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Derek: "Look at me. [...] What do you remember?"
Myers: "Hale..."
Derek: "How do you know my name?"
Myers: "I'm sorry..."
Derek: "How do you know me?"
Myers: "I'm sorry."
Garrison Myers' final conversation with Derek Hale in Pack Mentality

Garrison Myers was a character who was introduced during Season 1 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He was a school bus driver at Beacon Hills High School; however, before that, he was an insurance investigator who was involved in the Hale House fire, along with Kate Argent and a number of co-conspirators.

Early Life[]

Virtually nothing is known about Garrison Myers' early life. However, during the investigation into the string of murders that began in January 2011, it was revealed that, prior to being a bus driver, Myers was an insurance adjuster. He apparently was assigned to investigate the Hale House Fire and was later terminated due to suspicions that he had committed fraud. It was later revealed that he had been conspiring with Hunter Kate Argent and used his position as an insurance adjuster to cover up the fact that Kate and the other co-conspirators had committed arson. ("Co-Captain")

Myers presumably became a bus driver after losing his job with the insurance company, and drove buses for Beacon County City Schools for some time, as Scott McCall stated that he had driven the school bus he took to and from school back when he lived with his father, Rafael McCall, which had been several years prior to the start of the series. ("Pack Mentality")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In Pack Mentality, Scott McCall had a dream that he sneaked onto a school bus after-hours with his crush Allison Argent in order to hook up with her, only to transform shortly after they began making out and lose control, mauling and presumably killing her.

Scott was unnerved by how vivid and realistic the dream was, and when he was explaining the dream to his best friend, Stiles Stilinski, at school the next morning, he was horrified to see that the bus had been torn up and covered in blood splatter, implying that the dream actually happened in real life. However, when Allison showed up to school completely fine, Scott, though relieved to know he didn't actually kill her, was still panicking, believing he was still the attacker.

In class, Scott and the other students took notice of the paramedics wheeling out a bloodied man on a stretcher, revealing that there had, in fact, been a victim of the mauling, it just wasn't Allison. The students all discussed it at lunch, where they speculated about the type of animal that could have caused it, most not knowing that it was actually perpetrated by a Werewolf, when Stiles brought up a news clip on his phone that revealed the victim was named Garrison Myers. Scott recognized him as his old bus driver from when he lived with his father, Rafael McCall.

That afternoon, while Scott was at work at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic, Sheriff Stilinski, who already needed to come to bring one of the Sheriff's department's K-9 unit dogs for a follow-up, brought evidence photos of Myers to show Alan Deaton in hopes of getting help identifying the kind of animal who attacked him. This allowed Scott to see the extent of the wounds Myers suffered, including numerous claw gashes over his face, neck, and body.

After work, Scott went to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital to drop off dinner for his mother, Melissa McCall, who worked there as a nurse. As he was about to leave, he caught a familiar scent and followed it to one of the patient rooms, where he found Myers sleeping soundly in bed.

Scott, still believing he was the one who attacked him due to not being able to remember what happened, tried to gently ask the bus driver if he was okay, only for Myers to grab him by the arm and start screaming in terror. Before Scott could find out more, Melissa rushed into the room and broke Myers' hold on Scott's arm before ordering him to leave. A moment later, Myers' screaming stopped and he began seizing violently.

Deciding he needed to figure out the truth of what really happened that night and fearing the possibility that he could do it again, Scott sought out fellow Werewolf Derek Hale to ask him for advice on how to trigger his repressed memories. Derek encouraged him to return to the crime scene and let his superhuman senses help him remember. Scott did as he was told and eventually experienced flashbacks to that night, leading him to realize that he had showed up to find another Werewolf (whom he believed to be Derek) attacking Myers and that Scott was actually trying to save him.

A few hours later, Derek went to the hospital to see Myers for himself, where he found him once again laying in bed with his eyes closed. He demanded that Myers open his eyes and look at him, and when Myers did as he was told, Derek asked him what he remembered about the attack. Myers immediately recognized him and addressed him by his last name, "Hale," and Derek, confused as to how the man knew who he was, asked him about it. Instead of answering, Myers simply repeated "I'm sorry" several times before laying back down and closing his eyes.

Shortly after Derek left, the telemetry alarms started going off, and Melissa ran into his room to find that he had went into cardiac arrest and died. After curfew, Scott returned to his house to find Stiles had already climbed into his window to inform him that his father, the Sheriff, had left fifteen minutes earlier to go to the hospital due to Myers "succumbing to his wounds."

Scott, believing that Derek had gone to the hospital to finish him off, immediately rushed to the Hale House ruins to confront the elder Werewolf about it. Derek wasted no time denying Scott's accusations that he killed his own sister, Laura Hale, and Myers, and their argument escalated into a brutal physical fight that Derek ultimately won.

Derek once again insisted that neither himself nor Scott were the killers, and that Derek wasn't the Werewolf who bit and turned him-- instead, the one who bit Scott was also the one who killed Myers, a Werewolf known as an Alpha, the most powerful of their kind. Derek then informed Scott that he had been trying to track the Alpha down so that he could kill him, but that he couldn't do it alone-- since Scott had a connection to him as a result of being bitten by him, Derek needed his help in order to find and kill him before he could kill anyone else like Myers.

In Co-Captain, Stiles was trying to get information out of his father, Noah Stilinski, who, as Sheriff of Beacon County, was investigating the string of murders that began with the death of Garrison Myers. Though Stilinski was tight-lipped at first, Stiles eventually got him drunk on Jack Daniels whiskey and managed to get his father talking about the case, which Stiles himself was more qualified to solve due to his knowledge and awareness of the supernatural world.

Stilinski began by saying that he had figured out that all of the cases were connected, starting with Myers-- prior to becoming a bus driver, Myers was an insurance adjuster who was assigned to the Hale House Fire. Stiles looked at the file and read aloud that Myers had been terminated from his position at the insurance company due to "suspicion of fraud," implying that Myers had covered up the fact that the fire was arson.

Stiles, knowing that Kate Argent was the main orchestrator of the fire, realized that she had a number of co-conspirators, all of whom had been targeted and/or killed by the Alpha, who Stiles and the others had recently learned was Peter Hale. Stilinski went on to explain that the others who had been killed, such as the cashier at Video 2*C and the bullies in the Beacon Hills Preserve, Reddick and Unger, were all criminals with a history of committing arson. This proved that Myers had been working with Kate and was targeted by Peter as retribution for the horrible burns he had sustained in the fire and the number of family members, including his sister and Alpha, Talia Hale, who had died as a result of the fire.


  • Myers was meant to be a kill committed by Scott and Peter together to bond and solidify their connection as part of the same pack. However, Scott, who is resistant to killing unless absolutely and totally necessary, would not comply with this request and instead got involved to try to save Myers.
  • It was clear by Myers' final conversation with Derek Hale that he felt a great deal of guilt and shame for his part in covering up the Hale House Fire.


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