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Liam: "Scott, Malia and Lydia are going out to Canaan. He said to go through with the plan as long as it doesn't destroy his house."
Hayden: "What plan?"
Liam: "Your plan."
Hayden: "I don't have a plan..."
Liam: "Well, you said you had all these ideas about how to catch a Ghost Rider."
Hayden: "I had one idea. It was pretty bad. Then I had another really bad idea."
Liam: "Anything that could work?"
Hayden: "Yeah, but it's terrible."
Liam: "Great. Let's do it."
Liam Dunbar and Hayden Romero in Ghosted

Hayden Romero is a recurring character who made her first appearance in the fifth season of Teen Wolf. She was first introduced as a sophomore at Beacon Hills High School who worked as a server at the Sinema nightclub and who was a classmate of her close friend Mason Hewitt and her boyfriend, former frenemy, and fellow Beta Werewolf Liam Dunbar.

Though she was initially believed to be an ordinary human, it was eventually revealed that she had been turned into a Chimera by the Dread Doctors in the late summer or early autumn of 2012 due to the fact that she had two sets of DNA as a result of a kidney transplant. After her pseudo-supernatural status was revealed, she demonstrated Werewolf characteristics, such as glowing gold eyes, claws, fangs, and supernaturally-enhanced senses, though the other half of her Chimera nature was unknown for some time.

However, her condition soon began to deteriorate, and it became clear when she began bleeding mercury that she would be considered a "failed" Chimera. Though she ultimately died from a mercury overdose in Status Asthmaticus, she was resurrected by Theo Raeken at the end of the episode using a mysterious green compound of the Dread Doctors' design.

At the start of Season 5B, she was informed by Theo that she was also part-Werejaguar, and it appeared as though she had joined his Chimera Pack out of gratitude that he brought her back to life. However, after several illuminating conversations with Deucalion and after seeing for herself that Theo treated the members of their pack like pawns for his own agenda, she ultimately pledged her allegiance to Liam, Scott McCall, and the McCall Pack.

In the season finale, after being gravely injured by the Beast, Hayden requested that Scott give her the Bite, a request that he granted out of fear that she would die again from her wounds. The Bite was successful, and Hayden is now officially a Beta Werewolf, quickly integrating herself as an official member of the McCall Pack due to being Scott's second bitten Beta.

As of the midseason premiere of Season 6, Hayden has since moved away from Beacon Hills with her human sister Valerie Clark in order to protect her from supernatural threats that are all too common in their hometown. She ended her relationship with Liam on somewhat good terms, though it is unknown where specifically she moved.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Little is known about Hayden's early history, but she has apparently been raised by her older sister, Sheriff's deputy Valerie Clarke, for quite a while. When Hayden was in sixth grade, she walked into the hallway to find Liam Dunbar and another fellow student in the middle of a violent fight. When she tried to intervene, Liam, overwhelmed by rage, punched her in the face and broke her nose. Hayden then became so angry that she punched him back, breaking his nose as well to get even. Unfortunately for them, this happened right before school picture day, and both Hayden and Liam had their yearbook photos taken with black eyes and taped noses. ("Required Reading")

At some point between sixth grade and tenth grade, Hayden had a kidney transplant, which forced her to have to take expensive anti-rejection medication to keep herself well. Feeling guilty about the financial burden she put on her sister, Hayden got a job as a "shot girl," or drink server, at the Sinema nightclub, though she has openly admitted that her boss, Phil, takes advantage of the fact that she's underage by taking a large portion of her tips and paying her under the table so he doesn't have to pay taxes for her work. It was this kidney transplant that made her a genetic chimera, or a human with two sets of DNA, which is what made her a perfect candidate for the Dread Doctors to turn into a pseudo-supernatural Chimera. ("Required Reading")

Throughout Teen Wolf[edit | edit source]

