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Flashbacks and Flashfowards are a visual technique in order to show past or future history in a series. Teen Wolf uses a great deal of flashbacks and flashforwards to add further backstory or to incite excitement at upcoming events in the series' timeline. These flashbacks or flashforwards may also be in the form of dreams, hallucinations, or premonitions.

Flashbacks[edit | edit source]

In Pack Mentality, Scott McCall, after having a dream that he killed Allison Argent after losing control over his Werewolf transformation, became concerned when he arrived at school to find that the bus driver, Garrison Myers, had been viciously mauled in the same bus and manner he dreamed about, leading him to worry that he was the one who harmed him. When Derek Hale, a fellow Werewolf, encouraged him to use his heightened senses in order to remember what happened, Scott took his advice and returned to the scene of the crime, where he experienced flashbacks to the previous evening. These flashbacks revealed to Scott that he was not Garrison's attacker; it was the mysterious new Alpha Werewolf who attacked Garrison, and Scott had merely been unconsciously drawn out of bed and to the bus by his Alpha Roar. Instead of attacking Garrison as Peter wanted in a sort of pack initiation, Scott got between them and protected the bus driver, getting his chest clawed up in the process. In Co-Captain, Peter Hale, who had just been revealed as the Alpha Werewolf who gave Scott McCall the Bite, approached Scott with his nephew Derek Hale to try to convince Scott to be a member of their pack. In order to convince Scott that the people he was killing deserved it due to their role in the decimation of the Hale Family, Peter performed the memory manipulation ritual on Scott, sharing with him the memories he had of the Hale House Fire. The force of the flashbacks caused Scott to fall to the floor as his mind flooded with memories. The flashbacks showed the Hale House on fire, with Peter trapped in the basement along with several other family members, their hands frantically waving through the bars of the basement's window. The scene then cut to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where Peter, with third-degree burns on 75% of his body, including the right side of his face and head, had his injuries treated. He was seen roaring in pain as he was given a shower, and then again in a coma in his hospital, with Peter finally beginning to regain consciousness as a result of the full moon in January 2011.

In Omega, flashbacks from between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2 were seen of Scott McCall and Allison Argent making out in Allison's car in a field on the outskirts of town. In the midst of their romantic interlude, Allison's father, Chris Argent, appeared and broke the passenger window to pull Scott out of the car. He went on to pin Scott to the hood of the car and pull a gun on him, aiming the gun at Scott's head. Allison, distraught and afraid that he would kill her first love, desperately pleaded with her father to spare his life; in the end, Argent agreed to let him live, but only if Allison promised to never see or speak to him again, a deal Allison instantly agreed to honor, though she and Scott would later renege on this deal in favor of continuing their relationship in secret. In Fury, several flashbacks pertaining to Matt Daehler and how he became the master of Jackson Whittemore, who became a Kanima after receiving the Bite from Derek Hale. In the first flashback, Matt was seen at the Whittemore House, where he was dropping off a camera that Jackson requested to borrow; though Jackson's comments about needing a camera that could film in "low light" leading Matt to initially believe he was filming pornography, Jackson actually intended to borrow it to film his first transformation on that night's full moon, as he thought he would become a Werewolf. The second flashback was of Matt as a child, seen from his perspective; in the flashback, he was unwittingly thrown into the swimming pool at the Lahey House where Mr. Lahey, the coach of the Beacon Hills High School swim team, was holding a party following the team's win at the championship. Matt had been at the house hanging out and trading comic books with Isaac Lahey, but when they made their way outside to see what was going on, they found the team drinking and hooking up in the pool. With the team drunk and acting impulsively, they through Matt into the pool despite his pleas that he didn't know how to swim. Matt nearly drowned to death, but was saved with CPR by Mr. Lahey, who furiously threatened Matt into never telling anyone about what happened there. The event apparently caused Matt to have post-traumatic stress to the point where he jumped at the chance to use a Kanima, a supernatural weapon of vengeance, to kill those he believed were responsible for "killing" him. In Master Plan, a flashback to early in Lydia Martin and Jackson Whittemore's relationship was seen after Lydia gave Jackson, in Kanima form, back his spare key. In the flashback, Lydia and Jackson were cuddling post-sex in Jackson's bed when he offered her the key to his home so that she could come over whenever she wanted; Lydia assumed it was to make it easier for their "booty-calls," but Jackson denied this as he cuddled up behind her.

