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This is about getting Scott to change his mind. We're not just Betas, we're Omegas. The bitches, remember? When everyone we've screwed over finds out that we don't have a pack anymore, what do you think's going to happen? We're dead on our own."
Aiden to Ethan in Galvanize

Ethan Conrad Steiner and Aiden Jacob Steiner are former antagonists who were introduced during Season 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf.


The characters are identical twins and had the ability to merge both their bodies into a single large lupine creature. They were first introduced as Alphas and members of Deucalion's Alpha Pack who could merge into what was referred by Stiles Stilinski to as "Voltron Wolf," or one large Alpha Werewolf with a scar that ran through the middle of their body where they combined together. As the youngest members of the Alpha Pack, they were assigned to infiltrate the lives of the Beacon Hills supernatural packs by enrolling as students at Beacon Hills High School. Their tasks involved getting close to people who were close to Scott McCall, knowing that someone was going to important to him. To this end, Ethan, who is gay, began a relationship with the human Danny Mahealani as part of his assignment to get close to Scott, whereas Aiden began a relationship with Lydia Martin, a Banshee and close friend of Scott, Stiles Stilinski, and Allison Argent.

However, Ethan began to have genuine feelings for Danny that caused him to start to question his orders, a change that deeply bothered his brother Aiden, though he, too, was starting to care deeply for Lydia as well. Once they learned that Deucalion had killed their fellow packmate Ennis and blamed it on Derek Hale, they both began to distrust their Alpha, and though they both fought against the Alpha Pack's enemy, Jennifer Blake (a battle that nearly killed them and caused them to lose their Alpha spark and their ability to merge into one large Werewolf), they ultimately defected from their pack and sided with the Hale Pack and the precursor to the McCall Pack.

Upon realizing that they were now Omegas, making them vulnerable to the countless Werewolves and other supernaturals they had screwed over through the years, they begged Scott to allow them into his pack, arguing that he needed more werewolves to make him and the pack more powerful. Though Scott initially rejected their request on the grounds that the rest of his packmates distrusted them for their part in Vernon Boyd's death, they eventually proved themselves to Scott and led him to begin to trust them to have the Aiden was so eager to earn his place in the pack that he died helping them save Stiles in The Divine Move. In the final battle, Ethan, Derek Hale, and Aiden fought the Oni while the rest of the McCall Pack went after the Nogitsune himself, and Aiden was stabbed in the stomach with the Oni's poisoned ninjato, killing him within moments. Afterward, Ethan was so devastated by the loss of his brother that he left Beacon Hills, but later came back in season 6B alongside his boyfriend Jackson Whittemore.

Early life[]

Little is known about Ethan and Aiden's early life, except that they were apparently bitten at a somewhat young age (according to writer Will Wallace) and that the fact that they are twins allowed them to merge into one extra-large Werewolf, an ability they had difficulty controlling for a long time. Much of their youth and adolescence was spent living as Omegas who ran with a bloodthirsty pack, which was led by a ruthless Alpha who abused them and made their lives miserable. At some point, they eventually met Deucalion, who had recently become the self-proclaimed "Demon Wolf," after killing his own Betas and becoming an Augmented Alpha. Deucalion decided to not only teach them how to control their merged Werewolf form but to also learn how to fight so that they would be able to join his Alpha Pack. However, all members of the Alpha Pack were required to be Alphas who have slaughtered their own packs as initiation, just as Deucalion, Kali, and Ennis had done before the pack's creation, and since Ethan and Aiden were Omegas at the time, they needed to kill their entire pack in order to gain membership. Feeling as if they were in debt to Deucalion for all the help he had given them, Aiden and Ethan made the decision to join the Alphas and merged into their Twin Alpha form to slaughter the Betas. Along with the Emissary of their pack before finally going after their Alpha, who allegedly begged for his life before they tore him apart. ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much")

Afterward, the twins joined the Alpha Pack under Deucalion's leadership, though Aiden would later admit that the pack wasn't as democratic as one would think. At some point in 2011, Deucalion learned that Derek Hale had killed his uncle Peter Hale and replaced him as the Alpha of the Hale Pack, piquing Deucalion's interest. Once they heard another rumor that Scott McCall had the potential to become a True Alpha, the rarest form of Alpha that appears only once a century at the most, Deucalion, hoping to add both a Hale Alpha and a True Alpha to his ranks to increase the pack's power, led the Alpha Pack to Beacon Hills to force Derek to slay his own pack and join them, paving the way to Scott in the process. ("Master Plan"), ("The Girl Who Knew Too Much")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In Tattoo, Ethan and Aiden made their first appearance in this episode as members of the famous Alpha Pack led by the self-proclaimed Demon-Wolf Deucalion. The mercenary Braeden had just rescued the teenage Beta Werewolf Isaac Lahey from the Alphas' captivity when the latter was searching for his lost packmates Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd, who had been kidnapped by the Alphas and held hostage for about four months. The twins chased the two on foot while Braeden and Isaac were on the mercenary's motorcycle but no matter how Braeden sped up, the twins were always able to catch up to them and they used their claws to slash at the motorcycle to get them to fall off. Braeden and Isaac ended up driving into a dead end and the twins were right behind them.

After reminding Isaac to hold on tight, she sped up just as one of the twins crouched down in order for the other to jump high in the air and claw at them. However, Braeden turned to the right, causing the twin to miss his targets and punch the stone pavement instead. Unfortunately, Braeden and Isaac ran into another dead end composed of large windows that led to a warehouse, leading Braeden to run through the windows but the impact caused Isaac to lose consciousness and made him and Braeden fall off the motorcycle. The twins caught up to them, ripped off their shirts and demonstrated for the very first time on-screen their talent to merge into one giant Alpha Werewolf. Once the process was complete, the huge Werewolf lunged for Isaac and Braeden to recapture them but Braeden used her last resort by shooting at the merged twins with a projectile from her military stun-gun, with the projectile possessing enough voltage to cause the twins to de-merge back into individuals before they mysteriously disappeared.

The next day, Ethan and Aiden were seen walking down the hallway of Beacon Hills High School and their charm and handsome appearance enchanted Lydia Martin, who was chatting with her best friend Allison Argent. Sometime later, the twins spotted Braeden in the school talking to Allison and Lydia but the mercenary realized she was caught and bruised Allison and Lydia's forearms to the point they had the logo of the Alphas' lair in Beacon Hills First National Bank, hoping they could use this clue to inform their friend Scott McCall that the Alphas had captured Boyd and Erica.