In Parasomnia, Hayden made her feelings towards Liam very clear when she stuck gum on his seat while in their second period U.S. History class. Liam later saw her in the hall and remarked that she was clearly still angry about what happened in the sixth grade, but Hayden just replied that she wasn't angry, she was "vengeful." In Dreamcatchers, Tracy Stewart, a Chimera who was overwhelmed with flashbacks of the Dread Doctors after reading Gabriel Valack's book, The Dread Doctors, unknowingly sat in on Hayden and Liam's history class taught by Mr. Yukimura. When the fire alarm was pulled and the students started to file outside, Hayden asked Tracy if she was okay, but Tracy grabbed her by the arm with her clawed hand and badly cut her wrist. After Scott McCall and Mr. Yukimura took Tracy to the animal clinic, Liam asked Hayden if she needed help getting to the nurse, but Hayden snidely informed him that she could manage it on her own. She then went into the bathroom to clean up her bloody arm, only to find that the wounds Tracy had made had already healed completely. In Condition Terminal, she reluctantly allowed Liam and Mason Hewitt entry into Sinema through the back door while she was working. When Liam accidentally bumped into her and caused her to spill an entire tray of body shots onto the floor, she got angry at Liam because the shots cost $10 a piece and would now be coming out of her own paycheck. Liam, feeling guilty, offered to pay for them, but he only had $12 and some change in his pockets. Hayden, visibly frustrated, threw the change back at Liam before angrily replied that he still owed her $200. In Required Reading, Liam came to Sinema while Hayden was working and brought her $42 dollars to go toward his debt to her, but Hayden refused it, believing that he was just trying to trick her into thinking he was a good guy. However, Liam insisted that he wanted to make up for spilling those drinks and convinces her to take the money before he leaves. The next day, Hayden and Liam were in gym class on the lacrosse field, where they began to grow increasingly competitive with each other regarding their respective athletic prowess. Hayden scored goal after goal with a soccer ball, but Liam got performance anxiety and continued to miss every shot. When Scott then suddenly had an asthma attack, Liam frantically left to find him an inhaler, and Hayden later watched as he helped Scott recover, causing her to realize he wasn't such a bad guy after all. After school, Liam overheard Hayden and her sister Valerie talking about Hayden's medication and the fact that it cost $200, and, realizing why she needed the money he lost by wasting the drinks, he found twenty more dollars to give her to add to his debt. However, Hayden refused to take it, though she explained that she does work at Sinema to help her sister pay for mychophenalate, the anti-rejection medication she has needed to take on a daily basis since she got a kidney transplant several years earlier. When Hayden made a comment about how Liam should listen to what her boss Phil was saying in the next room, Liam realized that he had to use his Werewolf hearing in order to understand what he was saying and became concerned that she was a Chimera who had similar powers to himself. He then grabbed a glow stick and held it up in front of her face, confirming that she was indeed a pseudo-supernatural hybrid created by the Dread Doctors when the light reflected off of her irises just like it does with supernatural shapeshiftersfgh. In Strange Frequencies, Liam, realizing Hayden was in danger, confessed the truth about the existence of the supernatural world, including that he was a Werewolf and that he believed the Dread Doctors had turned her into a Chimera. Hayden understandably believed him to be crazy and made it clear she didn't believe him, so he wolfed-out and roared in her face to prove it to her. Unfortunately, this scared Hayden so much that she screamed, punched him in the nose, and drove away. However, after a flustered Hayden eventually pulled over to process what had just happened, she was shocked to see that her injured hand healed itself right before her eyes. Just then, her car shut off by itself, and the Dread Doctors started marching toward her, using their powers to lock her car doors so she couldn't run away. Thankfully, Liam had followed her, and he rescued her through the sunroof of her car so the two of them could flee to Scott McCall's house. When Scott and Stiles Stilinski returned to the house, they found that Hayden had locked herself in Scott's bathroom, presumably out of shock regarding what happened. Much to the boys' surprise, once Hayden opened the door to let them in, they found her partially-transformed into what appeared to be a Werewolf with glowing, Beta-gold eyes, claws, and fangs. She then admitted that she believed what they said about the existence of the supernatural and the Dread Doctors, having now seen it with her own eyes. The next night, Scott, Lydia Martin, Malia Tate, Jordan Parrish, Liam, and Hayden went to the high school, hoping to use the telluric currents around it to create a fortress to protect Hayden from the Dread Doctors, as they were sure the Doctors would want to continue experimenting on her and they knew that the telluric currents previously prevented them from entering Eichen House. Hayden admitted to Liam that she felt like a bizarre science experiment, but he assured her that she was still Hayden and that she'd learn to control her powers. Unfortunately, the Dread Doctors caused terrifying hallucinations in Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Parrish with their ability to control electromagnetic forces, which incapacitated them so badly that the Doctors were easily able to capture Hayden and Liam so they could bring them back to their laboratory in the basement of the water treatment plant. Liam awakened to find Hayden strapped face-down to the Doctors' exam table, where they were cutting open her side. He tried to yell at them to stop hurting her, but because his arm was bound in a brace with a large IV tube of a special kind of black Wolfsbane solution being infused into his veins, he was unable to do anything to stop them. In Ouroboros, Hayden continued to be experimented on by the Dread Doctors while Liam tried his best to save them, to no avail. Once they had finished, the Dread Doctors dropped Hayden onto the floor where Liam was laying and receiving the wolfsbane infusion. When Hayden whimpered and clutched her wounded side, Liam tried his best to take her pain, but since he had only ever seen Scott do it, he was unable to figure out how to do it himself. Once Hayden had slightly recovered from the minor surgery, she helped pull the IV tube of black fluid out of his arm, only for them both to be injected in the neck with modified mercury and knocked out by the Dread Doctors. They woke up later at the Dread Doctors' holding cell in the abandoned house, where they saw they had been locked in an electrified fence with another Chimera named Zach, who had wings sprouting out of his back. Zach explained what he knew about failed Chimeras, including that they forgot who they were and became incredibly violent before they began bleeding modified mercury, as well as the fact that there had been three others in the cell with him who were ultimately killed by the Doctors. When Zach started bleeding mercury from his nose, the Dread Doctors came in and took him away, and Hayden and Liam, still injured from the Doctors' experimentation, were unable to do anything but watch in horror. That night, Theo Raeken (who, unbeknownst to anyone, knew where they were the entire time due to him having been working with the Dread Doctors since before his arrival in Beacon Hills) rescued them from the cell and drove them back to Scott's house. On the way there, Hayden admitted that she still hadn't started healing like she had before and began to worry that she was a failure as well. Seeing how scared she was, Liam kissed her to comfort her, and in doing so, managed to unconsciously use his powers to take all of her pain. She and Liam then fell asleep on the couch at Scott's house, and Lydia covered them up with a blanket. In Lies of Omission, Hayden showed Liam that her surgical wounds had healed completely, and both she and the other Chimera, Corey Bryant, got stronger and healthier. However, when she and Liam kissed in the bus bay, her nose started bleeding mercury, and Hayden became so terrified that she ran away. Once Corey began to bleed black blood and mercury as well, Liam decided that he and Hayden needed to leave town to ensure Hayden's survival, and the two packed up their things and stopped by Sinema to pick up Hayden's paycheck. Unfortunately for them, the Dread Doctors caught them there, and Liam fought the Dread Doctors until Scott and Theo arrived before running off to get her out of there. When he ran into the hallway to find her, he was horrified to see that one of the Dread Doctors was injecting her with an overdose of mercury, which caused her eyes to turn fully silver for a brief moment. Her condition continued to worsen as Liam and Theo brought her to the animal clinic for treatment, during which time Theo admitted that Chimeras were like "cheap knockoffs" of werecreatures and that Hayden might not be able to heal like they could. This gave Liam an idea—if Scott could give Hayden the Bite, she could turn into a real Werewolf and be able to heal. However, when Scott arrived at the animal clinic, the episode ended with him saying "No" in response to Liam's request for him to bite her. In Status Asthmaticus, Scott explained that giving Hayden the Bite wouldn't save her because she was too weak as it was, and that, for all they knew, the mercury in her system could actually cause the Bite to kill her instead of turning her. Though Liam once again angrily reiterated that he promised to do everything in his power to save her, Scott maintained that he was refusing for that reason, as he didn't want his bite to be the thing that killed her. Instead, he insisted there had to be another way to save her, and instead called his mother, Melissa, who brought several IV bags of a medication used in chelation therapy to filter the mercury from Hayden's body. When the treatment had no effect, Hayden asked Scott to find her sister Valerie, because she didn't want to die without her there. Melissa continued the treatment while Scott searched for her, but when, unbeknownst to any of them, Scott was trapped in the library with mountain ash by Theo, Liam left the clinic to find Valerie for Hayden, assuming that Scott had either failed to locate her or somehow got sidetracked along the way. Unfortunately, the full supermoon overhead in conjunction with Theo's manipulations, Liam's anger toward Scott and his fear about Hayden's impending death to overwhelm him so much that he tried to kill Scott at the library. When it became clear Hayden was close to death, Melissa sent Mason to go get Liam so that Hayden wouldn't be without her loved ones when she died. Unfortunately, Mason was too late, and by the time he found Liam, Hayden had already died. Liam returned and clutched her body in his arms until Jordan Parrish, under the influence of his Hellhound alter-ego, came to take her body to the Nemeton. Later that night, Theo, after having forcibly taken Lydia's memories of the Nemeton's location with his claws, went to the supernatural tree stump with a large syringe filled with the green fluid from the tank in the Dread Doctors' lab, which he used to resurrect Hayden, Tracy Stewart, Josh Diaz, and Corey Bryant, all of whom were originally failed Chimeras and who had been killed over the course of the previous three weeks. Theo then informed the newly resurrected Chimeras that they were in his pack now, and that he was their Alpha. Hayden and the other Chimeras then followed Theo out of the woods.