In Chaos Rising, after Isaac Lahey's memories of scouting out a possible location of where his packmates Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd were being held hostage by the Alpha Pack were stolen, the Beacon Hills Werewolves and their allies began trying to figure out how to restore them. First, Derek Hale enlisted the help of Peter Hale, who performed the Werewolf Memory Manipulation ritual on him by piercing Isaac's spine with his claws in order to try to see what Isaac learned. However, since the Alphas had stolen the memories, only a very faint imprint of what happened could be seen, as well as what appeared to be a fake memory implanted as a misdirect. In this vague flashback, Isaac was seen breaking into the First National Bank, where the Alpha Pack were holding Boyd and Erica in the bank vault. Isaac was ultimately caught by Kali and Deucalion before the implanted memory took effect, causing Peter to believe that Deucalion planned to kill the two Werewolves on the upcoming full moon, which would occur the following night. When this failed to give them the details they needed, the packs then went to the Druid Alan Deaton, who then began to assist them in recovering the rest of Isaac's memories by performing an ice bath ritual and walking Isaac's subconscious through the events at the Alpha Pack's hideout. In these flashbacks, Isaac was seen walking through the First National Bank, being caught by Deucalion and Kali, and briefly seeing Erica Reyes' dead body in a closet near the vault before they took his memories of the event. In Fireflies, Allison Argent was in the Look-Out point of Beacon Hills Preserve and remembered her conversation a few hours earlier with Scott McCall when they were in the vault of First National Bank. Scott had finally admitted to Allison that her mother Victoria Argent had attempted to kill him in Season 2 episode Raving after she found out that they were still dating. Although visibly upset for not having known the truth earlier, Allison maintained herself calm and asked him why he did not tell her the truth sooner. Scott attempted to evade the question by reminding her that he and Derek Hale had to catch the moon-starved Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale, whom they had just freed from the vault, but Allison insisted in knowing why. Scott muttered that he could not tell her-- he could not let Allison remember her mother as a murderer. Their conversation was interrupted by the return of a disturbed-looking Derek, who had found Erica Reyes' lifeless body in a supply closet of the bank and was carrying it in his arms as he stared at it continously. After leaving Erica's body in an unknown place, Allison, Derek and Scott left the bank to hunt and catch Boyd and Cora before they could hurt and/or kill innocent people under the influence of the full moon.

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The flashbacks in Frayed occurred in a non-linear fashion due to the episode's theme of being anachronistic. This passage will put the flashback scenes into chronological order to make it easier to understand. Because the episode is almost completely composed of flashbacks, this section will be longer than most.

In Frayed, those involved in the battle between the Beacon Hills Werewolves and the Alpha Pack at the Abandoned Mall experienced flashbacks to the previous night's events while on the road for a cross-country meet.

The first involved Scott McCall, who had found an arrow behind the high school after they finally rangled the out-of-control Vernon Boyd and Cora Hale the previous evening. The next day, Scott went to the Argent Apartment to confront Allison Argent about it, where she immediately tried to deny her involvement by suggesting it could belong to someone on the archery team. However, Scott pointed out that their school didn't have an archery team, and even if they did, they wouldn't use military-grade armor-piercing titanium arrowheads like the arrow in his hand. He went on to bring up the fact that he was under the impression that she and her father Chris Argent had made a deal to stay out of the supernatural world, leading Allison to ask if he had come all the way to her apartment to tell her to stay out of it.

Scott awkwardly stated that he wasn't, but Allison retorted that she can take care of herself. Scott didn't disagree with Allison, but reminded her that the Alpha Pack is terrifying and are stronger than anything they've ever faced. Allison argued that Scott, too, is pretty strong and she was able to handle him, leading the two to begin debating each other on who was more equipped to handle the Alphas—Allison had skills and training, a gift for archery, and intelligence, while Scott had superhuman strength, claws, and super speed.

The debate eventually devolved into a play fight, with Allison blocking all of Scott's pulled punches but ultimately losing when he twisted her arm behind her back, though he immediately regretted it when she insisted he had made her point. Scott glumly warned her that the Alpha twins were just messing with them at school and that the others wouldn't be. He then added that he wasn't telling her because he didn't think she could "kick his ass" if she wanted to, he was telling her because the Alphas scared the hell out of them and should scare her, too.

