"Why would your family build a vault under a high school?"
"The vault was here first."
Kate Argent and Derek Hale about the Hale Vault in 117

The Hale Vaults are vaults used by the Hale Family, where they store all of their valuable belongings and artifacts. The main vault is located in Beacon Hills, California underneath Beacon Hills High School and is said to have existed long before the high school was built. There are two entrances to this vault, with one located underneath the Beacon Hills High School sign, and the other through a wall in the basement; however, each entrance has a lock that only the claws of a Hale shapeshifter can open to ensure that their belongings are well protected.

This vault is full of heirlooms and artifacts, many of which have yet to be revealed. What is known to have been stored in the vault include: the $117 million in bearer bonds that made up Peter Hale's inheritance (which was subsequently stolen by Brunski on Meredith Walker's orders and was used to finance the Deadpool), Malia Tate's birth certificate and adoption papers (which Peter obtained through a private investigator), the Triskelion Medallion used by the Hales to teach new Betas how to control their transformations on a full moon, and a jar of Reishi mushrooms, which was given to Talia Hale by Satomi Ito and which is a powerful preventative measure for illness.

This vault was first shown in Season 4's 117, when it was revealed that the newly-turned Werejaguar, Kate Argent, had used a ritual to de-age Derek Hale to a point where he still trusted her in order to manipulate him into giving her the Triskelion Medallion, which she believed was a mystical talisman that would give her control over her transformations. However, upon getting inside the vault, she was confronted by Peter Hale, who informed her that the medallion was simply "training wheels" that gave young Betas something to focus on while they controlled themselves. The vault was then robbed by Brunski shortly afterward using flash-bang and smoke grenades to incapacitate Kate and Peter, revealing that The Benefactor herself had manipulated Kate into opening the vault so they could steal the $117 million in bearer bonds that Peter stored inside it.

The Beacon Hills vault was believed to be the only Hale Vault until Season 6's Broken Glass, when Derek revealed that since there are multiple branches of the Hale Family, there are also multiple vaults throughout the world, one of which is in North Carolina, in a private plot of land near a nearby shanty town. Derek and Chris Argent went to this vault in order to hide the last known vial of liquefied yellow wolfsbane, though the two were attacked by Kate Argent, who stole the vial before they were able to hide it. It is unknown where other Hale Vaults may be located.

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