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DEREK: [voiceover] Previously on Teen Wolf...
STILES: OH! ("Second Chance at First Line")
STILINSKI: Do you mind taking a look at those pictures I was telling you about?
DEATON: A wolf could chase down its prey, hobbling it by tearing at the ankles...
JACKSON: Don't think for a second I've given up on finding out what your little secret is. ("Pack Mentality")
JACKSON: No, we're not done here--
DEREK: Argh!
JACKSON: Ugh! ("Magic Bullet")
ALLISON: This was... kind of the perfect birthday.
SCOTT: Allison!
STILES: Lydia, what did you see?
LYDIA: [dazed] Something...


SCOTT: [sighing] Damnit.
SCOTT: Oh, crap!
SCOTT: [whispering] No. No, stop!
DEREK: [grimly] You're dead.
SCOTT: [appalled] What? What the hell was that?
DEREK: [shrugging] I said I was gonna teach you-- I didn't say when.
SCOTT: You scared the crap out of me!
DEREK: [wryly] Not yet.
SCOTT: [defensively] Okay, but I was fast, right?
DEREK: [unimpressed] Not fast enough.
SCOTT: [scoffing] But-but the car alarm thing! That was smart, right?
DEREK: 'Til your phone rang...
SCOTT: [stammering] Yeah, but that was-- I mean--
SCOTT: [exasperatedly] Would you just stop? Please?
SCOTT: [sighing] What happened the other night-- Stiles' dad getting hurt-- that was my fault. I should have been there to do something. I need you to teach me how to control this.
DEREK: [sighing] Look, I am what I am because of birth. You were bitten. Teaching someone who was bitten takes time. I don't even know if I can teach you.
SCOTT: What do I have to do?
DEREK: You have to get rid of distractions.
DEREK: You see this? This is why I caught you.
DEREK: You want me to teach you? Get rid of her.
SCOTT: [scoffing] What, just because of her family?
SCOTT: Wait! Wait! Whoa, whoa--
DEREK: You getting angry?
DEREK: That's your first lesson. You want to learn how to control this. How to shift-- you do it through anger, by tapping into a primal animal rage, and you can't do that with her around.
SCOTT: [defensively] I can get angry.
DEREK: Not angry enough. This is the only way that I can teach you.
DEREK: [sighing] Now, can you stay away from her? At least until after the full moon?
SCOTT: [nodding] If that's what it takes.
DEREK: [firmly] Do you want to live? Do you want to protect your friends? Yes, or no?
SCOTT: Yes. If you can teach me, I can stay away from her.


ALLISON: Take it off.
SCOTT: [hesitantly] ...You're okay with that?
ALLISON: [bemused] Are you okay with it?
SCOTT: [grinning] You're asking me if I'm okay with taking off your clothes?
ALLISON: [smiling] Stupid question.
SCOTT: [bemused] Like, world-record stupid.
ALLISON: [flirtatiously] You first.

ALLISON: [awkwardly] Just a second!
KATE: Allison...?
ALLISON: [quickly] Uh, coming! Coming!
ALLISON: Okay, uh...
KATE: Hey.
ALLISON: [awkwardly] Hey.
KATE: What's up?
ALLISON: [lying] Uh, nothing. Just doing homework, sending some emails...
KATE: [knowingly] Emailing the boyfriend?
ALLISON: No, I'm emailing PETA about how my wingnut father gunned down an innocent mountain lion in the school parking lot.
KATE: [sighing] And that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that you're grounded and you can't see Scott?
ALLISON: [stubbornly] I'm not gonna be one of those whining teenagers who looks at her father and says, "I hate you, I wish you were dead."
KATE: But...?
ALLISON: [sighing] But... I hate him, and I wish he was dead.
KATE: [giggling] See? Now you're starting to sound like a normal, angry teenager!
KATE: What are you working on? Can I help?
ALLISON: Uh, a history project... and I just wanna be left alone, actually...
KATE: Come on! What kind of history project?
ALLISON: [sighing] I have to come up with a report that has some relevance to my own family history.
KATE: Specific to your family?
ALLISON: Why? Do you have any ideas?
KATE: Type this in-- La Bête du Gévaudan.
ALLISON: "The Beast of Gevaudan." What is this?
KATE: It's an old French legend that, believe it or not, has something to do with your family.
ALLISON: [reading aloud] "In 1766, in a province of Lozere, La Bête killed over a hundred people."
KATE: Mysterious animal attacks... Just like a certain town called Beacon Hills...?
ALLISON: So, what was it? The animal?
KATE: Nobody knows for sure, but I can tell you one thing-- it definitely wasn't a mountain lion.
KATE: What's it look like to you?
ALLISON: It looks like... a wolf.

