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This page is about Garrett, a Deadpool assassin who appeared in Season 4. You may be looking for Garrett Douglas, an Alpha Löwenmensch and former captive of the Dread Doctors who appears in Season 6.

An entire pack of Alphas went after McCall, and he was the one left standing.
Garrett to Violet in I.E.D.

Garrett was a supporting character and an antagonist in Season 4 of Teen Wolf. He was first introduced as a talented lacrosse player and freshman at Beacon Hills High School, and friend of Mason Hewitt and Liam Dunbar. However, it was quickly revealed that he, along with his girlfriend Violet, were a pair of well-trained assassins known as The Orphans who were participating in the Deadpool hit-list of supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills. His first shown kill was Carrie Hudson, a Werewolf from Satomi Ito's pack valued at $500,000 before he and Violet focused their attention on Carrie's packmate Brett Talbot, who was worth twice as much money. When Violet argued in favor of giving up on killing Brett in favor of going after Scott McCall, who was the highest-valued target on the list with a bounty of $25 million, Garrett warned her against it, as the rumors he'd heard about Scott led him to believe he was too dangerous to go after at that point in time, even with a rare strain of yellow wolfsbane they had obtained.

However, after Violet attempted to kill Scott anyway and subsequently got arrested, Garrett did everything in his power to free her from police custody, including stabbing Scott's Beta, Liam, with a wolfsbane-laced blade and using his impending death as leverage to blackmail Scott into helping him rescue her while she was being transported to a federal facility. Unfortunately for Garrett, they were beat there by Kate Argent and her Berserkers, and while the first Berserker captured Violet and went to Argent Arms International with Kate, the other was left behind to kill Garrett with their bone claws before he was able to find her.

Early life Edit

Nothing has been revealed about Garrett's life prior to his introduction in the series. All that is known is that some time before the Deadpool began in 2012, he and Violet formed a team, calling themselves The Orphans due to the fact that they have no parents; whether this is because their parents died or because they were abandoned and put up for adoption remains unknown at this time. Judging by the fact that one of the assassins being tortured for intelligence by Kate Argent stated that they "looked like teenagers," it is likely that they were actually in their late teens or early twenties and not high-school age as they were pretending to be, though they did use this to their advantage once they received the Deadpool, as it allowed them to enroll at Beacon Hills High School in order to get closer to the majority of their targets. ("Muted"), ("The Benefactor (Episode)"), ("I.E.D."), ("Orphaned")

Throughout Teen Wolf Edit

Season 4 Edit

In Muted, Garrett was first seen at early morning lacrosse practice, revealing that he was a member of the Beacon Hills Cyclones. During the practice, he noticed a new student, a freshmen named Liam Dunbar who had just transferred from Devenford Prep for winter/spring semester. After Liam, who was acting as the goalie at practice, demonstrated his incredible lacrosse skills, Garrett congratulated him on his performance and remarked that he was so talented that Liam may just become the team's first-ever freshman captain, inadvertently making the reigning captain, Scott McCall, slightly jealous.

In The Benefactor, Garrett, Violet, and Mason had just gotten off of the school bus when Garrett began to complain about how he didn't want to waste another Friday night watching movies. Mason retorted that since they were freshmen who had just stepped off of a school bus, it wasn't like they would be hitting the club until 3:00AM, which led Violet to insist that they would be meeting at her place for movie night at 9:00PM that evening before taking Garrett by the hand and leading him away.

That night, after Liam Dunbar, who was under the impression that he had been invited to a party at Lydia Martin's family's lake house (but had really been lured there as an "intervention" to get him to accept that he had become a Werewolf and help him deal with that night's full moon), invited Mason to the party. In turn, Mason invited Garrett and Violet, who invited the majority of the freshman class as well. While Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura restrained Liam in the boat house, and Stiles Stilinski restrained Malia Tate in the cellar, Lydia was left to deal with the party-crashers upstairs. Lydia caught Garrett drinking directly from a bottle of wine he found in the kitchen, and she ripped it out of his hand before snidely informing him that wine cost $400.

Before they could discuss it further, Lydia was distracted by the arrival of Demarco Montana, who was delivering a keg that had been ordered by a mysterious party attendant. After Lydia left to find some cash to pay him, Garrett pulled $200 out of his wallet and stated that the least he could do was pay for the keg after drinking her wine. Some time later, Garrett was inside reading something on his phone when a smiling Violet walked over to him after having decapitated Demarco outside with her bolo necklace, which was actually a thermo-wire garrote. Garrett happily informed Violet that he received a text from "their friend" and showed his phone to her, revealing that the message was from The Benefactor and that it stated that the money (i.e. Demarco's bounty of $250,000) had been transferred to their bank account. Violet seemed just as happy as Garrett was, and the two began to make out in the living room of the lake house while the party raged on.

