Since I just turned sixteen a month ago, I wouldn't mind getting my license. I can't do that if I'm dead, you know.
Erica to Derek Hale in Battlefield

Erica Carmen Reyes was a supporting character in Season 2 of Teen Wolf. She was first introduced as a human girl suffering from a severe case of epilepsy that made her insecure and shy at school. However, when Derek Hale, who had just recently become an Alpha, approached her and offered to give her the Bite, she immediately agreed, as she was desperate to cure her epilepsy.

Erica survived the transformation into a Beta Werewolf, which not only gave her supernatural powers such as super strength and shapeshifting, but it also helped her gain the confidence needed to realize her beauty and embrace the life she had always wanted. From then on, she became close with her new Alpha and her packmates Isaac Lahey and Vernon Boyd, while also doing her best to convince then-Omega Scott McCall to join their pack as well.

However, when it became clear just how dangerous it was to be a supernatural creature in Beacon Hills as a result of all of the Argent Hunters infiltrating the town, she and Boyd made the decision to leave the Hale Pack and their hometown in hopes of making a fresh start with a new pack elsewhere. Unfortunately for them both, they hadn't even made it out of town yet when they were caught and captured by the Alpha Pack, who held them captive in the vault of the First National Bank for the entire summer of 2011 in hopes of using them as leverage against Derek, who they wanted to join their ranks. During her time as a hostage, Erica quickly became frustrated by her imprisonment and attacked one of her Alpha captors, Kali, who easily killed Erica right before Boyd's eyes. However, her body wasn't found until the Season 3 episode Chaos Rising, when Allison Argent hid in a supply closet at the bank to avoid detection from the Alpha Pack and found her decomposing corpse inside. she was beautiful even when rotting

Erica was a sophomore at Beacon Hills High School at the time of her capture, and was a member of the Hale Pack. She also showed romantic interest in Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and possibly Vernon Boyd.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Erica was born to an unnamed mother and father, the latter of whom was an adjuster for the insurance company that dealt with the car accident that killed Jackson Whittemore's biological parents just hours before his birth. ("Restraint") At some point in her early childhood, Erica developed a severe case of epilepsy that resulted in dozens and dozens of trips to the Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital emergency room, where she was often treated by the head nurse there, Melissa McCall. ("Ice Pick")

At some point prior to the start of the series, Erica had a seizure in class that was so bad she accidentally urinated in her pants. The students around her were less than supportive. One was about to put a spoon in her mouth (which, contrary to popular belief, should not be used to prevent a seizing person from swallowing their tongue) until they saw the tag on her key ring that warned not to do this due to the fact that it could cause her to break her teeth. Another recorded it on their cell phone with their camera and showed it to everyone, an act that humiliated Erica so severely that her self-esteem and confidence were completely destroyed, and she became a shy, quiet loner. ("Abomination") In her early high school days, she apparently developed a crush on Stiles Stilinski, though she would not admit this to him until Season 2.

Throughout Teen Wolf[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

In Ice Pick, Erica was in gym class with Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Allison Argent. It was rock-climbing day led by Coach Finstock, and Erica was paired up against Stiles in climbing up the rock wall. However, Erica, who was already anxious to begin with, only got about half way up before she froze in fear and started to hyperventilate. When Coach believed that Erica was "freaking out," Allison reminded him that Erica is epileptic, which exasperated him before he helped her lower herself down, much to her embarrassment.

After the class ended and everyone left to change back into their normal clothes, Erica, desperate to prove herself capable of climbing the wall, starts to make her way up without a safety harness. Halfway up, Erica got an aura and pleaded with her body to stop before she began to have a seizure, and in a miraculous case of empathy, Scott, who was changing out of his gym clothes, rushed out and caught her before she fell off the wall onto the gym floor. Erica is then taken to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital's emergency room, where she was assessed by Melissa McCall, who reminded her that she needed to keep taking her anti-seizure medications.

