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Everything's a lesson, every moment with me. And if there's one thing you learn today, it's this, the best way to build an army is through fear.
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Gerard Argent was a supporting character and main antagonist in Teen Wolf. He was the main antagonist in Season 2, and the main antagonist in the second half of Season 6 along with Tamora Monroe and the Anuk Ite. He was a reluctant ally to the McCall Pack in Season 3 and Season 5. Gerard was the brother of Alexander Argent, the father of Chris Argent and Kate Argent, the father-in-law of Victoria Argent, the grandfather of Allison Argent, and a descendant of Marie-Jeanne Valet and Henri Argent.

Gerard, as an Argent, comes from a long line of Hunters who have made it their mission to protect humans from the supernatural. However, unlike most of his family, he was willing to use the supernatural if it suited his needs, which was evidenced throughout Season 2 when he convinced his son Argent to let his wife, Victoria, commit suicide after she was bitten by a Werewolf, but had no issue with manipulating Scott McCall into forcing Derek Hale to give him the bite to cure his cancer.

Unfortunately for Gerard, his plans to obtain the bite failed when it was revealed that Scott had replaced his medication with pills full of Mountain Ash, which caused his body to reject the transformation. This forced Gerard to move into a nursing home for treatment, because though the bite did seem to heal his cancer, his body began to produce black blood from most of his facial orifices, which seemed to cause him a significant amount of pain. He continued to suffer in this condition until Season 5, when his son Argent brought him a rare wolfsbane plant that appeared to fully heal Gerard after he ate it, under the condition that Gerard join him in assisting the McCall Pack in their fight against the Dread Doctors and the Beast of Gevaudan. The wolfsbane ultimately cured him of the bite, and kept him human.

In Season 6B, Gerard returned and helped Tamora Monroe to build her army of Hunters, wishing to use them to exterminate any and every supernatural being in the world. To this end, and to finally kill Scott, Gerard allied himself with the Anuk-ite, though the creature was ultimately defeated. During a confrontation with Kate and Argent, he was mauled to death by Kate in her Werejaguar form in retribution for shooting her with yellow wolfsbane and for rejecting her as his daughter due to her status as a shapeshifter.

Gerard was a member of the Argent Family of Werewolf Hunters.

Early life[]

Almost nothing is known about Gerard's life prior to his introduction in the series. He was born to two Hunters (with his father presumably being an Argent) and had at least one sibling, a younger brother named Alexander. According to Gerard, he was not very close with his mother, and his relationship with his father is unknown as well. ("Fury") In 1977, Gerard's brother was attacked and bitten by an Alpha Werewolf during a hunt (who, according to Gerard, was Deucalion), which led to him committing suicide, as per the Argent Hunter Code, by shooting himself in the face with a shotgun in the Glen Capri Motel. ("Motel California")

At some point, Gerard seemingly married or had a similar arrangement with a woman who bore him two children; his firstborn son Christopher (referred to as "Argent"), and his second-born daughter Katherine. He raised both of his children in the Hunter tradition, where Argent learned to obey the Code like it was the law, while Kate took her father Gerard's very loose interpretation of the Code that allowed them both to essentially do whatever they wanted. In 1988, after Argent successfully learned all of the skills necessary to be a Hunter and graduated by forging a silver bullet as a testament to the Code, Gerard sent his eldest son to Japan for his first gun deal. However, he purposely kept the fact that Argent would be dealing with the Yakuza, or Japanese mafia, as he wanted to test his son's ability to improvise and survive under pressure. ("Silverfinger")

In the early 2000s, Gerard, accompanied by Argent and several other Hunters, returned to Beacon Hills to catch a Werewolf (who happened to be a Beta in Ennis' original pack) who was accused of killing two of their own. Though Argent was insistent that they follow the Code, it was clear that Gerard intended to do things his own way. It was during this time that he learned about the Nemeton and its use by Celtic Druids. When Deucalion, concerned about the losses on both sides in the war between the Argent Hunters and the central Californian Werewolves, proposed a truce, Gerard agreed to meet with him and his representatives at an abandoned distillery.

However, it was then revealed that Gerard had set this up as an ambush when he let off a great deal of wolfsbane fog that incapacitated both his own Hunters and the Werewolves in attendance. After injecting himself in the leg with an antidote, Gerard grabbed a spike mace (made from a wooden baseball bat covered in Werewolf claws that he had extracted from his victims), which he first use to kill his own men, as he was angry that they, too, wanted to make peace with the Werewolves, and he knew that the claws on the mace would resemble a Werewolf attack so closely that he could later blame the ambush on Deucalion's pack. After killing his men, Gerard took out Deucalion's Betas while Deucalion himself crawled out of the distillery to get away from the wolfsbane fog. Gerard quickly caught up with him, and after Deucalion insisted he had a vision of peace, Gerard joked that it sounded "short-sighted" before stabbing him in the eyes with two flash-bang arrows, blinding Deucalion permanently, though he could see somewhat with his Werewolf vision. It was this attack that led Deucalion to create the Alpha Pack, who would cause even more destruction in the years that followed. ("Visionary")

Throughout Teen Wolf[]

In Omega, Gerard arrived in Beacon Hills, along with several other Argent Hunters, to attend the funeral of Gerard's daughter, Kate Argent. When he saw that Matt Daehler had sneaked out of the media barricade in order to get closer to the burial and take photos of the event, Gerard confronted him and stole the SD card out of his camera, remarking that it looked expensive before snapping it in half. After leaving a fuming Matt behind to be escorted away by police, Gerard approached his family and greeted his son Argent and his daughter-in-law Victoria before turning his sights on his granddaughter, Allison.

He asked her if she remembered him, but Allison, who was shy and still grieving Kate's loss, silently shook her head to indicate she hadn't. Gerard pointed out that he expected this, since she was only three years old the last time he saw her, and stated that while he would prefer that she call him Grandpa, he had no problem with her calling him Gerard while they got to know each other.

That night, Gerard, Argent, and several other Hunters went out in the Beacon Hills Preserve, where they found a homeless Werewolf who had tripped on one of their wire traps and ended up suspended from a nearby tree by his ankle. After Gerard threatened him with torture, the Werewolf admitted that he had attacked the man in the ambulance the previous night, but that he waited until the man was already dead. Gerard then identified the Werewolf before him as an Omega and explained to the others that to come upon one was a rare sight, as it meant that the man was a lone wolf who was either kicked out of his pack, left of his own volition, or was the only survivor of a pack whose members were killed off.

Regardless of the motivations behind the Omega's actions, Gerard still insisted that what he had done was unwise, as the Omega didn't have the strength of a pack to empower him if things went wrong. He then wasted no time pulling out his broadsword and slicing the Omega in half at the waist, killing him instantly and thereby declaring war on the Beacon Hills Werewolves in the process. When Argent reminded him that they must follow the Hunter Code, Gerard insisted that the Code was no longer binding them considering it was the Werewolves in the area who he believed were responsible for Kate's death. He went on to say that regardless of whether a Werewolf was kind and claimed it would never harm anyone (such as Scott McCall), a victim of his own circumstances (like the recently-turned Beta Isaac Lahey who accepted Derek Hale's offer of the bite to gain the power to stand up to his abusive father), or someone who had no idea what he was getting himself into (like the recently-bitten Jackson Whittemore, who had also conned Derek into giving him the bite but who seemed to be rejecting the transformation), they were all just bodies waiting to be cut in half and killed.