Braeden ended up in the locker room and used a broken broom handle to fend off Ethan and Aiden, as well as their packmates Kali, Ennis and, finally, their leader, Deucalion. She put up a good fight against the Alphas despite her status as a human until Kali used her wickedly-sharp toe-claws to deliver a spinning kick that defeated Braeden and caused her to fall to the ground. They allowed Deucalion to talk to Braeden, who alerted that she was aware that Deucalion feared Scott and "the man (he) would become", but Deucalion pointed out that he learned from one of his old friends that the best way to eliminate a threat was get someone else to do it for him, a statement that made Braeden realize that Deuc planned to manipulate the newest Hale Alpha Derek Hale into killing Scott. The "Demon-Wolf" raised his clawed hand and slashed Braeden, presumably killing her.

In Chaos Rising, Allison and Lydia were in the library trying to figure out the meaning of the bruises that Braeden left in their forearms in the previous episode and saw Ethan and Aiden making their entrance into the library. Lydia, still enchanted by the twins, claimed that she wanted the "straight one" and went to talk to Aiden whereas Ethan seemed to be interested in Danny Mahealani.

In Unleashed, Deucalion enlisted the twins to bully Isaac and mess with his emotions as part of their plan to get Derek to turn against and kill his Betas as required for his membership into the Alpha Pack. Right before a cross country practice, Isaac identified Ethan and Aiden as among the Alphas who had tortured him and were indirectly involved in the death of his packmate Erica. Fueled with rage towards the twins, Isaac refused to listen to Scott's warnings and chased after the twins through the whole course as the twins intended until he lost sight of them.

He was attacked by the twins, who wanted to "count all of the bones of his body," only for Scott to show up just in time and kicked Ethan in the jaw to save his new friend. The four wolves partially-transformed and growled at each other before screams were heard. The four decided to leave their fight for another time in favor of discovering what happened. They found Kyle, a member of the Air Force ROTC, pinned to a tree, having been killed via the threefold death—slit throat, strangulation and head bashed in—while his girlfriend Ashley was terrified by what just happened to Kyle.

Isaac immediately pinned Kyle's death on the twins but Stiles argued that Kyle's body lacked claw marks that would normally be from a Werewolf or another shapeshifter. With his anger and hatred toward the twins keeping him from listening to Stiles, Isaac swore to kill Ethan and Aiden for the harm they caused him, for killing Erica and for killing Braeden.

Isaac left Mr. Harris' class in need to go to the bathroom, only to run into the twins in the hallway and became confused and flabbergasted to see Aiden punching his own brother in the face before throwing near to Isaac' feet and walking away. The other students and Mr. Harris came out of the classroom upon hearing the commotion and Ethan accused Isaac of beating him up, causing the latter to be sentenced with lunch detention for supposedly beating Ethan up. Isaac was enraged and told Scott that Aiden was flirting with Lydia, angering Scott as well.

While paired with Allison to re-stock the supply closet during lucnh detention, Ethan and Aiden, seemingly aware that Isaac had a grave case of claustrophobia, locked the closet's door with a soda machine, and Isaac grew overwhelmed with panic and stress that he lost control over his Werewolf side and injured Allison in her arm with his claws. Fortunately, Scott showed up before Allison could be harmed further and roared at Isaac to get him to return to normal. Realizing the twins wanted to get Isaac to harm the people he cared about, Scott vowed to help them get the twins angry as revenge for what just happened to Allison.

During English class with Jennifer Blake, Scott took out from his bag parts of Ethan and Aiden's motorcycles, infuriating them, before Aiden heard a his motorcycle and left class in a hurry to see what was happening. Isaac and Allison together hot-wired Aiden's motorcycle and Isaac drove it through the school until Aiden stopped him and yelled at Isaac to get off his bike. Isaac smugly complied with "No problem." and even performed a flip over Aiden's head to show off, as the students came out of their classrooms and had the impression that Aiden was the one who drove it through the school. Jennifer was exasperated and disappointed with Aiden and informed that this would get him suspended, leaving him pissed as Allison, Isaac and Scott smirked with pride and smugness.

Furious by Isaac and Scott's actions, Ethan and Aiden confronted them in the hallway and merged into their "Voltron-Wolf" form to get back at them for the prank with the motorcycles. Deucalion silently walked in with a disappointed expression and the twins returned to their individual forms until Deuc slashed their faces with blade located in the end of his cane. They followed their leader out of the school, though it was clear that their feud with Isaac and Scott did not end there, given the looks they give to the two Betas.

In Frayed, in flashbacks, Scott attempted to come to a truce with Deucalion in hopes of ending their conflict and keep Derek from getting himself and his pack killed. He was unable to get Isaac to remain at his house and reluctantly agreed to take him with him to the Abandoned Mall, where he organized the meeting with the "Alpha of Alphas." When they met with Deucalion, he pointed out that they did not come alone, leading Scott and Isaac to turn around and see Derek, Boyd and Cora Hale already wolfed-out, having predicted that Scott would try to come to an agreement with the "Demon Wolf." However, Deucalion insisted that he did not come alone either and Kali, Ennis and the twins revealed themselves, also ready for a battle. They all remained silent and waited for who was going to make the first move, until Derek elected to lunge for Deucalion, only to be repelled by Kali.

Ethan and Aiden back-flipped off the balcony and merged into their Voltron-Wolf form while in mid-air, landing next to Scott and Isaac. Boyd and Cora teamed up against Ennis while Scott and Isaac begrudgingly shifted into their own Werewolf forms and engaged in a fight against the merged twins. The "Voltron-Wolf" easily dominated their Beta opponents, tossing Scott against a stone wall and clawing him viciously on his side and breaking Isaac's arm. Ennis managed to defeat Cora and catch Boyd in a choke-hold, allowing Kali to deliver a clawed kick to the young Beta's chest, making him collapse on the ground. Scott and Isaac were also soon bested by the twins and held hostage by them, allowing Deucalion to order Derek to kill Boyd as his first step into the Alpha Pack.

When Derek struggled to kill his own Beta, an exasperated Kali questioned her leader over his reasons for wanting Derek to join their side when he was an Alpha to a couple of "worthless teenagers," making Deucalion respond that some of the others had more potential as he looked directly at Scott, who was unaware that Deucalion also wanted him in the pack for his yet-to-be-revealed potential to become a rare True Alpha. Kali demanded Derek to rise to the occasion and choose between his pack and his family as she continued to pin her clawed foot against Cora's throat harder.