A little while later, Derek Hale appeared and wheeled her gurney into the morgue so he could speak with her privately. He listed all of the side-effects of her anti-seizure medications and remarked on how terrible they sounded before making her an offer that would mean she would never experience them again. Desperate to be free of her epilepsy and the social issues they caused, Erica immediately consented to the Bite and successfully transformed into a Beta Werewolf. The next day, Erica returned to school with a drastically changed style and personality, now feeling confident about her appearance and the power she gained from lycanthropy. She walked out of the school cafeteria, with Scott and Stiles following her outside and watching her get into Derek's Camaro, with both Werewolves smiling dangerously at the two.

The next day, she was approached by Scott in the hall, where he demanded to know who Derek planned on turning next, since he knew Derek needed at least three Betas to make up a fully-powered pack and that at this point, he only had Isaac Lahey and Erica. Erica responded that they wouldn't need to turn a third Beta if Scott would join them, but when Scott made it clear that he had no intention of doing so, Erica changed the subject. She went on to tell him about the time that she had a seizure in the middle of class; she claimed to have never remembered her seizures before that point, but that since one of her classmates recorded it on their phone, including when she unintentionally urinated in her pants, she was unable to forget because everyone made fun of her for it.

After school, she followed Stiles to Boyd's house after Allison, Scott and Stiles learned that he was Derek's final choice for a third Beta. She first attempted to distract him by seductively flirting with him, failing to get him to compliment her new appearance before she took a car part that she had stolen from Stiles' Jeep and beat him over the head with it and tossing him into a nearby dumpster. She then joined Derek, Isaac, and Boyd at the ice rink where Boyd worked, with the entire pack facing off against Scott when he attempted to talk Boyd out of accepting the Bite. While Scott successfully defeated Erica and Isaac, Derek dominated him easily due to his Alpha powers, and Boyd revealed that he had already been bitten by Derek.

In Abomination, after losing to Scott in a two-vs-one situation, Derek began training Erica and Isaac while Vernon Boyd, who was still in the early days of his transformation, watched curiously. Derek repeatedly slammed both of them onto the ground after they continued to use the same strategy every time, and finally suggested that they try something that wasn't so predictable.

Erica, rising to the challenge, lunged for Derek, wrapping her legs around his waist and kissing him passionately. Derek indulged her for a long moment before throwing her off of him and harshly instructing her not to do that again. Erica, embarrassed, assumed it was because she was just a Beta, but Derek corrected her by saying that it was actually because he had someone else in mind for her, implying that he was trying to get her and Scott together to make it easier to persuade Scott to join them.

That night, during the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse game, Erica caught Stiles rooting around in the principal's office, looking for the Argent Family Bestiary he thought may be hidden there, and forced him to follow her to the school's indoor swimming pool, where Derek was waiting for them. Derek and Erica demanded to know what Stiles saw during the mysterious reptilian shapeshifter's attack at the mechanic's shop several days earlier, with Derek puncturing a basketball with his claws to intimidate Stiles into complying.

Stiles reluctantly shared everything that he knew, and when it seemed like Derek and Erica recognized what he was talking about, he assumed that they had already dealt with something like this as well, not realizing until a moment later that the creature was actually above the stands. When the two Werewolves attempted to fight back, Erica was immediately knocked unconscious by the shapeshifter, while Derek was scratched on the back of the neck with its claws, exposing him to its paralytic venom that made Derek immobile from the neck down as he fell into the swimming pool, with only Stiles to help keep him afloat.

Once Scott arrived to help scare the shapeshifter away, and Derek and Erica each recovered from their respective injuries, the four of them met up outside of the school, where Derek admitted that, upon seeing the creature scamper away when it saw its own reflection in the broken mirror, he realized what they were dealing with-- a reptilian shapeshifter known as a Kanima that was essentially a mutated variation of a Werewolf. Derek then denied Scott's suggestion that they bring in the Hunters to help them and insisted that when he found the Kanima, he was going to kill it, before he and Erica left to return to the Railway Depot.