In Shape Shifted, Argent and Victoria kidnapped the high school principal, who they then tortured with a taser until he agreed to leave his position at the school so he could be replaced by Gerard. The next day at school, both Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski purposely got themselves sent to the principal's office in hopes of convincing Jackson Whittemore to not implicate Isaac Lahey in the recent death of his father, Mr. Lahey, not realizing that their principal had been replaced by Gerard. After reviewing Scott and Stiles' school records and treating them with a surprising amount of kindness, he stated that one of them would have to stay behind in after-school detention; since it was the night of the full moon and Scott had both his transformation and the plan to break Isaac out of jail to worry about, Stiles took one for the proverbial team and stayed behind as ordered.

That night, at the Argent House, Gerard was in Argent's study when his son approached him to discuss their current situation with Isaac, as they knew he had likely been turned into a Werewolf, and the fact that superhuman strength seemed to have been used in Mr. Lahey's murder made them (incorrectly) assume that he was the killer. Gerard then insisted that he wanted Isaac dead, not knowing that Allison was eavesdropping on them from outside of the office. Gerard sent one of their Hunters, who was disguised as a Sheriff's deputy, to go to the Sheriff's station to inject Isaac with a syringe full of Nordic Blue Monkshood with which to kill him. However, Gerard's plan was ultimately thwarted by the combined efforts of Allison, Stiles, and Derek Hale, who rescued Isaac before he could be killed.

In Abomination, Bennett, one of the Argent's Hunters, was killed by a unknown shapeshifter, leading Argent and Gerard to take his body to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic for Alan Deaton's expert opinion on what killed him. When Gerard greeted Deaton, he remarked that he was under the impression that Deaton had retired, and seemed unbothered by Deaton's obvious dislike of him. He defended Bennett when Deaton pointed out that the young Hunter had gunshot residue on his fingers, indicating that he may have been just as much of a killer as the creatures they hunt, and instead insisted that it was this new shapeshifter that he was most concerned about.

Both Gerard and Argent seemed shocked when Deaton went on to explain that they should all be very afraid of whatever creature killed Bennett, as it was powerful and unlike anything he had ever seen before because it possessed paralytic venom; since the creatures in nature who possess paralytic venom have it to aid them in capturing prey to eat, and this shapeshifter had no interest in eating Bennett, it implied that killing may be the creature's only purpose. After Gerard and Argent left, Deaton talked to his assistant, Scott, and made it clear that it was very important that he steal or borrow Gerard's Argent Bestiary, as it could give them an idea of the identity of this mysterious shapeshifter.

That evening, while Allison went into her car to find the secret message from Scott to indicate when they would be having their clandestine meeting, Gerard surprised Allison, preventing her from making her meeting with Scott, though whether or not this was intentional remains unclear. While they were talking, Gerard dropped a leather-bound journal on the ground, which Allison picked up for him; he thanked her and remarked that it was a very valuable possession to him, which caused Allison to assume that the book was the Bestiary that Deaton had mentioned earlier. She watched curiously as Gerard took a handful of pills from a small silver case in his pocket and vaguely explained that they were necessary to maintain his health. Gerard quickly changed the topic of conversation to whether or not he could trust Allison, and when Allison didn't answer to his satisfaction, he scared her by becoming incredibly aggressive as he demanded that she speak with conviction. When Allison firmly insisted she was trustworthy, Gerard, satisfied with her answer, returned to the house without further protest.

The next night, Gerard and Allison attended the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse game together, where Allison purposely pretended to be cold so that he would lend her his jacket, believing she could better snatch his Bestiary she thought he had stashed there. While on the field, Scott was unable to use his powers during the game, despite Jackson's insistence to the contrary, because he was afraid of Gerard finding out that he is a Werewolf. However, when Scott was tackled and broke his leg on the field, he had to try to play it off as looking like a worse accident than it really was to hide the fact that the broken bone had healed itself in moments. Despite Scott's acting, Gerard still figured it out, and decided to invite Scott to the Argent House for dinner in order to learn more about him. The dinner is incredibly awkward, with Gerard purposely making the emotional atmosphere uncomfortable by constantly questioning why Allison and Scott had broken up and repeatedly bringing up what a nice young man he was.

Allison and Scott finally got the book out of Gerard's coat, only to find that it was actually his journal of dessert recipes, as Gerard proved himself to be quite a lover of pastries and other sweets; downstairs, at the dinner table, Gerard had just taken a bite of the cake he had made and moaned to demonstrate how delicious he found it. When they realized that the Bestiary must be on the USB drive on Gerard's key ring, they sent Stiles to go find it in his office, not knowing right away that Stiles had been confronted by Derek and Erica before being attacked by the mysterious shapeshifter, which Derek later identified as a Kanima.

After Scott scared the Kanima off, he went to pick up his mother Melissa at the hospital, where he was confronted by Gerard, who instantly stabbed him in the stomach with a knife. He revealed that he knew Scott was a Beta Werewolf and that he and Argent were trying to hide it from him, citing the fact that he was good at playing the role of proud grandpa much better than Scott was at playing a "broken-hearted teenage boy." He then informed Scott that the young Werewolf would be doing a favor for him in the near future, because if he didn't comply, Gerard would be stabbing his mother with the blade instead.

In Frenemy, he and Argent tracked down the unknown shapeshifter to a abandoned lot downtown. In this lot, they saw Scott and Derek Hale fighting the creature, who had the upper-hand against both of them. After watching Argent get knocked to the ground, the creature approached Gerard, but he showed no fear toward it, and the shapeshifter just looked at him before running away. Both Gerard and Argent and Derek and Scott then continued to track it to a club called Jungle, where they found that over a half-dozen club-goers had been attacked and paralyzed by the shapeshifter, though none were killed thanks to Derek's interference.

As Gerard and Argent waited outside the club, they learned that the police were planning to report it as a drug overdose, since the victims reported seeing a "demonic creature" in the club and the police were writing it off as being a hallucination. When Argent questioned Gerard regarding why he wasn't afraid of the monster, Gerard replied that if this was indeed the creature that he believes it to be, then it has rules to follow, rules that cannot be easily broken, indicating that Gerard was well aware of the mythology of the Kanima. The two then realized that the Kanima has been bothering Derek enough to bring him out of hiding, which led Gerard to insist that this could be the opportunity they were looking for to take out Derek once and for all. He then asked Argent if he remembered what he taught him about the best way to eliminate threats, leading Argent to reply, "Get someone else to do it for you," suggesting that Gerard intended to have the Kanima kill Derek for them.

The next day at school, he called Allison into his principal's office to question her on her whereabouts during the Kanima encounter the previous evening. When he determined that Allison, who claimed to be with Lydia, wasn't being entirely truthful, he stood behind the chair on which she was sitting and put his index and middle fingers over her carotid artery as a rudimentary lie detector test while he felt her pulse. He went on to ask her if she knew anything about Jackson Whittemore or if she thought he was in trouble, but Allison insisted that she didn't. Gerard continued to ask questions, this time wondering if it involved Scott, which caused him to feel Allison's pulse speed up. She then quickly jumped out of her chair and accused Gerard of scaring her, and Gerard, knowing that she was still lying but having a better idea of what the truth was, simply apologized for his behavior and allowed her to leave.