SCOTT: Derek...? I-I know I said I would stay away, but you broke my phone. I had to at least tell her why I wasn't answering...
SCOTT: Derek?


SCOTT: You seriously need to stop doing that.
DEREK: So, what happened? Did he talk to you?
SCOTT: [sarcastically] Yeah. We had a nice conversation about the weather.
SCOTT: [scoffing] No, he didn't talk.
DEREK: Well, did you get anything off of him? An impression?
SCOTT: [frowning] What do you mean?
DEREK: [sighing] Remember, your other senses are heightened. Communication doesn't have to be spoken! What kind of feeling did you get from him?
SCOTT: [thoughtfully] ...Anger.
DEREK: Focused on you?
SCOTT: No, not-not me. But it was definitely anger. I could feel it, especially when he drew the spiral.
DEREK: [alarmed] Wait, the what? What did you just say?
SCOTT: He drew this spiral on the window of my car, in the condensation, you know?
SCOTT: ...What? You have this look like you know what it means.
DEREK: [lying] No. It's-it's nothing.
SCOTT: [exasperatedly] Wait, wait, wait a second! You can't do that-- you can't ask me to trust you, and then just keep things to yourself.
DEREK: [lying] Doesn't mean anything.
SCOTT: You buried your sister under a spiral. What does it mean?
DEREK: You don't wanna know.


SCOTT: [muttering] Stay away from Allison. Stay away from Allison. Stay away from Allison. Stay away from Allison. Must stay away from Allison. Just stay away from Allison--
SCOTT: [muttering] Stay away from Jackson. Just stay away from Jackson--
LYDIA: Hey, Scott.
SCOTT: [groaning] Oh, come on!

SCOTT: Still not talking to me?
SCOTT: Okay, can you at least tell me if your dad's okay?
SCOTT: It's just a bruise, right? Some soft tissue damage? Nothin' that big--
SCOTT: You know I feel really bad about it, right?
SCOTT: [sighing] Okay. What if I told you that I'm trying to figure this whole thing out, and... that I went to Derek for help?
STILES: [sternly] If I was talking to you, I'd say that you're an idiot for trusting im. But, obviously, I'm not talking to you...
STILES: [sighing] ...What did he say?

STILES: [incredulously] Wh--? He wants you to tap into your animal side and get angry?
SCOTT: [nodding] Yeah...
STILES: [sarcastically] All right, well, correct me if I'm wrong, but every time you do that, you try to kill someone, and that someone's usually me.
SCOTT: [sighing] I know. That's what he means when he says he doesn't know if he can teach me. I have to be able to control it.
STILES: Well, how's he gonna teach you to do that?
SCOTT: I don't know. I don't think he does, either...
STILES: Okay. When are you seeing him again?
SCOTT: He told me not to talk about it. Just act normal and get through the day.
SCOTT: He's picking me up at the animal clinic after work.
STILES: [nodding] After work. All right. Well, that gives me to the end of the school day, then...
SCOTT: [frowning] To do what?
STILES: To teach you myself.