In the next flashback, Scott had left Allison's apartment and entered the elevator when he was joined by Deucalion, the leader of the Alpha Pack. Scott immediately flicked out his claws in anticipation for a fight, but Deucalion scoffed and retorted that he would have to be deaf, blind, and quadriplegic for Scott to be a threat to him. He went on to add that Scott could perhaps rise to the occasion and become an Alpha by killing one, but Scott replied that he wasn't like him and didn't need to kill people. Deucalion cryptically responded that there may be a change in circumstances where Scott may have to go again his beliefs and kill someone to protect someone else. Understanding the threat in his words, Scott asked Deucalion if he came here just to threaten him, but Deucalion revealed that he lived in the building, remarking that the neighbors were "surprisingly friendly" in an assumed threat against the Argents. When Scott asked what he was after, Deucalion informed him that he wanted to know what he was made of before Scott left the elevator.

After his run-in with Deucalion, Scott went straight to Derek's loft to warn the Hale Pack about what he had learned, only to find Derek, Peter, Cora, and Boyd already there and concocting a plan. When Derek remarked that they already knew where the Alphas were staying due to Boyd and Cora following the twins home one day, Scott realized that Deucalion wanted them to know where he was, and Peter corrected him by stating that it was more likely that they simply didn't care. Scott finally noticed that the whole pack was already gathered and asked what they were doing, and Peter responded that the "schemers were scheming" before Derek revealed that they were going up against the Alphas the next night and insisted that Scott help them.

Scott immediately protested against their plan and wondered aloud why all of their default plans were always murder and insisted that they couldn't win against a pack of Alphas, but Boyd and Cora argued that they weren't going for the whole pack, just Deucalion, as they believed if they cut the head off of the snake, the rest of the body (i.e. pack) would die. Peter argued that it was more like a Hydra than a snake, growing more heads when the original was cut off, and reluctantly agreed with Scott, though not without referring to him as "blandly moral."

In the next flashback, Scott went to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to seek guidance from his boss and mentor Alan Deaton, a Druid and unofficial emissary to his pack. Scott admitted that he didn't know what else to do—he was having no luck trying to get any of them to listen to him, and he wasn't sure if he should tell Derek that his plan would get them all killed. He went on to ask, "How do you save someone who doesn't wanna be saved? How do I stop them?" Deaton went on to smile and respond, "Don't stop them. Lead them."

Meanwhile, Allison approached her father Chris Argent in his office to try to convince him to join her in helping Derek and Scott with their battle against the Alpha Pack. Argent reminded her that he was in the process of getting his security consulting business up and running once again and that Allison needed to focus on graduating from high school, as they both agreed to "stay out of it" following the death of Victoria Argent, Allison's mother and Argent's wife.

Allison, remaining persistent, pointed out that there was an entire pack of Alphas going after her friends and asked how she was supposed to just stay out of it. Argent explained that in situations like this, they needed to utilize the "threading the needle" position—careful navigation between two opposing forces in order to stay safe. Allison scoffed and retorted that his plan sounded more like "saving your own ass." Argent, frustrated, countered that Derek and Scott weren't her family, but Allison shut down the conversation by remarking that, given all of the family she has lost, she could use a few more friends.

Scott ultimately decided he did not agree with Derek's plan to kill Deucalion and prepared to meet the leader of the Alphas on his own in hopes of coming to some kind of truce. Scott's foster brother Isaac Lahey saw him getting ready to leave the house on his motorcycle and insisted on coming along with him. Unfortunately, Derek had guessed that Scott would do exactly that, and decided to take advantage of Deucalion being alone by gathering the rest of his pack (with the exception of Peter, who seemingly opted out of the mission) outside of the mall in an attempted ambush.

However, Deucalion was one step ahead of them again, and instead of meeting with the two Betas alone, he had brought the rest of his pack as well. Overwhelmed by the shock, the meeting came to a standstill until Derek, as the Alpha, made the first move and rushed to fight Deucalion, only to end up in a fight with Kali, who protected Deucalion by kicking Derek in the head. Boyd and Cora went on to get into a fight with Ennis, and Isaac ignored Scott's pleas to stop by shifting into Werewolf form and facing off with Ethan and Aiden, who had just merged into their extra-large form. Scott, with no other choice, transformed as well and jumped in to help Isaac fight the twins, ultimately gaining a nasty set of gashes to his left side in the process.