In Raving, after Argent forced Allison to confess what she knew about the Kanima (namely, that it was Jackson Whittemore, who had been bitten by Derek Hale and had turned into a mutated shapeshifter as a result) by making her look the bodies of its victims at the morgue, he brought her back to the Argent House. In the basement, Gerard, Argent, and Allison met with the other Hunters, where they planned their attack against Jackson at a rave that was being held in the Warehouse District that evening. Argent informed the other Hunters that he didn't want any collateral damage or civilian casualties.

After the mission has been set and Allison has already left to meet up with her date, Matt Daehler, Gerard made it clear that while Allison seemed to be under the impression that they were only there to capture the Kanima, they would absolutely be killing the creature that night. He then accompanied the other Hunters to the rave. As he walked around the building, he noticed that someone had made a Mountain Ash barrier around the building's perimeter, though after examining the barrier, he decided to leave it in place, believing it could help their cause. When the Kanima attacked Kara Simmons, who organized the party, the rave dissolved into chaos, and Allison rushed out of the building, only to land in Gerard's arms. Allison, upset, insisted that the plan went horribly wrong, but Gerard simply put his arm around her shoulders and led her away, assuring her that the situation was not nearly as dire as she believed it to be.

In Party Guessed, after Victoria was inadvertently bitten by Derek during their battle at the rave the previous evening, Argent attempted to clean the bite wound and attempted to convince himself and Gerard that the bite may not have been severe enough to turn her into a Werewolf. Gerard, however, grimly reminded his son that his wife had been bitten by an Alpha and that the outcome was obvious. Argent continued to argue, unwilling to lose Victoria and not wanting Allison to grow up without her mother, but Gerard pointed out that there was no age at which losing her mother would be bearable for Allison before adding that he was speaking in the wrong tense-- his wife was already dead, and that what was with them was a cocoon just waiting to hatch. He then urged his son to help Victoria die with dignity as per the Hunter Code.

As Victoria willingly prepared to end her life before the full moon that evening as per their Code, Gerard went on to tell Argent not to hold back for Allison's sake, as she will feel the ground under her feet shaking time and time again in her life. tells his Chris not to hold back for Allison's sake, she'll feel the ground under her shaken time and time again in her life.

In Fury, Allison was in her bedroom, where she was tearfully grieving her mother Victoria's death, when Gerard entered her room to speak with her. Though he claimed to understand Allison's pain as she mourned, in truth he was there to take advantage of her grief to manipulate her into joining his cause. He held a letter in his hands and explained that Victoria had asked him to read it before her passing, but he claimed he refused, as he believed it was too personal. However, he eventually did so, and he admitted that while he was not close to his own mother, the letter Victoria wrote to Allison made him wish he had been. He then made Allison promise to destroy the letter as soon as she read it to ensure that no one else would find out the real reason why Victoria killed herself, and added that if he were in Allison's position, he wouldn't rest until his mother's death was avenged, hoping that the pain of reading the letter would cause Allison to join him in his mission to kill Derek Hale.

As expected, Allison became furious when she read the letter and removed everything from her bedroom except her Hunter implements. When she received a text message from Scott that asked her to bring the Argent Bestiary to the Sheriff's station where he, Stiles, and Derek were trapped. She immediately showed Gerard and Argent and informed them that Scott would never text her directly (due to Scott and Allison technically being forbidden from interacting with each other) and would definitely not mention Derek, which led the three to believe that Scott was being coerced. Gerard determined that this was the confluence of events that they had been hoping for, as he believed that the Kanima (Jackson Whittemore) and his master (Matt Daehler) were holding them captive for the Bestiary and that, if they played their cards right, they could defeat the Kanima and Derek in the same blow. They then planned their attack, taking into account that budget cuts meant that there were maybe only four overnight deputies who were likely either incapacitated or dead.

Gerard then turned to Allison and explained that, since Victoria was now deceased, Allison was now the matriarch of the family and by extension, the new leader of the Hunters. Argent argued that she was too young, but Gerard reminded him that Allison was nearly eighteen and that she knew the difference between vengeance and retribution. He then turned to Allison and assured her that if she made a decision based on strategy over emotion, then they would follow her lead. Allison, after considering it for a long moment, decided she wanted Derek dead, and she had no problem giving the same fate to his Betas if they tried to protect him, causing Gerard to smirk in proudly. When Argent asked her about Scott, pointing out that she couldn't pick and choose who she was willing to kill or not kill, Allison replied that she could prioritize, and that their current priority was Derek, much to Gerard's satisfaction.

The Hunters then arrived at the station, where Gerard addressed them before their attack, stating, "Shakespeare wrote that Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs. Let's give them some love." They went on to shoot up the and proceed to shoot it up, taking out the power to make it easier for them to infiltrate the building.

A short time after they rushed into the Sheriff's station, Gerard eventually came upon Scott, who demanded to know what he was doing there, as their plan was not supposed to unfold in this way. Gerard sharply retorted that he was aware, and Scott went on to remind him that he had done everything that he asked of him, including joining Derek's pack and giving him information, such as the fact that Matt Daehler was controlling Jackson Whittemore. Gerard agreed with him and stated that he should leave Jackson and Matt to him and that he should focus on making sure Stiles, Stilinski, and his mother Melissa were safe. Before they split up, Scott picked up Gerard's silver pill case off the ground and told him he dropped it; unbeknownst to Gerard, Scott had actually pick-pocketed the case and had replaced the pills inside (which he was taking to treat his cancer) with capsules he and Alan Deaton had filled with Mountain Ash.

Realizing that he was close to getting caught, Matt rushed out of the back of the building, only to run right into Gerard, who grabbed him and took him to the small pond behind the station, where he proceeded to drown him to death. Afterward, Gerard saw the Kanima hiding under the bridge, as it had initially been afraid of water due to Matt's own hydrophobia (due to his near-fatal drowning as a child, which ultimately led to his rampage against all those he deemed responsible for this using Jackson as his weapon of vengeance). Gerard stated that the Kanima no longer needed to fear water or anything, for that matter, before bonding with the creature and becoming its new master. Hidden in the woods behind the pond was the recently-resurrected Peter Hale, who watched with interest as the two interacted.

In Battlefield, Gerard, now in control over the Kanima Jackson Whittemore, broke into the McCall House, where he threatened the life of Melissa by having the fully-transformed Jackson grab her in a choke-hold with his tail. When Scott came out of the shower and into his bedroom, he found, to his horror, that his mother's life was being used as leverage and immediately looked to Gerard for an explanation. Gerard warned Scott not to play any games with him, informing him that he was now a man in possession of the means (the Kanima) to get others to do as he desires. He then went on to make his demand, which was that Scott deliver Derek Hale and his pack to him, before threatening to have Jackson kill someone on the lacrosse field the following night if he did not get what he wanted before the last thirty seconds of the game. This display of power scared Melissa so severely that she initially begged Scott to give Gerard what he wanted out of fear that he would harm her or worse.

Throughout the day, Gerard used his status as principal of Beacon Hills High School to continue to psychologically torment Scott, such as wondering aloud whether he should have Jackson kill Melissa, Sheriff Stilinski, and Coach Finstock, among many others. Gerard was also able to bar Scott from playing in the championship game, citing Scott's poor grades as his reasoning for doing so and thereby making it more difficult for Scott to stop Gerard's plans. However, when Isaac Lahey joined the game, he began purposely injuring their own teammates, hoping to bench enough of them that Coach would have no choice but to let him play.

