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Noshiko: "Coup de foudre. The literal translation is 'a bolt of lightning.' In French, it can also mean 'love at first sight.' But a bolt of lightning happens to be exactly what we need right now."
Kira: "For what?"
Noshiko: "Exorcising the Nogitsune from Rhys' body shattered the katana. But you can put it back together."
Kira: "Why don't you just do it yourself?"
Noshiko: "Because I'm not a Thunder Kitsune."
Noshiko Yukimura and Kira Yukimura about Kira's power of Electrokinesis in The Fox and the Wolf

Electrokinesis is the supernatural power to absorb, manipulate, control, or generate electricity. It is very similar to Electromagnetokinesis, but while the latter deals with magnetic forces as well as electricity, Electrokinesis is solely focused on the power of electricity. All Kitsune possess a passive immunity to electric currents but only a Thunder Kitsune can generate, absorb or manipulate it as an offensive or defensive purposes through use of their electricity-based foxfire, though Celestial Kitsune also seem to be able to generate a light-based electrical spark as well.

Notable Uses of Electrokinesis

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