Hayden: "Something's different now. I don't know why, but ever since coming back [to life]... nothing feels the same. Nothing feels right."
Liam: "Nothing?"
Hayden: "Except for you. You're the only thing that feels the same. The only thing that feels right. I guess... I just want to know how you feel about me."

The relationship between Beta Werewolves Hayden Romero and Liam Dunbar.

Hayden and Liam's relationship goes back to at least the sixth grade when Hayden stepped in the middle of a fight between Liam and another student in the hallway. Liam overwhelmed with anger from the fight as a result of his intermittent explosive disorder, accidentally punched Hayden in the face and broke her nose, so Hayden punched him back and broke his nose to return the favor. They remained enemies until Liam started going to school at Devenford Prep, but when he transferred back to Beacon Hills High School following his expulsion, Hayden made it clear that she still held a grudge.

However, after the two were forced to spend time together due to being in the same grade at school and having mutual friends, the anger between them eventually began to dissipate as they got to know each other better. When it was revealed that Hayden had been turned into a Werewolf-Werejaguar Chimera, Liam, a newly-turned Beta Werewolf himself, helped Hayden accept the reality of the supernatural world and her new powers. The two became even closer when they were both held in captivity by the Dread Doctors, which quickly led them to develop a romantic relationship.

When it became clear that Hayden's body was rejecting her transformation into a Chimera, Liam became distraught and begged his Alpha Scott McCall to give Hayden the Bite in hopes that it would cure her mercury poisoning. However, Scott knew that Hayden was too weak to survive the Bite and insisted that they find another way to save her. In a terrible confluence of events, Liam lost control of his transformation and fell prey to Theo Raeken's manipulations and the influence of the moon, believing that they only way to save Hayden was by killing Scott, since, as his sole bitten Beta, Liam was the only person who could steal his Alpha powers, which he could then use to give Hayden the Bite himself. Unbeknownst to Liam at the time, Theo was trying to get him to steal Scott's powers so that Theo could kill Liam and take them for his own.

Unfortunately, Hayden died from her mercury overdose while Scott and Liam were fighting, and Mason was forced to intervene in their fight to stop Liam from killing Scott so he could go be with her. Liam rushed to the hospital and cradled her body in his arms until the Hellhound Jordan Parrish came to take her body to the Nemeton to join the other failed Chimeras. Unbeknownst to Liam, however, Theo had used the Dread Doctors' green serum to resurrect Hayden, along with three other previously-deceased Chimeras. Following Hayden's return to life, she struggled with the aftermath of her death and her feelings regarding Liam's role in it, but in time, she realized that her feelings for Liam are the only part of her life that still feels right, and they rekindled their romance.

In the weeks that followed, Hayden and Liam's relationship only became stronger, as did her loyalty toward the McCall Pack, until she finally decided to join them in A Credible Threat. After being critically injured by Sebastien Valet in Apotheosis, Hayden was told by Alan Deaton that her wounds could be fatal as a result of her inferior Chimera healing powers, causing her and Liam to once again ask Scott to give her the Bite; after everything they had been through, Scott agreed, and Hayden was made a true Beta Werewolf like Liam and a fully-fledged member of the pack.

In Season 6, Hayden worked with the McCall Pack, particularly the younger members Liam, Mason, and Corey, to help figure out the agenda of the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt. However, after they captured her and brought her to the Phantom Train Station, she and Mason began working to stop the Hunt from the inside.

Hayden and Liam are often known as Layden or Liayden by fans.

Throughout Teen WolfEdit

In Parasomnia, Liam and Mason walked into Ken Yukimura's history class at the high school, where Liam found that the only available seat was next to his long-standing rival, Hayden Romero, much to Mason's amusement. When Hayden scowled at him, Liam stood awkwardly in the aisle until Mr. Yukimura instructed him to sit down, not noticing that Hayden had stuck her recently-chewed bubblegum on the seat until after he was seated. When he realized that he had sat on the gum, which was now all over his jeans, he looked at Hayden in exasperation to find her smirking, visibly satisfied by her small revenge.

After class, Liam ran into Hayden again when he was going to his locker to put his stained jeans inside, and she joked about the fact that he was forced to wear his gym shorts. Liam changed the subject to their yet-unrevealed past history and remarked that he was wondering whether she was still angry about what happened between them in the sixth grade before stating that the gum situation had answered his question. Hayden then fake-smiled at Liam and retorted, "I'm not angry, Liam... I'm vengeful" before she slammed her locker door shut and walked away. Afterward, Liam was seen awkwardly bumping his head against the locker in embarrassment before he left for class.

In Dreamcatchers, Hayden and Liam were in Mr. Yukimura's class at school several days later when Hayden noticed Tracy Stewart, the newly-turned Kanima-Werewolf Chimera Tracy Stewart, who was suffering from night terrors and hallucinations caused by the Dread Doctors' experimentation, sitting next to her; this revelation confused Hayden, who was alarmed by the fact that Tracy was dirty, disheveled, barefoot, and clutching the desktop so hard with her clawed hands that it snapped in half, and was also concerned by the fact that Tracy, as a senior, had no reason to be in a sophomore-level history class.

Liam, who also noticed that Tracy was in the class and knew that the McCall Pack had been searching for her to help her, left the room to pull the fire alarm to give them a chance to sneak Tracy out without anyone noticing, leaving Hayden to try to calm her down. However, when Hayden gently encouraged her to come with her, Tracy grabbed her by the wrist and squeezed it so hard that her claws sliced her skin. Scott and Liam returned to try to talk Tracy into coming with them until Tracy finally let go of Hayden, and the three watched in horror as Tracy muttered, "They're coming. They're coming for all of us" before throwing up a large puddle of modified mercury and passing out onto the floor.

