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"Someone needs to help them."
"Not us. I'm getting the consulting business back up and running, and you need to graduate. That's a normal life, and it's what we agreed to."
"So we just ignore it?"
"We stay out of it."
"There's a pack of Alphas trying to kill my friends. How do I stay out of it?"
"There's a saying for these kinds of situations, the kind you have to navigate carefully. It's called 'threading the needle.' It's finding a safe path between two opposing forces."
"Sounds like saving your own ass."
"They're not your family."
"With all the family that I've lost, I could use a few friends."

Frayed is the fifth episode of Season 5 and the twenty-ninth episode of Teen Wolf.


A preemptive strike against the Alphas leaves several injured and possibly dead.


The Beacon Hills cross-country team is heading to a cross-country meet aboard a bus, which Allison and Lydia are following to keep an eye on Scott. Scott is suffering from a nasty injury that isn't healing as a result of a preemptive strike on the Alphas the night before. The battle leaves everyone under the impression that Derek is dead, an outcome for which Scott feels responsible. The Alphas take a wounded Ennis to Deaton in hopes that the veterinarian can heal him. However, Deucalion kills Ennis and absorbs his power. Allison stitches up Scott's wound, allowing him to finally heal. Back in Beacon Hills, Jennifer is startled when a wounded Derek appears and passes out right next to her car.


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Guest Cast[]

  • Jeremiah Sutheim as Jared


  • This episode is the first in the series to use a non-linear timeline, with flashbacks scattered among the present-day scenes.
  • It is revealed in this episode that psychological turmoil such as survivor's guilt and grief can prevent a Werewolf from being able to access their accelerated healing ability, as Scott feels so guilty that Derek died that his wounds took over a day to begin to heal, and even then, Allison had to stitch him up in order to trigger the regenerative healing process.
  • Alan Deaton is somehow able to keep Kali from maintaining her transformation when she comes to the animal clinic with Marin Morrell, Aiden, and the gravely-injured Ennis. It is unknown if this was simply due to the mountain ash in the building, or if it was some sort of Druid mysticism.
    • The first time Deaton has demonstrated a supernatural-esque ability was in Code Breaker against Peter Hale, when he seemed to prevent a thrown chair from hitting him.
  • Stiles and Scott study for the PSATs on the way to their cross-country meet. However, they will not end up taking the exam until Season 4's Weaponized due to the extremely compacted timeline of the series.
  • Scott's eyes glow red for a brief moment in this episode, hinting his soon-to-be-revealed potential to become a True Alpha. The only other time Scott has demonstrated this phenomena as of this episode was in Season 1's Night School, when Peter Hale's Alpha roar caused Scott's eyes to briefly turn red.
    • Similarly, Scott yelling Isaac's name stopped him from continuing to beat Ethan, similar to how he stopped Isaac from transforming by roaring at him in Unleashed, as if he were Isaac's Alpha.
  • Victoria Argent appears in a hallucination Allison has while stressing over stitching Scott up. Victoria was last seen in a hallucination in Unleashed, and was last seen alive in Season 2's Party Guessed.
  • Deucalion kills the gravely-injured Ennis, but it will soon be revealed that he lied and said Ennis died due to the injuries Derek inflicted on him in order to motivate them to force Derek's decision about joining their pack.
  • Scott confronts Allison about the fact that he found one of her arrows at the high school from the night they caught Boyd and Cora, which occurred in Fireflies.
  • Scott and Stiles study for the PSAT exam, though they will not end up taking it until Season 4's Weaponized.
  • It is revealed that Aiden and Lydia are in a sexual relationship in this episode when a flashback of them making out in Coach Finstock's office at school is shown.
  • Though the members of the cross-country team didn't realize it, they were all exposed to purple wolfsbane in this episode, which was sneaked into Coach's whistle and which will not be discovered until Motel California.


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  • "This Is What It Sounds Like" by of Verona
    • Allison and Lydia drive in Allison's car behind the school bus
  • "Hey Now" by London Grammar
    • Scott and Allison spar in Allison's bedroom and discuss the Alpha Pack
  • "Future Stars" by Private Parties
    • Allison and Lydia discuss the fact that they're almost out of gas and Lydia remarks on the battle the previous night
  • "Girlfriend???" by Watch the Duck
    • Lydia and Aiden make out in Coach's office at school
  • "Hounds" by Valleys
    • Isaac walks into Scott's room and offers to get dinner with Scott, knowing that he's hiding something


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