about to be forced to make a difficult decision-- someone was going to die that night, either Derek or Deaton, and it was up to Scott to decide who would survive. Scott, certain that he would be able to save them both, demanded to know where Deaton was being held, but since he didn't win the challenge, Deucalion would only give him a clue: "Let the current guide you."

After a great deal of work figuring out where Deaton was hidden, Scott ultimately sent the others to the loft to help Derek survive his battle with Kali while he went to get Deaton himself. Unfortunately for Scott, Deaton was being suspended from the ceiling bound at the wrists and was slowly suffocating while surrounded by a barrier of Mountain Ash. Desperate, Scott began pushing against the barrier as hard as he could in hopes of breaking it, and the effort of doing so took so much energy that Scott's eyes briefly flashed from Beta gold to Alpha red.

Though Scott wasn't able to break through the barrier, Sheriff Stilinski arrived just in time to free Deaton himself, and when Scott and Deaton were alone, Deaton excitedly informed him that his eyes had turned red and that this meant he was a True Alpha, or an Alpha who doesn't have to kill or steal power because they ascend to the status out of sheer force of will. Scott was shocked by this news, and Deaton insisted that he had a feeling Scott would be a True Alpha from the moment he was first bitten. This caused Scott to realize that Deucalion also knew this fact, and Deaton grimly confirmed his suspicions by revealing that Deucalion wasn't truly in Beacon Hills to recruit Derek, he was there to recruit Scott.

In Visionary, Deucalion was seen exclusively in flashbacks to events in the early 2000s as two connected stories were told by Gerard Argent (to Scott McCall and Allison Argent) and Peter Hale (to Stiles Stilinski and Cora Hale).

Before the stories were told, Scott and Allison confronted Gerard at his nursing home and demanded to know how they could beat Deucalion. Gerard refused without Scott first taking some of his pain, but afterward, Gerard grimly stated that Deucalion couldn't be beaten, because he already tried. After Allison tricked him into telling the truth by making him feel useless, Gerard admitted, "I can tell you one thing-- Deucalion may have lost his eyes, but he's not always blind."

Gerard then explained that, several years earlier, Deucalion was the Alpha of his own pack of Betas, just as Kali and Ennis were. They had come to Beacon Hills for a summit with the renowned Alpha Talia Hale, representing the Hale Pack, and had apparently gathered early at Ennis' request to discuss their response against the Argent Hunters who had tortured and killed one of his Betas right in the Abandoned Distillery where they were meeting. Kali was reluctant to get involved due to the fact that the Beta wasn't a member of her pack, but Talia's daughter Laura Hale reminded them all that the Argents don't discern between packs, and that they were all considered the same to them.

Deucalion then argued that the Argents do discerned motive before asking Ennis what it was that the Beta did to earn the Argents' ire. One of Deucalion's Betas, Marco then revealed to the group that Ennis' Beta killed one of the Argents, though Ennis insisted that it was an accident. Talia agreed that it was within Ennis' rights to seek revenge for his fallen packmate, citing the fact that the Hunters were not the only ones who adhered to thousand-year-old rituals. Deucalion was totally against this, however, and argued that their history shouldn't give them an excuse for not evolving, reminding them that "it never ends with an eye for an eye" and that this skirmish could explode into a war that would make them no better than the Hunters they were fighting. Ennis, however, retorted that ripping his Beta's claws from his fingers wasn't evolving either and declared their debate to be useless before using his own claws to gouge a large spiral in the corrugated metal wall to warn others of his intent to get revenge.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Peter and Cora revealed to Stiles that Deucalion's Druid Emissary for both his original pack and the Alpha Pack was Marin Morrell, who happened to be the guidance counselor at the high school.

Back in the flashbacks, Deucalion and Talia had sought guidance from Talia's Emissary, Alan Deaton, who admired Deucalion's willingness to make peace with the Hunters but warned him that it might not be welcomed. Talia, agreeing with Deaton, pointed out that Gerard may not be the one to accept it; Deaton originally believed she thought this because the Argents operate under matriarchal leadership, but Talia corrected him by saying it was because he was a psychopath who bisects Werewolves with a broadsword.