Once everyone had been defeated by the Alphas, they turned their attention to Deucalion, who remained seated on the broken escalator during the battle. Wanting Derek to join their ranks, Deucalion gave him an ultimatum—if he killed Boyd, everyone else would be allowed to go free, as he believed once Derek killed one of his own Betas, he would happily kill the rest on his own to gain more power. Seeing Derek visibly struggling with the decision, Kali declared Derek to be a pathetic Alpha to a couple of "useless teenagers," and when Deucalion interjected that some had more promise than others, Kali stated that he needed to rise to the occasion and vowed to kill Derek's sister Cora if Derek refused to kill Boyd.

Just then, a flash-bang arrow flew across the room towards the twins before exploding with such force that the two involuntarily separated from each other and fell out of their merged form. Deucalion, whose blindness was caused by flash-bang arrows, warned everyone to shut their eyes to avoid the same fate, just as it was revealed that Allison Argent was there to back them up.

Now separated from the Alphas, the Beacon Hills wolves were able to tend to the very injured Boyd, moving him away from the fight before once again engaging in a battle with Deucalion's pack. Scott made a bee-line for Ennis, and the two tackled each other at such speed that the impact caused them to bounce off of each other and fly backward several meters. When Scott regained his footing, his eyes briefly glowed red before returning to their normally-gold color. He rushed over toward Derek, who was evenly matched in battle with Ennis, and though his injuries prevented him from assisting with his full force, he was able to slash open the tendons behind his shins with his claws. As Derek intended, Ennis lost his balance and fell backward off of an exposed ledge; however, Ennis pulled Derek right along with him, and the both of them landed on the escalator below.

In Visionary, two different but connected flashbacks are seen through stories told by Gerard Argent and Peter Hale; the former involved the events that spawned the Alpha Pack, and the latter involved the events that caused Derek Hale's Werewolf eyes to turn from gold to blue, both of which occurred in the early 2000s.

In Gerard's story, he and his son Chris Argent were hunting in the Beacon Hills Preserve in search for a Beta who had killed one of their fellow Hunters. The Beta, who was a member of Ennis's original pack, had just come upon the teenage Derek in the woods when the Argents shot the Beta through the throat with an arrow; Derek was only able to flee unharmed due to the arrival of the then-young-adult Peter who rescued him before the two hid in the root cellar under the Nemeton, though they had no idea of the tree's mystical power.

Later on, Chris and Gerard stumbled upon the root cellar, only to find it completely empty of people. Gerard saw the five-fold knot painted on the roots of the tree and asked what it meant, leading Chris to explain that the tree was known as a Nemeton, a sacred meeting place for the Celtic Druids which symbolized the World Tree. At some point afterward, the Argents took the Beta they captured to the Abandoned Distillery, where they tortured the young wolf by tearing out his claws before finally killing him by cutting his body in half.

After the body was disposed of and the site cleaned up, the Hunters vacated the premises. The distillery then became the meeting place for four Werewolf packs in the area to gather and discuss current events-- Deucalion's original pack, Kali's original pack, Ennis' original pack, and the Hale Pack, led by renowned Alpha and community leader Talia Hale and her daughter Laura, who was being groomed to succeed her as leader of the pack. The meeting began once Talia arrived, in her full-wolf form, before returning to her human form.

Ennis started the meeting by informing the others about what had been done to his Beta, emphasizing the brutality by which they tortured him right where they were standing, only one night earlier. Kali, unaffected by this story, asked him why she should care about a Beta killed in someone else's pack, only for Laura to remind her that Hunters, and especially the Argents, don't discern between packs—to them, all wolves are the same. Deucalion, concerned, interjects that the Argents do discern motives and asked Ennis what his Beta did to incur their wrath.

It was then that Deucalion's Beta, Marco, spoke up and revealed that Ennis' "naive Beta" killed one of the Argent's Hunters. When Deucalion asked Ennis if this was true, Ennis insisted that it was an accident and that he didn't intend to kill the Hunter. This information seemed to change things for Deucalion, but Talia pointed out that it was Ennis' right to seek vengeance for the death of his Beta, as they, like the Hunters, also adhere to rituals that are thousands of years old. Deucalion argued that this was no excuse for evolving and insisted that the violence would beget more violence.

Ennis, frustrated by this argument, reminded Deucalion that the Hunters yanked out his Beta's claws, one by one, which he did not believe was "evolving." He then flicked out his own claws, and Deucalion, knowing what was about to happen, pleaded with Ennis to reconsider, adding, "Don't make us part of a historical cliche. With two such powers, it never ends at an eye for an eye. A skirmish becomes a war, a murder becomes a massacre... And we end up no better than our enemies." However, Ennis ignored him and used his claws to scratch a large spiral into the corrugated metal wall, which was the Werewolf symbol for revenge.