Once Scott, Stiles and Malia managed to sneak the unconscious Tracy out of the school so they could take her to the animal clinic to be assessed by Alan Deaton, Liam stayed behind and asked Hayden, who was clutching her bleeding wrist, if she needed help getting to the nurse's office. Hayden, still holding a grudge for what happened in the sixth grade, snidely retorted that she could manage it herself and walked away. Despite claiming she was going to the nurse's office, Hayden instead went to the girl's restroom to clean up the wounds herself, which was where she found to her horror that the claw gashes Tracy caused from squeezing her wrist had completely healed in only a few minutes.

In Condition Terminal, Hayden was at work as a server at the new nightclub Sinema when she approached by Liam and Mason. She snidely reminded Mason that she promised him entry into the club with a plus-one, not a "plus-Liam," but when Mason offered her fifty dollars, she reluctantly allowed both of them entry. While they were there, Liam's superhuman Werewolf senses caused Liam to get the impression that there was a malicious supernatural creature at the club, distracting him so much that he accidentally ran into Hayden. Hayden then subsequently dropped her tray of body shots onto the ground as a result of the impact and instantly became furious at Liam before reminding him that each shot was ten dollars and that they would all be coming out of her paycheck. Liam began to apologize profusely as he dug around his pockets for money to pay her for the spilled drinks, but all he had was twelve dollars and some change, which Hayden took before angrily informing him that he still owed her $200 and throwing the coins at him as she walked away.

In Required Reading, Liam, still feeling guilty about the money he owed Hayden for spilling the tray of drinks, went to Sinema to find her and give her the forty-three dollars he had scrounged up as a down-payment on his debt. However, Hayden insisted that she didn't want it, and when Liam reminded her this in addition to the money he had already given her was only fifty-five dollars out of the two hundred he owed her, the power went out in the club, killing both the lights and the music in the process.

The club-goers started to boo and groan at the interruption, forcing the overwhelmed Hayden to have to go out the back door of Sinema to turn on the back-up generator. Liam followed after her and continued to insist that she take his money, but Hayden stated that his attempts to be a "good guy" weren't working on her. When she turned away from him to try to turn on the generator, she began to struggle with the lever to the machine until Liam came up behind her and used his Werewolf strength to help her lift it. He then looked her in the eye and told her that it was okay if she wanted to hate him, but that since he owed her money, she should take what he was offering, which Hayden reluctantly did.

The next day, Liam and Hayden were in gym class together, where the girls were practicing soccer on one side of the field while the boys practiced lacrosse on the other. When Hayden realized Liam was trying to show off his skills to impress her, her competitive nature kicked in, and she began kicking perfect goals to outshine him. The more determined Liam grew in an attempt to beat her, the worse his attempts to make a goal became until he finally made a shot with so much strength that he hit the goalie in the chest and knocked him backward. Meanwhile, Mason and Brett Talbot were sitting in the bleachers, where Mason explained how Hayden and Liam's rivalry began; Liam was in a violent fight with a fellow student in sixth grade when Hayden came out in the hall to see what was going on, causing Liam to accidentally punch her in the face and break her nose. Hayden, furious at Liam for breaking her nose right before yearbook photos, punched Liam in the face in retaliation, causing them both to have broken noses that day.

Suddenly, another student ran onto the field to ask if anyone had an inhaler, leading Liam to realize that his close friend and Alpha, Scott, was having an asthma attack. After Liam ran into Mrs. Finch's classroom to help Scott, Hayden followed after him and was impressed by how Liam did not hesitate in trying to help his friend, which caused her to rethink her preconceptions of him. After school, Hayden's sister, Valerie Clark, stopped by to drop off Hayden's medication, which Valerie said almost got run through the washing machine after Hayden left the bottle in her pocket. Liam walked past them just in time to overhear Valerie mention that the medication cost $200, which led Hayden to make a snarky comment to Liam staring at her. Liam insisted he wasn't looking at anyone and kept walking, though he smirked to himself when he overheard Valerie state that he had gotten cute since he and Hayden were kids.

That night, Liam stopped by Sinema before it opened to give Hayden another twenty-five dollars. Hayden, now touched by the lengths Liam has been willing to go to make things right, assured him that it was okay. Liam reminded her that he promised to pay her back, but Hayden told him that it didn't matter now, especially since her boss, Phil, takes half of her paycheck anyway. When Hayden returned to set up candles for when the club opened, Liam awkwardly blurted out that he knew that she meant to use the $200 to pay for her medication and begged her to take it, but Hayden just laughed and told him it wasn't his fault. Liam argued that he punched her in the face, but Hayden pointed out that she was talking about the spilled shots before she revealed that the medication was mycophenolate, an anti-rejection medication she has had to take since she had a kidney transplant several years earlier.

She went on to say that she works at Sinema so that her sister won't have to pay for all of it herself and insisted that Liam shouldn't worry about it, as she would figure out a way to make up for it herself. When Liam asked her if her boss, Phil, really took half of her paycheck, Hayden chuckled and confirmed that he did before informing him that he was bragging about it as they spoke and that Liam should listen for himself. Liam focused his Werewolf hearing to listen to Phil's conversation with a potential hire before realizing that there was no way Hayden could hear it with normal human senses.

