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This is a surprising alliance, Scott. You and Deucalion? How long have you been planning this clever little double-cross?
Gerard to Scott McCall in Apotheosis

Gerard Argent was a supporting character and main antagonist in Teen Wolf. He was the main antagonist in Season 2, and the main antagonist in the second half of Season 6 along with Tamora Monroe and the Anuk Ite. He was a tentative ally to the McCall Pack in Season 3 and Season 5. Gerard was the brother of Alexander Argent, the father of Chris Argent and Kate Argent, the father-in-law of Victoria Argent, the grandfather of Allison Argent, and a descendant of Marie-Jeanne Valet and Henri Argent. Gerard, as an Argent, comes from a long line of Hunters who have made it their mission to protect humans from the supernatural. However, unlike most of his family, he was willing to use the supernatural if it suits his needs, which was evidenced throughout Season 2 - he convinced his son Chris to let his wife, Victoria, commit suicide after she was bitten by a werewolf, but had no issue with manipulating Scott McCall into forcing Derek Hale to give him the bite to cure his cancer.

Unfortunately for Gerard, his plans to obtain the bite failed when it was revealed that Scott had replaced his medication with pills full of Mountain Ash, which caused his body to reject the transformation. This forced Gerard to move into a nursing home for treatment, because though the bite did seem to heal his cancer, his body began to produce black blood from most of his facial orifices, which seemed to cause him a significant amount of pain. He continued to suffer in this condition until Season 5, when his son Chris brought him a rare wolfsbane plant that appeared to fully heal Gerard after he ate it, under the condition that Gerard join him in assisting the McCall Pack in their fight against the Dread Doctors and the Beast of Gevaudan. The wolfsbane ultimately cured him of the bite, and kept him human.

In season 6B, Gerard returned and helped Tamora Monroe to build her army of Hunters, wishing to use them to exterminate any and every supernatural being in the world. To this end, and to finally kill Scott, Gerard allied himself with the Anuk-ite, though the creature was ultimately defeated. During a confrontation with Kate and Chris, he was mauled to death by Kate in her Werejaguar form, for shooting her with yellow wolfsbane, and for rejecting her due to her status as a shapeshifter.

Gerard was a member of the Argent Family of Werewolf Hunters.

Early Life

Almost nothing is known about Gerard's life prior to his introduction in the series. He was born to two Hunters (with his father presumably being an Argent) and had at least one sibling, a younger brother named Alexander. In 1977, Gerard's brother was attacked and bitten by an Alpha werewolf during a hunt (who, according to Gerard, was Deucalion), which led to him committing suicide, as per the Argent Hunter Code, by shooting himself in the face with a shotgun in the Glen Capri Motel. ("Motel California")

At some point, Gerard seemingly married or had a similar arrangement with a woman who bore him two children; his firstborn son Christopher, and his second-born daughter Katherine. He raised both of his children in the Hunter tradition, where Chris learned to obey the Code like it was the law, while Kate took her father Gerard's very loose interpretation of the Code that allowed them both to essentially do whatever they wanted. In 1988, after Chris successfully learned all of the skills necessary to be a Hunter and graduated by forging a silver bullet as a testament to the Code, Gerard sent his eldest son to Japan for his first gun deal. However, he purposely kept the fact that Chris would be dealing with the Yakuza, or Japanese mafia, as he wanted to test his son's ability to improvise and survive under pressure. ("Silverfinger")

In the early 2000s, Gerard, accompanied by Chris and several other Hunters, returned to Beacon Hills to catch a werewolf (who happened to be a Beta in Ennis' original pack) who was accused of killing two of their own. Though Chris was insistent that they follow the Code, it was clear that Gerard intended to do things his own way. It was during this time that he learned about the Nemeton and its use by Celtic Druids. When Deucalion, concerned about the losses on both sides in the war between the Argent Hunters and the central Californian werewolves, proposed a truce, Gerard agreed to meet with him and his representatives at an abandoned distillery.