LYDIA: [boredly] The what of who?
ALLISON: The Beast of Gevaudan. Listen--
ALLISON: [reading aloud] "A quadruped wolf-like monster, prowling the Auvergne and south Dordogne areas of France during the year 1764 to 1767. La Bête killed over a hundred people, becoming so infamous that the King Louis XXV sent one of his best hunters to try and kill it."
LYDIA: [sighing] Boring.
ALLISON: [reading aloud] "Even the Church eventually declared the monster a messenger of Satan."
LYDIA: [sighing] Still boring.
ALLISON: [reading aloud] "Cryptozoologists believe it may have been a subspecies of hoofed predator, possibly a mesonychid..."
LYDIA: [rolling her eyes] Slipping-into-a-coma bored.
ALLISON: [reading aloud] "While others believe it was a powerful sorcerer who could shapeshift into a man-eating monster."
LYDIA: [tiredly] Any of this have anything to do with your family?
ALLISON: [nodding] This.
ALLISON: [reading aloud] "It is believe that La Bête was finally trapped and killed by a renowned hunter who claimed his wife and four children were the first to fall prey to the creature." His name was Argent.
LYDIA: [unimpressed] Your ancestors killed a big wolf. So what?
ALLISON: Not just a big wolf. Take a look at this picture. What does it look like to you?
ALLISON: ...Lydia?
LYDIA: [snidely] It looks... like a big... wolf.
LYDIA: See you in history.

STILES: I think the book's making it more obvious. Besides, she's reading, anyway.
SCOTT: So, did you come up with a plan yet?
STILES: [nodding] I think so.
SCOTT: Does that mean you don't hate me now?
STILES: No. But, your crap has infiltrated my life, so now I have to do something about it. Plus, I'm definitely a better Yoda than Derek.
SCOTT: [nodding] Okay. Yeah, you teach me.
STILES: Yeah, I'll be your Yoda.
SCOTT: Yeah, you be my Yoda.
STILES: [imitating Yoda] Your Yoda I will be.
STILES: [chuckling] ...I said it backwards.
SCOTT: Yeah, I-I know.
STILES: All right, you know what? I definitely still hate you. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah.
ALLISON: Scott, wait!
ALLISON: Hey, Scott! Sc--


SCOTT: This is not gonna be easy...
STILES: Okay. Now, put this on.
SCOTT: ...Isn't this one of the heart rate monitors for the track team?
STILES: Yeah, I borrowed it.
SCOTT: [pointedly] Stole it.
STILES: [defensively] Temporarily misappropriated!
STILES: Coach uses it to monitor his heart rate with his phone while he jogs, and you're gonna wear it for the rest of the day.
SCOTT: [warily] Isn't that Coach's phone?
STILES: [nodding] That... I stole.
STILES: All right, well, your heart rate goes up when you go wolf, right? When you're playing lacrosse, when you're with Allison, whenever you get angry... Maybe learning to control it is tied to learning to control your heart rate.
SCOTT: Like The Incredible Hulk?
STILES: [shrugging] Kind of like The Incredible Hulk, yeah.
SCOTT: [smiling] No, I'm like The Incredible Hulk!
STILES: [annoyed] Would you shut up and put the strap on?
SCOTT: This isn't exactly how I wanted to spend my free period...
STILES: All right. You ready?
STILES: Remember-- don't get angry.
SCOTT: I'm starting to think this was a really bad idea.
SCOTT: Oh, man. Okay, that one kind of hurt...
STILES: Quiet. Remember, you're supposed to be thinking about your heart rate, all right? About staying calm.
SCOTT: [muttering] Stay calm. Staying calm. Staying totally calm. There's no balls flying at my face--
SCOTT: AHHH! Son of a bitch!
STILES: You know what? I think my aim is actually improving.
SCOTT: [sarcastically] Wonder why...
STILES: [mockingly] Don't get angry.
SCOTT: [frustratedly] I'm not getting angry.
SCOTT: Stop. Just-- can we just hold--
STILES: Scott?
STILES: Scott, you started to change--
SCOTT: From anger. But it was more than that-- it was like, the angrier I got, the stronger I felt.
STILES: No it is anger, then. Derek's right.
SCOTT: [sighing glumly] I can't be around Allison.
STILES: Just because she makes you happy?
SCOTT: No... Because she makes me weak.


STILES: All right. You stay away from her for a few days. You can do that.
SCOTT: But is it a few days, or is it forever?
STILES: You know, this whole "women make you weak"-thing is a little too Spartan warrior for me. It's probably just part of the learning process.
SCOTT: Yeah, but you've seen Derek. I mean, the guy's totally alone. What if I can, like, never be around her again?
STILES: Well, if you're not dead, that could be a good thing...
SCOTT: [glumly] I'd rather be dead.
STILES: [reassuringly] All right, you're not gonna end up like Derek, all right? We'll figure it out.
SCOTT: 'Kay.
STILES: Come on. Let's get out of here.
SCOTT: Something smells terrible in here, anyway.
STILES: Really? In a boys' locker room? That doesn't make any sense at all.
SCOTT: No, it's like something's rotting, or dying.