He frowned anxiously before asking her to close her eyes as a favor to him. Hayden, feeling uncomfortable with the question, initially rejected his request, but after he convinced her that it would only be for a few seconds, she eventually relented and did as she was asked. Liam then took a nearby glows-tick and broke it, causing it to glow brightly before he held it up in front of Hayden's face and asked her to open her eyes. When she did so, he was horrified to see that her eyes were reflecting the teal light of the glow-stick back at him, indicating that Hayden had been turned into a Chimera by the Dread Doctors.

In Strange Frequencies, Liam followed Hayden out into Sinema's parking lot after his failed attempt to both reveal the existence of the supernatural world (including the presence of the Dread Doctors in Beacon Hills) as well as his secret identity as a Werewolf. However, Hayden, believing that Liam was just messing with her, rushed away from him, ranting about how weird it was that he asked her to close her eyes before sticking a glow-stick in her face and demanding that he get away from her. When Liam asked her if she would allow him to prove it to her, she responded with confusion as Liam partially transformed, revealing his fangs and gold glowing eyes and roaring in her face. The now-frightened Hayden yelped and reflexively punched him in the nose so hard that he not only got a bloody nose, but he was also knocked flat on his back on the pavement.

Hayden quickly got into her car and sped away, driving on the back road near the Beacon Hills Preserve for a short while before pulling over to calm down. She winced when she realized she had hurt her knuckles when she punched Liam, but just as she was about to evaluate the damage, her fist healed itself within seconds, shocking her. Before she could think about this further, the radio in her car started to tune itself as robotic voices began to call her name through it, stating that her condition was improving and confirming her status as a Chimera.

When she saw the Dread Doctors slowly marching toward her, she began to panic as she tried to turn her car back on to drive away. Unfortunately for her, the Doctors were using their electromagnetokinetic powers to prevent her car from starting as well as to lock the doors so she could not escape. Moments later, Hayden was scared by the sound of someone punching through her moon roof until she realized it was Liam coming to rescue her. He reached his hand toward her for her to take and helped her crawl out of the car before the two ran in the opposite direction of the Dread Doctors.

Later on, Scott and Stiles, who were called by Liam, returned to the McCall Pack to find an anxious Liam. Liam briefly explained what happened before informing them that, while Hayden seemed fine when they arrived at the house, she suddenly freaked out and locked herself in Scott's bathroom. Scott and Stiles tried their best to coax her out, with Scott assuring her that they just wanted to help her and Stiles reminding her that her sister Valerie works with his father Noah Stilinski at the Beacon County Sheriff's Station.

When this proved ineffective, Scott finally stated that he needed to get into the bathroom to make sure she was okay, and that if she didn't want to talk or wasn't ready to learn the truth, that was okay. Just as Scott was about to break the door open, Hayden unlocked it and allowed it to open itself, revealing to Liam, Scott and Stiles that she had locked herself in due to the fact that she had lost control and partially-transformed-- her nails extended into claws, her teeth extended into fangs, and her eyes glowed gold just like a Beta Werewolf, revealing that she was a part-Werewolf Chimera.

Knowing that the Dread Doctors would try to capture Hayden again to continue their experiments, Liam, with the help of Scott, Stiles, Malia, Lydia and Parrish to create a trap for the Doctors in Beacon Hills High School, as they believed they could use frequency jammers in conjunction with the powerful convergence of telluric currents running through the location to protect Hayden. However, unbeknownst to Hayden and Liam at the time, Hayden was also being used as bait in the hopes that the McCall Pack might have enough luck to catch a Doctor to question it on their plans. While Liam and Hayden hid with Scott and Lydia in the locker room, Malia and Parrish stood watch in the entrance hall and the front of the school, respectively.

Upon seeing Hayden staring at herself in the mirror with a concerned expression, Liam assured her that she would learn to control her new powers. When Hayden replied that she wasn't like him, as she was the Dread Doctors' "science experiment" rather than being bitten by an Alpha Werewolf, Liam promised that she would be okay. Hayden, who was clearly developing requited feelings for Liam, smiled and informed him that if he could get her out of this situation, she would forget all about their fight in the sixth grade. As time passed, Hayden and Liam sat on the floor, leaning against a row of lockers, where Hayden nuzzled her head into Liam's shoulder and tried to sleep, a level of affection that surprised Liam.

However, when Liam saw a bag nearby, his curiosity won over the effects of his crush, and he wandered over to find that the bag was full of chains, forcing Scott to admit his intention to try to capture one of the Dread Doctors if it came to it. This led to an intense argument between Scott and Liam regarding the use of Hayden as bait, and when Scott had an uncharacteristically frustrated outburst, Liam, knowing that they had no other choice, made Scott promise to do anything he could to save Hayden. Just then, Hayden realized that she forgot her anti-rejection medication and that she needed to go to her locker to get it, Scott offered to go get it for her.

The fact that they were all separated for the moment ultimately allowed the Dread Doctors to use their electromagnetokinetic powers to manipulate their minds by inducing hallucinations in everyone except for Liam and Hayden. When Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Parrish were all incapacitated by these hallucinations, the two attempted to use the frequency jammers to stop the Dread Doctors. Unfortunately, these did not even slow them down, and The Surgeon stomped on the jammers, stating that they exist on a frequency that they couldn't imagine before capturing them both and bringing them back to the Dread Doctors Operating Theater. When Liam woke up on the floor of the operating theater, he found that he was hooked up to an IV of black fluid being pumped into the crook of his elbow while Hayden was strapped face-down to an operating table while the Dread Doctors performed surgery on her back.