Deucalion was disappointed in Deaton and Talia's lack of faith in people, believing that Gerard had to be concerned about the loss of life on his own side, but Deaton referred to the story of the Scorpion and the Frog-- just as the Frog underestimated the Scorpion's nature by thinking it wouldn't sting him, Deucalion must not underestimate Gerard's nature for treachery. Talia, agreeing with him, advised Deucalion to meet with Gerard on neutral ground and to not go to the meeting alone, but Deucalion wrly reminded her that, as an Alpha, he never walked alone. Deucalion then sent Deaton to arrange the meeting with Gerard as a neutral party.

However, despite Gerard's perspective on the story, he actually set a trap for Deucalion, his Betas, and even the Hunters who accompanied him. They met at the same Abandoned Distillery, which Gerard found fitting, considering distillation is a "separating of two substances by pushing them into their different volatile states." Deucalion admitted that "volatile" was exacting the state he was trying to avoid, which seemed to trigger Gerard's plan, because the older Hunter stated that he was about to be disappointed before setting off a huge cloud of Wolfsbane fog that affected everyone in the room, Werewolf and human alike. Gerard then gave himself some kind of antidote in his leg to prevent himself from being poisoned by the fog before grabbing a baseball bat with Werewolf claws embedded in it and using it to attack and kill both Deucalion's Betas and the two Hunters who accompanied him as well.

Deucalion, weakened by the fog, was appalled by Gerard's actions, and Gerard smirked and revealed that the Hunters also wanted peace as well, which was why they had to die with the rest of them. While Gerard finished off the others, Deucalion weakly crawled outside of the distillery, but Gerard was ultimately able to easily catch up with him. As Deucalion was flipped onto his back, he begged Gerard not to do this, insisting that he had a vision for peace. Seeing a perfect opportunity for a dramatic ending, Gerard smiled and stated that Deucalion's vision was a "little short-sighted" before plunging a flash-bang arrow into each of Deucalion's eyes, causing them to be burned from within as he screamed in agony.

A short time later, Deucalion, his Beta Marco, and Talia went to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, where Deaton gently removed the bandages from Deucalion's healing eyes, which were red and cloudy. The Emissary and veterinarian grimly informed Deucalion that, while his eyes may heal completely on a physical level, it was unlikely that he would regain his sight. Furious and embarrassed, Deucalion yelled at everyone to leave him alone, which everyone did aside from Marco, who made it a point of emphasizing that Deucalion was alone and that his weakened state gave him an opportunity to take over as Alpha. He then attempted to attack his Alpha to steal his powers, but Deucalion, overwhelmed with anger, found to his surprise when he transformed that he was able to retain some sight (albeit color-blind and red-tinted) while in his Werewolf form, allowing him to viciously maul Marco to death, inadvertently absorbing his powers at the same time.

In the present day, Scott was shocked to learn that Deucalion could see as a wolf, and Gerard confirmed by reiterating "He's not always blind." Allison was certain they could use this against him and got up to leave, though Scott made sure to let Gerard know that he noticed his heart rate remained steady through the entire story, which told Scott that he was lying about how the events really occurred. He then went on to threaten to take away more than just Gerard's pain if he had mislead them or withheld information that could get people hurt.

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, though Deucalion didn't physically appear, his presence and agenda still played an important role throughout the episode.

Ethan was at his locker when Aiden approached him and expressed his concerns about his brother's relationship with Danny Mahealani, specifically that it needed to end. Ethan argued that the young human was harmless and reminded Aiden that it was his girlfriend Lydia Martin they needed to worry about, which only supported Aiden's point that Ethan, having been assigned to get close to Danny, no longer needed to do so now that they knew Lydia was the key to get to Scott.

When Ethan insisted that Danny was harmless, Aiden realized that his brother actually did have feelings for the young man and demanded to know if Ethan would be able to go through with killing Danny if Deucalion asked him to do so. Ethan turned the question on Aiden and asked him if he would be able to kill him if Deucalion asked him to, causing a frustrated Aiden to back off, though he warned that if he didn't stop speaking to Danny, he would rip the flesh off his face and eat it, worrying Ethan about Danny's safety.