JACKSON: What are you reading?
ALLISON: Oh, hey...
ALLISON: Just stuff for a history project.
ALLISON: [awkwardly] You have a free period, or...?
JACKSON: No, I-I just don't like sitting through chem.
ALLISON: [nodding] Understandable.
ALLISON: [awkwardly] Did... Did you want something?
JACKSON: [anxiously] Actually, um, yeah-- I wanted to talk. I realize that I've been a jerk to you. And especially to Scott. And I wanted to say that I'm sorry.
JACKSON: I'm serious.
ALLISON: Okay... I-I believe you're being serious, but I'm not so sure I believe you're being sincere.
JACKSON: Do you know what it's like to be the best player on the team? To be the star? To have every single person at the game chanting your name?
JACKSON: And then... some kid... some kid just comes along, and then everyone starts looking at him instead of you. Do you know what that feels like?
ALLISON: No, I don't.
JACKSON: Well, it feels like something's been... it feels like something's been stolen from you. And then you start to feel like you'd do anything-- anything in the world-- to get it back.
ALLISON: Haven't you ever learned there's no "I" in "team?"
JACKSON: [drolly] Yeah, but there is a "me."
JACKSON: [chuckling] Ha. That was a joke. Gosh, you must really hate me.
ALLISON: [smiling] Not at all.
JACKSON: You sure? Because... I'm not a bad guy. I mean, yeah, I make stupid mistakes-- a lot-- but I'm not bad. I really like you. And-and Scott. I really-I really like you both, and I want you guys to like me. I want to get to know you guys better.
JACKSON: So... what are you reading?


COACH: Let's go! Sit, sit, sit, sit. We got a lot to cover today. Let's go! Quicker!
SCOTT: Hey, Stiles. Sit behind me, dude.
ALLISON: I haven't seen you all day!
SCOTT: [nervously] Uh, yeah, I've been, uh, super busy...
ALLISON: When are you gonna get your phone fixed? I feel like I'm totally disconnected from you.
SCOTT: [nervously] Uh, soon. Real soon.
ALLISON: I changed lab partners, by the way.
SCOTT: Oh, to who?
ALLISON: To you, dummy!
SCOTT: [surprised] Me? I mean, are you sure?
ALLISON: Yeah! This way, I have an excuse to bring you home and study.
ALLISON: You don't mind, do you?
SCOTT: I just-- I don't want to bring your grade down...
ALLISON: [smiling] Well, I mean, maybe I can bring your grade up. Come to my place tonight. Eight-thirty?
SCOTT: Tonight?
ALLISON: [assertively] Eight-thirty.
COACH: Let's settle down!
COACH: Let's start with a quick summary of last night's reading.
COACH: [sighing] Greenberg, put your hand down. Everyone knows you did the reading. How about, uh...
COACH: McCall?
SCOTT: [alarmed] What?
COACH: The reading?
SCOTT: ...Last night's reading?
COACH: How about, uh, the reading of The Gettysburg Address?
SCOTT: [confused] What?
COACH: That's sarcasm. You familiar with the term "sarcasm," McCall?
SCOTT: Very.
COACH: Did you do the reading, or not?
SCOTT: Uh, I think I forgot...
COACH: Nice work, McCall! It's not like you're not averaging a D in this class.
COACH: Come on, buddy-- you know I can't keep you on the team if you have a D. How about you summarize, uh, the previous night's reading?
COACH: No? How about the, uh, the night before that?
COACH: How about you summarize anything you've ever read in your entire life?
SCOTT: I-I... uh...
COACH: No? A blog? How about, uh, how about, uh... the back of a cereal box?
COACH: No? How about the adults-only warning from your favorite website you visit every night? Anything?
COACH: [sighing] Thank you, McCall. Thank you.
COACH: [dramatically] Thank you, McCall! Thank you for extinguishing any last flicker of hope I have for your generation. You just blew it for everybody. Thanks. Next practice, you can start with suicide runs... unless that's too much reading.
COACH: All right, everybody else, settle down!