Unfortunately, this put a target on Isaac's back, and Gerard used his connection to Jackson to badly tackle and paralyze him with Jackson's Kanima Venom, giving him the opportunity to attempt to kill the weakened Isaac in the locker room, dramatically stating that if Scott was going to be playing chess, he needed to be okay with sacrificing a few pawns; however, Scott arrived just in the nick of time and scared Gerard and his Hunter cohorts away before he could cut Isaac in half with his broadsword. Impressed, Gerard reminded Scott that the real prize was Allison, assuring him that if Scott delivered Derek and his Betas to Gerard, then he would be allowed to be in a relationship with his granddaughter. When Scott failed to do as Gerard demanded, Gerard had Jackson kill himself on the field by driving his own claws into his chest, causing a stampede in the bleachers. During the chaos, Gerard kidnapped Scott's best friend Stiles Stilinski to once again use as leverage.

In Master Plan, Gerard's men were seen throwing Stiles into the basement of the Argent House, where the young human found Boyd and Erica restrained by their wrists and attached to electrical cables with their mouths taped shut. The two began groaning when Stiles attempted to free them, and when Stiles was promptly shocked by the cables, Gerard appeared behind him and informed him that the Werewolves were trying to warn him not to shock himself.

Stiles demanded to know what he was doing with them, leading Gerard to reply that he was simply keeping them comfortable at the moment, as he knows their instinct to protect their Alpha is so strong that torturing them would be pointless. Stiles then went on to demand to know what Gerard planned to do with him, as he knew Scott knew his scent and would be able to find him, even "at the bottom of a sewer covered in fecal matter and urine." Gerard commended Stiles on his ability to "paint a vivid picture" before stating that he has one of his own-- Scott finding his best friend bloodied and beaten to a pulp. Stiles was undeterred and insulted Gerard by claiming the man was ninety years old and suggested he could kick his ass up and down this room, leaving Gerard with no choice but to do as he warned and punch Stiles in the face over and over again while the Betas moaned helplessly.

Meanwhile, Scott, Isaac, Derek, and Peter had convened at the high school, where the latter two were informed that the Kanima, Jackson Whittemore, had killed himself. Derek and Peter realized that if Jackson was dead, it was because Gerard wanted him to be dead, and they determined that they had only a short amount of time to figure out what it was that he was planning.

Back at the Argent House, Argent found Gerard and Allison talking in Allison's bedroom and pointed out that he had been seeing the lights flicker. Gerard cryptically replied that it was probably one of their guests getting comfortable downstairs in the basement before turning back to his granddaughter and advising her to get some rest while she could, as he anticipated the next twenty-four hours would be very eventful. As Gerard prepared to leave, Argent cornered him and asked if he was going to tell him what happened at the game, causing Gerard to smile and reply, "Didn't you hear? We won." Argent retorted that he was talking about Jackson, only for Gerard to state that he did, as well.

After Gerard left, Argent, worried about Gerard's influence on his daughter, told Allison that he wanted her to step aside and let them handle it. Allison scoffed and asked if he was kidding, and when Argent reminded her that one of her friends was dead, Allison argued that it was because of Derek, since he had turned him into the Kanima in the first place. Their argument devolved into Allison pointing out that she was doing exactly what Argent wanted her to do, which was be a Hunter, but Argent corrected her and stated she was doing what Gerard wanted her to do, and that they both were.

When Gerard sensed that Scott, Derek, and Peter would be transporting Jackson's body to a nearby warehouse, Gerard awakened Allison from her slumber and excitedly informed her that it was starting. Meanwhile, Derek insisted that they didn't have time to go with their original plan, which was to have Lydia Martin use her powers to bring Jackson back, Peter reminded him that the problem was that they were rushing, and that while a moving target is harder to hit, they were racing right into Gerard's cross-hairs. Despite this warning, Derek maintained that if he had a chance to kill Jackson, he would take it.

While Isaac and Scott were sneaking Jackson's body out of the morgue, they were caught by Argent, who admitted that, at the moment, the three had a common enemy-- Gerard. He went on to say that Gerard had twisted his way into Allison's head, the same way that he did with Argent's sister Kate, before adding that he knew Scott was losing her, too. Knowing that they were on the same side, Scott and Isaac agreed to join forces with Argent, who offered the use of his car to bring Jackson's body to Derek.

Upon arriving at the warehouse, Scott was appalled to find that neither Peter nor Lydia were there, and when they figured out Derek intended to kill Jackson outright, Derek reminded them that Gerard controlled him now, and that he had turned Jackson into his own personal guard dog so that he could get even bigger and more powerful upon coming back to life. Argent insisted his father wouldn't do that, likening Jackson to a rabid dog, only for Gerard to appear with Allison and gleefully inform them that Argent was right-- anything that out of control was better off dead.

Gerard went on to commend Scott on bringing Jackson to Derek to save him like the concerned friend he was, not knowing that by doing so, he would also be bringing Derek to him as well. It soon became clear what Gerard was planning to do when Scott and Isaac realized through their superhuman senses that Gerard was dying of cancer. Gerard confirmed this to be the truth before pointing out that while science does not yet have a cure for cancer, the supernatural does. He used Jackson to grab Allison in a choke-hold to prevent her from interfering with his plan, leading Argent to call him a monster for putting his own family in danger to become the creature that they've hunted for centuries. Gerard retorted that when it came to survival, he would kill his own son.

He went on to call Scott up to do what he was meant to do-- force Derek to give Gerard the Bite to turn him into a Werewolf and cure his disease. Derek begged Scott not to do this, as he would then go on to kill Derek and steal his Alpha powers. Gerard once again admitted that this was true, but pointed out that Scott already knew that and didn't care because the ultimate prize was Gerard's blessing to continue to be in a relationship with Allison. Despite Derek's protests, Scott grabbed Derek by the back of the neck and forced him to bite Gerard, with neither Derek nor Gerard realizing that Scott had already planned for this eventuality.

This became clear when Gerard's bite wound started to bleed black blood, and he realized that Scott had swapped out his cancer medication with capsules full of Mountain Ash. As Gerard began bleeding black blood from all of his facial orifices, Derek demanded to know why Scott didn't tell him, causing Scott to remind him that while he might be the Alpha, he's not Scott's Alpha. Gerard, collapsing to the ground, ordered Kanima-Jackson to kill everyone, leading to a battle between the Werewolves and the Kanima. However, when Stiles drove his Jeep into the warehouse with Lydia in tow, Gerard was able to escape in the mayhem without anyone noticing. Jackson, now more in control over himself, allowed Derek and Peter to kill him to prevent further bloodshed, and Lydia was able to return Jackson to a Werewolf-Kanima hybrid, breaking Gerard's connection to him.

In Motel California, Gerard, who had been mysteriously absent since he was seen rejecting Derek Hale's bite at the end of Season 2, was revealed to be alive but still suffering from the effects of his Mountain Ash poisoning reacting to his attempted transformation into a Werewolf. His son Argent visited him at the nursing home where he was receiving medical care for his supernatural condition and found that he was still bleeding black blood from his nose, mouth, and ears.