Later, when Lydia, on the suggestion of Scott and Stiles, met up with Aiden for their usual hook-up in hopes of gaining information on what was going on with the fight between the Alpha Pack and the Beacon Hills packs. The conversation inevitably devolved into the reminder that Ethan and Aiden were technically responsible for Vernon Boyd's death, but Aiden argued that it was Kali who made the call and he didn't have a choice. When Lydia pointed out that they were all Alphas, Aiden bitterly informed her that the pack wasn't as democratic as she would think, implying that Deucalion was at the top of the hierarchy and the twins were at the bottom.

Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles confronted Ethan in hopes that he would be more open to sharing information with them, since he seemed to be the most sympathetic one of the group. Scott assured him that he knew he didn't want to kill Boyd, and emphasized that he was sure that if something like that were to happen again, Ethan wouldn't do it. Ethan insisted that Scott didn't know what he and his brother owed Deucalion and the others, because they were Omegas when they first met him.

Ethan went on to explain that the two were Omegas running with a ruthless pack led by an even more savage Alpha when they met Deucalion, and that it was the Alpha of Alphas who taught them how to control their Merging power and allowed them to kill everyone in the pack, finishing their Alpha off last so they would become Alphas and could join the Alpha Pack. Scott asked if they killed their Emissary, too, and when Ethan confirmed that he did, he added that the only Emissary to survive was Marin Morrell, Deucalion's Emissary from his original pack who now provided guidance to the Alphas.

This led Scott to go see Morrell in the guidance counselor's office to try to get more information from her about what they could possibly do to defeat the threats they were facing-- the Alpha Pack and the Darach. Morrell snidely asked why Scott was wasting his time with her when he knew the clock was ticking when it came to the next person to be captured for the Darach's sacrifice. Scott, who had come to the conclusion that Morrell was the Darach due to the fact that they were looking for a Druid who had reason to hate the Alphas, insisted it was by her, leading Morrell to joke that he should leave the interrogation to Stilinski. When Scott once again asked if she was the one killing people, Morrell asked him if he was listened to her heartbeat before repeating that she was not killing people.

She then became honest with Scott, revealing that she was the only person who stood between Deucalion and Scott and the rest of his friends. Confused, Scott asked her why, and Morrell explained that Deucalion wanted a True Alpha in his pack and that he thought it was Scott, and that the Darach's human sacrifices wouldn't distract him from his goal. Scott insisted that he wasn't an Alpha, but Morrell just gave him a knowing look and stated that he was well on his way to being one, and they both knew it. Scott, getting frustrated, demanded to know what Deucalion was waiting for and what he wanted, and Morrell's tone of voice became serious when she replied, "He wants to make a killer out of you. That's what he does."

Scott assumed that if he killed someone, then he wouldn't be a True Alpha anymore, a theory that Morrell confirmed before stating that this was exactly her point. She went on to ask him if he wanted a psychologist's perspective and gave it to him before he could respond-- "He's an obsessive who both desires you and is threatened by you. If the obsessive can't have the object of his desire, he'll choose to destroy it instead." This brought Morrell to Deucalion's grand scheme: either Scott willingly became part of his pack as a True Alpha, or Deucalion would force him to kill and destroy his potential to become a True Alpha. Scott insisted that neither of these options were going to happen, but Morrell advised him not to be so confident, as he was playing Deucalion's game, and while Scott and his friends were scrambling to deal with events as they occurred, Deucalion was already thinking ten moves ahead and had checkmate in sight.

However, the Beacon Hills packs' attention was diverted away from the Alphas and toward the Darach when they realized that she was in the middle of killing her three "Philosopher" sacrifices, forcing them to reconvene at the high school, where the Darach was revealed to be Jennifer Blake when she took Lydia captive and planned to kill her for knowing too much. Lydia pleaded with Jennifer to stop, but Jennifer simply stated that she wished she could, but that Lydia didn't know Deucalion like she did. Just as Jennifer was about to slit Lydia's throat, Lydia let out a deafening scream that caused the Darach to realize that Lydia was a Banshee, also known as the Wailing Woman, a supernatural Harbinger of Death. Though Scott, Stiles, and Stilinski managed to distract her enough to rescue Lydia, she captured Stilinski to use as her final trio of "Guardian" sacrifices, believing that once she was finished with the ritual, she would have the power needed to defeat Deucalion.

