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Did you ever see a movie called Village of the Damned? The original, not the remake. Nobody cares about crappy remakes. I'm talking about the 1960 black-and-white masterpiece. Huh? It's about a group of children-- blonde-haired, beautiful children who can make their eyes glow. And they do terrible, terrible things. The tag on the poster read "Beware the stare that will paralyze the will of the world." Now, when I told everyone that I saw children with glowing eyes, they wouldn't believe me! I tried to get them to do something! But they wouldn't budge! They wouldn't move! As if they had been paralyzed. I'm going to shake them out of their paralysis. I'm going to get them moving. I'm going to galvanize them.
William Barrow to Kira Yukimura before trying to electrocute her

Galvanize is the fifteenth episode of Season 3 and the thirty-ninth episode of Teen Wolf.


When a convicted murderer escapes prior to surgery, Scott and his friends try to help his target.


William Barrow, an electrical engineer turned mass murderer, escapes during a surgery at the hospital and hides out in the school. He abducts Kira, takes her to a power plant and attempts to electrocute her, but she inexplicably deflects the electricity, killing Barrow and shutting down the power for the entire town. Just after the blackout, five hooded figures attack Isaac.


Main Cast[]

Supporting Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Jonathan Buckhouse as Student (uncredited)
  • Damon Jackson as Danny's Ex



  • The title refers to William Barrow's speech to Kira at the electric substation, where he said that he needed to "galvanize" the authorities into believing his stories of "children with glowing eyes," otherwise known as the supernatural teenagers of Beacon Hills.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Melissa McCall's maiden name is Delgado.
  • It is also revealed that Bobby Finstock's birthday is October 30 (also known as Mischief Night or Hell Night), and that Scott and Stiles have an annual tradition of pranking him to celebrate both holidays.
  • During the scene while Stiles and Lydia are searching the chemistry room for clues, Stiles' shirt briefly changes from the gray tshirt with the painted pocket that he wore all episode to the white tshirt with the blue trim around the neck and sleeves that he has been seen wearing in the previous episodes this season. However, no explanation was given for this switch; it is possible that it's a hint to when Stiles originally wrote the numbers on the chalkboard, as revealed in Illuminated.

Body Count[]



  • "It Hurts" by Bad Bad Hats
    • Stiles calls Scott in the locker room while he prepares to set up the prank against Coach Finstock
  • "Heartattack" by Lovett
    • Scott stares at Kira in the hallway, and Stiles encourages him to ask her out
  • "Fever" by Oh Mercy
    • Lydia and Aiden attempt to make out in Coach's office, but when they see what a wreck it is, they move to the guidance office, not seeing that William Barrow was standing behind the open door
  • "Witchy Night" by Nico Vega
    • Coach finds Kira in the library with her earbuds in when the school is evacuating due to a fire drill
  • "Wayfarers" by Cardiknox
    • Ken tells Kira that he invited Scott to dinner and instructs her to put on nice clothes
  • "Where I'm Headed" by Cardiknox
    • Kira helps Scott eat his sushi with chopsticks
  • "The Beauty Surrounds" by Houses
    • Scott talks to his mother on the phone before Kira brings in Hawaiian pizza
  • "Change" by Churchill
    • Allison and Isaac play romantic "Chicken" by taking off their shirts and daring each other to kiss the other
  • "Bright" by Echosmith
    • Kira walks Scott out to where his bike is parked out front


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