In Venomous, Erica was sent by Derek to Beacon Hills High School to retrieve Jackson Whittemore, where the young man was working out with his best friend Danny Mahealani. She then brought him back to the Railway Depot, where Derek wasted no time interrogating Jackson about what happened during the last full moon while Isaac Lahey and Vernon Boyd stood ready for back-up. Jackson insisted that nothing happened, and though Derek assumed he was lying, Jackson assured him that he wasn't and that he could prove it because he filmed himself that night.

When Isaac began making fun of Jackson for this, Jackson angrily ranted that it was the full moon, and that he was preparing for the "gift" Derek promised him, but he ended up getting nothing. He once again reiterated that he could prove his story if they let him go get the video, but Derek had a better idea-- he put on rubber gloves and picked up a shard of mirror that still had some of the Kanima's venom on it, stating that a snake can't be poisoned by his own venom as he approached Jackson with it. When Jackson began to protest, Erica and Isaac held him still so Derek could put a drop of the venom in Jackson's mouth.

To everyone's surprise, Jackson was paralyzed by the venom, just like everyone else who had been exposed, forcing Derek to reluctantly admit that, while he still thought Jackson was a snake, he just wasn't the one they were looking for. However, before they released him, Isaac bullied him into recanting his story with the police so he would no longer be a suspect in his father's murder.

The next day at school, it was made clear that Derek intended to test their other potential Kanima suspect-- Lydia Martin, who had been bitten by Peter Hale during his short stint as an Alpha but neither died nor seemingly turned into a Werewolf. While Erica and Isaac were walking down the hallway, Jackson, with his sporadically-functional superhuman senses, managed to hear Erica confirm with Isaac that Derek planned for the test to occur during history class. Isaac went on to say that if Lydia ultimately failed the test, he was going to "kill that bitch," though Erica reminded him that they had to test her to see if she was the Kanima first. Confused, Jackson instantly went to Scott and Stiles to ask them what a Kanima was in hopes of figuring out what was going on.

In chemistry, they're doing an experiment which required them to rotate partners, Erica starts with Scott, he asks her to hold off on whatever it is they plan on doing, Erica leaned in on him and realized something, she tells Scott they she smelled Allison all over him, even though they pretended to break up. She began to flirt with him, saying that she'd be "wanting him all the time," implying she's attracted to him, but Scott turns her down. Before it can go any further, the bell is rung and they have to switch partners. Erica is paired with Allison next.

She begins to mess with Allison's emotions, telling her that she and Scott would never last, Allison attempts to get back at her but Erica then puts her claws on Allison's leg, teasing with the concept of a girl fight in the lab and that it would be "hot." She, Isaac and Derek soon discover that Lydia passed the test and therefore, must be the Kanima, she and Isaac searches the school for her but then they learn that she's been taken to Scott's house. Erica enters Scott's room, she and Allison get into another confrontation, Allison shoots an arrow at Erica but she catches it; however, its covered in Kanima venom, which paralyzed Erica. She was thrown out of Scott's house and taken back to Railway Depot by Boyd while Derek pursued the Kanima, who turned out to be Jackson after all but he and his Betas had no idea of this.

In Restraint, Derek told Erica and Isaac to get closer to Scott and Stilesbecause they may need their help in stopping the Kanima. Isaac reminded Derek that the next full moon was getting closer and that he promised to teach his Betas how to control their transformations, only for Derek to tell him he didn't have enough time. Isaac suggested they forget the Kanima but Derek impatiently yelled that they couldn't and showed his concern about the way the Kanima looked at Gerard Argent the previous episode, meaning the Argent Family patriarch had some plans with the Kanima.