Gerard seemed surprised at the family reunion, but Argent made it clear that he was only there for information before referencing the fact that Gerard's brother Alexander Argent was bitten by an Alpha in 1977 and subsequently killed himself per the Hunter Code at the Glen Capri Motel on the next night's full moon. When Argent demanded to know the identity of the Alpha who had bitten him (having just remembered the story when his daughter Allison inadvertently stayed at the motel the previous night), Gerard smiled gleefully before claiming that Alexander was bitten by Deucalion, who just so happened to be the leader of the Alpha Pack that had recently infiltrated Beacon Hills' supernatural community seeking two potential recruits.

In Currents, Argent returned to the nursing home for information, though the audience is not privy to the details of their conversation. As Argent turned to leave his father's room, he reminded him that he still had a lot of repentance to make good on before he would be redeemed in his son's eyes and made it clear that, one way or another, Gerard would be telling him the truth. Right as Argent walked out the door, Gerard's granddaughter Allison appeared in the doorway to prove Argent's point. When Allison remarked that he seemed surprised, Gerard assured her that he was only surprised it took her this long to come see him, given his knowledge on all the threats currently plaguing the town's supernatural community.

In Visionary, Gerard received yet another visit at the nursing home, this time from both his granddaughter Allison and her ex-boyfriend Scott McCall, who were there to learn everything Gerard knew about Deucalion, the Alpha Pack, and how to stop them. Before Gerard was willing to say one word, he insisted upon his payment up front—Scott using his Werewolf powers to absorb his pain, as his chronically rejecting Alpha bite was causing him constant agony.

Once Scott siphoned his pain to an acceptable degree, the three began to discuss the current supernatural threats to Beacon Hills, including the fact that there was a Darach who was committing human sacrifices in an effort to destroy the Alpha Pack. Gerard remarked that it was amazing the lengths someone would be willing to go to get rid of someone like Deucalion, and when Scott retorted that the same could be said about getting rid of Gerard, Gerard chuckled and replied, "But I don't go easily, do I?"

Gerard then sarcastically thanked Scott for making him an oddity at the nursing home due to the fact that Derek's bite did indeed cure his cancer but continued to cause him to expel black blood from the majority of his facial orifices, much to the shock and confusion of his medical team.

As he told his story of what had occurred nearly ten years ago and its relevance to the present day's events, his memories were seen in flashbacks, albeit ones that reflected his own biased perspective on the narrative; the first included Gerard, Argent, and several other fellow Hunters having found one of Ennis' Betas who had killed one of their own days earlier, who they shot in the neck with an arrow, brought back to the Abandoned Distillery, and tortured before bisecting and killing the young Werewolf.

After finding the Beta, they explored the area and found the Nemeton and the root cellar beneath it, which they realized was a sacred meeting place for the Celtic Druids. When Allison, who already knew her father Argent knew more about the Druid aspects of the sacrifice rituals than he was admitting, wondered how they knew about the topic, Gerard assured her to always know her enemy. He then explained that Alan Deaton, Emissary to the Hale Pack, arranged for a summit at the Abandoned Distillery between Gerard and Deucalion, the latter of whom sought to end the conflict before any other lives were lost.

Unfortunately, at the summit, though Gerard told Scott and Allison that the meeting was a trap set by the Werewolves to attack them, it was actually the other way around—Gerard inoculated himself with the antidote to wolfsbane poisoning as he poisoned everyone around him, killing Deucalion's Werewolf sentries and his own Hunters with a bat covered in claws to make it look like the pack had attacked everyone, going so far as to say that his men had to die for their desire to make peace with the wolves. After everyone else was dead, Gerard followed Deucalion as he crawled away from the building, stabbing him in the eye sockets with two flash-bang arrows and blinding his human eyesight.

While telling this tale, Gerard paralleled his skewed story with the parable of the Scorpion and the Turtle, in which the scorpion stings the turtle as he transports them both across the river, claiming that doing so was in his nature; he intended to make it seem that ambushes and violence were the Werewolves' nature, but in the end, it really highlighted the fact that Gerard's betrayal in favor of his own agenda was in his nature.

Finally, when Scott demanded to know how he could defeat Deucalion, Gerard informed him that while Deucalion may have lost his eyes, he was not always blind, leading Scott to realize that he could disable Deucalion's Werewolf sight as well. As the two teens were preparing to leave, Gerard wistfully stated that he thought of Scott often and wondered when it became his nature to believe that most things couldn't be asked for and instead needed to be taken. However, Scott still did not believe him, citing the fact that Gerard's heartbeat remained steady throughout their entire conversation; when Gerard suggested that this was because he was being truthful the whole time, Scott made it clear that he believed he was actually just a very good liar.

Just as Gerard attempted to get Scott to take his pain one last time before he left, Scott clutched his wrist roughly in his hand and got in his face, growling that if Gerard lied during their discussion and someone got hurt as a result, Scott would be back to take more than just Gerard's pain, implying that he would kill Gerard if it came to it.

In Damnatio Memoriae, Gerard, still in the nursing home, was visited by his stern-looking son Chris Argent, who wasted no time asking him if he knew why he was there. Gerard smirked despite the pain and black goo pouring from his nose and mouth before remarking that even he has heard rumors in this "dark corner of Beacon Hills." Argent sighed, knowing what he was going to need to do in order to get Gerard to help him, and pulled out the yellow wolfsbane plant he had locked in a safe in Argent Arms International months earlier. Gerard looked shocked and demanded to know how long his son had this flower in his possession; when Argent simply shrugged, Gerard looked furious that he had the cure to his condition all this time and had said nothing.

Without further ado, Argent tossed the flower toward Gerard, where it landed on the floor several feet in front of him. Gerard weakly threw himself out of his wheelchair and crawled toward the wolfsbane plant before immediately shoving the flower petals into his mouth without shame at how pathetic he looked, which clearly made his son uncomfortable. Once the plant was consumed, Gerard coughed up a small amount of dark red blood into his hand, revealing that he had been cured of the sickness caused by mixing Mountain Ash with an Alpha bite. Even better, Gerard no longer had his cancer, making him healthier than he was prior to forcing Derek to give him the bite.

Once Gerard had composed himself, his expression turned from relieved to disapproving when he realized why Argent had given him this cure, incredulously asking, "All this to help Scott?" Argent, ignoring his father's obvious judgment of his current alliances, asked him if he knew about the Dread Doctors, which caused Gerard to smirk once again and asked him if they had succeeded. Argent, annoyed with Gerard's dramatics, demanded to know what exactly they had created, only for Gerard to reply, "Not what it is, what it was." He then revealed to Argent that the creature was a being created only to kill—not for sustenance, revenge, or any rational impulse, but purely for the joy of taking life. When Gerard added that the creature had a particular relevance to their family, Argent looked horrified when he realized they were talking about the Beast of Gevaudan, whom the Dread Doctors apparently resurrected.

In The Sword and the Spirit, the now-recovered Gerard began searching the underground tunnels with his son Argent for any signs of the Beast of Gevaudan. He noticed something on one of the pipes running along the wall and touched it, pulling his hand away to find that his fingertips were smudged with a black substance. When Argent asked him what it was, Gerard vaguely replied that it was a fingerprint of sorts, which did nothing to make Argent less nervous.