Fortunately for the Beacon Hills Werewolves, Allison showed up at the Mall and fired flash-bang arrows at the Alphas, temporarily blinding them and giving her friends enough time to get the severely-injured Boyd out of the way. Scott stood up to his feet and lunged for Ennis, countering his enormous size with equal strength. When Scott lifted his head, his eyes were glowing Alpha red, the first sign on-screen of his True Alpha potential, which was seen by both Deucalion and Allison, before his eyes returned to their usual Beta gold color.

Ennis prepared to attack Scott a second time but Derek came up behind and fought Ennis on even terms as they moved closer to a hole in the floor. In a desperate attempt to help Derek gain the upperhand, Scott sliced Ennis' Achilles tendon with his claws and this injury caused Ennis to lose his balance and drag Derek down with him as they fell three stories and landed on the escalator below.

The following morning, Ethan was sit next to Danny in the bus for a meeting of the Country Team and was always checking his phone, though he claimed it was nothing important.

Meanwhile, in the road, Allison and Lydia were revealed to have been following the bus since it departed from the school. When Lydia suggested stopping at the nearby rest area to refill the tank, Allison asked her best friend if she knew what happened during the battle between Derek's pack and the Alpha Pack, leading Lydia to assure her that she did indeed know. This caused Allison to hypothesize that Lydia had started dating Aiden but Lydia faked offense at such remark and assured Allison that nothing was going between her and Aiden.

The flashbacks to a couple days prove the clear opposite when Lydia and Aiden are seen making out in the Coach's office. Lydia pointed at Aiden's hands and when the Werewolf claimed that they were on her waist, Lydia asked "What am I? A nun?" before asking him to put them somewhere useful. Aiden smirked and lsided his hands to the point that they were in Lydia's upper thighs, leading her to answer "Moderately" to his question "Is that better?"

Back in the bus, Boyd's anger and hatred toward the twins and the rest of the Alpha Pack for their murder of his best friend Erica Reyes and their role in the supposed death of his Alpha Derek started causing him to transform in the bus, with his gold eyes and claws manifesting, as he stared at Ethan with intense anger. Fortunately, Scott, who had not yet healed from the claw gashes from the battle between the Hale Pack and the Alpha Pack the previous evening, reasoned with Boyd that starting a brawl with Ethan in front of their human peers would only make things worse for all of them and they could not risk losing Boyd when they had already lost Erica. Although Boyd attempted to resist the advice, he was ultimately convinced by Scott to let go of his impulses and remain calm for the time being sent.

Upon returning to his seat, Scott got Stiles to send Danny numerous texts to get him to tell them what Ethan was talking about and an exasperated and reluctant Danny ultimately did so, explaining that Ethan had a sick relative who could possible die, though Scott and Stiles realized he was talking about Ennis, and this news gave them hope that Derek could be still alive.

Meanwhile, Marin Morrell entered her brother Alan Deaton's animal clinic as Aiden and Kali standed behind her with the severely-injured Ennis. Deaton refused to help the corrupted Alphas, especially after the terror they were causing to the Werewolves he was friends with, and suggested they go to the hospital. When Deaton once again refused his sister's demands to help them, Kali flicked out her claws and fangs and threatened to kill Marin right there in the clinic. However, Deaton, using an unknown Druid power, managed to force her to shift back into her human form and advised them to leave, implying a threat when he stated "Don't make me insist."

Marin ultimately convinced her brother to help them by reminding him that Ennis' death would cause the Alpha Pack to want to kill Derek and his pack for the death of one of their own, creating a conflict which would lead Deaton's protégé Scott to get involved in it as well, possibly killing him, too. Wanting to protect Scott from the wrath of the Alphas, Deaton agreed to open the gate and allowed them to bring Ennis into the exam room. While cutting Ennis' t-shirt, Deaton asked Kali, Aiden and Marin for either of the three to turn the sign of the clinic's door from Open to Closed as he would need time to treat Ennis.

Back in the bus, Stiles, joined by Lydia and Allison, caused an incident that made the bus stop for a break, giving Allison, Lydia and Stiles enough time to help Scott with his wounds when it became clear that his guilt toward Derek's supposed death was preventing him from healing from his injuries and seemed to start killing him. Desperate to gain more time, Stiles lied to Isaac that Scott was dying from the injuries that the Alphas inflicted upon him, and Isaac, enraged that his close friend and foster brother was close to death because of the Alphas, angrily beat up Ethan non-stop while his packmate Boyd happily watched it. Once Scott was saved from potential death, he yelled at Isaac to get him to come back to his senses, allowing Danny to help Ethan.

Cora and her uncle Peter Hale arrived to the clinic to verify if Derek had managed to find enough strength through his injuries to head to the clinic and seek Deaton's help. Peter grabbed Cora by the arm, having just sensed that the Alpha Pack members were inside the clinic. They were debating over whether Derek or Ennis or both were inside until they were forced to hide behind a car when Kali exited the clinic with Aiden right behind her and she roared at the top of her lungs out of grief for the death of her boyfriend Ennis while Aiden hugged her to calm her down, though they were not aware that Deucalion had killed Ennis to manipulate them into believing Ennis died from his battle with Derek and get them to force him to join their pack.

In Motel California, Ethan roomed with Danny Mahealani at the Glen Capri Motel after the cross-country team's meet was postponed. The two began making out on Danny's bed before Ethan noticed diagonal scars on either side of Danny's chest. When he asked Danny about them, he explained that he had surgery when he was fourteen to put stabilizing bars on his ribs to help keep his rib cage from collapsing and suffocating him due to misshapen cartilage. Ethan asked him if he would ever want to get rid of the scars, indicating that he was trying to figure out if Danny would ever want to accept the Bite and become a Werewolf, Danny said that he liked the scars because they made him feel like a survivor, leading Ethan to state that he hoped he was.

Just then, Ethan began to hallucinate that someone was inside his body and tried to rip themselves out of Ethan's abdomen, causing him to rush to the bathroom to investigate further. The sight of the mysterious person inside of him desperate to get out horrified Ethan so badly that he rushed out of the room, eventually ending up in the room next door to Allison and Lydia Martin, which was full of construction equipment to remodel the room. Allison, Lydia, and Stiles rushed in just in time to stop Ethan from using a handsaw to cut himself in half, and it wasn't until Ethan stumbled backward and burned himself on a nearby space heater that he snapped out of his hallucination.