The next day, Ennis went to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, where his Beta's body had been taken to the morgue for autopsy. When he became aggressive, the staff called then-Deputy Noah Stilinski to help deescalate the situation. Ennis insisted that he had the right to both halves of his body, but Stilinski patiently reminded him that the death of friend was part of a homicide investigation and that, regardless of how close the two were, he was not related to Ennis by blood.

Meanwhile, Deucalion, sensing that a war was brewing between the California packs and the Argent Hunters, decided to try to stop it before it started by organizing a peace summit between the two sides. Deucalion and Talia sought out Talia's Druid Emissary Alan Deaton for advice in how to best proceed with this plan. Deaton admitted that while he admired Deucalion's willingness to accept an olive branch, he wasn't positive that it would be welcomed by the Hunters. Talia added that she wasn't sure Gerard Argent was the one to accept it, but when Deaton assumed that she meant that the Argents have matriarchal leadership, Talia clarified that she meant that Gerard was a "complete psychopath" who "cuts people in half with a broadsword."

Deucalion was shocked that Talia and Deaton had so little faith in people and asked if they thought Gerard wasn't concerned with the deaths he's sustained on his own side in this war. In response to this optimism on Deucalion's part, Deaton told him the story of The Scorpion and the Frog—the scorpion asked the frog to carry him across the river, and when the frog voiced his concern that he would sting him, the scorpion assured him he wouldn't because then they both would drown. However, when they were halfway across the river, the scorpion stung the frog, and when the frog asked why he did that, the scorpion said "It's my nature." Deaton then compared Gerard to the scorpion, as his nature is to hunt them. Talia, knowing that Deucalion would do this with or without their support, advised him to meet Gerard on neutral ground and to not go alone, leading Deucalion to smile and reply, "I'm an Alpha-- I never walk alone."

The next day, Deucalion and two of his Betas went back to the Abandoned Distillery where Gerard and two of his fellow Hunters were waiting for them. The Werewolves were immediately unnerved when Gerard made a parallel between their meeting and the purpose of a distillery, which is meant to separate two substances by pushing them into their different volatile states.

When Deucalion made it known that "volatile" was the state he was actively trying to avoid, Gerard retorted that the meeting would then come as a big disappointment. He then set off Wolfsbane vapor, which not only weakened the wolves, but also Gerard's Hunters; Gerard, however, protected himself by injecting an antidote into his leg to prevent him from being poisoned by the gas. While all the others were on their hands and knees, coughing from the effects from the gas, Gerard grabbed a baseball bat with Werewolf claws embedded in it and used it not only to kill Deucalion's Betas, but also his own men, informing the weakened Deucalion that they wanted peace as well and implying that this was why he turned on them; the use of this weapon would later support Gerard's claims that it was the wolves who ambushed the Hunters.

Deucalion desperately tried to crawl away from the chaos upon realizing that there was no saving his comrades, only to be flipped onto his back by Gerard. Deucalion pleaded with the veteran Hunter to spare him, insisting that he had a vision of peace between their communities. Gerard, however, joked that Deucalion's vision was "short-sighted" before plunging a flash-bang arrow into each of his eyes, causing him excruciating pain as the arrowheads exploded in his eye sockets. Days later, Deucalion, Talia, and Marco went to Deaton to check on his eyes, but Deaton sadly informed him that while his eyes physically healed, he would likely never regain his eyesight. Deucalion, devastated by this news, asked everyone to leave the room so he could process what he had just learned.

Talia and Deaton did as they were asked, but Marco stayed behind, and even without his sight, he could still sense his Beta lingering and demanded that he leave him alone. Marco, however, thought Deucalion's blindness would make it easy for him to kill his Alpha and steal his powers and attempted to attack him. Unfortunately for Marco, he underestimated Deucalion's strength and was ultimately attacked to death by Deucalion, who realized two things—the first being that he could see when he was in his Werewolf form, though it was tinted red and not as clear as his usual eyesight, and the second being that killing his own Beta caused him to steal his power and add it to his own, making him more powerful. It was the latter discovery that led Deucalion to kill the rest of his Betas and take their strength before starting the Alpha Pack and recruiting Alphas who did the same, never wanting to be defeated like he was against Gerard ever again.