After a beat, Argent guessed that the Beast wouldn't be like anything they've seen before, and Gerard remarked that though there were a number of different descriptions of the Beast told over the years—including a red-furred giant wolf or a cloven-hoofed panther the size of a horse—he was most inclined to believe his grandfather's take on it, as it was the strangest of all. "He said the body was oil-black... Solid, but shapeless at the same time. Like a shadow pretending to be real."

Still on edge regarding this threat, Argent asked his father how they were supposed to stop it, leading Gerard to explain that the legend went that the only effective weapon against the Beast was a "simple spear in the hands of a young woman." Argent nodded, recognizing the "Maid of Gevaudan" from the stories he had heard as a child, which Gerard confirmed.

The two continued to patrol the tunnels until they come upon a fork in the path, and after sharing a knowing look, Gerard and Argent silently agree to split up, with Gerard taking the right tunnel and Argent heading down the left. Gerard had his gun at the ready in case he ran into trouble as he slowly walked through the damp tunnels, and he soon frowned as he sensed something nearby. Sure enough, when he turned the corner, he found The Surgeon and The Pathologist creeping toward him from the opposite direction as they made their tell-tale skittering noise. Fortunately for Gerard, he was prepared for this—he swiftly grabbed an ultrasonic emitter from his thigh holster and plunged it into the nearby wall as he pressed down the button, causing the Dread Doctors to freeze in place, seemingly unable to use their powers. Gerard smirked smugly at them before revealing that he knew their frequency, and that they were down there for a reason before turning back to regroup with Argent.

At some point, Gerard and Argent returned to the tunnels after the latter had found twenty-three bodies hidden in the sewers by the Dread Doctors to cover up the resurrected Beast's killings, and they managed to find the Doctors' operating theater hidden behind a wall with an ouroboros lock. They are soon found by Scott and Liam, who were also searching the tunnels for signs of the Beast. Scott and Liam only see Argent at first, but as soon as Scott caught Gerard's scent, he sighed in exasperation and remarked, "You didn't."

Happy to make a dramatic entrance, Gerard walked into the main room with a smile, though he was shocked to find that Scott's Werewolf eyes were now Alpha red and not Beta gold; in a surprising twist, Gerard complimented Scott on the change and stated that it suited him. When Liam, who had never met Gerard before, asked who the "old guy" was, Gerard retorted that, at the moment, they would refer to him as a "necessary evil," but that he could be called Gerard.

Scott, still shocked in disbelief that Argent would save Gerard after everything that he had done, continued to question him on it, but Argent argued that they needed him, a sentiment that Gerard confirms-- "If you want to catch a Werewolf like the Beast of Gevaudan, you're going to need more than one Argent. When the young wolves continued to look at them both warily, Argent explained that Gerard knew all of the stories and folklore, both written and oral, and upon stating that he was sure this was a good idea, Scott and Liam eventually agreed to help them. Gerard and Argent then stepped aside to show them the fresco painting depicting the Beast fighting the Hellhound on top of the bodies of the citizens of Beacon Hills.

Argent asked if they knew what creature was fighting the Beast in the painting, and when the young men had no idea, Gerard explained that it was a Hellhound, a guardian of supernatural places, before adding that they were both creatures who are perfectly human during the day and a ferocious animal in the evening, likely with no knowledge of what they really are. This triggered something in Scott and Liam's memories that caused them to share a knowing look, and when Argent asked them about it, they informed them that the Dread Doctors had been leaving the Beast messages in UV paint that read "DAMNATIO MEMORIAE," Latin for "condemnation of memories." Gerard realized that this meant that the Doctors wanted the Beast to remember who it was, and Argent was relieved by this news, as it meant that they still had time to identify the Beast before it reached its true power.

Somehow, Gerard and Argent figured out that Jordan Parrish was a newly discovered supernatural creature whose identity was not yet known and summoned him to the Argent Bunker to question him. Parrish, confused, stated that he was part of an EOD team in the Army that was stationed in Afghanistan, and before that, he went to high school. He became curious when Gerard opened one of the old bestiaries to show Parrish a drawing of a monstrous-looking canine creature, and though Parrish guessed it was a Werewolf, Gerard corrected him by saying that it was actually a Hellhound. Argent then turned the topic of conversation back to Parrish's time in Afghanistan, leading Parrish to seemingly explain his time there in flashbacks.

After hearing his story, Gerard pointed out that Parrish said he came to Beacon Hills because he felt drawn there before picking up a blowtorch and walking toward him with it. He then added that Parrish was the one who was hiding the bodies of the deceased Chimeras at the Nemeton and reminded him that he knew he was resistant to fire since Deputy Haigh attempted to set him on fire during the Deadpool.

Gerard then lit his blowtorch and smirked as he asked Parrish, "We're wondering... just how flame-retardant are you, Deputy?" Argent reluctantly grabbed Parrish and pulled his arms behind his back while Gerard held the flame closer and closer to Parrish's face until finally, the Hellhound spirit within Parrish came out and partially transformed, using his superhuman strength to throw the men off of him. It was then that he caught his reflection in the mirror and was shocked to see his eyes glowing orange-red with flames, his teeth extended into fangs and his fingernails into claws. After he blinked in surprise, his human features returned, and he exasperatedly asked Gerard and Argent if he really was a Hellhound. He then suddenly becomes annoyed and demanded to know if he would have burned his eye out if he happened to be wrong, causing Gerard to smugly reply that he would. Appalled, Parrish looked over to Argent and asked, "This guy's your father?" but Argent just shrugged and retorted, "Wasn't my choice."

In Maid of Gévaudan, Gerard went to the Argent Apartment's armory with Argent, where he met with Lydia Martin and Jordan Parrish, the latter of whom was still injured following a fight with the Beast of Gevaudan and was struggling to remember what he did in Hellhound-mode.

Argent and Gerard explained the story of "the Maid of Gévaudan," Marie-Jeanne Valet, a Hunter in 18th century France who was said to have been the one who slayed the Beast the first time with nothing but a simple spear. Parrish bitterly stated that they should probably resurrect her instead, since he didn't seem to be doing much to help in the fight against the newly resurrected Beast. When he turned to walk away, discouraged and exhausted, Lydia chased after him and tried to stop him, but Parrish argued that his dreams weren't like hers, and he wasn't just a Harbinger of Death—he was the cause of it.

He then left without another word, but Gerard advised Lydia to let him go; when Lydia looked at him suspiciously and asked him why, Argent confessed that, while they did believe that Parrish could take on the Beast, they were not convinced he was the only one. Gerard then smirked smugly and informed her that they were putting their faith in another player—Lydia herself.

He went on to explain that Lydia was a lot like Marie-Jeanne in that they were both skeptical of their own abilities as much as Marie-Jeanne was also skeptical of the supernatural. In his story, Marie-Jeanne initially shrugged off the rumors of the Beast of Gevaudan, believing it had to be an ordinary animal who was killing so many townspeople, but after a young boy named Emile was killed and brought into the French Tavern by Henri Argent, she agreed that, mundane or supernatural, she would be the one to lead the hunting party to kill it after her brother Sebastien Valet, who had just returned from the Seven Years' War and claimed to have seen the Beast with his own eyes in North America, urged her to do so.

Lydia was shocked by Marie-Jeanne's refusal to accept the truth and asked why Sebastien didn't warn her about the Beast, but Gerard stated that while Sebastien had told her everything he and his comrade Marcel had seen during the war, Marie-Jeanne was still a skeptic. This continued as the hunting party prepared for their early-morning search for the Beast in the woods, when both Sebastien and Henri continued to argue that, while Marie-Jeanne may have hunted every creature under the sun, she may not have hunted all creatures under the moon. Gerard went on to narrate that their first hunt went from dawn until dusk with no success, forcing them to try again just after midnight to see if it really was a night-time creature.