The next morning, Ethan sat next to Scott and Stiles and offered a piece of information in exchange for their help in saving his life the night before—Ethan revealed that the Alpha Pack was pretty sure that Derek was still alive, but since Ennis had died (and Ethan, like the rest of the Alpha Pack, believed that Ennis died from Derek's wounds and had no idea that it had actually been Deucalion who killed him to motivate the others), Derek would have to either kill his pack and join them or he and the others would be killed by the Alphas.

In Currents, Ethan rushed Danny to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital after his boyfriend demonstrated problems in breathing. The head nurse Melissa McCall realized that Danny suffered from Tension Pneumothorax and saved his life by giving him needle thoracostomy to relieve the pressure from his chest. Both Ethan and Danny thanked Melissa for her help and Scott took Ethan out of the hospital so they could talk about Deucalion's intentions for Scott.

Outside, Ethan explained that Deucalion wanted Ethan and Aiden to get close to Danny and Lydia, respectively, as they knew one of the two was the most important to Scott to manipulate him into joining his ranks, reaching the conclusion that Lydia was that person. They witnessed that Dr. Hilyard, one of Melissa's fellow workers, suffered a car accident and realized that the Darach had committed yet-anoter sacrifice. Ethan joined his brother and Deucalion in the crowd that came to witness the accident.

The next day, Kali, still furious at Derek for "killing" Ennis, invaded the Hale Alpha's loft along with the twins without his awareness and they painted their pack's symbol on his windows to warn him that they would battle that evening. Both Boyd and Isaac decided to skip school to help their Alpha plan their next strike against the Alphas, with Boyd, inspired by his capture with Erica at the hands of Gerard Argent months ago, planned on flooding the loft with water and setting electrical cable on the water to electrocute the Alphas when they made their entrance.

Unfortunately, the Alphas somehow figured out what they were up to and disabled the power before entering. Kali opened the loft's door, admitting to Derek that the first thing she thought to herself after Ennis had died was to find Derek wherever he stood and kill him, until she remembered that he surrounded himself with teenagers like Boyd and Isaac and decided to kidnap his new girlfriend Jennifer Blake, who was being held hostage by the twins. Kali gave Derek a deal—fight her solo without any assistance from his Betas or the twins would rip Jennifer to shreds, forcing Derek to silently order Boyd and Isaac to stay in the sidelines.

Sometime later, Stiles, Lydia and Cora arrived and turned the power back on, not knowing that this would electrocute Kali, Derek and Boyd, the latter of whom disobeyed Derek's orders and attempted to join the fight to help his Alpha. Kali was the first one to recover and forced the twins to grab Derek while she lifted Boyd and shoved his body against Derek's claws, impaling him and causing Derek to involuntarily steal Boyd's powers, the first step into the Alpha Pack.

Kali gave Derek one final ultimatum—either he would kill his other Betas to join the Alpha Pack until the next full moon or Kali would return to kill all of them—before she left the loft with the twins, though Ethan seemed to feel a little guilty for helping kill Boyd.

In The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Aiden confronted Ethan at the school, insisting that his relationship with Danny had to end, but Ethan countered that Danny was harmless and Lydia, Aiden's friend-with-benefits, was the one they should worry about, which supported Aiden's argument that they realized Lydia was essential in their plan to get to Scott and their disguise as high school students was no longer necessary, as well as Ethan's affair with Danny. Ethan argued "And now we know he is harmless. Threat eliminated!"

This argument clearly made Aiden realize his brother was developping true feelings for Danny and asked him if he was willing to kill the young human if Deucalion ordered such thing, leading the increasingly-frustrated Ethan to shoot back "If Deucalion asks you, would you kill me??" This made Aiden get even more upset and threatened to rip and eat the flesh of Danny's face if Ethan did not end his relationship with him, concerning Ethan.

To get Ethan alone so they could talk to him about the Alphas' previous Emissaries in hopes of figuring out the Darach's identity, Scott and Stiles enlisted Lydia to take Aiden to Coach Finstock's office and make out with him. They made out for quite a while, until Aiden backed off to express his surprise as it was the first time Lydia made out with him since Boyd died, but Lydia corrected him "Since you killed Boyd?" Aiden put the blame solely on Kali as she was the one who gave the order before insisting he and his brother did not have a choice. Lydia mocked him, saying that she thought all members of the Alpha Pack were Alphas who could make their own decisions without others making decisions for them, leading Aiden to reveal that the Alpha Pack was not as democratic as it appeared, implying that the twins were the lowest-ranking members while Deucalion was on the top. He then brought up that Derek was the one who led them to take such course of action after he was considered Ennis' killer, which was an absolute lie. Aiden revealed that he knew Derek, Isaac, Erica, and Boyd attempted to kill Lydia back in Season 2's Venomous when they believed her to be the Kanima, much to Lydia's surprise as the Alpha Pack had not been in Beacon Hills when that event happened.

In the hallway, Scott and Stiles confronted Ethan, knowing that he did not want to help Kali and Aiden kill Boyd and if something similar happened in the future, Ethan would not do it again, but Ethan insisted that he and Aiden owed a lot to Deucalion because they were not Alphas like him, Kali and Ennis when they met them—they were Omegas. In comparison to those who are usually seen as "the lone wolves," the Omegas who ran in a pack like Ethan and Aiden were always the last to eat and were constantly abused by the Betas above them and their Alpha, whom they considered to be the worst of them all. This particular pack was well known for making the human race believe that Werewolves were ruthless monsters.

The twins gained the unique ability to merge into their Voltron-Wolf form but it was a power that they were unable to control for a very long time, forcing them to stay in their vicious pack solely out of survival. One day by chance, Deucalion found them and taught them how to merge into their super Alpha form, allowing the twins to slaughter the Beta Werewolves in the pack, with the Alpha, who was allegedly "begging for his life", being the last one to meet his end, and the twins rose to Alpha status in the end. When asked about their Emissary, Ethan made a face that indicated that they had killed him as well, and confirmed that the only Emissary alive to this day was Marin Morrell, the Emissary to Deucalion's original pack and currently the Emissary to the Alpha Pack.