In I.E.D., a young Beta Werewolf named Carrie Hudson was seen running through the campus of Beacon Hills High School as she was pursued by a threat of some kind. She stopped near the school sign to catch her breath and winced as she held up her right arm, revealing that her hand had been severed above the wrist, leaving nothing but a smoking stump in its place that indicated that Violet had managed to amputate her arm with her thermo-wire garrote. Violet started to catch up to Carrie, causing the Beta to start to run again, eventually hiding inside a school bus in the bus bay.

After Violet and Carrie fought each other, leading Carrie to claw Violet lightly across the neck and kick her onto the floor, she ran back out into the bus bay, where Garrett had just pulled up in his SUV. He pretended to be someone who was aware of Violet's status as an assassin and urged her to get into his car before Violet could find her, and Carrie, badly injured and at a loss for options, accepted his offer and got into the passenger seat. Once she shut the door, Garrett smirked at her and remarked that it was too easy to convince her he could help her before locking the car doors and pulling out his double-bladed dagger, which he then plunged into her heart several times to kill her in order to claim her $500,000 Deadpool bounty.

The next morning at school, Garrett and Violet entered the school together as though they were just normal students, and when Garrett noticed that Violet had to adjust her collar to cover up the claw scratches from her fight with Carrie, he asked her if she was okay. Violet assured him that she could handle a few scratches if it meant they were going after the "real" money, i.e. the Deadpool targets who were worth a million dollars or more, which led Garrett to reveal that they were going to do just that at the lacrosse game that evening.

During lunch, Garrett and Violet went to the chemistry lab, where Garrett watched Violet make a viscous syrup made from a special yellow strain of wolfsbane, which Violet emphasized was very rare and very expensive in an effort to ensure that he wouldn't miss his mark when he used it. Violet went on to tell him that he would only need to nick their target, and the wolfsbane would work quickly, before she added that it would even be toxic to an Alpha. Garrett rolled his eyes at the fact that Violet was bringing up this topic again, and when she argued that she didn't understand why they were going after a Beta when there was an Alpha on the field, Garrett reminded her that an entire pack of Alphas went after Scott McCall, and that at the end of their battle, Scott was the one left standing, arguing that it was too dangerous to go after him based on what they knew of his history. Violet reminded him that Scott was worth a lot of money, but Garrett insisted that the Beta was too, and he watched eagerly as she coated his double-bladed dagger, which he had concealed in his lacrosse stick, with the wolfsbane syrup in preparation for the game.

Meanwhile, after Scott, Stiles, and Liam were discussing the game that night, including how they were concerned that the same assassin who killed Demarco and Carrie would kill another Deadpool target at the game, and that they were pretty sure the assassin had ordered the keg at the "party" at Lydia's lake house to lure Demarco there. It was then that Liam revealed that, while he didn't know who ordered the keg, he did know who paid for it-- Garrett. That night, during the game, Scott, Stiles, Liam and Kira kept an eye on Garrett throughout the night while he was on the field, as they were sure that he was eventually going to make his move.

In the middle of the game, Garrett, Liam, and a Devenford Prep player named Brett Talbot were involved in a serious tackle that caused Liam to break his arm, giving Garrett the perfect excuse to slice Brett's leg with the wolfsbane-coated blade hidden in his stick. Though the McCall Pack believed Garrett to be going after Liam, it was eventually revealed that Garrett was instead going after Brett, who was soon revealed to be on the Deadpool for $1 million after Lydia and Malia cracked the second portion of the list. What happened to Garrett after this point is unknown, but he likely made a run for it after Violet elected to use Brett as bait to lure Scott to her instead of killing him for his million-dollar bounty, since she was ultimately overpowered and knocked out by Scott.

In Orphaned, Sheriff Stilinski, Rafael McCall, Jordan Parrish, and other law enforcement officers were called to Beacon Hills High School to arrest Violet following her failed attempt to kill Scott and Brett. After Agent McCall recognized Violet's thermo-wire garrote, he realized that she and Garrett were the assassins known as The Orphans and insisted that Stilinski and his deputies track down Garrett as well. Meanwhile, Scott and Liam decided to search Garrett's gym locker, with Liam keeping watch while Scott broke the lock with his super-strength. When Scott found Garrett's duffle bag, he opened it to find that there was $500,000 in cash, the bounty he earned from killing Carrie Hudson, and he took the bag home with him in hopes that he could use the money to solve his family's financial problems.

The next day, Garrett found Liam running through the Beacon Hills Preserve after having outrun Mason and hit the young Beta with his SUV. He then mockingly apologized for missing movie-night before stabbing him in the chest with his wolfsbane-coated blade and throwing Liam into an abandoned well in the preserve. Afterward, Garrett used Liam's phone to call Scott to set up a meeting in the bus bay, where he informed Scott that he had stabbed Liam with the yellow-wolfsbane-coated blade, and that he would die if he was not cured before the wolfsbane reached his heart. Garrett then offered Scott a deal-- he would tell him where Liam was, but only after Scott gave him back his money and helped him free Violet from federal custody, a deal to which Scott reluctantly agreed out of concern for Liam's life.