In The Last Chimera, Mason caught Liam following Valerie in an attempt to tell her that Hayden died and eventually talked him out of doing so out of fear that Valerie would notice Liam's bloodied clothes and believe that he had killed Hayden himself. While they were talking, Liam caught Hayden's scent and became convinced that Hayden was still alive, but Mason reminded him that he had held Hayden's body in his arms for quite some time, and that her scent had probably just transferred onto his clothes. Unbeknownst to them, Hayden was indeed alive and was watching them from behind, though she walked away without informing them of what was going on. Later that night, she was approached by Theo, who asked her to help him track the most recent Chimera, Noah Patrick, who was still on the loose, and whom Theo wanted to recruit to his pack before the Dread Doctors found him. Hayden was able to sense that Noah had been at the abandoned railway station, and when she asked Theo how she knew that, he revealed that she was also part-Werejaguar, and since Noah was part-Berserker, the two would be drawn together as a result of the connection between their species. Hayden asked him if that was why he wanted her there, and Theo reminded her that he saved her life, suggesting that he was entitled to her help now that he had her life debt. A few moments later, Hayden was able to sense that Noah was dying, and Theo grimly assumed that the Doctors had likely already found him. Theo and Hayden then found the symbol of the McCall Pack carved into the corrugated metal wall, alerting them both that Scott was alive and acting as a clear message to Theo and his new pack—it was a promise and threat that Scott intended to reunite his pack once again. At the end of the episode, Hayden was with the police when they found Liam and Mason at the Nemeton] with the bodies of the four remaining dead Chimeras who were not resurrected by Theo; she then confirmed to the police that she had found the bodies in that location, which revealed to the boys that she was truly still alive. In Damnatio Memoriae, Hayden was annoyed by the fact that her sister Valerie had dragged her with her to all of her shifts at the Sheriff's station, but Valerie reminded her that she disappeared for three days and that she wouldn't be letting her out of her sight; when Valerie added that for all she knew, Hayden could have been dead, Hayden's expression darkened in a painful reminder of her temporary death. Valerie then gets a call to check out a telecom technician who was sent to an telecom tower and hadn't responded to calls for an hour. Hayden was left behind while Valerie checked out the towers, not knowing that Hayden could use her now-controllable Chimera ability to hear what was going on from outside. When she heard a man gasping for help from inside the building, Hayden got out of her car with the intention to check it out, only to be distracted by the appearance of Liam, who was upset that she didn't tell him she was still alive. Hayden reminded Liam that he left her for dead, but Liam pointed out that she actually was dead. Before they can argue further, The Beast of Gevaudan revealed itself and began to chase Hayden and Liam into the woods, where they were forced to leave Valerie behind, though Valerie herself encouraged them to do so. The two just barely managed to jump across a wide ravine to the other side, but the Beast followed them, forcing Liam to try to save them by pulling them both down into the ravine so the Beast would leave them alone. Unfortunately, though Hayden's wounds healed quickly, Liam landed on a large boulder and broke his back, an injury which took much longer to heal. Hayden, more worried about Valerie than anyone else, left Liam behind to go find her. The next day, Hayden was reluctantly sitting next to Valerie's desk during her shift at the Sheriff's station when she sensed Theo's arrival and followed him back into the holding cells to speak to him while her sister was distracted. She then admitted to her so-called Alpha that she had seen the Beast the previous night, and that it looked exactly like the painting he showed her in the operating theater. Theo insisted that they needed to deal with the Beast, but assured her that they would survive as long as they stuck together as a pack. He then suspected that she had reconnected with Liam and not-so-subtly warned her that she couldn't keep secrets from him. After Liam spent the day worrying about the fact that Hayden wasn't acting like herself and wondering if perhaps dying had made her a darker person, Hayden found him at the animal clinic and told him she had been looking for him. She then asked him if it was true that he almost killed Scott for her, which he shamefully admitted before reminding her that it was her new "Alpha" Theo who convinced him to kill Scott in the first place. Hayden, looking embarrassed, admitted that ever since she came back to life, nothing felt the same as it did before. Liam seemed hurt by this confession until Hayden revealed that her relationship with Liam was the only thing that felt right, and asked him what he felt about her. He was quiet for a moment, but when she went to walk away, he grabbed her by the wrist and kissed her passionately, leading them to rekindle their romantic relationship. In Codominance, at Beacon Hills High School, Hayden was in the hallway talking to Theo Raeken, when Liam, who was already upset after his short talk with Scott earlier, saw this and became angry as he watched the two walk away together. In their biology class, the two were assigned to be lab partners by Mrs. Finch, and the environment was tense between the two until Hayden finally asked him if he planned on talking to her. Liam reminded her that she was with Theo, who was one of the bad guys due to his attempt to have Scott killed and his part in Lydia's catatonia. However, Hayden argued that Theo brought her back to life and that she was grateful to him for that. She went on to say that she just didn't think that Scott had what it took to save them from the Beast, particularly since he didn't even know what was coming whereas Theo did. Later, Hayden approached Liam at the library, where she gently admitted that she knew how much Scott means to Liam, but that he just couldn't protect them like Theo could. She also confessed that she could go through dying again, because it would destroy her sister, to which Liam responded that it would destroy him as well before he kissed her. In Amplification, Theo gave Hayden the task of "babysitting" Deucalion, who had been captured by the Chimera Pack and was hooked up to the same Wolfsbane intravenous solution that the Dread Doctors used on Liam in Ouroboros. Deucalion attempted to use his talents of manipulation to convince Hayden to let him go, and when this failed, he offered to tell her a secret about Belasko's talons, which Theo planned to use to take the Beast's powers. Hayden, intrigued by this secret despite her reservations, listened as Deucalion claimed that, since the Dread Doctors created the talons with a specific frequency, they would only work on a specific person, and drew a parallel to the fact that Hayden, as a genetic chimera, had a kidney transplant and should know how frequently the body rejects a donor organ. This led Hayden to come to the conclusion that Theo would die if he tried to use the talons, which Deucalion claimed to be true. In Lie Ability, through a flashback from a previous night, Hayden and Liam have a private moment in Liam's bedroom where the two have sex, seemingly for the first time together. Afterwards, Liam pleaded with her to stay, but though Hayden assumed he meant to stay the night, Liam actually meant stay with him and the others by joining the McCall Pack and leaving the Chimera Pack. Liam revealed he knew that Theo planned to use Belasko's talons to steal the Beast's power and insisted that if Theo thought he could successfully do it, he was crazy. Hayden asked him if he thought Scott could do better, and Liam emphasized that he did, citing the fact that Scott's most recent death and resurrection did something to him to make him even more determined. Hayden, however, brought up her own death and resurrection and reminded him that nothing good came of it. Hayden then returned to the present day from her flashback-daydream, where she was still watching over Deucalion at the Dread Doctors' Operating Theater. Deucalion had been watching her as well and wondered aloud if she was beginning to question her loyalties. He went on to tell her that he believed that Theo left Hayden in charge of watching him rather than Josh or Corey because he knew that Hayden was stronger and faster than both of them. However, Hayden retorted that she knew exactly why Theo left her behind—because her relationship with Liam made her a liability in their plan to break Lydia out of Eichen House. Deucalion seemed pleased by this answer and insisted that he believed they'd soon become friends due to the "common ground beneath their feet." He then stated that if she wanted to save Liam and the rest of her friends, she needed to worry less about being a liability and more on her "ability to lie." He tried to convince her to leave and help Liam and Mason, claiming that he wouldn't be going anywhere due to the wolfsbane drip, but Hayden decided to inject him with a syringe full of Tracy's Kanima venom to ensure he would still be there when she returned, much to Deucalion's displeasure. Hayden then arrived at Eichen House, showing up at the "transformer shed" just in time to stop Mason from driving his car into the large, concrete building in an attempt to shut off the power and end the lockdown that had trapped both packs inside. Hayden insisted a car was not going to be enough, and after some brainstorming, she got the idea to jump onto the roof of the building using her Chimera strength and agility. Once up there, she found the switches to the transformer and shut them all off, ending the lockdown and freeing the members of the McCall Pack and Chimera Pack who had been locked inside during their separate attempts to smuggle Lydia out of the facility. Back at the operating theater afterward, Theo berated Hayden for using the Kanima venom on Deucalion, as it was meant for emergencies only, but Hayden insisted that it was for an emergency. She then listened to Theo admit that he hadn't managed to get Lydia or the Hellhound, Jordan Parrish, but he did manage to get Gabriel Valack's Dread Doctor Mask, which he believed might be just as effective. In A Credible Threat, Hayden arrived at the charity lacrosse game between Beacon Hills High School and Devenford Prep and sits up in the bleachers with Sydney. The girls cheered for the team, and specifically Liam, despite the fact that the team wasn't scoring many goals. On the field, Liam broke his arm during a particularly brutal tackle and went to Scott to inform him about it. While they talked, Hayden used her enhanced hearing to eavesdrop and seemed both surprised and appreciative of Scott's willingness to get hurt or killed in order to keep others safe. During a break between quarters, Hayden approached Liam while he was sitting on the bench and told him that she was ready to join him in the McCall Pack. Liam, pleased by this turn of events, asked her what changed her mind, and Hayden confessed that it was because Liam was right about Scott and that no matter what happened next, she wanted to be with them, and especially with Liam. Near the end of the game, a loud, nearly-deafening high-pitched frequency was heard by all in attendance despite Malia's attempts to prevent it, and both Hayden and Sydney, along with the others in the bleachers, covered their ears and winced. When Sydney asked what the sound was, Hayden looked concerned as she replied that it was nothing good. In Maid of Gévaudan, Hayden and Stiles helped carry the badly-injured Liam into a classroom and lay him on the desk after Liam's failed attempt to attack the Beast upon its arrival at the game. Both Hayden and Stiles are horrified by the extent of Liam's injuries, as his chest and abdomen had been ripped to shreds along with his jersey, and he was bleeding everywhere. Hayden, inexperienced with these sorts of situations, asked Stiles what the pack does when this happens, but Stiles, as usual, started to get woozy and claimed he was going to pass out. Hayden frustratedly snapped him out of it, and though Stiles suggested they help trigger Liam's healing ability by causing more pain, Hayden got an idea and decided to do the opposite. She then kissed Liam just like he kissed her in Ouroboros, using her Chimera-Werewolf abilities by siphoning Liam's pain through his lips and into her body, which allowed him to heal more quickly. In The Beast of Beacon Hills, Hayden followed Liam into the woods while he tried to track Mason's scent after the revelation that Mason was the Chimera vessel for the Beast. She finally caught up to him when he tripped and fell on a tree root and offered to help him find their friend, taking his hand so they could quickly run into the woods together. Meanwhile, the rest of the Chimera Pack were in the operating theater, debating over whether or not Josh should put on the Dread Doctor Mask due to Josh being the only one with a power compatible with the power of the mask; during the discussion, Deucalion pointed out that Hayden never told Theo what he had told her during the infiltration of Eichen House—that putting Belasko's talons on his claws and using them to take the Beast's power would kill him. Later that day at school, Hayden found a saddened and worried Corey sitting on the steps, and she sat next to him and rubbed his shoulder to comfort him regarding his boyfriend's current situation. In Apotheosis, Hayden showed up at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station in search of her sister, just in time to see Sebastien Valet, the true Beast of Gevaudan, attack Lydia by grabbing her by the throat and cutting her with his claws, though she used her Banshee scream to throw him across the room before he could do anything more than cut her neck. When Lydia was shown to be incapacitated by her wounds, Sebastien charged toward Hayden and forced her to bring him to the Dread Doctors' Operating Theater, where he immediately walked over to the fresco depicting himself battling the Hellhound (who is currently possessing Jordan Parrish) over a pile of dead bodies. While Sebastien looked at the fresco, Hayden noticed Tracy's dead body on the floor where Theo had killed her earlier and sadly closed her eyelids. She then saw a syringe of Kanima venom on the floor and quickly grabbed it, hiding it behind her back as she joined Sebastien in front of the fresco. When Sebastien asked her who the "demon" on the left of the painting is, Hayden responded that it is called a Hellhound. Sebastien used Mason's memories to learn that the Hellhound's name is Jordan Parrish and correctly deduced that the Argent Family (Chris Argent and Gerard Argent) would attempt to put his sister Marie-Jeanne's magical pike in the Hellhound's hands to kill him. Just then, Hayden seized the opportunity to attack the Beast with the syringe, but he quickly caught on, grabbing her roughly by the wrist and breaking her arm, forcing Hayden to drop the syringe on the ground. He demanded to know why "youths" in this era were so overconfident before he plunged his claws into her stomach and left her for dead in the operating theater as he set off to find the Hellhound. Despite the severity of her wounds, Hayden managed to wander to the animal clinic, where she stumbled through the door and into Deaton's arms. When Deaton, looking concerned, asked what happened, Hayden weakly explained that the others told her that Deaton is the one who takes care of them when they're hurt. Though Deaton was able to stabilize her injury while the rest of the pack saved Mason and defeated both the Beast and Theo, her inconsistent Chimera healing abilities made him concerned that she may not be able to recover enough to survive. Scott reminded her that they could still take her to the hospital, but Hayden replied that she had already died there once and didn't want to do it again. Liam assured her that it was her choice, and when Hayden answered that she knew and had made her decision, she looked at Scott and nodded at him. Scott then partially-transformed, using his fangs to finally give her the Bite that Liam had requested of him weeks earlier. In the ending montage, Hayden was shown arriving at Look-Out Point in the Beacon Hills Preserve on a full moon, where Liam was waiting for her. His eyes flashed gold as she ran toward him, and her eyes flashed gold in response, indicating that she had successfully survived the Bite and transformed into a real werewolf and insinuating that Hayden is now Scott's second bitten Beta.

