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Don't you realize who you're dealing with? I'm an Alpha!
Ennis introducing himself to Scott McCall in Tattoo

Ennis was an antagonist and a supporting character in Season 3 of Teen Wolf. Just like fellow Alpha Kali, he was first introduced as a nurse who seemed intent on capturing Isaac Lahey from Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. However, when Scott McCall caught him trying to take an anesthetized Isaac out of the building in a wheelchair, the two engaged in a fight in the hospital's elevator that revealed that Ennis was, in fact, an Alpha Werewolf. Later, he was shown fighting against Braeden with the rest of the Alpha Pack, led by Deucalion.

He spent the first part of the season working with his pack to manipulate Derek Hale into joining the Alpha Pack, which culminated in a battle at an abandoned mall that resulted in both Ennis and Derek being seriously injured after falling three stories and landing on an escalator. Ennis was brought to Alan Deaton's animal clinic by Kali, Ethan, Aiden, and the pack's Emissary, Marin Morrell, to seek the veterinarian's help in healing him. Despite Ennis' grave condition, Deaton was able to save his life, but it ended up making no difference; Deucalion, seeing an opportunity to manipulate the rest of the pack—namely, Kali—into forcing Derek's hand with regards to joining the pack, smashed Ennis' skull with his bare hand. Just as Deucalion intended, Kali, Ethan, and Aiden, believing that Ennis died from wounds inflicted by Derek and Scott, became intent on avenging him.

Marin, having had enough of Deucalion's reign of terror, revealed to Kali and the twins that Deucalion was the true responsible for Ennis' death and Derek and Scott had nothing to do with it but although Deucalion did his best efforts to remain calm and considered all of her claims as lies, it was this revelation that led Ethan and Aiden to reject their Alpha and side with the McCall Pack.

Early life[]

Not much is known about Ennis' early life, such as when he was born, where he was from, or whether he's a born Werewolf or a bitten one. However, it can be assumed that he killed an Alpha and became one himself at some point in his life before building his own pack.

In the early 2000s, he and his pack attended a summit in Beacon Hills with Talia Hale and the Hale Pack, Deucalion and his original pack, and Kali and her original pack. At some point at the beginning of the summit, one of Ennis' Betas was shot in the throat with an arrow by Argent Hunters before being tortured through removal of his claws and killed by being cut in half.

When the Alphas and their packs convened at the abandoned distillery, Ennis announced his Beta's death and urged the other packs to assist him in retaliation; however, since it had nothing to do with her pack, Kali had no interest in being involved, and though Talia agreed that it was Ennis' right to get revenge for the loss of his Beta (which was seconded by her daughter Laura, who argued that Hunters don't discern between packs and that they were all at risk from the Argents), Deucalion argued against further bloodshed, insisting that it wouldn't end at "an eye for an eye." Despite Deucalion's argument, Ennis made it clear he was intent on revenge by carving a spiral into the corrugated metal wall of the distillery with his claws.

The next day, Ennis showed up at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to try to retrieve his Beta's body from the morgue, but then-Deputy Noah Stilinski stopped him, reminding him that the Sheriff's department's investigation into how he died was still in progress, and that, even if they had closed the case, Ennis wasn't his biological family and thus had no claim to his remains. Though Ennis was angered by this reaction and physically threatened Stilinski, he didn't fight back out of fear of exposing his supernatural identity.

Some time later, Talia's brother, Peter, convinced Talia's son Derek that the best way to ensure that his girlfriend Paige Krasikeva wouldn't leave him upon learning that he was a Werewolf was to turn her into one as well, making her strong and healthy and giving her a longer lifespan. Knowing that Talia would never do it and wanting to take advantage of the large number of Alphas currently in Beacon Hills, Peter recruited Ennis to give Paige the Bite, as he knew Ennis needed to fill the hole in his pack caused by his Beta's death. However, though Derek changed his mind at the last moment and tried to intervene, Ennis easily overpowered him and showed him it was too late—he had already attacked and bitten Paige. Paige ultimately rejected Ennis' bite, which meant that Ennis was still short a pack member.

After Deucalion's attempt to forge a truce with Gerard Argent ended in a massacre that killed several of his Betas and left him blind, another one of his Betas, Marco, attempted to challenge him for his Alpha status. Unfortunately for him, Deucalion was able to kill him, causing him to learn that an Alpha can steal the powers of his Betas, making him stronger and more powerful in the process. After Deucalion, corrupted by the power rush he received, killed the rest of his Betas to steal their power, he invited Kali and Ennis to join him, with Ennis becoming the first to join the newly formed Alpha Pack by killing his own Betas and Emissary. ("Currents")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

Season 3A[]