In The Overlooked,

In Alpha Pact,

In Lunar Ellipse,

In The Sword and the Spirit, Deucalion has been captured by the Chimera Pack. Theo Raeken is surprised that it took so much out of them just to get one blind alpha then Deuc explains that he's been "recently reblinded". The healing of his eyes by a Dark Druid proved only temporary. Apparently, he is aware of The Beast of Gevaudan and why the chimeras came for him, they want him to show Theo how the steal the power of the beast. Deuc agrees to teach him but only if Theo delivers the eyes of Scott.

In Amplification, Deucalion is in Theo's lair hooked up to one of the Dread Doctors machines that keeps him weak, he's also being watched by Hayden Romero. He can tell that she's nervous, according to him, her heart rate was 110 beats per minute, he requests that she unshackles him so they both can be more at ease but she isn't going for it. He offers up information on Belasko's talons as a gesture of good will, he informs Hayden that the Dread Doctors created the talons with a specific frequency, for a specific person. If Theo puts on the talons, they'll kill him.

In Lie Ability, he is still locked up in Theo's Lair being guarded by Hayden. He speculates that she's either questioning where her loyalties lie or she's finally starting to understand her role. He begins to wonder why Theo left Hayden to guard him instead of Corey or Josh, its because Hayden is stronger, faster and more fearless than both. Deuc explains he's no friends to Theo and that he would keep Hayden's secret if she left to go and save her friends. He continues to encourage Hayden to go and help her friends because he believes that they have common ground and that one day they will be friends.
Before leaving Hayden injects him with knima venom. Some time later, Theo returns and he tells Deuc that he didn't find what he was looking for but he may have found something better.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, he listens as Theo, Josh and Tracy argue over the mask. Deuc explains that Josh has to be the one to wear the mask because its based in electromagnetism. He further explains that the mask is a product of genius and madness, "two traits too often found in the same mind". According to him, The Surgeon created the first mask. After watching Tracy hand Theo the Belasko's talons, he tells them that they are useless and that he's surprised Hayden didn't make Theo aware of this.

He continues to talk which only further annoys Theo, he asks Tracy how powerless was she before becoming a Chimera? In his experience, its the once powerless that's always so eager to demonstrated new power. He then stands up and rips the tube of his arm, he's been a willing prisoner the entire time, Deuc rushes Theo and breaks his arm, he reveals that the secret to stealing power to pain "take their pain, take their life, take their power", this is how you find the spark of power. He listens as Scott forms a temporary alliance with Theo, he tells Theo and Tracy that that they'll need Scott in order to get Mason's trust and that Theo can only steal its power when in wolf form.

In Apotheosis, Deucalion enters the lair and watches as Theo kills Tracy and then take her power. As he and Theo walk through the tunnels, they begin to hear The Argent's sound emitters, he then explains to Theo that he must remain at full capacity. After hearing this, Theo grabs a circuit box and shocks Deuc with the electricity he drained from it, he falls to the ground and says "You known Theo, some day your willingness to stab anyone and everyone in the back might turn out to be your downfall". A few moments later, Deucalion, Scott and Liam approach Theo as he lays on the ground, he admits to lying to Theo and that he's been working with Scott. He then reveals that he's been faking his blindness and that Theo would've been able to take the power of The Beast if he had Belasko's talons and then he snaps Theo's neck.
As they prepare to search for Lydia and save Mason, he is shot by Gerard Argent, he falls against the wall and begins to bleed.

Personality Edit

Deucalion was once a "man of vision" who had so much faith in the humanity of all beings (humans and Werewolves alike) that it made him somewhat naive, to the point where he underestimated the deceptive nature of mankind. Deucalion initially saw a better future and peace between the Hunters and Werewolves, but after being blinded by veteran Hunter Gerard Argent, he became disillusioned and cynical, the trauma changing his personality for the worse. This cynical and jaded outlook on life only became even more severe after his Beta Marco attempted to kill him, and after he was forced to defend himself by killing Marco, he learned that he could steal the power of his Betas and become stronger and more powerful himself.