In Ouroboros, Hayden and Liam were both still being held hostage by the Dread Doctors. Liam once again awakened to find the Doctors performing experimental procedures on Hayden, who is pale and covered in sweat. Suddenly, a loud alarm went off, causing The Pathologist to walk over to the tank full of green serum and a body with an oxygen mask and draw up some of the fluid into a large syringe. Liam, still flat on his back on the floor with a large IV full of black Wolfsbane goo, watched as the Dread Doctors took a UV light and ran it over the skin on the back of Hayden's neck, revealing what almost appears to be jaguar spots under her skin. The Surgeon stated that Hayden's "condition worsens," and Liam, horrified, screamed at them to leave her alone, only for the leader of the Dread Doctors to kick him in the face.

Some time later, once the Dread Doctors had finished their procedures on Hayden, they threw her down on the ground next to Liam, who crawled over to her to see if she was all right. The surgical wound they made on her side was shown to be seeping blackened blood, and it was clear that Hayden was in a lot of pain. Liam pointed out that he had seen Scott use his Werewolf powers to take the pain of others and took Hayden's hand in hopes of doing the same. However, despite Liam focusing all of his energy into successfully performing this feat, he's unable to alleviate her pain, and Hayden weakly let go of Liam's hand in order to apply pressure to her bleeding wound.

After some time passed, Hayden and Liam managed to get into a seated position, where Hayden was assisting Liam in removing the large IV tube in his right arm. Despite the pain it was causing him, Liam insisted that she continue to pull on the tube until it finally comes out, gushing black Wolfsbane solution all over them. Before they can share a relieved look, the Dread Doctors appear and put them both in head-locks so they can inject them in the neck with a tranquilizer of some sort.

When the two awaken from their stupor, they find that they are no longer in the Dread Doctors Operating Theater, but instead the Abandoned House that the Doctors were using as a holding cell for the Chimeras who were no longer needing experimentation but who were not yet ready to return to regular life. Liam, seeing the room was enclosed with a chain-link fence, rushed over to try to rip them a tunnel to escape, only to be badly electrocuted the moment that his fingers touched the metal.

It was then that Hayden and Liam realized they weren't alone, and that they had a fellow Chimera cellmate named Zach, who asked if they would look at his back, because he knew the Doctors had removed something but he could still feel part of it back there. When he raises the back of his shirt, they're shocked to find two little nubs that twitched like hummingbird wings, suggesting that he had wings before the Dread Doctors surgically removed them.

Zach went on to laugh when Liam once again tried to escape through the electrified fence and grimly stated that they were never getting out. When Hayden reminded him that optimism never hurt anyone, Zach retorted that it was hard to remain positive when he's seen three other Chimeras dragged out of the cell and killed, adding that the Dread Doctors referred to them as "failures." According to Zach, a "failure" was typically identified by certain traits-- first, they forget who they are or what they're doing, then they become feral and violent as they succumb to their hallucinations. He went on to say that one of them had a "nasty cut" just like the one Hayden had on her side, but he reassured her that black blood wasn't a bad sign, adding that "it's not really over" until a Chimera began bleeding Modified Mercury.

Some time later, Liam and Hayden looked horrified when Zach suddenly starts to bleed mercury from his nose, and they fled to the nearby corner when the Dread Doctors arrived to take him out of the cell, presumably to kill him for being a failure. Once hours had passed, Hayden and Liam heard footsteps and assumed they were from the Doctors, holding each other's hands in preparation for a fight. However, it was actually Theo, who had arrived to save them and who grabbed the fence to open it before they could tell him that it was electrified. Theo was thrown backward by the force of the electricity, but despite it, he tried a second time to open the gate, ultimately "wolfing-out" enough to withstand the electricity and free Hayden and Liam from their captivity.

As Theo drove Hayden and Liam back to the McCall House, Hayden noted that the wound on her side still wasn't healing and that she believed she was a failure like the others. Liam, not knowing what else to do, kissed her and inadvertently absorbed all of her pain, not realizing what he had done until Hayden informed him. The two kissed again while Theo watched them from the driver's seat. Hayden and Liam were then seen again at Scott's house, where they had fallen asleep on his couch and were covered up with a blanket by Lydia.

In Lies of Omission, Liam, who has been checking up on Hayden in every hour, starts becoming worried when Hayden starts bleeding Mercury they decide to run away together but it is too late and the Dread Doctors find them Hayden is injected with something and Liam wants Scott to give her the bite to save her.

In Status Asthmaticus, Liam standing by a dying Hayden's side, Start worrying when she becomes weaker, Liam goes after Scott to gain his power and give Hayden the bite unfortunately Hayden dies and Liam goes to hold a dead Hayden his arms and Parrish come to collect her Liam give's her a kiss on the cheek goodbye and cries as he watches Parish walk away with her.

In The Last Chimera, Mason caught Liam following Valerie in an attempt to tell her that Hayden died and eventually talked him out of doing so out of fear that Valerie would notice Liam's bloodied clothes and believe that he had killed Hayden himself. While they were talking, Liam caught Hayden's scent and became convinced that Hayden was still alive, but Mason reminded him that he had held Hayden's body in his arms and he was probably just still covered in her scent from that. Unbeknownst to them, Hayden was indeed alive, and was watching them from behind, though she walked away without informing them of what was going on.