In Tattoo, Ennis, disguised as a employee at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, pushed an unconscious Isaac Lahey on a gurney out of the operating room before then putting him in a wheelchair. However, when he pushed Isaac into an elevator to leave, he was caught by Scott McCall, who sensed that he was a Werewolf and saw his claws poking out of his gloves. Scott partially-shifted with his claws, fangs, and gold Werewolf eyes and rushed into the elevator to fight him, barely making it through the doors as they closed. They both then fully-shifted into their Werewolf forms and began to fight, which revealed to Scott that Ennis was an Alpha upon seeing his blood-red eyes. Ennis quickly overpowered him and held him in a choke-hold as he growled, "Don't you realize who you're dealing with? I'm an Alpha!" Fortunately for Scott, Derek Hale appeared just in the nick of time and impaled Ennis in the back with his claws, retorting, "So am I" before throwing him out of the elevator and far down the hallway.

Ennis was not seen again until the end of the episode, when he, Deucalion, Kali, and the twins flooded into the boys' locker room at Beacon Hills High School, where they attacked Braeden on Deucalion's orders. Despite Braeden being a human, her fighting prowess was still strong enough to hold her own against Ennis, and had it not been for a well-timed spinning kick to Braeden's face by Kali, slicing her with her tow-claws, she would have defeated him. Ennis then watched as Braeden informed Deucalion that she knew he feared Scott due to what he would become (a True Alpha) before he responded by clawing out Braeden's throat.

In Unleashed, Ennis, Kali and Deucalion broke into Derek's loft as part of Deucalion's plan to manipulate Derek into joining the Alpha Pack. Ennis opened the sliding door to the loft and was immediately targeted by an enraged Cora, though Ennis was able to easily stop her in mid-lunge and pin her to the floor by her throat. He then looked up at Derek with a grin and asked him if he was ready for a rematch, referencing their earlier fight in Tattoo. After Kali defeated Derek by impaling him in the chest with a lead pipe, Deucalion came in and began his pitch to get Derek to join their pack by insisting that both Kali and Ennis killed their own Betas and Emissaries in order to do the same. When it became clear that Derek would not humor them while Cora was in danger, Deucalion instructed Ennis to let her go as a sign of good faith. Ennis then left with Kali and Deucalion several hours later with the ultimatum that if Derek didn't kill his own pack and join them, they would come back and kill them all.

In Frayed, Ennis, along with Kali, Ethan and Aiden, accompanied Deucalion to an abandoned mall where he was planning to have a diplomatic discussion with Scott McCall and Isaac Lahey. However, when it became clear that Derek Hale, Cora Hale, and Vernon Boyd had come to ambush the Alpha Pack without their knowing, Ennis and the others came out of the shadows and began to fight them all. Ennis went after Scott and Isaac, breaking Isaac's arm before throwing Scott so hard against the stone wall that it broke a huge piece off of it. He then dragged the two young Betas to the center of the room, where Boyd and Cora had also been defeated, to await further orders from Deucalion. Deucalion then ordered Derek to choose between killing Boyd or killing Cora, insisting that he would be killing one of his packmates and stealing their power as part of his initiation into the Alpha Pack.

Fortunately for the Beacon Hills Werewolves, Allison Argent arrived and began shooting flash-bang arrows at the pack, temporarily blinding Ennis with the mini-explosions as Deucalion shouted at them to cover their eyes. With the Alphas disoriented, the Beacon Hills Werewolves were able to get the badly-injured Boyd out of the line of fire before they engaged in battle once again. Derek went straight after Ennis, with the two fighting on even grounds for quite a while as they unintentionally moved closer and closer to a large hole in the floor. Scott, afraid that Derek would be overpowered, crawled across the floor toward them and used his claws to slice Ennis' Achilles tendon. This severe injury caused Ennis to become so unbalanced that he toppled over the end of the hole in the floor and pulled Derek down with him, causing both of them to fall three stories before landing on the escalator below them.

Both were initially believed to have been killed in the fall by dead by the young Beacon Hills wolves, but both Derek and Ennis ultimately survived it, though with critical injuries. Ennis was rescued by Kali and Aiden, who, accompanied by their Emissary Marin Morrell, took him to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to demand that Alan Deaton heal him. Though Deaton was reluctant to help the Alpha Pack, Deaton ultimately did as he was asked after his sister, Marin, reminded him that if Ennis died, the Alphas would go after the rest of the teens (particularly Deaton's protégée Scott) even harder, and neither Derek nor Scott would be safe from him.

Despite Deaton's reluctance in helping them, he was successful in stabilizing Ennis' condition. However, in the end, it did not matter, as Deucalion, sensing Kali's lack of enthusiasm in their mission to recruit Derek (due to her belief that he was only a leader to a pack of pathetic teenagers), killed Ennis by smashing his skull with his hand in order to give her incentive to go after him by blaming his death on the injuries Derek caused. Kali was so devastated by Ennis' death that she went out into the parking lot and roared so loudly that the vibrations from her voice triggered the alarms in every car parked around her.