STILES: It's her.
SCOTT: What do you mean?
STILES: It's Allison. Remember what you told me about the night of the full moon? You were thinking about her, right? About protecting her.
SCOTT: Okay...
STILES: Remember the night of the first lacrosse game? You said you could hear her voice out on the field.
SCOTT: [nodding] Yeah, I did...
STILES: Well, so that's what brought you back so you could score. And then, after the game, in the locker room, you didn't kill her-- at least, not like how you were trying to kill me.
STILES: She brings you back, is what I'm saying.
SCOTT: No, no, no. But it's not always true, because literally every time I'm kissing her, or-or touching her--
STILES: [interrupting] No, that's not the same. When you're doing that, you're just another hormonal teenager thinking about sex, you know?
STILES: ...You're thinking about sex right now, aren't you?
SCOTT: [sheepishly] Yeah. Sorry.
STILES: [sighing] That's fine. Look, back in the classroom, when she was holding your hand, that was different, okay? I don't think she makes you weak-- I-I think she actually gives you control. She's kind of like an anchor.
SCOTT: You mean, because I love her?
STILES: Exactly.
SCOTT: ...Did I just say that?
STILES: Yes, you just said that.
SCOTT: I love her.
STILES: [impatiently] That's great! Now, moving on--
SCOTT: No, no, no, really-- I think I'm totally in love with her.
STILES: [impatiently] And that's beautiful. Now, before you go off and write a sonnet, can we figure this out, please? Because you obviously can't be around her all the time.
SCOTT: [nodding] Yeah, yeah, yeah... Sorry. So, what do I do?
STILES: I don't know. Yet.
SCOTT: [alarmed] Oh, no. You're getting an idea, aren't you?
STILES: Yeah...
SCOTT: Is this idea gonna get me in trouble?
STILES: Maybe.
SCOTT: Is this idea gonna cause me physical pain?
STILES: Yeah, definitely. Come on!

SCOTT: What are we doing?
STILES: You'll see...
STILES: Hold on...
STILES: Okay, stand right there. Do you have your keys?
STILES: Perfect. Hold 'em up like so.
STILES: Now, whatever happens, just think about Allison. Try to find her voice like you did at the game. Got it?
SCOTT: [warily] Okay...
STILES: Just keep holding it right there.
STILES: [loudly] Hey, hey, hey, dude! What do you think you're doing to that truck, bro???
MALE STUDENT: What the hell?
STILES: [gasping] Ow! My God. Wow.
STILES: [muttering] Ahh, come on. Stay calm. Stay calm.
STILES: [muttering] Oh, that's not okay. Scott, come on, buddy...
ALLISON: [on the phone] Studying with a friend. Yes, that friend. We're lab partners...
HARRIS: Hey, stop it right now!
HARRIS: What do you idiots think you're doing?


DEREK: I need your help. If you can hear me, I need you to give me a sign. Blink. Raise a finger. Anything. Just... Just something to point me in the right direction, okay?
DEREK: [sighing] Someone killed Laura. Your niece, Laura? Whoever he is, he's an Alpha now... but he's one without a pack, which means he's not as strong. I can take him. But, I have to find him first.
DEREK: Look, if you know something, just give me a sign. Is it one of us? Did someone else make it out of the fire?
DEREK: [impatiently] Just give me anything! Blink! Raise a finger! Anything!
NURSE JENNIFER: You think after six years of this, yelling at him is going to get a response?
DEREK: Got a better method?
NURSE JENNIFER: [sternly] Patience. He'll respond if you give him the time.
DEREK: [muttering] I don't have any more time.


SCOTT: Excuse me, sir?
SCOTT: Uh, I know it's detention and all, but, uh... I'm supposed to be at work, and I don't want to get fired.

SCOTT: You knew I would heal.
SCOTT: So, you did that to help me learn?
SCOTT: ...But partially to punish me.
STILES: Yeah. Well, that one's obvious.
SCOTT: [sadly] Dude, you're my best friend, and I can't have you being angry with me.
STILES: I'm not angry anymore.
STILES: [sighing] Look. You have something, Scott, okay? Whether you want it or not, you can do things that nobody else can do. So, that means you don't have a choice anymore-- it means you have to do something.
SCOTT: [nodding] I know. And I will.
HARRIS: All right, both of you-- out of here.
SCOTT: Thank you.