In Memory Lost, Hayden and Liam were left stranded on a dark back road after they had gotten a flat tire. When Liam remarked that he had just gotten his new truck, Hayden teased him about the fact that the truck was used and hadn't been "new" to anyone in at least twenty years. As Liam circled around to the back of the truck, Hayden reminded him that they should have taken her car like she suggested, leading Liam to chuckle sarcastically at her until he realized that there was no jack in the trunk. Hayden smirked and used her newly gained Werewolf Super Strength to easily lift the front of the truck. However, when Liam realized that not only did he not have a jack, but he also did not have a spare tire, Hayden sighed and gently set the truck back on its wheels. Hayden gave him a knowing look, leading Liam to inform him that she was right, but when he remarked that this was their worst date ever, Hayden laughed before the two began listing their other disastrous dates, including a double date, New Year's Eve, Christmas with Liam's parents, and a time when Hayden's sister Valerie presumably walked in on them while they were having sex. After a moment, Liam stepped closer to Hayden and suggested that it could be their best date yet before he kisses her. When they stopped, they looked at the sky above them and realized that the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, was glowing in the night sky. Suddenly, they both noticed a car slowly driving toward them, and Hayden suggested that they may have a spare tire that they could use to fix Liam's truck as she attempted to flag them down. However, instead of stopping, the car kept driving at a slow pace past them before it bumped into a wooden fence and came to an abrupt stop. Frowning, the two went to investigate the car, where they found that the windshield had been shattered and the front passenger-side door had been ripped off of its hinges. Inside the car, Liam found a young boy hiding between the back and front seats, who, upon being discovered, rushed away and ran into Hayden, yelping, "Don't let them take me! Don't let them take me, too!" The next day at school, Stiles was trying to convince Scott, Malia, and/or Lydia to come with him to investigate what had happened to the parents of the young boy, whose name was revealed to be Alex Turner. However, when they all were too busy to accompany him, Scott suggested that Stiles take Liam, only for Stiles to look over to see Hayden and Liam making out on a nearby bench, leading Stiles to groan and insist that he would go by himself. Later on, Hayden, Liam, Mason, and Corey were seen in physics class, which was being taught by the new science teacher, Garrett Douglas. The topic of discussion for the lesson was "Schrödinger's Cat," during which time Garrett called on Hayden to explain the point of the experiment. Hayden correctly stated that the experiment illustrated the concept of "quantum superposition," adding that light is both a particle and a wave until it observed. Hayden, along with Mason and Corey, seemed to be very physically attracted to their new teacher, much to Liam's annoyance. When they were instructed by Garrett to break into groups of four to complete their own experiment, Hayden, Liam, Mason and Corey decided to work together. Before they could begin, Mason frowned in confusion and pointed out that his phone couldn't geolocate, and the others found to their confusion that their own phones weren't working either. The four then decided to use Corey and his adaptive camouflage powers to steal a gold compass from Garrett's cabinet in hopes of seeing where it led, believing that the fact that it still worked meant that there was something supernatural going on. Liam and Mason then split off from Corey and Hayden to follow where the compass would lead them. After Liam and Mason returned to the high school to find Hayden after their adventure led them to the now-abandoned Turner House, where the compass had shattered after being overwhelmed with the Ghost Riders' mystical energy, Mason showed the two that he had attempted to glue the compass together and planned to put the compass back where they found it with Garrett none the wiser. However, Hayden exasperatedly pointed out that there was no way that Garrett wouldn't notice the fact that it was broken, though Mason continued to argue to the contrary. When Liam stated that they would return the compass before going to help Scott, Hayden suggested that they simply return the compass, believing that Scott, as the Alpha of their pack, could handle it on his own. Liam argued that Scott wouldn't be the Alpha forever since he planned to go to college after graduation, and when Hayden wondered aloud who would take Scott's place, Liam meekly suggested that he could do it, though Hayden struggled to conceal her skepticism. Suddenly, Hayden and Liam both began to catch the scent of blood, and the three set off to find the source. After an unknown amount of time spent searching, Hayden and Liam expressed their frustration due to being able to track the source of blood, stating that it was almost as though the scent was coming from everywhere. This led Mason to wonder if maybe the scent was coming from the ventilation system, and the three realized that the source could be in the boiler room. Upon arriving at the room, they opened the door leading to the industrial air conditioning unit, where they found the dead body of a man whose head seemed to have been beaten in and bitten open. Afterward, when Hayden, Liam, and Mason had made their way back to the entrance hall after calling the police, a frantic Stiles rushed toward them and began explaining his theory about the Ghost Riders, only to find that none of the three teens had any idea who he was, revealing that their memories had been manipulated so that they forgot that Stiles existed. When Hayden whispered to Liam if he knew who Stiles was, Liam whispered back that he didn't and asked if he even went to their school, causing Mason to ask him if he was a student there. Stiles, frustrated, rushed away in hopes of finding someone who remembered him, leading Hayden, Liam, and Mason confused as to what had just happened. In Sundowning, Hayden was back in Garrett's junior physics class with Liam, Mason, and Corey, where Garrett was lecturing on the concept of power and how it can be manipulated, demonstrating the concept by turning an ordinary metal rod into a magnet by running an electrical current through it. Suddenly, Garrett coughed several times, concerning the class and leading Hayden to ask him if he was okay; though Garrett assured her that he was and seemed to be fine after taking a couple sips of water, he was soon stricken by an even more severe coughing fit that forced him to take refuge in the supply closet, where he had hidden a helium tank and used it with a breathing mask. This revealed that Garrett was the one who had stolen the medical-grade helium tanks for heliox therapy that Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski were pursuing days earlier. During the next period, Hayden was in the girls locker room, changing back into her clothes, she received an invitation on her phone from Nathan Pierce to his party celebrating the lacrosse season kick-off. She was then distracted by the sound of Gwen rambling angrily nearby and went to go see what was going on; she found a fellow student, Gwen, demanding to know where her sister Phoebe's belongings had been put, as she couldn't find any of them in her locker. Confused, Hayden took Gwen aside and asked her what was wrong, and Gwen reiterated that someone had stolen her sister Phoebe's belongings. Gwen only became more upset when Hayden doesn't know who she was at first and angrily informed her that Phoebe had only been on their lacrosse team for the last two years. Hayden realized she didn't remember her and guessed she, too, was taken by the Ghost Riders, leading Gwen to rant that no one in the school remembered her sister existed before storming off. Hayden tracked Gwen down in the library in an attempt to better understand the situation, where Gwen explained that she got up in the night yesterday to get some water and saw a man in a hat and long coat in the front yard but he seemed to vanish in the time it took her to look away and look back. Then, this morning, she found her sister's room empty, and she wasn't able to get a hold of her mother or her sister, adding that whenever she called her sister's cell phone, she was told the line was disconnected. To make matters worse, the police and the school administrators were claiming that they had no record of Phoebe ever existing, and according to Gwen, the only thing she had to prove her sister was real was a woven string bracelet that Gwen made for Phoebe for her birthday after their mother was too busy to celebrate with them. Realizing that the bracelet was a relic, just like Jake's ID card, Hayden assured Gwen that she believed her before explaining the Ghost Riders and their tendency to take people and erase all memory and evidence of their existence. However, when Hayden warned Gwen that she was likely next to be taken due to the fact that she saw one of the Ghost Riders, Gwen assumed that Hayden was pranking her and once again stormed off angrily. Later on, Liam, Hayden, Mason and Corey discussed what they should do about Gwen, as they knew the Ghost Riders would be coming for her next and they needed to keep an eye on her at all times to prevent her from being taken as well. Hayden believed she was going to be at Nathan's party in hopes that someone there might remember Phoebe, but when Liam pointed out that they couldn't keep Gwen safe at Nathan's house and instead needed a place where supernatural creatures couldn't enter, Mason got the idea to hold the party at Scott's house due to the Mountain Ash built into