Despite everyone's best efforts, everyone in the hunting party was attacked and killed except for Marie-Jeanne, who did sustain a bad claw gash to her leg, and Henri Argent, who saved her from the Beast by putting up a barrier of Mountain Ash between them. It was only upon seeing the Beast—a nine-feet-tall black shadowy creature with bright white-blue eyes—that Marie-Jeanne realized that this was no ordinary creature, leading the exasperated Henri to inform her that it was, in fact, a Werewolf.

Just then, Lydia was overwhelmed by the sound of banging and the Beast roaring, which caused her to nearly fall over until Argent managed to catch her midway. She believed something important was happening and said she couldn't stay there any longer, but Gerard blocked her way and insisted that she should stay and hear the rest of the story. Lydia, not trusting him after all he had done to her and her friends over the years, demanded to know why she should be listening to him of all people, but Argent conceded that Gerard was the one who knew the story better than anyone else.

Lydia rolled her eyes and sighed before stating that all of her research had named the Beast's killer as Jean Chastel, causing Gerard to scoff and ask her if she was really willing to believe the internet and used reverse psychology by telling her to just go so she would stay and continue to listen. Though Lydia could tell Gerard was manipulating her, she did as he asked and stayed before asking what happened next. Gerard explained that Henri had brought Marie-Jeanne to his home, where she found bowls of mistletoe, Mountain Ash, and wolfsbane laying around. Henri revealed that he had spent the better part of his life learning the skills and obtaining the materials needed to survive Werewolf attacks while he bandaged up her leg. When he offered to teach her how to do so as well, Marie-Jeanne made it clear that she had no intention of learning how to survive an attack, only to kill a Werewolf.

Gerard's narration continued as he detailed the fact that Marie-Jeanne was aware that she couldn't count on another hunting party to kill the Beast, so she decided to test those in her village to see if she could identify the Beast's human identity to make their job easier. She laced berry wine with mistletoe and passed it around the French Tavern, forcing everyone to drink to commemorate the dead, now knowing that a Werewolf would be unable to tolerate consuming the herb. Just as Sebastien, her brother, began to transform, Marcel covered for him by shattering his wine glass in his hand to distract Marie-Jeanne, who immediately jumped in to bandage him up.

Though she initially thought Marcel was the Beast after finding dozens of bodies hidden in his cellar, she eventually noticed that his hand wasn't healing like it would have if he was a Werewolf, and she soon figured out that he was covering for her brother. She confronted Sebastien in the tavern and accused him of his crimes, including killing children, but he was unrepentant, stating that killing was who he was now and that the old story of drinking water from a Werewolf's pawprint in the ground would turn a person into the Demon-Wolf. He threatened to tear apart everyone in the tavern if Marie-Jeanne exposed him, leaving her with no choice but to allow him to flee while she came up with her next plan.

Gerard explained that Marie-Jeanne, knowing she would eventually encounter her brother again, went back to Henri to figure out how she could kill him, since he seemed immune to conventional weaponry. Henri determined that they needed something that would cut deeper and use the Beast's size against itself, eventually deciding on a spear. They then forged a spear tip in the shape of a fleur-de-lis made of steel, wolfsbane and Mountain Ash that was forged with Marie-Jeanne's blood under a Full Moon.

He continued on to say that Marie-Jeanne hunted for Sebastien for three years before she finally caught up with him in 1767. Though he believed he had her cornered, she really had her spear hidden under a snowbank, which she quickly retrieved and used to impale him through the chest, forcing him back into his human form. Sebastien still did not believe this would kill him until he learned what ingredients were used to make it. Even upon accepting his death was near, he took comfort in the fact that all of history would remember his name due to the horrors he committed as the Beast of Gevaudan. As further punishment, Marie-Jeanne assured him that no one would remember him for being anything but a Beast, revealing that she planned to utilize damnatio memoriae to erase all vestiges of his existence.

Back in the present day, Argent reiterated that Marie-Jeanne and the townspeople burned everything he had signed or owned, and Gerard continued on by saying that the name "Sebastien Valet" had been forgotten for over one-hundred-and-fifty years. However, according to Argent and Gerard, once Sebastien remembered who he was, the teenage Chimera hosting the Beast would be lost forever, and Sebastien would take over. However, Lydia pointed out that Marie-Jeanne did not slay the Beast on her own—in fact, she was never alone—because she had help from Henri, the Magistrate, the townspeople, and even Marcel, to enforce her argument that they needed Parrish's help as well.

When she set off to go find him, Argent warned her against it, reminding her that he was still a dangerous shapeshifter, and one just beginning to understand his power, at that. Lydia, offended, asked him if he thought she wasn't in the same position, but Gerard argued that it was different for Lydia, since she can access the supernatural and let it work through her rather than being controlled by it like other supernatural creatures. Unconvinced, Lydia demanded to know why Gerard even cared, and why he was suddenly on their side after everything that he had done, leading Gerard to pull out a silver bullet with the Argent Family fleur-de-lis stamped on it and revealed that it was his name as well.

He continued on by explaining that, after Sebastien was killed, Marie-Jeanne not only continued her hunting partnership with Henri Argent, but she also fell in love with him and married him, taking on his last name of Argent and begetting the Argent line of Hunters. Gerard then got to his point—that the Argent name would be remembered for killing the Beast both times, but this only made Lydia more frustrated. She quietly pointed out that she was neither an Argent nor her best friend Allison as her argument for why they needed Parrish and not her to kill the Beast.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills,

In Apotheosis, he and Argent follow Jordan Parrish in their SUV as he pursues Sebastien Valet. Gerard says that he suspected that the pike use by Marie-Jeanne Valet had been forged into The Surgeon's cane and he was right, he adds that it'll be able to kill The Beast. After losing track of Sebastien, Gerard suggest that they stop chasing him and instead have him chase them. In the tunnels, he shoots Deucalion after learning that he and Scott made an alliance, he wonders how long they've planned it and then Argent explains they've been planning it around the same time he and Scott formed an alliance. Argent reveals that he knew Gerard only came back to immortalize his own name, then they pull their guns on one another and Argent shoots him in the arm but he is later patched up.

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In Said the Spider to the Fly,

In Raw Talent,

In After Images,

In Face-to-Faceless,

In Pressure Test,

In Triggers,

In Werewolves of London,

In Genotype,

In Broken Glass,

In The Wolves of War, Gerard was mauled to death by Kate in her Werejaguar form, in retribution for shooting her with yellow wolfsbane and for rejecting her as his daughter due to her status as a shapeshifter.


