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"What is this thing?"
"The product of genius and madness-- two traits too often found in the same mind. The man who created the first was known only as The Surgeon. Using practices in the farthest edges of pseudoscience, he harnessed electromagnetic fields in the masks, infusing them with a unique and deadly power."
Josh Diaz and Deucalion about the Dread Doctor Masks in The Beast of Beacon Hills

Dread Doctor Masks are helmet-like masks made of thick metal and leather straps which were made in the steampunk style. These masks possess unnatural abilities that can be accessed through harnessing electromagnetic fields and frequencies. These masks were used by the Dread Doctors in order to detect supernatural and unnatural creatures, and can even be used to see memories from the past. At some point prior to 2012, Gabriel Valack obtained a fourth mask, which he forcefully put on Nurse Cross at Eichen House. ("The Sword and the Spirit") After it killed the corrupt nurse, Valack intended to have the Banshee Lydia Martin (who had just undergone an involuntary trephination procedure) wear in order to use it to learn the identity of the newly resurrected Beast of Gevaudan's Chimera vessel. However, Lydia defended herself with her Banshee scream before Valack could put it on her, shattering Valack's skull in the process. ("Lie Ability")

The mask was then stolen by Theo Raeken, who wanted to use the mask for the same reason as Valack. When Deucalion explained to him that the mask would kill anyone who didn't possess the power to manipulate electromagnetic forces, Theo killed a fellow Chimera and member of the Chimera Pack, Josh Diaz, and stole his power so that he could wear the mask himself. The mask then showed him a memory of the original Beast, Sebastien Valet, being killed by his own sister Marie-Jeanne using her specially-forged pike. ("The Beast of Beacon Hills")


  • The masks seem to be able to bestow various powers on the wearers, though they are such powerful unnatural objects that it typically kills their wearer unless they already possess similar powers, such as the Dread Doctors, who already possessed electromagnetokinesis and were thus unaffected by the masks.
    • However, the masks seem to cause immense pain when worn, even in those who possess compatible powers.
  • According to Deucalion, The Surgeon, the leader of the Dread Doctors, was said to have created the first mask. It was also implied that he made the others as well.
  • According to Valack, the mask allows the wearer to see and hear things that no one else can perceive, bestowing upon them a form of extra-sensory perception.


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