Kira: This is beyond depressing. He was just trying to help her. Why would she go after him?"
Lydia: "I guess she wasn't in control of herself."
Kira: "But it wasn't even a full moon."
Lydia: "Maybe a Werewolf with night terrors is worse than a... You know, there are cases of people who accidentally murdered their entire family while in a night terror. They had no idea what they were doing. It's called "homicidal somnambulism."
Kira: "So, if Tracy's killing people she doesn't really want to kill, she might not actually be awake."
Lydia: "She's still in a night terror."
Kira Yukimura and Lydia Martin about Tracy Stewart and her father Mr. Stewart

Dreamcatchers is the third episode of Season 5 and the sixty-third episode of Teen Wolf.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Scott tracks a new shapeshifter that's threatening Stilinski, and Malia receives information about her mother.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Tracy goes on a killing spree, brutally murdering her father and her psychiatrist. Liam, Mason and Brett discover that Tracy was buried alive in the woods and dug her way out. Lydia and Kira figure out that Tracy is still trapped in a night terror and thinks that she's still asleep. The next morning, the McCall Pack meet in the school bus bay to discuss how they will deal with both helping Tracy and preventing her from harming anyone else; this group includes Mason Hewitt, who was informed of the existence of the supernatural world the night before by Liam and who is awestruck by the sight of the pack in action.

After Tracy appears at the high school and hurts Hayden Romero (who is shocked by disbelief when the claw wounds on her wrist heal in seconds) before falling unconscious, Scott, Stiles and Malia bring Tracy to Deaton at the veterinary clinic, where Tracy grows a tail and is revealed to be a Kanima. She paralyzes Scott, Stiles, Deaton and Malia and escapes, breaking through a barrier of mountain ash with ease. Tracy then goes after Lydia's mother at the Sheriff's station; during the resulting fight, Kira inadvertently unleashes her Kitsune powers and manages to cut off Tracy's tail, but not before Tracy uses it to badly wound Lydia. Malia arrives and manages to subdue Tracy, but the Doctors immediately appear and kill Tracy in front of her.

Meanwhile, Liam and Mason seek out Brett Talbot to see if his Alpha, Satomi Ito, happened to have bitten and turned Tracy, but Brett insists that their pack is no longer recruiting after the events of the Deadpool. The three then set off for the nature preserve in hopes of finding a necklace belonging to Tracy that he found in the hole he had fallen into several nights prior. However, though they do not find the necklace, they do find a second hole and realize that the new shapeshifters have been buried alive and forced to dig themselves out.

Cast[edit | edit source]

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Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • Tracy Stewart becomes the second Chimera killed by the Dread Doctors after being declared a "failure" in this episode. The first was Belasko in Creatures of the Night.
    • She also demonstrates that Chimeras are immune to the effects of Mountain Ash when she is able to run over a barrier of it around the exam room in the animal clinic. This fact will be very important throughout the rest of Season 5.
    • Likewise, another important discovery is that Tracy has an allogeneic skin graft (a skin graft from an outside donor of the same species), which will play a role in the discovery of more Chimeras throughout the season.
  • The Desert Wolf is mentioned by Stiles, Scott, and Malia. She was last mentioned in Smoke and Mirrors.
  • Kira reveals her new Kitsune aura for the first time in this episode since she got her first tail in Smoke and Mirrors. The last time her aura was seen was in Illuminated.
  • Mr. Stewart referenced Donovan Donati's breaking and entering charge from Creatures of the Night when he informed him that the defense attorney is pushing for three to five years and that he is attempting to get him out in two years.
  • It is revealed that Donovan is also among the Dread Doctors' new Chimeras when they experiment on him by injecting modified mercury into his ear after he flees the scene of Mr. Stewart's murder, which will play a role in the rest of the season.
  • Tracy echoes Mr. Stewarts words to her from Parasomnia ("Don't worry, I'll never let anything happen to you") when she kills him during a combination of a night terror and a hallucination from reading The Dread Doctors novel by Gabriel Valack, though the latter will not be confirmed until Condition Terminal.
  • Mason Hewitt is introduced into the McCall Pack after learning about the supernatural from Liam Dunbar in Parasomnia.
  • Stiles references the fact that the McCall Pack members have been monitoring his emotional state using chemosignals, which was first implied by Malia in Creatures of the Night.
    • In the same conversation, he reveals that Braeden (and presumably Derek) have been tracking the Desert Wolf since the events of Smoke and Mirrors and sending Stiles updates on their progress, including crime scene photos of her assassinations. The Desert Wolf was first mentioned in Time of Death.
  • Malia continues her driving lessons in this episode, this time with Kira and Lydia, after it was shown that she had started to learn at school in Parasomnia.
  • Stiles reminds Scott of the fact that some werewolves can inhibit their scent, which was first revealed by Derek in Orphaned.
  • Scott receives a score of 86% on his AP Bio entrance exam, which was first mentioned in Parasomnia when Mrs. Finch explained that she wanted to see what kind of knowledge base they were working with in the students.
  • Hayden Romero demonstrated an accelerated healing ability in this episode after Tracy clawed her wrist up while Scott, Liam, and Ken tried to help her. This is the first hint that Hayden may be a Chimera, which will not be revealed until Required Reading, and which won't be confirmed until Strange Frequencies.
    • It's possible that Tracy was drawn to the sophomore-level history class (despite actually being a senior herself) because she was drawn to Hayden as a fellow Chimera, similar to how she was drawn to where Donovan was riding with her father in the prison transport van.
  • Liam discovers that Tracy must have been buried in the woods after he sees the necklace Tracy is wearing in her yearbook photo is the same necklace he found in the hole he fell into in the woods in Parasomnia. As a result of this discovery, Liam, Mason, and Brett discover that the Chimeras are being buried alive as part of their transformation process.
  • Satomi Ito was mentioned in this episode. She was last seen in Monstrous.
  • Brett Talbot appeared in this episode. He was also last seen in Monstrous.
  • Stiles references the fact that Scott broke through a Mountain Ash barrier in Lunar Ellipse. Scott remarks that the effort almost killed him, though there was no evidence that this occurred in that episode.

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Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

  • "Set It Off" by Life In Film
    • Lydia and Kira are giving Malia a driving lesson in her new Toyota Camry.
  • "Ilium" by Alex Metric & Mark Yardley
    • Mason and Liam watch as Brett practices lacrosse on the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse field.
  • "Take It All" by Ruelle
    • Malia recovers from her Kanima-venom-induced paralysis and leaves the animal clinic to go find Tracy. Scott pleads with her to save Tracy and not kill her.

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