However, it was then revealed that Gerard had set this up as an ambush when he let off a great deal of wolfsbane fog that incapacitated both his own Hunters and the werewolves in attendance. After injecting himself in the leg with an antidote, Gerard grabbed a spike mace, which he first use to kill his own men, as he was angry that they, too, wanted to make peace with the werewolves, and he knew that the spikes on the mace would cause wounds that resembled a werewolf's claws so that he could later blame the ambush on Deucalion's pack. After killing his men, Gerard took out Deucalion's Betas while Deucalion himself crawled out of the distillery to get away from the wolfsbane fog. Gerard quickly caught up with him, and after Deucalion insisted he had a vision of peace, Gerard joked that it sounded "short-sighted" before stabbing him in the eyes with two flash-bang arrows, blinding Deucalion permanently, though he could see somewhat with his werewolf vision. It was this attack that led Deucalion to create the Alpha Pack, who would cause even more destruction in the years that followed. ("Visionary")

Throughout Teen Wolf

In Omega, Gerard arrived in Beacon Hills, along with several other Argent Hunters, to attend the funeral of Gerard's daughter, Kate Argent. When he saw that Matt Daehler had sneaked out of the media barricade in order to get closer to the burial and take photos of the event, Gerard confronted him and stole the SD card out of his camera before snapping it in half. After leaving a fuming Matt behind, Gerard approached his family and greeted his son Chris and his daughter-in-law Victoria before turning his sights on his granddaughter, Allison. He asked her if she remembered him, but Allison, who was shy and still grieving Kate's loss, silently shook her head to indicate she hadn't. Gerard pointed out that he expected this, since she was only three years old the last time he saw her, and stated that while he would prefer that she call him Grandpa, he had no problem with her calling him Gerard while they got to know each other.

That night, Gerard, Chris, and several other Hunters went out in the Beacon Hills Preserve, where they found an Omega werewolf who had tripped on one of their wires and ended up suspended in a tree by his ankle. After Gerard threatened the Omega with torture, the werewolf admitted that he had attacked the man in the ambulance the previous night, but that he was already dead. Gerard then identified the man as an Omega and explained to the others that it was a rare sight, as it meant that the man was either kicked out of his pack, left of his own volition, or was a survivor of a pack who was killed off.

Regardless of the actions of the Omega in question, Gerard implied that it was not a wise choice, since he didn't have the strength of a pack to empower him. He then wasted no time pulling out his broadsword and slicing the Omega in half, killing him instantly and thereby declaring war on the Beacon Hills werewolves in the process. When Chris reminded him that they must follow the Hunter Code, Gerard insisted that the Code was no longer binding them when the werewolves in the area were responsible for Kate's death. He went on to say that regardless of whether a werewolf was kind and claimed it would never harm anyone (such as Scott McCall), a victim of his own circumstances (like the recently-turned Isaac Lahey), or someone who had no idea what he was getting himself into (like the recently-bitten Jackson Whittemore), they were all just bodies waiting to be cut in half and killed.

In Shape Shifted, Chris and Victoria kidnapped the school principal, who they then tortured with a taser until he agreed to leave his position at the school so he could be replaced by Gerard. The next day at school, both Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski purposely got themselves sent to the principal's office in hopes of convincing Jackson Whittemore to not implicate Isaac Lahey in the recent death of his father, Mr. Lahey, not realizing that their principal had been replaced by Gerard. After reviewing Scott and Stiles' school records and treating them with a surprising amount of kindness, he stated that one of them would have to stay behind in after-school detention; since it was the night of the full moon, and Scott had both his transformation and the plan to break Isaac out of jail to worry about, Stiles took one for the team and stayed behind as ordered.

