Extra-Sensory Perception, commonly shortened to ESP is a psychic based supernatural ability. ESP is basically a hub for most psychic based powers such as clairvoyance. Gabriel Valack seemingly naturally possessed this power and even had a literal third eye, he was also able to alter the perceptions of others by effectively using Illusion Casting as a sub section of his ESP. Gabriel was also able to see the certain events happening.

When Dr. Valack drilled into Lydia's head with a procedure known as trephination, her banshee abilities were temporarily heightened to such a powerful degree that she could have full sensory visions of whatever information she was seeking, though they did have to have at least be slightly connected to death. However, the strength of her power was actually very painful to her due to the fact that she heard the screams of every dying person in the world all at once, which caused her to Banshee wail multiple times; these wails shattered windows, cracked mirrors, crumbling walls, and even burst one of Stiles Stilinski's eardrums, as well as shattering half of Valack's skull with her scream. This heightened power was actually slowly killing Lydia and the hol in her skull had to plugged with herbs to prevent her death. When her powers were heightened she was able to do the following:

  • Retrocognition: Lydia was able to use ESP to go back to the night that Theo let his sister die through a highly realistic vision. In the vision, Lydia walked through the creek where his sister died until she finally found her, allowing her to look at the young girl's chest and find that her heart was removed. These visions are like walking through a movie, where she can pause and focus on specific things in minute detail, even despite the fact that she never experienced this event when it happened.
  • Clairvoyance: Lydia was able to see a vision of Theo and his Chimera Pack invading Eichen House to come capture her in the present, despite the fact that she was not physically anywhere near them at the time.
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