the foundation and base boards of the home. That night, while at the party, Hayden was drinking a beer until Liam broke the news to her that Werewolves couldn't get intoxicated due to their regenerative healing powers, much to her disappointment. However, Liam and Hayden began to kiss each other for a long moment, with Liam jokingly pointing out that, if the Ghost Riders didn't show up, this might be their first-ever date that didn't get ruined by one problem or another. Hayden made it clear that she hoped they could have a good date, too, before she saw Gwen headed upstairs and reluctantly left Liam in order to keep an eye on her. A short time later, a frantic Gwen ran down the steps and loudly announced that one of the Ghost Riders had approached her, and Hayden rushed downstairs right after her. Corey used his Adaptive Camouflage powers to make himself invisible to the others, and when one of the Riders passed by him, seemingly able to see him despite being camouflaged into the wall, Corey reached out and grabbed the Rider by the arm, which somehow made him visible to the entire party. Mason then grabbed the jar of Mountain Ash from the table and sealed off the kitchen from the living room, protecting himself, Hayden, and Gwen from the Ghost Rider in question, who began lashing out at the barrier with his whip. Unable to get past the barrier herself, Hayden was forced to watch as Liam and Corey engaged in a fight with a Ghost Rider and were quickly defeated. To her surprise, the other Ghost Rider was able to disable the mountain ash barrier with one final lash of his whip, making it easy for him to then use his whip to grab Gwen by the ankle and attempt to pull her toward him, leaving Hayden and Mason with no choice but to grab her and pull her away from them. Fortunately for them, Jordan Parrish had just arrived with his gun aimed at the Ghost Rider, which seemed to scare them into leaving in a large gust of wind without Gwen. In Relics, Hayden tails Gwen while at school in effort to protect her from the Ghost Riders, claiming that she plans on following Gwen everywhere, an awkward moment arises when Gwen has to use the restroom. Hayden and Liam escort what they believed to be all of the students who attended the party and saw the Ghost Riders down to the bunker, however, Hayden quickly realizes that Gwen is missing, informing Liam of this as she takes off to find her. Hayden finds Gwen in the locker room, preparing to hit the field as the game will begin soon. It soon becomes apparent to Hayden that Gwen desires to be taken by the Riders, so that she can be reunited with her sister, Phoebe. She nervously watches from the sideline as the came commences, Mason approaches, requesting that she call her sister and get Parrish to the school. Hayden, Mason and Parrish proceed through the hallway of the school as they encounter one of the Riders, Parrish activates the Hellhound, he burns bright as his eyes glow orange. As he slowly advances towards the Ghost Rider, it shoots him, Parrish's once bright orange flame quickly turns green, he then reverts to human. Realizing that Parrish is no longer an option, she is forced to fight, Hayden growls, eyes glowing with claws and fangs out, she runs toward the Rider but it disappears in a bolt of lightning that appears from nowhere. Hayden, Mason, Liam, and Corey head back to the locker room, disappointed in their defeat, Scott says everyone from the bunker is gone and Argent is at the hospital injured, Liam blames himself but Scott insists not his fault. Liam sits in the locker room as Mason, Hayden, and Corey say they should go, Liam announces he wants to catch a Ghost Rider, telling them to go home, but they don't, they follow him out into the parking lot agreeing to help him. In Ghosted Liam and Hayden walk to class, Liam explains that Scott is okay with “the plan” so long as they don't destroy his house. Hayden is confused, she doesn't know what plan Liam's referring to. He reminds her that she had some ideas about catching a Ghost Rider but she says they were bad plans and that she really only had one. As they discuss breaking into the Faculty Storage Room, Mr. Douglas overhears them. Liam says that to save the whole school from Ghost Riders he has no problem breaking and entering. The couple meets up outside the storage room later that day, while they kiss, Hayden keeps an eye on nearby faculty members, Hayden says she has the list of supplies they need in her head. Liam worries she might forget something but Hayden says if they get caught, she'd rather not have a list. Once the teachers down the hall left, they head into the storage room, Liam wonders if they can just buy a lightning rod instead of building one, however, they cost $2500 dollars. They find Mr. Douglas working on equipment as they round a corner, he acts nervous and makes as if to leave, Hayden asks if he's making a Taser and he says no. Liam concludes that Mr. Douglas saw the Ghost Riders and is scared of being taken. Hayden admits that they saw the horsemen too and offers to tell him more if he really wants to fight back. Later Hayden explains their plan to attach a lightning rod to funnel a rider into the tunnel where they plan to grab him and push him into the Argent bunker. Once the door is closed there's no way for him to ride the lightning back out. Douglas questions how they can keep him from riding the lightning right out of the tunnel before they get the door closed. Liam suggests their lightning rod would redirect the bolt meaning the rider could grab it, Douglas believes they should assume the Riders have some sort of way to control the lightning strikes. Douglas says they need to absorb a lightning bolt but he can't build a conduit that could absorb even half the energy, the bell rings and Liam and Hayden head out to class. As Liam suggests they find a person to absorb the lightning but she doubts even Kira could do that, Liam explains that Josh could because he ate electricity. She reminds him that Josh is dead but Liam points out that his power didn't die with him, Hayden says it might as well be dead because they can't get to it, despite the fact that they never come right out and say it, the two discuss trying to bring Theo back from wherever Kira's sword sent him. Liam knows it's insane but he needs Hayden to back him, as she does. Later, the two of them proceed throughout the tunnels, Hayden insists there is still time to bail on the plan to retrieve Theo, Liam admits it's not the perfect plan but they need “the bad part of the plan to make the good part work.” They're metin the tunnels by Noshiko Yukimura who has her daughter's sword, she too believes it's a bad plan. Noshiko says the Ghost Riders are unstoppable, she further explains that they've been riding the storm and taking souls since long before she was born, meaning at least a thousand years. Kira entrusted Noshiko with the sword while she is off with the Skinwalkers, now she's trusting Liam because Noshiko believes her daughter would want her to do so, she clarifies that her trust should not be mistaken for agreement with what Liam has planned. Liam explains that Kira sent Theo away by stabbing her sword into the ground, Noshiko says if he wants to do it, he'll have to do it himself but once it's done, Liam is responsible for whatever happens. Liam moves to thrust the sword, at the last minute, Hayden yells for him to wait but it's too late, the sword strikes the concrete, and a large glowing crack jet forward from the sword. A few feet from where they're standing, the ground explodes as a clawed hand shoots into the air, Theo climbs out of the hole and growls at them, they both appear to be slightly frightened. Theo pushes Liam against the wall, Hayden pleads with him to stop as they brought him back, Theo is only concerned with the whereabouts of his sister, they explain that he killed her. Theo says he's going to kill them all, Hayden says to send him back, Liam explains what Kira's sword can do and Theo backs off. They need his power and then he can kill whoever he wants but that if he does kill them, he'll be worse off than ever, Theo says there's nothing worse than what he's been through. They inform him about the recent arrival of the Ghost Riders as Mr. Douglas rigs up a wire and a gadget to simulate the high voltage of a lightning bolt. They have Theo grab the wire and turn up the device, Theo is knocked backward, Douglas explains that Theo was knocked down by “only a billion joules” and that a lightning bolt is five times as strong. They realize he no longer has Josh's abilities, Hayden checks his claws and realizes he doesn't have Tracy's Kanima abilities either, Theo quips that he's back to “classic Theo.” Liam suggest that he show a little remorse since he killed them for those powers but Theo says he just put them back the way he found them. Hayden says they should send him back and Liam moves to do it, with Douglas in agreement, Theo tries to talk them out of it saying he knows about the Wild Hunt from the Dread Doctors. Theo asks who's making these decisions and wants to know where Scott and Stiles are, realizing that Theo remembers Stiles convinces them to keep him above ground for the time being. Later at Scott's house, Theo explains that they can't get Stiles back. He says the Wild Hunt comes and the Wild Hunt goes. Liam says they're not going, they're staying in Beacon Hills and still taking people. Theo says that's not possible, they won't just stick around unless they're stuck. Liam says Theo is going to help them but Theo says he doesn't know what to do. Hayden says he remembers Stiles so he clearly knows more than they do. Liam threatens him with the sword again. Theo realizes Scott wasn't part of the plan to bring him back. Soon after, Scott, Malia and Lydia return. In Heartless, In Blitzkrieg, In Memory Found, In Riders on the Storm,