That night, at the Argent House, Gerard was in Chris' study when his son approached him to discuss their current situation with Isaac, as they knew he had likely been turned into a werewolf, and the fact that super-strength seemed to have been used in Mr. Lahey's murders made them (incorrectly) assume that he was the killer. Gerard then insisted that he wanted Isaac dead, not knowing that Allison was eavesdropping on them. Gerard sent one of their Hunters, who was disguised as a Sheriff's deputy, to go to the Sheriff's station to inject Isaac with a syringe full of Nordic Blue Monkshood with which to kill him. However, Gerard's plan was ultimately thwarted by the combined efforts of Allison, Stiles, and Derek Hale, who rescued Isaac before he could be killed.

In Abomination, Bennett, one of the Argent's Hunters, was killed by a unknown shapeshifter, leading Chris and Gerard to take his body to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic for Alan Deaton's expert opinion on what killed him. When Gerard greeted Deaton, he remarked that he was under the impression that Deaton had retired, and seemed unbothered by Deaton's obvious dislike of him. He defended Bennett when Deaton pointed out that the young Hunter had gunshot residue on his fingers, indicating that he may have been just as much of a killer as the creatures they hunt, and insisted that it was this new shapeshifter that he was most concerned about.

Both Gerard and Chris seemed shocked when Deaton went on to explain that they should all be very afraid of whatever creature killed Bennett, as it was powerful and unlike anything he had ever seen before because it possessed paralytic venom; since the creatures in nature who possess paralytic venom have it to aid them in capturing prey to eat, and this shapeshifter had no interest in eating Bennett, it implied that killing may be the creature's only purpose. After Gerard and Chris left, Deaton talked to his assistant, Scott, and made it clear that it was very important that he steal or borrow Gerard's Argent Bestiary, as it could give them an idea of the identity of this mysterious shapeshifter.

That evening, while Allison went into her car to find the secret message from Scott to indicate when they would be having their clandestine meeting, Gerard surprised Allison, preventing her from making her meeting with Scott, though whether or not this was intentional remains unclear. While they were talking, Gerard dropped a leather-bound journal on the ground, which Allison picked up for him; he thanked her and remarked that it was a very valuable possession to him, which caused Allison to assume that the book was the Bestiary that Deaton had mentioned earlier. She watched curiously as Gerard took a handful of pills from a small silver case in his pocket and vaguely explained that they were necessary to maintain his health. Gerard quickly changed the topic of conversation to whether or not he could trust Allison, and when Allison didn't answer to his satisfaction, he scared her by becoming incredibly aggressive as he demanded that she speak with conviction. When Allison firmly insisted she was trustworthy, Gerard, having gotten what he wanted, returned to the house.

The next night, Gerard and Allison attend the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse game together, where Allison purposely pretended to be cold so that he would lend her his jacket, believing she could better snatch his Bestiary in his pocket. While on the field, Scott was unable to use his powers during the game, despite Jackson's insistence to the contrary, because he was afraid of Gerard finding out that he is a werewolf. However, when Scott broke his leg on the field, he had to try to play it off as looking like a worse accident than it really was to hide the fact that the broken bone had healed itself in moments. Despite Scott's acting, Gerard still figured it out, and decided to invite Scott to the Argent House for dinner in order to learn more about him. The dinner is incredibly awkward, with Gerard purposely making the emotional atmosphere uncomfortable by constantly questioning why Allison and Scott had broken up and repeatedly bringing up what a nice young man he was.

Allison and Scott finally got the book out of Gerard's coat, only to find that it was actually his journal of dessert recipes, as Gerard proved himself to be quite a lover of pastries and other sweets. When they realized that the Bestiary must be on the USB drive on Gerard's key ring, they sent Stiles to go find it in his office, not knowing right away that Stiles had been confronted by Derek and Erica before being attacked by the mysterious shapeshifter, which Derek later identified as a Kanima. After Scott scared the Kanima off, he went to pick up his mother Melissa at the hospital, where he was confronted by Gerard, who instantly stabbed him in the stomach with a knife. He revealed that he knew Scott was a Beta werewolf and that he and Chris were trying to hide it from him, citing the fact that he was good at playing the role of proud grandpa much better than Scott was at playing a "broken-hearted teenage boy." He then informed Scott that the young werewolf would be doing a favor for him in the near future, because if he didn't comply, Gerard would be stabbing his mother with the blade instead.