In Damnatio Memoriae, When she heard a man gasping for help from inside the building, Hayden got out of her car with the intention to check it out, only to be distracted by the appearance of Liam, who was upset that she didn't tell him she was still alive. Hayden reminded Liam that he left her for dead, but Liam pointed out that she actually was dead. Before they can argue further, The Beast of Gevaudan revealed itself and began to chase Liam and Hayden into the woods, where they were forced to leave Valerie behind, though Valerie herself encouraged them to do so. The two just barely managed to jump across a wide ravine to the other side, but the Beast followed them, forcing Liam to try to save them by pulling them both down into the ravine so the Beast would leave them alone. Unfortunately, though Hayden's wounds healed quickly, Liam landed on a large boulder and broke his back, an injury which took much longer to heal. Hayden, more worried about Valerie than anyone else, left Liam behind to go find her.

After Liam spent the day worrying about the fact that Hayden wasn't acting like herself and wondering if perhaps dying had made her a darker person, Hayden found him at the animal clinic and told him she had been looking for him. She then asked him if it was true that he almost killed Scott for her, which he shamefully admitted before reminding her that it was her new "Alpha" Theo who told him to kill Scott in the first place. Hayden, looking embarrassed, admitted that ever since she came back to life, nothing felt the same as it did before. Liam seemed hurt by this confession until Hayden revealed that her relationship with Liam was the only thing that felt right, and asked him what he felt about her. He was quiet for a moment, but when she went to walk away, he grabbed her by the wrist and kissed her passionately, leading them to rekindle their romantic relationship.

In Codominance, at Beacon Hills High School, Hayden was in the hallway talking to Theo Raeken, when Liam saw this and became angry as he watched the two walk away together. In their biology class, the two were assigned to be lab partners by Mrs. Finch, and the environment was tense between the two until Hayden finally asked him if he planned on talking to her. Liam reminded her that she was with Theo, who is one of the bad guys since he killed Scott. However, Hayden argued that Theo brought her back to life and that she is grateful for that. She went on to say that she just didn't think that Scott had what it took to save them, particularly since he didn't even know what was coming whereas Theo did. Later, Hayden approached Liam at the library, where she gently admitted that she knew how much Scott means to Liam, but that he just can't protect them like Theo can. She also confessed that she can't die again because it would destroy her sister, to which Liam responded that it would destroy him as well before he kissed her.

In Lie Ability, through a flashback from a previous night, Hayden and Liam have a private moment in Liam's bedroom where the two have sex, seemingly for the first time together. Afterwards, Liam pleaded with her to stay, but though Hayden assumed he meant to stay the night, Liam actually meant stay with him and the others by joining the McCall Pack and leaving the Chimera Pack. Liam revealed he knew that Theo planned to use Belasko's talons to steal the Beast's power and insisted that if he thought he could successfully do it, he's crazy. Hayden asked him if he thought Scott could do better, and Liam emphasized that he did, citing the fact that Scott's most recent death and resurrection did something to him to make him even more determined. Hayden, however, brought up her own death and resurrection and reminded him that nothing good came of it.

Hayden then returned to the present day from her flashback-daydream, where she was still watching over Deucalion at the Dread Doctors' Operating Theater. Deucalion had been watching her as well and wondered aloud if she was beginning to question her loyalties. He went on to tell her that he believed that Theo left Hayden in charge of watching him rather than Josh or Corey because he knew that Hayden was stronger and faster than both of them.

However, Hayden retorted that she knew exactly why Theo left her behind-- because her relationship with Liam made her a liability in their plan to break Lydia out of Eichen House. Deucalion seemed pleased by this outcome and insisted that he believed they'd soon become friends due to the common ground beneath their feet. He then stated that if she wanted to save Liam and the rest of her friends, she needed to worry less about being a liability and more of her "ability to lie." He tried to convince her to leave and help Liam and Mason, claiming that he wouldn't be going anywhere due to the wolfsbane drip, but Hayden decided to inject him with a syringe full of Tracy's Kanima venom to ensure he would still be there when she returned, much to Deucalion's displeasure.

In A Credible Threat, Hayden arrived at the charity lacrosse game between Beacon Hills High School and Devenford Prep and sits up in the bleachers with Sydney. The girls cheered for the team, and specifically Liam, despite the fact that the team wasn't scoring many goals. On the field, Liam broke his arm during a particularly brutal tackle and went to Scott to inform him about it. While they talked, Hayden used her enhanced hearing to eavesdrop and seemed touched by Scott's willingness to get hurt or killed in order to keep others safe. During a break between quarters, Hayden approached Liam while he was sitting on the bench and told him that she was ready to join him in the McCall Pack. Liam, pleased by this turn of events, asked her what changed her mind, and Hayden confessed that it was because Liam was right about Scott and that no matter what happens next, she wants to be with them, and especially with Liam. Near the end of the game, a loud, nearly-deafening high-pitched frequency is heard by all in attendance despite Malia's attempts to prevent it, and both Hayden and Sydney, along with the others in the bleachers, covered their ears and winced. When Sydney asked what the sound was, Hayden looked concerned as she replied that it was nothing good.