In Said the Spider to the Fly, Hayden is mentioned by Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, and [[Corey Bryant. Liam was inconsolable as a result of losing Hayden, the love of his life. Liam was especially depressed due to Hayden breaking up with him, and Liam even went so far as to say that he was nothing without her. Mason then reminded Liam that she only left Beacon Hills to protect her sister Valerie from the supernatural threats. It remains unknown if her sister knows about the supernatural and the fact that Hayden is a Werewolf.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Hayden is a tall, slender young woman with medium-length, wavy, dark brown hair, warm brown eyes, and olive-toned skin. At school and in her free time, she usually wears trendy, bohemian-esque tops with skinny jeans, boots, and neutral-toned jackets, whereas when she is at work at Sinema, she wears more revealing "party" attire such as short skirts, platform boots or heels, and crop tops, typically all in shades of black. She has also been known to don active wear such as yoga pants and oversized crop tops during gym class and soccer practice. She keeps her makeup style clean and natural so as to not overwhelm her heart-shaped face, and she also keeps her jewelry to a minimum unless she's at work.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hayden is a very strong-willed young woman who has no issues with telling people what she thinks, especially if she feels she has been wronged in some way. She has also demonstrated an ability to hold a grudge due to her long-standing rivalry with Liam Dunbar after they broke each other's noses in the sixth grade. Despite this, Hayden has also proven herself to be a kind, compassionate person, as she got a job specifically to decrease the financial burden her medical problems have caused her sister, and she went out of her way to help Tracy when she was in the throes of a night terror, even despite the fact that Tracy hurt her in the process. Hayden is also willing to forgive those who have earned it, such as Liam and Scott, and worries about any harm that could come to others because of her transformation into a Chimera.