The rush of power he got from killing Marco corrupted Deucalion, who quickly became more and more obsessed with obtaining more power as he killed the rest of his Betas. Once his pack had been slaughtered, he set his sights on creating a new Alpha Pack to gain even more power by recruiting Alphas such as himself to join him, though he required them to kill their own Betas and Emissary as the price of admission. As his hunger for power grew more and more extreme, he became fixated on creating the perfect Alpha Pack by recruiting more Alphas, particularly those who had unique powers or lineage; for example, he was drawn to Ethan and Aiden, twin Werewolves who could merge to form an extremely powerful and extra-large Werewolf, Derek Hale, the son of the renowned and respected Talia Hale, and Scott McCall, an exceptionally rare True Alpha who gained his power through his own strength of will, virtue, and dedication to maintaining his humanity, a type of Alpha who only appears once a century at most.

Unlike his original self, who cared deeply for his pack and his fellow Werewolves in general to the point where he wanted to call a truce to ensure that no one else had to die in the war with Hunters, this corrupted version of Deucalion cared little about human or supernatural lives. He even went so far as to kill his own packmate Ennis in order to manipulate Kali into believing he died from the wounds sustained from his battle with Derek, thus motivating her to put pressure on Derek to join them the Alpha Pack, as Derek's membership would make it easier for him to recruit Scott, the True Alpha he coveted.

However, once Deucalion's sight was restored after Derek tricked Jennifer Blake into healing him, he witnessed Scott's ascension to True Alpha status, which seemed to help shock him back into his original personality. He seemed especially touched when Derek and Scott let Deucalion live, reminding him that Talia Hale once said he was a man of vision and that they hoped he could be that man again. His return to his true self was first hinted when he hired the famed mercenary Braeden to rescue Derek from the Calaveras after he was captured in Mexico, and it was later confirmed that he had joined the side of good when he teamed up with Scott to help him defeat both Theo Raeken and the Beast of Gevaudan.

Though Deucalion has proved himself to be an ally to the McCall Pack, he still retained some of his more manipulative tendencies, which were evidenced when he tricked Theo into believing that Belasko's talons wouldn't help him steal the Beast's power and when he attempted to manipulate Hayden Romero, Tracy Stewart, Josh Diaz, and Corey into turning against Theo, a feat that was successful for all except for Tracy; he also went on to teach Theo how to kill and steal the powers of other beings and stood by and watched as Theo killed Tracy and Josh for their respective powers afterward.

Physical Appearance Edit

Deucalion is a handsome, tall, and lean middle-aged man with blue eyes and sandy blond hair. When he was blind, his eyes were cloudy with a red ring around his iris due to the damage from the flash-bang arrowheads. He typically dresses in a casual, comfortable fashion, preferring button-up shirts and sweaters in neutral colors paired with jeans or slacks in black, navy, or khaki.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Deucalion possesses all the standard powers and abilities of an Alpha Werewolf, which have been augmented to an extremely high degree as a result of him having absorbed the power from all of his former Betas. These powers include immensely heightened supernatural strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability, and senses, as well as accelerated healing and pain absorption.

As an Alpha Werewolf, he is not only able to shapeshift his features into a more lupine shape by making his eyes glow bright red, his fingernails and teeth extend into claws and fangs, his sideburns to grow into thick mutton chops, his ears to grow and become pointed and his brow to become ridged, but he possesses an advanced level of shapeshifting that allows him to take a more monstrous bestial wolf form. In his Alpha form, his skin turns dark blue-black, his muscle definition becomes more pronounced, and his face and brow become even more ridged than most werecreatures.

This advanced level of shapeshifting combined with his decades of experience as a Werewolf has given him an intense level of mastery over his body, allowing him to fool Theo Raeken into believing that he was still blind and presumably allowing him to inhibit his scent like the Werewolves in Satomi Ito's pack, as Scott McCall was unable to identify him as a Werewolf by scent when they first met. Due to his Alpha status, he can also use his Alpha roar to force Beta and Omega shapeshifters to transform or to retreat, and can inflict wounds on them that take much longer to heal than normal wounds do. He can also presumably still turn humans into werecreatures through a bite or a very deep scratch, though this process can also cause the human to die in some cases.