In Maid of Gévaudan, Hayden and Stiles helped carry the badly-injured Liam into a classroom and lay him on the desk after Liam's failed attempt to attack the Beast upon its arrival at the game. Both Hayden and Stiles are horrified by Liam's injuries, as his chest and abdomen had been ripped to shreds along with his jersey, and he was bleeding everywhere. Hayden, inexperienced with these sorts of situations, asked Stiles what the pack does when this happens, but Stiles, as usual, started to get woozy and claimed he was going to pass out. Hayden frustratedly snapped him out of it, and though Stiles suggested they help trigger Liam's healing ability by causing more pain, Hayden got an idea and decided to do the opposite. She then kissed Liam just like he kissed her in Ouroboros, using her Chimera-Werewolf ability to absorb pain by siphoning Liam's pain through his lips and into her body, which allows him to heal more quickly.

In The Beast of Beacon Hills, Hayden followed Liam into the woods while he tried to track Mason's scent after the revelation that Mason was the Chimera vessel for The Beast. She finally caught up to him when he tripped and fell on a tree root and offered to help him find their friend, taking his hand so they can quickly run into the woods together. finds Liam on the ground in the woods.

Though Deaton was able to stabilize her injury while the rest of the pack took down the Beast and Theo, her inconsistent Chimera healing abilities made him concerned that she may not make it. Scott reminded her that they could take her to the hospital, but Hayden replied that she had already died there once and didn't want to do it again. Liam assured her that it was her choice, and when Hayden answered that she knew, she looked at Scott and nodded at him. Scott then transformed, using his fangs to give her the bite. In the ending montage, Hayden was shown arriving at Look-Out Point in the Beacon Hills Preserve on a full moon, where Liam was waiting for her. His eyes flashed gold as she ran toward him, and her eyes flashed gold in response, indicating that she had successfully survived the bite and transformed into a real werewolf and insinuating that Hayden is now Scott's second bitten Beta.

In Memory Lost, Hayden and[Liam Dunbar are left stranded on a lonely road after a flat tire, she makes fun of his 'new' ride, saying that they should've taken her car, but when Liam doesn't have a jack to lift the SUV, she lifts it herself, very easily. Liam also reveals that he's without a spare so they can’t fix the tire, they laugh while recalling all their terrible dates from the past, Liam suggests that their current predicament just may be their best date yet, then kissing. They notice as the Northern lights fills the sky above, a car is slowly driving toward them, they try t flag down the car, hoping that the driver may have a spare tire. The car slowly rolls past them, stopping as it hits a fence, they investigate to find that the windshield had been destroyed and the passenger side door is missing. Inside the vehicle, a boy is hiding in the backseat, he shouts, "Don’t let them take me. Don’t let them take me too."

The next day at school, the two are seen making out on a bench. Afterwards, they are seen in class, apparently, they have a new teacher, Mr. Douglas, their current lesson being "Schrödinger's cat". He calls on Hayden to explain the experiment, she correctly explains that it illustrates the concept of quantum superposition, as light is both a particle and a wave until it is observed. Mason catches up to her and Liam after class, he's glued Mr. Douglas' broken compass back together, believing they can return it, Hayden disagrees but Liam says they’ll put it back and then go help Scott. She suggests they just let Scott handle it since he's the Alpha, but he won’t be for long, she wonders who would take Scott's place since he's graduating soon, and it’s apparent that Liam thinks he could, but Hayden is skeptical. The two werewolves begin to smell blood, so they search the school for the source.

She and Liam can’t seem to find the source of the blood as if it's coming from everywhere, Mason wonders if it’s coming through the ventilation system. The three of them make their way to the Boiler Room, inside an industrial air conditioning unit, the teens find a man’s body, whose head is caved in. Afterwards, Stiles approaches them at the school but they don’t seem to recognize him, Hayden whispers to Liam if they even know him.

In Sundowning, Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey discuss what they should do about Gwen, the Ghost Riders will be coming for her next, they need to keep an eye on her at all times. Hayden believes she's going to be at Nathan's, hoping someone there will remember her, Liam says they can't keep her safe at Nathan's house because they need a place where supernaturals can't get in. Mason says he knows the safest place, McCall House. That night, while at the party, Hayden makes a shocking discovery, alcohol doesn't work on werewolves, Liam explains it's due to their accelerated healing, they kiss. Liam says if the Ghost Riders don't show up, this could be their first okay date, Hayden hopes that one day they can actually have a god one, as Gwen heads upstairs, Hayden follows to keep an eye on her. Gwen comes running down the stairs as she saw a Rider, with Hayden close behind, Corey takes up position next to the wall, camouflaging. He can see the Ghost Rider as it passes through the living room, he reaches out for it, making both of them visible to everyone. Mason grabs the jar of Mountain Ash and seals off the kitchen from the living room, He, Hayden, and Gwen are protected from the Rider as it starts lashing out with its whip against the barrier that seals up slowly after each lash. With no way to get past, Hayden is forced to watch as Liam and Corey are defeated by the Ghost Rider, it then lashes once more at the barrier, destroying it, while at the same time wrapping its whip around Gwen's leg. She is pulled forward as Mason and Hayden pull her back, at that moment, Parrish arrives with his weapon drawn, forcing the Rider to release Gwen.

In Relics, Hayden and Liam escort what they believed to be all of the students who attended the party and saw the Ghost Riders down to the bunker, however, Hayden quickly realizes that Gwen is missing, informing Liam of this as she takes off to find her. Hayden finds Gwen in the locker room, preparing to hit the field as the game will begin soon. It soon becomes apparent to Hayden that Gwen desires to be taken by the Riders, so that she can be reunited with her sister, Phoebe. She nervously watches from the sideline as the came commences, Mason approaches, requesting that she call her sister and get Parrish to the school. Hayden, Liam, Mason and Corey head back to the locker room, disappointed in their defeat, Scott says everyone from the bunker is gone and Argent is at the hospital injured, Liam blames himself but Scott insists not his fault. Liam sits in the locker room as Mason, Hayden, and Corey say they should go, Liam announces he wants to catch a Ghost Rider, telling them to go home, but they don't, they follow him out into the parking lot agreeing to help him.