At school, Erica heard Stiles asking Lydia about Jackson's parents, which seemed to pick up Erica's interest. After cornering Stiles, she demanded to know why he was questioning Lydia about Jackson's real parents and Stiles advised her to hide her claws from the surveillance cameras to avoid being exposed as supernatural. Stiles playfully invited her to play Catwoman and Batman, before she revealed that Jackson's parents were buried in Beacon Hills Cemetery. She refused to tell Stiles how she knew what happened to Jackson's parents until he told her why he wanted to know but he eventually did not have to do it because after connecting the death of Jackson's biological parents with the Kanima's legend, Erica realized that Jackson was the Kanima all along, even though he was paralyzed by his own venom while in human form. Stiles attempted to stop her from telling Derek about Jackson because he warned her that just because she had an "Alpha Bite makeover", it didn't mean she could go out there and destroy other people's lives but Erica fired back that others had destroyed her life prior to her transformation into a Werewolf. She informed Stiles that she used to have a huge crush on him but he never noticed even once because of his crush on Lydia. They noticed water coming out the locker room's floor and, not long after that, Scott and Jacksom came out, fighting each other. Erica restrained Jackson while Stiles did the same with Scott just as Mr. Harris showed up.

As a result of the brawl between Jackson and Scott, Mr. Harris gave all of them detention in the library. After Jackson, who was suffering side-effects from his transformation into a Kanima, left the library for a few moments, Scott and Stiles approached Erica and demanded to know how she knew Jackson's parents and how they died, leading Erica to tell them it was a car accident and her father was the insurance investigator, who seemed to make many comments about Jackson getting a huge settlement when he turned eighteen. She gained access to her father's mail box and managed to find the report about the death of Jackson's biological parents, which said Jackson was born with C-section but the report was considered "inconclusive", suggesting Jackson's parents could have been murdered, which fits in the Kanima's reputation of killing murderers but this was never proven to be the case.

They were all tasked with re-shelving the books, at which time Jackson began to transform and destroy the library, paralyzing both Matt and Erica in the process. After Jackson left the library and left them a message from his master, Scott and Stiles realized Erica was having a seizure as a result of the Kanima Venom and took her back to Railway Depot, where Derek broke her arm in order to re-trigger her healing ability but it was really painful and Erica called Stiles a "good Batman". After seeing how dangerous Jackson is, Scott agreed to join the Hale Pack until they saved him but insisted they do things his own way.

In Raving, Scott and Stiles figured out who was going to be Jackson's next target, Erica and Isaac were given the task with the job to drug him at the rave, where he would be killing Kara Simmons. Jackson was seen walking towards Kara to kill her as per his master's orders but Erica and Isaac found him and began dancing with Jackson as a distraction, which would allow Isaac could inject him with a syringe of ketamine. However, Jackson and his master anticipated their plan and the Kanima Master had Jackson stab both Erica and Isaac with his claws, muttering "He belongs to me." The two Betas managed to pull themselves up and subdue Jackson so they could take him into an empty room, where they were soon joined by Stiles, who began interrogating Jackson, whose master used his connection to him to speak to the three through his mouth, about the murders that he committed the last few weeks.

Jackson's master explained to them that he had been using Jackson to kill the people who "murdered" him but Stiles, Erica and Isaac did not seem to understand this but their confusion turned to shock and fear when Jackson began to overcome the effects of the ketamine and began to transform into his Kanima form. Since the whole vial of ketamine was used, Stiles, Isaac and Erica left the room and blocked the door with their bodies to stop Jackson from escaping but Jackson, in full-Kanima form, managed to escape by running through the wall and ultimately killed Kara. Erica and Isaac met with Derek outside but they couldn't leave due to the Mountain Ash barrier that Stiles created around the building, but they were able to cross it when Stiles broke it so Derek could rescue Scott, who was poisoned with Wolfsbane by Victoria Argent.