Deaton: "While I admire your willingness to extend an olive branch, I have to tell you... it might not be welcome."
Talia: "And I'm not sure that Gerard is the one to accept it."
Deaton: "It's true. The Argents have a matriarchal leadership."
Talia: "Actually, I was speaking about the fact that he's a complete psychopath. The man cuts people in half with a broadsword!"
Alan Deaton and Talia Hale about Gerard's personality in Visionary

Gerard was the typical run-of-the-mill psychopath. He had shown on many occasions to be absolutely ruthless, especially when it comes to his survival. When pushed to the edge, he was capable of doing the unthinkable, such as killing his own family. He threatened to kill his granddaughter Allison Argent if Scott McCall didn't give him what he wanted. Gerard even admitted to Chris Argent that he would kill his son if it meant his own survival. He was even willing to become a Werewolf, a creature he claimed to hate, if it meant he wouldn't die of cancer, though he would only do so if it meant he became an Alpha and killed Derek in the process. This demonstrated that he was both selfish and a hypocrite, as he was willing to be something he hated just to survive and gain more power for himself.

Gerard was proven the be a very bloodthirsty killer, as he was willing to leaving a trail of bodies if necessary. He did not discriminate, especially when it came to supernatural creatures; it did not matter what species, gender, or age a creature was, or whether they were guilty or innocent of a crime - he believed all of them deserved to die for their state. Gerard can also be described as a master manipulator, as he has a way of getting people to do whatever he wants done, taking advantage of their periods of weakness and using their emotions to his benefit, as evidenced by how he corrupted both his daughter Kate and his granddaughter Allison, though both ultimately turned against them.

Liam: "Who's the old guy?"
Gerard: "Uh, at the moment, they would call me a "necessary evil." But you can call me Gerard."
Liam Dunbar and Gerard Argent about Gerard's personality in The Sword and the Spirit

Gerard was extremely arrogant to the point of being delusional, which caused him to underestimate the capabilities of supernatural creatures; for example, his assumption that Scott was a dumb but well-intentioned teenager whose love for Allison Argent and his mother Melissa made him an easy mark, only for Scott to trick him into taking Mountain Ash pills and using Derek Hale to bite him knowing his body would reject it. This happened yet again in Season 5 and Season 6, when Scott's leadership abilities and strategy skills outwitted him time and time again.

Despite Gerard's arrogance towards supernatural creatures, he is quite cowardly and only projects a brave demeanor when he believes he has the upper hand; for example, he had no problem approaching the Beta Werewolf Isaac Lahey with a broadsword when he was partially paralyzed from Kanima Venom, but when he saw Scott, who was not paralyzed, he ran away like a coward. He also believed in using others to do his dirty work, particularly when he believed they were more powerful than he was - he was banking on the Kanima killing Derek and he tried to team up with the Anuk-ite to kill all of the supernatural creatures in hopes of protecting himself in the process.

Argent: "Today. He needs to leave-- go to college, get out of Beacon Hills. They all need to go."
Melissa: "I take it Gerard's not gonna meet?"
Argent: "He's not interest in negotiating."
Melissa: "What does he want?"
Argent: "As far as I can tell, he... Genocide."
Melissa: "He just wants to kill them? All of them?"
Argent: "If you're looking for rationality, I think he left that behind a long time ago. In his eyes, Scott has killed half his family, turned daughter into a monster, and turned me, his only son, against him."
Chris Argent and Melissa McCall about Gerard's personality in Face-to-Faceless

Gerard was dishonorable and treacherous; for example, he violated the Hunter's Code on several occasions, as he had killed several innocent supernatural creatures despite the Code stating that they did not kill children or supernaturals who had not spilled human blood. He even killed two of his own men in addition to three of Deucalion's Beta Werewolves during a summit at the Abandoned Distillery, where the groups had gathered to try to come up with a truce between the two warring factions; when asked why he did that, he stated that his men also wanted peace and tried to blame their deaths on Deucalion for giving them the idea.

Gerard's hatred toward supernatural creatures was so strong that he even shot his own daughter Kate Argent with what he believed to be a fatal dose of yellow wolfsbane simply for being a Werejaguar, despite the fact that Kate had not asked to be turned. Unfortunately for him, this ended up backfiring on him, and Kate mauled him to death in retribution after seeing her father for who he truly was - an evil monster.

Physical Appearance[]

Gerard is an elderly man in his late sixties or early seventies with pale white skin, short white hair (that is starting to thin and go bald), and hazel eyes. He is slightly above average height being six feet tall, and he is often shown to wear neat but casual clothing, usually in darker colors but always in neutral tones; this includes khaki, navy blue, or black slacks, long-sleeved button-up shirts with stripes or plaid patterns, and occasionally a sweater or a dark jacket over top of it.


He is a very experienced Werewolf Hunter who has presumably been raised in the Hunter lifestyle since he was born, and he has taught both of his children the ways of hunting as well, making them both formidable warriors. However, unlike his children, he doesn't seem to engage in hand-to-hand combat if he can avoid it; whether this has something to do with his age or is just a preference is currently unknown. Regardless, he prefers to use long-ranged weapons, such as firearms or ultrasonic emitters to incapacitate his prey before then using closer-ranged weapons like a spiked mace or a broadsword to finish them off.

However, his greatest skill is his ability of manipulation, a skill at which he has demonstrated a strong talent. He has also demonstrated a talent in strategy and battle-planning despite the fact that, as a male member of the Argent Family, Gerard would have been trained to be a soldier rather than a leader or general like the women of the family.



  • Gerard: Gerard is a masculine English, Dutch, Catalan, and Polish name. It is of Old German origin, derived from the Germanic elements ger, meaning "spear," combined with hard, meaning "brave, hardy;" together, this name means "strong and brave spear-wearer." The Normans introduced this name to Britain in the early 9th century, and it was initially more common than the similar name, Gerard, with which it was often confused. Variants of the name in other languages include: Gerhard (Ancient Germanic); Cai, Caj, Kaj (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish); Kai, Kaj, Kay (Danish, Finnish, Frisian, German, Norwegian, Swedish); Gérard (French); Gerrit, Jorrit, Jurryt, Jurre (Frisian); Gerhard, Gerd, Gerhardt, Gert (German); Gellért (Hungarian); Gearóid (Irish); Gherardo (Italian); Gerardo (Italian, Spanish); Sjra (Limburgish); Geert (Low German).
  • Argent: Argent is a surname with two known origins. The first is from the Old French argent, meaning "silver," likely used as a nickname for someone with silvery hair, as an occupational name for someone who was a silversmith, or as a topographical name for someone who lived near a silver mine. There are also several French towns and villages called Argen or Argent, particularly in Aude and in Bassey-Alpes, due to silver being mined there, so the surname could also be a locational name derived obtained by being a resident in those villages. The town name derives from the Late Latin personal name Argenteus or Argentius, meaning "silvery." Argent as a surname dates back to the late 12th century, and variations of the spelling include Argente, Arghent, Argentt, Argont, and Argontt.


  • Unlike his daughter Kate and his granddaughter Allison, Gerard was not able to manipulate his son Argent.
  • Gerard is a firm believer in survival of the fittest, at whatever cost. In spite of this, he also strongly believed in having others take out his enemies, minimizing the risk to himself, which is also an example of his cowardice.
  • He had cancer until it was cured after being bitten by Derek Hale, though this bite (due to the Mountain Ash he had been unknowingly ingesting) was rejected by his body, causing him to expel a great deal of black blood from his nose, eyes, ears, and mouth until he was given yellow wolfsbane by Argent, which cured him after he ate it. ("Damnatio Memoriae")
  • Gerard was a massive hypocrite, claiming that all supernatural creatures should be put down regardless of whether they were innocent or vicious killers while at the same time plotting to become a Werewolf himself to cure his cancer and using a Kanima to achieve this goal.


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