The second story that was told by Peter Hale to Cora Hale and Stiles Stilinski involved then-teenage Derek Hale and the reason why he had blue eyes as a Beta. During the same period of time as the Werewolf summit and the battle between Gerard and Deucalion, Derek was goofing off with his friends in one of the Beacon Hills High School hallways when Paige Krasikeva, a classmate who was trying to practice her cello in the music room, got annoyed with the basketball they were bouncing distracting her and went out to ask them to stop. Derek, wanting to show off in front of his friends, stated they would stop if she could get the ball from her, but Paige, who was embarrassed when she was unable to do it the first time, rolled her eyes and went back to her music.

Derek, feeling guilty about bullying her, went into the music room to apologize and ask her what her name is. Paige irritably reminded him that she was trying to practice, and when Derek continued to insist, she made him a deal—if Derek could play one instrument in the room, then she would tell him her name. Derek took the challenge and after looking at all the various musical instruments, decided to pick up a triangle, which he dinged with a metal stick with a smug look on his face. It was clear that Paige felt that he cheated, but she held up her end of their bargain and told him her name. However, when Derek attempted to introduce himself to her, she cut him off and informed him that she already knew his name.

Despite their rough first encounter, the two ultimately began to develop feelings for each other and eventually started a romantic relationship. According to Peter, he and Derek were best friends at that time, and one night, Peter followed Derek and Paige to the Abandoned Distillery, which was one of their main hook-up spots. While there, Paige asked Derek why he liked her, and when he asked what she thought the answer was, she admitted that she honestly believed that he liked her because she didn't like him at first. Derek correctly guessed that this meant that she was now afraid that now that Derek knew she liked him, he was going to stop liking her.

Derek had just asked her "What if I never stop liking you" when he suddenly paused and sniffed the air, frowning at whatever he was sensing. When Paige asked him what was wrong, he cryptically replied that something had happened there because he caught the scent of blood. He then heard footsteps approaching and became concerned enough to insist that they needed to leave. Sure enough, once they had rushed out of the back of the distillery, the Werewolves arrived for their summit with Talia Hale and began discussing Ennis' Beta, who had been tortured by the Argent Hunters.

The next day at school, Derek came to watch Paige practice playing Ave Maria on her cello. When she noticed him in the doorway, she asked him what he was staring at, and he smiled before retorting that he wasn't staring, he was listening. He then sat next to her and asked if he was distracting her, but Paige assured him she had laser-like focus. Paige went back to playing, only for Derek to start kissing her, breaking her focus on her music; Paige jokingly said that she hated him, but Derek maintained that she really loved him.

At lunch, Paige was sitting by herself, eating while working on her homework, while Derek sat with his friends. After a moment, his uncle Peter came to visit him under the guise of making sure that he didn't have a Hunter aiming a crossbow at his throat. He became curious when he saw Paige not sitting with Derek and asked him if she had any friends, leading Derek to inform him that she did, but that she liked to study during lunch and she was not a fan of his friends. Peter laughed and agreed with her, referring to his friends as "hormonal half-wits" before stating that Paige was perfect for Derek, adding "Perfect combinations are rare in an imperfect world."

It was then that Peter began manipulating Derek, planting the seeds of concern in his mind when he brought up what could potentially happen if Paige found out he was a Werewolf. Derek insisted that she didn't have to find out, but Peter pointed out that they always do, especially when the throes of romance cause the claws, fangs, and glowing eyes come out. Peter then suggested the best way to make sure they could be together forever—to turn Paige into a Werewolf as well.

Derek was not in agreement with this plan at first, but when Peter reminded him that the central Californian packs were all there for the summit, meaning more Alphas would be in town than ever before. Since Peter knew Talia would never do it, he suggested that they get Ennis to give her the Bite instead, especially considering he had just lost a Beta and needed a replacement, and he was under the impression that doing it would earn favor with Talia. He assured Derek that after one little bite, Paige would be stronger, healthier, and more youthful, and she would also be able to protect herself. Finally, Peter pointed out that the Bite is a gift, which ultimately caused Derek to get on board with the plan.

Paige was lured to the high school that night with a note from Derek asking to meet her there. Derek hid in the boys locker room while using his superhuman hearing to listen as Ennis appeared and began to attack her. However, her cries for help ultimately caused him to change his mind, and he showed up partially-transformed in a misguided effort to save her. Unfortunately for them both, Derek, a young Beta, was easily bested by the older and more experienced Alpha, and by the time Derek intervened, Paige had already been bitten. It soon became clear that Paige was rejecting the bite due to the blackened blood pouring from her wounds, nose, and mouth.