In Party Guessed, Derek was seen opening up a trunk full of chains and restraints to lock the young Betas up during the full moon, which would be Erica and Boyd's first but Isaac's second. Isaac noticed a triple spiral in the trunk and asked what symbol it was. Boyd explained that the triskelion was used to represent different things: past-present-future or mother-father-child; Derek, visibly impressed and proud by Boyd's intellect, explained that, for their species, the triskelion served as a reminder that they could always rise to one rank or fall to another, with Betas becoming Alphas and Alphas sacrificing their powers to return to Betas or Omegas. Isaac inquired about Scott being a lone wolf but Derek assured them that Scott finally joined their side and he was currently keeping an eye on Jackson and his movements to make sure that nobody innocent got hurt or even killed by him. He warned them that their lycanthropy did not come without consequences as they would be overwhelmed by the urge to rip apart anything in sight that night. Erica remarked that she would be ready for such case after she told them that she has had her period last week but her relief turned to slight concern when Derek pulled out a headband with spikes embedded within it and informed Erica that she would be the one to wear it.

As the full moon was getting closr, Erica, Isaac, and Boyd were being chained up by Derek inside the subway car. Isaac asked why Erica get to wear the headband with spikes, and Derek replied that she would be able to withstand more pain than Boyd and Isaac before offering Isaac one for him as well, but Isaac refused. She was held in place as Derek screwed the headband on, but it caused her a great deal of pain and suffering. When the full moon rose, Erica fully-shifted into her wolf form and eventually broke free of her restraints before she and Boyd started attacking Derek. After Isaac found an "anchor" to his humanity thanks to Derek's guidance, Derek and Isaac were able to chain Boyd and Erica back up.

In Battlefield, she and Boyd were walking through the woods, as she reminded Boyd that Derek told them to be back before the sun rose. They stopped in their tracks after a howl was heard and wondered if there were any other Werewolves out there as the howl did not sound like Derek's. They heard multiple more howls coming from several directions, concerning them that they rushed back to Derek. They soon arrived at the Hale House, where they informed Derek they would be leaving Beacon Hills during the lacrosse game but they said it wasn't like they wanted to do so. Erica told Derek that she had turned sixteen years old just a month ago and was intent in obtaining her driver's license but her death would be the only thing that could keep her from getting it. Though Derek reluctntly admitted that he did not warn them properly of the disadvantages of being a Werewolf, he reminded them that he had taught them that they needed a pack to survive and there was no pack without an Alpha. They expressed their beliefs that there was another pack in or near Beacon Hills because of the howling they heard in the woods. Derek scoffed and explained to them the "Beau Geste effect", it's when one wolf can modulate its howls to sound like a dozen or more, but Erica and Boyd showed no concern and made it clear that their minds were made up and they left anyway.

When night fell, Derek proved to be right as the howling that they heard was actually being done by The Argents using a recording. Fortunately, Erica and Boyd were hidden bhind a tree and realized they were lured into a trap.

When they were found, the two ran as fast as they could through the forest with the Argent Hunters, who were on ATV's, on their tail. At some point, Erica got shot in the leg with an arrow by Argent but she showed no fear as the young Huntress prepared to fire another arrow. Boyd returned and caught the arrow fired at Erica and Allison began shooting him as well. She continued to fire arrows at Boyd's chest and abdomen, out of anger and bloodlust as she blamed the Betas and Derek for her mother's death but Argent utlimately saved them by shooting Allison's bow, before they were taken back to the Argents' house.

In Master Plan, Erica and Boyd were tied to the ceiling of the basement of the Argent House with their mouths taped over. Gerard had captured Stiles as well and threw him into the basement, where he found the young Betas. Stiles tried to take the wires from around Erica's wrist but it shocked him and her, just as Gerard came in and explained to Stiles that Erica and Boyd were trying to tell him that it was electrified. Since their instinct to protect their Alpha was too strong to give away any information, it was worthless to torture them before he began beating Stiles up. Later on, Argent entered the basement and told them that his family had been hunting for a very long time, gaining a great deal of knowledge about Werewolves and how a certain level of electrical current can keep them from transforming, another level prevented them from healing, and one of the highest levels could reduce their strength to that of a human. He further explained that the lines between natural and supernatural started to blur, and sometimes you could be surprised by which side of the line you end up on. Having seen how cruel and monstrous his father truly was after seeing him corrupt his daughter Allison, Argent released the two and allowed them to flee. After Gerard had been defeated and Jackson was saved and turned into a Werewolf, Erica and Boyd were seen running through the woods but they stopped momentarily to catch their breaths, when they were suddenly surrounded by a pack of Werewolves.