Back in the office, Aiden and Lydia noticed a Werewolf scratching a spiral in the window of the door that led to the Boys' locker room, which Aiden believed to be a threat from Derek. Aiden came into the locker room, with Lydia in tow begging for him to stop and threatening to scream to get the attention of others, but Aiden was too busy searching for Derek to hear any of her warnings and demanded for Derek to show his face. The Werewolf turned out to be Cora and she caught Aiden by surprie by pouncing on him from behind before delivering several claw gashes to his chest. Aiden quickly began fighting back, holding Cora in a choke-hold and throwing her to the floor, where she hit her head in the wall.

Lydia begged Aiden to stop but he once again ignored her pleas and striked Cora in the temple with a weight, sending her flying toward Lydia. Before the fight could get worse, Scott, Sitles and Ethan showed up to subdue him, with Ethan having realized his brother was in danger after feeling his pain. Aiden argued that Cora was the one who came at him, but Ethan did not care about who started the fight and reminded his brother of the deal Kali made with Derek, which forbid them from harming Derek and anyone else of his pack or family. Lydia looked at Aiden with a disappointed expression, which made Aiden look slightly guilty until he and Ethan walked out of the room.

Ethan was present along with Scott, after Lydia discovered that the History Teacher, Mr. Westover, had gone missing and she mysteriously deduced that Mr. Westover was going to be the next one to be sacrificed, claiming that she was psychic. When they heard this news, Ethan turned to Scott and asked him what pattern they were looking for.

When night fell, Ethan was helping Danny with his tie for the concert organized by the English teacher Jennifer Blake to honour those who were killed in the last few weeks. Danny reassured him that he knew how to tie his own tie, but Ethan smirked and replied that ke knew how to do it badly before placing a mint in Danny's mouth. Ethan started to act protective over Danny and asked him to come find him if anything bad happened.

During the concert, Aiden realized his phone was missing, not knowing that Jennifer, who was revealed to be the Darach responsible for the human sacrifices, somehow managed to steal it to text Lydia and lure her into the high school to kill her after discovering Lydia had been unconsciously drawing the Nemeton and was close to unmask her. When Jennifer tried to strangle Lydia with her garrote, Lydia screamed as loud as she could to alert that she was in danger and this scream caused pain to Scott, Isaac, and the twins' sensitive Werewolf hearing that they were forced to cover their ears, even Derek, who was at the hospital with the badly-injured Cora, heard it and looked concerned. This scream allowed Jennifer to deduce that Lydia was actually a Banshee, aka The Wailing Woman, and a Harbinger of Death that could determine future deaths and events.

In The Overlooked, Jennifer Blake's identity as the Darach was finally revealed to Derek, Scott and Stiles. Furious at having been deceived this whole time, Derek grabbed her in a choke-hold and attempted to strangle her to death, though Scott and Stiles tried to reason with Derek and begged him to spare her life as she was the only one who knew where she had taken Stiles' father Noah Stilinski. Jennifer reminded Derek that she was also the only one who could save the life of his sister Cora. Derek called his uncle Peter and he confirmed that Cora was suffering from Mistletoe poisoning, which was Jennifer's doing. After more begging, Derek reluctantly released Jennifer from his grasp.

The four drove to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, which was being evacuated due to the storms raging through Beacon Hills, to get Cora. They were ocnfronted by Melissa McCall, who warned them that Cora had to go in one of the two ambulances in the parking lot of the garage. They went into the elevator and ascended to the next floor.

However, Deucalion, Kali and the twins seemed to have also found out who Jennifer really was and the merged twins appeared in front of Peter, throwing him through the double doors. Derek and Scott wolfed-out and engaged in a physical confrontation with the merged twins, distracting them long enough for Peter and Stiles to pick up and carry the unconscious Cora. The twins soon had Scott in a choke-hold and pinned to a wall, retorting in a distorted voice "All we want is her!" However, Jennifer had taken advantage of the fact that everyone was too busy to keep an eye on her and escaped into the elevator, ascending to the next floor.

The merged twins gave chase to the Beacon Hills Werewolves and their human ally throughout the hospital. Stiles attempted to catch the twins by surprise by smashing his baseball bat, which he had stolen from Melissa, against the twins' head from behind; however, the bat exploded into splinters upon making contact with the twins' head, leaving him defenseless. Seemingly getting an idea, Scott jumped high into the air and clawed out one of the fluorescent lights before striking the twins in the face with it, giving the Beacon Hills wolves and Stiles enough time to escape with the unconscious Cora.

Later on, the twins were seen walking by an hall as they de-merged back into their individual bodies. Aiden chastised Ethan for hesitating during their battle, but Ethan denied such thing—he was holding himself back. Aiden reminded him that they were protecting Jennifer, who happened to be the Dark Druid who was sacrificng people to gain more power to get rid of them, only for Ethan, who seemed to have started to trust the Beacon Hills packs and seemed to carry guilt for his actions against them and their loved ones, to defend them, pointing out that they were left with no choice either. Aiden firmly warned his brother that they had to get rid of Jennifer before she had any chance of taking them down first, to which Ethan nodded in agreement.

Derek, Peter, Scott, and Stiles managed to find a room away from the twins, though they could sense that they were still close by. Derek and Stiles devolved into an argument when Jennifer was nowhere to be found whereas Peter and Scott were more concerned if Cora was truly dying as a result of the mistletoe. Jennifer reunited with them and proposed a deal—she would heal Cora and give up Stilinski's location as long as they protected her from the Alphas and helped her get out of the hospital with her life. They ultimately agreed to these terms and Peter and Scott volunteered to face the twins while Derek, Jennifer and Stiles carried Cora to the remaining ambulance in the garage. After injecting themselves with epinephrine, Scott and Peter managed to face the twins, who had just merged once again into their giant form, on equal strength and power, allowing Derek, Jennifer and Stiles to carry the unconscious Cora to the garage.