In Frenemy, he and Chris tracked down the unknown shape-shifter to a abandoned lot. In this lot, they saw Scott and Derek Hale fighting the creature, who had the upper-hand against both of them. After watching Chris get knocked to the ground, the creature approached Gerard, but he showed no fear toward it, and the shapeshifter just looked at him before running away. Both Chris and Gerard and Derek and Scott then continued to track it to a club called Jungle, where they found that over a half-dozen club-goers had been attacked and paralyzed by the shapeshifter, though none were killed due to Derek's interference.

As Gerard and Chris waited outside the club, they learned that the police were planning to report it as a drug overdose, since the victims reported seeing a "demonic creature" in the club and the police were writing it off as being a hallucination. When Chris questioned Gerard regarding why he wasn't afraid of the monster, Gerard replied that if this was indeed the creature that he believes it to be, then it has rules to follow, rules that cannot be easily broken, indicating that Gerard was well aware of the mythology of the Kanima. The two then realized that the Kanima has been bothering Derek enough to bring him out of hiding, which led Gerard to insist that this could be the opportunity they were looking for to take out Derek once and for all. He then asked Chris if he remembered what he taught him about the best way to eliminate threats, leading Chris to reply, "Get someone else to do it for you," suggesting that Gerard intended to have the Kanima kill Derek for them.

The next day at school, he called Allison into his principal's office to question her on her whereabouts during the Kanima encounter the previous evening. When he determined that Allison, who claimed to be with Lydia, wasn't being entirely truthful, he stood behind the chair on which she was sitting and put his index and middle fingers over her carotid artery as a rudimentary lie detector test while he felt her pulse. He went on to ask her if she knew anything about Jackson Whittemore or if he was in trouble, but Allison insisted that it wasn't. Gerard continued to ask questions, this time wondering if it involved Scott, which caused him to feel Allison's pulse speed up. She then quickly jumped out of her chair and accused Gerard of scaring her, and Gerard, knowing that she was still lying but having a better idea of what the truth is, simply apologized for his behavior and allowed her to leave.

In Raving, at the Argent House, Allison fesses up and tells everyone Jackson being the Kanima. Chris informs the other hunters that he doesn't want any collateral damage, no civilian casualties. After the mission has been set and they prepare to leave, Gerard points out to Chris that Allison doesn't seem to aware that this is a mission to kill not to capture. He then accompanies the other hunters to the rave. As he walks along the building, he notices that Someone has surrounded the building with mountain ash; however, he does not break the line. When things start to get bad, Allison runs out one of the doors right into his arms, she thinks that everything has gone bad but he assures her its quite the opposite.

In Party Guessed, after Victoria is bitten by Derek, Chris attempts to clean the bite and convince everyone that the bite might not have been enough to cause her to turn but Gerard says that she's been bitten by an alpha, she will turn. Chris doesn't want this to happen because he doesn't want Allison to lose her mother but Gerard informs him that his wife, Allison's mother is already dead, he compares her to a cocoon waiting to hatch. During the night of the full moon, Victoria prepares to end her life, he tells his Chris not to hold back for Allison's sake, she'll feel the ground under her shaken time and time again in her life. He then encourages his son to go and help his wife die with dignity.