Season 3

In Tattoo, Derek revealed that Erica and Boyd had been missing for four months, and he, Isaac, and Peter had been looking for them this whole time upon learning they had been captured by the Alpha Pack.

In Chaos Rising, Isaac Lahey, after being put into a trance to get his repressed memories by Deucalion back, revealed to Derek, Scott, Stiles and Deaton that he found Erica's lifeless body in a closet of the First National Bank, where Boyd, Erica and Derek's long-lost sister Cora Hale were being held hostage by The Alpha Pack, during his brief time as a hostage of the Alphas. This was later confirmed when Allison found her dead body in that same storage closet when hiding from the Alphas after breaking into the bank.

In Fireflies, Derek was shown to have found Erica's body and brought it back to show it to Scott and Allison as he stared at her body with a look of distraught.

In Currents, Kali, Ethan, and Aiden forced Derek to kill Boyd and steal his powers. Derek saw through the memories of his dying Beta a day back when Erica was still alive and she and Boyd were in the bank vault. She asked Boyd what he thought that would happen to them during the lunar eclipse, and she hoped that it would make them stronger. She repeated her sentence one more time for Kali, who was watching over them and was about to leave the vault, to hear it. Erica flashed her golden Werewolf eyes at Kali and she attacked the Alpha, only to be quickly defeated and killed during the confrontation, and managed to whisper Boyd's name with her last breath as she tried to reach him before she perished in front of him.

Personality[edit | edit source]

In a word... Transformative.
Erica describing her life after the Bite in Ice Pick

Before the Bite, Erica was shy, quiet, and awkward, often too afraid of being humiliated like she was during one of her seizures to be outgoing and try to make friends ever again. She was bullied in school because of her constant seizures. However, after she received the Bite from Derek Hale and became a Werewolf, she became much more attractive, which gave her the confidence she needed to finally love herself for who she was. She began to dress in more revealing and trendy clothing and was much more flirtatious around boys that she liked than she was before.

In general, she was a very headstrong girl who was no longer afraid of going after what she wanted. Though she was initially enthusiastic about joining the newly-rebuilt Hale Pack, she realized that her life was in danger in Beacon Hills, and was not afraid to tell Derek that she and Vernon Boyd wanted to run away from home to find a new pack elsewhere, showing Erica's survivor spirit. She was also quite cunning and intelligent, as she was easily able to manipulate Allison Argent's emotions to achieve her own ends, and she was able to hack into her father's insurance records to get information on how Jackson Whittemore's parents died so the Beacon Hills Werewolves could figure out what made him become the Kanima. Even after being a hostage of the Alpha Pack for four months, Erica decided it was worth fighting (and ultimately dying) in a fight against Kali for her freedom (along with the freedom of fellow hostages Boyd and Cora Hale), demonstrating just how brave and selfless she could be.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

"You have beautiful eyes..."
"I have beautiful everything."
Stiles Stilinski and 'Erica discussing Erica's improvements' in Ice Pick

Erica was a gorgeous, tall, lean, and shapely young woman with pale white skin, light blonde hair, and large brown eyes. Before the Bite, she was prone to wearing simple, plain-colored t-shirts and jeans, but afterward, her increased sense of beauty and confidence caused her to prefer trendier, more form-fitting clothing, such as skinny jeans, combat boots, sexy corset tops in bright colors, and a black leather jacket to flaunt her body to everyone. She also wore lots of black eyeliner and bright red lipstick for a bold and sexy look.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Erica possessed the standard powers of a Beta-level Werewolf, including:

