Braeden: "No guards. No lights. This place looks totally abandoned."
Malia: "That should be easier for us, right?"
Braeden: "Not necessarily. Especially if she knows we're coming. You're sure this is the place you saw?"
Malia: "Unless there's another Fort Jewett..."
Braeden and Malia Tate about Fort Jewett in The Sword and the Spirit

Fort Jewett is a military base located in Beacon Hills that is used by the U.S. Army Corps. The large facility was first introduced in Season 5, when it was used as a hiding place for the Desert Wolf, where she held Alan Deaton hostage while she lured her daughter into a trap. It was also the site of one of the attacks by the Beast of Gevaudan following his resurrection by the Dread Doctors.

Notable Events Edit

  • Malia Tate, Braeden, and Theo Raeken tracked the Desert Wolf to Fort Jewett. ("The Sword and the Spirit")
    • Theo betrayed Braeden and Malia by stealing Braeden's shotgun and knocking her out with it before shooting Malia in the stomach.
    • Corinne gave Theo Belasko's talons as a reward for his help.
    • Corinne revealed that Talia Hale stole Malia from her before she could name her following her birth. She also revealed that Malia had inherited a portion of her Werecoyote powers at birth.
    • Corinne and Malia engaged in a fight, and just as Corinne was about to kill Malia, Deaton stopped her and warned her that doing so before the full moon would ruin Corinne's chances of taking back her power.
    • The Beast of Gevaudan interrupted the fight, and Malia, forced to choose between getting revenge by killing her biological mother or saving Deaton from the Beast, decided to rescue Deaton instead. She, Braeden, and Deaton then fled the base, while Corinne ran off in the other direction.

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