DEATON: [on the phone] Scott, you're late again. I hope this isn't getting to be a habit.
DEATON: Can I help you?
DEREK: Hope so. I want to know about the animal you found with the spiral on its side?
DEATON: [lying] Excuse me? What animal?
DEREK: Three months ago. The deer.
DEREK: You remember this?
DEATON: [feigning surprise] Oh, yes. It's just a deer. And, I didn't find it-- they called me because they wanted to know if I'd ever seen anything like it.
DEREK: What'd you tell 'em?
DEATON: I told them "no."
DEREK: Did you hear that?
DEATON: [frowning] Hear what?
DEREK: The sound of your heartbeat rising.
DEATON: Excuse me?
DEREK: It's the sound of you lying.
DEATON: Oh, God...
DEREK: Are you protecting someone?
DEATON: [anxiously] All right... the key to the drug locker is in my pocket...
DEREK: [impatiently] I don't want drugs-- I want to know why you're lying.
DEATON: [stammering] I don't know what you're talking about. What are you doing to me? What do you want?
DEREK: I want to know who you are or who you're protecting.
SCOTT: [appalled] What are you doing?
DEATON: Scott, get out of here!
SCOTT: Stop! Stop!
DEREK: Look, when he's conscious, he can keep himself from healing, but unconscious, he can't.
SCOTT: [exasperatedly] Are you out of your mind? What are you talking about?
DEREK: You want to know what the spiral means, Scott? It's our sign for a vendetta-- for revenge. It means he won't stop killing until he's satisfied.
SCOTT: You think he's the Alpha?
DEREK: We're about to find out...
SCOTT: [growling] Hit him again, and then you'll see me get angry.
DEREK: [sighing] Do you have a plan?
SCOTT: Just give me an hour.
DEREK: Then what?
SCOTT: Meet me at the school. In the parking lot.


STILES: This is a terrible idea.
SCOTT: Yeah, I know.
STILES: But we're still gonna do it...?
SCOTT: Can you think of something better?
STILES: [shrugging] Well, personally, I'm a fan of ignoring a problem until eventually it just goes away...
SCOTT: Just make sure we can get inside.
SCOTT: He's here.
SCOTT: Where's my boss?
DEREK: He's in the back.
STILES: [sarcastically] Oh, well, he looks comfortable.
DEREK: Wait--
DEREK: Hey. What are you doing?
SCOTT: You said I was linked with the Alpha-- I'm gonna see if you're right.
STILES: [nervously] Okay, one question... What are you gonna do if the Alpha doesn't show up?
SCOTT: [sighing] I don't know.
STILES: And what are you gonna do if he does show up?
SCOTT: ...I don't know.
STILES: [sarcastically] Good plan.
SCOTT: All right-- you said that a wolf howls to signal his position to the rest of the pack, right?
STILES: Right. But, if you bring him here, does that make you part of his pack?
SCOTT: I hope not...
STILES: Yeah, me, too. All right. All you.
DEREK: [incredulously] You've got to be kidding me.
SCOTT: Was that okay? I mean, that was a howl, right?
STILES: ...I... Yeah, technically...
SCOTT: Well, what did it sound like to you?
STILES: [sighing] Like a cat being choked to death, Scott.
SCOTT: What do I do? How am I supposed to do this?
STILES: Hey, hey. Listen to me-- you're calling the Alpha, all right? Be a man. Be a Werewolf, not a Teen Wolf. Be a Werewolf. Do it.
DEREK: [furiously] I'm gonna kill both of you!
DEREK: What the hell was that? What are you trying to do, attract the entire state to the school?
SCOTT: [sheepishly] Sorry... I didn't know it would be that loud...
STILES: [excitedly] Yeah, it was loud... and it was AWESOME!
DEREK: [irritably] Shut up.
STILES: [mockingly] Don't be such a sour-wolf!
SCOTT: What'd you do with him?
DEREK: What?
DEREK: I didn't do anything...


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