In Ghosted, Liam and Hayden walk to class. He explains that Scott is okay with “the plan” as long as they don’t destroy his house. Hayden is confused, she doesn’t know what plan he’s talking about. He reminds her that she had some ideas about catching a Ghost Rider but she says they were bad plans. As they discuss breaking into the Faculty Storage Room, Garrett Douglas overhears them. Liam says that to save the whole school from Ghost Riders he has no problem breaking and entering. The couple meets up outside the storage room later, and while they kiss, Hayden keeps an eye on nearby faculty members.Hayden says she has the list of supplies they need in her head. Liam worries she might forget something. But Hayden says if they get caught, she’d rather not have a list. The teachers down the hall leave and they head into the storage room. Liam wonders if they can just buy a lightning rod. Hayden says they cost $2500 dollars. As they round a corner, the find Garrett Douglas working on equipment. He acts nervous and makes as if to leave. They ask if he’s making a Taser and he says no. Liam concludes that Mr. Douglas saw the Ghost Riders and is scared of being taken. The teacher claims he did, dozens of them, he accurately describes the scene during the Lacrosse game when some people were running from riders but others couldn’t see them. Hayden admits that they saw the horsemen too and offers to tell him more if he really wants to fight back. Later Hayden explains their plan to attach a lightning rod to funnel a rider into the tunnel where they plan to grab him and push him into the Argent bunker. Once the door is closed there’s no way for him to ride the lightning back out. Douglas questions how they can keep him from riding the lightning right out of the tunnel before they get the door closed. Liam suggests their lightning rod would redirect the bolt meaning the rider could grab it. The teacher says they should assume the Riders have some sort of way to direct and control the lightning strikes. Douglas says they need to absorb a lightning bolt but he can’t build a conduit that could absorb even half the energy. The bell rings and Liam and Hayden head out to class. Liam suggests they could find a person to absorb the lightning. Hayden says she doubts even Kira could do that. Liam says Josh could do it because he ate electricity. She reminds him that Josh is dead but Liam points out that his power is not. Hayden says it might as well be dead because they can’t get to it. While they never come right out and say it, they discuss trying to bring Theo back from wherever he ended up at the end of Season 5. Liam says he knows it’s insane but he needs Hayden to back him. Later in the tunnels, Hayden points out that there is still time to bail on the plan to retrieve Theo. Liam admits it’s not the perfect plan but they need “the bad part of the plan to make the good part work.”

They’re met in the tunnels by Noshiko Yukimura who has her daughter’s sword. She too believes it’s a bad plan. She gives them one more chance to change their minds but they refuse. Liam says they don’t know what else to do because the Ghost Riders seem unstoppable. Noshiko says they are unstoppable. She explains that they’ve been riding the storm and taking souls since long before she was born.

Liam pleads, saying they won’t survive them without her help. Noshiko says Kira entrusted her with the sword while she is off with the Skinwalkers. She says she’s now trusting Liam because Noshiko believes her daughter would want her to do so. She clarifies that her trust should not be mistaken for agreement with what Liam has planned.

He says he understands. He explains that Kira sent Theo away by stabbing her sword into the ground. Noshiko says if he wants to do it, he’ll have to do it himself. She bows and hands him the sword. Noshiko says once it’s done, Liam is responsible for whatever happens. She then leaves the two teens alone in the tunnel. Liam moves to thrust the sword, at the last minute, Hayden yells for him to wait but it’s too late. The sword strikes the concrete. A large glowing crack jets forward from the sword. A few feet from where they’re standing, the ground explodes as a clawed hand shoots into the air. Theo climbs out of the hole and growls at them. Theo pushes Liam against the wall. Hayden pleads with him saying they brought him back. Theo asks about his sister. They explain that he killed her. He says he’s going to kill them all and shoves Liam again. Hayden says to send him back. Liam explains what Kira’s sword can do and Theo backs off. Liam says they need his power and then he can kill whoever he wants but that if he does kill them, he’ll be worse off than ever. Theo says there’s nothing worse than what he’s been through. Liam explains about the Ghost Riders. Elsewhere in the tunnel, Mr. Douglas has rigged up a wire and a gadget to simulate the high voltage of a lightning bolt. They have Theo grab the wire and turn up the juice. Theo is knocked backwards. Douglas explains that Theo was knocked down by “only a billion joules” and that a lightning bolt is five times as strong. They realize he no longer has Josh’s abilities. Hayden checks his claws and realizes he doesn’t have Tracy’s Kanima abilities either. Theo quips that he’s back to “classic Theo.” Liam is angered and says he should be remorseful since Theo killed his pack members for those powers. Theo says he just put them back the way he found them. Hayden says they should send him back and Liam moves to do it. Theo tries to talk them out of it saying he knows about the Wild Hunt from the Dread Doctors. He also hints that he knows the truth about Garrett Douglas but doesn’t come right out and say that he was the Doctors’ Nazi Werewolf in a tube. Despite Theo’s discretion, Douglas says Liam should send him back down below. Theo asks who’s making these decisions and wants to know where Scott and Stiles are. Realizing that Theo remembers Stiles convinces them to keep him above ground. Later at Scott’s house, Theo explains that they can’t get Stiles back. He says the Wild Hunt comes and the Wild Hunt goes. Liam says they’re not going, they’re staying in Beacon Hills and still taking people. Theo says that’s not possible. He says they won’t just stick around unless they’re stuck. Liam says Theo is going to help them but Theo says he doesn’t know what to do. Hayden says he remembers Stiles so he clearly knows more than they do. Liam threatens him with the sword again. Theo realizes Scott wasn’t part of the plan to bring him back.