Following her death and resurrection, Hayden's personality became slightly darker, but upon rekindling her relationship with Liam, she slowly started to come back into her true personality and realized that she would rather do good with the McCall Pack than cause chaos with the Chimera Pack. The experience also made her extremely afraid of dying, both out of her own fear and out of concern for how her sister would handle her death. She was so unwilling to die a second time that she requested that Scott give her the Bite, which not only saved her life but made her his second bitten Beta and an official member of the pack.

Since becoming a true Werewolf, Hayden's personality became even stronger, causing her to want to use her powers for the common good. Hayden has also demonstrated herself to be a very intelligent young woman, as she has been shown to excel in school, especially in physics, which allowed her to help the McCall Pack deal with the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt, as their powers were based on principles of physics. This trait allows her to assist the "brains" of the pack (Stiles, Lydia, and Mason) while also assisting the "brawn" of the pack (Scott McCall and Malia Tate).

Hayden is a dedicated protector and is willing to do whatever it takes to save others, as shown when she spent all of her time accompanying Gwen in order to ensure that the Ghost Riders wouldn't try to take her like she did Gwen's sister Phoebe. She has also proven herself to be an incredibly selfless person, as she urged Liam to stop fighting and let the Ghost Riders capture her so he could get away and warn Scott about what had happened, knowing that being held hostage in the Phantom Train Station was worth it if she could save the lives of others in the process. Even after her capture, Hayden, with assistance from Mason, did all she could to help prevent Garrett Douglas from merging the mystical dimension with the real world with the few resources she had.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Hayden possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a Omega-level Werewolf. She also has the ability to, if she was so inclined, steal Scott's True Alpha powers by killing him, as she was turned into a Werewolf by his bite; the other person who can take his powers is Liam, Hayden's boyfriend.