In Fury, Gerard enters Allison's room as she grieves over her mother's death. He claims to understand that she is mourning but this is really just a manipulation tactic, he uses this grief that Allison is dealing with to further his won agenda. In his hand, he holds a letter written by Victoria and then he continues to manipulate her by saying that if he had gotten a letter like that, he wouldn't rest until his mother's death was avenged. Gerard urges Allison to read it but burn it immediately after, his manipulation begins to payoff. Through a text that Alison received, they learn that the The Kanima and its Master is at the Sheriff's Station.
He explains to Allison that she has to make the decisions now, she has to think strategically instead of emotionally but emotionally is exactly what Gerard wants and that's what he gets. The hunters arrive at the station and proceed to shoot it up, in the hallway, he runs into Scott, the beta questions his motives, he admits to doing everything Gerard asked of him which includes joining Derek's Pack and revealing the identity of the kanima. He tells Scott that he will handle Matt and Jackson, as he's leaving, Gerard accidentally drops his pill box and Scott hands it back to him. As Matt escapes the station, he runs into Gerard, who drowns him in the river. He sees the Kanima hiding under the bridge, Gerard approaches it and they make a physical connection thus making him the new master.

In Battlefield, Gerard breaks into the McCall Houseand threatens Melissa as the Kanima is holding her by its tail. He warns Scott not to play any games as he is now a man with very impressive means to get others to do as he desires. He demands Scott to deliver Derek and his Pack. He then attends lacrosse game and tells Scott that when the clock reaches 30 seconds and he still doesn't have what he wants, Jackson is going to kill people. Throughout the game he plays mind games with Scott, threatening his mom, Sheriff Stilinski, Lydia Martin, and Coach. When Isaac joins the game and begins injuring players, so that Scott can get in, Gerard has Jackson paralyze Isaac and then tells Scott that if he's going to play chess, he has to be prepared to lose a few pawns. Even though he can't see Gerard, Scott can still her him, he tells Scott that the real prize was Allison. If Scott delivers Derek than he can have Allison. Isaac is taken into the boys locker room, Gerard and a couple other hunters follow him, Gerard has his sword in hand, as he prepares to kill him, Scott shows up but Gerard manages to slips away. Then he has has Jackson stab himself with his own claws and he kidnaps Stiles.

In Master Plan, Gerard throws Stiles into the basement and beats him up as a warning to Scott. After letting Stiles go, he talks to Allison, he tells her to get some sleep because the next 24-hours will be very eventful. When confronted by Chris about Jackson's death, Gerard replies we won. Gerard finds out that Scott, Chris and Isaac are taking Jackson's body to Derek at a warehouse. Gerard interrupts their meeting, he says that he would never let a "rabid dog" live. Gerard anticipated that Scott would take Jackson to Derek not knowing that he was also delivering Jackson to Derek. Gerard sends teh kanima into attack mode, it takes out Isaac, Derek and Scott then Allison makes her move to kill Derek; however, Gerard has something else in mind. He makes the kanima grab Allison, she is confused, as is everyone else. Gerard reveals that he has cancer and his real plan is to force Derek to bite him and then he's going to kill Derek in order to become an alpha. Chris is surprised at the length that Gerard would go just to survive, Gerard admits that when it comes to survival, he'd kill his own son. As Derek lays paralyzed on the ground, Scott picks him up and forces his mouth open as Gerard sticks his hands between Derek's fangs and then he bites down. After getting "the bite", he holds his hand up in triumph but then his bite mark begins to bleed black, Gerard checks his medication that he dropped a while back and realizes that its been filled with Mountain Ash. His body begins to reject the bite and he starts to ooze black gunk from his eyes and nose and then he throws it up. As his final order to the kanima, he tells it to kill them all.

In Motel California, Gerard is revealed to be alive but he is still suffering from the effects of the rejected werewolf bite. Some good news did come from this, he claims his cancer is virtually undetectable; however, he's a medical mystery because the doctors can't figure out why his body keeps producing the black ooze. He gets a visit from his son, Chris but he's only there for information. Chris brings up the name Alexander Argent. He was a hunter that committed suicide due to his following the hunter's Code. He asks Gerard for the name of the Alpha who Bit him, Gerard replies, "Deucalion".

In Currents, Some time later, Chris comes back for more information on Deucalion but this time around, Gerard isn't so willing to answer. Chris leaves but not without first telling Gerard that he will tell him the truth. Shortly after Chris leaves, Allison enters. He says that he's not surprised that she's there, he's surprised that it took her so long.