Peter and Scott managed to hold off the twins for quite a while until their extra strength started to go away, forcing them to take refuge in the laundry room. The twins deided to check the garage in case any of the Beacon Hills wolves had gotten in there. Fortunately, Stiles and the unconscious Cora were hidden in the remaining ambulance and were undetected by the Alphas. Once Peter and Scott reunited with him, Stiles informed them of two problems—Kali had killed the driver of the ambulance, preventing them from getting Cora out of there, and the twins passed by the garageabout 30 seconds ago. Scott instructed Peter in staying with Cora and Stiles while he went back to find Derek, Jennifer and his mother. While investigating the empty hospital, he was surprised and pinned to a wall by the merged twins who demanded, "WHERE IS SHE?!! WE'RE TRYING NOT TO HURT YOU!!" Scott urged through the choke-hold for the twins to try harder until Melissa showed up and shouted "Hey! I would like to try something" before shocking the twins with a charged defibrillator, incapacitating them long enough for her to help Scott get back on his feet and run away.

Chris Argent, Allison, and Isaac finally made ir«t to the hospital and met with Scott and Stiles to arrange a plan to get both Jennifer and Cora out of there. During the conversation, Allison looked at herself in a mirror and suggested herself pretending to be Jennifer. Once she managed to gain possession of Jennifer's shoes, Allison ran through a hallway, catching the attention of the twins, who pursued her. Once she lured them outside, Allison fired flash-bang arrows at them and Argent joined her by firing at them with his Desert Eagle handguns, forcing the Alphas to retreat back inside the hospital.

Although Isaac and Peter managed to drive Cora out of there, Jennifer once again double-crossed everyone by knocking Derek out and kidnapping Melissa as her second guardian, leaving Deucalion in the perfect position to get Scott to join his side in exchange for his help in finding and saving Melissa and Noah. Despite Stiles' pleas, Scott ended up going with the Alpha of Alphas and promised him to get his dad back.

In Alpha Pact, Deucalion howled as a sign for the Alphas to retreat from the hospital.

The next day, Lydia was frustrated that Aiden was not answering her texts and calls in the high school.

That night, Ethan and Aiden were helping Deucalion, Kali, and the reluctant Scott in tracking down their Emissary, Marin Morrell, to get more information on the Darach Jennifer Blake. The twins headed one way, with Kali, Deucalion, and Scott taking other paths to ensure that Morrell was surrounded. Before they reached her, she used her Druid abilities to create a perfect Mountain Ash circle for protection and the twins, unaware of the barrier, ended up being repelled by the mystical properties of the Mountain Ash when they had attempted to attack her. Once Deucalion, Kali and Scott joined them, Morrell stated that Deucalion was always suspicious of herself and Jennifer for what they were capable of and reluctantly admitted that she had sent Braeden to rescue Isaac from them in the season's premiere to "maintain balance."

When her attempts to convince Scott to ditch Deucalion's cause and return to his friends failed, Morrell attempted to get Kali, Ethan, and Aiden to see the monster that Deucalion truly was by informing them that the Alpha Pack leader himself was who had actually killed their fellow Alpha Ennis and his plan was to blame his death on Derek in order to further manipulate and motivate Kali and the twins into recruiting Derek to the Alpha Pack, paving the way for the potential True Alpha Scott, whom Deucalion coveted so much, to join them as well. Before either Kali or the twins could question their leader about this, the lead Alpha threw his cane at Morrell's shoulder, but Scott managed to reach Morrell before any of the Alphas and ordered them to back off, sparing Marin's life.

In Lunar Ellipse, Ethan seemed to have believed in Morrell's story about Deucalion having remorselessly killed Ennis and went to the animal clinic in search for Lydia. He went on to ask her for her help in stopping Aiden and Kali from killing Derek.

Ethan and Lydia arrived to Derek's loft to warn Peter, Cora and Derek, the latter of whom was still recovering from giving up his Alpha spark to heal Cora from her Mistletoe poisoning, that Kali was not going to wait for the lunar eclipse to start and was heading to the loft along with Aiden. Peter insisted that Derek need to leave Beacon Hills because his demotion to Beta status meant that he was unlikely to survive his battle against Kali while Cora encouraged her brother to stay and fight or even die as long as he fought for something meaningful. They all turned to Lydia for her opinion of the outcome and she confessed that she felt like she was standing in a graveyeard, convincing Derek that he had to leave Beacon Hills.

Soon, Kali arrived and was enraged to see Derek was not there, demanding from Lydia and Ethan his whereabouts. Lydia attempted to use the excuse that Derek had gone shopping, but Kali was not buying that explanation and pulled out the threat "Who do you think you're talking to?!", which a fearless and snarky Lydia countered with "Someone in a desperate need of a pedicure." When it became clear Kali was going to harm Lydia, Aiden growled angrily at his packmate and this finally annoyed Kali to the point that she questioned him if he did take his "assignment" of getting close to Lydia too seriously. The tension and distrust between the two Alphas increased by the second and the concerned-looking Lydia asked Ethan if Kali and Aiden were really going to fight and Ethan defeatedly muttered "Probably".

Before the situation could take a turn for the worse, Jennifer broke through the loft's skylight, shattering it, and landed on the floor in a defensive position. She glared at Aiden and Kali and asked "So who wants to go first?" Because Jennifer was empowered by the sacrifices she has committed throughout the whole season, she easily bested Kali in a physical fight and used her telekinesis to send her across the room, leading Aiden to try his luck but Jennifer defeated him even faster. Ethan and Aiden ripped off their shirts and tried to merge into their Voltron-Wolf form but Jennifer grabbed each of the twins by the throat with one hand and stopped them from merging before gaining enough strength to send them to opposite sides of loft, presumably knocking them out.

While the twins were on the ground, Jennifer confronted Kali over her glamoured appearance and used her telekinesis to lift the shards of glass of the broken skylight, hoping for Kali to apologize for her foul deeds and for leaving her for dead in the woods all those years ago, but this display of power only made Kali regret her decision of allowing her Emissary to live and the Alpha yelled that she should have ripped Jennifer's head off when she had the chance, infuriating Jennifer to the point that she launched all of the shards of glass into Kali's body in her rage, killing her.

She then set her sights on the terrified Lydia, but the twins were shown to have recovered to form Voltron-Wolf. They advanced toward Jennifer to protect Lydia but the Darach easily dodged their blow and snapped their neck over her shoulder, horrifying Lydia.

Jennifer scared Lydia to get her to scream and bring Derek and Cora back to the loft, which as successful. Jennifer justified that she killed Kali and the twins not only for both herself and Derek but anyone who had ever been a victim of the Alphas. Jennifer was frustrated when Derek continued to refuse to join her cause but convinced him to team up with her as her only living guardian, under the promise that she would free the guardians she kidnapped as long as Derek was with her. Although Cora warned her brother to not trust Jennifer, Kali's former Emissary asked Derek to help her fight Deucalion until the lunar eclipse started and stripped the Werewolves of their powers, promising one more time to free the parents if Derek remained by her side. Although still feeling betrayed and used by Jennifer but desiring to save Scott and the parents, Derek begrudgingly agreed to team up with her.