  • Super Strength: As an Omega Werewolf Hayden possess superhuman levels of strength, but she isn't as strong as a Beta Werewolf.
  • Super Speed: As an Omega Werewolf Hayden can run much faster than even the most athletic human beings. She can also run on all fours (hands and feet) in both human and in Werewolf form, but she isn't fast as a Beta Werewolf.
  • Super Agility/Reflexes: As an Omega Werewolf Hayden possess supernaturally enhanced agility and reflexes, but she isn't as agile as a Beta Werewolf.
  • Super Durability: As an Omega Werewolf Hayden can still sustain open wounds like any other creature, but she is much more durable to blunt force trauma than the regular human, but she isn't as durable as a Beta Werewolf.
  • Super Senses: As an Omega Werewolf Hayden, like her wolf counterparts, has extremely sensitive senses of sight, hearing, and smell.
  • Accelerated Healing: As an Omega Werewolf Hayden possess an extraordinarily enhanced healing factor that allows her to heal from most mild to moderate wounds within moments.
    • Longevity: Because a Werewolf's rapid cellular healing prevents them from contracting any human illness or condition and replaces aging cells at a constant rate, Werewolves have a tremendously extended lifespan. It is unknown what the average life expectancy of a Werewolf is, but the oldest known Werewolf is Satomi Ito, an Alpha Werewolf who is over 110 years old and who maintains the physical appearance of a woman in her late 50s to early 60s. As a result, it can be assumed that Werewolves could potentially survive decades into their 100s so long as they are not injured or killed first.
  • Shapeshifting: As an Omega Werewolf Hayden has the ability to shape her features into that of a partially lupine form, which involves glowing eyes, fangs, claws, a ridged brow, pointed ears and large sideburns.
    • Advanced Shapeshifting: Some Werewolves, typically Alphas (though occasionally Betas and Omegas as well), can shapeshift into more animalistic forms, such as transforming into a full wolf, or into a more beast-like monstrous form.
  • Pain Absorption: As an Omega Werewolf Hayden has the ability to absorb pain from animals, humans, and other creatures through tactile contact. This is usually done by touching the person who is in pain, or the injured body part and drawing the pain into themselves, which manifests as the Werewolf's veins darkening as their body processes it.
  • Memory Manipulation Ritual: All Werewolves technically have the ability to perform a memory-sharing ritual, but it is most commonly performed by Alphas due to the level of control and practice required to avoid harm or death towards the target.
  • Animal Instincts: As an Omega Werewolf Hayden is an apex predator, and, as such, she can assert dominance over other animals such as dogs, cats and deer. She can use this ability to force them to be quiet or leave the area, or to stand down if they are acting aggressively. As a result, these animals can often be frightened by the presence of Werewolves.

During her brief time as a Werewolf-Werejaguar Chimera, Hayden possessed many of the typical powers of a Werewolf, albeit to a much more inferior degree. She also had the ability to transform her skin into the bluish-brown shade with black spots typical of a Werejaguar (although it was only done unintentionally on one occasion) and could sense the location and current physical/emotional states of Berserkers in the vicinity. These attributes have presumably been subsumed by her transformation into a real Werewolf.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Hayden possess all the standard weaknesses associated with Werewolves, such as Wolfsbane, Mountain Ash and/or rowan wood, electricity (which includes both natural electricity such as lightning bolts, man-made electrical currents, and the electricity produced by supernatural creatures with electrokinetic and electromagnetokinetic powers, such as a Kitsune's Foxfire), the modified canine distemper virus, and the lichen known as letharia vulpina. They are also vulnerable to certain noises due to their heightened sense of hearing; Hunters and supernatural assassins have been known to use ultrasonic emitters to create high-pitched, ear-piercing frequencies that only supernatural shapeshifters can hear, as well as subsonic frequencies that can make a Werewolf or other shapeshifter feel as though they are intoxicated, causing them dizziness and nausea to the point where they are unable to walk or talk.

As a Werewolf, Hayden is also vulnerable to the effects of the various lunar phases-- full moons cause her powers to be increased exponentially, but also increase the risk of Hayden losing control over her transformations (which is something that even the most well-trained Werewolves must work hard to avoid) and supermoons are even more powerful, to the point that Werewolves can feel their effects during the day when there is little exposure to moonlight. Conversely, Werewolves are also vulnerable to lunar eclipses, as the short period of time where the moon is in the earth's umbral shadow causes Werewolves to lose their powers completely for the duration, which usually lasts ten to twenty minutes and which makes them prime targets for Hunters and other beings who to take advantage of this vulnerability. Finally, heightened emotions can also be a weakness for Werewolves, especially newly turned ones, as anything that can enhance the wolf's heart rate can cause them to lose control, which is why they all must be trained in order to avoid this kind of transformation and the exposure that can result from it.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Liam and Hayden (packmates, close friends, allies)
  • Hayden and Scott (Alpha/Beta bond, packmates, allies)
  • Corey and Hayden (packmates, friends, allies, former members of Chimera Pack)
  • Mason and Hayden (packmates, friends, allies)
  • Tracy and Hayden (former packmates of Chimera Pack, allies.
  • Josh and Hayden (former packmates of Chimera Pack, allies)
  • Deucalion and Hayden (former allies)
  • Stiles and Hayden (packmates, allies)
  • Hayden and Lydia (packmates, allies)
  • Malia and Hayden (packmates, allies)
  • Kira and Hayden (packmates, allies)
  • Theo and Hayden (former pseudo-Alpha/Beta bond, former packmates of Chimera Pack, former enemies, allies)
  • Hayden and Garrett Douglas (former student/teacher relationship, former allies, enemies)
  • Hayden and Ghost Riders (enemies)

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Hayden: Hayden is a unisex name originating from the English habitational surname Hayden, borne by those who lived in villages of the same name. The place names themselves were derived from the Old English elements heg, meaning "hay," and denu, meaning "valley" or "hill," ultimately combining to mean "hay valley" or "hay hill." It is also a variant of the given name Hadyn, derived from the same surname in honor of the composer Joseph Hadyn. The surname was originally spelled Heiden, meaning "heathen," and was derived from the Middle High German heiden, and from the Old High German heidano. Though it was initially a masculine given name, families began naming their female children Hayden as well starting in the mid-20th century. Its popularity as a unisex name influenced the creation of similar-sounding names such as Aiden, Braeden, Caden, and Jaden; interestingly enough, there are also other Teen Wolf characters named Aiden, Braeden, and Jayden as well.
  • Romero: Romero is an Italian and Spanish name derived from the word Roma, meaning "Rome," indicating that it could have originally been used as a surname for a person who either hailed from Rome or who took a pilgrimage to or from Rome for religious reasons. The name could also be a reference to the herb rosemary, which symbolizes remembrance and fidelity, or it could refer to a guardian of a religious ceremony or shrine. Variants of the name in other languages include: Romeu (Catalan, Portuguese); Romer (Dutch, English); Roemer (German, Swiss); Romeos (Greek); Romemu (Hebrew); Rohmer (Icelandic); Romeo (Italian).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hayden is raised by her sister, Valerie Clarke, who is a Sheriff's deputy. According to Valerie, she and Hayden have always looked out for each other, suggesting that Valerie has been her guardian for many years.
  • Hayden must take mycophenolate, an immunosuppressant used in patients who have had organ transplants, to ensure that her body does not reject the donor kidney she received several years ago. According to Melissa McCall, she only has one kidney, which suggests that she lost both of her original kidneys due to illness or injury but could only find one donor replacement. It is unknown how her new Werewolf abilities will affect her need for this medication.
  • She was previously Liam Dunbar's enemy due to their fist-fight in sixth grade, but since the revelation that she had been turned into a Chimera, Hayden has developed romantic feelings for him. She is also good friends with Mason Hewitt, and Hayden, Liam and Mason make up the core trio of the younger generation in the McCall Pack much like Allison, Scott and Stiles made up the core trio that was the basis of the McCall Pack.
  • Despite her relationship with Liam, a member of the McCall Pack, Hayden appears to be an official member of Theo's Chimera Pack.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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