  • Super Strength: As a Werewolf, Erica possessed superhuman strength to the point where she was able to throw fully-grown men across a room, rip out components of a car engine with her bare hands, hold her own in a battle with the untransformed Jackson Whittemore, and break through the fortified chains and spiked head restraints that Derek Hale used on her to lock her up during the full moon. However, since she was only a Beta, she was still inferior in strength to people of higher rank, such as her then-Alpha Derek, the Kanima, and the Alpha Pack.
  • Super Speed: As a Werewolf, Erica possessed superhuman speed to the point where she could easily outrun even the most athletic human athlete. She was even able to outrun an ATV going at full speed for some time. She was able to run on two legs or lope on all fours like a real wolf at this speed.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes: As a Werewolf, Erica possessed superhuman agility, which also extended to her reflexes as well. This allowed her to jump up to very tall heights and across large distances, jump down from tall heights while landing lightly on her feet, perform gymnastic and acrobatic feats, easily dodge oncoming attacks and smaller projectiles such as bullets, and catch larger projectiles such as arrows out of the air before they can hit her.
  • Super Durability: As a Werewolf, Erica was much more durable to blunt-force trauma than a normal human, allowing her to fall from tall heights or be thrown onto the floor or into thick walls while sustaining minor injuries at most.
  • Super Senses: As a Werewolf, Erica's senses of sight, smell, and hearing were heightened to superhuman levels exceeding that of even her wolf counterparts. With her enhanced senses, she could see perfectly in the darkness and across long distances, track scents up to several miles (assuming they haven't been suppressed, washed away by rain, or covered up by chemicals or other harsher scents) and interpret the chemosignals in these scents that denote identity or emotional state, and can hear even whispered conversations from many meters away. These senses gave Erica an advantage in battle, because she could hear and smell oncoming threats from far away and analyze what she was seeing much more quickly than a normal human.
  • Accelerated Healing: As a Werewolf, Erica could heal wounds much more quickly than a normal human; mild to moderate wounds such as cuts, puncture wounds, and broken limbs could heal within moments to minutes, whereas more serious wounds such as broken spines and punctured vital organs could heal within one to several hours. The Bite also cleared up her acne and cured her of her epilepsy, as well as making her immune to all other human illnesses and conditions. Likewise, she could no longer become drunk on alcohol or high on recreational drugs because her body healed the damage that caused the intoxicated feeling too quickly. The only known substances that could hamper Erica's healing ability are wolfsbane (which weakens all canine shapeshifters) and Kanima venom, which caused Erica's epilepsy to temporarily relapse.
    • Longevity: Due to her accelerated healing ability, which caused her body to replace aging and dying cells at a constant rate, Erica would have maintained her youth for much longer than a human and would have enjoyed an extended lifespan had she survived her captivity with the Alpha Pack.
  • Shapeshifting: As a Werewolf, Erica possessed the ability to shapeshift her features into those of a wolf. This caused her to develop a ridged brow, thick sideburns, pointed ears, glowing gold eyes, and also caused her teeth and her fingernails to extend into fangs and claws. She gained enough control over her transformations to the point that she could selectively transform single features, such as causing her eyes to glow to enhance her eyesight or reveal her supernatural identity, or extending her claws to cut something or to help her in a fight. Shapeshifting has been said to enhance all Werewolf powers, including (and especially) their healing ability, their heightened senses, and their animal instincts.
  • Pain Absorption: As a Werewolf, Erica possessed the ability to take pain from living beings though tactile contact, though she was not shown using this ability. To do this, Erica would have needed to touch the person or animal she intended to heal with her hands and then summon their pain into herself, which would manifest as darkened veins traveling up the hands and arms toward the chest, neck, and face.
  • Animal Instincts: As a Werewolf, Erica possessed the instincts of her wolf counterparts, giving her insight into how they behave in the wild, such as seeking out a pack, hunting, fighting, and fleeing from danger. Since wolves are apex predators, this also allowed her to assert her dominance over "lesser" creatures such as dogs, cats, and deer.