In Visionary, Gerard receives a visit from Scott and Allison. In order for Gerard to answer their questions, he first wants Scott to take away some of his pain. He tells them that the Darach is committing human sacrifices in effort to destroy The Alpha Pack, he says its amazing the lengths one would go to defeat someone like Deucalion. Gerard tells them the story of what happened several years ago,he Dr. Deaton came to him and arranged a meeting between Deucalion and the hunters, he claimed that he wanted peace but Gerard wasn't buying it, he then references "the Scorpion and the Turtle". He tells Scott and Allison that the meeting was really a ambush but in actuality, Deucalion was really looking for peace and Gerard was looking for war, Gerard kills Deucalion and his pack along with killing his own men and then blaming it on Deucalion.
Gerard then follows Deuc out the distillery and eventually blinds him by shoving two flash bolt arrows into his eyes. However, Gerard later says while Deucalion lost his eyes, he's not always blind, he's able to see as a Wolf. Gerard says he often thinks about Scott, he wonders when it became his nature to believe most things couldn't be asked for but had to be taken but Scott doesn't believe him. He tightly grips Gerard's hand painfully and threatens to come back for Gerard if he lied, and innocent people get hurt because of it.

In Damnatio Memoriae,

In The Sword and the Spirit,

In Maid of Gévaudan,

In The Beast of Beacon Hills,

In Apotheosis, he and Chris follow Jordan Parrish in their SUV as he pursues Sebastien Valet. Gerard says that he suspected that the pike use by Marie-Jeanne Valet had been forged into The Surgeon's cane and he was right, he adds that it'll be able to kill The Beast. After losing track of Sebastien, Gerard suggest that they stop chasing him and instead have him chase them. In the tunnels, he shoots Deucalion after learning that he and Scott made an alliance, he wonders how long they've planned it and then Chris explains they've been planning it around the same time he and Scott formed an alliance. Chris reveals that he knew Gerard only came back to immortalize his own name, then they pull their guns on one another and Chris shoots him in the arm but he is later patched up.

In The Wolves of War, was mauled to death by Kate in her Werejaguar form, for shooting her with yellow wolfsbane, and for rejecting her as his daughter, due to her status as a shapeshifter.


Gerard was the typical run-of-the-mill psychopath. He had shown on many occasions to be absolutely ruthless, especially when it comes to his survival. When pushed to the edge, he was capable of doing the unthinkable, such as killing his own family. He threatened to kill his granddaughter Allison Argent if Scott McCall didn't give him what he wanted. Gerard even admitted to Chris Argent that he would kill his son if it meant his own survival. He was also proven the be very bloodthirsty, willing to leaving a trail of body if necessary, he did not discriminate, especially when it comes to supernatural creatures, regardless of size, shape or age. Gerard can also be described as a master manipulator, he has a way of getting people to do whatever he wants done. He did this with both his daughter Kate and Allison. Gerard was able to corrupt both, getting each to work for him and see things his way.

Gerard was extremely arrogant to the point of being delusional, which caused him to underestimate the capabilities of supernatural creatures; for example, he kept on underestimating Scott McCall on several occasions, which led to every single one of his plans to fail.

Despite his arrogance towards supernatural creatures, Gerard is quite cowardly (as he was only brave towards supernatural creatures; as long as he has an advantage over them) for example, when Isaac, a werewolf was (partially) temporarily paralyzed by Kanima venom, he did not have any fear towards the the young werewolf (see Kanima venom) however, when he saw that Scott (who was not paralyzed by Kanima venom) Gerard ran away like the coward he truly was.

Gerard was dishonorable and treacherous; for example, he violated the hunter's code on several occasions, as he had killed several innocent supernatural creatures, regardless of the age or if they have not even killed innocent humans, later when Gerard killed three of Deucalion's beta werewolves and killed his own men in a (failed) attempt to frame the alpha werewolf for attack in order to start a war with the supernatural creatures, as he had no desire to make peace with these said creatures.

