"There was a suicide, huh?"
"Is it a Monday? There's a much higher rate of suicide on Mondays. [...] I heard it, by the way. It happened in the stairwell, right?"
"Yeah. How'd you know that?"
"I heard the echo."
"What do you mean?"
"It's this place-- something about the way that it was built. Everything echoes. That's why they call it "Echo House."

Echo House is the twentieth episode of Season 3 and the forty-fourth episode of Teen Wolf.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Stiles checks into Eichen House for the safety of his loved ones. Scott and the pack work to find a mystical artifact in hopes of expelling the Nogitsune from Stiles' body. *

(* There is no official synopsis released by MTV, so this summary is written by TWP Wiki contributors)

Plot[edit | edit source]

Stiles checks himself into Eichen House, a mental health facility. Chris Argent and Deaton are working together to find a special scroll that could reveal a way to exorcise the Nogitsune from Stiles' body. While in Eichen House, Stiles encounters Malia Tate, the Werecoyote he and Scott saved who isn't pleased to see him again. After group therapy, Stiles is told by Ms. Morrell that he must stay awake before she gives him amphetamines to help him in this task, explaining that vessels are weaker when they are asleep; however, she warns him that if his pack can't find a way to save him, she will use pancuronium bromide to kill him and save Beacon Hills from the Nogitsune's reign of terror.

Stiles enlists Malia in a plan to access the basement. After being put in the "quiet room," Stiles is saved by Malia, and the two head to the basement together, where they share a passionate encounter. Soon after, Malia realizes that the wall with the kanji carved into it is hollow, and the Nogitsune's deceased former vessel lies behind it. The Nogitsune gives Stiles an ultimatum; allow it in or watch Malia die via trephination= with Stiles ultimately deciding to let the Nogitsune take control once again now that the letharia vulpina has left his system. After Scott, Allison, Kira, Lydia, and the twins obtain the scroll from Katashi's belongings, Deaton reads the scroll and informs them that the Nogitsune's host body needs to change its form in order to exorcise the Fox spirit, suggesting that giving Stiles the Bite and turning him into a Werewolf may be the only one to save him.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Supporting Cast[edit | edit source]

Guest Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Nichole Bloom as Rinko
  • Robin Johnson as Mary (as Robin Kiah Johnson)
  • Pamela Wistrom as Asylum Patient

Continuity[edit | edit source]

  • Stiles checks himself into Eichen House with Sheriff Stilinski's blessing. Eichen House was first mentioned in Riddled.
  • Marin Morrell appears in this episode. She was last seen in Alpha Pact.
    • She also repeats the same phrase she said to Deucalion in that episode-- that her duty is to maintain the balance of Nature.
  • Malia Tate appears in this episode. She was last seen in More Bad Than Good, and has apparently been in Eichen House ever since to help deal with having lived in the woods as a coyote for the last eight years.
  • Kincaid appears in this episode. He was first introduced and last seen in Silverfinger.
  • Araya Calavera appears in this episode. She was last seen in More Bad Than Good, and apparently has history with Chris Argent.
    • Araya mentions that the Argent family is very complicated. Chris believes she is talking about Allison, since she is, to his knowledge, his only surviving family aside from Gerard, but it will later be revealed in The Dark Moon that she was actually talking about Kate Argent.
  • Chris and Derek are still in jail after being framed for Katashi's murder. They were first arrested in Letharia Vulpina.
  • This episode marks the first mention of Berserkers, a supernatural species that will be important in Season 4.
  • This episode also marks the second time Nogitsune flies are used to control someone, as Oliver accidentally swallowed one in this episode and was controlled by the Nogitsune to help him force Stiles to let him back into control of his body.
    • The first person to be controlled by the flies was William Barrow, who was infected by them at some point prior to the events in Galvanize.
  • Stiles is shown to have a Lichtenberg figure on his back and neck, a phenomenon that usually occurs in lightning strike victims. Marin states that the fact that they appeared after he was injected with letharia vulpina in the previous episode is both significant and strange, suggesting that the Nogitsune within him healed Stiles' electrocution injuries, but that now that the Nogitsune is weakened, the Lichtenberg figure reappeared until he regained control.
  • Scott, Allison, Lydia, Kira, Aiden, and Ethan work together to break into the armored police vehicle that was taking all of the evidence in Katashi's murder into federal lockup. Though they were initially intending to only steal the Shugendo scroll from Katashi's silver prosthetic finger, they apparently also steal the briefcase that contains the $150,000 in cash that Katashi intended to use to buy Argent's gun. This theft of the money is referenced by Araya in The Dark Moon.
  • Malia references the fact that she accidentally killed her mother and sister on her first full moon as a Werecoyote in this episode. This was first discovered to be the case in More Bad Than Good.
  • Stiles and Malia find what looks like the bandaged body of the Nogitsune behind a wall with the jiko kanji for "self" carved into it at Eichen House. The Nogitsune was first seen in this form in Riddled.
  • Jackson Whittemore was mentioned in this episode, as well as his stint as a Kanima in Season 2. Jackson was last seen in Master Plan.
  • Victoria Argent was mentioned by Chris and Araya in this episode. She was last seen in hallucination-memories in Lunar Ellipse, and last seen alive in Party Guessed.
  • Stiles and Malia learn that ice baths, trephination, and electroconvulsive therapy were all practiced at Eichen House. Ice baths have previously been shown used by Alan Deaton with Isaac in Chaos Rising and Scott, Allison, and Stiles in Alpha Pact. Trephination will become a significant part of the story in Season 5.
  • Deaton translates the Japanese writing on the Shugendo scroll and determines that one of the ways to expel the Nogitsune from Stiles is to change his body. Scott takes this to mean giving Stiles the Bite and turning him into a Werewolf.
    • This demonstrates that Deaton has at least a working knowledge of Gaelic (first revealed in Unleashed), American Sign Language (first revealed in Anchors) and Japanese.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The title refers to Eichen House, which, according to Oliver, is referred to as "Echo House" due to the fact that the way the building was built meant that every sound echoes through it.
  • There is another riddle said by an Eichen House patient who hung himself in front of Stiles this episode-- "I'm part of the bird that's not in the sky. I can swim in the ocean and still remain dry. What am I?" The answer is "its shadow," much like the riddle told to Stiles in Riddled.

Body Count[edit | edit source]

  • Eichen House Patient - suicide/hanging; killed by himself (possibly influenced by Nogitsune)

Locations[edit | edit source]

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

  • "No One's Here To Sleep" by Naughty Boy ft. Bastille
    • Stiles walks into the men's restroom to take his pills and finds Malia showering there.
  • "Hustler" by Conway
    • Kira shows off her newly-learned sword-fighting skills.
  • "Feel Real" by Deptford Goth
    • Stiles and Malia make out on the downstairs couch in Eichen House.
  • "Shout" by Ida Redig
    • Malia leaves Eichen House to find Scott after Ms. Morrell tells her where to go.

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