In Motel California, Ennis was mentioned by Ethan when he informed Scott that, since, from what they knew, Derek had killed Ennis, the former was now given an ultimatum with two choices-- he would either kill his Betas and join the Alpha Pack as an Augmented Alpha, or Kali would kill him herself.

In Currents, when Kali came to Derek's loft to fight him as warned by the Alpha Pack symbol she painted on his windows, she revealed that when he "killed" Ennis, she was so furious that she wanted to just go for it and kill him right where he stood in retribution. Despite this anger toward him for what she believed to be Derek's murder of the man she loved, Kali still gave him the choice of killing his Betas and joining them or else she would kill the entire pack. Despite this ultimatum, Kali became so furious after Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, and Cora Hale turned the electricity back on in the water-flooded apartment and electrocuted her, Derek, and Boyd, she forced Derek to kill Boyd by having Ethan and Aiden jam Derek's claws into Boyd's chest as she lifted him up. Since the electricity had severely weakened Boyd, his accelerated healing ability was disabled and he died from his wounds, with Derek involuntarily stealing his Beta's power as the Alpha Pack intended.

In Visionary, Ennis appeared in flashbacks to the early 2000s, before the creation of the Alpha Pack, where he and his original pack attended the Werewolf summit hosted by Talia Hale and the Hale Pack that included Deucalion, Kali, and their original packs as well. During this time, one of his Betas killed two Argent Hunters, though whether it was intentional or an accident caused by losing control over his transformation remains a mystery; regardless, this caused the Argents to retaliate by shooting him in the throat with an arrow, bringing him to the abandoned distillery, torturing him by pulling out his claws one by one, and finally cutting him in half with a broadsword to kill him.

Ennis, both furious and devastated by the loss of his Beta, informed the Werewolves at the summit about what had happened and urged them to help him get retribution on the Hunters for what they had done. This request received mixed reactions: Kali claimed to see no reason why she should concern herself with the death of a wolf who wasn't even in her pack; Laura Hale argued that since Hunters don't discern between packs, it was a threat to all of them; Deucalion insisted that violence begat violence and begged Ennis to take a diplomatic approach; and Talia ruled that, since Hunters were not the only ones who adhered to a Code that was hundreds of years old, Ennis had every right to avenge his Beta. Ennis, unimpressed by the lack of support he got from the other packs, dismissed Kali and Deucalion's responses as "useless debate" before making his intention for justice clear by carving a spiral (the Werewolf symbol for "revenge") into the corrugated metal wall with his claws.

Ennis was then seen at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where he attempted to obtain the body of his Beta in order to lay him to rest. However, when Ennis became a little too aggressive, then-Deputy Noah Stilinski stepped in and politely asked him to back off before reminding him that not only was an autopsy still being performed to identify the killer, but since Ennis was not his biological family, he had no right to claim the victim's remains. Angry, Ennis insisted that they were family and stormed away.

At some point while Ennis was in Beacon Hills for the Werewolf summit, he was approached by Peter Hale, Talia's younger brother, on behalf of her son, Derek, who Peter had convinced to have one of the Alphas give his girlfriend Paige Krasikeva the Bite; since Peter knew that Talia would not turn someone without their consent and Ennis had recently lost a Beta, Peter believed him to be the perfect choice for an Alpha to turn Paige, and he led Ennis to assume that doing so would get him into Talia's good graces.

However, at the last moment, Derek lost his nerve and tried to prevent Ennis from turning Paige by fighting him, though Ennis' immense size combined with Derek's youth and inexperience made it almost effortless for Ennis to defeat him and reveal that it was too late-- he had already given Paige the Bite. Unfortunately for all involved, Paige ultimately rejected the Bite, forcing Derek to mercy-kill her where he was hiding her in the root cellar under the Nemeton. Unbeknownst to Ennis or anyone else at the time, it would be this unintentional virgin sacrifice that allowed Jennifer Blake to survive her mauling at Kali's hands and begin her plan for revenge against the soon-to-be-formed Alpha Pack.

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Ennis was mentioned in a conversation between Lydia Martin and Aiden and again in the conversation between Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski and Ethan. While making out with Aiden, Lydia expressed her anger toward Aiden for helping Kali and Ethan in forcing Derek Hale to kill his Beta Vernon Boyd but Aiden insisted that Kali made him and his brother do so and replied that he didn't have a choice before confessing that he did not harbour any remorse or guilt since Derek was allegedly the responsible for Ennis' death. Scott and Stiles confronted Ethan over his role in Boyd's death and attempted to convince him to leave the Alphas but he explained that he and Aiden owed Deucalion because they weren't Alphas like him, Kali and Ennis when they met them but Omegas who were abused by a savage Alpha and his equally-bloodthirsty Betas that gave the Werewolf species the reputation of "monsters". Deucalion taught them how to meld into their Voltron-Wolf form and allowed them to decimate their whole pack, leaving the Alpha for last. He confirmed that they killed their Emissary as well and that Kali and Ennis' own Emissaries had also perished, with Marin Morrell, the Emissary to Deucalion's original pack, being the only one alive to this day and guiding the Alphas.