Not knowing what else to do, Derek brought Paige to the root cellar in the nature preserve to try to tend to her injuries. Derek, still holding out hope that he could save her, used his powers to try to take her pain, but the blackened veins in his arms simply flowed back into hers. When Derek apologized to her for everything, Paige replied, "I knew," much to his confusion. She went on to say that she thought she knew right after she told him her name, and that she had seen things in town that no one could explain, and she noticed things about Derek, like how he would say things like he "caught a scent" or could hear things no one else could hear. Derek, stunned by this confession, replied, "And you still liked me?", leading Paige to admit that she loved him, devastating him to know that this was all for nothing.

The pain then became unbearable for Paige, and she asked Derek if she was going to die, though she seemed to already know the answer. As the pain worsened, she cried out in pain and told him that she couldn't take the pain any longer, begging him to end her suffering. Derek, overwhelmed with guilt, continued to say "I'm sorry" over and over again until he partially transformed to utilize his superhuman strength and break her spine, killing her instantly. He then broke down sobbing from guilt and grief while Peter took Paige's body from his arms and placed it in the Beacon Hills Preserve, where the animals would feed on her body and she would become the latest in a long line of deaths from animal attacks.

Derek remained in the root cellar for hours until his mother Talia came to find him sitting at the roots of the Nemeton with his eyes squeezed shut. He admitted that he did something terrible, and Talia simply stated that she knew, waiting for Derek to tell her about it instead of prying. When he informed her that his eyes were different, she assured him that, while that may be true, they're still beautiful, just like the rest of him. Talia tilted Derek's face upward toward her, and when he opened his eyes, the irises were glowing bright blue instead of their original gold color.

In The Overlooked, Jennifer Blake, who was revealed to be the Dark Druid Darach commiting human sacrifices in Beacon Hills, was brought to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital by Derek Hale, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski to rescue Derek's younger sister Cora Hale, who had been poisoned with mistletoe by Jennifer in order to coerce Derek into joining her in taking down the Alpha Pack, but they ended up stuck in the hospital with the Alphas, who seeked to kill Jennifer before she destroyed them. When Derek and Jennifer became stuck at an elevator due to the power being cut off, Jennifer revealed to him her reasons for being so obsessed with killing Deucalion and the other Alphas while Kali shared with Deucalion her connection with Jennifer in the hospital's morgue.

Jennifer revealed that her real name was Julia Baccari and she used to be the Emissary to Kali's previous pack until Deucalion started creating the Alpha Pack and invited Kali to join him. While Kali killed her Betas without a second thought, she did not want to kill Jennifer because they had such a great relationship and she considered her Emissary "harmless". In the flashback, Jennifer/Julia was seen laying on the ground of Beacon Hills Preserve, with her face and body covered with claw gashes, while Kali was seen over her body with blood splattered over her face before she looked at her Emissary with a look that indicated guilt and remorse. Back in the present, Kali explained to Deucalion that she was torn between finishing Jennifer off and letting her have a more "merciful" death but she ultimately left her for dead instead of delivering the killing blow, which ultimately turned out to be a bad choice.

In the next flashback, Jennifer/Julia was crawling toward the Nemeton of Beacon Hills with all of her strength while Jennifer narrated the following-- " For years, the Nemeton's power was virtually gone, like the dying ember of a burned-out fire. But, a few months earlier, something happened that caused that ember to glow a little brighter. Something that gave it a spark of power again-- the sacrifice of a virgin." That spark turned out to be a result of Derek sacrificing his teenage girlfriend Paige Krasikeva in the roots of the Nemeton after she rejected Ennis' Bite. It was this spark of power that allowed Jennifer to hold on to life long enough to be found by then-deputy Noah Stilinski and his fellow deputies and taken to the hospital to recover. Since then, she became furious and vowed to make Deucalion, Kali and the rest of the Alpha Pack pay for leaving her unrecognizable and teach them that their actions against the human race would never be overlooked, though this plan involved sacrificing trios of humans, whom were all oblivious to the supernatural, and went so far as to tell that all the people that she had been killing were voluntarily giving her the power necessary to take down the Alphas.

