This article is about an Alpha's healing of others. You may be looking for the healing process of one's self.

Healing is the supernatural ability to heal others of severe and even permanent wounds, this is in contrast to Accelerated Healing in which only the user is healed.

Druids, specifically Darachs who have sacrificed a trio of "Healers" such as doctors will gain the ability to heal others of wounds that even their accelerated healing was unable to do, as is the case of Deucalion.


Darachs and Alpha Werewolves are able to use the power of healing. Darachs can heal by putting their hands over the wound and focus, but the person getting healed will go through a lot of pain. After the Darach heals a person, they will be momentarily weak.

Alpha Werewolves can heal, but it comes at the price of losing their Alpha status. Healing for an Alpha is a more advanced version of Pain Absorption. Instead of only taking away pain, they also take away the wound and injury.

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