He and Scott pulled over onto the side of the road in Garrett's SUV, where Garrett handed Scott a case which contained what appeared to be a tranquilizer gun. They then ran over the plan, which was that, since Violet was being transferred to a federal facility due to the severity of her crimes, they would be attacking the armored vehicle they were using to transport her to free her before she could get there. Scott made it clear that he didn't think their plan would work, but Garrett insisted that all Scott had to do was stop the car, and that he would take care of the rest. They then waited until the armored vehicle passed them before they began to tail it, with the intention of ambushing the car at a nearby stop sign.

However, when they caught up to the police vehicle, Scott yelled at Garrett to stop when he realized that the armored car had wrecked and was now flipped onto its top. While Scott rushed to check on Sheriff Stilinski and his father, who had been driving the van, Garrett grabbed his lacrosse stick from the backseat, removing the net and flicking the buttons to reveal that he had daggers built into either end to turn it into a double-ended spear. Just then, a Berserker appeared, revealing that it was Kate Argent who was behind the car crash, and when Scott informed Garrett that Violet was already gone and that Kate had taken her, Garrett started to spin his spear around in an impressive and flashy manner before insisting that the Berserker wasn't that big.

Unfortunately for Garrett, he didn't realize that Kate's second Berserker had appeared behind him until it was too late-- the Berserker impaled Garrett through the chest with its long bone claw and lifted him into the air before removing the claw and dropping him onto the ground, where he died almost instantly. His girlfriend Violet was shown to meet a similar fate a short time later, when Scott found her body, which had been mauled to death by Kate, in Argent Arms International.

Personality Edit

Garrett was a cold-blooded killer and a psychopath who, like his girlfriend and partner, Violet, was motivated first and foremost by money and status. However, he did very well at hiding his murderous nature and his career as an assassin, allowing him to easily pretend to be a nice, charming, and normal high school student in order to get close to the McCall Pack and kill their members for their Deadpool bounties. He was so convincing that not even two of his supposed friends, Liam Dunbar and Mason Hewitt knew that he was really a murderous assassin; no one knew of his true personality until it was too late.

In addition to these qualities, Garrett is quite arrogant (although not as arrogant as his girlfriend and partner, Violet) and, like Violet, he was dangerous, highly intelligent, and fully lacking in remorse for the deaths he had caused, caring only for the monetary benefits he reaped from his assassinations. It was this heightened intelligence that allowed Garrett and Violet to go undetected for as long as they did, and, had Violet followed his plan to not go after Scott, they may have well stayed alive, or may have at least been able to survive longer than they ultimately did.

Physical Appearance Edit

Garrett was a muscular, well built, and athletic young man, though he was shorter than average for his age; it can be assumed that his lean physique was due to his profession as an assassin, making it necessary for him to be able to defend himself in life-or-death battles. Garrett had blue eyes, short, neatly cut blond hair, and tanned white skin and possessed an all-American, preppy style of dress which included boots, designer jeans, polo shirts, button-up shirts, and jackets.

Skills Edit

Garrett was shown to be a moderately skilled combatant, as he fought in a quick and swift manner and was competent in the use of his weapon of choice, double-bladed knives, which he also often affixed to a staff or concealed in his lacrosse stick. He was also a skilled manipulator, as evidenced by the fact that he convinced his so-called friends Liam and Mason that he was just an ordinary student, and was able to trick Carrie Hudson into getting into his car so he could kill her.

Equipment Edit

  • Double-bladed pole weapon with detachable blades that could be concealed in a lacrosse stick
  • Duffle bag full of $500,000 worth of Deadpool payments
  • Cassette tape with Deadpool instructions from The Benefactor
  • Silver SUV

Etymology Edit

  • Garrett: Garrett is a masculine given name that originates from an English surname, which itself is derived from the given name Gerard or Gerald. Gerald is a Germanic name meaning "ruler of the spear," from the Germanic elements ger, meaning "spear," and wald, meaning "rule," a fitting name for the character Garrett, who was an assassin whose weapon of choice was a double-blade-tipped spear. In America, the name Garrett means "defender," which is also an ironic choice for the character Garrett, given his line of work as an assassin-for-hire, making him the opposite of a defender. The Normans brought the name Garrett to England during their conquest in 1066, where it died out in the Middle Ages (though it remained common in Ireland). The name was then revived in the English-speaking world in the 19th century.

Trivia Edit

  • Garrett and Violet's codename was The Orphans.
  • He was shown to be a much more methodical and analytical assassin in comparison to his female counterpart, Violet; where Violet was easily blinded by her desire to make more money, as evidenced by how eager she was to take down Scott McCall (who was the highest valued target at $25 million), Garrett was more cautious and wanted to start with less powerful and lower-valued targets due to the stories he had heard of Scott's previous victories.
    • He was eventually proven to be correct when Violet ignored his warnings and attempted to take down Scott anyway, which led to her defeat and arrest, and which ultimately led to both of their deaths when he attempted to rescue her.

Gallery Edit

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