Gerard was a massive selfish-hypocrite, claiming that all supernatural creatures should be put down regardless of whether they were innocent or vicious killers while at the same time plotting to become a werewolf himself to cure his cancer and using a Kanima to achieve this goal.

Gerard's hate for supernatural creatures was so strong, to the point when he shot his own daughter, Kate, because of her werejaguar transformation and was willing to kill her on his own. Unfortunately for him, this act of his led Gerard's painful yet deserved/justified death at the hands of his own daughter, Kate Argent; as she finally saw her father for what he truly was - an evil monster.

Physical Appearance

Gerard is very old, due to his age he has pale and wrinkly skin, along with white hair and hazel eyes. He has short hair, infact he appears to be balding, only growing hair on the sides of his head while there isn't any in the middle. He is slightly above average height being 6'0. He is often known to wear button down shirts, often dark but occasionally he wears lighter colors as well. They typically have stripes or a plaid pattern, with this he wears darker colored pants or slacks.


He is a very experienced werewolf hunter. Gerard has been doing this for years, as he taught both is children the way of hunting. However, unlike his children, he doesn't seem to engage in hand to hand combat; whether this has something to do with his age or is just a preference is currently unknown. Regardless, he prefers to use long-ranged weapons like firearms or ultrasonic emitters to incapacitate his prey before then using closer-ranged weapons like a spiked mace or a broadsword to finish them off. However, his best skill is the power of manipulation, a skill at which he has demonstrated a strong talent. He has also demonstrated a talent in strategy and battle-planning despite the fact that, as a male member of the Argent Family, Gerard would have been trained to be a soldier rather than a leader/general like the women of the family.


  • Broadsword
  • Ultrasonic Frequency Emitters
  • Small Knife
  • Various Handguns
  • Spiked Bat


  • Gerard: Gerard is a masculine English, Dutch, Catalan, and Polish name. It is of Old German origin, derived from the Germanic elements ger, meaning "spear," combined with hard, meaning "brave, hardy;" together, this name means "strong and brave spear-wearer." The Normans introduced this name to Britain in the early 9th century, and it was initially more common than the similar name, Gerard, with which it was often confused. Variants of the name in other languages include: Gerhard (Ancient Germanic); Cai, Caj, Kaj (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish); Kai, Kaj, Kay (Danish, Finnish, Frisian, German, Norwegian, Swedish); Gérard (French); Gerrit, Jorrit, Jurryt, Jurre (Frisian); Gerhard, Gerd, Gerhardt, Gert (German); Gellért (Hungarian); Gearóid (Irish); Gherardo (Italian); Gerardo (Italian, Spanish); Sjra (Limburgish); Geert (Low German).
  • Argent: Argent is a surname with two known origins. The first is from the Old French argent, meaning "silver," likely used as a nickname for someone with silvery hair, as an occupational name for someone who was a silversmith, or as a topographical name for someone who lived near a silver mine. There are also several French towns and villages called Argen or Argent, particularly in Aude and in Bassey-Alpes, due to silver being mined there, so the surname could also be a locational name derived obtained by being a resident in those villages. The town name derives from the Late Latin personal name Argenteus or Argentius, meaning "silvery." Argent as a surname dates back to the late 12th century, and variations of the spelling include Argente, Arghent, Argentt, Argont, and Argontt.


  • Unlike his daughter Kate and his granddaughter Allison, Gerard was not able to manipulate his son Chris.
  • Gerard is a firm believer in survival of the fittest, at whatever cost.
  • He had cancer until it was cured after being bitten by Derek Hale, though this bite made him cough up black ooze until he bit a plant in Damnatio Memoraei
  • Gerard was a massive hypocrite, claiming that all supernatural creatures should be put down regardless of whether they were innocent or vicious killers while at the same time plotting to become a werewolf himself to cure his cancer and using a Kanima to achieve this goal.