After Derek and Jennifer left, Cora and Lydia were preparing to leave to get help but they stopped in their tracks when the twins were shown returning to their individual bodies, leading them to realize they were still alive. They rushed them to the clinic and Deaton was sure he could save them as long as their bodies started healing on their own. He gave them some oxygen and some shots of epinephrine as Lydia and Cora looked concerned. After Jennifer was defeated by the combined efforts of Scott, Derek and Deucalion, Ethan and Aiden were shown to have survived their wounds and Aiden admitted to Lydia that he knew she liked him while Cora helped Ethan get to his feet.

Ethan and Aiden were last seen in the end of the episode, chatting with their respective love interests, Danny and Lydia, at the school.

In More Bad Than Good, the Twins are not Alphas anymore, but Scott seeks them out to learn how to control his werewolf side and not be afraid to unleash it when necessary.

In Galvanize, Ethan and Aiden attempt to join Scott's pack, but they are turned down. They help Scott and his pack find William Barrow.

In Illuminated, Aiden sets up a Halloween Party for Danny, trying to prove to Lydia that he is not a "bad guy". The twins are each subdued and marked by the Oni.

In Silverfinger, the twins try to gain Scott's favor by offering protection. It's put to the test when the Oni attack the McCall house.

In Letharia Vulpina, Ethan and Aiden help Scott find Stiles. They attack him and are forced off by Scott. Ethan tries to save Danny from a trap by tackling him and kissing him in the woods.

In Echo House, the twins help Scott retrieve a scroll that belonged to Silverfinger and brutally attack an opposing werewolf in the process.

In De-Void, Ethan says he and his brother may not stay in school. Ethan and Aiden are controlled by the Nogitsune and fight with Isaac, Allison, and Kira.

In Insatiable, when Ethan and Aiden are trying to find Lydia, they are shot at with bullets laced with wolfbane and are both hit several times. They are saved by Derek.

In The Divine Move, the twins want to run but Derek convinces them to stay and help Scott fight the Nogitsune. Aiden is killed by an Oni. Ethan cried and hold Aiden against him.

In Creatures of the Night, Lydia Martin attempted to escape from Eichen House in a flash-forward, fighting against the guards using newly learned combat skills and utilizing her Banshee scream as an offensive weapon. However, she was ultimately overpowered by a half-dozen guards outside of the building, who used taser wands to incapacitate her. Suddenly, Gabriel Valack, who had glamoured himself to look like Aiden, informed her that he was sorry, but that her treatment wasn't done yet. Still wearing Aiden's visage, Valack questioned Lydia on what she remembered prior to being attacked by Theo Raeken, but Lydia claimed she couldn't remember anything before weakly pointing out that she knew he wasn't Aiden, forcing Valack to take his true form.

In Parasomnia, Ethan and Aiden were referenced by Theo Raeken when he told Scott and Stiles the supposed story of how he became a Werewolf—he claimed that an Alpha attacked him and gave him the Bite while he was skateboarding in a neighbor's empty pool, but that before his first full moon, he ran into one of the Alpha's Betas, who told him that the Alpha and the rest of their pack had been killed by a pair of twins. It was implied that the twins were Ethan and Aiden, who were known for having become Alphas by turning into a merged extra-large Werewolf, though this story was eventually revealed to be a lie in Status Asthmaticus when the audience and the McCall Pack learned that Theo wasn't a real Werewolf at all, but was instead a part-Werewolf, part-Werecoyote Chimera.

In Werewolves of London, Ethan was shown to be living in London, England with Jackson Whittemore, where the two were in a romantic relationship and sharing a loft just a few blocks from Big Ben. While Ethan was waiting for Jackson to return so that they could attend a play Ethan had booked for them a year in advance, two British Hunters under the employ of Gerard Argent burst into their loft with a seemingly unconscious Jackson in tow. The Hunters wasted no time shooting Ethan in the chest with a dart full of purple wolfsbane, causing Ethan to cough a purple vapor and fall weakened to the floor.

When Ethan saw Jackson flick out his claws, Ethan smirked and remarked that they should have used yellow wolfsbane, because the purple doesn't work on Jackson due to the fact that he is still part-Kanima. He then watched in satisfaction as Jackson broke free of his restraints and began fending off the Hunters, his eyes glowing blue as he did so, though Ethan was upset about the destruction caused to the apartment in the process.

Later, the two interrogated the Hunters, where they revealed their method for dealing with situations like these—Jackson gets their targets talking, and Ethan listens to their heart rate to identify whether or not they are lying. They learned that the Hunters killed a pack of Werewolves in Epping Forest on Gerard's orders and that there was a war brewing in Beacon Hills, leading the two to decide to head back to Jackson's hometown to investigate further.

Upon their arrival to Beacon Hills, they ran into Tamora Monroe at the high school, where they inadvertently exposed themselves by trying to see if she knew where Scott McCall was. The two were then captured by Monroe and tortured in the Argent Arms International armory, though the two managed to also get information from her by once again talking to her and listening to her heart rate when they asked their questions.

In Broken Glass, Ethan was shown continuing to be tortured with electricity at the Argent Arms International armory in front of a crowd of newly recruited Hunters, which included Sydney, Nolan Holloway, and Gabe. While Tamora Monroe gave a rousing speech to the new Hunters, she stabbed Ethan in the side with an arrow before asking Nolan and Sydney to get him locked up in a cell. Just before Ethan lost consciousness from the electrocution and his injuries, he demanded to know what they did with Jackson.

In The Wolves of War, after Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin found Jackson Whittemore, who had just escaped his bindings, in Argent Arms International, the three found Ethan recovering in a cell. Ethan joined Jackson and Lydia in going to Beacon Hills High School to provide back-up to Scott McCall, Derek Hale, and Malia Tate in their search for the Anuk-ite. However, the three got split up once they sensed the Anuk-ite's presence, and Ethan ended up in the boy's locker room, where he inadvertently made eye contact with the ancient shapeshifter and was petrified into stone. The Anuk-ite then took the form of Ethan to cause Jackson to make eye contact with him and become petrified as well.

