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Go ahead, Liam. Run. It'll be more fun that way.
Gabe to Liam Dunbar during part of the final battle in The Wolves of War

Gabe was a recurring character in Season 6B of Teen Wolf. He was first introduced as an ordinary student at Beacon Hills, but soon appear to became one of the new hunter recruited by Tamora Monroe and Gerard Argent in hope to wipe all the supernatural creature around the world.

Throughout Teen Wolf

Season 6

In Face-to-Faceless, Gabe, along with Nolan Holloway, began brainstorming ways to expose Liam Dunbar's lycanthropy to the Beacon Hills High School students, as they had just been recruited into Tamora Monroe's Hunter army and wanted to turn the students against the supernatural community of Beacon Hills.

They began by plotting with the rest of the lacrosse team to overthrow Liam as captain, to which Liam threatened them by briefly flashing his glowing gold eyes. Afterward, Gabe and Nolan developed a plan of attack, expecting that Corey Bryant, who they knew had Chimera powers of Adaptive Camouflage, would try to cloak Liam from sight and get him out of the school unseen. They were caught trying to be led out of the school by Nolan, who blew a handful of chalk dust on them before throwing Liam into a classroom where Gabe was waiting for him.

Gabe and Nolan then began taunting Liam, whose glowing eyes, fangs, and claws briefly came out and were subsequently forced back in before the two could see him. When Liam refused to transform in front of them, Gabe and Nolan began viciously and brutally beating Liam in hopes of forcing him to shift in front of the crowd of students that had gathered to watch. Despite their best efforts to beat him into submission, Liam was able to resist their attempts to force his transformations until Coach Finstock came in, saw what they were doing, and pulled Gabe and Nolan off of him, sending them to the principal's office and helping Mason get Liam on his feet.

In Pressure Test,

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In Werewolves of London,

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In The Wolves of War,


Gabe was a confident and arrogant high school student whose behavior bordered on bullying even before becoming a Hunter. He allowed his paranoia and distrust of the supernatural to push him to viciously assault Liam Dunbar in hopes of exposing him as a Werewolf, and his somewhat power-hungry nature led him to be easily manipulated into blindly following Gerard Argent and Tamora Monroe in their crusade against supernatural creatures. He's desire to please them was so great that he went on a shooting spree at the McCall House that seriously injured the humans of the McCall Pack, including Rafael McCall, Melissa McCall, Lydia Martin, and Mason Hewitt, illustrating how little Gabe was concerned about human casualties in this war. However, after he was critically wounded by gunshots fired by his fellow Hunters, Gabe was shown to be just a scared young man who was influenced by the Anuk-ite who got in over his head in the Hunter army.

Physical Appearance

Gabe was a tall, slim young man with pale white skin, short, straight black hair, and a smattering of freckles on his face. He dressed in trendy clothing typical of high school students, such as designer jeans, tailored hoodies, and leather jackets.


Gabe: Gabe is a diminutive of the masculine given name Gabriel, which is derived from the Hebrew name גַבְרִיאֵל (Gavri'el), meaning "God is my strong man." In Hebrew tradition, Gabriel was one of the seven archangels and was often portrayed as a messenger of God in both the Old and New Testaments. In Islamic tradition, Gabriel was believed to be the angel who dictated the Qur'an to Muhammad.

  • Variations of the name Gabriel in other languages include: Jabril, Jibril (Arabic); Gavri'el (Biblical Hebrew); Gavrail, Gavril (Bulgarian); Dzhabrail (Chechan); Gabrijel (Croatian, Slovene); Gavriil (Greek); Gábor, Gábriel, Gabi (Hungarian); Gabriele (Italian); Gavrilo (Serbian), Cebrail (Turkish); Havryil (Ukranian)