In Heartless, Hayden tries to back up Liam but Scott is adamant that Theo goes back to the Skinwalkers. Liam and Hayden lead Theo through the woods. Liam has the chimera’s hands cuffed and attached to a chain leash. Theo explains that he told them where the transformer was and how it works and believes he doesn’t have to be there when it all blows up. Hayden is adamant that won’t happen. She explains the plan again. Since the Ghost Riders ride the lightning, they can use the transformer to catch one and hold it captive. Theo says it’s a bad idea. Liam says the bad idea was bringing Theo back. He says he made a mistake but Hayden doesn’t let him wallow in self-doubt. She says they took a risk but it was the right thing to do and that she believes him. They kiss. They hear thunder and Hayden says that they had better hurry. Mason explains that whatever is inside the cage they built will be shielded from any outside electrical current so the Ghost Rider won’t be able to use lightning to escape. Corey explains they put a lightning rod on the roof which will catch the bolt the riders on and funnel it a spot inside the room but not inside the cage since it “neutralizes electromagnetism.” Once the rider arrives they’ll need to get it inside the cage. Hayden volunteers to be bait, but Hayden assures him she'll be fine and she's faster. Once Hayden lures him inside the cage, Scott and Liam are too close the gates locking him in while Mason spreads a circle of Mountain Ash around the whole works. Corey will then return to the roof and remove the lightning rod while Mason and Hayden stay on the lookout for more Ghost Riders. Scott agrees that this is the best idea they have right now. Theo points out that everything will need to go perfectly or the Ghost Rider could escape and kill them all. Hayden points out that his transformer could catch fire. Mason, tongue in cheek, points out there could be a massive solar flare too. The plan seems to go well at first. Lightning strikes. The Ghost Rider appears and chases Hayden into the cage. She exits the back and Liam closes and locks the gate behind her. Liam, Hayden, Scott, and Mason return to the trap and find the Ghost Rider dead and Theo cowering in the corner. They think he killed the rider. He explains it was Douglas and they soon realize he’s telling the truth because the teacher ate the pineal gland and those murders have been going on for weeks. They also realize the rider’s whip is gone.

In Blitzkrieg, Liam and Hayden will stay behind with Mason because as long as someone is left in Beacon Hills the Wild Hunt can’t move on to another town. Liam, Hayden, and Mason are holed up at the Sheriff’s station. Theo is locked in a cell. Liam says it doesn’t matter where they hide, they need to find a way to fight the Ghost Riders. Hayden doesn’t believe anyone can fight them but Theo says Garrett Douglas can. Hayden realizes that if Douglas knows how to fight them then he might know everything about them. Theo reminds them that he knows all about Mr. Douglas. Theo wants them to break the sword. He says he won’t tell them about Douglas until Liam destroys the only means they have to send him back to hell. Theo says he doesn’t want anyone’s pack or powers. He just wants to stay alive. Thinking he might run if they let him out, Liam says they’ll keep him locked up. He then releases the sword into its many pieces. Liam is less than impressed with the story saying Douglas didn’t beat the Ghost Rider. Hayden says they broke the sword for nothing. A Ghost Rider shows up at the Sheriff’s Station just as Liam, Hayden, and Mason are leaving. Mason is taken. Liam and Hayden try to fight off the Ghost Rider. They manage to hold it at bay, but as they begin to escape, it whips out and catches Hayden’s arm. Liam sees this and runs to help her. He tries to pull her free but another rider arrives in a bolt of lightning and lashes her other arm. She realizes she can’t escape and tells Liam he has to run and warn Scott. Liam tells her he's not leaving her. She says he has to and he can save her on the other side. Liam tells Hayden "I love you." She says, “Then go.” He lets go and she disappears as he escapes out the back of the station.

Trivia Edit

  • They shared their first kiss in Ouroboros.
    • During this kiss, Liam finally learned how to use his ability of pain absorption to take Hayden's pain from the Dread Doctors' experiments.
    • Hayden later learned how to absorb pain with her Chimera powers in Maid of Gévaudan during a kiss with Liam in the exact same way.
  • They were both held captive by the Dread Doctors until Theo rescued them in Ouroboros.
  • It was revealed in Status Asthmaticus that Liam is in love with Hayden, feelings that she seemed to return as of Damnatio Memoriae.
  • They were going to run away together before the Dread Doctors found them and gave her an overdose of their modified mercury.
  • Theo used how overwhelmed with grief Liam felt when he realized Hayden was dying to manipulate Liam to try to kill Scott to steal his Alpha powers. This ended up working because of the effects of the supermoon, which caused Liam to lose control of his anger, though Liam did not end up killing Scott.
  • Hayden and Liam are the only two Werewolves to be bitten and turned by Scott McCall. Liam was given the Bite in Season 4's Muted, and Hayden was given the Bite in Season 5B's Apotheosis.

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