After Scott, with an assist from Stiles, defeated the Anuk-ite, Ethan and the others were returned to their normal form. When Jackson asked Ethan if it was all over, a Hunter appeared and was about to shoot the two Werewolves when suddenly, Coach Finstock appeared and knocked the Hunter out by beating him upon the head with a lacrosse stick. Ethan and Jackson then returned to London, where they continued the McCall Pack's work in finding orphaned supernatural creatures to join them, believing they could protect each other and defend innocents against Monroe's Army.


Aiden was an aggressive person who did whatever he could to survive and who had a very quick temper. If Aiden had his way, he would kill any potential threat so that they could not come after him later, and he was very prone to the Werewolf version of the phrase "shoot first and ask questions later." When he finally gained Alpha status after years of being at the mercy of their ruthless pack, Aiden took advantage of his new-found power and used it to dominate those around him as best as he could as a way to compensate for the powerlessness he had felt up to this point, though he was still one of the lowest-ranking members of the Alpha Pack. However, his romantic relationship with Lydia Martin eventually showed a softer side to him, as he never once used his power or authority over her and was very respectful toward her wishes, demonstrating that he was capable of being compassionate and kind.

Ethan, like his twin Aiden, was an aggressive person who did whatever was necessary to survive. However, Ethan has never seemed to possess the quick temper and impulsive nature that his brother Aiden displayed frequently. Also like Aiden, Ethan enjoyed taking advantage of his new-found Alpha powers by dominating those around him to compensate for the powerlessness he felt as an Omega, carrying out Deucalion's every violent order, even if it was an act with which he disagreed. However, after he went undercover as a student at Beacon Hills High School, he slowly began to become a more sensitive person, especially after he started a romantic relationship with Danny Mahealani. This led him to be the first member of the Alpha Pack to start questioning his orders, especially when he started to get to know the members of what would become the McCall Pack.

Upon learning that Deucalion lied about Derek killing Ennis and had really killed Ennis himself, Ethan defected from the Alpha Pack entirely and instead went to the McCall Pack for help in stopping Aiden and Kali from killing Derek.

Both Ethan and Aiden's association with the McCall Pack helped them to grow into more selfless and compassionate people who were willing to put their life on the line for their friends. In fact, Aiden ended up meeting his death while in a battle with an Oni demon to buy the pack time to defeat the Nogitsune, and though he gave up his life, he was able to kill the Oni in the process, proving to all who knew him that he did have the potential to be a hero.

Physical Appearance[]

Ethan and Aiden are both lean and muscular young men of medium stature, with slightly tanned white skin, reddish-brown hair, and hazel eyes, though Ethan is slightly taller and leaner than his twin, Aiden, though just as muscular. The twins preferred dressing in trendy clothing, choosing designer jeans, v-neck t-shirts in various colors, black leather jackets, and motorcycle boots.

Powers and Abilities[]

The twins possess all the standard powers and abilities of an Omega-level Werewolf, including superhuman physical attributes such as strength, speed, agility, durability, and senses; the ability to shapeshift into a partially-lupine form that includes glowing blue eyes, fangs, claws, a ridged brow, and mutton chops; the ability to absorb pain from living creatures such as animals, humans, and other supernaturals; and animal instincts such as tracking and the ability to assert dominance over other canine creatures such as dogs.

As for Alphas, they also possessed the ability to merge into an extra-large Werewolf, an Alpha roar that could force creatures of lower rank to transform, and the ability to turn a human into a were-creature through a bite or a scratch, though this could also kill the human in question in some cases. Finally, they also could inflict wounds on lower-ranking supernatural creatures that would take longer to heal than normal wounds. These powers were lost when their Alpha form's body was killed by Jennifer Blake.


Ethan and Aiden possess all the standard weaknesses associated with werewolves, which includes wolfsbane, mountain ash, electricity, the modified canine distemper virus, and the lichen known as letharia vulpina. After getting their neck snapped by Jennifer Blake, the twins lost not only their alpha spark but their ability to merge as well. This made them weaker and more vulnerable to attack.



  • MV Agusta F3 motorcycle


  • Ethan: Ethan is the English form of the Hebrew given name איתן, (Eitan), meaning "firm," "solid," "strong," "enduring," and "long-lived," all of which are fitting names for a powerful werewolf who possesses an extended lifespan. Ethan was the name of a wise man in the Old Testament and became a common given name in the English-speaking word after the Protestant Reformation
  • Aiden: Aiden is an Anglicized version of the Irish given name Aodhán and the Scottish Gaelic given name Aodhàn, which can be masculine or feminine. The personal name Aodh means "fiery" or "bringer of fire" and was the name of a Celtic sun god, making it also a fitting name for the character Aiden, whose personality was certainly fiery. The variations Aydan, Aydin, or Aden are all more common with Turkish or Arabic origins and have different pronunciations. Its popularity is reflected in the occurrence of similar-sounding names in English such as Braeden, Caden, Hayden, and Jaden. Other Gaelic variations of this name include Áed, Áedán, Áedh (Ancient Irish); Áed, Aodh, Áedán, Aodhán (Irish mythology); Aidan, Aodh, Aodhán, Aodhagán, Edan, Iagan (Scottish).


  • With the death of Deucalion in the series finale, Ethan is the sole survivor of the Alpha Pack
  • Both Ethan and Aiden had love interests in Season 3 (Danny Mahealani and Lydia Martin, respectively)
  • Aiden returned for one episode after Season 3, though he was only shown as a glamour/hallucination in Creatures of the Night.
  • Aiden and Ethan, are the only twins introduced in the series thus far.
  • In an interesting twist, Aiden's actor, Max Carver, was in a relationship with Holland Roden, who plays Aiden's girlfriend Lydia Martin on the show for 3 years.
  • Ethan is one of several LGBT+ characters in the Teen Wolf series, including Danny MahealaniCaitlin, EmilyMason Hewitt, Corey and Brett Talbot.
  • Ethan's current whereabouts were unknown since he left Beacon Hills following the death of his twin brother Aiden in Season 3's The Divine Move until season 6B when it was revealed Ethan had been in London.
  • Though the twins' last name was not revealed in the series, Will Wallace, one of the writers of the series, said on Twitter that their last name is Steiner. He also said the full names of the twins. Ethan Conrad Steiner and Aiden Jacob Steiner. Source


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