  • Seduction: Due to Erica's increased self-confidence after receiving the Bite and becoming more physically powerful, she began to embrace her attractiveness and used it to tease those who were attracted to her and/or manipulate them into doing what she wanted. This came in handy for Erica many times with her fellow students, but some of the characters, namely Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Derek Hale were able to at least somewhat resist her charms; Stiles had the least amount of luck resisting due to his attraction toward her, but since Scott had a girlfriend and Derek intended to hook her up with Scott to get him away from the Argents, they were less susceptible to her attempts of seduction.
  • Pain Tolerance: Erica was shown to possess a very strong pain tolerance, due in part to her female nature as well as her history of illness. As a result of this pain tolerance, Derek chose her to wear a spiked headband to restrain her during her first full moon, as he knew that Erica had a much stronger pain tolerance than Isaac Lahey or Vernon Boyd.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Erica possessed the standard weaknesses of a Werewolf, including wolfsbane, mountain ash, letharia vulpina, the modified canine distemper virus, electricity, and ultrasonic/subsonic noises. As a Werewolf, she was also vulnerable to the effects of heightened emotions, full moons, and supermoons, as they had the potential to cause her to involuntarily transform under the right circumstances. Additionally, like all Werewolves, Erica was vulnerable to lunar eclipses due to the fact that the peak hours of the eclipse causes lycanthropes to lose their powers while the moon is in the Earth's umbral shadow.

On one occasion, exposure to Kanima venom caused Erica's accelerated healing ability to be temporarily suppressed, which caused her to have a seizure for the first time since she was turned into a Werewolf. However, Derek was able to re-trigger her healing ability by breaking her arm.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Erica: Erica is the feminine form of the masculine given name Eric, which originates from the Old Norse name Eiríkr, derived from the elements ei, meaning "ever, always" or "one, some" and rikr, meaning "ruler;" combined, these elements form the meaning "eternal ruler," "one ruler," or "ever powerful." This is an interesting choice in a given name for the character Erica, given the similar meaning of her surname. A notable bearer of the name was Eiríkr inn Rauda ("Eric the Red" in English), a 10th-century navigator and explorer who discovered Greenland. The names Eric and Erica were brought to England by Danish settlers during the Anglo-Saxon period and were revived in popularity in the 19th century. Variants of the name in other languages include: Erika (Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Slovene); Eerika (Finnish); Érica (Portuguese, Spanish).
  • Reyes: Reyes is a Spanish word that is typically used as a given name or surname in Spanish-speaking countries. The name is derived from the Latin word regis, meaning "royal;" while the literal translation of Reyes is "kings," it can also be translated as "royals" or "royalty" like the Latin word from which it originates. The Portuguese variant of this name is Reis. This meaning combined with the meaning of Erica Reyes' given name reflects a powerful person with great potential for leadership.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Erica reported that right before she would have a seizure, she would experience what she called an "aura," or a sudden metallic taste in her mouth that tasted like blood, which then acted as a warning that she was about to start seizing.
  • Erica was the third of five people who were bitten and turned into Werewolves by Derek Hale during his brief tenure as an Alpha. The first two were Jackson Whittemore and Isaac Lahey, and the two that followed her were Vernon Boyd and Victoria Argent.
  • The reason Erica was killed off in Season 3 was because the actress that played her, Gage Golightly, left the show to appear in a pilot for a new series. However, though the pilot was not picked up to be extended into a series, she still decided to not return to Teen Wolf in a recurring role. Despite this, she did return briefly to film a final cameo, which appeared in the form of a flashback in the Season 3 episode Currents.
  • Erica shares similarities with My Babysitter's a Vampire's character Erica Jones. Along with sharing the same name, they were both unpopular until undergoing a supernatural metamorphasis. However, Erica Jones transformed into a vampire instead of a werewolf.

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