Deucalion has also been shown to be exceptionally skilled at using the Werewolf mind manipulation ritual by piercing the back of a person's neck with his claws, a ritual that is typically only performed by Alphas due to how dangerous it can be to the target. Not only can he view the memories of the person upon whom he's performing the ritual, but he can also steal, suppress, and modify memories to keep his true motives hidden from others. This was proven when he not only suppressed Isaac Lahey's memories of being captured at First National Bank, but he also implanted a false memory of himself having a conversation with the other Alphas that involved Deucalion saying they planned to kill Vernon Boyd and Erica Reyes on the next full moon; in reality, Erica was already dead, and Deucalion intended to lure Derek Hale (and possibly Scott McCall) to the bank to force them to kill Boyd and Cora Hale.

He is so powerful that Jennifer attempted to sacrifice fifteen innocent humans with various traits in order to ensure she had the necessary power to defeat him. It is worth noting that even with the powers of the twelve humans Jennifer managed to sacrifice before their battle(three each of virgins, warriors, healers, and philosophers), and having a single living guardian (Derek Hale) at her side, Jennifer would not have been able to defeat Deucalion without the lunar eclipse nullifying his powers for several minutes. He is also one of the few beings who knows how to steal the powers of other supernatural creatures while killing them, a skill he taught Theo Raeken.

Weaknesses Edit

Deucalion possess all the standard weaknesses associated with Werewolves, which include but are not limited to vulnerabilities to Wolfsbane, Mountain Ash, and electricity. Like all werecreatures, Deucalion's powers are influenced by the lunar cycles, making him more vicious and susceptible to loss of control on the full moon and supermoons, though the fact that he has been a Werewolf all of his life and is at least fifty years old means he has enough experience to maintain control over his lycanthropy under most circumstances. As a werecreature, Deucalion is also vulnerable to the lunar eclipse, as evidenced in the episode Lunar Ellipse, when the fifteen minute period where the moon was in the Earth's umbral shadow caused him to lose his powers for the duration, making him as weak as a normal human and preventing him from using his strength, accelerated healing, and shapeshifting abilities in addition to his other powers. However, as soon as the eclipse was over, his powers returned.

Equipment Edit

  • Sunglasses
  • Cane: A white, foldable cane for blind people which has a red tip and a removable cap on the end that conceals a razor-sharp, diamond-shaped blade inside.

Etymology Edit

  • Deucalion: According to folk etymology, the name "Deucalion" comes from the Greek δεύκος (deukos), a variant of γλεύκος (gleucos), meaning "sweet new wine," "must," or "sweetness," and aλιεύς (haliéus), meaning "sailor, seaman, fisher." In Greek mythology, Deucalion was the son of the Titan Prometheus, the primordial god of forethought, the creator of mankind, and humanity's greatest benefactor after he stole fire from Mount Olympus and gifted it to mankind. His mother was believed to either be Clymene, Hesione, or Pronoia. Deucalion is closely associated with the Flood myth, in which Zeus was so angered by the hubris of the Pelasgians, specifically Lycaon (who, in Teen Wolf, is thought to be the progenitor of the Werewolf species), the king of Arcadia who sacrificed one of his sons to Zeus. Zeus was so appalled by Lycaon's actions that he unleashed a deluge that put an end to the Bronze Age and washed away the life from earth. Deucalion was saved by the flood, along with his wife, Pyrrha, by his father Prometheus, whose gift of forethought allowed him to warn them in time for Deucalion to build a chest that ultimately helped them survive. This makes Deucalion the Greek equivalent to the character Noah from the Bible.

Trivia Edit

  • Deucalion was the first known Werewolf to discover the "ability" to take another creature's power/spark.
  • In The Overlooked, when Deucalion was on the roof with Melissa, a goof can be noted: Gideon Emery was not wearing the contact lenses used to make his eyes look blinded and injured, and when the lightning struck nearby, the flash illuminated his face and showed his natural eyes behind the sunglasses he was wearing.
  • It is unknown how Deucalion was able to fake being blind again to trick Theo Raeken and the Chimera Pack. It is possible that he has such control over his body that he was able to temporarily shapeshift his eyes back to their blinded appearance, or he could have mildly injured his eyes and prevented himself from healing them in a similar way to what Peter Hale did in Season 1 with his burns from the Hale House Fire.
  • Because Satomi Ito is dead and Garrett Douglas became a Ghost Rider, Deucalion is the oldest known Alpha Werewolf in the world.

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