In The Overlooked, Ennis was mentioned in Deucalion and Kali's conversation at the morgue of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. Both figured out that the Darach Jennifer Blake comitting human sacrifices in Beacon Hills was actually Julia Baccari, Kali's former Emissary. After killing her Betas, Kali attacked Julia in the woods and viciously slashed her body and face nearly to the point of death, holding remorse for it up until this day. At the time of the Alpha Pack's creation, she had a good relationship with her Emissary and Julia wasn't considered a threat to neither Kali nor the other Alphas but Kali was forced to kill her as part of her initiation into the Alpha Pack and resented Deucalion for forcing her to do such thing. However, Deucalion pointed out that Kali did it in her own free will to continue her relationship with Ennis. Kali confessed that she had ultimately left Julia to "die peacefully", but this choice led to Julia's survival and being betrayed by Kali led her to hold a grudge against Deucalion, Kali and the other Alphas and become intent in killing them.

In Alpha Pact, the remaining members of the Alpha Pack, joined by Scott McCall, hunted down Marin Morrell in the woods to get more answers as to the Darach Jennifer Blake's intentions in destroying the pack. After Marin created a circle of Mountain Ash around herself for protection, Marin stated that she knew that Deucalion always distrusted both herself and Jennifer as a result of what they could do before revealing that her brother Deaton had actually saved Ennis and that it was Deucalion, and not the wounds Ennis sustained in the fight, who killed him. Though Deucalion declared this to be a lie told by a woman begging for her life, Kali, Ethan, and Aiden all became suspicious of Deucalion's role in Ennis' death.


Very little of Ennis' true personality was revealed as a result of his short time on the series, but the little he was seen in the series indicated that Ennis was the "strong and silent"-type who preferred to rely on his physically-intimidating appearance to aggressively frighten and persuade others to do what he wanted. He was shown to be extremely loyal to his pack and Deucalion, to the point where he was the first Alpha to go through with killing all of his own Betas and his Emissary without reservation as his initiation into the Alpha Pack. This willingness to do anything for his leader in addition to his physical strength and enjoyment of violence made him a perfect soldier in the Alpha Pack and was likely a major factor in why Deucalion recruited him in the first place.

He was implied to have a romantic relationship with fellow packmate Kali, suggesting that he may have had a softer, more caring side that he had no time to demonstrate in the series prior to his death. This side was also briefly seen in the flashbacks to several years before the start of the series; prior to the creation of the Alpha Pack, Ennis was shown to deeply care for his Betas, as he swore vengeance against the Hunters for the torture and murder of one of his own.

Physical Appearance[]

Ennis was a 6'4" giant; not only was he tall, but he was very muscular as well, making him even more powerful than a typical Alpha. He had tanned white skin, dark brown eyes, and a shaved head, and preferred simple clothing such as plain white tshirts, jeans, and boots.

When shifted, his eyes did not resemble that of a typical Alpha—instead of manifesting glowing bright red irises, his irises were blood red, glowing dully with a dark black ring around the outer rim, just like his packmate and presumed lover, Kali.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ennis possessed all of the standard powers and abilities of an Alpha Werewolf, but to a highly amplified degree as a result of him stealing and absorbing the powers of his Betas and Emissary prior to his admission to the Alpha Pack. His powers included super strength, speed, agility/reflexes, durability, and senses, as well as the ability to shapeshift into an Alpha werewolf, the ability to take pain from other beings, and heightened animal instincts.


Ennis possessed all of the standard weaknesses associated with Werewolves, including Wolfsbane, Mountain Ash, mistletoe, electricity, and the lunar eclipse. He was also somewhat vulnerable to the effects of intense emotions and the full moon, though, as an older and experienced Werewolf, he was able to resist the effects much easier than younger ones.


  • Ennis: Ennis is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic surname Ó Aonghuis, meaning "descendant of Angus." Angus itself is an English form of the Irish and Scottish Gaelic name Aonghas, composed of Celtic elements that mean "one" and "choice," a fitting name for Ennis, who made the choice to betray his original pack by killing them and joining Deucalion's Alpha Pack.


  • He was presumed to be in a relationship with Kali.
  • It has been implied that Ennis was the first person to join the Alpha Pack after Deucalion created the concept of it.
  • He is the only Alpha so far in the series who has had a human die from their Bite rather than being turned, as evidenced by Paige Krasikeva rejecting his Bite and having to be mercy-killed by Derek Hale in the early 2000s.


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