In Silverfinger,

In The Fox and the Wolf,

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In Creatures of the Night, flashforwards to the events of The Sword and the Spirit were shown. In these flashforwards, Lydia, who was in a catatonic state in Eichen House, went through the motions of getting showered and returned to her room, during which time the scar from a long, thin laceration was seen on her side. Her nurse, Nurse Cross, became so annoyed by what she believed was Lydia faking her catatonia that she instructed the orderly, Schrader, to give her Haldol. Schrader demonstrated sadistic traits as he continually stuck Lydia with syringe needles under the guise of needing to find a vein, though every attempt was successful. Just as he was about to insert the needle in her carotic artery, Lydia awoke with such force that she sat up and Banshee screamed, the force of which threw Schrader across the room and knocked him out as well as causing all of the light bulbs around her to explode. Lydia then quickly rushed out of her room and began using her newly-learned fighting skills in conjunction with the concussive force of her scream to fight through all of the guards. She made it all the way to the steps at the front entrance when she was suddenly overwhelmed by a half-dozen security guards with high-powered taser wands and was incapacitated. Gabriel Valack, using his Glamouring powers to make himself look like Lydia's ex-boyfriend Aiden Steiner in order to ensure that she complied. At the end of the episode, more flashfowards were seen, this time involving Valack's time questioning Lydia on what had happened prior to her entering her catatonic state. Lydia insisted that she couldn't remember, even though her head was flooding with flashbacks from the events of the first half of the season, and when Valack was unable to get any information from her, he used a drill to perform trephination on her to amplify her Banshee powers, and, by extension, increasing her Extra-Sensory Perception. In The Last Chimera, flashfowards to the events occurring between the end of The Sword and the Spirit and the beginning of Amplification, just after Gabriel Valack performed trephination on Lydia Martin in Eichen House in an effort to amplify her Banshee powers, were shown. Valack questioned Lydia on what she was seen in a flashback-premonition in how it affected them in this future time; specifically, he was concerned with how and why the Dread Doctors chose Theo Raeken as their first Chimera and what caused them to change their process of making Chimeras after Theo was transformed into a Werecoyote/Werewolf hybrid. Lydia's vision eventually led the two to figure out that the Dread Doctors appreciated Theo's killer instinct, even as a child, and used the fact that Theo had no problem allowing his sister Tara to die in order for the Dread Doctors harvest her heart and transplant it into Theo to give him genetic chimerism. When Valack wondered aloud if Scott McCall and the others had figured it out yet and would be coming for her, Lydia informed him that someone was coming, but it wasn't Scott—it was actually Theo, his Chimera Pack. Josh Diaz made a comment about how Lydia didn't look good, and Corey Bryant retorted that having a hole in one's head wasn't a good look for anyone. Theo scoffed at the fact that they referred to Eichen House as a fine medical establishment before Valack, who was pinned to the wall by Tracy Stewart, insisted that they couldn't take Lydia, arguing that the Dread Doctors had no yet figured out how important she was to their final battle with the Beast of Gevaudan and that she would be safest there for the time being. Theo went on to inform Valack that he wasn't interested in a Banshee—what he was really interested in was a Hellhound. Just then, Jordan Parrish, whose body was under the control of Cerberus, the Hellhound spirit possessing him, appeared and used his pyrokinetic and thermokinetic powers to melt the gate to the closed unit.

In The Wolves of War, flashforwards to some point in the near future following the final battle between Tamora Monroe's Hunter Army, the Anuk-ite, and the McCall Pack and their allies were seen. Chris Argent and Scott McCall, after staying the night in a motel in Los Angeles, went downtown as part of their search to find and take in orphaned supernatural creatures. It was there that they found Alec, a young teenage boy who had been involuntarily bitten and turned into a Werewolf at age sixteen, just like Scott, and who had been shot in the leg by Hunters before Chris and Scott could save him. When Scott asked Alec what his story was and listened to his answer, Alec asked how Scott's story ended, leading the scene to cut back to the present day in the final battle against Monroe, Gerard Argent, and the Anuk-ite. Once the battle had ended, the scene cut back to the flash-forwards, where Scott and Chris arrived in Beacon Hills with Alec. Scott introduced Alec to Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, and Liam Dunbar, referring to them as both his friends and his pack before offering Alec a place in the pack as well. However, Scott informed him that he would need to fight against the Hunters who are still being led by Monroe. Alec glumly informed him that Monroe threatened to hunt him down and kill him and that she said he was a monster, leading Scott to repeat the same words he said to Liam Dunbar after he was turned-- "You're not a monster. You're a Werewolf-- like me." Scott and Alec then joined the rest of the pack and headed out to get to know one another.

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